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ST ri- i l W
fit WiW life fj
1 " , : , j .
Mi it' , . I
" Dkar Mbs. Pinkham : Gratitude
compels me to acknowledge the great
merit of your Vegetable Compound.
I have suffered for four years with
irregular and painful menstruation,
also dizziness, pains in the back and
lower limbs, and a fitful sleep. 1
dreaded the time to come which would
nnlv mean suffering to me.
"Better health was all I wanted,
and cure! if possible. Lydia K.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound
brought me health and happiness in a
few short months. I feel like another
person now. My aches raid pains have
left me. Life seem 3 new. and sweet
Dear Mrs. Pinkham : I wish to
express my gratitude f -r the restored
health and happiness Lydia K. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound has
brought into my life.
" I had suffered for three years with
terrible pains at the time of menstrua
tion, and did not know what the
trouble was until the doctor pro
nounced it inllammation of the
ovaries, and proposed an operation.
" 1 felt so weak and sick that I felt
sure that I could not survive the or
deal, and so I told him that I would
not undergo it. The following week
I read an advertisement in the paper
to me, and everything seems pleasant! of your Vegetable Compound in such
ami eav. I an eiporgeiicy, and so 1 decided to try
" RW bottlr" bronchi mo. iiciith. am'
;at was my joy to tir.d that
'advocate it to my lady friends in need ol aic-licul help.
was worth more than mo:
the doctor's care, whiclt r 'IIydi.! ii't
benefit mc at all. I am satislied tliere.
is no medicino so good for sick women
as your Vegetable Compound, and 1
Mrs. ii. A. .Ulanchakd, iJ2 Broad fct.,
u:n!cr actually improved alter
4 ..-y at..:
FOR FEIT 'f we cannot forthwith produce the original letters and signatures of
above testimonials, which will prove thvir absolute genuineness.
Lydia li. Piokkm Med. Co., Ltdu, Mass.
f "
The wonderful power of r.ydla E. Pinkliam's Vegetable Compound over the diseases of womankind is not because 11 Is a stimulant, not because it iz a pallia-
and restoring neaitn ana vigor. ... , . . . . . . , . . .
mirps nre renorted from all narts of the country tv women who nave neen curea, tramea nurses wlio nave witnessed cures, and pnysicians wno
agnized the rtue in lL.yUa E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound and are fair enough to give credit where it is due. If physicians dared
to le frank and onen. hundreds of them would acknowledge that tuey constantly prescribe Lydia E. Pmkliam's vegetable Compound in severe
ooeoc ef fnwi, iiic o tiiov I'tiow hv ovnfirifneft thnt it ran be relied nnon to effect a cure.
, ..- . xr i I (1 ll V A A-V- HA V.. . . ' . 11.1 V " - J ...... I ' ' - - I - - -
.Vrrij5V vv nmen wlio are trouoiea Willi nainiui or lnesxuiar i: i u;iiiuii, irauivucnu, uiuiitniii iui iiiiLuniiitrei, icucormuia, laiiiiiir, iiiiiamiuuLioii. or uiueitt-
the uterus, ovarian troubles, that " t)earing-(io ;v:i ; oiing, dizziness, iamtness, maigestion, nervous prostration or tne blues, snouia
immediate action to ward oft the serious consequences, a:, A I 3 restored to pcrtect health and strength by taking Lydia E. Pmkham'
benent ot a wiaer exTerience m treating lemaie ins. cue nas guiuea mousanas
to iiealth. Every .suffering woman should ask for and follow her advice.
i .4'K.vr have recc
? Women
v W- ,5' tion of
Harness for show
and itarae for every
ciay usfl u;a' nian i
dlrferenee In QUKlltj
In some m?aes berf
they are Identical In
strength and durabil
ity. More styls. of
course, In fancy driv
ing harness; but all
our harness Is rani
from good stock an5
every set niaintnici
our reputation a tc
workmanship an-l f.nish. All Forts of hors
equipments at very ipdeiate prices.
Xlie Wiggins Co.
e! C"iCHiSi '-:fi'S ENGLISH
1'iic CorJji'tt-ruJ-sinimons Mnteli.
The ritzs;;:;;ii;:is-;(u-i.i tt match has
aror.st d ro.-it interest throu.trliont the
country. It is the outcom? of much
talking on the part of both lighters.
V '
r,- , f.-
V- i '.: -tie -r ft .'.'-. tut slid Jti:a
" (' (..-. ! ,i f r ! or gcn'l
ft ..'.! '.'c irl !..iiv. in Ittttr, l-y re
. ) ari; .t:.f. it. t s'.ir-mniai. F -i ri b i
' 1! :;u,;i-'. Hi'li-iifr '. titr.lt. !
Esposure to a sudden climatic
Joeki;v -iu," win inv'o vieluci'l to the , , , , , 1
, , . change produces cold m the head and
fjoneral aiIIke of horsemen bv appoint- , , , , . , ,
in- a hoard of handicappors. Not a tarrli is apt to follow. Provided
day passes that this reform is not fa- ; with Ely's Cream Balm you are
vorahly advocated by both owners and armed against Xasal Catarrh. Price
trainers. A canvass of eastern owners 50 cents at Druggists or Ely Brothers,
recently showed that 80 per cent of r)Q waTTCn street, New York, will
them were desirous of a change. It is : maiI iL The Bam cureg witljout
said that several millionaire turfmen . , . ., , r.,ww,.,
, ,, , x, ... ' pain, drtes not irritate or cause sneez-
have followed the orimnl susestion ! ' , --.i.
made by Mr. Hell and have promised j 11 spreads itself over an irritat-
to use their influence with the racin.ir - od and angry surface, relieving lmme-
authorities, who are seriously eonsid- Uhately the pauitul inllammation,
erinir the matter. cleanses and cures. Cream Balm
quickly cures the cold.
I ,. 1ha Kind Ynii Havf? fclvvvs Pn:r
IiBrts mn sJ - ' 1
Whm wai .
It f&F'
7 k in
Wl 1 rn . I lllil WMII I I III II II B
wjjnvJxKttw iniMWiw" lawn iiiiTMiiMimi ii i nn ni FfMiai i-iwi linn u
ukiii' tv.o
ttles, so 1 kent talaris' it lor t;-n
wet ks, ami at the end of that time I
was f-ured. I had (gained eisliteen
pounds and was in excellent health,
mid am now.
" You surely deserve preat success, and you Lave my very best wishes." MiS3 Alice Cah-ZT,
50 North Boulevard, Atlanta, Ga.
M " i
Aiinnmhile Kaces In lftl.
The competitors for automobile races
in 1101. according to all reports, will
number nearly threescore and per
haps more. Nearly every factory is
now at work constructing from one to
three cars for the race track, and the
prominent importers are planning to
be represented actively in the field.
The Into kilometer record trials on the
Dourdan road, in Franco, had 115
competitors, of whom quite a number
may be seen in this country next season.
if V-"v.
&0 is
VJ1 r
Monday, Tuesday Friday
and Saturday of each week
Consultation ami One lontli's
Treatment FREE !
' -
r-! xp r 72 r o j
o ut , c .. C?
ft" f! 1 !
1: i.i'MATh
is of r"b'--T-,i" T)i';':ci t
t.-v. and llt.-E- i-
-.. umi Nervon- i)itifi'. Fernu.-?
it'i or r.i.iturer ycaic, iui
k? rU for
i ) ! S F .
:t nr" " hie,
j f"N;s. k;'-
t 1 1 i : ;.;- !,
THE 3 Hill T V7AIST is agitating
QUESTION the men. Not
bothering us much, however.
Whether thev decide on shirts or :
shirtwaists; we will do the launder- j
in. !
is the only place in the city where
such work is done in an absolutely
perfect manner. 'Phones 151.
Cnrpents Cleaned, by a New Piccess
It's a bad thir t have your nve rrostt,
watch, etc, (in soak, but it is a iod
thins? if you Ir-.ve your s: irt soakfd
fteaiped and t'h ou.dily e'eantd by an
up-t .-d ite I".n:.'!rv.
Tlie coming meeting will be the second
time the veterans have faced each eth
er in the listic arena.
Fitzsimmons was the first man to
score a knockout against Corbctt. This
happened when he whipped him for
the championship at Carson City, Nev.
It should be a great light, as there is
no love lost between "Gentleman .Tim"
and "Lanky Hob." Corbctt has not
forgotten Carson City, and Fitz says
that Jim will prove "easy meat."
JacI O'Tlrien'M Return.
Jack O'Brien's return to America is
stirring up a lot of interest in fighting
circles, and Ryan will have to give
some attention to his challenge also if
he expects to remain In the ring. If
Tommy should decide that he has en
joyed ill the fighting he wants this
time on earth and retires it is quite
likely that the long deferred match
between Fitzsimmons and O'Brien will
come to a head.
Fast AutomolWle Itoat.
An automobile boat made a mile on
the Hudson river in 2m. 30s. She is
thirty feet lonar. four feet beam and
has a four cylinder twenty-one horse
power engine placed forward, so that
the engine and wheel are controlled by
one man.
Tr.-ip Shooters to OrRrr;iz-.
The Crescent Athletic club of Brook-1
lyn has mkon steps for the formation
of on" of the largest amateur trap
shooting bodies extant. It is proposed
to brim,' together the gun Hubs of the j
Cornell to Huilil Ilarvnril'n Shell.
The shell which the Harvard varsity
crew will use in its race with Yale on
the Thames next June will be built at
the Cornell boathouse by James Iloyle.
University of Pennsylvania. George
town. YaJe, Harvard. Corn; 11 and
l,rin"-ton universities and perhaps a
western university, tho Chicago Ath
letic association, New York Athletic
club, Iin'tfin Athletic assorhu ion and
the Crescent Athletic club of Brooklyn.
The mejub'-rsbip of all the clubs
named outsM" of the intercollegiate
bodies is la i-gcly recruited from the
universities, and it. is proposed to form
a big body where amateurs may meet
at the traps, barring the wily profes
sional entirely jind making the associa
tion a body worthy of the support of
the best sportsmen in the country.
Dr. Wood's Norway Pine S.yrop
seems especially adantad io the needs
of the children. Pleasant to take;
soothing in its influence; it is the
remedy of all remedies for every form
of throat and lung disease.
Night "Was Her Terror.
"I would cough nearly all night
long," writes Mrs. Chas. Applegate,
of Alexandria, Ind., "and could hard
ly get any sleep. I had consumption
so bad that if I walked a block I
would cough frightfully and spit
blood, but, when all other medicines
failed, three $1.00 bottles of Dr.
King's New Discovery wholly cured
me and I gained 53 ponds." It's
absolutely guaranteed to cure coughs.
if l tj -.T -f 1-0'V !'!-!! '-.
-r to i ..-.!. n It tn P-jrt-ir if juu are suiierir. iron
mi will i il vi i ho ,-it orce.
Will recirn hp:
it weeks.
. , . ,- - ""rM-n pyT' f ' 0; i ! i r-
Starts the circulation, expands the
limbs, strengthens the heart, builds
up the entire system; that's what
Rocky Mountain Tea will do. 35 cts
A. G. Luken & Co.
One way Colonist Rates to th
vYcs4 and Northvest via The C, C
B. "Washington, Oregon, Montana,
tc. For further information call on
7. A. Blair, C. T. A. Home 'Phone 44.
Working Night and Day.
The busiest and mightiest little
thing that ever was made is Dr.
King's New Life Pills. These pills
change weakness into strength, list-
colds, Lagrippe, Bronchitis and all : lessness into energy, brain-fag into
Throat and Lung Troubles. Price 50c ! mental power. They're wonderful in
and $1.00. Trial bottle free at A. G. building up the health. Only 25e per
Luken 's drug store.
i box. Sold by A. G. Luken & Co.
No Pity Shown.
"For years fate was after me con
tinuallp" writes F. A. Gulledge, Ver
bena, Ala. "I had a terrible case of
Piles causing 24 tumors. "When all
failed Bucklen's Arnica Salve cured
me. Equally good for Burns and all
aches and pains. Only 25c at A. G.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
A lazy liver makes a lazy man.
Burdock Blood Bitters is the natural.)
never failing remedy for a lazy li
CT. '
lii4 Eidisrado Steam Laundrv
s every pice- i idivi Lial attention.
No. JS Nor'.!: Ninth St.
PIt-.t "j 47. Rich.uK;r.d, Indiana.
i. r J" i-i ; Frit f .r d rnac-s; Imum -r. ij
..'"; - ":,' t ': ' W rif i-mal 3ii;,
When no fish get tangled in your
'Taint no ue to sit down and whine,
Iiate your hook with a bumble bee.
And keep on trkiug Rocky Moun
tain Tea. A. G. Luken & Co.
American Ynclit to Il!ie I ri Karapr.
For the first time in nine years an
American yacht is to be sent across the
ocean to take part In tho bijj regattas of
England. France and Germany.
Commodore Morton F. Plant of the
Larchmont Yacht club. New York, has
decided that it is about time Uncle
Sam was represented in the aristocratic
yachting features on the other side and
will send his crack schooner yacht In
gomar to England next spring. The last
yacht to be sent to represent America
abroad was the Vigilant, owned by
George J. and Howard Gould.
Commodore Plant has engaged Cap
tain Charley Farr to take charge of the
yacht, and preparations have b?gun to
take the craft on its Journey.
Fnnlern llorne Ttneliipr Need.
The impression is abroad that before
pet season onens up the Eastern
Cures Blood, Skin Troubles, Cancer,
Blood Poison Greatest Blood
Purifier Tree.
If vour blodd is impure, thin, dis
eased, hot or full of humor's if you
have poison, cancer, carbuncles,
eating sores, scrofula, eczema, itching
rising and lumps, scabby, pimply
skin, bone pains, catarrh, rheumatism
or any blood or skin disease, take
Botanic Blood Balm (B. B. B.) ac
cording to directions. Soon all sores
heal, aches ami pains stop, the blood
is made pure and rich, leaving the
skin free from every eruption, and
giving the rich glow of perfect health
to the skin. At the same time, B. B.
B. improves the digestion, cures dys
pepsia, strengthens weak kidneys.
Just the medicine for old people, as
it gives them new, vigorous blood.
Hniugists, .$1 per large, bottle, with
directions for home cure. Sample
free and prepaid by writing Blood
P.ahn Co., Atlanta, Ca. Describe
trouble and peeial free rnedicnl ad
vice also sent in sealed letter. B. B.
I. is especially advised for hronif. j
deep-seated ' cases of impure blood Ui
ESS sz &
5 3 4
Don't let the Christmas stockings of your loved ones go empty simply be
cause you are temporarily short of money. Come to us. We can help you
fill them. We loan you money. We will loan jou five dollars, ten dol
lars, twenty dollars, fifty dollars, or whatever you may need.
Your household goods, piano, team, fixtures, or any other personal prop
erty will be good security, and the goods will not be removed from your
You can have plenty of time in which to pay off your loan.
You can have from one to twelve months time.
You can pay weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as you may desire.
You can have the payments so small that you will not feel them.
Here are some of the terms of our weekly payment plan, allowing you
fifty weeks to pay off your loan:
00c is the weekly payment on a $25.00 loan.
$1.20 is the weekly payment on a $50.00. loan.
$1.80 is the weekly payment on a $75.00 loan.
$2.-10 is the weekly payment on a $100.00 loan.
Other amounts at the same proportion.
We also loan money on salaries at low rates.
Courteous treatment, fairdealings, and absolute secrecy guaranteed.
Let us help you to a "Merry Christmas." -
ski n
disease, and cures after
Bears the
The Kind You Hate Ahrnys Bonfifct
Established 1KP5. Koom 8, Colonial lildg,
4 r'

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