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jQlgnwath c$ublicnn
THUR8DAY, APRIL 25th, 1873.
For Governor,
GKN.. THOMAS M. BROWNE, of Randolph Co.
For lieutenant Governor,
EEONtDAS SEXTON, of Rush county.
For Congressman at Large,
60DL0VE S. OKffl, of Tippecanoe county.
For Secretary of 8tate,
W. W. CURRY, of Vigo county.
For Auditor of State,
JAMES A. W1LD.M.AN, of Howard county.
For Treasurer of State,
MAJOR JOHN B. GLOVER, of Lav, rence county.
For Reporter of Supreme Court,
COL. JAME3 B. BLACK, of Marion county.
For Clerk of Supreme Court,
CHARLES 8CHOIX, of Clark county.
For Superintendent of Public Instruction.
BENJAMIN W. SMITH, of Marion county.
For Attorney General,
JAMES C. DENNY, of Knox county.
Republican Congretalonal CoJiren
tioii for the Eitveath Dis
trict of Iudlana.
The Republican voters of the Eleventh Congres
aional District of the State of Indiana, are hereby
notified, that a Delegate Convention of the Repub
lican party will be held at Plymouth, Marshall
oountv, on Wednesday, 89th of May, next at 11
o'clock, A. M., for the purpose of nominating a
candidate for Congress of said District. Each
county in the District will be entitled to the num
ber of delegates Btated below, the representation be
ing based upon the votes given to Max Hoffman as
candidate for Secretary of State in 1ST0:
Laporte, 48 Porter 16
St. Joseph 46 Lake, 14
Martial 1, 16 Fulton. 18
White, 11 Pulaski, 6
Stark, S Newton, I
Jasper. T ; .
L. HrjrPHRKYs,
Chairman Republican Ce ntral Commit
tee, 11th Cong. DiBt. of Ind.
South Bend, April , 1878.
The Democratic papers think they have J
accomplished their design to divide the
Republican party, and now begin to talk
about setting the vr heels of the Demo
cratic party in motion. The want of
lubricating material makes them give
forth grating ana unmusical sounds;
but they will soon fall into line and fol
low the lead of that honest old Patriot
Dan Voorheis, whose love of the Union,
the Union soldiers will remember.
River Bank.
April 21st, 1872.
AVe received qiute a refreshing shower
l.tst night and this morning early, which
enlivened vegetation almost beyond des
cription ; but rather cool Ihis p. m.
With the exception of peaches, the
fruit crop is promising the coming sea
son. Farmers in general are doing the ne
cessary repairing to fences, and farm im
plements preparatory to putting out their
spring crops. During the past week
householders have been very busily engag
ed in their horticulturial pursuits.
Every thing quiet in this vicinit y. No
religious revivals to report nor first
fights or drunken rows to record. Rea
son why : "Xo tine saloon" with a big
keeDer : and if we had. if it got any cus
tom it would have to come from abroad
either from Walnut Station or some other
secluded place.
The youDg people of the neighborhood
of Schem School House, are very agree
ably entertained once a week, by our
worthy friend John Wiltons, vocalist.
Sabbath School to organize there to day;
but owiair to the inclemency of the
wether, your contributor did not attend,
cannot give particulars this week. I un
derstand an organization was affected at
Wilderness School House two weeks ago.
Jas. Burton elected Superintendent, La.
Carr Secretary, aud Geo W. Carr Libra
rian. With two cars upon the track, ind
a thorough goahead engineer, we see
nothing to retard progress in that vicini
ty. During last week three of our old sel
lers of the north east comer of C. T., died.
Peter Fraley died on the 15th inst., after
being confined to his room by a lingering
disease for about ten years. Mrs. Kauf
man, quite an aged lady, was also bunied
the fore part of last wtek, after an illness
of several mouths. Also Mr. Xathan
Hibos departed this life on the 18th inst.
He leaves a wife and six children to
moura his loss, with many friet ds and
relations who symphathize with them in
their bereavement.
The good health of our immediate
neighborhood still continues good.
Fort Wayne, April 22. Fred Volkert
an old and respected farmer living near
here, commuted suicide yesterduy by
shooting himselt in the head with a rifle.
No cause i known for the commission of
the-act.- The coroner's jury rendered a
verdict in accordance with the facts.
Death of- Rev-. Chna. W . Miller .-
Our readers, especially those of St. Paul's, M. X'.
Church, have been shocked by the sad, thongh not
unexpected intelligence tbat heads this article;
The Rev. Charles W. Miller is dead ! As pastor
of the above named church, he had endeared him
self not only to his flock, bat to all who enjoyed
the pleasure of his acquaintance.
lie did more by his energy and Individual efforts
towards the completion of that beautiful edifice,
than many others with more ample worldly means.
His failing health forced him, last f all, to resign his
charge, and seek in the mountains of the west, a
more salubrious clime to restore his shattered con
stitution. But the fell disease had taken too deep
a hold upon him. For a time "hope told a flatter
ing talo;? but eventually he was forced to return
to bis r'Tiends, to bid a filial adien to earth. The
fell messenger siczed him on his way home, aud he
came back a corpse. He was buried at his old
home in Richmond, Ind., on last Sabbath. His
loss will be deeply felt, not only by his church, but
by the entire community where ho was known.
Per Sentinel, .Ipril Ink.
A few dissatisfied Republicans in Wayne
county, have issued a manifesto against
the Administration of President Grant,
which might be looked upon as an indi
cation of hostility to the Administration
by Republicans generally, were it not for
the generally known fact that the authors
were never satisfied with any administra
tion or with anything that would please
any one else.
low, Nebraska, Kansas California.
Advertising alone does not produce success.
The thing which is advertised must have fnimut
merit, or else large advertising will eventually do ft
more harm than good. If you have anything which
you know to be good, adveitiu it thoroughly, and yon
will be sure to succeed ; if it is poor, don't praise it,
or people will soon discover you are lying.
Such is the policy of the Bcbunoton Rocte,
which runB to three great regions in the Vt'eeti
1st, To Omaha, connecting with the great Pacific
Roads. 2d, To Lincoln, the ctT'ital of Nebraska,
and all that beautiful region ecuth of the Platte,
filed with R. K. lands and homesteads. To St.
Joseph, Kansas City and all Kansas points.
The roads are splendidly built, have the best
bridges, finest cars, the Miller platform and coup
ler, and the safety air brake (to prevent the loss of
life that is every where else happening) ; Pullman's
sleepers, Pullman dining cars, large and powerful
engines (to make quick time and good connections),
and are in a word the best equipped roads in the
West. So that if you desire to go safely, surely,
quickly and comfortably to any point In Southern
Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, or on the Pacific Roads,
be sure that yon go " By way of Burlington."
All who wish particular information, and a large
laap, showing currently the Great West, and all its
railroad connections, can obtain them, and any
other knowledge, by addressing General Passenj
Agent, B. & Mo. R, It. It., Burlington, Iowa;
Sewing Machine Statistics
The May No. .of Scribner'a Monthly,
is the first of the fourth volume. It is
Court of Common Pleas
Divorces were granted by the Court of
Common Pleas, at its recent session in
this place in the following cases:
Xancy J. Willis from David Willis.
Isaac Holt from Xaucy W. Holt.
Ephraim fcherrow from Mary Ann
Martha A. Shoemaker from Horace
Sarah F. Sultz from Frederick Siiultz.
Zebina Macomber from Rebecca Ma
comber. In the case of the State vs. Stuckman,
the defendant was declared not guilty.
Phillip Matz was fined five dollars for
retailing whisky.
Humphry vs Paul time granted till
We give beic x the number of the various Sewing
Machines wkijh have been sold during the rear
1671. If the number sold of any one Machine be a
criteriau o its merits, the Singer carries off the
palm :
THE SINGER MF'G CO. ...Sold 181,260 Machines
W heeler & Wilson Mfg Co... " 1-2,5j6 "
Grover & Baker S. M. Co " 6u,S3S "
Weed S. M. Co " 3,655 "
Howe Machine Co. (Jan. 1, to
Julyl) " 34,010 "
Wilcox JC Gibbs S. M. Co " 3u.l-.2T "
Wilson S. M. Co " 21,153 "
Amer. 15. H. O. & S. M. Co... " tu,Ul " ,
Original Howe S. M. Co " 20.U51 "
Florence S. M. Co " 15.94T " '
Gold MedalS. M. Co " 18.562 "
ilavis 8. M. Co " 11.563 "
Domestic S. M. Co ' 10,3T "
.'inkle & Lyon Mf'g Co " T,G39 "
-Etna S. M. Co " 4.TV0 "
Biees S. M. Co " 4,557 "
Elliptic S. M. Co. " 4,555 '
Empire S. M. Co " 2,!65 "
Parham S. M. Co " 2,006 "
Aeip York Luily standard.
Iron Cylinder Pumps,
Planing, Br-Sawing. Scroll Sawtnjr, and"
Wood Turning Dime io Order.
. ... i .,.!.. i.: u . . r
filled with choice literary matter. The ; "CAl l" v"" "uu OCLl,u U1 "
serial story entitled, ,"At His Gates,
by Mrs. Harriet Oliphant, which com
menced in January, is continued in this
No. We have not read the first part of
the story, but what we have read of it
enables us to commend it as a work of
more than ordinary merit.
The London Review says: Mrs. Oli
phant's books are always characterized
by thought and earnestness some pur
pose marking itself in them beyond that
of merely striking the fancy of "her read
ers, or gaining their attention for a moment.
It is claimed by the egotists who are
preparing to exhibit themselves in their
true light in Cincinnati next May, that
the Liberal Republican convention, will
Harding vs Matz Bourbon case, con
Chas. II. Roeves vs Wm. and Ellen
Connors, for ioreclosure of mortgage.
Judgment for $ 00 and foreclosure.
The attachment case of Benard Trent-
man and son vs., Eli R. Shook was
tried before a jury of twelve and took up
six dav's time. Judgment for plaintiff's
$313.71 and tor other parties filing under
them in the aggregate ?4Cb.94. lhe Ju
rors per diem tees alone amounted to
$180,v.O which we are told is that much
expense to the county.
Knox, Ind., April 24, '72.
Editor Republic".- Last Saturday
about 6 o clock p. m., a terrible nre oc
curred about one mile and a half south
east of town. After burning consider-
nhlp fivifp it rmiirht. in the hfiv vlwehs
represent the brains of the Republican j of Mr. Kain and burned with them his
and Democratic parties. One great hin-1 barn, stable, and all his out buildings.
Geographical Kulgma.
Walnut Station, Ind., April 13th, 72.
I am composed ol tweentv-seven letters :
My 2, 13, 4, 19, 6, is a village in New York.
My 10, 6, 14, IS, 13, is a town in Massachusetts.
My 6, 13, 4, X, is a Post Office in Indiana.
My T, 2, 9, 6, IT, is a liiver in Africa.
Mv 3, 22, 2t, 11, is a Mountain in Palestine.
My li, 13, 7, 13, 18, IS, 3, 3, is a Kivcr iu Asia.
My 22, 8, 11, 13, 13, , is a Mountain in Asia.
My 4, 14, lu, 5, S, 26, 12, 3, 27, is a Mountain in
My 15, 3, 14, 7, 19, is a River of the United States.
My 7, 14, 22, lu, 3, lfi, 1, 3, 7, is a lake of the L'ui
ted States.
My 7, 24, 13, 15, is a Citv of Switzerland.
Sly 13, 13, 13, 13, 13, 4, IB, la, 2ti, is a City of Paris.
My 4, 19, 5, 25, 26, is a City of Japan.
My 13, 20, 20, 3, 24, 15. is a City in Prussia.
My 8, 3, 25, 23, 5, is a Mountain in North America.
My 7, 1, lu, 21, 25, , 7, is a Cape of the Western
1 he whole of the above is something that should
be in every man's house in Marshall Count v. Indi
ana, G."B. P.
OF ,
Jnxt P-.'.bUfdied, iu a Sealed Envelope. Price nix cttt
A Lecture on iVatnre, Treatment,
anil Kaaicai (jure ol bemuiai weakness, or
Spermatorrhea, induced by Sell-Abuse, Involun
tary Emissions, Impotency. Nervous Debility and
Impedimenta to Marriage generally ; Consumption,
Epilepsy, and Pits; Mentaland Phvsical Incapacity,
etc. By KOB. J. CILVERWELL, M. D., autlur
of the "Green Book," etc.
The WorM-renowned author, in this admirable
Lecture, clearly proves from his own experience
that the awul 'consequences of Self-Abuse may be
efiectually removed without medicine and wutiout
dangerous Burkf-.cal operations, bougies, instru
ments, rings, or cordials, pointing out a mode of
cure at once certain and effectual, by which every
sufferer, no matter what his condition may be, may
cure himself, privately, aud radically. This lecture
will prove a boon to thousands and thousands.
Sent, under seal, in a plain envelope, to any ad
dress, on receipt of six cents, or two postage
Btamps, by addressitii; the publishers.
Also, l)r. Culverv ll's "Marriage Guide," price
25 cents.
Address the Publishers.
Post-Office Box 4,5-36, 127 Bowerv, N. Y.
TM M d-C'ne i the prpsoHtttion of a regular
Market Price paid r White wood and Walnut
Bells. Lath fur Bate in lame and iiiuill quantities
Ottawa, 1 11. Plymouth, Iud.
Shop north- of Railroad, iu the Monteomerv
MU. bimKS-Iv.
i Benefit for Everybody.
I have removed my stock of goods to the corner
store, south of the Parker House, formerly occu
pied by Kice & Smith, where I am now (selling at
very low prices my immense stock i
Coffee, Sugar, Tear Spi
ces, Syrups,.
Canned and Dried Frnit, Wooden; and Willow
Ware, Queensware, Glassware, Stoneware, Soaps of
every kind, Confectionery, Tobacco Fine Cut and
Plue, Smoking and Chewing, of t!e best quality,
Choice Cigars, White Kijh, Mackmel, Cod Fish,
Dried and Pickled Herring, Salt of he best quality,
kept dry. Powder, Shot, Lead and Ce, of the best.
All theac goods I sell very ehesp and imarantee
them as good as can be found this ski of the Kocky
Ah a specwdty I keep a very good flpiality of Rye
and Bourbon Vhiskcys, Gin, Braady, Wines, Al
cohol, ic, for medicinal purposes.
Also, a large stock ol Ktsnnels nft Jeans, Fulled
Cloths. Cottouades and Wxln Yarn, which I j
will sell cheap lor cash, or in excnaufi; lor wool
The hichest cash nrice paid for Wool and Co
trv Produce generally, such as Bnftey, Kggs, Beans,
Kags, Honey, Chickens, Corn, Oatsv Potatoes, Cab
bage, Hides', Pelts and Furs.
Now don't forget the place. My n-trtto is a quick
sixpence is Deiier man a siow Biiuunfv t 1 .
aiy store is me ueauquarcera tor ax marrrei, as j Vy not to purchase a note of J400, dated March ,
bought my goods lor cah, and my expenses are I lsTt p(,Tirvltr si mi.uths :tr date, to James B
very small compared with other esTiWlshments, 1 j Umke, and sisrd.bv me, as Hie same wag trmdn
can sell much cheaper. j it.,ltiv obtained,, anil payment thereof will be. re-
-m ir 1 T T A r - -T- iufr-t '
XVA. XI, -LJ l.lDl i- XX.
A BMINlSTIlATiSK'8 SALK;.-Notlce is hereby
Xkgivea that the undersigned,Adininistrator of the
estate ot Altred V. Morgan, deceased, will offer for
sale at pnblic outer, at the late residence of the
deceased, in Green tiwn?hip Marshall county, on.
Saturday, April 47, 3S72, the persoual pruperiv of
said estali;, couier(-.cf Mules, Cow, Hugs. Wag
ons, Furmiuj Impfctuienfs, one set of t-arpenter
Tools, Household aoaf Kimimr Pnmittire. and vari
ous other artioleat. Sale t& begin- at lu o'clock, a.
Terms., Sums f three eXlime and cnrten.cai.
I over three dollar, a.csecU?ot ei;3it months, the par-
it iu note,, tu uiim-at
waiving eeneoSw wiutticsi.
aprll-t3 Administrator.
aprl 1 rltt
drance to success in that convention will ,
be found in the absence of working men,
men who have hands as well as brains.
There will undoubtedly be men enough
among them who will be willing to ac
cept fie honors of office, and receive the
emoluments; but without the assistance
ot men with able bodies, well organized
minds and willing hands, the affair is
destined to be a miserable fizzle. Two
such working men as Grant and Collax,
with their well balanced minds, are worth
more to a party, than a thousand 9uch
fossils as cumner and Trumbull, or such
erratic revolutionizers as Carl Schurz and
men of his stamp.
"What I Know of Fakming. By the
favor of the publishers, Q. W. Carleton
& Co., New York, we have a copy of
Harace Greeley's book on fanning. Al
though Mr. Greeley is not a practical
farmer, he has made many experiments,
which will be of value to the public, as
he has given results in his book, in a fa
miliar and attractive style, and in lan
guage which can be understood by all.
The principal object desired by him
seems to be to elevate the standard of
fanning, and to impress upon the minds
of young farmers the necessity for close
observation of the results of the different
modes of managing the farm that they
may profit by the success of intelligent
farmers and avoid the loss occasioned by
slovenly or Inexperienced labor. Any
one who will read the book will be amply
repaid and will be convinced that Gree
ley knows how to write an interesting
and really valuable book en the subject.
Death op Johs Klinghammer: Mr.
Hoham, of this place, received a letter
yesterday from Mrs. Klinghammer, dated
April 7th, on board the steamer Turungia,
in which she gives the sad news of the
death of her husband, Mr. John Kling
hammer of this place, which occurred on
board ship Apnl Sd, the fifth day after
they embarked from New York, bound for
Hamburg. JSir. iv. was tasen wtth severe
pain in bis side soon after he went on
board, and died soon after ,r He had good
medical aid ; but disease had taken too
firm a hold on him. A postmortem ex
amination proved that his lungs were
ulcerated, and bis liver and spleen much
He was carried at sea oh the 3d of
Funeral services Itt the German Lu
theran Church fn this place, on Sunday
next at C o'clock p. m.
Sixtv bushels of corn, and 40 or 50 bush
els of oats were also burned. Some of
his stock perished in the flames, and Mr.
Kain himself very narrowly escaped.
hue endeavoring to save Ins prujx,rty,
his clothes caught tire and were in flames
before it was discovered. He ran imme
diately into the house, seized a feather
bed, an with the aid of his son, succeed
ed in wraping himself so tightly with it as
to choke the fire before it could seriously
injure his person.
During this time the fire spread very
rapidly, and was now near the premises
of Mr. Lackett, whose buildings seemed
doomed to he threatning flames which
approached them with great rapidity.
The folks in town, however, by this time
received the news, and hasteued to their
relief, and hy the united efforts of all, the
buildings were saved.
The nre is supposed to have originated
by the droping ot a coal by Mr. Laygroves
while crossing the woods with tire, for
the purpose of firing round his fields.
G. K. Chaxey.
Xathan Ilarald Oglesbee infant son of X. H. and
D. Oglesbee.
Departed this life April 11th, was buried
on the lztn the subscriber ofliciatiug at the lu
neral. God unto thy earthly keeping,
.Nathan Haroid kindly gave.
Est your joy was turneu lo weeping;
As yuu luid him in the grue.
Mruru not for the loved one absent;
l-'e who loves thee, he wi,o gave, j
isu nam bma in sweetest accents,
I have power to rob the grave.
It your faith iu hira be stronger,
Who can turn tlie tide ol grfei;
In tlie laud of dcn bisoinH,
He will give gin sweet relief.
Gently will he lead you upward
Through life's journey lo the day,
Iu the land of Kueu blowouts,
Where the epint child clulh Bt.iy.
There with all your house united
in tbe chime unknowo to paiu,
W iih your children ail ilt;l!guU;d
1 ou ith them aud Our.ai can reign.
J. L. Bovd.
pti ,11 . Hfit hhn-t Ml, I!-. li t,.r MI1I-1V Vi(-, in :l
TV ' .I.I..W- (-lnih Itll till UllH-Httt-l i,f tlie
Tiii o-, t .mil LiiHir.. h w;tvs with The best MU-tem-i
li cures l'"uln. i 'iiliji. , r-'ii-i. WiKnH'ine; tmjh,
Ab'n-i. 1 t't:iiMi,-,i i-m 1)1 it"- Ltniir-. ot-1. l"ii-
iaiitliiii; --"t'i - iii iMiitiii., .i'l. t,r .'r-iiin
of Chilir-ii i. H i l. r i, UK-m t. i.i v. u
li.d'iiu li, uit ui'uielf lu ."UiriiiCiiie il -i -'-iitfl
The iKist Linimrnt of the Ape.
Cure- K.K-ninitni, N"i, sittri:i Chilblains, Anises,
Npf.tl n. f"te-.U VVihi.,.;-. t 1 1 r 1 1 s rai'N, S.uf Tltrt'it
-r t.'inn-v , Kn'rt Biff hi! sli-m ri te i;! w h.-n-vt-
H t . 1 II Ill'MI I 1 rftttVi I lillt-l ;.;Utli-ll-'?H Slr:tlt
IH,iXllOtt )iikC tii.ll llif ttol ld js ni i.i iltttuiiii
mediciu,rt Itt imi-o.-Hi upon th err 1 liitv of in.- m-k
and Mffl('-tn, fh rnjriitrs .(' th I.- it j n--
it vi t lie butM' ol nil rim nee of
.; fully tfiimatiTf-Miifr Kuichhod'h Wond-i,fii
It Means Complete Aimihilatiorr of th3
We propose, this spring, to na,ke it tortlie, iit,f;rvt tf rfr.tyi npitikntl
of l it'), town, and hmnlet; icithin or radius of !) mit-rx tf tfjt Wa.ym ;
CQQQ Yards Choicest Stvk's of Spnt'ite,
l'rin ut '.):, per Yard
Xerrimatk, ami Cochnco
W ll-
L:il M'X I llrr t.l Kli p .
mid hirhv Hurhtiri, denliTu to rf umi thr
Hud ch:irp tiacK to im whn'Ver thy fust t-
lin BO
At the FreBbvt riau Church, Constantinc, April j
3d, iiiii, hv licv. Wm. Liihk, Jr., Itetor of Trinity
Chnrcb, Niles, Mich., Mr. JUH.N L. .U01)WAhD, j
of Plymouth, Ind., and Miss .MAKTilA J. CAT11
CAK 1', 01 Constautiue. 'I he brifle was given away
by tdgar J. fcneldon. 0nMlanttte Mercury. I
After an absence of several months, Mr. V.'ood
ward returned to his old home in Plymouth, with
bis amiable bride, to remain with us.
In Plymouth, on Thursday the 18th inst, by
Rev. A. fuller, at file residence of Mr. bamuel
Miller, father of the bride, .Mr. John A. Corbaiey ot
Healdsburg California to Mies Lucinda Milier of
this place.
On the 20th inst, by TV. J. Benner Esq., Mr.
Theodore Myers, to Miss Lizzie Kauousc all of
Walnut Tp.,
Died on the same dav at the residence of her
mother in Pulton County Mrs. McClure, wife of
Lewellen McClure of Argos. Mrs. McClure had
been in ill health for two or three years past. Fu
neral Services at the M. . Church in Argos, at two
o'clock p. M. of the present date.
Lar.e Uoltii-rf. only .",0 cents. .Sold t,vervrbere
W orm Confections
Are" p,Mf1- nni r,''d.V rnii.Hy for the ttfmovn!
I li.'V
itiv lu 1,1 , ill ijikp it..
m .lif.itri iv
(Hrl. 1 1 u I hi
T)i-r-le,.)t. urimiiM ol it.- l-,-tl, nn-t
bnwl, iiwlivi- Tlie i-Itil.t ii Mwntiiiiei, vry
i.I i
in tln.h-'-i Tli ;n
nilv Jl f,"
yiipl'1iii"f W'-rni. w),i.-ti. it trt without lnwH-
jn in r.-ti''i
olt nti.
,.l fr.-iio.-etU f..i
r.-ni-'V i h.- Wio-pm
l-uv WVbh s V, e tMe Worm '
,1.1 1-v nil A-...
Se-ngIachines Report of the
Chicago Relief Committee-
The Chicago Relief Committee in their
recent report say : "A large portion of
the work of the Committee has consisted
in obtaining for destitute persons who
lost their sewing machines in the fire sub
stitutes therefor. By arrangements made
with most of the comj-anies, such parties
were allowed a discount of 40 per cent. 1
The whole number of sewing machines
for which orders have been issued in the
date of this report is 2,944, on which the
committee have paid the sum of $71,430.
89. The number supplied by eaeh com
pany is as follows :
: Singek, 2,427. . -, J s :
Wheeler & Wilson. 235.
Howe, 127. , :. :
Grover & Baker, 44.
Wilcox & Gibbs, 28. ,
Florence, 18.
Finkle fe Lyon, 20.
Blees, 17.
Etna, 11.
Wilson, 5.
Western Empire, 2.
Manhattan, 2.
Davis, 2.
Elliptic, 1.
Gold Medal, 1.
American Button Hole, 2.
The applicant in every case has desig
nated the kind of machine desired. The
Committee believe that this mode of re
lief has been of permanent duration, and
brought joy and hope to many anxious
homes." Chicago Tribune.
From the above report the opinion of
the general public with regard to the
relative merits of the different machines
may be seen at a glance. The Singer is
pre-eminent. - -
Lemeu, Grether & Co., i
aprlS-Cw. Agents!
Sew Music! We are indebted to J. L. Peters,
599 Broadway, Xew-York, for the following selec
tion of new music :
Papa stay home! Song and chorns, Win 8. Hays,
40 eta.
Ethel Dreeme. Bong and chorns. Fersley, 36 eta.
Darling, I am lonely now. Song and chorns. Stew
art. itOcts. -
Oh, Sam ! A famous Minstrel song and chorus.
Hays. 36 eta.
Wilt thou weep when I am low 1 Ballad. Walker.
30 cts.
We pray thee sing that song. Vocal Dnet. Dolfua.
30 eta.
Attack Galop. 4 hands. From Straus. Pasher.
Eddie's Polka. Kinkel. 35 cts.
Charlie'B Galop. Kuikei. 36 cts.
Happy Thoughts Mazurka. Walker. 30 cts.
The Flowers' Complaint. Reverie. ToneL 40 cts.
Mr. Peters will send any of the above pieces, post
paid, on receipt of the marked price, or the entire
lot may be had by sending 30 cts. for the May num
ber of " Peters' Musical Monthly."
AIWh...-.Mll., i; E WKRn.tf RR" . flnmi;
I'lunelols. Jueksuu, jjKU.,
To the voters of the Corporate Town of Ply.
mouth, Marshall county , Ind.:
Notice is hereby given that an election for the
following Corporation officers, will be held on Mon
day, the 6th day of May, 1872, at the Court House,
the usual place for holding elections, to-wit:
One Trustee for the First Ward.
One Trustee for the Second Ward.
One Trustee for the Third Ward.
One Trustee for the Fonrth Ward. '
One Trustee for the Fifth Ward.
One Clerk and Treasurer.
: One Marshal and Collector.
" One Assessor.
apr.11-0. i i. Clerk.
E. Moo be. - I. West.
Moore &. West.
Manufacturers and dealers in AX HELVES aad
Pick and Hammer Handles. Cash for good helve
umuer. w juei o ouucitn.
CAUTION. AH persons are herein cautioned not
to purchase a note of $400, dated March 29, 1872,
payable six months after date, to James B. Drake,
and signed by me, aa the same was fraudulently ob
tained, and payment thereof will be resist..
Oak, H rness, Upper Kip and
Calf Leather,
Michigan Street, Pltmocth, Indiana.
Highet Cash price paid for Hides and Pelts,
pieces of good Cottage C'iirprts, :it "2."Kr. :(X .-md -4tk
101) pieces of choice Inirni'm C'tinici, o0. tiJ- a-id 75kr.
Uest quality of ,-!."c Detains, only V .c.
Driijrj-etts. Malts, aud Oil Cloths, cheap.
10 Haies of good IJrowu Muslins 7c. we, !lc aiid lft.
Very best quality of Kepp Wrapper giwnU ttr.
Good li wool Cas.iimcres 73c, !iO- and $1.00.
Splendid Styles all wool Caqsrts 1 00 and Sl.-.VT.
Heauliful Hhifsels Ct.rpets per yard.
100 cases of Bleached Mitsiins at 7i He, !lc and lfc. v
Fine Dress GoimIs. Silks, Poplins &c. at New York Pisfw.
l - t COLUM HI A S'l U ; V.T.
Mrs. Dunham baa now opened, ready for inspec
tion,, ner
Snch as Hats, Bonnets, Ribbons, Flowers, Laces,
Ac., to which will be added the novelties of the
season as the season advances. -
Bleaching and Pressing done to order. Hoop
Skirts always on hand, or made to order, aprllma.
SALE OF LAND. Notice iB hereby given that,
by virtue of an order of the Marshall Common
Pleas, the undersigned. Executrix of the estate of
John Brown, dee'd, will offer for sale at private sale,
on tbe premises described, on Saturday, the 1st day
of June, 1872, an eqnal, undivided two-thirds of the
following described land, in Marshall county, 8tte
of Indiana, to-wit :
1 The northwest fourth of the southeast fourti of
Section eight, (8) township thirty-two, 32) north
of range one (1) east, containing forty acres, be the
same more or less. Also the southwest one-fourth
of the southeast on fourth of section eight, (8),
township thirty-two. (32), range one, (1), contain
ing forty acres, be the same more or less. Also,
commencing at a point twenty rods north of the
south corner of the west half of the northeast quar
ter of section eleven, (11), township thirty-two, (S2),
north of ranpe one (1) east, rnnning thence due
north on the half section line forty rods, thence dne
east eighty rods, thence dne south forty;rods,thence
dne west eighty rods, to the place of beginning,
containing twenty acres more or less.
Tebms. One-fourth, cash in hand, one-fosrth in
six months, and tbe residue in twelve months from
day of sale, with notes, at Interett, waiving benefit
of appraisement, and seenred by good freehold
f sureties. MATILDA SOUDER.
! aprll-t4. Kxeentrii.
Vo. 9 llichiffan St.

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