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James R. Hart. Editor.
s. M Rutherford. Business Managsr.
John S. Fltzgibbor.s, City Editor.
The Richmond city schools had a prominent part in the Indiana State
Teachers' Association at Indianapolis this -week. This was a teachers'
meeting and the Richmond teachers usually have a "front seat" at such
gatherings and do well their part in whatever contributes to teaching "the
young idea how to shoot." But the city teachers were not on exhibition
at this meeting that is directly but the results of their work were in
evidence. . 4 11
There was an exhibit of manual training work from the Richmond
schools that attracted the attention and the most complimentary criticisms
from all who examined it. Prof IIis?r may well feel proud of the results
of his work in the city schools. lie was the modest recipient of many com
pliments from his fellow teachers.
There were two musical organizations from the high school, the high
school orchestra and the high school chorus. These young people added
much to the entertainment and pleasure of the largest body of teachers
that ever gathered at the annual association. Prof. Earhart was con
gratulated on every hand for the th rough preparation and precise rendi
tion of each musical selection.
The Richmond schools not only showed what they are, but set a pace
for other schools throughout the state.
Richmond schools are ahead in another very important policy. The
wages paid teachers in Indiana was a subject of both special and general
discussion, and it was found that withe party." This is just the kind of
Richinond pays better salaries than any other town in the state.
In the newest and in the absolutely fire proof theater occurred- the
greatest disaster of the kind that eer happened in the history of the
world. The country stands appalled at the awful catastrophe. Many
are glad that the old year is numbered with the other dead years. It has
been a series of disasters and at a great cost of human life. Many ask
why, but there is no answer. Some attribute so many disasters to our
greed for material things, and others think we are growing mad to
'"spend our years as a tale that is told."
One of our exchanges said yesterday, and very truly, too, that the
whole sentiment expressed at the love feast could be summed up in these
few word-;: Roosevelt for President, Beveridge for senator, success for
the party.'' This s just the kind of sentiment the Indiana Republicans
want. They want these two men and the- act very much like they want
siirce-s. (iovernor Durbiu's advice, "hold fast to that which is good,"
was timely and most enthusiastically received by the members of the
love feast.
There wa one thing specially manifest at the love feast the oilier day.
The names Fairbanks and Beveridge always called forth the most hearty
applause. This is the best evidence of how ideal statesmen stand in the
estimation of the ran1: and lile of their party.
James P. fioodrieh seems to be the choice of everybody for chairman
of the Re!Mb!iean state central committee. It is verv evident that he
will -sue i'vil himself.
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and patrons a "Happy New Year.'
(Louisville Herald.)
flermany made in 1902 the largest
jrain of population in many years.
There was but a small increase in the
number of births, but there was, on
the other hand, a remarkable reduc
tion in the number of deaths. Py the
avoidance of Avar, improved sanitary
con. lit ions, education stimulated and
diffused and a healthful increase of
prosperity benefiting all classes, (Jer
many has succeeded in making a
substantial increase of population,
without an increase of the birth rate.
This achievement concerns civiliza
tion itself.
Put satisfactory as are these fig
ures, all is not couleur de rose in the
CJerman empire. The reaction pro
duced by militarism has imparted
baleful strength to socialism. In a
recent debate in the Reichstag, Paron
Von Kardoff declared that "Germany
is on an express train, rolling with
wind velocity into the socialized state
of the future." Tre ranks of the
army were, the Paron affirmed, filled
with adherents of socialism, adding
that, unless the government took radi
cal steps to check the socialistic
propaganda, the empire would find
itself face to face with certain revo
lution. The Paron advocated the
withdrawal of the right of suffrage
from all who professed revolutionary
I or republican doctrines, and urged
Catholics and Protestants to forget
differences in the face of a common
foe. Paron Von Kardofl's remedy
would, we fear, precipitate rather
than prevent revolution. The Baron's
attack was boldly met by the Social
ists, who, through Herr Iiichter, made
a savage attack on the army. He de
nounced the brutality and immoral
ity prevalent among the officers of
the army. One officer in the Emper
or's bodyguard, he affirmed, had been
guilty of 1,200 instances of mal
treatment of subordinates. If such
conditions prevail under the Emper
or's eyes, how much more must they
disgrace and embitter army life out
side that close circle? Criticising
the maintenance of the East Asiatic
brigade and of a fleet station with
fourteen vessels, Uerr Riehter said:
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'They cost us more than our entire
export trade in East Asia amounts
to. Germany never suffered from
lack of naval protection ,as our navy
has always been more promptly on.
the ground than the navies of other
nations. German tradesmen abroad
have much less to complain of from
the policy of the empire than the
tradesmen at home from the agrarian
policy of the government. I recom
mend that Ave present Southwest Afri
ca to the Boers, with whom we have
so much sympathy."
The defense of the army offered by
the minister of Avar does not strength
en t lie case of the government. The
minister admitted that during the
year fifty officers, 577 non-commissioned
officers and good service men
Avere punished for mistreatment of
private soldiers. One officer in 400
and one non-commissioned officer in
120 had been found guilty of misuse
of authority. The admission is a
painful evidence of military brutal-
i 1 t A".
The remedy for Germany as for aii
Kurope i disarmament. But Old
World diplomacy and statesmanship
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Avas by far the most active
and energetic negro in Penton
ville. Unlike the majority of
Florida negroes, who bask hi idleness
until an empty larder or depleted ward
robe compels them to earn a little mon
ey, she Avas always ready to work.
Her husband had been wont to con
sume a great part of her earnings in
drink, but it was commonly reported
that during the three years which bad
elapsed since bis death she bad accu
mulated a considerable sum of money.
The excellence of her cooking brought
her into constant demand when the lit
tle town was tilled with northern
boarders. She was also accounted the
best singer in Pentonville.
Although she was fully fifty years of
age and exceedingly stout, the" com
bined attractions of good cooking, line
singing and the possession of a bank
account would have made her a for
midable rival to the young girls of
Egypt, the name commonly given to
that part of Pentonville occupied by the
colored people, had she chosen to enter
the matrimonial lists. In fact, she had
received several offers of marriage, but
had rejected all such Dcpuci'JLoi is jyUh
intense scorn." say in';,' that one" husband
was one too many for a sensible AAom
an. '
However, it began to be whispered
about that since the arrival of Mr.
James IVndergast, a tall young mulat
to from Georgia, the citadel had been
successfully attacked. James possessed
a magnificent tenor voice, and when it
rang out in "pra'r meet in"" above the
other voices Aunt Savannah clasped
her hands and rolled her eyes in ec
stasy, while her clear soprano was
hushed in admiring silence. When
James escorted Aunt Savannah home
from meeting one eA-cning, Sis Sukey
Johnson observed to Creesy. Aunt Sa
vannah's married daughter:
'To' de L.awd. Creesy. 'pears like yer
ma done got cotch at las' by dat
Georgy sucker!"
Aunt Savannah had lived alone in
her one room cabin since the death of
her husband. Near by stood the cabin
in v.-hich Creesy lived with her bus
band and tAvo children. Roth of these
humble homes were shaded by orange
and lemon trees, and in the plots of
ground in the rear some cabbages were
groAving. Between the tAvo houses a
rudely constructed henhouse and a
chicken yard surrounded by a slat
fence seemed to receive more ca.re than
either cabins or gardens.
One day soon after the act of gal
lantry which had caused Sukey John
son's comment preparations for some
great event were being made in Aunt
Savannah's cabin. All day she had
been cleaning and cooking. As it near
ed sunset her labors appeared to be
completed. The table, covered Avitlt a
snoAvy cloth and neatly set. stood in
the center of the room, nonquota of
roses, honeysuckles, jasmines and ole
anders arranged in cracked cups and
pitchers steed in every available spot
and filled the room with fragrance.
On the hearth, where the fire had burn
ed to a few embers, stood a platter of
fried chicken, and the roasted SAA-eet
potatoes and corn pone were still cov
ered Avith the ashes to keep them
Presently Aunt Savannah emerged
from behind the curtain which parti
tioned off one corner, used as a bed
room. She was dressed to do credit to
the occasion, whatever it might be. A
black alpaca skirt and purple plush
y- -1 t '
basque finished at the neck by a broad
lace collar, which AAas fastened by a
large gold brooch, and a Avhite apron,
crisp and shining AAith abundant
starch, set off to advantage the ai;iph
proportions of her figure. Large golo
hoops depended from her ears, and an
orange silk handkerchief Avas bound in
turban fashion about her h"ad.
, As she stood in the doorAA'ay shading
her eyes Avith her hand from the level
rays of the sun Mr. James IVndergast
appeared in sight.
James vy.as also dressed for a great
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occasion. He wore nalikeen trousers, a
red and green plaid waistcoat and a
blue coat adorned with brass buttons.
On his head was a much Worn silk hat.
and he jauntily carried an orange stick
cane. As he approached Aunt Savan
nah greeted him Avith a deep courtesy.
In acknowledgment he put his cane un
der his left arm. placed his left hand
on his heart and AAith his right hand
lifted his hat and nearly swept the
ground with it as he bent Ioav before
"Good obenin'. Mr. IVinlergas." said
she. "How does yo tm' yo'se'f dis
tbenin V"
"Po'ly. Miss Hamilton, poly. When
cr man picks oranges ail de day long
de prickin ob de tliav.ns en de frag
munco ob de blossoms mill's him poAv'-
ful ob de sorrel's ob a single life."
"I yearn tell, Mr. Pend'vgas as how j
yo' was ing.ige ter a gal up in Georgy." j
"Well, Miss Hamilton. 1 owns as dere i
was a sort ob kin' ob ingagemiut,"
said James as be followed Aunt SaA'au
nah into the cabin in response to a
courtly Avnve of her hand.
"Res" yo' hat on de tio en draw a
cheer ter do table. Mr. Pernio rgasV
As James seated himself at the table
and placed his battered hat carefully
I. : -'v' ?jr'W 'figf.t Jw
"I'll si-eas: tek pahsox davis tek-
MO i:i:i:i;. j
at his feet he beamed approvingly at
the viands which Aunt Savannah has
tened to set before him. i
"Would yo' kin'ly pernonee de bless
in', Mr. Pendergas'?" i
With one partly closed eye on tha
chicken, James hurried through an
elaborate blessing, ending Avith a so
norous "Amen," in which Savannah'
heartily joined.. !
"Ha'o some ob de orange marmalade
en he'p yo'se'f ter de guaba jelly. Mr.
Pendergas'." !
"T'ank yo' mos kin'ly. Miss Hamil
ton. Am dis jelly some ob yo' own
pussuvin' ;"
"Bless do grasbus. yes. Mr. Pender
gas'. I alius does my oavh cookin. My
stummick hain't no sorter fancy fo
takin' in de contrapshuns what oder
folks musses inter. I 'spec'. dat Georgy
gal's a mighty scrumptious cook, now."
"Dat Georgy gal's needer yere nor
dar en ain't ter be menshun in de same
week Aid some folks which p'r'aps I
hadn't orter speak ob 'em."
"I s'pose j'o'll be bringin' her down
yere befo' long?"
- "Nebah. Miss Hamilton, nebah. I
done make up my min' as Iioav dat gal
don't noAvays 'gree wid my con'stu
tioms." "What's de marter wid her?"
"Well, fo' one t'ing, she hab a mos
oAvdash ?s. rip t'arin' temper. When dat
gal gits her mad up, de hull wide crea
shun am blcedze ter stan' out fum un
der. En she cyan't sing no more dan
one obdese yere tukky buzzuds. 'Taln't
nachel fo' a man what kin sing ter be
JUie ter sich a onmusikle creetur."
: "En ain dat all,. Mr. Pendergas'?"
said Savannah as she hauded her etiest
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Trade Majiks
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MUNN SCo.36tErod-New York
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a cup of coiTee.
"Well, not adzackly all." he replied,
inhaling the aroma cf the coffee and
then taking a large gulp; "not jos in
tirely adzackly. 'It 'II cost me Meben
dollars ter brung dat gal yere. Mighty
back breakin' wuk ter e'rn 'leln n dol
lars pickin o:-ansPs fo' ter git a gal
wid a owt'lasims temper what sings like
a tnkkey buzzud when dar am folks
clus ter yer elber wid a srnilin' face
which dey kin sing wid de melojusness
ob a song sparrer. De trufe am. Miss
Hamilton, when I sees some oder folks
which p'r'aps I hadn't orter menshun
'em, my 'feckshuns fo' dat gal am
pow'ful lackiu'."
"Fo" de grashus goodness. Mr. Pen
dergas', do hab some mo' ob de chicken
en anudder yam!"
"T'ank yo' mos' kindly. Miss Ham
ilton, but befo' we perceeds furder wid
dis meal could yo' 'spon ter my perose
munce ob marriage?"
"P'r'aps I mought. Mr. Pendergas'. ef
yo'd 'gree ter spen' dat 'lebeh dollars
in fixin' up de shanty."
"Dat I'll mos' sho'ly do. en I'll speak
ter Pahson Davis termorrer 'bout hab
in' de obs-squies immejit."
"Mr. Pendergas', I mus' reques' de
pos'ponemunce ob de obs-squies ontwel
I gits mj-so'f a set ob store teef. I've
sot my heart on 'em en couldn't t'ink
ob bein' jine nohow widout 'em."
"Miss Hamilton, a woman which kin
cook sich chicken en co'n pone as dese
yere don't need no teef ter chaw 'em
wid, en a mouf which lets such hebenly
soun's ob singin' out'n it as youru does
don' need 'em fo' beauty."
"Dar am no use ob argyfyin' de mar
ter. I'm sot plun flatfooted on habin
dem teef. De presence ob de orange
blossoms in do ha'r en de cbsence ob
de ivories in de mouf don't 'gree ter
gedder noways permiscous. When yo
han's me dat 'leben dollars fo' ter fix
up de shanty en my mouf am likeAvise
sot out wid dem teef de percession '11
be ready ter mobe on."
The couple left the cabin and seated
themselA-es under the orange trees.
An English Dorouprli.
In the days of "rotten boroughs" in
England that of Gatton Park is said to
haAe been the worst. It had only one
qualified Aoter, and yet it returned two
members of parliament. Of course
with this right the property was very
valuable, and in 1S30 it was purchased
by Lord Monson for $300,000. Two
years later it was disfranchised.
A Domestic Incongruity.
Naggsby You say that is a picture of
the comptroller of the currency and his
Waggsby Never! I said that was
the currency and that that is his wife
with him, but controller of his wife
never! Baltimore American.
exerts so ?xd an influence for health
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ples disappear, and the skin becomes
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" "to

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