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National Umibltccm Newspaper. Dcuoteu to Constitutional Cibcvtii, Union, anö eoero true 3ntacst of tl)c Countro.
" . . -rr rz- . -i! -. .
VOL.. 1.
TV. 20,
theIepublican ; 515
Is rMi!a every Thr-af Morning,
If mid ia advance, ' nn
:u-r uic
At the end f the year, - - - -
The Honsekccper.
Sit down for a moment we will not de
tain you long, our story will intercut too,
3 , ; most commendable,
we arc sure, for it is uiost
5 50 brief, and singularly true.
noor widow, in uie cnj
r.hia. was
the mother of ihre? pretty cud-
ha I hitdv carried from her distresse
( Mrs. Glenn respectfully ainowledsred
Jv home. "ft- - xnc saiiuaiKiu, ami m ujcutu m.i uum
In in ancient part of the Quaker Citv, fa- : ness to the oil blunt man.
Did you rea l my advertisement "mad-
cing the broad ami beautiful Delaware riv
er, stood a venerable mansion; but few of
this class now remain in Philadelyhia, and
the one of which we now speak, but re
cently passed away, in the great conflagra
tion that visited the city in 1850. In this
substantial and stately brick edition, lived
one of the weahhv ami retired ship brokers
of Qiakerdom. He was very wealthy,
p. v i - r -a- i O I IV I fZ
TERMS Of- aw v c. ra jg of a suipbuiKi,r. who lost very eccentric, very good hearted, but pas-
JulSmlTä-, each additional inrtiou under his ljfe in the corVctte Kensington, a naval situate, plethoric, gouty, and seventy years
tawa tweaay-ftre cenn. vessel. mit m ivensingion, ior one ui 01 age
- 1' Al . . i asw i m. iv i -
"" ' i - i
d lived long
Iff lai iL n
so engrossc-i
ed twelve monrtc tor üve wuaw. . t T Smith Americans beintr short in elearrn? his fortune, that from twenty-
Business Oris, not exceeding live
South American republics, and laun tied in 'ani secn runcl
Mr. -Tub Car-on ha
i; he had been s
Lunger advertisements, bv
the cibtjm.iry rates.
mm i . l l." ; t- . ,! i il a. M - 1.. I. ,.) i t I, .ili-.i- ! 1 1 i'ii ill
'i lunas, me ivmsiugiou, un-i hvu to m- ua uvw..v,e..-
lav ua, sold to the Epincr! of all tha tltat ahuo-t indispensable appendage to a
I s:ileJ lor ron it a ir m i m.ia's ooui ort in mis uii - v.
"Ycs, yes; I'm a poor unfortunate crca
lure. ma'am; I'm nothing, nu'.udv any
more. I want somebody to see that I'm
Me rade it? Not T, fnix:4 'Ir. Mul
luny our landlord, was sayiu' till us '
'AM yoa married, too'.'
'Married (wo!1 Do I look like a wo-
crthale-, he left a clause in his will that "Thut the culture of sugür-cant in Louis
fully carried out his intentions when tiosc una has already becovie very precarious, by
did many, some two years after she arrived . reason of the severe frosts and the general dm
at the age of sweet seventeen. Martin prcdation of seed cane."
Glenn Carson graduated in the Driritimri Otl..- reliable statements also tell u that
I office, and very recently filled one of the the plantations are being abandoned, in.
. a m. . if
not robbed, or poisönod. an 1 that 1 may mau tls v.'' il" " "nponant stations m the judiciary ot i spite of the large protection now en
have a bed to lie upon, an 1 a clean piece of , uacc,ul IUU"' 8,111 . " unnois, as wen as a clnvalrous part in the Qr else are in process of conversion to cot
linen to mv back o.vasionally, and a-that's ue - "v. ' cmco. i ym ma was wedded ton-fields; while the 1,41 sugar planters
11 1 want' ma'am1' band, sur; lie, poor man, wrougnt m the to a well known member of the Philadel-1 iu Louisana, who, in 1852, raised nine
m i' r.Il hone ahaka th . l,ai '.vanl 1,11 he was nn "fi' Lyman,- phia bar, an event that Job Carson barelv tenths of all our home production of sugar
Iho widou feigned to hope she kneu the of iaj a Rm,, Uvrf tJ anJ ( - de -reased to 1 299 in 155-alosa
duties ol a housekeeper, an 1 Uiatc as !, .We, ma'am that will do, I'm sorry a sum, quite mnnificient. , -ward, making I S 'hom " Ä are "now even
was it was a lauor ut .u, - - , for your poor nusband-one dollar there things agreeable in the progress of her mar-; 8mallcr in uumocrs; ftnd the last Patent Of
for those misdoitamc ld place I ia hei t wouldn't suit me at all; good ' r ed life. Widow Clenn remained a faith- il tlu-t--1-1 .t;.
carp'.'iit "s who had built;
the vessel, went out in hrr; ?ne na on-
. oript. over
rcrshiuts 'the vessel, went
Oa JBicnig j.-o i 4, . .-. , ..-rind vast , l i,;,,w.-lf ,! fK ni?tTVsiin. w
Ulli- Ti" mrrlMJ, Ulli lUUlt'l.iidi opi, ww, uisul-m inmain " '
m-er twi) hnndriMl dollars worth ,..htt Af Mimtss: was cauirht ot Cape ,' oi.led with servants. Wa led by a
, atone, to ot ojee recently, and now . xxsa her spars call thun- iÄisUr hon c!c"per, .b thought upon the
t w ox-cute, on short notice, ah kinds u? ,oor (;!enn, the ' to whi h th- sister addMr trOng
Drus Store.
,r. a.Vled over two btmdrod dollan
w r
of Jb Type
feci in-pared
Warthe n 'Xt t -n yc.u s considering the mat
ter over, an 1 th 'a having built and fur-
mansion. which he
m alien
Job Printing,
Either in Bronze or Colors.
I ship-builder, was among the slain.
The widow was allowed but a brief tini
consent, that matrimony would greatly in
ureas bid cat and i'ihap4 arbl morc
to mourn for the departed; pinching pover- misc and contusion to In, hooaahc W,
tv was at h.r door; npon lt extious ; it might cou:t,rba:au v or 1 . ob-
conBBlt in "wcauca i
mi'imrly sefr forth to old bachelors.
V,, " c-.i.l .(!. ;l l tntv. il U'd mar-
BllMKf 1 d
Visitiiis finds,
Bill Ueauls,
I it Tips,
llaud :,
Blanks of Every Description,
Will b- funi:ih-d on .hort notice, and at redu
crt iwice. n' p--rotwge of the public gencral-
1t, u ioliein-d.
fA,.Ai th raw and toil of renin ' llT
; three children.
! fWkia the oldest, was a pretty brmvfto.
m .. . .1 V ,1. r'.-xfT.io
oi umwru. t.. r "r. " . . 'ateast tlvrü'h time enough, th-ie s wonum
could "XO out to work;" the next eldoaa, , ea u): ' , , o . v th.
tc. w. ,1 intolliwnt hov. ' cnougu; i ui w"",
..luniu, a m. -r ," ,;, .f 1;Ta- ' not snve UP trie slii.
could go to a trade; an t the youngest. losa, i
"Eh? What's that? haven't got incum-'iran-'es.
have you, ma'am?"
1 have three children, sir," meekly said
the widow
morning, ma am. uanquo, snow tnc goou
woman to the door.'
'But, sur, 1 want the place!'
'1 don t want v good morning.'
'Dis way, ma'am,' said Banuuo, mar-
roTiort in the tollowini
tul servant an . Mi nd to the old merchant, blc paragraph of a single sentence, gives us
and, upon his death bed, also became heir to the reason why the crop has become so
me lamny mansion, aim tne means to Keep
it up at the usual bountiful rate. Large
bequests were made in Job Carson's
will, to charitable institutes, but the bulk of
uncertain, insuffieent, and deterioated.
"From the absence, with few exceptions,
of everything like au attempt at a rotation
of crops, and from an injudicious perse
verance, vear after year, in the culture of
cane, on tne same ueids, mucn oi tne iana
"lluee children: grumy ic-; .ceieu tne 1 siialm , the woman to the hall.
ol 1 gentleman. AU, urapn, wnat mi,i- .Sta,m awav, ye nagt.r; it's your master', his fortune fell to his adopted son, Martin;
nesUiavc you with thro- children. ; I'm npakin' wid.' I who nroved not unworthv of hi rood f.r-
ine W ltlOrt UOl HO -ao in:.' v 'I n n ,11. ffn ttlljf. tfulnl'i. M. ÜJ. üü. l.m.i Ha m.itio ,m -1.,U, , o t ,'r. .,. n-iV T . . tl-11.l .1.11
l i i i 1.. . o - o - .....v. .....rjuvMi iv . ...o vj - in I,... .-vi .i.v. iouana nas cnnei uccoiue uuui uuui,
swar wch a pfr, tun oid aüciuau cyn- roartJli the oUyat... j uf the widow, who had cause for and took for its production, or onlv capable of yield-
UWjed: , -But, as 1 waataaymg, Mr. Mctlony stia great pleasure in Messftg the vehicle that in dimmshed crops at 'a continually in-
oor tndows, poor people ol -aid he-who tlvi divil you push'n, you conveyeft tohaeIf and orphans their rare ereasin? expenditure of labor and money;
have nobnSmssw1lH,;W e,, ma m, 1(Kl..k t!i . WvluAMj grubb;i. 1 fortun-. in pi e of a mttspe? ad a perseverance in the same svstem, for
no excuse at an ior c.n. .mmu, s woo v ton-knot. '..i Hi-urtia Pup.a-mmip " i ...:ii J.'- l. 1
T . . i . r a , iiynwiw BOU1U VCaiS lOIlgCI , Will I'UU IU Hie IUUU .
So. ala!" sai I Mrs (ihnn -1 Bad tU3 !: way. ma'am.' persevere ! Banquo, bandonment of cane cultivation: for. as the
There was nnie iOur dwelling
hi the circle gsi!ercti tiicne,
TbougL the tjria was round us howling,
Ttt our gladness banished care:
Aud the feel of iu rry dancers
Trip't round 0M cheerful hearth,
And the nhbuU of hay chiMrcn
Joined the ebon of our uiirth.
on? of the most beautiful, blue-eye I blonde
little girls of seven years, poetical fancy
ever realized, -the neighbors thought ought
to be given to somebody to raise." The
mother was but a feeble woman; it would
be a task for her to obtain her own living,
they thought; and so, kind, generous souls,
with that peculiar readiness with which dis
interested persons conoleor advis4the un
fortunate, "the neighbors" became rery
clo puent andjalgunientative but though the
mother's hau ls were weak, her heart wa-
strong, and lur love for her children still
rr, not fan 1c off my single blesse Inessytt;
C ..." i .i
j )Ugu, tneru
hale, heart
not give up
world too ioo mach inciinad to season; quartering towards the door.
but 1 shall trust to the mercy and pio. i- Mr. Mnllony wa sarin', sur '
ddftoa of the Lord, il denied the kind feci- , .jjis wav ma'am continued the darkey,
intra ot mortal j." . ramAina Mra. ßeamrhav. while his master
W . . . .. . .. il v"" !- G .' '
Ah yea, yes, that s it, ma am; its ail was ..ticulatiii'' furiously to k- -
very hue, ma'am, hut too many poor, looi- i r,,,r:;ll her. Finally, Banquo vanquish d
bn creatures get themselves iOM a scrape, lris, woman,and received orders from I
Sl'EEt'll or
In nrc Hoest or RkpresetTatives,
It is rather a singular trait in the human
character, it appears to us, that people, pos
sessing the ordinary attributes of tune
Christians, should rcadilv advice others to
:.ttini.,r nnlo tliat from WliMi t- c'f Would
"Äh, it's oll up," quoth Job Carson.
"I'm spoilel now. I've had my own way
so long, I could not think of suncndei in
to petticoatsrrmtin my hort!e into a nur
sery, aud taming my back on thejoy.
quiet aud comforts of bachelorhood. No,
no, dob Cars. ui matrimony be hanged.
You'll none of it." And so ten years
more paaociil. now age and luxury always
do their work.
Oh, that infernal twinge in my toe.
i st of the production of sugar must pro
gressively increase, it will be impossible for
the planters to compete successively with
those of the tropics, where the cane is a pc
, renial, the soil more enduring in its fertili
ty and labor is equally cheap."
And to this might be added the conclusive
here a few
gugar in
eommoditv ia
Yes, yes, I don't want incumbrances, ted game, and Job and undiscussed the . tional legislator the one by direct taxa- hrou-'lit." Aad if the reason for this ia
ma'am." niatter ot taking care ol the widow and tion, and the other by a tarnt on miporta- . , m- h, .nH.,! that the well-
But I I a '" the widow's heart was ' children of the dead ship-builder. At j ü,m. x one here, amid all the revenue f,.f that t'.ie cane does not mature
T . , . , o udli llltflll 111! 1.1)11 I yJ 111. Ml Lilt. 11 1 . . . n..a.n..n ..a i ..tnc tln
i av av. uv v. . 1 - i s Hs ( 1 I li nil L 1U HlMii; iiii l c A 1 1 1 lilt; - . r a. j a J " il a . a . I A
to woman ei. . ;, . V-.A: .1. Jl.;!:., , . ... . km. . T ,, uuinir urn .r consideration iaci Maa-a in iriuai utavauinc
v i r rolle.l alon. and the ' . J u ' . " 7 ' place was lit led. . .... . ... 77,7 , v.. v.,: i-,,,!,-,, from New York citv. urelbted
shouluers oi tne iorti, bin ngm.. 'nmt afternoon old C auta n V neoiles u"1 1X" "" "w" ' lu v " . . " , .,.!
thing turned up m the retired merchant , womler tho Wd shuU his cars 1 , ' 1 ' - -1-ts. and for other purpo-e,- ays -nee j-
mini again; ho was now sixty, and one at , , , ma'aui." 1 . i . i ...i ...i ;,.7i... Mr COI IVW said: I ocuUtnes. .Mr. aki.maN,j tnat
i,. 1.; ol.Wtions to his entering w " . :um uu., wu, . aiuvm. -. . nroven that "more Cador is
tho wedded state reinoved-for a man at "Well, sir, I thought I wood .cull, exchanging visits with Job Larson .sipping, Mr Chairman: 1 wo difte vent methods ry to pr Jduw a given quantitji. of
.itv i wearcalv too vounir to marrv, though 1 feared my cnuuren wouiu oc an brandy and water, la.King over oiaiiiuea Ior raising the sum necessary ior tue sup- untr7 thxa in am Uhr pari
J I .... ., ... i . I.i i.i , r . , .. 1 1 . " tu tu i a. 1 it n'A- : . . .. Im I i.--rii-,niif.Tt an. nnAii tn it Tl- . . m ... .1
uiMci nuu iv 1 i p. ..o -- - r 1 jh vi v.iv .-..''"'--"' - r - ,v.i-, mm n-hu-h tne
too full for utterance; she moved towards , length it was settled, that if the second in
the door. "Good morning, sir.
t - iew withe widow, and an exhibition of
. .. . 1 iiKT'Ti" :v.' v recoi:: iicj uiiiss.
Yot T.icre came to our .u ux wiwiv. -.!,.. j,.;.o- m,Vht hv
- . . AT I II il M I A l.v l . AAA s. - .
A poor beggar boy. .,th ura, snivcn mn. , -u to her. bv coatribatinu Atting the gout
11 1. .1 ......, iii 't v.-v-v.--w- - r m 1 .
;uia lie ut JC.u v v v a,
S of Wide I Oh, there it is a0'ain: hangthegout.it
;vc been fa 't be gout. Mr. Blee lern swears I'm
.... , 1 "
propositions which hare been made or sug- seeJ in our countrv htck ,t docs in more
g..-jted, propos'-.-s the first. The fact, so f,,ll,:i fTm f A t rnnr ovidenee that
.. . . I .... . .a , . . , , ' ... V.V1. v in... ..... . , w - r)
o. I 1 . , .).....,.- if I l.Il.l..... ...r.. n-.. - .I.i 1 1 . 1 .. tl,n. ...W..1W tlin cwarm . 0 . L , , ... .
rMop, come iaCK, ma am, uon, n. o ltei muuiui ptuvjcu pausiatiuij bvv..uvvi piaiinj upui;eui, uwi, uv-om-i ... ... cXOtlC that can Ollly be CUltlvatOO.
a j.itv you've no business, ma'am, as I ( arjson, he should take them in; il found i ,d" Federal ottice-hohlers it would require advntaously in favorable seasons
said before to have incumbrances., wheu you j more than Job could attend to and create, the amount required to be unnu- J jscttcr m a pecuniary point of
have no vi-ible means of support. Now if j W11V a I'll go yon halves, Job,' said j "'' raised wonld approximate a quarter of viexv to enc0urage increased production
v,.u only had one, one incumbrance and (ja)(tain Winepipes. a million of AoUats lo i; ea-h Kepresentative . whor it a natural crop, by opening a free
that vou'd no business to have" said the N(,xl ,iav Widow ( rlenn an t her t.rettv in ong.css, thus requiring eight millions 1 i t nere i,v Dur8Uimr a hot-house poli-
a m .
ready done
oppressive taxation,
Blockhead; none of my
h an infernal
. . ,. . . - . . I , x- 1 . .... '
old gent, doggedly, tapping an antique 101- children appeared at the door ol parson a yearly irom acw ipra, awny cy 0f seeking as we have al
I toise-shcll Kiiufl box, and applying "tue ,uans;ou; aad Ban quo lull ot pleasant an- i lions yea: iy irom lrgima. uen iiee m wjth tea an)1 cofree j
T.ii?irpnt iri Ains ot titi latin ' du.-t. as .;,.;,..,f;.., , ...r. 1 iLm t,. th- r.Mim: lions vcanv irom tue ouite oi in tiaua, auu . i, m ,,
im o ... . l 1 ' - .
! I 'one observes, to his proboscis, "ii you h;in; nresence. w the same proportion
' had only otte incumbrance but you've got t U :Vs 0V:tiJUt, at th" Ii: st glancohe old j
j j.ungent grams oi u.i""u ... t tieipauoiis, usueiCvl lUem into too rcuiuu
I'lino oLsi-wp if his tirobo.scis. ii vou l, " mmMi
(...Jl). . v.. v v - . - j - . hl'w.HUUl .HV.n.Hv.
VVIU . ! , . , I ! . . , ,
, Kt ..,1.1 or a enuiue CTicf- tiKir niUt's towarus prcserwi ig ... an... v. - - :Iirpnirti indow ' UM onlv owe lncuiuDiance otu ou xe goi Jt Was evident, at the hist glanceie old
Inthaiu.Id.fa u.Muosr.cf v-iceious family, than thus plaint. Oh, ah-h-h tnat .infernal atot house ftdk rua'am." Lrl.m, th tLt th. battle
IPs father - u - -a.'-t sc . - . .j- wn-t he --ni(I -ba ''ed. iriveii me tut' pain in ' ... . , P.1
."h- "c,:. the lad. -or I d nat now be here; sagely a iv. o ; d.sband.ng. SJlo1 Where the deuce "No, sir, only three!" answered widow ,a. more than lull won.
nmittier is uot-O. she', kind, a ad so good, New.spapc:. at thtsoay, were tar .e,j is that ui jjal Glenm ; "Fine boy, that; coin? h,rc sir-aleven
SheM .ork nivht ,..,ld.x :br u all ;f .he could." num erous very expensive, and circula ed ,,. f said a good- " Three, only three? God Ucss me. ek? Your name's Mart.n-
V .ta with sod. 1-onclc.s look, be tui-ucd to depart, to a very limited degree, indeed. Hut t.u so ,k.:,)l)kiu. 0H ma'am, 1 wouldn't be a poor woman wnh Martin (il,.lU oh? Well Martin, my lad,
I-hrou.diüvc stocm that chimed well with the storm widow took a paper, a family weekly jour- 'wAjm his shining, grinning face ' two no, with one incumbrance af my pet- Vi).jVo a big worM before you a luss-
uTbJ, he.an. i ad wlulc ca,suu kor,vaaat 7X VVel' i ioto "the old "gentleman's rtndv, sitting, I ticoat tails-for the biggest ship nd f,nnin? worfd nof worth finding out.
. .i .,5 o,m:1-.h the columns, at the close ola Saturday eve, . f. irco old Steve Guard ever owned, ' .,.1, ti. ;,lrttt-,irthftt u oidd blow it un.
wc lo.iowca ram uymv, uu fcv- , - - .. . , , , , avmg or siaoKing room. ? .. 1 . .
a::-r a severe weeks tod for the bread hei 1 7 8 x T , ma'am." You've g.t to take vour position m the
A- h. knelt b7 the aide or hU moth, again- . . little ones ha 1 eaten, the widow s attention --you a. might.'' said the widow . rauU? too, mean and contemptible a, they
And tber,-. through the fears which poises uad was nueu io uu -.w.-.. m x ' ,An hi to eoinp here and m son wllu laL P1' ö" ' "-T.rT; but -VOil mJ ü 1 manJ u l"
i Ä euiot.uici, uu. -. ...... . . . l. i
1UV.S. I - . . I .1 I'J UI L" WOO UV .
i i
He sought of his Savier protection and aid.
HOUSES 1 : EPEB W A NTI : D . .n
And the now sobenu she ki.tit down by the tide J elu,rv i't. nt'...man le.siroo a nnodle-
Oi the bo j, aad the Mother, hi ouoe happy bride, agLdt jdeasantly disposed, tidy and indus
Aud he vowed true reform, as their u-s -3 mingled trious Am :ican won an, to take charge
there, land conduct the domestic affairs of his
nd the dmnkard wai s ived by hU beggar boj's household. A reasonable compensation
At my aide often sits that sorrow-tried boy,
.-.."paying ay c.tie with a bright tear of joy;
"I'ao' a K' trtir lie's b.-cn, boiag
allowed. Good references required the
' applicant to have no inevmbraves. Apply
at this office, for the aldrc-s, etc.
., , . i . .v
'aeaih ! The eager smile tnat secmea io warm un
r , ' . a ! J Ä r- -.K-h I rn . .i I
tä, - I wan leaturcs oi tue wiuow, tw .s.c o.
v., . pJ.k m ,v rnro in the klmrdom of over the a Ivci tiscmcnt was dimmed and
m ' . .. .. , a
make my sashes tight, d ye "'r.
"Yes massa; dem's em; l'sc etK
"No. vou ain
woollv son of
Honor fiijf. lirinor the btandr and
"Two girls and a !
world don't benefit vou, whv a vou can
inquiringly benefit it, that's the wav I've done been
in'f come here, Uanquo, vou asked the old gent, applying the dust, and obliged to doit, ain't sorry for it, neither,
' t on vou vro open the manipulating his box. "How old? Eld- baid the old man, with evident emotion.
Kuueicst tli-rteeu, en: noy eicvu, am
"Your name is Cynthia, eh? An 1 yon
. .if I. ,.,.,, Vi''" nnd u-o'-u in"' n tra- . . . :..i v.... , . .......l,-
i-old water 1 here, now, clear vourscu. i juuui.., v... - c - - arc a nue giown gm 101 y oui n...
"Yes rnas.sn, l'se gone dis tim-" j verse, or solvin- some problematic point. Cynthia, you'll soon be capable of "keeping
"No.'vou ain't come la. k; go to old Joe j dob Carson stuck his hanfe under his ;,l5e" t00 yqu'vegot a world before yon,
Winepipes, and tell him 1 send my com- j morning gown, and strode over the floor; too n)V fjear; a Wickeli, scandalons world;
;f .r. u-nnt tn eon- alter a lew evolutions oi me. wn, n wot- ; i;l dt d.H-ait and mis.-rv I-.o.vat
m.nml crkil and
r l . " "
irom ncr &tct . nnntr,n;ft r imate.
i . I lit u.i v --'
Shites, renders it apparently out oi tne , Jt cauuot b(J contcuje(i that the experi
qnofitioo. And following, there-lore, in the mcnt q rotoction na8 not been thorough
uaotStppa of our fathers, all parties seem to . cuiturc 0f cane was in-
conoe de that the expenses ol the Govern- tro(luced into Louisiana over a century
meat shall be paid by that system of indi- ( the 1751; ftud the tftriff Qn
reet taxation known as a tariff. , foroigu sngar bas existed for the last sixty
More than ever before, however, do the I veavs And yet, when the production was
members upon this, iloor differ as to details jn j(S palmiest state tlic most eminent com
of this taritf. 1 sluill not attempt to con-; luerc;al iudires estimated that the actual
tiast or td condemn the views of others; hut cost 0fit.s culture waa double as much pei
1 take it for granted that ail agree tnat tne j)OUnd in Louisiana as it was in tuba or
duties which it levies bha'.l be either for BrasÜ; while our own most recent statis
purposes of revenue o. protection, and that tjcs s'nuU- that the average product in thai
such as are not needed for either should be . s;late is not over one thousand pounds pea
abandon - I. 4aerc, while in the more congenial climes last
I inquire, therefore, in the first place, as 1 named it rises to fully four and five times
my remark will be confined to the single j that amount. In fact, De Bow's Census
item of sugar, whether the continuance of! Compendium of 1850, page 178, gave the
the present duty on it is required for raw- average yield even then at but one thous
(,,' With a Treasury impoverished and and pounds per acre in Louisana, and sev
cmbarrassed, or a tai itf productive oi mea- j en hundred and fifty pounds in Florida, and
"tv revenue a in 110 and 18d2, there j it is confessedly much smaller now; while
Shall '.Ho cia.r.i-.ur of the artful
Close uur heart? to all appeal,
And e burthen ui' reproathea
Make die innocent to ft-el?
The "G.irdner" at die sej u'-chrc
When revealed, was the A'l-wt
And the bgcart on our door-steps,
May b Angela iu di-nkc !
darkened, as the shining river of snmmer is
shadowed by the heavy passing cloud,
when she came to die chilling word ''the
applicant to Lave no incumbrances."
"No iucumbraneesr" moaned the widoWf
"shall none but God deign to smile or have
morev od the hclnless omhans? Are thev
! to be fea.e 1, ahr.nne-1. hated, because help
! less? Must thev perish, die with me alone,
struirzling against our woes, wretcbeln
I L.O.Cl TO BC fllCBE.
I hire read of a world of beauty.
Where there m no gloomy night;
Where love u the mainspring of duty,
And God the fountain of light,
And I long to be there!
I have read of it- flowing river,
That bunts from beneath the throne!
And Um beautiful trees that ever
Are found on its baaka alone;
And I long to be there!
I have read of the myriad choir,
Of ike aagei harping these,
Of the holy love that burns like fire,
And the shining robes they wear;
And I long to be there!
I have read of the sanctified
That passed from the earth to heaven,
Aad now unite in the loudest aoug
Of prax3 for their aias forgiven;
And I long to be there!
1 hare read of their freedom from sin,
And suffering and sorrow too,
An 1 the holy joy they feel within
Aad their r':s?n Lord they view;
And I long to be there:
I long to rise to that world of light,
And to breathe ita balmy air;
I long to walk with the Lush in white.
Aad shout with the angeLthcre;
Oh, I long to be there!
Gnre wonU, kind words, to those who err;
Remorse doth need a comforter.
Though in temptations wiles they fall,
Condemn not we are sinnen all.
With the sweet charity of speech,
Give words eu heal, and words that teach.
Give thought, give energy, to theiues.
That perish not likr folly's dreams
Buffalo Express. povcrly ji yaoxv there is a God: 11
I ? vir il
i is good, powerful, merciluJ; lie win turn
the hearts of some towards the widow and
! lV 1. 1 V...li I n II iutr.l i bo rrd
warn me to hope not, I will apply, I will
attempt to win attention; work, slave, toil,
toil, uiiti: my poor hands shall wear to the
bone, and my eye, shall no longer do their
office, if he will only have mercy, pity for
my poor, poor orphans, God bless them!"
and in melting tendernes and emotion, the
poor woman dropped her face upon her lap
and wept. Iler tears were the showers of
hone, to the almost parched soil of her
- . m a 11
heart; and as the gentle dews oi neaven tan
to the earth, so fell the widow's tears in
balmy freshness upon the visions of a
brighter something in the future.
It was yet early in the evening; her chil
dren slept; the poor woman put on her
bonnet and shawl, and started at once for
the office of the newspaper. The publish
er was just closing his sanctum, but he
mg the information the widow required,
and being favorably impressed with Mrs.
Glenn's arDearance and manner, the pub
lisher, a quaker, interrogated her on various
. a , a
points of her present comiinon, prospecu,
etc., and observed that but for her children,
he had no doubt of the widow's nuking the
old man exaotly.
"Bet thee iniist not be neglected or dis-
rAnA ,.r,.t I . rl c f T-l- Virf nimo of tbv
Ivai'ifi ii u in u.i.ivji uiMwo" i v - -j
t responsibilities, which God hath given
J thee," said the quaker. If thy lad is
i stout of his age, aud a good boy, 1 will
provide for him; he may learn our business,
and be off thy charge, and thee may be en
ablcl to keep thy two female children
! about thee."
On the following Monday, the widow
j signified her intention of writing a few
; lines as an applicant for the situation of
housekeeper, and afterwards to consult
j with the publisher in regard to her boy,
I Mftrtfn. and then bidding the courteous
I quaker farewell she sought her humble
tilimcnts to him, and
tinuc that game of chess, let him come
over this afternoon, d'ye hear?"
"Yes massa, dem's 'em, l'se gone dis
time, shrah'."
"Well, awav with vou."
Old Job ('arson was yet a ragged look-
iner old irentleman. He had survive 1 '.ear
lall his "blood, kith and kin;
liad paid the debt of nature some months . fi""- tilWM
. . 1 ... . ,- . i "m Mn- I e hean.
betöre, ami m hopes ol linumg some one i , , , , AiA-rtA,l in- r . '.. ".'...z aii .'M lui! ;i A...-1 neh 1,1. and which .t.- l, ,..hn th. imortatinnR from
. , i i fsil'JM Tile inn) s ....... sj t, .... ii T'i c.i j -rin . rn . y-x . i nrv ..i- uuil uwj w. - . - - i n.J M iv.s-, nw . ... , .
o ni ner station n s . . - .n morning." .jewels of inestimable value. What's my would be in a far better and healthier state abroad have increased in a like ratio
his advertisement had appealed in the news k J aUil ccat8i without it-lhat the home production of su- j Thus although the total consumption has
i ' '': .. ... ... ' t i. .. . . n-- .Jit ' tr l. . i ii, ,t fire m.'iv destrov. ' f;ir bad not the si i-'litest e.fejt in controll-! remained for several veare at the same ag-
. i . . . . . - . "
stopped fumbled in a drawer ot a secreta- w uuAi(iV; l00k al me! Ah, well it's all j might be two side to thi.s question. itn in .Mauritius, tne yieia is as nigu as six
ry, and placing a ten dollar note in the wid- oUr (nvu fult; yours, madam, for having a Treasury full to repletion, as now, an 1 a thousand pounds per acre.
o"u 's band he said: J these incau&nm 9, and mine, poor devil tai itf pouring far more money into our cof- J Our commercial reports show also, as I
"There, ma'am; T don't know thai I sha!l por not i, ; cm. Cynthia, y.m are a : icrs thuu we u.u I of desire, it appears real-, have before stated, that, instead of the high
want vou, but to-morrow morning if you m ,rrt n rirl. 1 know Äh, here' ly to neetl no argument. The fact thato'. prices stimulating production, as should be
have time from otlier and more important mam ma's net, 1 suppose; Uosa Glenn, very e'xjhth of the tolai receinta from customs tiie ca;)C if protection has any efficiency in
brsinesa, call in. bring your children Drrttv name, orettv niri. too, very prettv. last .year aaeeepa importations of sugar and its development, the exact reverse has been
i : . ".: with vou; good morning ma'am Bau- Yzm amj djr. like clwmes, eves brighter 1 molasses alone that t .' mahons of dol- j casc. From a home crop of five hun-
than Brazil diamonds, lia am. ypu vegot !ais were tuns co.iecieo uuui luv; lyuauiu- urcitnousanu nogsncaasper year u run uoum
L. focnei.r. i-mrfi rxrMl sA stirtnd ! ers. and are now locked ap in a Treasury i ast year to one hundred thousand' and
' Kivat tv. v 1 1 1 o av i v , ikiMi aaa -v- 1 , r , . x I y
- m S ! 1 I ,U a 1 "1.1
4 , i . .a -l. t,.k k; wü L" thaw's i him an i k nn.i rh-.r: 1 Lit nv iiiiiv ae.-trov, irur ikvi nui i:i'J
IV ' b I A . over his d-is, tidv she's industrious, I'll wlnant: if she and thieve, .-teal to these blessings that ing or modifying prices, as is .evident ly.gregate. the increasing prices restricting
milk. Mhedtn, W gent m r hi, g W sh i n s of'im.umbranr(ls; what -that God has given to th, lone widow t., the fact that the New York price has been t!ie ability of the entire population to pur-
1 SUppOoC 1 VC OCL"!l a IWI, ih-I.cu .j U U ,1..1, .t . Mf fnr iv-ldrdl it void in h-'l...,..,.!,. U.,.ntn,
. - -. . . n . 1 1 . j Ä 1 ..... h..vn in (-inn urnTici's I. ir. mi v r. -ri rt m.ii n- ;-ri'ir in i l. n ;i lauaia c.iiim ...v. i.-- ' ua.-nj ni. utvuui.i uu ---v .. '
a 1 ... .,.. .,..1.1. -. . .
oath of life? rod is great, generoqa and I vana. with the thirty per cent, uui) ana tne , the importations trout abroad haveincreas
everybody. Made a fortune first, nobody no t
njiJ U V. -ik " 1 1 1 ' I i 1 1 1 no. 1 the WilV
oiu man, 111 u luougiittui buiu,
Carson will soon slip off the handle: poor quo.
m m a a - T"t 1 - . . . 1
old devil, some Wood-sucker may ,ay, a, -Show her ,n uoo I (. Cannr Prim- to call on me ! tariffand the enhanced price at which the 1854. 35,928 tons: in 1855, 377,752 tons;
he grabs Job s word.y o. : 0. seat 'X'a immediatelv; tell Captain Winepipes to home production consequently sold, fully in 1856, 378,760 tons. Imports of foreign
n.; a nara-scraouie jo eV" . waa i -- over-lwant to see him. I'm going sixteen mil ions of dollars were paid by the f
tilings, anu now e win jmi.iv i uwu. -. ior ouc. iiu ui; "- z
.' said Dan- just; I see it now, plainer than lever did j shipping charges able 1 and that counting ; ej jna very large ratio. The figures are a
before. Banquo!" j the importer's and retailer's usual profit on j follows: Total consumption of Sugar in th
n m-Äml "Vis'r l'se heah massa." the increased coat thus occasioned by the! United States in 1853, 372,989 tons; i
IU lOuU, O I O, I UV 1 1 MIS. iwyurt vi iivig
iugar in 1854, 165,925 tons; in 1855, 205,-
x i t 1 r ,.ir T " ! .nrwnlo nf t hp nmn in conseuuenc ol tills OiU. tnr- in lSfi nh Hhi tons: estimated
Well, let them, let them; serves fee right ; Well, ma'am 1 keep a many as i wan..- , - - . ; tariff;-these points, it fur 1857 330,000 tons; an average increase
ought to have known it before, but b ast and Have visit or? Of course I have. W hat " is sah, I se gone gorry ?uc mv judgement, answer the ques-; of inipoAs of tw cut v -five per cent, for eada
rot 'em if they onlv cn oy the pillage as and where are r,t room W h, madam, suffin gwoin to happen to dat la 1 aijd m yv J . J 6 i " J " I r
much as I did "the to keep it to- , (,n the hon? every brick and lath in it ; chiruuaht" said Banquo, rushing out 0 TSSSS? Xtistieal writers have estima-
trether whv a it will be about an even I to bad and iret up and g round; come of the homse. ' ... . , . - , . ,
tWngwhhns after 111" In'and ovWn ftl li Jit What church The fate of-the ship-huibler's family was If not needed, therefore foi -revenue pur- tuÄ
..v n o im T ic ' fhnetleil Thin ! do I woiMhiuia Uvu in budding fixed. Job Carson proposed and the poses, nas the import duty on foreign tt- census otMU, tDftt l J n.sf fg 01
"es massa here I is chuckled lan- do 1 lV- y third of ; widow of course consented, that Martin gars proved beneficial as a prUective meas- sugar by th people of the Lnited fetetes-
quo, again putting his black bullet pate in a number, ownUf ftie , and a :li ml Ol Ij'L ftf fiw, PT.oi tV of the vast few men. women, and children-averages over
a1. k iiirl lint ma am OClVcen uuuu x a viiiiiii Miumu ucivmv mv vav-i..v,v v - .
1 - . w
at the door. rerai; uiu, u. - , 7 LX. t"v n . ,u- .-."- M,.U8W;tl. their
..vou arc eh' Well clear Tourself don't waut to be rude to a lauy. ma am, tne oiu gentleman, oou v.1Wu, u üLTi w.7
1ÜU art, IU. nuai YuuiBTii . .. i . i U 1 - 1 .lüCLim. ..namntf as t-nll OTTV'!K1V P!SOn. that.
but I do think this examination am i to my . ne sncuia ciioose a ui p1""1! iu....e .
think the room would which hu should then, or later, learn, as prote lion nan inwisea uie iwnm ub
no, come back; go down to Oatmeal's store,
, so I'll bid 1 home as circumstances would permit, the de reased: that af tho duty has risen the
im m . 1 A - . .
. :.i l.i T,.U , .... :.i,. n mhmhi nnrlor tho tnmi bnmrt crftn hn fallen off. until at present it
lal-niP g0l lllOlIling, nan wii v w.r, n... ujn ..v-i. .....m... - - - l -- 1 U
inz verv obsequiously to the stiff- roof with the mother, who was at once in- has virtually run out, or at least nearly be-
bed and acrimonious (lame, who re- stalle-1 nousoKceper 101 tne ornu auu gv-ua- cuma-Aunu. - ---
omen s,,n ivMth thi'mK .. iroi.t nmil. COnCCSS lUUS UI Il'UIniiatiuuau.o
mm m . . , i TV 1 . 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 '
and, and, the rest of them, have their gro-! wouldn't suit me; ma'am
ccries, again, this week; only another week, ; youi
min i, for I am not sroinfr to support the bow
neighborhood anv lonirer: tell him so." I stare
S. I V - .1. -Ä
mind: clear out." : in one hand ami agitating nerian mi u.e snw, 9ai,?nu, , , -r - .',.
But Banquo returned, in a moment, say-1 other
ing; the hall
"Dar's a I any at ne aoo-an, san; says sue auu Pm uur.. - . ... ... ... .... - . r vÄ in more eomrenial climes.
f . uvrt j..!, ftIlt 'tin. or hntd- she "-nvc the darker a pat on me neau wuu suouiu ne io w. iwse vrieuu a un., v v.v,r, t,... -- -- -ö
wants to , see you, sah, out ticular busi ff;ooki should provide for her wedding, and give which are to .be tested as a ,Ust and forlorn
j . ... l j: l J . : n AI V.
.1. Am'ii ll ,". K Ar .. t s.he rushed, uowu tnc tw.s uuu uisao- uui ;i .nmciv. -1
- w uil- V til. . ill. ..Li lu.M 1 1. im. .ui . . . . " , " " -w - .j
The fitting out of a Government ves-
T ll he down: ah-h. that infernal twinirc pcared.
,..;., ii? Wl!,t d.mi.1 as a man is to Tank vou, ma'am; come again
I-UIU, lu. - ---r " , ...
Saul uie pouiing
ow set that tiown in oiaca anu wuue . nci ioi vm.s jui. uunc.
J : . .. .. . . . . T T.I. . T 1 1 1 , t '.-lnfr r. a t Mil
Qhnid.l live to secL vn- briel hut teiiimr aumtssion oi uie piauiem
haugarcmd m th., worW nnU Mr ..- P'e-o-J - -JhJT' I M .'V . ?Tt. 7 W. comfortable of Itatoa We, who, in their widclyfib-
uncc to him sei I an.. cTeryeoay e,e: in . ' . .,,1 .,. : ,v .Mt that down, for I lishe 1 .colutiona opposieg free saga.;, m-
gruntad o.d 8P - 7. UyTt-home wÜl do it, ye. 1 will," ..id tlie old gout, stead o.Maiioiug that the ariffha sun,..
downstairs into the parlor. oy, loiiy itroaing i j ''. -ff.kn .1, n,.e.1o on the contrarv,
... a a I a a awM - r nn - -v i o-irn nn ninni 11 run 1111 inn niiuii uua. i fii i.ti in on iillh;ii v. uuv t w-iv
"Good morning, madam," said he, as he aaugnter 01 i ;ki ! ' T. bv the following truthful declaration, that ing a single one of our citizens out of every
thirtv oounds vearlv per head. The three
hundred and seventy -eight thousand seven
hundred and sixty tons consumed in the Uni
ted States last year amounted to eight hun
dred and forty-eight millions of pounds.
The census of 1860, but three years distant,
will show a population of thirty-one mill
ion five hundred thousand, v. hich will re
quire nine hundred and forty-five million
pounds of sugar. With a home crop now
of about one hundred millions, and even in
cluding the maple, which, being made at a
season that other farm work cannot bo
done, is not affected by the protective ar
gument, it is evident that fully seven eightha
of our supply is to be drawn from abroad,
or else that we must look to other aecha
rine products for a substitute. If we do not
desire, thejefore, to permanently change this
item of universal use fnto a eosfly luxury,
obtainable only by the rich, ought we fcai
to abolish this Government tax upon Ha im
portation, which serves only to enhance its
price without directly or indirectly beneni-
rMrs. Signamev, domicil with a much lighter heart than she , ture fate
confronted the widow, who, in the utmost Ihe old gemiemau u "5" a w; .linL.l, il?tr continue to be I ten thousand in the land.
tate of simple neatness, had arranged her , proprtions, oonsuUing üi. . .mm -d he dm 3llv or Ä cultivated there. ' Still more apparent is the failnr. ofp
.01 neriu-, answer y, ... r-r-- . . roAion: tection when it seen that tn. totat
' tns gmueman wanung wu uuiwrjti- (iv -w- - , - 1
pare dress to meet the umpire
4 jm

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