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Marshall County Republican. (Plymouth, Ind.) 1856-1878, December 05, 1878, Image 1

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inch.-. . 4 'V 5 50' 6 0
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(JO) l So OU 60 ou
0 4 000 00 100 00
roar cbuif" allows If TonMf time is glv-
m. Extra changes by pay'.uK for typ-eetting.
Biwim .-ards, ft lines, $6.00 ;wr annum.
BamaeM notice so liadet. art col id, 10 cent
per line for flr-t iamrtiaja, and ö cants for each
Kbsqaft insertion.
Ueoel Legal AiivirteiuetiU at leg! rates.
8jx Ui rate srtven to regular advertiser..
Mo deviation will be made from thea ml.
CommuuiLariou upon subject oi gwaerai or lo
1 interest are solicited.
Oar Job Roomi ire supplied with every facility ;
fordoing printing neatly, cheaply ana promptly
and ws reapcettnlly solicit your patronage, gnaran
tMiic sa'iafaxtl o.
OUce in Post Office Block. Dwelling oh Eaat Side
South Michigan Street,
PHY&ICIAH AND BUBGKOlf. office with
lf. N. bhoriuaa over Lauer' htore, on
Miehlg-an street. Plymouth. Iml. Residence
on Cector street, uppuaii-. Catholic church.
ATTOaSKY AT LAW. I'rompt attention given
Be eoOectiuaa, settlement of aecot. etitu' estates
and faanlianakipa, deeds, isortgages, and other con--racts
drawn up and ackno -.irn. nt- taken. Of
tce ovrr Back loans Hardware Store.
Attorney at Law A Notary Public
Prompt attention given to all claims and eol-
tetions left in hit- ewe. Office in corner of
Beru's brick block I'lymoutb Ind.
Six nonnths FREE to Subscri
bers to"'
We take pleasure in announcing that we
have made arrangements .villi the publish
er of the l iu .; Wkeely News which
enables us to offer 'hat paper to our sub
scribers as a premium, at no additional
cost ovor the regular subscription price ot
For one subscription price we thus fur
nish our subscribers with two Mpen a
metropolitan and a home weekly. By
this arrangement our subscriburs are pla
ced in command ot the w hole situation.
All events of interest, local, national and
loreigu will be presented, completely and
promptly, by the one or the other 01 these
two pub!i utions. The single feature ol
full and trustworthy Chicago market quo
tations will be worth, to many of our
readers, the entire subscription price.
To those w ho are net familiar w ith the
Chicago News, we would say it is the
bttl reprcseutative of Independent jour
nalism in the west. The Weekly News
is a large eight column folio, "cram lull"
of telegraph" and general news, short and
pithy editorials ou the topic ot the day,
written in a very familiar, incisive style,
and In all its departments evidently aims
to give facts in few words, without the
verbiage and tine writting which SBBdoi
so many of the large incirooiitan jour
nal "a weariness to the tle.-.h." Facts,
not weed apnea, to be its mutto.
All new subserilers lo the ltKirni.ir.N
and all old subscribers w ho renew betöre
the first of January, will receive the
WtHKLY News six months as premium.
Pub. Republican, Plymouth.
Karpers agaziae.
Harper's Malaiin i tue Aaaarieaa Maaaslas
alike in literature ami In art. y'of.'i 1 rarelter.
I he moat popular Moathly it. the world A. 1'
Observer. ,
It is au excellent rnmpaui'in for the young, a de
ligtit to the mature, a mlac lor lttüiiiug age.
Louiarille (Jouriff Journal.
N. ..'iier Monthly in itie world can .bow so beil-
lia:it a lift of contributor.; nor dou. any furni.ti it.
readeis with so great a variety aud so uierior a
quality ol literature. H a 'clitnan, lio-tou.
4 TT'JHNLYS AT LAW. Notaries i'iibue and ' The vrdaraes of the Magazine befrii wih the
a. Authorized Ware hum Agents; OhVes at t Numh-jrs for June and December t -each year.
Mr, A LBEIJT CROOK RR, the well-known dmg
gl.t and apothecfry. of Springvalc, Me., .tlwaypad
vin. i" nvery one troub'ed with Khcunutisui to trv
Road His Statemont.
SrniNevALE, Mc , Oct 12,1-76.
H v. steren: 1
IK?r ant Kitu-en years last fall I wa. taken slek
with rheinnaliHin. was unable to move ui til the
next Aim il. Krum that time until three yarn as;o
thi fall I .uttered everyihiiijj with rhemnatini.
Sometime there would 1' week at a tiui" liut I
Could not Mep one step; these aittcks were tiife
otteu. I (.uttered rreryahiac that a mn oaaki.
Over three year. vo lat irniK I commenced tak
ing Veuktim: and followed it up until 1 had taken
seven bottles; have had no rhenuia'i.m nee that
time. I alwavs advise every one that it troubled
with rheumatiMn to try VtüFTtNE. sud not ftiffer
for Venn a. I have done. This statement is gratui
tous m lar Air. Stevens is ou. erued. Yours, etc,
Firm of A- Crooker A Co.. druggists and apothe
caries. VEGETINE
Has Entirely Cured Me-
Boston, Oct. 1 " .
We rode into the wooded way;
Below us w ide the shadow, lay;
We ro le, a d met the knsehngday;
We said, "It is too late.
"The sun has dropped into the west;
The mountain boi-ls tiiiu to her breast
She holds and hushes him to rest.
For us it is too lata.
"Too see the leaf take Are now,
To see, and then to wouder how
The glory pauses on the hoUrh,
While jiaattnK crass-tops wait.''
W hen, lo : the miracle came on.
A nad-ide turn moment i;one
Aud tar the s in low-lyiui; shone;
The lore.' flood in stale.
Trausflgnred preail th ital pare;
The glamour U-tipl about the place.
And touched us, swept iroru face to face.
We cried, ".Not yet loo late!"
But one, wh nearer drew than all.
Leaned low and whispered : "uns may fall
Or flash; dear heart ! 1 speak and call
Your soul unto its late.
"Tread bravely down life's evening slope.
Before the night comes, do not grope !
Fore ver shines som sm.nl, sweet hope,
And Ood is not too late."
Kl-lZABtTll STI ABT PU4&T4, In Harper'l MJ-
v ccrn!.r.
"Frank f
"All right, Dolly!"
He eat before the glowing grate,
ATT0HXE k Ai LAW. Located In 1M6.
Collie tiotia nu J conveyancing a speel
llty. Buys and seil real estate on commi
ion. Insures li oa und property In A. 1 com
aniejs. Desirable raX estate for aale In the
eitr and adioiniim. Novi-76
pleaded to r ' ,Q paÜOüta at his offleo.
No. 1 cieabzau street, where he may be
foiid a ail Uiiibs. except when profmnsional
ly at3 : his residence being at the same
P"j!rry ist. 197. m
Wm. N. BAILEY, M. D...
1HT8ICIA5 A BUBOSOH. Thirty y :irs
practice. Oractuatc of two Medieai col
l.'it)sv. aud six years Surtfoonin the army of
the C. S. i vol. serv.) Can competo saeeeaa
fully with aur quad ia the United States.
Thankful for pm favors, is tili in regular
practice, and ouly requires; to te Letter known
lo ttavo au ext 'iitlve on Ofnco in Sears'
new brick, car. of Jfieuigan and Lal'orte
l reeta.
IMrmouth. In L. uly m. 1876. IT
J. 0-. 8. D at J- W. PARKS,
TTUKNLYS AT LAW. Notaries Piil.lie and
Mr. IT. Ti. Slerens:
Dear Sir : My dauehter, aft r having a seven at
tack of Whooping Cough, was Ml in a (echle state
l 1. L- D..:nM .1 1... m fM.n.1 .k . - i ...I . 1.
Ol II' Ail II. I . .IM.tT-l.i . 1 1 1111, nr ,1 vU ote.,- . . .
VaoKToy. ami aW aajag s lew ttottlea w.u tuiiy : his feet on one corner or the mantel,
'ThavenTgraat swCarer from Rheumatism. 1 hIs chair UPPed bk- H9 yun
have taken several Mtties ef Ve-tiue for this , un.; wife looked at him; and her pretty
plaint, and am happy to say it nas entirely cured
me. I isas racosaaaMdsd to Vagattaa to other. . black eyes, which only a minute be-
vitn i ne s.tine goou renins. 11 is a cnii eieaner
fore had been brimful with tears,
eraittcl sparks of flro Her rosy
mouth closed with a firm expression,
and her dainty foot came down upon
the rug in a very decided manner,
"I won't stand it," she said under
her breath; "I can't 'twill kill me!
and purifier ot the blood; it is pleasant to take and
I can cbeerf jlly recommend It.
JAMES MOUSE, 36t Athens street.
Rheumatism is a Disease of the
The blood in this disease, is tound to contain an
excess of fibrin. Vegethie acts by converting the
blood fniüi its diseased condition to a healthy clr-
I-.... V ...... ....... I ....... ha H, .,!.. -I.1..I. ...
I UIlllll.il. .ri UU. ..n.....r i..i uun.ir mil. II id , . , ,. , , .
verv important iu this eomplaint. One l.tt!e of ' AO 866 hltU thUS, Dlght alter T.lght,
:.ul'Ä;Ä';: ! S K besotted, degraded, ruining both soul
vÄÄfc. 1ry!S3?Ä I 1 must do something-I
n r IM in M m sa"i' that .f thousands before ; must save him for my baby's sake!"
vi ti, who say, "I lMtver loitud so muc h relief as l - . ., , .
tr.ini the n.-.-'of vgeiine," which is ompoaeii i-, Then she sat and meditated. Ihey
clurvelyol WK Hnt ami Herb$. hßd been marrieil a 1Utle 0Ver tWO
"veoetink," mm a iioston physician, "has years, and the baby in the wicker
a sjaal aa a bio a I asHdaVsr. Henri. ig ot it. many -oril ami . thrivintr bov No hnD
wou.ierlui cures, alter 11 other remedies had tailed. Craaie Was a ItiriV lBfe ooy. HO UUp
i visited the lalioratory aud i on vinced myself ot its ' pjer woman than Dolly tho Wide
trennine merit ft la nrenareil from barks, roots ' "
. - . . . ... . ' .1 ... . , . . m . t I T"T
The young husbaud stifled some- : Essential Points of the Resumption I deep piuch to bothnoatrills, drew it
thing like an oath, and sat down be
fore the hearth. Half an hour went
by, then he started up, aud glanced
at the clock.
"Great Heaven! 'tis nearly 2
o'clock, and she not here!"
He seized his hat and rushed from
tho ouse like one mad.
By the time he was half way to the
Reiudeer ho was perfectly sober.
"Could she have meant what she 1
eaid!" he asked himself over aud
over again.
Presently a carriage came down
from the lighted tavern on the hill,
and as it pifceed him a woman's voice
rung out, singing the chorus, "We
won't go home till morning."
It was his wife's voice. Ho ca"ght
at the horses' heads, frantic with
rage. Doliy's pretty cutly head
looked out as the vehicle stopped.
"Frank, old fellow hie is that
you? Get in, get in why didn't you
come up? Oh, we had a jolly time
Washington Special to Cincinnati Gazette.
constant subject of interest. Every
Congressman who arrives endeavors
to rind out about them, and nearly
every member who mais investiga
tion of his owu has a different theory.
The explanation of this is undoubted
ly that full details have not been de
termined. It is is quitb probable that
as soon aa these huve been decided
upou, an oQlcidl uQuouuCfcuieut of the
programme will be made, in order to
strengt. .eu public confidence aud to
remove needless uncertainty. Mean
while, from all that can be leurued
fiom every sourc, it is believed that
the following will bo the essential
Points iu the lesuuipuou programme:
First United Slates uotes wiii be
redeemed at the New York bub-tieas-
ury iu gold or silver coiu at the op
tion of tue holder ol the notes, with
out limitation as to amount.
Sr'üiiiul Tji-al-tfnir nntPR nt
hie we did. Such a dance! I ! special issues, of latge denominations,
blame you for goiug out, Frank. I wUi (lelm.red place o güM cer.
Didn't know it was so pleasant-hic- ÜÜCiUcsä and thtmj wiU bo QO further
I - I tneau to go every night." ; iaslJe Qf u eertifit.atea.
"You do?" he gasped leaping into ThlrdHoldera of uotes who
the seat beeide her and gruspmg her j fef J(J lugtead Qf glt obtain
....... l. ifAW .In.u t I i a ' (ill. .
gold, aud the treasury will not force
up with a gusto. Then extracting
from Iii noelrpt n vorv larto Vinnri.
The details of resumption are the . , , . . a , . . . .
" . kerchief, which flowed to his feet as
he brought it to the front, he blew
his nose with a report that rang dis
tant and loud through the crowded
With us the usual modes of saluta
tion consists iu shaking hands, re
moving the hat or courteseying, ac
companying the action with the
words, "How do you do?" or "How
are you?" Hand-shaking takes its
rise iu the ancient custom of enemies
Webster: "Mrs. Greenough, was seizing each other by th right or
Mrs. Bodgen a nent woman?
"I cannot give you full information
as to that, sir. She had one very
dirty trick."
"What was that, ma'am?
"She took snuff!"
The roar of the Court House was
such that the Defender of the Consti
tution sat down, and neither rose nor
spoke ßgain until after Mrs. Green
ough vac.-ited her chair for another
witness, having ample time to reflect
upon the inglorious history of the
man who had a stone thrown at his
head by a woman.
Bourbon and I'lymoutb. Indiana. K.-i".M.tI Wnm no time Is speclded, it will be understood
attention given to the eUlement of lfc"! sati tbat the nhocritxr wtahta to begin with the cur
i' - uonvayaneinV. ttu! the collection of reut Number.
Boldier' Claims, for Pensions ; will attend ,
rrooipt'.y to all profe-ssion! busings en- i
tru-ted to then., and practice in Marshall mid 1
.)jj.ni:u eosntjes. Plymouth omee on ttano
South Salem, Ma.s.. Nov. 14, 1ST.
Mr. n. :. 8tm
Daarakr. 1 luve oern troubled with 8rofu)a,
Canker and Liver t omplaint tor three years; noth
ing iv. r did me am ;oimI until I loinnienced ualng
Veeetine I am now . ttti. ulouc tirat-rate. and
still us.n
aud herbs, eaih of which is highly effective, and world held but for One thing.
iney are comiionuueu in sucu a mar..ier as 10 pro- , , . , . .
duce a.t onif Ling rcsu'-ta." husband WOUid drink,
He loved his social glass, his wine
suppers, his club dinners. He did not
neglect his wife, but often he came
home in the small hours, in rather au
unsteady condition.
Dolly tried everything tears, en
treaties, persuasioue but he only
laughed her off.
"Where's the harm, Dolly? Can't
a fellow be merry now and then with
his friends?"
But Dollv saw the fatal evil crow-
VEGETINE. ing upon him day by day, und knew
Prepared oy j what the end would be. She shud-
H. It. Stevens, Boston, Matt. aDd, her eyfC8 mied "ith ;crtar8
7 j but the minute after they flashed Arc,
and the smiled.
arm. "r.ver dare to do sucu a v'ling
again, yon will be no wife of mine."'
Dolly laughed uproariously.
"Nonsense, Frank. Le'mme do as
you do, thut's fair. Let go my arm,
you hurt, and you'll break my flask,
'tis prime brandy, Frank- taste a
He cuught it from her hand and
flung it out of the window.
"Bah!" said Dolly, her cheeks
flushed, hei hair awry; "I wish I'd
upon tho holder of notes the kind
of legal-tender coin that is not de
sired. Fourth That legal -tenders, even
without the enactment of any law af
firmatively authorizing it, will be
everywhere desired for custom dues.
Fifth That silver dollars will be
exchanged for legal-tenders or Na
tional bank notes in multiples of
v 1 M.' ti 1 o t onV W f 'I t A tIM.i.in'i' i.e V
j .1 r J J Tt-k. . i. i ,ooo ui uuj uiiuu ucasuij UI va-
ataved at the Reindeer. hat makes . . ..... . .J . Z
you so cross, Frank?"
"Hush!" say no more, Dolly," he
answered, his teeth set hard. "I can't
bear it I I may do something I'll
iK the ' jrrtllle.
lag equal to It f'lMsch comjilahits ('an h -arlily
I consider there i. noth-
nx'ommeutt it to c, 'k-:v iour truly,
No. IV Lsgrsnce street. South L-uleni, Mass.
;r. et lwti.rn Miehidi.ii.1 l .-utor street,
iourbaotter . t . 1 j. i r ofll'-e.astf
A TTORSIY AT LAW. Will Drat Ice la a'
jconrfsiu tho state. fll'- in Wrr r' ll..ek.
over decker A Waits y goods store, I'lymooth,
Ind. aogl lyr
TJRS- W- 11-LA1
II )M;:OP.TaiC ryaieian ami Dentist,
at. ! Or. J. A. Duiila. r- tul.ir ;,!i.. si.-ian aud
clly o;t
Ilttrjxer's .Mag.izinc, one ycur. ... $ 1 o(j
llarir s Weekly, " " 4 u
liam-r s llnwtr. " " 4M
The three publications, one veer. 10 00
Any two, oue yeuar 7 00
bix MbacripU ns, one e;tr M 00
Terms for large clubs turnished on appliealion.
poatage free to all subscribers in Uie I nited
Etates or Canada.
A Compl tte set of Uarpei.'s Xiuaiike, now
oomprising T volumes, iu aat cloth Ma itaat,wtH be
ml I. vii,r.' or freli'ht at exl lis ot bllli Laser.
ur-e..ri. r.-ripe.n uujsoner tn.-.r nerviees io Ior u .e, f r yuJarae. single volumes, i.y umii.
die tahUo. OA'v t 'orbin'a block; real- i wstpaidaiy. C..th cases, ior b.udiag, aa cans,
den? utEiat (laavo street. fey uiaii, pi.stpaid.
1 - i Kc mrtlaiu - ahould be made by Pot-Ofnce mou-
i'rjr mouth, ludiaoa. jauiy l
gauecial attention given to the acttleu.iut of e
iiin. -.nd DMi-titiou of lane"; also the colleal'ion of
: li ran and foreclcsare ot nMT'.gage.
ey onler ordralt, to av.nd chand- ol MM.
Newspaper, are not to eopv mis .hirtlw mit.t
Wi.be UI the LXjir. -- ..r ler H LIer;.-jr .V llr..th. r.
W '.T'-, ilAKi'EK littOl HKKS, New
Harper's Wool&ly.
Ccleiirated American
Ren. tuince.
A. C. a A. B. CAPRON,
Attorneys & Counse lors
IX.X u
Pl.Yoi'Tn. rsu.
j. B. N. KLtHGER,
Notary fahü, Conrsyaurer, Examiner of
Titlet and CIvU KuRluer,
Will furnish a complete Abstract of Titles to lands
ia marshal 1 county, Ind. iriBre at h s residence,
on Madison street, north of Court Uoose siuare.
v Pent 1st, OfPe ovrr
: VS&&&iäfe&ir. All work warrant.' i
s. TJt '""re satis-
yäujB - in ii't.i in J
-r ggga ?-t. Diseases of
L- TTTrn!; j the mouth aud teeth
- . J- " V ' sstuUTtKSal !
. - . JT- MST Te. th extra'
V - without I'ain bv the
---r . - u-e of nitrous oxid
All work warranted. I
iraa, Conaaltation irw
am in
Mm "u::i:7 a&i WsiadaT i Each Wsek.
The Week Ut remains easily at the heal of illus
trated .ai r by it. line literary quaioy, the le-auty
of It. ryiatd ruOkMt.-Spnttvfit-liijit publuan.
t pictorial atlractima are superb, aim embrace
every of subject and artistic treatment. Zum' t
Herald. I.. too.
The W'ek'ii is a potent agowey f .r the iaisilt
nation to correct political principles, ami a power
ful opponent of at si, nau'is, and ialse pretenses,
Ive ing Express, Itochester.
Tbe volumes of the Weekly begin with the Urst
nundter ot January of each year. Waten no time is
iuutioued, it will be understood that each subscri
ber wishes to commence with the number next ai.
ter the reuipt ot hi. order,
&r rl Magazine, one vear....f4 00
Harper's We. kly, " " 4 00
Harper's Baz.tr, " " 4 to
The three publications, one year . 10 00
Any two, one year 7 00
Biz subscriptions, one year 0 00
Terns of luge clubs furnit-hed ou application.
PoatajN free to all subscribers in the United
ates orCauaia.
Tae Annual voiumes of Hakpek's Wbekit, io
ncut eloth btndinir.will be sent free of oxpeiise.l'pro-
I vided the freight does not exceed one dollar per vol-
I uim t, for ;7 uu each. A complete set, compromi
sing twenty-two volumes, sent on receipt ol cash at
1 the rate ot $6 leb per volume, freight and expense of
I pure I laser.
Cloth cases lor each volume, suitable for bind
r, will be sent by mail, postpaid, ou recert ot
j Si uoeach.
Heuilttances should b- made by Poat-Offlde mon
ey orii r ur draft, to avoid cäauce ot imm.
Newspapers are Bot to copy Una mlvertlsemenl
without the express order of Harisr Itroihers.
Ad-lress HAKl'EU 4t Bilti'lIEltt. New
TT , , 1 1 la mniA V.r. all Tt mmmmta ta
TrsBl""' " P",u uy " '"'"' ni try it," sh. said to herself; "if it
does no good, it can't do much harm."
Then she paid:
-Frank !"
Iier husband roused up, and opened
his eyes with an imbecile sture.
"All right, Dolly."
"Frank, you believe a wifo should
follow in her hubaud' atepa, don't
"To be sure. Your'e a sensible
SYMPTOMS OF WORMS. woman, Dolly."
I a a 1 ... -sxav m . m t ' l
H L our.tenance is pale and leaden-
. olored, with occasional flashes, or linfa right for you to do is right for
a fill !! liiicd spot on one or both me lt?
checks; the eyes become dull; the pu- Tteci.sely, Dolly; just bo, exactly.
pils dilate; an azure semicircle runs You're a wise wouiau, you are."
along the lower eye-lid ; the nose is lr- Dolly smiled quietly.
be sorry for. Keep silent I don't
want any more crooked words."
"Ram's horn, if I die for it!" cried
Then she clapped her hands, and
laughed gleefully, breaking ou into
"A Moonlight Night for a Ramble."
Frauk lot his head into his hands.
"Good Heaven !" he groaued; "Fd
rather have died than have seen this
He got her home and iuto her own
room, at last, but she was very un
manageable, and persisted in cutting
up all manner of capers; dancing und
singing, her cheeks flushed aud her
hair streaming, und asking him if
they would not go again another
night it was such jolly fun?
His pretty, modest little Dolly!
The (il eal Wail of ( Ulna.
The groat wall of China was re
cently measured by Mr. Unthank, an
American etgineer engaged on a sur
vey for a Chinese railway. His
L measurement gave the height eigh
teen feet. Every few hundred yards
there is a tower twenty-four feet
square and from twenty to twenty
five feet high. The foundation of the
wall is of solid granite. Mr. Unthank
brought with him a brick from the
wall, which is supposed" to have been
made 200 B. C. In building this im
mense stone fence to keep out the
Tartars, the builders nevor attempt
ed to avoid mountains or chasms to
save expense. For 1,300 miles the
wall goes over plains'and mountains,
and every'foot of the foundation is of
a.! I 1 1 1 1 1 . TT . 1 rt I
tiou oaoK wuicu is a uuueu oiaies 80lid "granite and the rest of the
depository, the expense of trauspor- 8lructure golld maSonry. In some
tation to be paid by the mint. This place8 tfae wal, u built 8mooth up
is the plan which was indugurated in agaiQgt the or canonSj or prec.
ocpteuiuvr inei, ouc w ao buuucuiv . . . . . ,ipHf,ftnt
j,.. vv., ...-.-
discontinued, on the ground that
there was no authority of law to ex
change silver for legal-tenders until
after January 1st.
Sixth Thai perhaps arrangements
would be made at the sub -treasuries
other than at New York to redeem
legal-tenders in coin within the limits
and interests of the place, but not in
large sums.
A Strange Tradition.
Among the Seminole Indians there
is a singular tradition regarding the
whito man's origin and superiority.
They say when the Great Spirit made
the earth he a'.so made three men, all
of whom were fair complexioned, and
after making them he led them to the
margin of a small lake, and bade
Long ufter she had fallen into a dead them leap in and wash. One obeyed.
bleep, her husband sat over the : ami cumo out purer and fairer than
ritated, swells, and sometimes bleeds ;
a swelling of the upper lip ; occasional
headache, with humming or throbbing"
of the e.;rs; an unusual secretion of
saliva; slimy or furred tongue; breath
very foul, particularly in the morning;
appetite variable, sometimes voracious,
with a gnawing sensation of the stom
ach, at others, entirely gone; fleeting
paini in the stomach, occasional
Office in Second story. Post Office Building
Teeth from one only, to a
full set, so cheap that the
rich and poor can all
Fieservation of the Natural Teeth
Office over Parks Bros.' Law
Office Guio street.
Plymouth 1J.
Harper s
To dress according to Harper's ifctsar will be the
aim and anbition ot t. women of America. l-
ion Tratucrtpt,
As a faithful chronicle of fashion, and a new .pa
per ot itomeatie and social character, it ranks with
in.' a nyal. ÜrWy. Eagle.
This paper has acijuirrd a wide popularity for the
fireside enjoyment It aSorda, and has become an
established authority with the ladles. if. Y. trtnimy
with the first
Th'- Voluini:. of ttio luznr iH-ifimnir witl
Niiuitx-r for January of ea-h year. When no time
is metitioued, It will he understood that the subscri
ber wishes to commence with tbe number next af
t r the receipt of his order.
Harer's Magazine, one year $4 00
Harper's Week y, " 44 .... 4 00
Harper's Bazar, " 4 00
The three publications, one year. 10 00
Any two, one year 7 00
fcix subscriptions, oue year 20 00
Terms of lanj.- cluba lariiisbed on application
I'oMafe free to all subscribers iu the United
States or Canada.
The arjnua! volumes of Harper's Bazar, iu neat
cloth binding, will lie sent by express, free ol ez
pense(provlacd the freight doe not exceed onedoi
iar per volume), for $. 1)0 each. A complete set,
(,llin.iut eleven volume., stmt ou reeeipt ot
eash at the rat.- of fr, ij per volume, lrilit at ex
pense of purchaser.
( !..tli i ;i!c l'r -n' li volume, suitable for hindlnt',
will U-sent by mail, postpaid, ou receipt of $luu
I'.emittances should be made by I'ost-Otllce motl
ey onler or draft, to avoid chance of loss.
Newspapers are not to copy this advertisement
. II ,.,ra.i..nl..i,f 1 1 Itr.,ll...ra
A'ldrcss HAltPlt & hOTHEItH. New I
Yor. 1
"Very well, Frank, If you go to the
tarern any more of nights I'm going
iler husband looked up, half so
bered. "Nonsense, Dolly," he said, 'that'e
running the thing into the ground.
You'll do no such thing."
"You'll see that I will, Frank!" she
nausea and vomiting; violent pains answered, resolutely; "1 love you,
throughout the abdomen; bowels ir- and what you do I shall do too? If
regular; at times costive; stools slimy; you see fit to ruin yourself, eoul and
not unfrequently tinged with blood; body, ahd shame your son, I shall
belly swollen and hard; urine turbid; follow example. I care for
respiration occasionally difficult and Q()t caQnot 8hare A(j
accompanied by hiccough ; cough u
sometimes dry and convulsive ; uneasy yu do 80 wiu r
and disturbed sleep, with grinding of cheek paled and hia lip quiv-
the teeth ; temper variable, but gener- red. Her wonls touched, him to the
ally irritable, &c. quick. He sat silent for a miuute,
Whenever the above symptoms then he got up and said:
are found to exist, "Nonsense, Dolly. Come to bed,
DR. C. Mcl.ANK'S VKRMIFUGE little girl."
will certainly effect a c ire. he followed him obediently, and
IT i" m c ontain mf.rcury nothing more woa said on the sub
in any form ; it is an innocent prepara- Ject- For three or four nlJta Frank
tkm, mei capable 0 doing, ihe slightest came home punctually ; then.'Jhis old
injury to the most tender infant. habit mastered him.
The genuine Dr. McLank's Ver- ' DolIy httd hla supper'all waiting.
Mil vc.F. bears the signatures of C. Mc- and his slippers and dressing-gown
Lanl and Fleming Bros, on the beforo the fire, but he did not come.
wrapper. :o: She waited patiently till 10 o clock.
Then she called the housemaid and
put on her wraps.
"Sit by baby's crib, Mary, and when
Mr. May Held comes home tell him I
have gone to the Reindeer. Ask no
are not recommended as a remedy "for all
the ills that flesh is heir to." but in afTc-etions
of the liver, and in all bill .us Complaint, questions, and take 'good care Of
Dyspepsia and Sick Headache, or diseases of uaby, and yOU shall have a dollar eX-
that character, they stand without a rival. ...
'Very well, ma'am," with wonder-
No better cathartic can be used preparatory ing eyes.
to, or after taking Qaiabac Twelve o'clock, one, and then the
A atepk pvgathrt they are unequaled. young hu8bund ,et himself in with his
BKWAitK mm iMiTuiiws. latch-key, aud came reeling into the
The genuine are ne ver auar c oated There sat the maid be-
Fach Ikjx has a re 1 u n : he lid with
the impreasioQ Dr. M- LAHt's Livu Pi Li A, side the sleeping chil i.
Fach wrapper bears the sicnature ol C.
Mc Lane and Fi.rminq Ukus.
Insist upon liavinjj the genuine Dr. C Mr.
Lane's Livfr 1'hij. prepared by Fleming
Pros., of Pittsburgh. Pa., the market beinf
full of imitations of the name Mvl.itiir.
spelled differently but same puiiiu.iriation.
, I. ti -:'. I f.r M) v r. th' P'.n l.rrl tl intj for lt..
la- Mt. IU all !. ii.f fit.nl. . f Ot- l.iv.r UM '
ll-r' I.nr 1'illx'urs.l mn l.ir Cmplaist.
.M-h rn-lle. mr t . 11.K .... 1 -IT. Andr'.. '
Kltun..re I c.n rc.niii.-nl Sll-r. I i. rl'
Ta.rksv.wrr I Irr 1. f 1 ' .r.i I. it Mil.
flm A Um Rlr S.Ü.IT Kriitil' kT I'rlr. 2r i
Hot. S.l1 hy .11 l.rii.ci.u .nt ruittr. Sf.l-e K- .1.
a k. wm.i.aaaa ro.. pr.M, . eiu-hu.ri. e..
P'rank looked about him a little
"Ah, fast asleep, fine little fellow,"
he said, bending over the crib.
"Mary, my girl, where' your mis
tress? Gone to bed?"
"No, sir, she's gono to the Reindeer
He stood and stared.
"What do you say, girl?
"She went out at 10, sir, and bude
me tell you when you came that she'd
gone to tho Reindeer,"
tmouideiing liie, with bis face hidden
iu his hands.
"Dolly," he said, when she awoke
lato on the following morning, "what
happened last Blgfct mut never hup
pen again."
She looked up with her old clear
before; the second hesitated a mo
ment, during which time the water,
ugitated by the first, had become
muddled, and when he bathed he
came out copper-colored; the third
did not leap uutll the water became
black with mud, aud he came out
with his own color. Then the Oreat
Very weil, Frank, that is for you ; Spirit laid before them three pack-
to say. J ust hs you do, eu win .
JJe whs silent a moment.
"I would rather die than see what
I saw lust night over aguin," he said
"Ftank," she said, her lips quiver-
tiKes, and out of pity for his misfor
tune in color, guve the black mau the
first choice. He took hold of euch of
the packages, aud, having felt the
weight, chose the befeat; the copper-colored
uihu chosw tbe next heav
ing, "Pft seen the same sight once j iest, leaving" the white man the lii,'ht-
or twice every week since the day I : ast. When the packages were open,
married you, aud only God knows the fir?t was found to contain spades,
what it cost me." hoes and all tho implements of labor;
lie caught her close to his heaving i the secoud unwrapped hunting, fish
"Poor little
wife!" he almost sob-
ing and warlike apparatus; the third
gave the white man pens, ink and pa-
bed, "you never shall see such a sight j per, the engine of the mind the
again. I shall sign the pledge to-day."
"So will I, Frank."
They both signed it, and kept it,
too. Ten years after, Mayfleld was a
rich man, and one of the most re
nowned temperance leaders of the
means of mutual, meutal improve
ment, tbe social link of humanity, the
fouudution of the white man's superi
ority. "A Dirty Trick.
Lawyers sometimes resort to ques-
"Frauk ." said his pretty wife, one ! tionable methods in order to destroy
day, as they watched their children i th effect which the testimony of a
playing ou tha lawn, "I did fool you truthful and intelligent witness has
handsomely that night, Frank, it was : upon a jury. Mr. Webster once tried,
all make-believe. I didn't go to the ! in au ungallant way, to break down a
lieiudeer that night, and not a drop woman's evidence, and he met more
of the hateful stuff had passed my i tnan bia match. It was in the some
lips. Didn't I fool you handsomely, i what-famous case of Mrs. Bodgeu's
and cure you Into the bargain?" wil, wüicu waa tried in the Supremo
"You little witch!" he cried, but the Court- Mr- Webster appeared as
I II M at II
instant after his eves fllled-"Yes. i counsellor ior tue appellant.
m w
Dolly," ho said, drawing her close to
his side, "you cured me of a habit
that would have been my ruin.
Heaven bless you for it."
Mrs. Greenough, wife of Rev Wil
liam Greenough, late of West New
ton, a tall, straight, queenly-looking
woman, vith a keen black eye, a wo
man of great self-possession and de
cision of character, was called to the
stand, a witness on the opposite side
While we are righteously wrathful
at the impunity with which heinous
crimes are committed and censure ! from Mr. Webster.
exeutive clemency, we must not for-
of one thousand feet. Small streams
are arched over, but on the larger
streams the waits run to the watar'a
edge, and a tower is built on each
side. On the top of the wall there
ate breastworks, or defences, facing
iu and out, so that lha defendiag for
ces can pass from one tower to an
other without being exposed to an
enemy from either side. To calcu
late time of building, or cost of this
wall, is beyond human skill. So far
as the magnitude of the work is con
cerned, it surpasses everything In
ancient or modem times of which
there is any trace. The Pyramids of
Egypt are nothing compared to it,
A Moral Tale.
Little Johnny, the youthful con
tributor of the Argonaut, records
this moral tale:
A preecher wich had been a gam
ier fore he was a preeeher.be seen a
feller wich wus a gajnler too, and he
said, the preecher did, "He jest play
cards with this pore mizable sinner,
and wiu ol his munny. and wen be is
busted may be he will liseu to the di
vine trooth and be saved." So they
played and the preecher he winned ol
the other feller's mutiny, every cent,
and then he sed, "Now see how wiked
you have ben for to loose yure mun
uy, aud yure wife aud babys haven't
got no bred for to eat." And Jtbe
gamier he suid, "That's so," and he
buöt out a eryin. Then the preecher
he sed : "Pore sdnner, if you prommlee
me untj yure onner to not play cards
agin, He give it ol back, cos line a
preecher," So the gamier he was a
stonish, and he sed: "I never see
sech a good man, I prommice, yes
indeed, and heveu bless you!" and he
busted out cryiu agin, the gamier did.
Then tho preecher he give back ol
his munny, and the feller put it in his
pocket, and wiped his eyes, and blode
his nose grateful, and then thot a
wile, and pretty suno he coffed, and
said to the preecher: "I feel tnity
mean takin back this hundred dollars
from a man wich has reskewed me
from card playin, tell you what He do.
you put up a other hundred agin it
and weel toss up for the pile, beds or
tails, best two out of thre."
Judge Rives and the Preacher.
From the ScotUvil.e, Va., duller.
Judge Alex. Rives, whn a young
man, saw a good old preacher riding
down the Monticello road (then a
single track). A boy, with a long
cross-cut saw lying crossways on his
hcrse. and also coming down the
same narrow rbad, some distance in
the rear of the preacher. The boy's
horse ran away, and as be was ap
proaching the pious divine, the latter
sprang from his horse and scrambled
weapon hand to guard: against treach
ary, while treating of a truce. The
removal of the hat is a relic of the
old custom of putting by the helmet
when no danger was to be appre len- -ded,
as if one would say, "I dare
stand unprotected in your pretence.'
Women formerly knelt before men
of rank to plead for mercy, and later '
to acknowledge inferiority. From
this we get the curtesy.
The negro Kings on the African
coasts salute each other by snapping
the middle linger three times,
In Otaheite they rub noses, a cus
tom common with many savages.
The inhabitants of Carmine, when
they fchow particular attachment,
open a vein aud present their blood
to their friend to drink.
Tbe Japanese remove a slipper,
and the natives of ArracanJ their san
dals in the street, and also their
stockings in the bouse.
The Phiiiippine Islanders take per
son's hand or foot and rub it over
their faces.
Laplanders smell of the persons
they salute.
In the straits of the Sound the;
raise the left foot of the person ad
dressed and pass it over the right leg
and then to the face.
Tbe usual words of salutation in
Cairo are, "How do you sweat?" aa
abundance of perspiration being, in
that climate, an indication of a fever.
The Dutch say "May you eat a
hearty dinner," or"How do you sail?
Greenlanders use no salutation, be
lieving all men equal, and none de
serving of any especial remark of re
quest of respect,
The Spaniards say "How do you
stand," and the French, "How do you
carry yourself?
And most absurd of all, young la
dies kiss, in public and private, in the
parlor, in the church and at home ; no
place is 100 sacred, no street tco pub
lic. But while osculatory refresh
ment Indulged in by two of the fair
sex seems sweetness wasted on the
desert air, be is a hardened wretch
who can witness the operation and
not have his heart fill with tho most
wicked envy.
Webster, at a glance, had the sa
get that community, in the long run, i gacity to foresee that her testimony, i up a precipicei Whereupon the Judge
is more seriously demoralized by," " contained anytniug or impor- ...,..,.. ni mv lif Xfr
minor crimes that are unnoticed than tance, would have great weight with
greater ones that are noted without
being adequately punished. A com
munity will be worse demoralized by
generul gambling than occasional
murder, and the official indifference
or incompetency that winks at one
and fully fights the other would be
less mischievous probably if it fought
one vigorously aud winked as far as
it could at the other. Young men of
respectable station and good pros
pects are not likely to form murder
ous habits from the examples of men
like Tate or Merriok, but they are
not only likely but very certain to
form habits of mild gumbliug, grow-
the court and jury. He therefore re
solved, if possible, to break her down.
And when she answered to the first
question put to her, "I believe," Web
ster roared out:
"We dou't want to hear what you
believe; we want to hear what you
Mrs. Greenough replied, "That was
Just wbut I was about to say, sir,"
and went on with her testimony.
Notwithstanding his repeated ef-
you have told me that you were
'ready, willing and anxious to die,'
why then struggle so hard to get out
of the way of that horse and saw?"
"Well, Mr. Rives." the good man re
plied, "I am anxious to die, but do not
wish to be sawed to death."
This circumstance reminds us of
the following from tho Courier-Journal:
"It a man is going to the woods to
commit suicide, aud a bull suddenly
gives chase, the chanoes are that he
will run for his life. Of course he
forts to disconcert her, she pursu
ed the even tenor of her way, until will run. Ho is going to the woods
Webster becoming fearful of the re- to commit suicide and .not to be
suit, arose, apparently in great agita- ' killed by a bull, Besides, do you
ing worse, where gambling is allow- ' tio ami drawiug out hi3 large snuff- , suppose a man wants to have hiB last
ed in specious forms in all horts of box, thrust his thumb und finger to . moments disturbed by a personal
j public resorts. Indianapolis News, the very bottom, aud, carrying tho l difficulty that may cost him his life?"
Best Protection Against Rnsttn?.
For farm implements of all kinds,
hiving metal surfaces exposed, for
knives and forks, anJ other house
hold apparatus, indeed for all metals
likely to be injured by oxidation or
"rusting," we know of no simpler,
more effective apt1 'cation than that
furnished to the American Agricul
turist by the late Prof. Olmsted, au
thor of "Olmsted's Natural Philoso
phy," etc. He used it on air-pumps,
telescopes, and various other appara
tus: Take any quantity of good lard,
and to every half pound or so, add of
common resin (44 rosin") an amount
about equal to half the size of an egg
or less a little more or less is of no
consequence. Melt them slowly to
gelber, stirring as they cooL Apply
this with a cloth or otherwise, just
enough to give a thin coating to the
metal surface to be protected. It can
be wiped off nearly clean from sur
faces where it will be undesirable, as
in the case of knives and forks, etc.
The resin prevcnt8 rancidity, and the
mixture excludes the ready access of
air and moisture. A fresh applica
tion may be needed when the coating
is washed off by tbe friction, of beat
ing storms or otherwise. This single
recipe will be worth many dollars to
any one in the long run. There was
talk of p. renting it, at one time, but
Prof. Olmsted gave it to us to be pub
lished for the general public good.
American Agriculturist for December.
The Mystic Sounding Church Bells.
Manitoba Lake, which lies north
west of Port Garry, and has given a
title to the province formed out of the
Red River region, derives its name
from a small island, from which, in
the stillness of night, issues a mys
terious noise. On no account will
the Ojibways approach or land on
this island, supposing it to be the
home of the Manitoba, the "Speak
ing God." The cause of this curious
sound is the beating of the waves on
the "shingle," or large pebbles lining
the shores. Along the northern eoast
of the island there is a long, lew cliff
of fine-grained, compact limestone,
which, under the stroke of the ham
mer, clinks like steel. The waves
beating on the shore at the foot ot
the cliff causes the fallen fiagments
to rub against each other and to give
out a sound resembling the chimes of
distant church bells. The phenome
non occurs when the gales blow from
the north, and then, as the winds sub
side, low, walling sounds like whis
pering voices are heard in the air.
Travelers assert tbat tbe eflect is Im
pressive, aud that they have been
awakened at night under the Impres
sion that they were listening to
church bells. Helena (Montana) In
dependent. They who lea-t shrink at the
stoims of fortune are always mos
virtuous and victorious in the end.

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