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VOL. 9. NO. 50.1
T. - - . ' -. . - - ; , r ? ' ' '
' i
. 1
'A "Weekly Journal devoted to Hews,
Politics, Literature, &c,
la published every Thursday Moruing by
1.3iatliDgly9 Editor aud Proprietor.
' OScc southeast corner Michigan and Gano streets,
over Pershing & Co's Drugstore.
Term of Siibci iptinn :
If paid in advance, or within three month. .$2.00
If not pi? 1 within three month? 2 50
If not paid till the end of the year 3.00
Town subscribers whose papers are delivered by
the carrier will be charged fifty cents per annum
No piper discontinued until all arrearages are
paid, unless at th option of the publisher.
Terms ol Atlvertiwlnsr:
One JU re of 2'2' ems, or lea, three weeks, or
less, $2.0il; each, additional insertion fifty cents.
Larger advertisements in proportion. Leas than
hill a square to he charged as a halt square.
Orerhalf acquire tobe charged as a while square.
Business Cards, one Tear, ten lines i 8.00
Buinea Cards, six months, ten lines S.00
Quarter column, three months 6.0
' " six months 9 00
" twelve months 15.00
Professional and Business Cards.
Dr.' J. E. Brooke,
RMprrtfullr Inform th rtti .f PlTimwith nit Mar
Shall conntv that Im ha ivtnriiwt . PWmiTh. and will
rrnnm theVrvtire of mdi. in in 11 iKran-Mi I ratichf
an by ri-t (vli'--"!".! I-rofc-wMn ho hopes to
Inri t a rraM.n.'iic ':itr.n.i.
OrrifE -n oen-t fl.-v-r Ik-uctt Amlwarr Tlrick, 3t
door on ii'irih
Attorney at Lair and Notary Public,
War Claim ani Insurance Agent,
11j resuni.-l r"r'i-e 'in. CVen-n ai:d Tn l atr
buiair.mftlU-u'ia l.at mU. rJ u cluryc.
B.nuty. ILtck i'A aa l tVniuu jaocnnd at the leant
ISiCIl l'CE-$-t.-l u LI VK" an ! PRol'tUTY in
tM -' MmoMiM at th. lent p-iMf raff.
Jte-in-? ia Lilr:? .-;r riyra vith. In-'. n2"tf
Phillips & Johnson,
Attorneys and Counselors at Law,
NomtY's public,
Autforizsi War Claim, Collection and
Insurance Agents,
Plymouth, Marshall Co., Ind. -
Etrw Ul attention siven t- th -ttl ro-nt -f Etatr.
CnvvMnrin:;, a:id t'i- r. ill -. ; ion i f S.tlior Halm tr
IVn.inn. IV.nntr. H li far. au-t all oih.-r War ( lain..
Ofivvn MK-Uia trvt, iu V!wurJ I5ri-k PMl;,
up .tair. - K bOV-tf
A. C. Capron,
Attorney and Notary,
Licensed War Claim Agent,
1'LY.MüITlI, IX.
Attvn.l k alt prof-l:vt 'm'.n jI-jc- 1 in Iii hain!.
rrtirnlur aft. nti.-n . i T-Ii uis:;iji?a:itl f M-ttlr-
iu-'tit nf I.ve4.n:" Kta;o-. IViil-ctionraaiteaml J rmit
Ir rraifftl.
Oli'i. owr Pj!mT' 5l"r, mrin-ruf Mirhiiti aJ La
jxirtr utrwt. JnlJ-ly
John O. Osborne,
Attorney and Counselor at Lair.
' ' rru r. is b4k ti itp'.xo,- -i"1-1t1
W. H. Davonprrrt, .
Will t i.-it T y nr I TU n tlw second aud Ut
Tu-laT an 1 V.V.Ir;,.Jiiy f each m-'nih.
Ir. A. O
j." Vh"r or ii-irt!.d "M of Tiftli tnvrV'l n
tli- nv-t rpt rnT"-! l;in. S;. i.d :tcutiii
un, tn lin' ?r,vri i nn "t Mm- nnriir-.il Twin,
;in"1 irrsii:iriTr lif hilircii"! tivth n.trert-
d. Fans and dilhtult tih es'ra.-twl with pi wltlmut
Chlor.rf'orm. i'n tf rrni:lt.-5 t Iii mivsny tiniex
rrf on M.m.'at ifl Tii"'4. 'llii- vwr lliUV IUl,ry,
Hl side Mi liiim Um t. irtl-Iy
Bank of the State of Indiana.
yOpeo frain l'ia.ni.t 12m , and from 1 lo3p.m."5
TM K . i: i:SN Kit. Cvfdih-r.
' C- - ' S. A. KLETt'lItU, Ja.,rrriJfiit.
. o v n ii o rÄ ,
(formerly farmer's hotel,)
fcbruarjr 23"tk-ly
E n if .i n hs nous t: ,
Michigan Street, Plymouth, Ind.
C. & w. H. rlcCanncl, Proprietors
On lil mei to aud fr m all traiu. and al o to any tv
f th towu wl-n ord.T are U-Tt at Ui tIoae. nUtf
A sen is "W.i u feci
The Biott
complete, autbrutiu fc-d retUldi Life of I.iix clu puu-
li.hed. JNS. IlKOS 4 .,
ngll 1 lm 119 Wt Fourth at.. Clnx innati, O.
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
Ware, Toys,
Wut side Mtrhiean St.,
ietronth Brand.
Bank. FlTmtmtta, Ind.
Wtrh, Clocks and Jewelry repaired eft short notice,
wad warranted
dcmbcr3"6-u jtf , .
Colonel E, Powell,
Shaver anil Ilirdr.
.Ihavinitj Slismpinsr nd Wifdpig lonV io
toetet and tnot fashionable style.
Toan's liardwarestor, , -jr
Sbp Ter Bnrk fc
.Jolin, Noll.
Shop east sidn Miehtiran srrect, erre-site
Branch Bnk. P'ynionih, Ind. fnltf
I TT 33tflC
nmsm cordial
Tbr Children Teething.
: - . . .': "
nvHH Prepwratioa contains no vpxmjt er taneti. Tot
inarrlMS. Bowe.uoni plaints, s ersr and rratnjlatas.
xnn cordial acts like a, charm. It sottens the Unmi, rejru
Ute. the Bowtfc. And Sjstein, an4 fill aot stopify or Injure
tb ,t uifc-arhiiH 1
fioM by all Drafziau at avts-
pitlr? ly
Ban TilTi gysi
;; - -r hymk:.. . ' . :
Written for the Opening of a New House
AVor.bip (T. S.Kiug'a) iu San Francisco.
Amidst ihase wleitin works of Thine,
The solemn mitnreU of the pine,
An awul ShagU'g icj shrine
Where swell X1T hjmn3 of wave and gale,
' And organ thunder nerer fa;l
Behind the cataract's mistj rail.
Our punj walls to Thee we raise,
Our poor red-miisic sound Thy praue
Forgive, O, Lord! ourchildish wajs!
For, kneeling on thene altir-ttaira,
We urge Thee not with eclflili prayers,
Nur murmur at our dailj cans.
Before Thee, in an evil day,
Our country's bleeding heart we lay,
We dare not ask Thy hand Jo taj;
But through the war-cloud prajto Thee
For Union, hi a Union free.
And peace that comes of puritr.
That Thou will bare Thine arm to Bare,
And, finiling through the Red Sea ware,
Make broad a pathway lor the slave! ,u ,
For us, confessing all our needs.
We trust no rites nor l ord nor dee&i,
Nor yet the broken staffs of creeds.
Assured alone that Thou art good
To each as to the multitude,
. Elcrual luve and Fatherhood!
Weak, fin ful. blind, to Thee we kneel,
Stretch humbly fWih our hands, and . feel
Our wcakntss in our strong appeal.
So, br thee western pate of eTcn,
We ait to see with Thy forjiiren
The opening Golden Gate of Heaven!
Suffice it now. In time to be
Shall holicr'altats r.?e to Thee
Thy Church our wide humanity!
White flower' of Lore its wall. shall climb,
Soil bel"i of Peace shall ring its chime,
It days fhall all be holy time!
A fweeter org .shall then be heard,
The imiic of the world's accord
ConlCising Ctrist, the Iuward Word.
That song shall swe'l from shore to shore,
One hop;, one laith, one love restore
The scamk nbc that Jesus wore!
Uncared.far from Midam? D'0rtT, bcyonl
the influence of her C'.rpi of dragons, out of reach
of rigid discipline, and totally regirdlcss of the
rules of good pociety, Mill Siantou and Katie
Apncw made night hiJeotn with their shouting and
ha'looMig as they rode un to firmer AnJrews' old
farmhouse. They were mounted on 1mm vy work
in? hoff, that moved like mountains beneath
l uetr prett y burdens.
The ij:hl of me checked both steeds and voices.
.Mill Statitoi began to sing:
" i n. 1 IU II" I" !"Vii ' iu, .uuiic ic "
...-vi it .. ... ..li -M t.ii: .i "
"Who are VOU, prav," I d.-m Hided. "I could j
.:...- ... i.i ;n i nri.,,,1 rtr lTtiln
m i in in iiiiii mi iitu i a lm iJiiL'iniiMt 4 . v -. i
to that war whofp.
I M J " '
am a pilgrim and I am a stranger, she sang
"Vou arc in a sad state of demoralization," I
"Demoralization! I should think so,' was the
laughing retort. "We have rode through clouds
of pulverized real estute. and sjiUand rub so:! lie
on us and our garments in numerous strata. Dirt
and demoralization are parent and child. Shab
l.iaes and sin have the same relation.' Goodness
i.i r . . .1... ..........
tneiiis ccan c oiues l.kz irus v nit m'i, v-
Sin was oing on, when I iutiTupted her.
Sometiody ha arrireiir
II. r lace w is imbued will serious interest ia an
"WhoT" sho demanded, eagerly,
"A pilgrim and a stringer," I answered
"What is it like?' she questioned.
"A jumping jack," 1 npliod.
Her eve sparkled.
ail . ! Aft nAn nAitn t i nl rrVfän . ftllirni
J5 II IUAII L.VIIMir'11 1-41 f I'W. v - n ,
lar num!cr. Describe it with a suitable adject
ive." t
Interesting," I answered.
She clapped ber IkuuIs.
"That is what I want; something absorbing,
ongnrtfng. Intens.; som?tliing diiTi-rent from eat
ing and sleeping, and women."
Just lhn the stranger passed thro the ball a"d
st.iod in the doer, hrs baniisome foim and manly
head clearly revealed by the g'owing lamp behind
Mill watched him curiously.
"I mean to captivate him," she sdd, delibcr
atelv. after several minute survey.
"McClcllan meant to take Richmond," 1 re
For response she said
-I wiil 'fight it out on this line if it takes all
summer.' Does that sound like McClellaaF'
"Granted you captive him," I. replied, cui bono.
"Will Harpor. is ilv an embryo peolessional,
tiinür-T his vacation .into account bv country
I school-teaching. You ain't mn-v him.
TV Von liitl innrf-pnt " he exclaimed. "As if
his captiva'ion and my mamase were united like
cause and fflvc'. He shall love me, bit I doa't
iutend to love him.
"Canute did not .intend the occean Mibe
bevor,,! the limits he i resenbed. I answered.
Mill fixed on me a curious, half co.nprehendmg
stare, nd wheeling W awkward charger about,
dashed down the lane with the fury of an amizon.
he oesan ner worK oi capiivaiiow next morning
1 'o . r ... .
w hen she entered the breakfast room clad m s m-
pie wUe,mI affoctingm ealor dainty- of man-
Vn- t 1 :n " T t rj- t
iucumuu ... ov
Witlilaroe not
, e . I tr , l
in tie nature oi mm iu turn niu,m-irmi nu
. - - . - . in ? ...
that fair face, half ;eetuess and halfsaucinc.tr
ways that had lost their brusquenesä in aa
. i i ii l i. v.. - -
cri liable calm
.... m. ,h,i.vi.-..-Ml
i. waaaHujK " "
the n.ornincr the horses were brought uo to nue.
I had. leert )t prlrg Tipon the .backT.of her
Bueei.halus and fly aion wingaof the wind, but
now she stood with timid grace waiting the assis
tance ol her escort and exciting all hU sympathy
wiihhrr chilJ-Hke fears.
The little hypocrite?" muttered Kate Agnew,
as they rode away. Will Harper tolding the reins
he deemed her incompetent to carry. But as we
rode, Sam Dalton paused us, the gentleman who , a
week beTore nad-icarjenged Misa Staaton to a
race 4 In"n- Instant Mill had gathered up her reins
and waa awar, dashing after the solitary horseman
with a rapid pace. A look ol fright came into
Will Harper's eyes and he UrteJ iu pursuit, but
he could not mistake that firm seat and steady
rein for a novice, and he suddenly turned and
joined as with the confession:
I think Miss Stanton has been deceiving
That night, Mill Stanton came to us in the
tarlor, clad in softest shades, and speaking in her
owesJ.sweetesUones but-Willr hrver 'turned
from nerwitn af qu1et lmile'"'' Kate Agnew. In
vain she made her person beautiful and her con
versation attractive henceforth.. ,Will Harper,
etpi' J Tr re "tiWeMfpoa her. '.,' A 1
.As we sat alone one, eyening, ,and . there, cajpe
tolmr eari the toiagled oi of Will lUrpfer abd
Kate Agnew, I could. not forbear asking:. ,
"DaVoa propo00 to tuke' Riehmond int Chicka
homiajT;'. , :; . ': .?
She laughed scornfully, and said:
MH refuses to notice me anr mre, but I - MM
dctermfned to become his pupil '. to; ; rnorro. lie
sluJl teach me, and at the same ime I shall ' be
teaching him a few facu of which he U new
igwniii ' Win I not vex his proud soolT" , ' "";
. "rYou go to a district school!" I laughed, immod
erately "Mary's, little, lamb ao celebrated, in
verae, was more in-i place. Like him, yon will
make the children lauzh and 'olat. and so tie
'-. . ?t . . - . -
teacner wiu turn you ouL'; r.
She laughed heartily.
! .' uw 1 am: ieta lMn 'S". na
! hare a neht to go
.. II JJ. w , , .
1 Th Deal nibt. when, the hoar tame for the
eher,3 return lie did not comer neither did "Mill j
Stanton. Another hour, andntill they came not. j
SI a1wl' a rt . 1 . 1 täv n r V rt artriiliiirv tr ir (rtav fi rr a I
together. He was talkin? earnestly; and sh was
lUiommr.iih m,.i .n.i A
the door they parted, he taking her hand, and Ae j
ulu.,.1Jp) , nw.uc i
She came directly to my roorri,-' and I snw her
eyes were red with weeping. j name, are wholly repudiated br me. On what
Have you cradu ited? Were kept in, eh? , ground their expectation of my acceptance of the
Caught a whipping, did you? How is Kicli ) nomination was founded, I am at a loss to conjee
tcood?" were question with which Kute Agdiw , ture. jf ( had remained at home during the lst
and 1 plied .her. :, j fuur years of rebellion sLting the Government
She threw herself into a chair, exclaiming: bv word and ballot, pioUng the death of friend
"I have made a preciom fool of myself to-day. tnd tie overthrow of Cbertv; if rav name wa V'al
Ilut oh, girls, if you could hive seen ihe look of j Undigham, ßooth,r Wir,' ther might have had a
astonishment on Will Harper's face when he ; preteuse; but I Ain'X drill in that squ ad. I have
found me among his pupils. He evidently expec- been a soldier; I hare seen Belle Me and Libbv
ted m to leave, and near the time for the opening prison; and as they (the Democracy) did not yield
of school invited me to a visitor's seat. I an- j their support iu TTT-.- , I reject their love
swereu nat i wisnea to oe a pupn. iic was :
excessively annoyed, 1 could pee, and inquired rny
name, witü a blush. I told him. and bo said: .'I
advise you to go home. I shall teach notblng but
ordinary" English brtnehes. Moreover, 1 th ill
expect and enforce the same obedience from you
that is exacted from the smallest pupil.
Tli'S raulvd tne but I expressed ray willingness
to enter cl.tssvs already formed. Then inr ppoit
bean. 1 did indeed make the children lauirh nud
play, anl Will Harper worked with disorderly e'e
In the classes I gave incorrect and irrele-
vent answers. In geo-aphy he ak'.d r.ie my j
state, and I answeied 'com fort able, thank you. j
In definition he akedme the meaning of phenom- j
enon, and I told him it was a cow going up a tree ;
backward. In the drawing class he asked mo if I j
could draw, and 1 replied that I coul-J draw an
inference and a bucket of water. For Uis rude-
nou hcC'immimlN me 10 remain an Uoiir after
school. My tricks and indolence soon became
infections, and sonic oi the Urer pupils jo;nf d
me in my raUls aitinst nnd order. Finally Will
Harper reached the point wheic patienre ceased to
be a virtue, and Ve threatened the .hjst oCfender
with' pnth men, clt4n?r at tln feruV ne seldom
uses- Fie long a call detained him a few minutes ;
frort the room, and prompted br tho fpirit of mmii ma
minc-hief, 1 incited screril others to pin a juvenile , '
class to their seatsT When he di-mied them alparauo Kepm,.lc, in speaking of the
the.v attempted to ris-, were pulled h ick, arose j leg tl profesjion, pavithe following well merritcd
Co in. and rent thciritrees as well as the air with compIimenU to Judges Ocburn, Niles and Bradler
the soun 1 thereof. The fchool was uproarious, wfLiporte. -' 7r
but the b achcr stoovl calra justice, hcr.-elf. ' , ...
From thit moment I bowed to Will Harperaa my J "It lwrdly orcr fallJ to Hie lot or any people,
superior. He soon traced the mischief to that lit- j 1,1,1 ,ht' n!,v g'ven them, a more upright, just,
tie vixen Jennie DI, two large bovs and mvself. j " u,".tcJ ra ,n to wear the judicial ermine, than
He went to the desk for the ferule, and as I Watch-! Ju,,-e 0'Jrn. Anj DJatt who has studied humm
ed hiiw, calm with hi fixed purpo. I'besan to i nl"re, aj know man, cnnot fail to see that lie
tremble. ' The Ikivs Mibm'tted to the 'punishment Pve3 wh",e sa,1, awi o5" Reen and polishe I in
without shrinking". Jennie D i-g scarce heede 1, : toHect ;,,,,,-T,.l V ne idea of right between
and then he came to me. I looked up defimtclr, men. e t elievc that m no resp-xt woul-l he
but one gi.uiccjnto his pallid face assured me for, 1,1 eompanson with the world renowned Sir
the first time f Jtood before mv nnster. For a j M-,ew '4je
moment he he.-it it. d and .1 inc.'d aiut tho school. J j. . v"dgc rules, as a poli-hffl scholar, ?a clear and
It hhad wavered then his authority wax M lin ' Wblc Ui;nker, has few equal. ; As a winter, he
end. ai.d slowlv the fciule fell ui on niT hand f I ,
pave no fign of pain, and incted I felt nothing but
the degradation ol sinking so low in his estima
tion. When the school was over, an I we were alene.
he told me it was the sorriest day of nil his life.
He confessed to a rare pleasure in my society, un
t lhe found I w.t o-ing l.i:n for mv amusement, and
spoke bitrerl v of the disra it v in our po-nii. n. wi.i .h
might indeed give mi a rig iu i- refuse his Iriend- j
shio, but ".ive me none to ink? htm' btittvof
ridicule. I disclaimed this idea, for you know 1;
have been well .intruded t respect all honest i
men with unmade fortunes, and at last I convinced
him that I had oulr been thoiivhüi-s' and mis
irimis, nua rranv n sire-i -ihs p..-a iwtu, am, .
then we tniue up, and 1 wept and lie smiled, a-.id
Kate A 'new will fi;id hctsclf nowhere
"The cry is'O.i to RiHim md!" I eacl iimed.
When the fall of Richmond made our hearts re
joice this glorious spring time, there cam a letter
from Mill Stanton, saying:
Grant has taken Richm md and I have t ikMi
Will Harper. I did not intend that two should
play at the same gam, byit I now uirlerstatrlyour
alltislon lo Catiut I have prmUed to . wed
Will Harper. My father mt him in il ir ofliee,
aud was pleased w ith him. That showed his pood j
taste and w.is a comolim.-nt to mine. He tff'r d
him a .iruationin hisollioe, and ere long Will
Harper ofTeied himsell as a son in-law. My father j
savs he cuiU not reoist the tempt iiion of havioa ,
distinguished son-'n law a few years hence, and so
1 am to m wry toe m'y m in ou
punish me and be forgiven.
earth who could
South Carolina The Constitution
as Amended Details oi the New
New York. Oct. 3. The Charleston Courier,
of Scjl.'29ih, rubli?he the complete revised Con
stitution of South Carolina, as adopted by thetate
Convention on t'ie 27th ult. The following is
r -. . ii ... i -
rtmmary of us . Twrwuiur Kepreienutiun . pUc-.
eu, as neretoiore, upon tne joint oasis oi the
amount of all taxes raised, whether direct or indi
rect, and the number of white inhabitants in each
district . TUU important change, however, itnade
that, wLereaa, all lands in the- fcute and depart
ment and tho.e in the cities were assessed under
the old sjtrm urvording to ii fixed, aitcqu il and
arbitrary estimate, now the taxes will be laid ac
cording to the actual value of the property. This
is a i
reform which h tsilong been needed, no I
( one strictly founded on colonial rights.' It will
prove a great reiiei to unarieton, w hich aione
thus paid nearly oue-fourlh of the ünpoet ia the
One Sj.-nat.-T is asigned to each judicial district
extjept ia4iie judicial district of Charleston, which
constitutes under the present nrr ingeim-nt two
eleeiioDrslialrittia. The -ily, composed of the lute
election district with two senator, and the t;rtner
parishes of Christ Church, Berkelev, St. James
n,v,.. rr..k St Thm, .r.. run;. mi J
gt S u at)J s:t. johM,and Colton constitute
anolhe dl4lrict unJf r lhe nne üf the M
ection d?5ltrict cf Berkeley, and arc entitled to one
4, r f
tomcd whnprstificl elecl,i dVr'icts: ' " '
j , . , , , . . . .
l Iii omi'i (if luiicrnir lurli li w in 1 mM.nr
; b n c,nrJClf u iliveste(, with
T,ie tprm ,3 JeJ t( fourVMr,.
! lie ia to be elected by the peob, and in case of
i an efl,uiitj .if votes, ha is then to be chosen by
'J T
' twuiiiinnu iu liu iirrtire, um wim mc r urguaru
.1 , ,
. Hi-it ii
e ii to report to the Legislarure s'.l c i'es of i
it rw fiich has been frranted br- Lim. -with a '
fu.l statement of his reasons therefor.
" prevent hasty legislation the veto power U vested 1
m nim,sunjeci to oe ov-rru.eu uj a raaiority oi
both branches ol the General Ass-mbly.
The Lieutenant Governor, also elected br the
pebpkvbedomeSftby ,y irtüefof his office, the PrVsi
debt oi the Sen W and.ietll td the tbajf ot jth'e
State in case öf a vacancy.
The law is to be administered bv superior and
infvfioej courts, Erected and established by the
Legisi4tiire;'tIia.JuiIge9 if tlt Superior Court to
be electea by them for the term of good behavior;
those of the inferior courts Io four yeats, one of
tho latter to located in esch Judicial District,
and to be especially charged with the trial of all
civil causes wherein one or both of the parties are
persona of eolor.', 1 li juiin'; ;-.t
The freehold qualifications for a seat in the
Senate or House of Representatives it dispensed
with. y-'i i s. y-t f n ;
ThequaliSca(ions for suCfrsge are the same as
Jorft witlj aq exception.Tnade in faror of emi
grabGYrom Europe, who, in lieu of the provision
of two year's previous citizenship, must delare
their intention iobcdomtj A cKiaen of the United
States according to the constitution and laws of
the same. No estate is made requisite. !
The treasuries of Ute upper and lower divisions
are united into one, whose oce shall be at Colum
bia. The clau.e fn Watidn'to IhTolilntary 'servitude,
asserts first, that the slaves have been emanctpa
t'.dtfjr, lhe: acu'oa oUhe United State aqrtwriW's;
and secondly, that except as a punishment for
crime upoo convwtiot lt-shau never be re estab-i
lished. " - ' '
The election shall tke place upon the lPth cf
October ensuing, being the third Wednesday in
the month.- - - j
The House of Representatives remains the
same, with the proviso thai no one election district
should aigucd snore tlianjlweire representi-
uves. ine quota of Charleston heretofore was
enty. rIn other respepti the provision! joa the
birtluNuntJajrxiff lai' VOiUa
The nca voce rdit has been substituted iu the
GentrsJ A.ssemblr for
thosuocage by ballot.
The United Ststes frigate Congresa has beenrujjr.and Mm Ükholas Van WerL Mr. V. i.
' raised ana pucea in tne tirj deck at I'ortamouth,
Forty Rounds arid a Blizzard. (
A. C. Van Tine, luring been nominated by the J
femoeraey of Erie county, lor county Kecorder, 1
,ik.,., : . ..-A .i.Tr. .
I hereby declare, and reoue'st' rry friend-if !
tney Dear me any love to maKe it Known tnat the t
proceedings of said convention as regards my'
An Unfashn'alja Old Fellow.
The Washington Torrespondent of the Cincin
nati Gazette teils thtfoowing anecdote of Gen
eral Spinner, the TryTf-nrr of the United States:
"The siuiplc hoarHi 6ld fello
in th.it he cinnot fi!nt th
ow is unfashionable,
&iut there h .is been a war.
A repentant A Kbnj1 an' reached his hand across
the table to bi o..h day, at dinner. 'Don't
vou remember rae, Gcnesik I uci to ait with
you in Congress, down," to 'lfrCV I remember
you well non;rh. You remained b-r a pood
while nfter lt&, walked thrigh all our enmps,
and s.r.v nltogetlier toe much i)efore you lelt.. If
you were going to be tr'.Ltr you tniht have bad
the grace to go a little earlier", bo that your old
fiiendw houMu't be comselled to suspect" von as a
spv. 'Uut, C'Oneri.I. man ever regretted this
tliiiig more than I did!' 'Whv, in tha name of
ttrr.hood, then, didn'Cj0" stand up against it?
Isut noaTou bad t go i.ci your State, sad get of
fice tinder tl e government of traitors, an 1 n w vou
come up to this und sill, Andy Jo!.non, to'get
prdond. I'd Liu; you, tb.t' what I'd do with
you, old friend as you are!' "
;w givrn mew na tome gems which will never
be forgottcu. His speech on the Mluinstead Ex
emptiou' in our Cot.stitutional Convention, m tny
years since, was published not only in almost every
pipvron thil Continent, bat widely lit Europe.
He his found lithe In tpitVof th labor of his pro
f;s-iont to pursue the sciwics, and is as familiar
with Chemistry as a school boy with his primer.
With his learning anl talent is rnml'n.l th. t.
alted character of a ChrUüan pentlem.in
Judge liiadley is a man cf missive intelleef.
and profound leiral ern lition. His influence with
the Court and Liar, would show at a, glance to the
mosteaual observer, hia high moral aud legal
There are mi".y others of our bar, whose learn
ing and ability add to its standing, and we hre
felad o say but few who detract from it. We are
proud of our "Bench and..ar."
A Fatal Mistake.
At a late hour on Saturday' night .Mr. Trkins,
icffidinj in SiJny.t the corner of Belridere and
Carey Street, was arouH'-fiom his bed by his
wife, who said there were burglars in the house.
Mr. Perkins aroso and examined the house, but
found no burglars. He returned to his bed, but
iome time daring the night heard, or thought he
heard, som body moving through the house. He
got up, took his revolver,, and seeing s)mebodj
moving at bis crttinbur door, fired. Horrible to
relate, the shot took eff-ct in the breast ol his
wife, from the ctTHts of which she died soon after.
The hns-brind, whi, of course, was beside himself
with grief at the occurrence, immediately surren
dered himself, but as the tragedy was shown to be
ofa purely accidental nature, he was discharged.
Tlienffur lias thrown the whole of SiJney into a
Uateofthe nnst painful commotion. Richmond
Yl.ij, 21st inst.
..-.. At.
." The cholera is rapidly aba'ing in Egypt, Italy,
Turky and paiii. and will soon entirely disappear.
l-.- f . . I r i i' ,
- i rv i c it. c nr ucru iiu tn, to cuoiera in r.n-
l iu l.bllt in fom9 ir, 0, F n,rllcuL,lv at
.Marsi illes, u has raged severely. Englishmen and
Atuet icaus muat look out for it next year.
In Democratic days the taxes were so slight that
they were scarcely felt. Is i: not about time the
people shook off a portion of this taxation. Cin
cinnali Eiiqnirrr.
In.Dem jcratic davi "so-called" the epponeuta
öfthat Dartf submitted to the verdict of the ballot.
box, nndtievter pi jnged the country into war and
tlebt. In ao attempt to reverse an election. Had
, the i?othern Democrats in lcCl pureiiod the same
(xcurse there would have been no' war nor heavy
taxation. Hid the Democrats ef the North given
a loyal support to the Government after the war
j begin, it would have ended in half the time if did,
; and our taxes would now be corrspondinrlr less.
Bat the Democracy propose to chake off a por-
tion of the taxation, how do tliev propose to do it?
! Th" '" VT ' ht, to be done should
i be able to tell how li is to be done. The people
f l'"s ctfrJ hive heretofore paid their national
. oi,iISilti0Ili wivh scrupulous fidelity. Do the De-
! lU'tT.icj advise that that hubit shall be filwken off?
rr.r -jnut
i "ii'i jour
Henry S. Norrise, a stamping c?erk in the Post
Office, at Indianapoli, was arrested on the 3d inst
on the charge of abstracting valuable letter?. He
about thritr, raurt of
Wlncn li
e returned.
Four or five he destroyed
He says be ouly got about twenty dollars in mon
ey, lie waived an examination, and was bound
over to the United States Court in the sum of one
thousand dollars bail. Ytung Norrise is aboat
seventeen ye irs ol age, and, previous to his arre-t,
stood very high among those who knew him. He
served nearly two years in the army, and during
the last six months has hern clerk in the office
of Col. Simonson, Post Comma: der. He was a
lad of fiue promise, and his tall is greatly to be re
gretted. Covstt Uoxds. Judge'Bicknel!, at the recent
term of the Washington Circuit Court decided in
favor ol the validity of County Bonds issued to
procure. oltt-r.v , The- stmt questida Is before
the Supre'me Couri of the State. ' r -,
The story will be-renerabered of a dead soldier
found on lhe' field of Gettyiibiirgi" whose last gaze
was fixed upoa the miniature likeness of two little
children; . No trace existed of the name of the
soldier, and the photograph of the children was ex
tensively copied for-the pjrpose of ascertaining
their identity. Finally they were believed to be
children of Sergeant Ilumison, of PörtrilleVNew
:Yovkv mid the proceed of the large 'sale of 1 the
photograph were paid Over to the family. Now
it appears, the defunct Sergeant has turned up. bis
long absence being accounted (or by his confine
ment In Southern prisons. The original of the
photograph, are still to be diacorered.
. The public debt, September 30th, was two bil
lions seven hundred and. fifty-four million nine
hundred and forty-seven thou -and seven hundred
and twenty fsixtlolltre and seventeen, cents, show,
ing a decrease of the public debt of over twelve
millions during the month. 1 '' - ' ' -
1 At a recent triaT iti New Ybrkj four sisters' be
tween the ases of 16 and 22,, were witnesses.
i Tnet itre all lomafes of one house ofill-finae, in ,
city. Their lather Is an orthodox clergyinan. !,
. i i n I'
A' pair of twins; weighing twenty-two and a half
pounda were UteW bora at Lanslnbarg New Vork,
IllXUUlir 11PW I lim .
Berenty-six year Old and Mrs. V.'ttTty-foHr.
Josil Billings' Elements of Moral
Philosophy. I
e are apt to naie mem wno wont tnKe our
advice, and despise them who do.
one "di? kioi?u P '
Elegant lezzure chewing plug tobacco.
spitting in a Uorg's eye.
Real happiness don't consist so much in what a
man don't have as it does in what he don't want.
Fear is the fust lesson larnt, and the last one
Nobody but a phool gits bit twice by the same
A pet lam always mikes a cros ram.
Epitaffs are like circus bills there is more in
the bills th in is ever performed.
Tew be healthy eat unyuns and go naked.
Grim-Visaged War
Ilaving xniooih-d his wrinkled front, th" atteution cf
MV (" "j'lu a J 'Ulli AU I TWI 111 I j is tauvu to
Kcllcy A: Kendall's
New Grocery & Provision Store,
Where ther can buy all kind of
Choice Family Groceries
Very Lowest Prices.
Id the Gnxvrjr tine I hey kep
J. cos.
d'C, d'C,
d'C, d'C.
In the Provision line.
Meals, Potatoes, Dried Fruits,
Cheese, Candies, Crackers, etc.
In addition to the abor they hare ikewie a largs and
varied assort men t of
Glass, Stone and Wooden Ware,
snj ererythin
cle usually fUund in a first class Grocer
Tha Highest .Market Price iu Cash
und alt ither kind of Country Pro.lnre. Intending to
keep a full supply of all kind and qualities of
th'-y intte everybody to call and examine their stock.
Plymouth, May 18, 18Ü5 2Sif
PorsHins cfc Co.,
Would call the attention of the public to their
fulland wellselected stock of goods, well suited to
, this market, consiating in part of
Drugs, Medicines,
Paints, Oils, Book?,
Lamps. Lanterns, Coal Oil,
-Wall Window Paper
,i . ' .-.:;. . . " .
Perfumery . PKb tograph Albums,
Cigars, Fiue Cat Tobacci, Candies
'o r. i
j i 1 t J!'
Foley's Botanic Balsam,
Hollo wny Worm ConfectIos, fcc, iC.
. Call and see bur'stock: before prirchatirg else
where. ' ,; ""'
anS.! 865-1 3tf ... tr-
iß e 3
A VoUefrcm tU Far TCtL-rtUg of Costa i'i J
S. "f.ars
f - - - a
T TiMT 1
' c " Cost r'l,f advertisement IaUispper.
CliailffC Of BllSillCSSf
Locality !
(formerly steter a scuaxe,)
' Has this Day Removed to S.
.11. Becker' Old Stand,
well known as
Hats and Caps, Coots aud Shoes,
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods,
Will be kept constantly on hand) and
will be offered for sate nt the
Very Lowest Terms Possible.
Thankful tr received patronage at the old stand, (iioxt
to Per.Uios'a Prut; Store,) the undersigned begs to .uli jt
a continuances cf the same at the new stand.
Motto Unchanged:
Quick Sales,
Small Profits,
Strictly Honest and Fair Dealing.
Plymouth, May 3d, 1S05 29tf
Immense Stock of
To the Corner Room of
lr.'' j
Ali of their ' Old - Customers
Te Ctfme and Sec tkero, aU s many
Ncvr Önes as can sjet Into the Store.
. - ' . ' '" "' ' ' ' j
Thankful for past patronage, a contia
nance oi tae samc . respec....y ...i.
, ; .' . ' ;: - ,
AAI A ATJaVA.' w -W -
rijmoutli. May II, lW-JWf '
XT cm xt on: itohi
Stra tell ! Xcratrl! Scratela !
Will (urrtheltrh lots Hours
It tun the l'riiiri. Tth. Afs
t,'l rr, (. hill.ltu:;-, n.l lt Ertip
ti' U xt tl:i- Skin. I'rii-r. V) rth.
IU an of lutii'R and Vi'iilir
lii.ii will r.'-t remove tl Jifc-rj.-v.
I!v o.1iiis r-fits in T.
a II. M." lltMKKR, CLirnp.. jt
will l- f.rwirIfl ly mail, (ir
! :ii.v t.j.rt "I lin-oailitry.
hi. .-.J .. ;.t WW, Iv ÜfUMlAMS
AN .J' II i K. ;..,! V. k H. M. IIOOKI.f. Agflita .
"' v HHTK, rrtiprlttors, P.oMon, Mass.
May 4, isr,5 T-ly
The Urcat Canse
1 Lertnre en the atnre. Treatment and Radical
j Our- f S,"nm.,l Wt-sikiii-!. or Six rinnJorrlinr-d, inlnrrt
t C..1T At....... In...l,,iuri, V...:. O ,v.:l:. .
7. II ,llt i II . 'I il II l i l J l.lil 1' l.l-, ,.-l. J H -M I I ! T , HII'l
Iuipcdinients to Marriage ft -tirra'ly. Nurvottsnes, Ten-
nmptioii. Kiil .v hii-1 Kit; M'-iill ivnd f'hvsical Tnni.
pacity, io. By lt'!( T .1. I I LVKRWKU, SI. V.,
Author of tlio "'Jri-cii lt'H.k," Ac.
The wwlJ-riMjowned antlir. in this sminMe Ircctnts
clearly ,rovf fr.nii liu own exM.ri.ii-r thnt lh atil n.n-srijuii'-es
of Sfir-Almw may l.? IVc I n ji I Iv rr jotrd with
out medicine, and wiilimit J.oijrfrons Mirciial njrj.r''!!,
iMingies.itistrutiiriits, rinu r ordi.-iN. piintingvnt a mod
ofcurwutdni-pcprtnin arfdcflfi ttial, ,y hii h evt-ry ii(T n-r.
no matter what l,i.niJiti'ii dhit W, may rur- himoplf
chpap1v,prfrntelv.atidn('i'at. Till S I. Kl'TI'KK Wll.f,
Sent, uti'ler B"at, in a d:iin ift-iihM riiv l,,tc, to ny ad
itrc8. on thf rn-eijit ol ix r-nt, or two pottp? tamp,
by a,l lrci.-iiii
Clin-. J. C. Kline Sc Co.,
1-7 B.-ry, New Vork.
rot Office box 1"3". juuv!5'Uj-a3
G-reat Improvements in
Empire Shuttle Machine!
Salesroom, 530 JJroadway, N. Y.
232 Washington Boston, iMass.
This Machine io , on-t ru. l. tt on an entirely new prinri.
pie of mcrhanism, -"--sii; luat v ran an1 'valuable im
provemeuts. having U-eti rxamiiif-d I v the init pr f t-r.d
expert. n.l .r..n..iu.i .-.J to 1c 61 M l'LICll Y aud Pllit
The fol rwiiii; are t lie priucf pal wlject ion surged again ft
.-v-win;; .nacniut-s:
1st nx-4!.ivv labor to the
2d Liability to'g.t out of
3d Expense, trouble ami
hs oft ime inrt-pairir tt.
Ith I iiriij .- it !(, evi ry
t! -i i ij li'i.n f mntrrial.
"tli V iinpreeatit noiMj
bile in i,-r;it kin.
The Empire Se icing Machine is Exempt
from all these objections.
Tt hasaf raizht n-e.lb-. i-'r--ini!. nbtr;iction malr t!
LOCK or S1ILTTI.E STI 'i which will NMTIlrK
RIP i.r KAVIX, and is like on ltu Ideu: jerforn.s
perfect aewinp on every d s-. ripti- n cf n:atni:tl. fn in
Leather to th'. finj-t NaaMk Mnliu. with cotton, linen
or-ilk thread, fiom tln-c ir -t to the fincnt mimlier.
Ilavinjr neither ('AM nr (Vfi WI'KKL, and the least
p358iblcfrii.-l.on, it i uu; smooth ashlars, and is
eiipiiatkai.lv a oisi:li:ss mkiiive!
It re.iuir.-i FIFTY TKU CENT bus power to drive I
than any other Mm-hin la market. A till of twelve years
of a pecan wuri It t-:.di;v, without fatigue ir itijurvto
health. Its SVKEXU Tll'nud
of nitrii'-ti'-n render it almost imj osil le to pet t nt o
order.aiol is .JCAKAJiTKLD by the conipany togiTet-o-tire
sat ifii-l ion.
We ri'-ipt-et fully invite all thne who niaj d sirrtosnpply
thcinsclv. ith a superior article, to rail acd exumin
This Unrivaled .Machine.
Hut ia a tnoreesiecial manner Jo we solicit thr patron
axe of
Merchant Tailors, Dress Malers, Coach
Malers, Corset Malers, Hoop Slcirl
Manufacturers, Gaiter Fitters, Shirt
and Bosom Malen, Shoe Binders,
Vest and Pantaloon Malers.
CWTteliRiom and Charitable Institutions ill boliber.
ally dealt with.'itt . -
Price of Machines, Complete
Xo.l, Family .Machine, n iili HV-mmerconiplc-te, 6e ro
No. 2, Small Manufacturing, w itl, Extension Tal le, T'u
No. :t, I.arire Manufacturing, ith Kxtci.iou Table, S.r on
No. 3, LarKe.fitr Leather, with rolling foot, Ac, KK) 00
We want Agents for all tovnr in the T'nitei? States, Can
ad.., Cuba, Mxi--, Central an,l SohiIi America, her
aicnries are not already etahlidied, to wlioni a ltUnl
discount 'kill U- fiven, but we make no coto-ir ?nts.
Onler may b int through the Ami khan Advlktis
ISO AcDNCT,as3 Broadwar. N-.-w York.
J. T. M. AttTUl B t CO.,
No. 4"4 rtrot:dv. Nem-York,
rr SAMl'EL TOB( It, Ond Atf-nt for In-liaaa. Ad-
LKJ Uri-ss S. Porch, Spkcland, Ind. doc2U'Cl-ly
Tlie following facts demonstrate that these Ma
chines comprise the HIGHEST IXraOVEStC.NTS I ths
Sewi.ig Machine Art, viz ' .
1. Each Maciii.xe is guaranteed ta give better sat
isfaction than any other Sewing Machine in
Market, or money refunded.
2. They have taken many of the highest ratal
cms at the most important exhibitions aud
raias ever held in the United States.
3. They make the lock stitch alike on both
aides thus saving more than half the - thread
and silk used in the raveling riJge-seatrs of the
loop'stitcli anl single-thread Sewinjj .Machines
A. They are adapted to the widest range of heavy
and light sew ing. -
5. They have no rattling wires, or delicate attach
ments to keep in repair.
6. They require no taking apart to clean or oif.
and noLessons" toset needle, regulate ten
sion, or operate Machine.
Please call and examine and demonstrate for
yourself, orsendfor cirojlak with samples ef sew
ing. N.B. Town and County Agents wanted.
Dec. 2, 'G5.nl Jyl .
Sil ER 31
A X & C o
Manottctwrers of all k In.Js of
Monuments;: Tonib ' Stones,
- Head, atones, or illiSizes and Farms,'
"Bureau Tops", Counter Slabs, Etc. .
They will sell 11 kinds of work cheaper tlisn any other
establishment in Northern Indiana can. nd will warrant
satisfaction ia all rates ,,, .
R. ß -LENHART, General Agent.
t A. V1NNE0GE;; Local Agt. Pljmontb.
CATS wri BIRDS. W!io?Tf rhetcrf hi liopffrjr
small birds is a cruel man : whotwr aids in extrrnunaiife
I rati is a benefactor. We should like some' of rnr ctrr
j poadcnU taüc im th Une&t of tbMrfrlenee in driv
I ing out lbpsersts.. V"o noeilsoiuethirsbrsidtsdngs.cats,
wra imps Kr inis owinm.'-.Hrfearrse Ammratt. jr. f . f
i avL,Sa 'CosTAa's,va4vnita3cat In this jiv.-
186 Q
. prn, hy wlh r or .i
I SKJ WUBItt niMSUlue ttmww - "
1 sVL Costae 44TvrtiFf DJcot ihU pr r.
0 h Una K'j
r i-. M..
. i in
SE V G L 1)1 IIS!

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