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p 4
Post Office Directory.
Office o.rn from T a. m. t8 p. m.
Muney Order and Kririster office oven from 7 a.
in . to 7 p. in.
O.inp East, 9-.4ft a. sr.. Gih-K Weft, 2;2!. p. m,
Tiiu-' niBil, 8 4ft . m. j Thru' mil, :HS a. m.
Ci hiii Korfli, 4:10 1. m. j Going bout li. 10:1P a. m.
Bremen Mail arrive Tmdy k Tlmi-ariay, 12 m.
' " l-rts Tuesday A Friday, 7 a. in.
Mrmotit arr. and dep. TiH-sd'ay & FriUa)', 1 m.
" - " " d-mrte ' 12 m.
Walnut Hill and Lnkrvillr arr. Ttirrdar, Thiira
dnr Suliintny, ai 2 p. m. brparta Monday,
Vrdurstlar lilfl riidav. at 8 a m.
We arc informed that R. J. Mc Elvaine duty in life Was confined to the domes-
Jan old and esteemed citizen, died at bis tic relations is evident from the manner
residence in this township last week. in which, he emphasized this part of Lis
An other fact we observed that did not
strike us as favorable to high and pure
Church Directory.
Hi, Pastor, l'rvwlihig on Sunday, at lislt-past
ten, a. in., ard at svvfii. . m. SiindHy School at
two vXlntk. p. ni. Class Mwtinps, Wednesday, at
sven u'ekk-k p. m.; Siuiilsy, at tflv tTcliicfc m.,
md iliree o'clo k p in. Tin- l'ator mj be Sinnd
In stmlv ar ilie Cl.tircli. In.m nine a. m. to twrlvw
111., tlirolteh lic mk. At .!li-r liuuis lll be out
on (-k-t icui dt,iy or at hi residence.
Jsubjfiibe Ibr the Republican.
The weather has been exceedingly cold
for the last three days.
Business i a litilc dull but merchants
are hopeful.
A very large amount of matter is crow
deuont This week which will appear in
our next.
Get your printing for the Holiday? done
at the Marshall Cocktt Republican
office. -
. -.
If you want a neat job of printing don't
f.iil to call at the Marshall County R
publican job office.
The M. E. Church Social at II. R.
Pershing's last Tuesday evening, was a
social treat indeed.
The Sabbath School. Convention held;
at South Bend last week was a very in-'
tercsiini' session, the proceedings of
which will appear next week, .
The Ox-tail correspondent of the Bour
bon Mirror offers hints to furmers that
will be very valuable, to. them if they can
only make it work. - -
Around on Laportc Street at the Town
pump, Mueller hones Razors for 25 cents,
warranted-to cvrt any beard after leaving
his establishment. Call on hltn. " 2 '
The first copy of the Bourbon Mirror,
edited and publiihed by Mattingly ami
Geddos, at Bourbon, Marshall County,
Ind., reached us last week. . It is a thirty
two column weekly, and we confess that
in appearances and in matter it fully
measures up to our expectation. '
The delegates from this place to the
Sabbath School convention for the La
porte District held at ' South Bend last
week, beg leave to return their thanks to
the citizens of the latter place for kind
treatment received, and especially to the
families of Mr. and Mrs. Rogers,. Mr. and
Mrs. C. Studcbakcr, and to Mr. and Mrs.
Hubbard. : , .
development, was in consistent with this
progressive age : When God created wo
man out of the 5th or 6th rib, she looked
upon Adam, and recognizing , her Lord,
evidently intending to convey the idea
that the woman's will is subservient to
man's, and that she does not stand before
tue world intended for his mate, and his
equal.' We have no objections to the
speakers claims to beauty, for if appearan
ces are an index, he understands well the
physical law and physical perfection is
always beautiful, and we commend it;
bnt it always has its temptations, and lest
it becomes the ruling power and carries
with it its often attended train of evils,
we should ever remember that the mor
al sentiments should predominate.
We too believe in physical perfection,
but it must be controled by the intellec
tual, and the physical and intellectual,
should both be controled by the moral ;
in this way we secure the highest degree
of culture, and if we fail in securing the
numerical strength, we may reasonably
expect to raise up the greatest number of
Useful members in society.
Messrs. Cleveland fc Behiens spare no
pains to furnish the best quality of goods
in the dry goods line for their customers.
Fast machine presses, new type fine
inks of different colors good paper a
large stock of cards, at the Marshall
Cocsty Republican office.
Preaching. Rev. W. W. Campbell,
f Delphi, will preach in the Presbyterian
Church, in Plymouth, next Sabbath, De
cember 10th, morning and cveuiug.
i.n A??r C t nszr t: nitit, in Bal
coay Hall, will bathe occasion of consid-e.-aole
'nppiness to all wlu attend. The
newspapers every where praise lhe;n.
Christmas Service at the M. E.
Church Suuday evening, Dec. 24th, and a
Tree at the same place on Monday eve
ning, Dec 25th.
A cardial invit iiion is extended to all.
Married On the 20th of Novemlier,
in Bremen, at the residence of the bride's
mother, Mrs. Knobloek, by Rev. Win,
Dohliman, Mr. E.J. Thompson and Miss
Carrie Kkoulock.
Thb Aumksce Room of the M.
Church, in this place, is at last seated, -;
The Church will be dedicated Dec. 17th,
E. O. Haven, D. D., and I. C. Pershing,
D. D., with all former pastors of this
church, are cordially invited and expected
to be present to officiate and otherwise
aid on the occasion. v
Let the Clerical Brethren join us in the
re-union Saturday evening, Dec. 13th.
Will Michigan City, Lapartf, Valpa
raiso, South Bend and Rochester papers
please copy.
Is Comioo. Dr. Bort, of No. 92 Co
lumbia Street, Fort Wayne, one of the
most successful teachers now living for
the treatment of Chromic diseases, and
whose advertisements hae appeared in
this paper for some months, will, by spe
cial request from many persons, be in Ply
mouth, at the Parker House, during all
day Thursday, December 21st, when he
can be consulted for successful trrniinent.
For further particulars sec his advertise
ment in this paper, and profit by it. Dr.
Bort will make regular monthly visits to
this place for one or more years, thus af
fording those who are. desirous of being
cuied a favorable opportunity of so doing
decT2t. ,
,t . ... The recent depreciation in Ike
New York Market of Manufactured Goods
Our Low Prices of September and October,
.We learn with deep regret that Con.
fcider Ciuhnian, one of the oldest, and
among the best citizens of thU county
lieu at his residence last week. We have
not been able to learn the (act in full.
Married By Rev. A. Fuller, on Fri
day hist, at the residence of the officiating
c.ergyiwin, in this place, Mr. Ldwin
Moiigax, of Illinois, to Miss Martha S,
Ciuv of P.ipe township iu this county.
Cake received.
Arth'.ir Metcalf, the man who manages
The Rochester Seittind, and makes it so
lively, and who renders Plymouth notor
ious, on account cf its being his birth
place, was in town last Sunday, looking
tpiite well and cheerful.
J. X. Fn2!ji3 his j 1st rec jived a new
1 t of L i.lij-i' Furs, Lili js-' llo ds, Xu
b'uu, D.-ess Goods, ic. Also, Men's Clo
t'aiag. Hats and Cap,, Gloves, Underwear,
, All to bj sold Ciijap for cash. Call
and sea. 7dec Jv
Social Festival. Next Tuesday
"evening in the Basement of the 31. E.
Char;li, the proceeds of which are to be
employed for furnishing the audience
room of said Church. All are cordially
invited. '
The American Farm Journal. The
November number of the American Farm
Journal comes to us with twenty bright,
clear pages. There is completeness in
every department. There i spirit, life
and brightness every where. There are
over lift y original articles by contributors
and editors and all were written with the
farmei's life in view. Iu no paper have
we seen as great a variety of matter, and,
we may add, no where have we seen as
pleasant a variety. 1 he illustrations are j
made to play a pract ical part and they as
sist wonderfully iu making clear many
things that puz.le young farmers. There
are several uepartments in the Journal
that we do not find in other Agricultrnral
papers, and a spice of humor running
through some cf'.hce '.kit. c-n'.alu'.es
much to the attractiveness of the paper.
We find here articles by the leading Agii
cnlturists and Iloriiciiltiirists of the coun
try, and nearly every State in the Union
represented by some contribution. The
Farm Journal is published by Miller,
Locke & Co., Tcltdo. Ohio, for 75 cents
per annum. Specimen numbers will be
sent on application.
, James E. Houghton in his travels has
.secured a .species of bat, called the red
bat, which might add to the importance
of Bamum's Mm-enm. It may now-be
sem at 1he grocery store of Houghton &
Cleveland. - . -
In the establishment of the exchange
-trauk at this place, and the energy mani
fested in its behalf, Messrs. Buck fc Toan
are deserving of great credit, and the Insti
tution is entitled to the entire confidence of
the public' r -
For a Christmas and New Year's pres
ent that is a present, or gift, one that
.shows choice, sound judgment and busi
ness, go to 'Wnitnioe's, and buy fone f
those beautiful "Eureka" Organs at
greatly reduced price. " deo7-5w.
The Appt Concerts. .
We are informed by Geo. Manning, that
the Appy Concerts are comeing to this
place very soon. There are four persons
engaged in these concerts: Mr. Henri j
Appy, the distinguished violinist. Miss
Nellie Freeman, Mr. Wm. Macdonald,
and Master Leo Paul. ' y
From the opinions of the press we
make a few extracts! The Pittsburg Com
mercial says Henri Appy is the peer of
any violinist in the world, -and the Music
al Monthly says :
Miss Nellie Freeman, as a sinsrer whose
tones and expression are brought to har
monize with the sentiment of her songs,
is one to .vhom it is simply a delight to
As a tenor singer, the Rochester Next
Letter speaks thus of Macdonald :
Mr. Macdonald added largely to the fa
vorable impre.-sion he Vad heretofore
created while here with Ole BulL He
has a remarkably rich, powerful, and well
modulated lenor voice, showing caretul
study and cultivation. '
And this is what the same paper says of
the boypiauist;
Master Leo Paul, the boy pianist, is
certainly a musical prodigy. But four
teen vears or age, and quite small in stat
..ma I - . . . - . . . ; . i r.i :
me, uis pciiuiuiuuw 13 wouuerjuii 1 1
extreme. . ,
Remember the appointment of Dr.
Bort, one of the most successful Physi
cians now living, for all Chronic Diseases,
will be at the Parker House, Plymouth,
on Thursday, December 21st. -See adver
tisement in this paper, and profit by it.
,dec7:3t. '
- Just as we were going to press Ihe pain
ful intelligence has reached us that R. C,
lulton l no more. The deceased has
Txsen agent of the P., Ft. W. & C. R. R.
jn-rtus place for over three years, was a
highly cultivated christian gentleman, and
an honest man in the strictest sense. He
lea ves aTwifo and two child ren,
Our neighbor met with an accident yes
terday which cannot fail to cxdte the
sympathy of all printers throughout the
.country. lesterday afternoon as the
bjqyij (jrere ' preparing W forms for the
press, one of the hands was taking a gal
ley from a case, andtoccidentally upset the
stand, converging five cases and three col
umjls ; Into ; pi. We extend to yoa 'our
, TO JIodel Stobe. It is a t ct WOT-
h of pojice that Simon Becker is daily
receiving and adding to his very extensive
ltock ef Dry Goods, choice lots of Scotch
Plaids, , Clothing and Notions, of , the
Utest styles; and in his general effort to
please customers, fnrnisn good, goods,
od, an-yuadance of thera, he. Hot only
- triu "ocoesa as a merchant; but (it thev
iWjTJ pardon u) he his, with, the jtssist-
The principal portion of the address
delivered last Thursday evening at the
Luthern Church, by the Hon. M. B.
Hopkins, Superintendent of Public In
struction for ihis state, (notes of which
may be found in another column) was so
eloquently and forcibly delivered, and the
sentiment so near in accordance with our
own views, that we were not only highly
interested in the same, but heartily en
dorse it. . T . '
The speaker however made several state
ments, if rightly understood by us, that
marred his discourse, weakening its ef
fect. It showed a leaning toward old fog
yism (which is peculiar W the party to
which be belongs) and rendered him lia
ble to the severest criticism. :
He said that "the best men were those
who could do the mcst work," and the
best women were those who could raise
the "best children and the most of them."
As to the first proposition, we certainly
agree, but if by the laUer he intended to
convey the idea, that the all important
duty ct rvoman in this life is to raise
children, or in other words, raising chil
dren is her principal office, and all her
other powers should be rendered sub
servient to this important duty, then the
light of aviliiation has . damaged the
world, and we have degenerated frorr the
barbarous aze ; for it is evident that ani
mal development is favorable to healthy
offspring, and also to numbers, but high
mental and- moral culture decreases the
numbers and ; weakens ' lJi ' t1ivcV
f of 1,01,18 Sc5' Hermait ' 'Nathan, while it increaaea the , ower for aseful!
g Jsaward,inesa if the physical Uf is aot entirely
amiable aad.courteot; (and w need i disregarded In search arter the hif her -ex-
I 'gay gOOd lOOKtUg), fWPtS,, mccwddd Irfence. Tht tht aneabor tiiA intend t,
, rapof model ttott , Go and see. 1 convey the Idea that woman' principal
Sunday Scliool Convention
Minutes of a meeting of the Sunday
School Union of Laporte district, held in
First Church at South Bend; L. Nebe
ker presiiling singing conducted by
Messrs. " Marsh and btover Nov. 27tb,
28th and iiilth. The following programme
arranged by the executive committee, wai
carried out : , , .
. MONDAY 27th.
7 to 7:80 p. m. Address to Sunday
School workers by Arciiiuald lieal.
to a espouses by 1'aylor
and t)r. Theo. j ravel.
8:30 to 9 a. in. Heligous derotii.ns
led by L. Net'eker.
a to i :J0 Object teaching exemplified
by G. xasU.
a :tJ0 to Id Discussion opened bv G.
M. Boyd.
10 to 10:30 Sunday School government
by James Johnson.
10:o0toll Discussion opened by C.
It to 11-30 Class teaching by M. N.
11:30 to 12 Discussion opened by
John P. Kaily.
1 :l0 to 4 p. m. Rqorts from the
Schools, and general discussion and re
marks. i p. m. Chikl.-eu's Mass Meeting, ad
dressed by JoUu Robinson, J. o. ieuUer
and G. . ivasU.
8:20 to 9 iL m. Ueligious, devotions
led by C. fekiuner.
to a:iit) jssay, 1 he bunday bebool
as a means of Grace, by J. f. iaiiy.
i):oO to It) Discussion opened by L.
10 to 10:30 Essay, Best Method of In
fant Class instruction, n.. V. Law hoii.
10 :-M to 1 1 Discussion ojned by G.
W. a ash.
11 to 11:3.' Question Drawer, John
Brow n field.
11:0 to 12 Criticism of answers bv
1 :30 to 2 p. m. Miscellaneous business,
a t Z:iSi iest method of Preaching
to Children by J. Robinson.
2:o0 to ii-.oO Love j east, ltd by F.
The various exercises were interspersed
with suitable music.
The Committee on Resolutions, con
sisting of Messrs. Early, Lawhon and
.Nash leported the following resolutions
which were adopt vd:
Bcudted, That, as members of the Un
ion who have had the pleasure of attend
iug ihe sessions of the present meeting,
we have been pleased and much lU'otitcd
by the essays, audicsses and discussions,
and el moie so by the toe religious
spi.it luauitestcd tli.oiignout the several
sessii 'US
Jifjsalcd, That the attempts to seek
iMiticr over our schools by methods of
novelty, a.e often injurious, et we coin-
iiienu tbe Use ot lessons wiih points of
objective atliaciivencss, as ol especial val
ue to children of the present age of ma
terialistic tendencies.
liwolnd. 1 hat, while order and system
are of inucli importance in the govern
ment of a school, they should not bind it
to a slavish mechanical rout me.
lle-tulted. That successful class teaching
requites the best and most vigorous Useol
the mind and soul power of the teacher.
and that ind dence and carelessness in a
teacher deserves the strongest condemna
tion. Rt'solred, That the piaclical directness
ot applying divine trutii to the heart and
life, obtained "in the answ ering and ask
ing of questions;" the power ot music on
the senses of the soul; and the influence
of assimilation by contact, w ith the ear
nest and trustful simplicity of childhood.
taken together make the Sunday School
"a means of Grace," potential in develop
ing the best tyjtes ot christian character
which the chuich now contains.
llesoltxd. That the conception of an in
fant class in the Sunday School, origitia-
leu iu iue uiosi uiieiiigeiii miisiiaii coil
victioiC regard1 ig the nature and demands
of early childhood, and that it should be
the constant purpose ana endeavor of
teachers, by the use of scriptural truths
imparled in lessons and hymns, to so
keep the children in Chris;, that they nev
er go astray.
the it'sotvea, mat it is prttemDie mat ser-
mns Ol'ecled to children should Hollow
ing the Saviour's example) be preached to
mixed assemblies of botn parents and
Iiasolved, That the prevalent social vices
of the present time call upon us to de
mand of the S. S. teachers of the district.
renewed diligence and faithfulness, and
that the attention ot Superintendents be
called to this resolution.
. On. morion it was resolved that the
next meeting of the Union be held in
Plymouth. . t
'Resolved, That" the essays of "Messrs.
Early and Lawhon be forwarded to the
Western. Christian Adiocate, w ith a request
for their publication.
Resulted, That the papers of the District
be requested to publish these proceedings.
Resolved, That the thanks of the Union
be hereby cordjaljy tendered to the citi
zens for their hospitable entertainment.
John P. Early, Sec'y.
200 set Handsome Coney Furs at $2.00, $2.50 and $3.00 a set.
150 set Extra Nat Rat Fers, $3.25, $4,00 and $4.50.
200 set Children's Furs, $2.00, $2.50 and $3.00.
175 set Handsome Stripe Alaska Furs, $3.50, $4.00, $4.50 and $.0O.
75 set Real Mink Furs, $4.50, $5 00, $8.00, $10.00, $15.00 to $75.00 a set. '
Also, an immense stock of Siberian Squirrels, Real Astrechan and itcb i? urs.
Furs, Collars, Gloves, Etc , Etc. (a set always includes Muff and Collar
100 pieces Good Dark Waterproof, only $1.00.
Good all wool Flannels, 30, 35, 40, and 50c.
Heavy White Blankets, full size, $3.00, $3.50 and $4.00 a pair.
Immense stock of Dress Goods at 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50c.
100 pieces of Best Fall Delaines, 15, 18 and 0c.
Handsome, all w ool Empress Cloths at 60c s yard
Very Handsome Silk and Wool Velours, $1.25 and $1.50.
The vey best Prints, 9 and 10c. Good Brown Muslin, 8c. ; '
Also, immense lots of Hosiery, Gloves, Nubias, Hoods, Knit Scarfs, Notions,
Ribbons, Fancy Jewelry, &c, at about half the prices charged by high priced Stores
ludianapolis, Feru & Chicago j$5Q00O IN PREMIUMS.
Railway Time Taule. j v
Sunday, July 3)tH.
northward traiss.
I TSo. I.
No. lljXo. O. X tlA.rui.
STATIONS, tuko'gu li.cal. LOCAL. !". !'
tniiiaiinlxlia, 4 CHI aw B.Hiaw 70umj
llroo li , 4 211 ' 0 -.5 " 7.18 - j
Jnmpo'. n-S 7.-9 "
"atlptoB, ft. 7 14 - 7.4i
Bk , 8 1" 7 20 " .7 47
Britt"tr. 2 " 7. Ul 7.;Vi '
Nnl.lnsvillc, KW" 9 tW " 8.C6
Cii-en.. .at ' 4" " "
ArcsrtiK. " HUB" "
Biirna Viata. -'-T " (i8i" S.:tG '
Tiiitmi. 7.25 1 1 . " S 48
.l, kM.r. . 7.40 ' II 5( " S.S0 "
Sharwriil, 8 HI " 12.15 pm 9 05 "
Fairtl.1.1, H.I5 12 40 3 IS
K..ki.m... 8 45 9.2A "
PCStLCrog 8.5,"." , " 9 29 "
C.V.V-1HO, 9.11 , 9.41 "
B.M.ll-tl ., 9 19 . .. 9 47 "
Miami. " ,i ., "
BnVr Hill Cio'a 9" -0 ,. " "
Shop,. 10.15" , toil "
lcr:i, W.33" r..30A5l ., "
Conrtor. 1140" 7.00 I " 1 li.!8
1I Rit-rr. U'" 7.10" '1.23"
lVrtlo, 12. 7 pm 7 25 " '1.31 "
llirniineliam, 12 2o ' 7 42" II 40
Lincoln. 12 39" 7 .oil " 11.46"
Wa mr't 12.52 " 8 09 ' 1 1 "
H.K.li ier, ":.45 ' 9.14 " 12.40pm
Stnrgnili, . 2 o" u 9.34 " 12-2 "
Milli-r' 2.ii9" 9 44 ' 12 57"
W lnilt, 2.18 " 1C05 1 03 "
l:,,il.-l.ik, . 2.:0 li'.17 ' 111"
AiR. 2 45 W.30 " ' li "
I'lynioiilli, 3.25 11 511 " IA8 "
Tner, 4. oil " 12 Ism 157"
Kimtts' 4.12 1 (- 2.04
Walkertnn, 4.32" 1-15 " 2.17"
KdMK.ik.-c, 4 48 "! 2.0ft" 2-9"
Stitlwtfll. 5"S ' ' I 04 " 2.44 "
LnH.r c, 6.IO " ! a .Y.i 3 o-l "
Micliijt.iL City, 7.10" i.'O ' 4.00"
xo. a. i
Mail .vkVo. 8 Xo 10 Sn. 7S
STATION'S rai -in ij lim.a l luial. -t.iuu'ou
Mihijcau Hi.jr: 8 6011111 I5:iih 5 90 am
Lapurli.. 9.4.". I 8 2 i "1 0 4"
Slillwi-ll, li'.OS " ! 0 n '' I 7 OS "
Kankafcer, 10 17 ! 8.3U " j 7.SS "
V'nlkei lou, 10 27 " lO.tH) I 7 4K "
Kiixtia' 10:17 " .10 ?n ' I 8 i'4 -
Tvner, 10 ii " 10 4:i ' ' 8.15 "
Plin..lltV. 1100" 12 (),.m I 9 10
Arg", 11 IC !12 4i " j 9 4o "
I'.iiilUick'A 11. -2 " ,12.;'.0 " I 9 4S"
Whmt, 11.31 " i l.ot .10 Oi "
Millrr'. j 1 13 i!U.I5 '
Slinu.i'li, 11 40 " 1 g- 1(1.25
KiK-lu'sirr, 12.2i'pui i 20 ' II. 00"
Wagner', lx-12 " 3 011 " 1120
Liuci'lii, !z 3'J ' 3.20 " ll.4ii '
biiniint'lim, 12.44 3.30 ll.;-'"
1.it.-tl-i, 12. 3" X. 4) iJ,OI.m
t.l Kl.cr, 1.00 ' 4.15" 12.19"
lourn-r, 1.0'j j 4.25 " l2 3f
I't-rii. 1.20 ' I 6.15 am i.(-U " ' " "
Sli'-jni. 1 37 " li.'lli - j 154
bu'er Hill Cru'K 1.57" 7 oft 2 34"
Mlauil, S.OU '- 7 25 " 2-fto "
Bfiiiir'.t's a. II 7.37 SOI
lua.ivillf . J-.lii " 7.5i( 3.0 "
1' C r oi LCl'.'s 2 32 8 20 ' 3 hi
Kuk ', 2 iu g 45 " til "
KmrLt-liI, ' 2.48 9,13 4,28 -
Miurp-ivill.t, 2 67 ' 9 40 47 "
Jui kei'U 9, 3 Oil l."5 6 -0
l iptuu, 3.18" mau" i.4(
BiM i.a Visla, o 31 - 11.40 " o ;J "
Alcailiu, 3 39 " 12Kni 6 10"
Uieru. S.48 " 12.35 " S13 "
Nutii-arille, 4.04 " 1.211 " 6.' "
lintioit'a j 4.15 1.50 " 7-10 "
Uick'. 4 22 2"3" 7 il "
Jaxlicliiu, 4.29 219 " 7-35 '
iimu.', 4 41 2.M1 " 8.0O "
Brown a, 4.02 ' 3 18 " 818 "
llill.auiiuliA. 5.10 " 1 3.30 " 8 30 "
FHtST--Becniue it la, in everj van of Hie term
u live pajper." 1
SkC"N llccanw it is, in the broi ilwt seinw. fair
anit-fuilrHniiut od all poliiical q i utioua. wliilf
U if rtiatiiirrty Itopiilihran in priiicTjiie.
Third Bi-iaiiiM- in eilit'irn talk lo tin. pjint.aml
-to in. I nil I lii ir cotnnilit ailli limp m,d pro 1 t
says. lv"nl of iuiereat as m.u)1 as princit.le.
"Kouhth Becaii-e il in ppucl 10, ill lain! moimp
lie?, ami tht; li..loule appropi i;tion f ih- punlu-
ilitiuaiii to milruaii ur other tp--uil.atir. corjjora
liona, Kiy-11 BiTMiise it paihers ilie news from ml
qiiar.er", oi tlie worlil, bv te!egrapti, and lltViUi.li
ill own epev-nil t'urriMindt-nln aud ri-por!-i, and
coiidt iibiM ii inloMiili liruf slia'w ltd to pri-s-iit a
ri-lialilf 11 inorofal! that is going ou lu Ihia and
other t-oiiD tries.
Sixru Biaase its Market Kcuris of Live
Slotk. tlr:iill, tiroce:!.-;. Dry li-i.iul, etc., of litis
r.ud other Irattiiiecoliillieleiiil cities of the Union.
Miuie alMays pt-oved most re.liiihle, mid lK;c,iili.e tt
I Aicncilltiirul llrpartmeot is comlnuted witii auility
and an earne.-,t Uesne t tieiieht Ihe lar er.
SEVENTH Bi-ratise ills a paptT for Ihw Home
Citcle nlwnis havini- something lor tiie yoimi:
loiks, as well as fr tnu old f, Iks; soiueihiog for
the hi. ti.cu.i,r-. ie -Atli ui, lor thn ihuitirhtlnl; sume
tUiiir lor ihe Ladies as weilas tor Ihe tieiilieiuen,
III Lo t, sunii thing snlied li.l alt tastes.
lll.S t KKl.l ll.HKa is Ihe !iH',i populai
family nei-spar-er ii-smti in the le.-f. as is ut-ni.'ii
mrated ly ila imiuelibe ull'ClllAI iolt, (uearly luo.uooj
wliu,li la ):ie.i.er lha. thai ol any oilier weekly
niibUrned outcide ol ew York Coy.
W ill be presented.
DAVID MAC Y. Gen. Snp't. Iniliaiirin.iiis.
K. C- ;ilL'HI'H V , Mnp.'t, alich. Oily Divisioi, La.
ree of rhar-tn wi.h
ttie AdiiiihI
copy ot
'. , Plvmouth Market.. - ,
Flour f 3 50 75 per 100 lbsV "
Buckwheat Flour $4 00
Corn 35c per bu. - i
Wheat f I 25 per bu. "" .
Rre -4oc per bu.
Oats 30c per bu. ' ,- --3
;T Clover Seed $6 50 per bti. r K - :
i Potatoes 6070c per buj 1 -
Beans $1 OOper bu.
Butter 1215c per B. , ;
Lard 10Wc per lb.
Eggs-1012c per doz.f j j ... f i -
Han. 1418c per Ik.
Bac-n 1014c per lb.
Shoul Jers 812c per Ri s 1 7 ' t ' 1 1
White Fish $6 507 00 per half bbl.
Kits, $1 503 00. - f ;
Trout $5 756 00 rrhalfbbl.
Mac1terel KiU, 3 0U3 25; half bbL
$8 0010 00.
4 Chickens 8c per B. 1
; Rags '214c per ft.
Hay-$7 00ai0 ST '-'t'rv-
Beef $5 00 00 per 100 lba.
y yy5 00 per 100 :Ls.
Hogs Hv weight 8 25. . : ; A jrl
Wood $2 253 f0.
Corrected "weekly, by Pershing &
Welch., (,4 0,'4 ),,. , t ,
Cnrea all dia uses caused by self-abue, viz: Sier.
matoihea, Seminal weakness, Micht Koiissinns,
Lnn of Memory, Cnirerysl Lansitado, Pains io the
Back, Dimnesn of Vision, Prematura Old Ase,
Wmk Nerve. Difficult Brealhlnfc, ale Counten
ance, Insanity, Counmption and all disea-ee Ibat
6 llr.w an a Rflrence u youthful indiscretioa.
y Thi m -dmiue bu been used in our practice
for many years, and aiih thousands treated, ithaf
not tailed in a single Instance.
" Each package of Vegetable Dure Is wrapped
iu ullra-niarine blue p-iper. printed in B-Id letters
aid rontaiosoue liotlle flllrd wltb Sugar Coaled
Pills, and on vial of Medicinal Powders, sufficient
to make cm-half pint of injection; and Syringe.
" Price 8S KT package, by mail free of post
age, or three pa k&jies by express on receipt of Ten
The "Vegetable Cure" is wild by responsible
I'rngaists mrjwhere; some dealers, however try
to sell cheap awl worihlssa compounds in place of
this, lu order ta make mure mon,y. Be not de
ceived, ask for tbia rive Dollar Pre,ark.!Foa and 1
take no other. If the dealers do not keep -t, en
close (be money In a letter and we will send It by
return mail, sec ire from observation.
Ladles or Gentlemen writing kr treatment, will
state their symptoms in full; Ibey need not besi
late on account of their inability to visit ns, as we
hats treated patients successfully in alt portions
of thecoutineut by correspondence.
Patients addressing us will please state plainly
all the symptoms, aud write Post Olflcc, County
State aao. name of writer, ar.d enclose Postage
Stamp for reply.
He desire to send oar thirty-two page pamphlet,
entitled SJam asid Wtmta lavaltrls,
to every reader of Ihis paper, and will mail, free, a
dozen or more copies to auy person who will hand
them to their friends. "v.. r ;t 7
AHure.sas follows -j t V,? . :J . V "
'. St. Louit Medical Attociation, -u'
" ' 1 ' til North Bizth Street, -''-
St.'Louw, Missouri.
Sold " hy (ruggists.-'
octl9- wsltyrl. ' - , .-'i'.".. I
Illustraied liion Ha-d-Cook,
An elt'ffanlly printed x-oIiifd of cuer 100 lnrj:e oc
I'iigtf.cuiitHiiihi h grat nnnitier of imt-ivM
ii. M.itutilu:, liUtoriral ami uiirteeiUiifOti-fcuriioie,
II tiiintud wild fitrjr ol ihe ftiient eleci 1 ol j ( n
r ixiiirt. AIo tlit-umtul ttlHlifliral lutirtu oftlie
vear. K fctimi lift urns, AimaiiHC C it utter and im
t-l, Ht.'l iMiiry tor ih ji-ar lS7i.
'I he ciri'uUtion ot" Ihis I took is confined excInR
iv.l.y iu rhe -atrooscl llie CINCINNATI WKUK
L IM ia btl cm not Ih itrjitt'U ul any price.
iti;e.ii ul itit tiaitd-li'k, uch mIc: ilivm t
jn-. r ii, will rt-tfive a imtknf ol NKW ANb
VALUABLE SEtCl-, mtrh hn will tuou mtuin a
l uLdieil 1c Id the i rice j aid lor tbe pH) r, vie:
Early White Field Corn,
Tito Months Earlier titan anv other ratieij.
SingCi ' Sub&ribers, per year $3.C0
Club of 3 Stil: criptions per year, each, 1.7&
Club o 10 ftiid upward,pery&.ir, each,'. IXC
A GENT; or, instead of an extra copy, some
valuable present, in accordance tcUi our
Premium List. -
Dressed : Hogs, Dressed ; Hogs !
, 1 O.O O O
Dressed Hogs' wanted at tbo Tellow Warehrttse, r
wnicn t will nay the highest market price in cash
aoiM-bt. - II. G. THAYKhV
The Publishers of the Wekklt Times conduct
their biisuiew on Isir and lilieral principles. They
e.d IheassUtance of Local or Club Agents, and
they nro willing to compensate the in liberally fur
their sen'tci-s.
The peiiect success attending our distrilitttion of
premiums the past season, and Ihe entire satisfnc
lion they have piven. enciiirig.i in to s ill mini
liberal iu our oll'ers thi fall. We hive, theretorM.
preiared a muuimvnt schedule nfralu bleandde
sirahle articles, w hich will .e eiven tn our A'zenu
accotding to their success in o blaming subscribers
Onr Premiura List, Subs, rip-
ti on Paper, and Specimen. Copies
of the TIMES, -wiU be
sent to any address free cf expense.
Publishers Weekly Times,
. 62" West Tliird Si,'
, . Salem College, Bourbon, Ind-ji
Ample accommodation and thorough
instruction will be afibrded to all students
of both sexes who connect themselves
witii this Institution. .r - f
; Board can be obtained io private fami
lies at $2 50 to $3 00 per wfk. i
Students will be admitted to no ad
vanced standing la College course by pass
ing the requisite examination. For full
particulars address ? " ' ' ""
noT30-3tt. T.lkhLVB, Prin; :
S tlett College, Bourbon, Ind.
A Repository of Faahlon, , Pleasure
; audi Imti-nellon,
Harper Bazar.
Notice of the Press.
It is resTly the only" illustrated chronicler ol
Stshion in the runutrj . Im uppleinents alone are
forth the subsoripi ion price of the paper. Whil
fully maintaining its positional a mirror nf fash
ion, it also cmin'iis stories, poems, brilliant es
say, b idr g neral and personal gossip. Bottm,
Safnrdaj Kveuing Gatettt.
There never whs a paper published that so delight
ed the l ean of wi man. e er mil d if it dues cost
you a new Donnet: it will rate you ten times the
price in the household economy it teaches freej.
deim Jottrnat.
The yonug lady who buys' a siugte number of
narper-. ouir is maoe a suuscriiier lor lire. Ae
York Eocniny pott.
The Bazar i excellent. Like all the periodicals
which the Harpers publish, It is almost ideally well
edited, and tb class of readers for whom it is in.
tended the mothers and dsnghtcrs in average lim
illes-rsn no? bnt proBt by ils good seme aud giaid
taste, and ability, hich, we have no doubt, are
to-day making very many homes hsj pier than thev
may have-been betnrc Ilia women began taking
lessons in I ersonal and httnstliold and social man
agemrnl ffota this coou natnrad mentor ,V
;, .v, r.
' ': -rEiaa : ' .
i Harper's Bazar, ooe year, ronr Dollsm. '
An extra copy of either the Magazine, Weekly,
or Bazar will ba supplied gratia lor every rlob nf
Fiw onbscribers at H e,ch, tn . remutanc, . or
Six Copies ior SiO, withont extra copy. -
Baoecriptiuns to Harper's Uagaziue, Weekly .and
Bazar, to oneaddreas for on year, $10; or, two of
rtM'"'!0iit'ial1'," address for una year,
, Back Enmbers can be supplied at any time. "
. ?h.i"LT, of ""Psr1" Bazar, for the y sal s
lg6S, 'ea. TO, TLalegaaUy bound in green saotsc
noetoth.will boaesl by express, Ireight prepaid, for
tba iNsetage on Basper'a Bazar is 80 eeatsa yr.
srbioa miurt d paid at tbe saoaei iber'e post umoa.
Addraw v BUkBJ'SzlaVBBOSMaw Trk..
LRS Wl Til HUT a .",,lfiT UlllJsl Ut u ;timi..,
Manufactured and sold Wholesale and Retail by
augs.ir . PERSHING & Co., Plymouth, Ihd.
Fall and Winter Dry Goods,
Having just received a tremendous Ktnck of all kinds of Goods in our lino, we arc
prepared to show to he citizens of Plymouth and vicinity, the largest assort
ment, and best selected stock we ever had the pleasure of exhibiting.'' Our
Dry Goods consists ota full line of RICH RLACK AND JAPANESE
DELAINS, REPS, and other Delaines in all shades and
colors. We have added to our alreadv larffe assort
IRISH POPLINS, to which we invite your
especial attention. In Domestics wc have
an extensive line of everything, such '
as Muslins, Ticks, Denims, (Jins
hams, Cautoa Flannel, Shirt
ings, and a heavy stock
of Home Made'Flitn
nel, Woolen aud
cotton yarn, -Hatting
etc. . ... .
We have the lars-est assortment in th? citv, both in Double and Sinirle Shawls,
rnd feel assured that we can suit the tastes of the most fastidious.- Also a large va
riety of Children s Shawls.
We have inst received a vcrv fine assortment of Ladies' Sacks in Beaver, Chin
chilla and Citssimere. In Balmoral Shirts we have a full line of Wool and Felt j
also a large assortment of low priced Skirts of various patterns,
Give us an inspection in this lino, as we have a very large assortment of White
and Grey Blankets of all grades, which have been bourrht previous to the late rise.
corsets! "Corsets!-" corsets i
Come and see our novelties in Corsets, something entirely new : The Minerva and
the Rival Hip Gore Corsets, in all sizes, which far surpasses anything in fit, price,
and durability. Also a lanre assortment of the Model and German Wove Corsets,
Notions of all kinds, of which we have a full line.
The lurgest line we ever kept, of all shades and widths. Also a full line of Sash
Ribbons of various shades and colors.
Here we are at home, having just received a tremendous stock, consisting of goods
for Men's, Youth's, Boys' and Children's wear, of all sizes and styles. Call and see
our prices before purchasing elsewhere. In Huts and Caps we have the latest styles,
and are receiving new novelties every day. ' - -
BOOTsA5ro shoes; .
Our line of Boots and Shoes was never so complete, having an endless variety,
consisting of all sizes to fit, from the largest to the smallest person. t '
A very large line of various designs. Also a new supply of all kinds of House -Furnishing
and White Goods. S;
Trunks, Valises, Traveling Bags, Baskets, &c,
tJF" Call and examine our extensive stock of all kinds of Goods, and sec that you
can do better with us than elsewhere. " t.
Beticeenihe TwIIirdwirxSlor,,.
r. Old Line Drug Store,
rf-i: r. U
Dye Slufft, Piiints, Oils, Stationery, Perfumes
Soaps, Toilet Articles, eu.
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded.
Open Sundays from 8 1-2 t o I O 1-2 a. r.. and from 2 to 8 p. rr
THE. .
....... 0
OF , -V-'-'.'
.A.. S. BVAHS 5c GO.;
Numbers 3 and 4 Clinton, and ,5 Main Street,
We call the attention of the trade to the fact; tat thryH j j
. i - : -' i i-f
Orders ' Carefollr Promplty7, Filled ' 't
r . -i.x :
I, - i
-awtn'-g- - 1 - '"J 11 siiyi ii, ..,,m mil i n 1 1, ....
! f
i i

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