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& National Ucpublian Newspaper. Deuotco to Constitutional Cibxrtn, Union, ano cocrn true interest of tljc (tonnten.
-rkmt. 1 - ..' a -rr: Wf t 'Mi I fHl' r'xi r' '' 1 " i' 1 sfey' " ," ' ' ', - - .' ' 1 f ' : .. '-' r-rr m
VOL. 1.1
NO. 13.
Ct)e Republican
nv I nrrreci v
mm m. m win i inuuii
If paid in advance, - - - - - fl 5
Attieeru! of six months. - - - - 2 00
If uelayed until the end of the year, ? 50
A failure to order a discontinuance at the
expiration of the lime sabscribed for, will he
considered a new engagement, and the paper (
continued. 1
TT No paper will be discontinued nntU all
- i i ik. nr
arrearages are paid, unless at the option o.
.k. Pmhi;h.r.
irrThe above terms will be strictly au
........ i
. .... .
here! to.
advertFsi ng .
One square three insertions or less, SI 00
Kaek additional insertion, ... 2ö
Banaess Cards inserted one year, 5 00
Legal advertisements must be cash in ad
vance or accepted security. Advertisements
time not marked will be inserted till fofbid
tiea, and efcaxged at tfce above rates.
epuöUtan Soft met.
Executed on the shortest notice and iu the
1 ,i b4w1a
Blank Heed, Mortgages, No'es, SuLpcenaes, !
Executions, and all kinds oi Dianas aepi on
hand and lor sal-.
Otflce ui atairs id the old rivmoutb Hotel.
.Thompson auu P.3UD ual publishers.
Goods, Hardware. BesSho Ciwk
ery.tlrocerws, &r. new building, north side
Laporte st.
KM. gOWN, MaaaTactirersof Tin. Si.ce.
Iron and Copperware, and dealer in
Stove sign of Tin shop A; Stove.
CHARLES EALMER, Dealer in Dry Goods,
Boots k Siioes, Hjidware. Queensware,
Urotcnes, aau um - j
G 0SB0RNK Attornev & Counsel
lor at Law. Offi:e up stairs over Palm
er's tore, Plymouth, Intl.
Dt J V. BETrETT S office it his resi-'
dnee three door north of Edwards'
Otcl, on Michigan sireeij
3SOOKE4 EVANS, Dealers in Dry Goods
13 Groceries, Crockery ana Kea. y mue
Jlothint; corner Laporte V Mjcd- streets.
TBROWNLKB Jt CO. Dealers tu Dry
. GooJs, Boot Jr. Shoes, Ready made
Clothing. Hstdware A Cutlery.
Dr. T. A. LEMON, Practicing Physician,
and dea'.er in Drugs & Med eines, Oils,
Paiut & Groceries, east s.de Michigan street.
AVINÄDGB. Dealer in Foreign and Do
. mestic Groceries and Provisions east
aiJe Michigan street. '
L. PIATT, Chair 4. Cabinet maker,
. aad Cadertaker. Paruiture room in
north roira ot the old Plymouth Hotel.
J HAS EL TON. Manufacturer and dealer
. in Boots A Shoes, and Shoe Findings,
west side Afichiran street.
, ; .
jjl m Goods Groceries, Hardware, Boots and
Shoes, Crockery Ac.; in the Brick Store.
L WESTERVELT fit Co. Dealers in
L Pry ..SSSg BOi
-naliimlTflOIfnM, WHeieaakaad
JLEetail dealer in Drags Medianes, Oils,
Painta. Glass & Glasswajejmdracers.
CH. RBEV3, Atty. at Law. Collections
. punctually atteaied to m Northern In-
diana. Laads lor sale cheap.
1- fj SMITH, Justice of the peace, will
1 X attend -.o business in the Circuit and
Com. Pleas courts. Over lhe Poet office.
D. s.WI'L. H1GGINBOTHAM, Physician
aad Sureenn. Office at his residence ou
tke east side of Michigan street.
JOHN COCGLE, Keeps a general aort
mentof Dry Goo lay Groceries, Vegetables
.iad MeaUofali kinds. Cor. Gano A Mich . s.s.
DR. J D.GRAY. Eclectic Physician, will
attend to calls day or night. Office four
doors north of C. H. Reeve's residence.
south end oi the Bridge, Michigan street.
DR. R. BROWN. Physician and Surged
will promptly attend to all calls in his
piofession. Office at bis residence, south Plym.
LA. JOSEPH. Cabinet Maker and
D. CHAS. WEST. Eclectic Physic..
Offne at his res.deace. east side Michi-
gan street.
PAiLOR, Cabinet Makerand underta-
la ker, corner Center A Washington sts.
TDWARDS' HOTEL, W'ra.C. Edwards Pro-
M-J prietor, coraerof Michigan and IVashing-
ton streets.
AK. BRIGGS, Horse Shoeing -and
" BlCfjaimilbi ng of all kinds done to order.
Shop r iuth eastof Edwards' Hotel.
H. PE 3HER A CO., Dealers in Family
Groceries, ' revisions, Coalectionarie.
Ac South Plymouth.
-ITITEIEICK & LAMSON. H uf , Sign, and
e, Sign, ami .
O. nnmentHl Ponten.. Sh.p outh
ebd of the B. idge, Plymoutb, Ind
?. W. 1XTBLL, Prof rietwr,
17yl Laporte
S"lrwa Csaeaalle fotaale ey wma
D O T 8H O X1T ,
62, Randolph Stj :
T.1MITY, - - Proprietor.
ffiisiitaLii's Pills,
IX True source of Health in the Fe
lie Constitution. Juat received and for
i.-nolimr A. TUfLVItVMIV
The following lines selected by a
young friend, whose soul is deeply im
bued wilh the inspiration of poetry, will
touch a vibrating chord in many on
overtiming heart.
Carrv me Home to Die.
n carry me back to my childhood's home,
Where iheircjn wrgc r ai.
, .
Where Us bill.w d;ih an rock bjund to ist,
Anl nuau W ever mine.
I'm piuing away mi a slranjer'a land,
lieucaiu n :r n -r eye;
O carry inc home, U entry ine home
O caTy me h me to die.
1 m.Ii in vain fir my native hills
Their weet and balmy nit,
! Wou'd waft away fr mi my ynu Uful bi ow
I E u h tree of gloomy care.
, I sigl. to bi e ith lie air id Lo Jif,
To gaxe on its starry kj
O carry me Lo nr, O carry ni.' h m
O tarrj me home to d e.
I lung to see my mother ntrnin,
I And hear h t sweetly say,
i "C m I w ary d ve, b-r's ttiy ho ne,
Tain fold thy wing ai.d stay."
'Two 1 1 ease my pain to hear her voice,
Wh mi death lint dar! cied my eye:
0 cairy me home, Ocnrry uie heme,
O cax. y me ho ue to dte.
Then let u e re it in a e cefu' gra ve,
Lieside tfle IcVcstl kud d a 1,
F. r Uie rjniet earih is the oa y j 1 ice
To rest my vtea y head.
1 would ilie sweeil .' if y m b nit-d ti j tl.etv,
De ie-itli mv coiiitry's s,ky;
O can y mn liowe. Ü tarry uehomr,
O carry nie ho i e 'o dif.
St.iiiy :
S ic 's lvii g
Willi her 1 ps apir.
S iei dying ol a brokcu h-ar.
S e i f dt fr
T i M r amnJI r L.
Life w g-n wi ng
D.tn within h i hrcast.
She is sWpin: ;
Si e has lr n h her 1 ist.
Wihilf j iii.'r uea i-i?,
S!ie tu H -avtn da passe !
Eanept thit he indulged too freely in
the use of the iutoxirating cup, John
Wallace was an honest, high, minded and
exemplary man. His cue treat fault
hung like a dark shadow over his manj
mluei. He meant well, and when be
w,s 6obr. he diJ we-
He was a hater by trade, and by in
JusUy thf.fl hnJ acquireJ m ,nf y
, ffi -cnl l0 buf lhf! nouse jn wlich hft
lived. Hi had purchased it several
years before, for three thousand dollars,
paying one '.housand down, and securing
the balance by a mortgage to lhe seller,
The mortgage note was !in st due at
the time that the circumstances made me
acquainted with the affairs of the family,
But Wallace was ready for the dir; he
had saved up the money; there seemad
no pogsibtüiy of an rcident.
I was well acquainted with Wallace,
SOmC ""ß.
drawn up some legal documents for hiin.
0ne h,s -Ser Anne came to
my office in great distress, declaring that
; hf fathfT w- ruinfd on,i lhat they
Ca-Iould be turned out of the bouse in
which they lived.
; . rerhaps not, Miss Wallace," I said,
trying o console her, and give the aff.ur,
whatever lr was, n brighter aspect.
"What hns happened"'
' My fa. her," the repPed, "had the
moamg (Q pay the morigr-ge on the house
in which he lived but it is ail gone
Has he lost i;?"
i don't know; I suppose so. Last
week he drew out the two thousand dol-
Mars from the Bank, and lent it to Mr.
, . .
"'c ,v' um3 -
'Who is Mr. Bryce?"
He is a broker. My father got ac-
quainted with hm through George Oaand-i
ler, who boarded with us, and who is Mr. '
. ....
rUryre'a clerk."
"Dies Mr. Bryce refuse to pay K"
"He says he has paid it."
"Well, wturt is the trouble, then
'Father says he has not paid.'
"Indeed! Bat lhe note will prove
that be has not paid, it. Of course you
hare that note?"
"No; Mr. Bryce has it.
Then of course he haa pawl ft."
I suppose be has, or he could not have
and ifae note."
"Whet docs your father say?" J
I -'He is positive that he never received
the money. The mortgage must be paid
Very siugular. Was your father "
I hrsita'.cd to use tiie unpleasnnt
words, which must have grated hirshly
on the ear of the devoted girl,
"Mr. Bryce sajs my father wns not
just right when he pari him, ;hough not
very bad."
I will see your father.
'He is ciimiiig here in a few moments;
I thought 1 would see you nnd tell you
the facts before he came."
1 do not see how Bryce could have oh
mined the note, unless he rniii the mon
ey. Where did your father keep it."
'tie gave it to me, and I put it in the
secretary in the front room.'
Who were in the room when you pu 1
it in the secretary''
Mr. Bryce, George Chandler, my fath
-r. and myelf.'
The conversation w&s here interrupted
by the entrance of Wallace, lie looked
pale nnd haggard, as much from the el
fects of anxiety as of the drb iudrfrom
which ho was just recovering.
S ie has told j ou about it, I suppose,'
saivl he in a very low tone.
She has.
1 pitied him, poor fellow, for two thou
SJiid dollars VM a large sum for him to
accumulate in his little business. The
loss of it would make the future look
like a desert to him. It would be a mis
fuituue which one must undergo in ordei
to appnciale it.
What do yru think about ii?' asked
paid n.e. 1 was not muth in liquor ni
lhat time. I remember very well of go- ! ifcsjrplT, couutry, but both are quickly gained, wesrs lhe blocmer costume exceeding- i,ig to prevent the angry bees from leav
ing home us irgi-larly as ever I did in my The rascal quailed. I saw that he was n the one side is the Cleavland Semi- I ly plain; but unlike her is smsil in quau 1 ig when these -gentle " knocks' are ap
hfe. 1 could tell how I pased lhe lime. .... ; nary for young ladies, on the o'.her the lily, for she is a trifle under six feet in i plied it might be unpleasant, notwith-
'What passed between ou on that
Well I merely stepped iiilo his ofiice
it was only dny before yesterday to
tell hip not to forget to have my money
ready for me to mortow. lie took me
. ! i i I l iL. ...
into ins uai k omco, nnu at, i sn iiu ir, c
said he would gel lhe money ready the
next daygr He then left me and went
into lhe front ftice, when 1 heurd iiim
scud Georgrr out to lhe bank to draw a
check lor mo thousand dollars; so I sup
posed he was going to pay me then.'
'What does the clerk say about il?'
"'He sajs .Mr. Bryca remarked, when he
senl him. lhat he was going to py nie
the money.'
Just so.'
'And when George came in, he went to
lhe front office again, end took the mon
ey. Then he came to me again, bul did
not offer to p-.y me.'
Hid you the note with you?'
now 1 remember he said he sup
poäed I had not lhe note "vii'.h me. or h
uoulJ pjy u jje tuld me t0 come jn
ne , d and he wouta h,Te it reaiy.
' 3
that wis yesterday. When I came lo
look for the role, it could not be found;
Anne and 1 have hunted the house all
'You told Bryce so?'
aI did; he laughed and showed me the
note with his signature crossed over v. ith
Ink, and a hole punched through it.
'It L- plain, Mr. Wallace, that he paid
you the monay as he alleges, or has ob-
taiued fraudulent nossesion of the note.
' cheat yon out of the a
'He never jmd me.' replied he; firmly,
'Then ho has fraudulently obtained the
ll0ia. Wrhat sort of person is the
Chandler who boards with you?'
'A fine young man. Bless you, he
would not do any thing oi the kind.'
, . . ,
'I am sure be wouldn t, repeated
Anne, earnestly.
'How else could Bxyce obtain the note
but through him? what lime does he come
in at nighi7'
'Always at tea-time. He never gots
out in the evening,' answered Wallace.
'Bu', fjther, lie did not come home till
ten o'clock lhe night before you went to
Bryce's. He had to stay in the office to
post the books or numething of that kind.'
How did he get in?'
'lie has a night key.'
'I must see Chandler,' I said,
'No barm in seeing him,' added Mr.
Wallace, 'I will go for him.'
In a few moments he returned with the
young man. Chandler, in the conversa
tion, 1 bad with him, manifested a very
lively interest in lhe solution of the mys
tery, and proffered himself resdy to do
anything to forward my views.
When did you retuin to the house on
Tuesday night?' I asked him, with tba in
tention of sou ruling biota liule.
'About twelve.'
'Twelve!' said Anne, it wis not more
than ten, I heard you,'
'The clock struck twelve es I turned
the corner of the street.' -eplietl Chand
ler, positively.
I certainly heard some one in the front
room at ten,' added Anne looking with
astonishment at the group around her.
We are getting at something,' I re
marked. How did you get in, Mr.
The young roan smiled as he glauced j desire; they are also well ventilated.
at Aune. each possessing another register for that
On arriving at the door.' he replied, -I purpose working on the same principle as
found that I had lost my night key. At ' ,he "e "PPb.ing heal. Spring water of
crystahne purity is conveyed from an ad-
.hat moment a watchman happening a-, jacenl vaIley bv fl)rce pumpg to lhe up.
long. I told him my situation. He knew permost rooms in the house. The bath
me, and taking a ladder from an unfin- rooms are supplied in a similar manner.
ished house opposite, placed it against 1 The l0,aI c0?l of lhe building and out
, . . . i fittings, including a spacious gymnasium,
one of the second story w .dotva, and I , wa suppUeu j9 ebuut r25iooo, The
entered in that way. , grounds in frort and nround the Cure nre
'Good! now who wns it that was heard extensive; the former are beautifully laid
in the pnrlor at ten, unless it was Brvce ' 0ul. studded here and there wi h hand-
or one of his accomplices.
x ... i
. m i:t In rn
taken the key from your pocket, Mr,
Chandler, and Steden the note from the
secretary. At any rate, I will charge-
him with the crime let what miy hap-!
, . ,, , ,
pen. Perhaps be will confesF, when,
r r
hard pushed.
Acting upon this thought, I wrote a !
lawyer's letter demand ngainst you,'
fcc.'.-which wus immediately sent to
. . . .
Bryce. Caut.oning the pnrt.es not lo ,
speak of the aff.ir, I dismissed them.
Bryce came.
Well sir, what have you against me?'
, , , -a,
he askeo. rather slimy.
claim on tne part ol John anl
claim on tne parioijonn ai
hcB fof wo tnoussnj dollars.' I replied,
j poking over my papers, and uppearin
' suprerneiy indifferent "
, .iire T0U?' and I looked him in th
Nevertheless, if. within an hour, you
do not p iy ine the two thousand dollars.
j anj 0)ft hundred dollars for the trouble
.-,1-.- vnl, i.v ,,e,l mr ,lirn
j ßl lhf enJ of ljie nfxl houf you 6hil, be
I ,oJ d in m aaswer a crimini,l
lodged in jail to answer a criminal
, c,arjrP '
What do you mean, sir?'
i mean what 1 say. Pay or take the
It was a bold charpe, and if he baa
looked like an honest man, I should not
have dared 10 make it
' i , ii . -i
1 have paid the noftl tell ) ou, sai.i
he; 'I have lhe note in my possession.
Where did you get it?'
'I got it of course hen I paid the 1
'When von tA on in.,.! .ntpr.d flu.
house of John Wallace, ou tl.o nigo4 of
Tuesday, February 20th, at ten of the
clock, and took the said note from the
'You have no proof,' stammered he
grasping a chair for support.
'That is mv look out. I have no time
to waste. Will you pay or go to jail?'
He saw that the evidence I hud was
too strong for his denial, and he immedi
atfiv urew ti is cnecK on tue sdoI lor
.a a
twenty-one hundred dollars; ond after
begging me not to mention the affair, ha
sneaked off.
I cashed the check ond haPten-d to
Wallace's house, Tho reader may judge
with what satisfaction he received it, treatment is highly popular, and growing
how yejoiced was Anne and her loverJ in the estimation of the public may be
Wallace insisted that I should take tLe ! '""d ff lhe fact that m""y .lhe
j leading business men. many of the Cler-
one hundred dollars for my trouble; but I i Ryrnenfnnd, we are informed every ed -
was magnanimous enough to only takej,or in this city employ Homocpathic
twenty. Wallace kept his promise and Physicians in their families. My previ -
ever a her was a temperate man. He ous letters gave you the class of patients
I . . l i .1 .1 1
died a few years ago, leavings ham
-ww ...
nmiuil. In f'.hninllpr mil hie iv i f a tm
K'T"; "
marriage between him and Anne having
take place shortly after the above nar
rated -ircumstance occurred
. 1 ... ..J
I We cheerfully give place to the fol-
lowic? article, at the request of an es-
teemed friend, without intending lo com-
. ... . . .
mit ourselves in fator of the 6ystesn it
From the Chatham (Canada) Planet.
Forest Citt Wateb Cure,
Cleveland, 0 Dec, I, 1856.
Dear Miller In this letter i pur
pose telling you someihing regarding this
estab'ishment. In my former letters I
but slightly referred to it.
The building itself, I understand, is the
most extensive of any "Cure" in the
United States. It was commenced by
Messrs Strona ficTotieu in the Spring of i
. , , . j . i . x . :i r .
lb.14.aUU COinpeiea IU nie rati ui inciiBu iiwii. ;. . " l t. j
same year. ll IS UUliv oi urica, on a ma ' cetiiun, nwi'v -r
sire stone foundation, and will be whenjbody erect, jou are wrapped in a coarse
.h- nni.mnlaiad wine isadded 138 in sheet and briskly rubbed, till your sixth
', -. e Li '.
length, 48 feet in depth, and 3S feel in skin is taken off, and bu. the seventh re-j say that much of the trouble of Dr. Rub
heiehtthe first story 9. the second II, j mainsihen yon are not unlike a lobster inson was unnecessary to get his bees to
tha third 10, and the fourth 9 feet. T he
whoJe building is finished in tne very
beet style; the main idea of its builders
seeming to bare been to provide their in
tended guests with arcommoda'lone un
surpassed, in point of convenience and
elesnce,by those of the best classes at
their own homee. rg tbis. i must observe,
ihev hava succeeded to a remarkable de
gree. Tn fact thia was the greet difficulty
to be obviated, for it must be known that j ing up-place a sort of a stall, the fiu- , i,j cage Df striking a comb I take out a
the c!a6S who generally patronize resorts' cet is turned; a stream of water issues grfnll piece, and it is just as well sev
uf this descrip ion is the very best in the j forth striking you or me rather on the I eral holes are better than one. After
land, and consequently must be in a great
measure, surrounded with provUings a
greeable to its c-iltivated taste. Hence
the great expense attending the Water
Every room is amply healed with
hot air, which by registers conveniently
nlaced can be reaulated to the patient's
su in e e eiiLrec us o ou uie mi i u od, iu incii
! gravelly serpentine walks give an appear
ance highly picturesque and altogether
tasteful. Directly in front of the main
hall is a chaste and cosily fouutain, with
numerous jets casling forth their
streams of pearly liquid, the spray of
. .' . , .
which continually washes a statute rep
resenting the ancient goddess Minerva
which hns for two sensons endured lhe
cooling appliances of a in idem Water
Cure- renihically, we inay add as a
person quninlly said loiher day . if she h id
mider lhe lmmAmf the "OU
School" in all probability she would not
be now occupying tho present position
,hou8h she of ca$t iron- The main jet
of this fountaiu rises to the height of a-
. , ,, . ,,
bout 20 fee . falls into a basin, thence in-
tQ .11(llher still laraer. from whence the
I surplus water is conJucted off in pipes to
the valley teefore spoken of. The 'Cure'
is situated on Kinsman Street which,
. rimn ia rr nlenaant naithor citv or
Orphan Assylum both ol wh en are ex-
trnsive aEli handsome strutiures.
nr. Strong the projector of this institu
lion, has bevn a resident of Cleavland for
a uiaaaher of years, and formerly had a
cure on Lake Street in the centre of the
ciu lie siudicl undrr ihe famous Dr.
ii.m i, nr Rn. h!er. who extraonli-
njry 8uccefe. , the treatment ol chronic
md female diseases has gained him a (
world wide celebrity. Dr. Strong's abil
ilies have been fully tested during lhe ;
past eiaht year., during which time ha1
h is proved himself worthy the rncniums
of his talented instructor, as eil of the
j grateful multitude he has causnd to -4iake
up their bedsand walk."
As,ucia)eJ vilh Dr s is prof,SSor H.
p q,,, formerly of the Cincinnati)
Eclectic College, whose ability and ropu
1 tatiou as a lecturer on. and lea bei of Pa-
thologv, Physiology tjd Anatomonv. is
jenerally ncknowienga
and widely
known. As a successful llomoepaihic
praclitioner Prof. G. ranks very high.
He it was who first introduced the vapor
bath into the Waler Gute, wilh the view
of removing drugs Irom iho human Sys
tem. His popularity is doily becoming
wider. As we mentioned in onrlast, he
fills two chairs in lhe Western Homo;
! palhic College, which institution is the
,nol prosperous of any of its kind iu the
Union, not excepting tho ono at Phila
f, . , -. . u t.: c.m
uuDiieneu, w.. ... . .
. R. Beckwith; Prof, of the Surgicol aud
Pathological College. S you see that
I l"'9 estublisement can boast of an array
I - . . ...i..,.!, nr. nreciime. is note -
" " . ' "i7.':T.u w"." "
nunled at anvotber Cure in lhe W'estern
stales. That the Homocpathic system of
at present in tne nouso um cios is ui-
, , . I Iii... ,a . . r i
,-nvs here tho wealthy and intellectual.
. , I ' : :.
-j-jg jact alone speaas vuiuiucs iu ua
praise. .
i To slightly initiate you into the modus
' emndi of the Water Cure--its myste-
! ries, miseries and delights a space must
now be devoted. You enter, of course
precnant with acnes, pains, nervuuaue
mnfi in Lin v. ii iiu oj v .
liability, ii uot someunng nn
i.,t., you are marched to the
bath room; there denudad; then enclosed
w u ov- a j
in nnripht case seven feel by two, with
a Mat .cross its centre, on which you
roott. In this you are suui up, mc iww
. .i m,i ;h vjnnt: and tne Dam-
18 llirii ui I
. . . ii,.n,ii,h nin nf nla
in the door, he discovers you grow faint;
Mn etarnS 11 VUU iiiiuukm " . - - -
the vaoor is turned off; the door is opened;
yon are marched into an adjoining room
and forced into a large reservoir of cold
nrins water, where vou are immediately
0 . . , i-ii..i'
ty having been pretty thoroughly extrac-j
...i r . .. hair frnznn bnov in He-
1.. m wmfnr a nri wilh head un. and
just trom the pot considerably red and
not a little hot. now you are again j
clothed, and feel like eating your dinner;
before which you must visit thegvmnasi-;
om for an hour, or three quarters, at least ;
After dinner en hour to yourself, hail an i
hour to-coneeet the docto, then down to ,
the bath-room, where Ccpt. Bath man j
stands with hose pipe in hand. Again
you are denuded, ordered into the stand -,
cooled off. in a style peculiarly snuusmg, your permisaiuii, a am u..Fuku ku tun- ir,ese cases it is probebfv the only reme
fromtfo t you are taken the elect rici I eise. They were copied.no doubt, think dy, Bnd it should be done an v tine from
, bick of the neck, with the force of ' Great
Western, No. 1." This you bear as long
as y u jirssiblv can, when you are don-
ched again wi:h a couple of oailsful,
j which aflVct you similarly to the plunge
oam. now you are rubbed, and ruDDeU honey is rather longer time than the av
well toomade to fairly bom agnin; rage; a good swarm will frequently store
dross yourself and go up staiis to where that amount in three,
you please till tea no water. A I To the article from the 'Prairie Far
"Wnter Cure" is no place for business ' mer, on driving bees, I have several ob
ou may depend. On morning number jections to make. First, it says 'it should
two, after breakfast some two hours, be done immediately after swsrming.'
which time i spent in reading, chatting. ( This would be downright fuin to any
or exercise, you are put to bed. Baih- swarm thus managed. All bee-keepers
man visits you in your room with a pail- ! who expect success, ought to know e
ful of cold spring water, a linen and a col- ; 30Ugh of the natural history of bees to
ton sheet, The former U, while dripping! understand the cendition of'the old stock
wet spread on tho bed; you are denuded, j aftr lhe firstswarm leaves. Yet corn
jump therein, and are quickly rapped u p ; paratively few the writer of the artcle
chattering like a South American mon I under cosideration especially seem to
key. With blanket, quilts, and coverlids ' realize that there is no queen there at
under, around, and over you. you soon
prow warm, perspire, nnd sleep do six-
ty miuutes by the waich roll by; rap a-
tip tap comes to your door; your eye o-
pens; and discover the bath man entering
with another pailful of water colder than
before. You are unwrnpoed; hop out
smoking hot, the linen sheet is
, . - .
uippeo in me water anu wun n your uuuj
is clolhed what a contrast to the com- ;
forlable bed just left! Y ou are rubbed
wet again; with lhe cotton sheet you
are ruohed dry and left red as the day be-
fore. In the afternoon you take the hose
douche again, the pail or falling douche,,
uone very pleasant, at the time; and j
thus it goe6, visa versa every other day.
This, is treatment at the 'Wafer Cure.'
j: J:.L. .. I S.I. m 1 1
This is the treatment tht ladies of deli
cute health submit to, and strange to say
--survive, Of course the minutia of the
above is at times varied, to '.nit peculiar
constitutions; and paticular diseases; but
on ihe whole the principal is the same,
uiet ng very close is strictly aanereu to;,
the food liere is like the head nurse, who
neigni, ana weigus noi less man iwo
j hundred piunds,
'Early lo bed and early to rise,' is the
, tnot'.o of the institution. At times we
have mu-ic on the piano, a gnme at check-
j ers or pports in lhe gymnasium, which
! is the limit of our amusement, without
we visit the Theatre or Lecture Room of
tue city. At present U is ramer oun,
i . t I i .
Wef II SMH lor two or u.ree ciian,
liv Iy, agreeable 60uls. we would all die ;
of do -nothingism. We thank our good
fortune that they will not leave till after'
' the middle of this month,lwhen we will
j be at home. All in all '.he Water Cure
j this one in paticular is a creditable
' iustitution, ond deserres the patronage it
receive?. When wa are gone it shall not
b forgotten by us. As ihis letter wi 1
be the'last from this place, we give an
; allopathic dose. Sj.for the present, gooa'j
bye till we are with you.
Yours, 6cc,
We copy the following articles from
that excellent family paper, "Life Illus-
, . . . .
There is no businees oi the farm more
! obscure, or managed more by chance and
a i .. r,. . n,n.i,r i.,;.i -
urjiBiririau j
of contradictory directions and so little
1 confidence in any, as lhat of Bee culture.
, Why is it? Do we not have too many
: iMrUrt like "the blllld lead i tlT the!
blind?" One nun succeeds a short lime
1 Ü,7".V. A" . . ...... .
and imagines that his particular system
is right: another does equally well pur
suing an opposite course--each girea bis
, to success. Yet through eulire ignorance
, of the nature of the bee. in a few years
; they may not have a stock left. 'Luck'
1 has turned against ihem aud charges!
them with either ignorance or negligence,
I-1 . .. 1 . - m ,, c , I, j ,i npp orl until m
, mwo i"uu -r -
until a
more uniform system one
more in ac-
' ...Iii, ikair nntural !nclinfta im
coruauc im
, The writer, in ofleripg hints on his
mode of management, does not pretend
to perfection; but clcims superiority un-
til results show a claim to something
l..,in. In rt IT, r i nn himc f as n mn .
ueici. u v..v.....ft -
- L m
umuiui iu . f--
per. he bases his pretensions to the con-!
i .
; fidence of your readers on his uniform
success tor twemy-eigni ears, naving
. now on hand several hundred stocks and j
, uiiuK i.i ...-e, - r-
more nonev to marnei mau
ui cr
ßh expen- ;
mx r s f-i m,
man in ih llninn. A thorough e x ne r i
' ence will make it unnecessary to give
i - d i
; any rult. based on theory, instead of the
t result of long experience.
i In Life Illustrated. Oct, 4, page 134,
some articles are copied which, wilh
: t
ing they mignt be of some particular (
J" t l u - i.
hpnpdr tn vn-.ir boe-keeDin? readers. Ia.
KIDg 8ucn ruiea ioi a guuio unto is muco
useless ahd ruiuous teaching. This being
in the line of my experience. I would
ork in the boxes.
Alter inscribing tr.e situation or ois
stock, showing a full colony . which is a
necessary condition to expect surplus
hooey, "he bored a bole through the top
which happened, no he wished, to strike
the space between the combs." This
paint is not important. I have bored
hundred in this way and do not hit the
"apace between the comb&' half the time.
fitting the box on top I never found i:
ecessarr to use the 'cold water' to drive
tne bees inside, and there is not the least
doubt but it was a superfluity in his case.
Five weeks for storing twenty pounds of
that time o' afterward short of eight or
ten days, except in rare instances, of per-
, haps one in fifty. Imagine the beea
j driven out without a quoen they might
' as well be consigned to tho brimstone
pjt at once! They would do nothing,
at least in the hppinninjr. without fief.
o- -
a he article in question continues: 'If
f . . . , ...
üone helore swarming, tnere would be a
loss of young bees.' I can assure you
there would be j ust as much loes of brood
immediately after, bee ause the old queen
continues to deposit eggs up to the day
of her departure with the first swarm;
all these most mature to prevent loss of
brood. Three weeks time is required
for this purpose, and three or four day
over for drones;conscquently three weeks
from the first swarm is tho Droner time
tor driving. The young queen who has
taken the placa of her mother in the old
stock will have by this time commenced
j her maternal duties. Now as to the man
ner recommended for driving, I think it
would be objectionable to the operator
in nearly everv instance. There is noth
standing 'vail and mittens.' I hava tried
several methods, rnd the best method I
have found is very simple. I takt an
empty hive the size of the full one ncv-
. r.r rub the inside with Salt affd Water Of
ny other substai oe at any time, being
satisfied that h is oerfectly useless-
1 turn thn full run mrpfnllv kniinm im t
J I ?
the other over it stop the holes to pre-
. a . a
vent Deeg issuing ana rap on the lOWei
one a few times, and wait five minutes
for the bees to fill themselves. Then
rapidly conlinue the drumming on dif-
fereol sides of the lower hive ten or fif-
tear, minutes, at the eud of which lime
most of the bees will be in the upper
( hive; now, to fac:li:ate the operation, the
upper one should be put on the old stand
and another empty one set over to re-
; ceive the remaining bees driven up by
the 6ame processs, which may be jarred
out in front of the other hive when they
readily euter. Should any yet remaiu
continue the process. They are not dis
posed to sting iu this stage of operation,
and 'tail and mittens' are not very es
scntial'during any part of it.
One word more about the neeessirv rf
driving. We are not told what is to bo
! gained by the process. But as we do not
j expect any one to do it for the amue-
roent ol the thing, I would sa let tho
"se be an extreme one a last resort to
gavc the coiOUVi jet it mt.ct
beforo lne bees are reduced t6o murh
inpy are irequently discouraged and fail
ror want of numurg To dislodge them
for the sake of the honey in the hive is
bad economy, by putting boxeeon tue'top
rnn it-i H nnl nuu,li. mm I . i
: licie mucri sunerior. To do
f- 7 ua ' Bna e tr-
purpose of ha vim? the bees replace tha
for the
,,ld combs wilh new; is also doubtfal
economy. Combe cannot be made with.
o"t much labor and expense to the bees.
As a great many pounds of food are con
surned by the cow to produce one pound
ef butler, ao lhe bee, in secreting one of
WiXi n,U9t use 8eTeral pounds of honey
hence the folly of changing combs too
. I . t , , , .
unen. ii nas oeen lully and satigfacto
hlv nsrertiined K iu, r...-.-..,. , T
; 11 ..." '
. - i Aungiiro.n. ana
, uiuers, as wen ns myself, tnat bees wiji
j thrive in combs from six to ten years old
ns Well as if only one. It fa important
that this point is fully understood, l.
cause thouaoads of pounds are annua?-
v sacrificed on this false idea of contin-
' I ..l I J
uai cuauga oeing necessary. A steal
many nives nave oeen planned and
enied expressiv for tho rnnM;. 1
-as-uy iu o ueun man rinn nri
i a mf wm t vii iiiq fl r
renewing the combs every two
or three
years. They forte t. or. tah.e
probable never knew, and even if thfy
is most
utu, ouiu oe too much interested U
mmm v V U 1 g
I i ' a '
selling a r.gnt. to telf you that every
timi th hpe filtrwl .K-. t: .. J
" u,icu i it t v e wun new
combs, they would store twenty pound's
of surplue hi boxes. Bees should be dis
lodged only to save the combs from tne
moth, or to remove them from the combs
0 naming fcul and diseased brood; in
.. .
April to October, whether the combs Me
3 ibu Ji. viu
n. - i j
M. Quisj.t.
Author of the ""Mysteries of Bee Ken.
tr I j ft ' lr
w KXpain-j.
COT Tha folio .v ing recipe fcr preser
ving eggs is so cheap nod easily tried,
that if it fails it can't do much harm:
Take a sieve and rover the bottom wiiö
eggs; then pout boiling water over then,
sufficient to give them a thorough wet
ting, permitting the water to pass off
through the sieve. Take Ihem out and
dry them, in bran, the II end down,
and your eggs wiil keep forever.
Aug. 7, 18S6.

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