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VOL. 8 NO. 21.1
WHOLE NO. 315.
ÜB ftljukfrxt. f
Ä n - , u C!aa ;
WPfr rtrSntnXS7 MMrMg lOre,
If paid in advance, or within three months, $2,00
I f not paid within tbre months $2.50
ET- No piper discontinued until all arrearages
are paid, mies at the option of the publisher
One squareof 22eim or less, three week?, or
leas, $1,00, each additional insertion 25 cents. j
Larger drertiaementa in proportion. Less th.in
naif a anmre to h, charged aa half a miliare, over
half a squaie.to b charged as a whoi aqnare.
Azents in other towns and cities will be allow-
O a
ed twenty vc per cent, conrnijsion, bat no ad
vertisement, of any kind, will be iuacrted at les
than reirular ratce.
Piano or llelodcon
314 T.nkc St root. Chi '
pianos pianos, ilelodeous!
OS 112 I.rvlvG St.
pia:o M, "m ,N
Bui mi MEDiL" n..os,
PIANOS Jtelodcon,
Hallet!, Dar! V Co.-S Piano
J. Ae. C. Fihei do
M. A. .Hitler Ai Co. do
Vru. P. Emersou's do
J. V. ?oe's do
Knrtmaii fc Tlineze's do
MfIwieMfiro,re,ie- Co-,! do
Aad other Boton ad Jfrw
York .Han ufnetarcs.
TTe rrpTif;4tin of thf Piano of
the aov unafartirrn ia a ulhrittit
ir.i ,rar,:. of th,-ir aa?rit: and ever?
Mtrmrat irH hj m will
Helodeons W A RR AXT ED
in all r-prta I" fixe
jkT from the hrmt mm r : - and
MMN to aooe in Ihr markrt.
An iilastratrd fatalosnr.
laW.4Kiiw own inatrament. III W
Ilv.xvWU f hr tMt mmnmm,
i Ov'Oraeja from the country will
, vUrr-. !-"f 'r.-lmrrlfciinET '...kre
c-I-J Lake St., CHICAGO, 111.
Plrmouth, Marshall Cn., Indiana.
N. 1 ASTJ one purchasing a Fi mo or any
ther instrument, of whatever m ike, c m de so of
ae 10 per ent lesa ihitn at anj houä- in hort
Sfajn or Chicago. I
Z- .rtlV-u.Vni 1S
Madame Zadoc Torter's
Pr, 25 k 50 cente per Bottle.
riif Br ( mpci. nnd mnt eflVctnnl
Kenedy fr rutill, COLI1S, r, the
World kavfTtr produced. I'nrrly Veg
etable, eoaUia too HUIRKAU or
other DtLETEniOLS Dili is.
TaeCaraiiT lbUin i war-r.-int-i
. if uii ai-ronlinjt to
direction. t nirr in all caMe
Conjch, t'.'lda, 'ruuJ, Whovp
inr t'.nxli. Atlrtta. ai d aM
aflt-citoaa of tltr Throat and
M vi mt Zmw roTTB
Bii.s i pnr.-l v vrrclahh
azprctneant. pr-nar-d with
irrat ear and wientitV isilt,
froca acoaibinatinn of th- -
rr med i'- the TrjtaM- kina
d.m afforda. It ivin-dial
qoaliti'i arwhaar! in il kw
er to aaaiat the healthy and
rigoro cin-nlation of th
Mo-l thrfiugh the Inig. Tt
enliren the mnarle rind as
aiata tlte kin I jrrfirra the ,
M a - - ' .1 1 . r
11 11 1 rrnwi 1 11- i lit- tit , 1 "i
the .-t-m. and in gently
throwing off tb waata ab
atanc from the surface of the
body. It looaea the phlegm.
Indnrva free apittina and a ill
1 a Ml ad rery agreeable to the
tacte. It it nt a violent reaj
'e4y. bat emollient, warming.
aearrhing aod eftei-tiee, cad 1k
' taken bv the oldect prrvon, or
'youngest child.
Madaii Zaaoe Poarra'a CcaariT Balsam Is no new
and an tried m-li-in. but kaa bnen uaed by the .nM- t- r
tax paat 2 year, wfth an pa rate! led acres, and baa ae
)sird its preaeat exteaaire and largely increasing aale.
mmfttß by betas r-imioKW by those who have ased it to
their aAttcted friends and others .
If ytm haree a Cold, if ever aj slight, do not feil to aire
the Babatm a trial, as the aery low price at which it i
old. briags it ia the reach of every one. that they may al
v ara kaa fc jnvtiieat form. The timely aaa of a 20
cent bottle will often prove to be worth one handrcd limes
its cost.
Do oot be put off with any other. Ask for X abasb Za
Boc P "arta's Crianvi Baiaam. insist oa kaving it, and
take no other; if o lr Druggist does not have it, have him
cad aad get it st y tt.
17 Sold bv all Drug jists at 23 ana 50
Cents -per Bottle.
Sold by Pershing Jfc Co.,
Plymovth, Indiana.
BOTemberl9,lS3 n3wj
The undersigned would respectfully inform the
people generally that h is constantly manuUctu
ring cabinet Ware of all kinds, socn as
Bureaus, Tables, Stands, Sofas,
Book Cases, Secretaries, What Nats,
Ottoman, Tete-a-Tetet,
Wopd and Cane Seat Chairs,
&c , &c., as cheap as the cheapest. He is also
prepared to furo iah
CoIHm f Brery Description,
and on
notice. ET Shop
at the
v j i? i e r 1. -):.;...
Sodtlik riymontK, Indiana.
ft P. NORTOaV.
jaa'yai 12yl
iate anrson or tne wta ini. inmntrr. "mr mi pro-
sessional jwrie.t the people of Marshall unty.
Office nl residence west tide of Michif;.n Street, in the
third Stack nrth of the Edwards Huum, Fl) mouth, IdJ.
March JH, 1 " zlj 1 p' J
Ilaring removed hia
WH KEI.K K'S 1 ASK, w.iilJ rrspct
fallv invite bis enstomer to irr him
a rail a he hat C0N8TAXTLT ON
HA N I a good aasortm.-ut of
Cloths, Cassimeres
vhi-h aa proposes to MA S UFA CTL'KE TO OBDKR,
Lower than any rslabliahiufnt io Town.
riTnv.uth, March l tWL Slttl
Morolaant T.llzr,
l'p Blair. (Whin's Rlmk,
fetvl.! 4 nlhtetf
SHOEMAKER, Dealer in
C locks nnd
) Jewelry
Keep always on han-i
a larsr and fia aaort
aai tit of Cl.,ck. Waii-hea,
Bn-ast Pina. Enrand Vin-
t Tlnz. Watrh Thaina. Spectacle, and fx.Mthhag alae
h-,i tllv i-.iin l in a Ml-rlMi Jrwlry tre.
MI kinlf Ruairiti-ith iMtniM ami dinrat' h
KU raf .idr Miriiipma trvt, aim-t wito
wfftmUt Brick Baildinf. Wyioatfc, Ind. I1-tI
W I Ö BO W , Aoeut,
Cluirs, Furoilure, Matlms,
IlratU --11a dr CofliiK.
No. 9, I . Siran Stroot, PI v mouth, Indiana.
April 30. lf-63 26tf.
S II E R II A & Co.,
M'iixj'ffrrT n f allkindf f
Afoinnnuiits. Tomb Stones
HmiI liaaaa. nf all Siirs and Forms.
Barem Top, f onntrr Slab. ar.. Ar.
TI- willollll kind of workhp,rlhan any othor
i:u. n in N rtli rn I udiaiia can, and ai raul ati
a ' ti'Mi i it a'l fJf.
K. LENA ART, General Agent
A. BDYD, Local Agent, Plynioutli
Use, Warfhoisf Trnrks, LetteT
Presse, a.e.
a.TT3J Lake St. , Chlon
!LT Dei ireful to buynly the geuuine J
ma r mont, Marshall county, ind.
Will mae onf nod tike ark nowl-f sine nt of fWds aa
otlM-r I . rr .1 iii--nniieur- lebl l'ltt alSarly
Mi- chmc-l hi reudence o tb nw tmiMtnjl
Adam sir f, one sqnan- east f the SemilMry tmUding.
om.-w r,-r Hill It.ikerr. in Dr. A.
' . Ili.rton's I ti-
t.il II "na, w't -idr Michigan street.
Jaw y?,18T4nlnf
. a
I'lyuiuuth, lad.
or isniASA.
MSranch at Plymouth.
ItaT-Oi ftflm 10a. et.to lim., and from t to ?. m.Vto
THE'. rrtaVSmcn. Cashier,
a. A. FLETCUHB, Ja., I'rvaidrnt.
C. & y. II. MeCONXEL, Proprietors.
Omnibuafra to and from all train, and also to
anv p irt of the tewn when orders ate left at the
house. nov 19 '63 n3
Harness Maker,
Laporte St.,
Plymouth, Ind.
fl ni- jvitroaage of the public is respectfully solicited.
liovr'lft3 o.1yt
East Side Hiekigaa street, eppeatie WheelerH Baak
W !,..! r p-irt ialsetsofTeeth insert ed on the
most .rored plan. Special attention paid to
th ; -si-rrationof th natnral teeth .and i rreg
ahr ity of Children's teeth corrected.
Fi.ira nd difflr nit teeth extracted with or withon 1 Chlo
roform. Cam he consulted at hia office at any time except
on Mondays and Taeedars. Ulfice over Hill's Bakery,
west side Michigan street. fa33y
Aitornfj and CtnseUr at Law.
octl-4-ylj PLYMOUTH, IND.
Govetnment War Claim Agency.
John D. bevor,
Attorney fc Counaalor at Law,
Notary Public.
Soldiers' Back Pay 4 Wommtj Ag tmt,
a ! n
XT Collectionspronrptly made andsattafsctioa
warranted. Deeds and Mortgages properly drawn
and icknowledgraentataken.
fTP Offiee orr P.rahinir'a Ti -mr Store. Pit
moutn, tooiana. dutiu-
Attorney at Law,
Land and Collection Jigtnt,
t 5. 1SÄ9 43yl
IH. IIISkov . Proprietor.
Corner of Plymouth and Tippecanoe streets,
This House has recently been thoroughly repair-
cd and refurnished. Every effort will be made bv
the proprietor to render hisguests comfortable.
June 1-, 1863.
Having permanentlr located in Plymouth, ten
ders his professional services to the citizens of
Marshall County- He wi'l ßive particular atten
tion to prosecuting claims for Pensions, Bounty,
and arrears of Soldier's pay, before the proper de
pigments. IdPOffice In front of Democrat print
ing office, now.l -t:-n 111'
Offers hi? services in the practice of Medicine
nnd attendant branches, and from his previous ex
perience in private practice and attendance in the
Hosnitals in Now York, he h'.pc? to render sat-
' iafat inn f . . tili iflfi t i it , rv i m u ' . i r- - f r i . i i
age. All calls promptly attended o ciibcr day
or night.
Atl'y and Counselor at Law .
And War Claim Ayrent.
CTOffice in Hewett &. Woodward's new Brick.
O Practices i n Marshall and adjoining coun
es. fJ n M-tf
J, F
Who understands the German and F.nglish lan
gt! ges thoroughly, has been appointed
KTotary Putolto,
and will translatelegal doc-iments from one lan
guage to the other en HraSMMtole terms.
H will nlao take acknowledgments of Don: ,
&c,&Ct H may be found at the "Low Price
April 30, 1863, yl.
P. SniVELY, Justice of the Teace,
Land and
General Collection Atrent,
Will tak acknowVxtjrm.-nt. -f 7W nml MwtalMa, at
tend t th takinc af BtfMatlSMM. and gUe prontpt' attt-n -:i
n to all huaint-sa entrwfed to bim. ma vir, 2Stf
A .
Justice of the Peace,
(xeneral Collection Agent,
ILTOWceln Hewett k Woodward' new Brick.
Willtako rknowlel;nint nf IWd and Morfpapf
attend t.. th taking ..f IK-p. ..it i.-na, and givo prompt at
tention to II bn.iupfs rntruift) d to him.
may I
r' pnwvi.T.
Barber & Hairdresser.
ShaviiHf, Shampooing and
II A 1 It D R E S S I N G ,
Done in the neatest and most fashionable manner.
Shop oyer Westcrvcll's store, front room.
lain.ino nif
Stave Bolts and Logs
We will pay $ 1,00 per Cord
for pood Red O ik Stave Bolts, until the 1st of
April next, and
$1,50 each for Red Oak Logs,
suitable for making good S'avc Bolts, on delivery
at oar Stave Factorv in Plymouth.
jan'yxl IStf
CHINE is fast gaining a world-wide reputation.
It is beyond doubt the het and cheapest nnd most
bcautitul of all Family Sewing Machines yet offer
ed to the public, No other Family Sewing Ma
chine has so many Useful applimccs for Hem mini;,
Binding, Felling, Tacking. Gathering, Guaging,
Braiding, Emdroidering, Cording, and bo forth.
No other Family Sewing Machine has so much
conacity for a great variety of work. It will sew
all kinds of cloth, and with all kinds of thread.
Great and recent improvement, make our Family
Sewing Machine most reliable, and mo- t durable
and in t-t certain in action at all rates of speed. It
makeatbe interlocked stitch, which is the best
stitch knowa. Any one, even of the most ordinary
capacity, can tee, at a glance, how to nee the letter
A Family Sewing Machine. Oar Family Sewing
Machines are finished in chaste and exquisite style.
Tho Folding Cae of the Family Machine is a
piece of cunning workmanship of the most useful
kind. It protccta the machine when not in use,
and when about to be operated may be opened as
a sptcious and substantial table to sustain the work
While some of the Cases, made out of the choices
woods, are finished in the simplest and chastest
manner possible, others arc adorned and embel
lished in the most costly and superb manner.
It is absolutely necessary to see the Family Ma
chine in operation, so as to judge of its great ca
parity and beauty.
It is fast becoming as popular for family sewing
as our Manufacturing machines are for manufactur
ing purposes.
The Branch Offices are well supplied with silk
twist, thread, needles, oils, kc, of the very best
Send for a P turn lit.
458 Broadway. New York.
D IttDunarous Office, 48, E. Washington St
trE.PAUL, Agentin Plymouth.
Sept. 3, 1863 441-
Have just received their winter stock of
School Books, Blank Book,
-a s i
All Books used in Schools in Marshall Co., will
be kept by them and any Books wanted not on
nano they will furnish.
Slates, Pencils, Paper, Writing Books, &c, &c.
Parenta, Teachers and Scholars will do weH to
1 call and sea our stock before ptarefaaeing elM-
where. PERSUING ä LO.
Jacksonville, Fla., March 3, 18G4.
Dear Rettjbmcaw: On the evening of
the 23d olt. the 13th Ind. embarked on the !
steamer Peconic, at Pannel Landing, Fol
ly Island, and moved to Stono Inlet and
dropped anchor to remain over night. At
day break on the 24th we weighed anchor,
and sun np found us on the bosom of the
broad Atlantie, steering our course in a
southerly direction. The sea was some-
what rough, and our old craft went pitch
ing along like a wild fawn jonipitig over
logs, and the consequences' were, half the
men on board were very soon dividing
their breakfast with the sharks, &nd curs
ing the man that wrote "Life on the ocean
wave." We traveled all day, and until 4
o'clock on the morning of the 25th, when
we again dropped anchor at tho mouth of
St. John's River, Florida. At sun up we
started up the river, and at 10 o'clock we
landed at this place and went into camp.
On the first inst. General Gilmore arrived
hero and reviewed the troops at 9 o'clock,
A. M., and immediately after review there
was heavy tiring heard up the river, and
we were ordered to take onr places in the
trenches late in the afternoon the firing
ceased, and our forces that bad been engag
ed returned to camp bringing with them
over 50 prisoners, and the rebels retired,
evidently glad to get away. Oar loss was
not more than 10 or 12 killed and wound
ed. The enemy's loss I could not learn.
To-day all signs'indicate that the enemy
has disappeared from our front, and we
are again in camp, snugly stowed away in
our little shelter tents.
The weather here is very changeable,
the days being so intensely hot that we ac
tually 8ufTer with heat, and then the nights
are so cold that frost falls, which is also
disagreeable when we are on picket; but,
notwithstanding all this, I do not know of
a single man in the reg't., being on the
sick report, and all of tho troops are in the
best of spirits. Jacksonville was once a
nice to vn and evidently a nice place to
live. Beforo (he war it contained 2,100
inhabitants, several large churches, a gas
factory and many magnificent dwellings,
and was the mo9t extensive commercial
town in the state of Florida, bot about a
year ago the town was totally destroyed by
the 1st S. C (colored) Regiment.
Ever, dec, E. T.
From the 73d Re.iment.
Gntrvrmen 1 1 t F.
Chf.aTiiam's Mill, Tcnn., Marclt 13.
Eeitor Repidlicax: I am very glad
to learn through the medium of your pa
per that onr much loved Captain has ar
rived safe amongst his friends onca more,
and I sincerely hope he will receive the
honor and respect that is doe him, from
all loyal men and women of bis acquaint
ance. I do not mean to say his sufferings
and privations while in Libby prison enti
tle him to a place in your hearts, bat his
heroic deeds on the bnttle fields, which
have been overlooke, combined with the
ten months sufferings he has nndergone,
certainly doe, and I do hope that party
prejudices may not be allowed to mar his
pleasure while amongst yon. At the bat
tle of Miii frciboro he distinguished him-
elf bravely, not by taking refuge behind a
tree a? many commanders did, but by aid
ing his boys in loading their guns, and al
so arming himself with agnn and catridge
box which he picked up on the battle field
and nseJ it with a coolness worthy of no
tice, notwithstanding he was the only
commissioned officer we had at the time,
onr captain being killed early in the morn
ing. At Day's Gap, Ala., he aleo acted
with the same cool and determine 1 spirit,
his every act and word giving new life and
energy to his almost worn ont men on
that occasion, and alter a successful chargo
on Roddy's men Capt. Matt Boyd again
possessed himself a carbine and the ammu
nition belonging to it, and used it the
same night in our three hours fight at
Crooked creek against Forrest and his men.
At the same time I saw officers looking ont
for places of safety for themselves leaving
their men to themselves to fight or run.
Our company is frequently called the
copperhead company. This nickname has
been given by some one whose loyalty U
exhibited more by words than deeds, and
who cannot this day show any better re
cord than we at a company can with a
very few exceptions. But I do net think
the entire company should be thus brand
ed on their account. And now, my dear
Repnblican, and fiiends of the Union cause,
and of those engaged in it, and especially
for the sake of those who love Captain
Boyd for his real worth as an officer, do
everything to make him happy while with
you and assure him that we are ever rea ly
to receive bim again and will willingly
follow him through any danger necessary,
bot hope we may never be under the pain
fnl necessity of delivering him np again to
The boys of this detachment are enjoy
ing themselves very well. Moat of us in
addition to doing our duty are making S40
per month, which is very acceptable. I
cow conclude with wishing the Union
cause every success at home, and I assure
yon we will do all we can to sustain it in
the field.
I Yours for the present and the success of
i law and order, Rob't Fryab.
To the People Of Indiana. ' patch in which he is required to commence a State that has raised its quota is nnjnst.
On the 14th day of September, 1863, a tne draft on tue 10th of March in all snb- and especially nnjnst in a Htate like Indi
ettlement wi effected between tb- War districts that have not furnished their qno- ana, that has raised not only all the men
Department and the State of Indians, for
the number of men furnished by the State,
oi wnicu tue louowing is a copy;
Provost Marshall General's Office
Washington, D. (J., Sept. 14, 1863
His Excellency, Oliver P. Morton, Gover
nor of Indiana, Indianapolis, Indiana
SlR I have the honor lO inform VOn i
that the State of Indiana stands credited I
upon the books of the Adjutant General of .
tho Army, with an excess of 28.501 over
- -
all calls for troops, in 1861, 1862, and
1863, np to the 4th day of June.
The quota of the State for the present
draft is 26,833. The excess of troops
heretofore furnished by it, over the quota
is 1,668. There will, therefore, be no
draft in Indiana under the present call for
troops, and the number of 1,668 will stand
to its credit in the future demands of the
General Government.
1 am, Sir, very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
James B. Fby,
Provost Marshall General.
On the 19th day of October, 1863, the
President of the United States issued a
proclamation calling for 30 ),000 volun
teers. On the 21st day of Octol ar, 1863.
I received a dispatch from the Secretary of
War, assigning the quota of Indiana, un
der this call, at 18,997 men. This quota
was apportioned among the various coun
ties of the State upon the basis of the set
tlement made between the State and tho
War Department, in September, taking
into account the number of enlistments
made between the date ot the settlement,
and the apportionment of the quota, as far
as they could be ascertained.
On the 1st day of February, 1864. the
President issued another call for 200,000
additional men. Adopting the ratio nnder
the call of October, 1863, the quota of In
diana under this call would he 12.C65 men,
which, added to the quota under the call
of October, would be in the aggregate 31,
662 men. Immediately after the last call
was made Adjutant General Noble visited
Washington by my direction to effect a
settlement between the State and War De
partment if possible, and ascertain the
number of men already iurnished, and the
number that was still required from the
The War Department was not prepared
to make the settlement or give the required
information, and General Noble returned
without accomplishing his mission. Gen
eral Love returned from Washington last
week whither he had gone on the same bu
siness. He brought with him the adjust
ment which will be found hereinafter in
the letter addressed to Colonel Baker, but
as it was not officially famished and was
subject to revision, no publication was
made. Yeiterday Colonel Baker, the As
sistant Provost Marshal General, received
from ColonelJames B. Fry, Provost Mar
shal Geuur:!, t following communica
"Wab Department,
I 'a Office, V
b 10, 1864.)
Provost Marshal General
Washington, D. C, March
Colonel Conrad Baker, A. A. Provosl
Marshal General, Indianapolis, Intl.
Sib: The quota of Indiana to fill the
call of the President for 500,00 men is as
Frst Congressional District .1134
Second 1MB
Third 2fl.i
Fourth T 2161
Fifth 2464
Sixth 300n
Seventh W8l
Eichth W19
Ninth 3695
Tenth 347 1
Eleventh .'1346
The credit to the Stato for all men en
listed, up to January 31, except veteran
rc-cnlistmfnt8, is as follow:
First Congressional District 3643
Sreond 40
Third -3242
Fourth 2649
Fifth 3021
Sixth 4U45
Seventh 3531
Eighth 3701
Ninth 4iOJ
Tenth tJH
Elerenth 4102
The surplus ol these credits over quotas
and credits for all men enlisted from Feb
ruary 1st to April 1st, will be carried to
the credit of the districts and sub-districts,
on future calls.
I am, Sir, very respectfully.
Your obedient servant,
James B. Frt,
Provost Marshal General.
From this it will be seen that Indiana,
on the first day of February last had fur
nished her qnota nnder all calls, and had
an excess of 7.330 men, not including re-
enlisted veterans. To this excess ia to be !
a ided the number of men mustered into i
the old and new regiments since the 1st of
Pahmar and thft number Kiinnoead to ha i
a vi , . ri
enlisted not mustered in, ana tne numoer
of re-enlisted veleraus, in ull estimated at
16.000 men, making the total excess about
24.000 men, which number w.l probably
be largely increased by the 1st of April
Tbe settlement made in September was i ment of the Whington correspondent of struggle and confined themsel res to eow
t satisfactory, aa I believed that n'l j tbe Cincinnati Gazette, usually careful and i ' PrfiJ"on8' stealthy aaannlta npoai
credit had not been ci.cn for recruits
which had ioinoi the army in the field,
and tbe original basis itself waa incorrect.
But I had no data, nor did it exist in the
War Department, upon which to correct
it. In tbe present adjustment, it will be
perceived that the September settlement is
entirely ignored.
On tbe first day of March Colonel Ba
ker received from the Provost Marshal
General following dispatch:
Washington, Feb. 29. 1864.
Col. Conrad Baker, A. A. P. M. Gen
Be fully prepared to commence the
draft ob (10) tenth March, and to make
it in every sub-district which shall not
have raised its qnota before March 1st.
Volunteers between March first and tenth
may be deducted after draft commences.
Make know to Governor.
f Signed,! J. B. Fby, P. M. Gen'l.
on being inrnisnea wno a copy oi this,
. ai sa . n m s
nB ,Ui,"riue rJ-
Indianapolis, March 1, 1864.
Col. J. B. Fiy, P. M. Gen'l, Washington
Col. Baker has just shown me a dis-
Are we to lür rom tu'8 tDat 8nü"
distr,'ct8 re to be drafted when the State
in the aggregate has rilled her quota?
To this I received the following answer:
WAsmyoTox, March 2, 18G4.
Gov. 0. P. Morion, Indianapolis:
Section three 3 act approved Februa
ry twenty-foarth, 1864, requites the draft
to ha mad in nverv Kiib-JifnVt which ia
deficient in its quota. Orders for draft
will be eiven accordintrlv. without regard i
given accordingly, witnout regar
u mm m i-M
to the aggregate raised by the State at
large, J. B. Fry, P. M. Gen.
The Sd section of tho act approved Feb
ruary 24, 1864, is in these words, to-wit:
"Seo. 3. And he it further enacted. That if the
quotas shall not be filled, within the time deiscna
tcd by the Fresi dent, fie Provost Marshal or the "y ol the act ol L ongrcsa to revive toe
District within which any ward of a city, town, grade of Lieutenant General in the LT. S.
township, precinct or ejection district, or' county Array, app-oved Febrnary 29. 1864, Lieot.
where the same is not divided into ward?, town?, rt it i n . it a
townships, precincts, or election districts which is G,enerai1 U" S' "n ' A- " PP0t-
deficient iu its quota, ia situated, shall, under the e'1 to toe COmmaud of the armies Ot the
direction of the Provost afarahal General, make a United States.
draft for the number deficient therefrom, but all (Signed,) Abraham Lincolk.
volunteers who maj enlist after the draft hall l ' ' ' . ,
have been ordered, and before it hall beactaaHy assume command of the arm res of the
made, shall be deducted from the number ordered Uir'ted States. My headquarters will be
to L;drAilud i.i such ward, town, towltahip, pre- jn 1r,e field, and until further orders will be
cine, or election district, or county. And if the -.i .u a c i r . m
quota of any strict hall not he filled bv the w!,h the Army of lne Potomac There
dr.if made in accordance with the provisions of, W'H he an office headquarters in ashing
this act. and the act to which it is an amendment. ' ton, D. C, to which all official COmiDBSi-
further drafts shall be made, and like Pedinps catiouS ,' be serjt except lhose rom k
had, until the quota of such district thall he filled.' i . , . .
A j. . . ; army, whose headquarters are at the iate
According to the construction given to of thcir ,ddreM pj g GnA5T
this sect.ou by Colonel F ry, a draft would Lieo. Gen. U. S. A.
be made in every Ward of a city or town-;
ship in a counly that may not have fur-'
Dished its quota, although the State, in the
aggregate, may have furnithed its quota
and more. Whether this construction will
be adhered to and acted upon by the Guv
ernment I am unable to say.
1 A B
Th Adint-nr ß.nar.l iB ror.n, ; f
publication as rapidly as p&U a state-
ment of the number of men furnished by
each county from the beginning of the war.
including ihe proper credits for the re-en-
listed veterans. The veterans are re.en.
listed in the field, and thelocality to which
.a . ... .
ibey are to be credited is determined by
themselves at the time of re-enlistment and
put down upon the rolls, The etatement
cannot, therefore, be completed until these
rolls shall have been received.
Whnn we consider great the number of
troops that have been furnished by the ! sc to sustain the vigorous prosecution of
State for the prosecution of the war, the the war and acknowledging the annih la
promptness with which they have respond- tion of slav.-ry, the prime cause of the
ed to the cslls of the Government, and the war. lhe othor of tho Ben Wood stripe,
great and uniform gallantry they have dis- working for a peace by such measures as
played upon so many bloody fields, we shall secure tho independence of the Sooth
may well be proud of the record which Iu- ' ern Confederacy this split is daily be
diana has made. i coming wider and wi ler. assuming shape)
Since writing the above, Colonel Baker ! not alone in New Yoik city, but through
has received the following dispatch: out the State, as it will in time, through-
Washisoton, March 15, 164. out the entire country. Mr. Bryant, one
Colonel Conrad Baker, A. A. P. M. Gen- T.m.ny rep.eeenUtiree from New
eraj. ; lork city in the Legislature, and nnder-
tu t j r t tt c i i s;oo'l t0 represent more especially the
ihe I resident of the Lnited Stales has powerful interest whereof Mr. Swewnv ia
mado a onll for 200,000 tuen la addlilou the leader, a lew days since submitted to
to the call of February 1, 1804, for 500,- the Assembly a series of important propo
000. The quota will be two-fifths of the ' gitions. They provide that the apeedy
quulG Qi 500,000, subject to additions for ( hW successful conclusion of the war sh-iuld
deficiencies and deductions for excesses on j be the chief and controlling purpose of the
that quota. As soon as practicable you ; Government, and that this success can beat
will be informed of the number required j be achieved by a final and constitutional
from each District of your State. .Notify
the Governor immediately.
Signed James B. Fry,
P. M. Gen
Under this new call, the quota of ladi
ane, according to the ratio adopted under j struci0 ? "r Kepresentauves ruest w pr,
. it- i . . ! m er' I p:ire and submit for adoption by the Legislatures oi
the call in October last, will be 12,G0o, lhe Mveral State9 gach jll8t and
but according to the assignment in the let-1 menu to tho Constitution of the United States aa
ter addressed to Col. Baker, above quoted, hall forever prohibit and terminate the system of
will be 13.003 men. The excess furnish- i A(rn slavery in the United States.
i t c. . i . Iheso resolutions were o tie red to second
ed by the State over tormer calls is almost I, , , , n ,J .
, , , a- i .l,, i . tT't the action of the lammany Committee and
double the quota under the last, yet it is not . ... . , -
. i;ui tvr. ,i .fj- r I indicate a radical change of sentiment and
unlikely that, under the operation ot the .
.a- ' . A.i r. ,u r r.K nrojrrainme in the Democratic ranks.
apfiifin iiiiiiiHii r r i up hitl hi r r ai v
24tb, 1864, a9 construed by the Provost
Marshal General, the draft may fall upon
a number of counties that have failed to do
their part. As before stated, the liabili
ties and credits of each county will be giv
en as soon as the necessary data can be
procured in the Adjutant General's office,
and when that has been done, the quota of
each county can be approximately distrib-
nted among the several townships or wards
in cities.
Governor of Indiana
Executive Department,
Indianapolis March 15, 18G4.
The New Call.
The call of the President for 200,000 1 JJW lTi IU' 3 Z
more men to supply the deficiency created br.onSht to l1? "J SÄ?
by the transfer of men from the army to i of wr declared that prom.Oert Dem
the navy, and to create a reierve force for ! ff"1 Pennsylvania then conferred with
all contingencies, will, if promptly metthim lf JC 2Ä
provide DS the means to en.l the war this oul i hold out a little longer, they would
campaign. The question is, how is it to successful; for the Democrats of the
be met? In this State we have furnished orih would arrest the war by defeating
an excess of our quotas under former calls I tb conscription and otherwiae rendering
sufficient to fill tbr present one and anoth-, ? AAd",i,trftJyn, lHwejleM tnwoeeentsj
er like it. but the language of tho procla- ,l- And he add.ed ib8
mation indicates that the act of Congreas 1 P"".."! can give you the names if what
II he construed literally, and enforced
acr.inst townsbina. wards, election dia.
; .f- , " Alru;':nnr A'innB .itlinni
d tQ tbe aggregftte actioD of the State.
,f hi k doMB9 delinquent counties
! . townshins jn indiftnft win gnflrcr vet.
ra a nntoi . rt, tn a(rn - Ktft(.
correct, that the Secretary of War had de-, ineir own government, ne saw um
eided not to enforce the collection of snb- 'nstead ol Northern Democrete cminf to
ordinate quotas after the State's quota had their assistance, tho soldiers of the Unien
been filled, and relying npon that we an- canM ,B overwhelming force and conquered
nounced that there would be no draft in j tuemi "bot." said he. "they brought gov
Indiana. Now we are puzzled, not as to ernment with them and rescued os from a
what would be right, but as to what may ' tyranny more terrible than death,
be deemed necessary under the law. To 1 Is there "n of P!7 wkf
make a State raise more than her qnota, ; doe not feel that this story; is true? And
because some townships or wards have does T one doubt that this truth m the
raised less than theirs, is simply unjust.
. ...
Though there are neighoorhoods in which
little has been done tbat was not hostile to
volunteering, and a draft would drop the
right punishment on the right men, there
are others that have provided their full S. Parish, left last night for tbe front, via
proportions, but lost the credit by their Louisville. This is one of tbe new regi
citizens enlisting from townships or conn-! menu. They were well uniformed end
ties that gave bigger bounties. In such
cases the excess of townships that had
more than filled their quotas would only
be inst It enrrind to the credit of those that
J a
were deficient, and it woo'd be an impossi -
j ble task almost to ascertain wbetner a
township was deficient through absolute
failure, or through the transfer of its men,
I to other townships. In any aspect it can
be presented, the enforcement of a draft in
tnat haT een AW-4tJl bot more than
all that will be demanded. Indianapolis
G211. Grant at the Head of the Army.
Nashville, March 17. General Grant
formally assumed command of the armiet
oflho United State to-das.
Ahe lollowmg is the order on the subject:
Headq as Armies or the United StatM,!
Nash vi luc, Ti ., Maid, 17, 1664. $
General Orders No. 1 In pursuance
of the following order of the President:
Executive Mansion, WAsnixoToif, D.
C, March 10th, 1864. Under theanthor-
c Y , - . C
fSatuda; and t9fbt t""illlJ th
front. His stad is composer! of officers
: ,ü""?nJ w lQ u,m V u,e """V sm"
oi .hiss. mon2 mem are one. tjrenerai
wlings, Chief of Staff; Lieut. Col. Bow-
rs- P iY. i,eei, apt. t. o. araer.
fy l r T- T.- 1 sw a r i
s,sta"t lJ"rante"era'- 5
1? ft 3 ? U9Ut'
! C V D",Mt" f UerJ sVf
j Tu , 7' 85TS5 2lt
Joe here to-night. He will immediately
'nc command of tVc military diviaioa.
r'.IA t
Gen. Dodge is in the city.
A Charge of Base.
The split in the Democratic ranks in
New York, which divides the party into
peace and warmen, the one pledging it-
: abrogation of its radical cause, the system
of African slavery.
The last resolution
we give entire:
Ilfsolccd, (if the Sen.tte concur,) In pursuance
of these reasons our Senators in Conjress he in
Tammany has swung clear round npon the
llepublican platform and issues its oraelee
with a clear ringing and loyal blast. Now,
let it follow in practice what it adopts ae
theory, and the war will soon be orer.
Proof Direct
Gen. Gantt of Arkansas, has been the
( subject of fierce abuse in the Copperhead
journals, for which we were nnabla to es-4
count until we casually observed that, im
speaking for the Union cause at Harrisbarg
some weeks since, he made the following
He said that, after his capture by the
I t-mon forces (he was a General m toe
"7 18 -P: - umuer m m
! democratic uiemuera ut tne aiaiwurw
were present, bot they did not dare to
, the statement, or caU for names.
, "e",d the Docrnta of the No. th aviaed
: them to war, promised to come to their
assistance, and then left them alone in the
ai ? n a trw t a
npri'se to tne attacas on en. vents
' 1 aL . .kn tstl- iIa Ka ssa as, a an ss-a Ka! sk aaaa
DV ia"BB wuu " r.T. jl'
! TISIted DPon b,m one ankmd word?
The 130th Indiana, Colonel Charles
fully armed and equipped for
! Their marching as very creditable.
, displayed a proficiency ia drill wkici
oromisen wll for tbsiir fntnrst Tka saw
. M - " aaassa ass J aaas w
! lead by a good Coloiel, nnd when swig-
aded will be led by one of lad
Generals Hovev. who will give
j chance to make themselves peer to
who have gone before. Indiana JonnuU
March iTlA.

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