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I. ATMS.!,
TlHkTsdty Mornin?. Der . 25, 185,
CC A plssssnl Christmas to you,
friendly reader. May you lira to enjoy
many more sucn festive days and. sur
rounded with abundance, and happy
friends, seek, by acts of benefolence, to
increase your stock of happiness.
C3-The articles published under our
Agricultural head to day will be found
interesting to both town and country
0GTThe address of tha Republican As baring something to say about "Je flVrso
sociatiun of Washington to the Repub- nian Democracy," or "Federal Whigs."
licans of the United States, is a very in- These constituted the burden of their
teresting document. Every one should ; songs, by day and by night. Alns, how
it. changed! Has tha party progressed so
CCTBoth ho"ÜserorCergresabav6"been f"1 thit il h" for,len old "th"
engaged nearly ever since they organized Wrd,r ,efferron thought of
:n discussing the President's late message. I aod lhe old Whig P"1' h" iudaen,7 be"
Some of the Republicans pitch into it COme 1 6lo"OQ old National party.
about right. We regret that we have i Wh'1 wül be lhö n"1 PhoBe of lhe
m . J ' . T . Ail wt a
net a sheet large enough to hold all they
aay, and our usual varietT besides.
CCT" The Legislature of this State
meet on Thursday after the first Mon
day of January, The new Governor elect
will be inaugurated on the Monday fol
lowing. A cotemporary sugges'e the pro
priety of uaing the surplus funds of the
Black Republions, if there be any, for
rhe purpose of converting our political
clergymen to the principles ot cbristi
We cut the abore oat of a Black Af
rican paper. The party in favor of ex-
tendiug slavery seem to be greatly troub
led about the stand ministers of the Gos-
pel have taken against the immoral and
demoralizing principles of slavery ex
tension end fre. whiakey. King George
IV, of England entertained similar senti
ments toward this same class, about the
yenr 1776, we are informed. He thought
it a little strange that they should be so
unanimously opposed to his acts, inten
ded as they were, to benefit the whole
people, including themselves,
What are tha Shamocrats complaining
about' Have ministers no civil rights'
Do they wish to disfranchise them ns s
clsss? It seems 60 indeed. But, what
a different tune they would sing were
Freacners generally on their side. The
few who do vote that ticket sre lauded to I
. m k . iB I
tne skis. a. models of excellence and per !
fection. When President Simnson d-
a political tour of the State in 1643, for! Kansa.. Mr. Peltit, of this State, did
the benefit of Whitcomh, did tbey pro- Bot "ceire the appointmknt, a. it was
tent against bis interference? Did they uPP"d by tome of his friends ht
denounce him as an "itinerant vaga- wou-d-
bndV Veiily not. On the contrary, J If Spencer, end Harri.oa'. appoini
he wss praised snd lsuded to the skies, ' o10111 are ..good improvements on those
by these same par y back, and weather of Donaldson and Locompts as Geary's
cocks. Consistent fellow., truly. nti een on Shannota we may expect to
When the race of locofoco editor, and ' h8ar e turbulence and bloodshed in
atompers become extinct, impadence and nn.a8i now and in the future. The in-
hypocrisy will be at a di.count.
Lccomptc Removed
Our reader will perceive by the tele
graphic dispatchea ia our colurftas to day
lhat Lecompte, the notorious Kansas
JUOga, na. been removed by the Presi
dent, and Mr. Harrison, of Kentucky, ap-
a IT a 1 w I
poiniea in n . piace. Mr. Harrison, w. s..,. of the w h
be. .eve, resides in Lexington, wasnper-i . . . . . . , . ,
aonal and political friend of the lata j lhey W,H bolh e,ecled- o better le
Henry Clay, and one of bia executors. Actions could be made, in our opin.
Sintn the advent of Know Nothingism he too.
has acted with the Democrats. The -7 ' "
country will r.joic. at the removal of The New Albany Ledger is endeavorr
Lecompte and the appointment of so ir'S lo Peruade Mr. Crane, Senator from
good a man in hi. place a. Mr. Harri- Floyd county, to de.ert his present poai
son. This is another and a verv imnor- i tiAn in ,,1 tn, iK .LmIa. r tt..:,-j
tant step in the work of perpetuating
peace in Kansas.
The above is taken from the New Al
bany Ledger, one of the prominent mod
ern Democratic paper, of Indiana. Be
fore the election, this paper, nor any
other of its ilk, had a word to say derog
atory of this corrupt Judge, and tool of
tbs .lave oligarchy; now, however, when
it see. how overwhelmingly its party has
been defeated in moat or the free States,! wM wtected o October. He knows that
it can designate him as the notorious if lh 'Kepublicane" instead of the Dem
. , , ocrats had elected a majority of the Leg-
Kan... Judge.' Notonou. for wh.tt- ku OBtiepji- ffie.d7Btne mem.
Aye, answer lhat. No word of complaint j bers of the Fillmore party woald have
escaped its lips when complaint would
hsvs besn of service to the friends of
Freedom in Kansasmany of whom had
voted nothing but the Democratic tick
et before going there. It is evident the
locofocos are anxious to conciliate the
Repuhliean feeling of the North. Tbey
son thst unless they do their fate rs sealed.
They car. nothing really about the prin
ciple if tbey can succeed in deceiving
thn people, by making them believe lhat
they nrs in favor of free institutions so
a. to give them time to prepare for the '
establishment of aa aristocrats! mon-(
archy the sx tension of slavery and the j
revival of lbs Slavs trade, it is all they
caje a boot.
Tos appointment of Mr. Harrison to
luocand LecompU is a master stroke of
policy. Ths old Whigs aas thereby in
formed thst they srs nn longer tobe pro
scribed, bot rscsived into favor at Court.
Thsy rs not to he regarded, aa of joes,
ss FedsralisU and Abolitionists, British
Whigs nnd traitor, to ths country, Who
would hvs thought two year, ago tint
the executor of a "Black-leg, i Dueliit,
ad a Murderer,' would bare been ap
pointed Judge of Kansas? Varily, poli
tics makes strings bad-fellows, occasion
ally. But. selL.preservation it one of
the first laws of nature, and what will
not a locofoco give in exchange for an
Canal Trustee.
The Ft, W.jne Sentinel suggests the
name of General EJsall, of Allan
iy, as a suitable person for this post.
He is, of course, a Democrat modern
one we mean not one of tha old Jeffer-
soman stamp.
By the way, what is the reason we
hear so little said now-a-day. about Jef
fersonian Democracy? A few years
back, locofoco editors could not write
an article of a finger's length without
! emoeraeyr uncnangea
I Ll- ' J I I '11 Was
le, inueed! 1 hers 1. no need of its
changing, It always had four fa
ces, and its principles were embraced in
thiee words; "loaves snd fiahes," It is,
truly, the .am party it always was.
The ame that John C, Calhoun described
it: "a party bound together by the co
hesive power of public plunder."
State Bask Cuarter Aksclled.
At the recent session of the Supreme
j Cuurt of this State, in tha case of Cole
man vs Dobbins, the court gav. an opin
ion on a point, the effect of which, in
the opinion of the Logansport Pharn.
will be to snnul the Stste Bank Chsr-
i tor, the Bill requiring additional security
for the Free Banks, a. well aa aeveral
other Bills, passed by the last Legisla
ture. The illegality consists in the neg
lect of the Legislature to conform to the
requirements of the Constitution on the
passage of the bills.
William Spencer, of Licking county,
Ohio, has been appointed by the Presi
dent, Marshal of Kansas, in plsce of Don
aldson resigned. Col. Spencer (the Afri
cans are all Colonels or Majors,) remarks
the Ind Jour, is a man of average ejuali-
.? .1 Ml . . .
ues, ana win mase at least as loo : a
Marshal as Donaldson was.
We think
he will do better, as he has lived some
time in the Territory, and should know
the duties of hi. office.
. mW
Mr. Harrison of Koiurky,
Judee Lecomote an tha J.iri.ri.l RnM, nf
o r w.
coming Admint.tr. tion
than Pierce has done.
may do better
S eck it a r y or the Ssvati.- W . G. !
Terrel, Esq., of the Lafayette Journal, is ,
a candidate for Secretary of the Senate.
W. C. Green, Esq., of the Hendricks
County Republican is a candidate for A.
vaa VIIU VH.V.IOll J a U 1 CU
Slates Senator, nod take a stand in favor
of an election. It takes the same ground
that the Sentinel did some days since in
talking about the "known duty" of Re
publican and American Senators. It
He know, that as a member of the
"American" party, he would have been
in a small minority in the Senate wheth-
er the Democratic or Republican ticket
stood no chance of an election to any of
rice, no matter how 'mall. He knows
that the Black Republicans, even now,
are denouncing the Fillmore men with
the greatest ferocity, and demanding that
for the future no alliance shall Deformed
with them. Thi. Mr. Crane know., and
knowio lt we h-Te
no doubt he will
a- c",cl VJ
of the Tribune.
Those-"convictions of duty " amount to
votine for Wrishtand Bricht, in the eve
0f the L-dger. Should Mr. Cr.ne do so,
,be African, would only l.ugh at him for
the manner in which they had used hraai
.cat's d.w to aeaaaiUk'ihi .TT
' r
Mr. C'ane desire, the election of
tbe begu. democracy. Ks would, doubt
Is., gp again.l the Republicans, if they
occupied ins same gronnds that ihn Afri-
Morgan conn.y nppears to he infestek
with a gang of roguss sad burglars. Sev
eral have been arrested, so wa learn from
the Rfartintvills Crsiattt, aod lodged in
jail to swsit trial on chsrge ef theft.
burglary and Has passing ot counterfeit
jctw w. onfui ihciiiwic w wi-
Tha constitution of Indiana, Art. II,
' Sec. 7, sars:
rKverjr person who shall giro or ac
cept a challenge to fight a duel, or who
shall knowing! carry to another person
such challenge, or who shall agree to go
D " " " 1 1 "ft1 1 1
out of the State to light duel, shall be
to any office of trust and prof
The Madison Courier, in speaking of
this clause, says;
T L rr ...
aw enectuatly cuts off, or would cut
off-if member, of ,h. Stat. Legislature
r Biiciivinu 10 me noiigMions and
responsibilities of an 9uth Sen. Bright
from the chances even ol a re-election to
the U. S, Senate. Bright agreed I07 and
did eo out of the State t send rh.l.
am go out 01 tne state to send a chal-
lenge to fight a duel; did send a challenge
to the lamented Jos. G. Marshall: is ha
not ineligible? The Buchaneer mem .
bers will raise their hands and 6wpr m
sustain this constitution, and then labor
te re-elect Bright U. S. Senator.
a'ow let some of the Africans of Indi
ana whojare prating about the ineligi
bility of Col. Bi.sel, of Illinois, for tha
Gubernatorial chair try their .kill on
Jesse D. Bright and thwart his aspira
tions. m 4nvtRTtsiiro. The Albany Tren
script gives the subjoined instance of the
good effects of advertising. It ia only
one in thousands. Advertising is a
meana of increasing business that many
men are alow to learn. The true buei
n.ss man appreciates it
The Transcript says;
An iiistac.ee of the benefits of adver
tising was related lo us the other day by Joint ballot 83 44
a gentleman engaged largely in the me- j Xbi, ig ,nt fir$l line lhat ih. Repnb
ch.ntcal bustness m Chicago. It was ,Uani hnaw f.mmi n clear mojority
but a few yenra since when he was em- ; k-.k k..'VZ , i '
i , . , , .
in co in ui lau ujru I
as Master Mechanic. His
in that tit
and close application to business, secur
ed to him friends who had the means to
establish him in businrsa for himself.
Upon starting, he at once saw the neces
sity of letting his fellow citixens know
that he was carrying on business for
himself, and of apprising them of his fa
cilities and means for the performance
of the work he was engaged in. How to
do this, he ssid, he was not long in as
certaining. The press, the
ne wsnaoer.
wag the medium through which he conld
scatter broad cast this tnformat on- He
it.j kimUirr ii i . . .
availed himself of it, and in a shoit lime
his establishment was set going. A lit-
tie longer and be foend his facilities
cramped and an enlargement necessary.
ik tn ,..). .u- i '
i larg and rapid, still he kept increasing
' his advertising.adding to his expen.e un
.v... uiuiiiii j iiiuiiui iic ULrcibC Wno
til t araoenled to thousands of dollars I
per annum, Order, cama to him from
I""16" he "arcely knew of. Business
men ana capita. IH6 saw and noted the
success he was meeting with, nnct snliri.
. ted permission lo eo into co Dartnershin
with him. He admitted two or ihr
S ol" 'h best of these men. and again spread
oul "e IUu" 01 n,ß i8Hmeuif taking
Ik.!. 1 I J . , T
rviumg an increase.! amount
of business. This was all done in five
yes?., and the mechanic, who, five year.
, .go, was working on a salary, is now at
i the head of an establishment whirh re.
count, it. resources by the million of
dollars. He made no teeret of hi. sue
cena, but frankly told us that he owed it
all to advertising.
We do not refer to this c.se aa being
the only one of like character. There
are hundreds of other, exactly similar.
(?"The following, though somewhat
old. having been crowded out of our pa
per for two week., is nevertheless too
good to be lost. We desire to piece it
on record, for the benefit of posterity;
Cos Crushed a Little.
t r ,rr...m,i.n . f.u xf i i:e nrai. or annual meeiing, !B niruouuccu
I UnresponUenee of the New York Tnbnnel I . . , ... . ,. ,. . . . ,
J I to be herd in Indianapolis, during the hoi-
W ashisctow, Dec, 3, 1856. id.ys A m0sl inleiling feinr. of the
One of ih. mo.t telling scene, of the I occa.ior. will be the opening addre.. by
discus.ion of uwlay in the Senate, occur- I prof. Lsrrabee. who, with the most ex
red during Judge Trumbull's speech. In (traordinary good taste, and with the ul
-?wai RIMi rchig criticism to ! most defeffmce to public sentiment, hss
7 a i 8ubjcted lht Message, he al- j been .elected for that purpose bv the eld
luded in passing to thn Fre.ident. decla line ceaamittee of arrangement. The ub
ratton that the Missouri Compromise wa. ject, we understand, will be "On the de
unconstitutional, and asked "Does not i nnnment of TWhr to unnmtrted i.
every lawyer know, on the contrary, that
Congress has the seme legislative powers
over s Territory that a Slate Legisla
ture ha. over it. citisens?"
Gen. Cass (interrupting) I should
like the senator to produce that decis
ion. I have never aeen it.
Judge Trumbull Ortainly. It will
afford me great pleasure to enlighten the
distinguished Senator from Michigan on
this point. Page (turning to oae of the
Senate pages) bring me the first volume
of Peters Reports Lorn the Ltbrarv.
As the book waa broughi he resumed
as follows;
Judge Trumbull I will now resd from
psge 546 of these reports of tbe Decisions
ot tne supreme wourt ol tbe United
States- what Chief Ju.tice Marshall de- )
ml Am A ... ik. mmmm m. I . U
eiled, in the case of the American neur
ones Company es. Conler. to wit: that
Cougress, in Isgialating for the Territo
ries, has the combined power of the Gen
eral Government and the State Govern
ment. Could there be snv thing broader
and fuller?
Gen' Caw (nettled and
a a
rornersd) ,
- ppiiw 10 ca.es wnere the
Constitution gives power to Legislate.
Judge TrnmboH No Sir; there is no
qwhbling qualification "ander the Con
.titution" here, as in the Nebraska bill.
The Court was deciding the constitu
i nnr eni w . Ä
tionsl power of Congress, and its extent
Sf m. v w
in tin. very case; and their
deliberate i
declaration, uttered by Chief Justice
Marshall n( v; ,i.. n
rat passing lams fotn Territory, had not i
, -. . ..3..,.., aa iuh congress l
only sll the power that tits General Gov-1
" nk poaawaajes in other legislation, I
hut has in addition a. ample authority'
aa a State Legislature has within its bor-
tt in me senator from Michigan
deny that ths Micbigsn Legislators hss
full power to keep R.Tey out of thst
State? If a hss, then the United States
Supreme fttrt ha. decide that Congress
hss equally ample pow., to keep Slsvesy
out of th. Territories.
i wen. iass attempted no reply to
this pointed and unanswerable illustre-
tion, and the Repubiican Senators smiled
ns thsjr saw the Nicholson letter and the
V T' 5 u u8?,,led
with his profound speeches in tha lent
eight years all brushed away by a single
decision ot tno Surname Court, of which
1 , 1 ,, " . .. .
' ? 1 the JG,neraI B hMtv challenge for
its production, he proved
oeen entirely ignorant.
fTTThe story about "Fillmore men
is the Senate" is a humbug. There is
kilt nna hjf . C I 1 A I
' .' , V T .!. !!, J T,
, -b.olut.ly fixed ag.tn.t giving the
, . 7 . ww.. " -j """
' -n gw.ture. At least, we learn
rom tne b11 authority. Indiana
, uxxa rne. the Senator from Floyd
Coun,T a Fill
loe-nsi1-" bu
?lnJ xn 0 i0,nl 1
f illmore man, "tooth and
ii ic iimk' iinimcsH hi
ballot in the election of
C o e r
S Senator as any of your Republican.,
Ana in tnis he represents the sentiments
of the American party of ' little Floyd."
They would rather have the State unrep
resented in Congress for two years than
to have two Democrats elected. N. A.
It is evident that it is now the delib
erate determination of he opposition par
ty to stave off the election of U. S. Sen
ators, and all other officers elected by
joint ballot. Lvunsiille Journal.
Wisconsin. The Northwestern dis
tricts of this State have at Inst bean
heard from, and we have the Legislature
of lhe State complete. It is as follows:
w ini s r J i
House 64 33
ill uu in umiitiina til ilia ucm is mi u i a .
Titled SouilivriB tcaitlcmn.
We find in the Philadelphia papers i n
analysis ot the titles of the Southern
Commercial Convention rt-centlf in ses
sion at Savantiah. It ia as fallows;
Majors - 230
Captains 250
Not mtrutiuncd 104
A thousand wrrriors to nine hundred
.civil heroes!
' . ,
Gov. Joey n nfaiaoeuvem.
. , . ... . . .
W understand thst Gov. Wnghi has
j PPointetl Senator Crane of this County,
I tnd Ex Senlor Wood of Cla,k County
1 to examine the Ohio Penitentiary, attd
' rePort to him in ordcf lo mxA bim in
ki,) UP his innuttl me,"8e!l T,h,i
ax iraordiimry rroceedins ia easily ex
plained. There are two objects intended
tobe brought about First, to secur. a
seat to Ex Senator WwJi ot the ensue
ing session of the Legislature. Second,
; to aid in bringing on the election of U.
S. Senator. To accomplish these objects,
1 thi Commission has been raised. But
t we hav reason to believe itiat our pious
jGor.rnoi will be foiled in this as he has
; been in many of hi. previous machina
tions Senator Crane, we believe, can
not be entrapped by so shallow an ar
tifice as this. And although ha will per
form the duty entrusted promptly and
fully. Gov. Wright need not expect by
honeyed word, and friendly actions to
.educe him from bis convictions of right
and justice. Mr. Crane it a man of sta
bility, end if Gov. Wright or the entire
old line party thiuk they can succeed by
flattery or cajolery in securing his aid in
any of their schemes, they are very much
mistaken. Neto Albany Tribune.
Teacher's Association.
Our citizens remember with pleasure
and profit the meeting of the Teacher's
Association, last summer, in this ci .
w g - . ' - -
males,""1 with illustrations br the Pro
lessor an I an accomplished clairvoyant.
The duty of exercising a kind and pa
ternal treatment will 5e strongly enforced
the methods of winning the confidence
of pupil, of various ages the delicate
inoende the mesmeric passe., the kind
embrace, the fatherlv klna, and the chris
tian admonition, "Whatever ye would
that men should do to you, do ye even so
to them."
Song by the cempany,
' How happy wonld I be with either,
Were oiher dear charmer iway
The exercise, to conclude with re.ding
a chapter from tbe last novel of Tsui de
We trust the church will be crowded
by tha pious and Godly Old Liners of the
1 ' ... -
Capital city, and all who may be present
will be duly edified and enlightened,
Laf. Cojtrer.
Germas Republicans. Tha German
Republican Clubs of Buffalo have been
consolidated, upon tbe following basis
of political action:
That alt men are ires and equal.
That slavery i. local and not national,
and cannot he extended.
That America is the home ef Freeman
and open Immigration, thai no alteration
ai m m m. m m I
of tbe naturatisMion lawa .hall be made;
aod that the rights of adopted citiz.e.
to be protected.
Pbe Union CJnh will meal muntMir
r. i : 7. :n J: : . t.
win ue 10 u.ae miiinie poiu
ical knowledge bv means ol lectures, de-
bat nd distribution of document..
Such n organization must exert a great f
sod happy influence. Ths Germans
have set an example to their Republican
brethren worthy of imitation. Let there
he s Republicsn association formed snd
kert .to work on this plan in svery city,
village and township of oor Ststs, and
Ohio wiU add tsns of thousands svery
yenr tolls EeytiMican majorities. ZV
Udo Blade.
A New Tune.
What's in the wind now? The Rich-
raond Enquirer slaps the Message indi-
rectly, and directly fPfanfß its a Kitca sf
; lhe RPin party before the election,
Verily we lire in strange times.
But what is the meaning of thi change?
liw.t M. :. ,.
.. u vs. t. "OIUIC, IL 13 KIÄ TIMM
- - - ' HOS II J W .
The btovv fell harmless; it f.il.d to frieht-
en; ii was unieii; ana will the kiss bt
more effective?
The Enquirer says:
During the canrass we often spoke in
very round terms of the universal mora
political, social and regions skeoticism
f B,lck Bellica',! W, vmZ
: the
pirty to be a mere coneerie of turns.
We were sincere in our assertions. We
are now undeceived. We respect Amer
icans tow. much North and South to be
lieve for a moment that a prrtv so large
a. that which roted for Mr. Fremont is
. ichiwii.
. ...ii 1.13, ui enemies. 1 no ixOMn
j bclieves lh(. mrm '"T .T-
-..U6aui. uerurring
biui Bcgressive. 1 hm
aggressive. lhe ISorth is mistaken
but siucerc. The change of opinion, pol
icy and position about Slavery, if more
marked at the South than elsewheie, has
been universal, and it is to this change
of public opinion throughout Christen
dom that we owe the new policy of our
The Enquirer is undeceived and how?
Byar. article in the Edinburgh Review!
This will not do; no! it was the "whack
ing" vote in the Free States it was the
lifting np of the North in its own majesty
aod might, which opened its eves, or rath
er compelled it to confess wfat it knew
before Suppose we quote from it be
fore the election when it said:
The career of Slavery is rapidly pro
gressive. Cotton, sugar, rice, tobacco,
tea, molasses, and other slave proiucts.
are fttng not the South, Hunger and
cold nn i nakedness rule .he world.
They are aggressive and importuuale.
not we.
What could be plainer or more direct?
The hew policy is eggressive the old
policy, the'policy of the. Fathers humane,
just, constitutional, national, and il i.
for that Republican, contend and it is
halt they mean lo re establish. But let
thi.'pass; for we wish to look at this sub
ject in another point of view just now.
The South no, not the people of the
South, for they are true to the Uuioo as
a whole, patriotic and just in aim but
a portion of ihe slaveholders that por
tion controlling party organizations has
been arrogant, overbearing, aggressive."
And it will continue to be ao. The sys
tem it seeks to uphold and extend pro
duces this result necessarily, and we shall
have it until that system i. limited to
its pre eut bounds. Nor i. this arrogance,
intolerance and aggre.sion cotifined to
Washington. They are practised by
those ruling slaveholders in the Slave
States with a fierce despotism over the
vv tut es outside ul the favored das.. And
they will continue, too, till the People
of the Slates resolve, ae thoy will hern
afier, to abolish the cause of all this mis
The Enquirer talks of "the new policy
of our govenrment en the subject of slate
ry " Tht I stats, Haw 'ifehv io extend
it: the right to take H vtherever the con
stitulion goes; the right to claim an equal
ily of States ou thin basis. Mr. Fitx
Patrick, Senator from Alabama, and Mr.
Masor. Senatoi from Va., on the second
day of the session of Congress affirmed
thi., and on this ground congratulated
the country upon the success of the de
mocracy. Now Slavery could not exist
for iwsnty year, if the Government were
adssiatsiered a. the Father, designed it
should be: it would fell, unless it re
ceived os'fide or artificial help. Hence
the 'new policy. Bullet us say to the i
enquirer, tnai mis new policy will tiever j
endure, Not only is it sectional, but it is'
luaed on a local wrong, on a despotic
idea, at War with the principle of the
Constitution and the spirit of our people
The North cannot snbmit to it, Tbs
South will not in the end.
But lhe Encuirer means hereafter to
oe conciliatory, it has no blows Id give
now. It would fondle and kiss, All
thif is wise the safer and wiser course
for though it may protect or delay the
downfall of the evil, it cannot pre j
vent it. This, the Enquirer understands, j
It understands, too, that the effect of ibis)
course will be to prepare the 8outh for a j
i- m n tj it- hi.' Ii in anast I . . . . n asaawa I a in - -- -
L ... . .1
-....v.. luua. luiii, auu tu iimuce ,
the North to help it, when that change
dies come, as brothers should help each
other, in ridding the country of a com
mon curse. Well, the North will be just
generous, as well as just but it will
never permit the extension of Slavery for
ny end; no blows can drive, no kisses
persuade it, to sustain or tolerate a pol
icy so fatal alike to our common man
hood and peace. Chicago Tribune.
Facts and Figure--Power ol the
Th t are four Southern States, which,
combined, cast 3o electoral votes just
tha number to which the State of New
York is entitled. These States are. Al-
.uu....uu. tvorui v,rona inu ,
Georgia We have now lhe official vote j
of all these Stale., and we append them
1 V m. a m a
for the purpose of showing the peculiar
condition of the South in this con federa
5a 4 17
Elec. vote.
N. Carolina
170,194 121,816
Bu-h, Pill. re.
195.314 124 206 275,431
Elec. rote
N. Frk
Total vote of lourSuitbera States t
Total vote of New York
that New York.
It will thus be seen
polling 594.906 votes, is only entitled tofof
35 electoral vote, in tbe choice of a Pie.
ident, while four Southern States, num
bering but 296,380 votes, or less than
on. for two. are entitled to an equal
number of electoral votes. Thus 396,
280 men in the Sooth have as rauch
power in deciding a Presidentisl election
a. 594 906 men in the North; in other
word., one Southern voter wields double
ths power of s Northern voter. Thi.
i. what i. called "equality" by slave
holders snd doughfaces.
But Ut not the comparison atop hers.
Buchanan io these four Southern States
gets 170.194 rotes from the people,
which entitles him to 35 electoral vole.;
hile Fremont gets in New York 275.-
441 VClls A r mrtr than I Ofi 000 raitnrt.
ty over the rote given to his competitor
in the States named, and yet gets but 35
electoral votes. With the sdvsnisges of
, . .. ..
U Cf 1 Ul U1MI TTI h OTllr Ol in mini BT
vnto, ha baa no adrnnloge whatever in
the electoral vote. Piitaburg Gazette.
rrom the Chicago Tribune.
Washisotos, Dsc, 16.
On motion of Mr, Dodge, a resolution
was adopted calling on the S cretaryof
War for all letters addressed to that de
partment by Wilson Shannon late Gov
ernor of Kansas, and by Col. Sumner,
relative to Rinses affairs, which have
uot been heretofore communicated.
Mr. Brown gave notice of his intention
to introduce a bill providing for the con
struction of a rairoid and telegraph com
municdtion between the Atlantic coast
and the Pdcific.
Mr. Wilson introduced a bill amenda
tory of the net to organize the Territories
of Kansas and Nebraska. Refered to the
Com. on Territories.
On motion of Mr. Rusk, the joint res
olution granting further time to the crrd
i tors, of Texas to present their claims and
other purpose?, was taken up.
Mr. Rusk explained and advocated the
resolution which extends the time to Jan
uary 1st, 1858, and repeals the provision
in a former act for the distribution pro
rata of the residue of those who hare filed
their releases.
Mr. Whitfield introduced a bill pro
viding for the a..e6sment of damages
sustained by the loss and destruction ol
property, belonging to the citizen, of j
Kansas, during the recent disturbmct-s in j
..id Territory; ölso a bill anta hltnhiug n
district court at Leavenworth City, and
other place, in Kansas, and a bill estab
lishing additional land districts in Ku- j
Mr. Campbell of Ohio, from Commit
tee on Ways and Means, reported the In
dian civil and army appropriation bill.
Rtsfeired to Committee of the Whole.
Mr. Campbell of Ohio al.o reported a .
bill amending the section of the tariff net
of Angu'it, 1842. ao a. to prohibit impor !
tation. of indecent and obscene print.,'
t fi ntni f Am i .1 cluim.. 9m t. n..ii.. .,f
fsnJing to be proceeded against in due
course of law and the offensive articlr
destroyed. Tha bill was passed.
On motion of Mr. Campbell of Ohio
the further eon.ideration of the bill re
ducing duties on imports, reported last
seasion. was postpoued until the fust
, Tue.dav in J.muarv
The debate on the President's Messnge
was resumed,
Washiitgts. Dec. 15.
In the Senate, to day the bill of S-uator
van6, providing for the settling of thr
balanee due revolutionary officer., wa?
taken up and discussed.
The Executive Department reported
lhat upwards of two millions of dollars
would be required to pty thoe claims
The amendment proposing to add to the
pay of the officers of the navy was voted.
Several Executive co.nm inications
were receited br the Sneaker of th
W Wj I
House, one transmitting a letter from
Gov. Geary, dated 22d. accompanied with i
the minutes of that officer, which he siys
was kept hourly, as his best vindication,
when he arrived in the territory. He
found his predecessor hjd pronouueed ihr
people in a state of insurrection. Since
then permanent peace hid been restored
without one drop of Hood boing shed
he had gone ahead, and what ws neces-
sary he did. payiug all expen 68 and hf
truated to Congress to reimburse him.
Washington, Dc. 16,
After the adjudgment of two minor i
7 i
case, the argument in the rase of Dred.
Scott vs. J. F. Sanford, wss resum d.
Mr. Geyer for the applicant took lhe
broad ground lhat an African ia capable j
of being made a citixen, and that il had j
been so decided by the courts in a num I
ber of esses. At the time of the adop
tion of the constitution every State n-
I art I a ska.
cepi ine oia veno'.ain Mates in tne con
vention for the adoption of the consiitu
tion left open the African slave tnde for
twenty year., ond to his mind i; wa. not
the intention of the framer. of that in
strument to make an importation of ma
terial for citizenship.
Cincinnati. Dec. 16.
By Adams' Express we have Evans
ville papers in advance of the mails.
Immense anil almost continuous rain
have prevailed in Tennessee nnd Aikan
gaa for the last ten d
ays. All the wes
tern rivers are rising.
The Arkansas Legislature ha. made an
extravagant grant of land to the Cairo
and Fulton R K., which, the papers sav,
will be s great land monopoly in that
Snow here this morning; weather cold. '
New Oklkans, Dec. 13.
steamer Calhoun ha. arrived
this port with dstes from Vere Crux to
the 7th inst.
Puebla, which at our last advices was
io s state of aiege, surrendered to the
Government forces on the 7th inst,
The statement that Vtdaurri had enter
ed into an amicable treatv with Com-
monfori is confirmed. ,
rronuoemmentos were staia tne orüer
le day.
Alvarez had taken the field ist defence
of tbs Government.
Wash i kotos, Dec. 15.
Ths people of Alexandria, Va., have
boss grsstly alarmed for several day. peat
io consequence of a threatened inaurrcc
tioa amoog the negross, The military
wars called out lsst night, nnd 2 slave,
wees nrrested st a ball where tbey bed
assembled without permission, against
the laws of ths State.
Gov, Wise hsd supplied asms sod tm
a . '
munition, and tha people throughout the
counties of Alexandria and Fairfield are
arming themselves in case of a 'general
No evidence has been found against
any of the sluves ariest-id.
Baltimore. Dec, 16ih.
Texis papers received here state that
the reported insurrection in Harrison
county, in that State, ha. been greatly
exaggerated. A committee reporl that
there is no evidence of concert in action
nmong the negroes nor are any whites
implicated. The Alexandria Gazette
says the rumors of insurrection there era
also exaggerated.
Postmaster Arrester! Syinyatby
For Nicaragua.
New Yore., Dec. 18 John C Stan
ford, assistant Postmaster at Florence,
Onedia county, was iirrest'd on Saturday
for rebbing the mail. The arrest wa.
made bv the direction of Mr. Holbrook,
of the P st Office Department.
A call has bnen issued for a Nicaragua
sympathy meeting, at the Tabernacle, on
Saturday evening.
The nams of Gov. Pric, of New Jer
sey: ex Governor Smith, of Va.; Brown,
of Miss ; and Jones, of Tenn.; and Sena
tors Cass, Douglas and Mason, etc., are
announced as speakers.
wasen. aanw
QOT k m-gro named Andersen was
arrostcd near Liuisville, a few days
since, charged with circulating "incen
diary documents" among slaves, and
raising a rumpus generally, in colorod
society. He is thosune Anderson whom
we noticed Inst winter a. being drunk
after he had given pnblic notice lo preach
a sermon.
During the gubernatorial campaign
the New Albany Ledger and other Afri
can papers raised the atorv that the Re
publicans had placed him on the stump
to reply to Willard ou several occasions.
We observe that the same paper, assisted
by the L uisville Democrat, is using the
same lie, when they raunut serva their
party ony purpose at all, unless it is to
preserve themselvrs .he credit of being
unsafe end unreliable paper, and pnrti
tsns. Anderson was never placed on the
stump by Republicans to reply to Wi.
lard but where is the difference be
tween hearing Willard speak and Ander
son rout? They both drink whiskey a
like. only Willard a little stoat so.
Indiana Journal,
Dress H a i in -Begin ftosr.
Our climate is changeable. Pleasant
and charming weather soon passes into
raw and cold taking days, which, unless
provided against, are moat disastrous to
the health of the people. But the wo
men the young ladies are the most n
posed. Pride mkes them the m s in
eniible and foolish being, which cliim
any thing of resson and prudence. They
dress to be sick, snd ha I f of them are. uh.
c.uso they despise thick and warm cloth
ing. Away with siuh nonsense, men
na women, nnd prepnre for the change
of season. Better be healthy, beautiful,
and robust; than fashionable, thin shod.'
an 'I flounced dress gentry, with a genteel
coigh and consumptive look. Then
drejs warm! Begin now! Put away
your wafer understanding, and trappings
and betake yourself to thick, warm, sen
.ible, and protecting clothing, such as
sound minded men and women ought to
New Svbuevttsementa
Plymouth, Marshall Co., Ind.
If AVE S-2,000 worth of Propertv to dispose
MM- of to one thousand person.', everr i-r,n..
; receiving a potion of the property at" the dis-
Th purchase of a Certificate o S ock en-
. -. . . i. i i . i r . .
j in e. me iiinucr mereoi 10 memoer hip. and
I to such sh re o" the property as may be a
wanle 1 to him by A committee of Tnree for
; Distribution, which will take place as soon as
j one thousand certificates are sold, no' ice
thereof will be given by publication or h
erwise. By purchasing a Oertifi.ate the hol
! der may receive t lhe distribution 40 a re
' o' land, or other very valuable property, lor
a very small amount of money. Then let
i not thn opp itunity j-lip or so profitablo an
1 Prize 40 acres beautiful VWwW Land S300
40 acres Beautiful Timber Land, :i)
7 4
1 one horse buggv,
150 Gold Rings,
D Lever Watch,
200 Cold Tens,
100 Volumes Literary Works,
40 acte Lot of land,
30 Gents breast pins,
l no Ladies Pencils,
40 acre Lot of Land,
72 Gents fob chain
5U silk pocket handkerchiefs,
20 Watch Guards,
200 Port Moni rs,
Miscellaneous articles.
The Prop'etor3 of the abore Distribution
are offering to the Fu lie ex raorcmary ad
vantages in this enterprise, ac that by tbe
simple investment of f i they hare an oppor-
tunilv to get start in ihe world which may
realise to them a permanent and lasting ben
efit. It may get you land enough for a hoste
stead, which means might otherwise be thrown
awsy upon useless indulgences.
Tbe laud in the above Distribution lies with
in five miles of Plymouth, Ind., is well tim
bered with oak, cherry and poplar, and with
in one mile of a steaaa saw mill and ia an ex
cellent neighborhood.
The follow ng is the description of the Land
in the above Distribution:
n w ci of the n e qr of sec 14 t'p 34 Range O
m m m . .. a SW . m. A
s w qr Ol loe n e qr 01 rc g p -
n mm nr tf ffiaw n wnrnf sec 14 t't 3i RaQJCC 2
r . a . r IS il- 4 A D Mar -
i aa m v" - .
, e qr 0f te n w qr or see 14 t'p 34 Hange 2
The Company pledge theoies
nmm. Ol Irtr 1 rm nfiseS aa OOt aS C
called up-
nn .'i.t th Distribution.
VIV.. v.fc.. .v. " f
Tkis Property is offered at the cash value
and can be ex .mined be'eve tbe Distribution
by the stock Solders.
The Title are I nqncstioaalale.
Meaebeis not present at the Distribution
will have too propsrty awarded them taken
care of until eaBed for.
Pec 85, 1856. lm.
Cheeflgman's Pills,
rpHE True source o( Health in ths Fs
x male Coastitation. Just received and fo
aale by
AH. 7,

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