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J. V. SIDERS, Editor.
Thursday, December t2th, 1S7S.
It is sail that a majority of the
members of the Illinois Legislature
favor John A. Logtn for United
States Senator, and he will be elected.
The proposed amendment to the
constitution or the State of Missouri,
making the payment of a poll-tax a
qualification for voting, was defeated
by two hundred and thirty thousand
majority. "
General Roberta, the English Com
mander, has won a great victory over
the Ameer's troops in Afghanistan.
It is said that about 30,000 non-orthodox
Mussulmen will now declare in
faor of the English.
A few days ago the Secretary of the J ette, while ou their way home, were nt
Treasuiy issued a brief order to the I tacked by three men, who look from the
The Potter Committee does not
eem anxiou9 to continue the inves
tigation, and the Iemocrats in Con
gress are not unanimous in favor of
an additional appropriation since the
publication of the cipher dispatches.
The Postmaster-General says that
unleass an appropriation is made be
fore the holiday recesses, all postal
ears will be taken off the first of Jan
uary. The Postmaster-General is
forced to do this to make up the es
timated deficiency.
As8isfant Treasurer at New York, di
recting him to issue no more gold
certificates. This is done in prepar
ation Icr resumption of specie pay
ments. The New York Tribune says
this action changes the whole situa
tion. aDd that hereafter those who
deal with the treasury will be com
pelled to treat gold as money. Iu.
January the government will pay out
about $22,000.000, accruing interest
on bonds. This large sum will be
paid, not iu gold certificates, but in
gold coin. It is difficult to see what
the holders of this coin can do with
it except to let it pass at once into
general circulation, and in all proba
bility that is what will happen. In
dianapolis Journal.
It is said that the immense corn
crop of the country will probably go
Into the raaiket in better condition
than for years previous. The frost
Hon. James L. Campbell, of Chnrles
ton, South Carolina, was an Indepen
dent Democratic candidate for Con
grese at the recent election. The
same methods were used to beat him
that were used to beat Republicans.
He has employed experts and gath
ered a great deal of evidence, which
he proposes to give to any Demo
cratic newspaper that desires to pub
lish it. He says: "I believe the Dem
ocracy of the country have at least an
äqual interest with the Radicals in
denouncing and exposing the frauds
that have been committed, and I con-
9 0
ceive it to be my duty to give to my
own party, rather than to our oppon
ents, the benefits of any evidence I
may have in my possession." It will
probably be some time before a Dem
ocratic editor calls on JMr. Campbell
v .-: 1.. t ..... i t... V.
ins o I 1 I for the evidences of fraud he has col
er has been favorable for thoroughly iectej
matunng am! drying the crop.
The Chicago Tribune sajs if cotton
I? king in the South, corn may j jstly
put in a claim to the title iu other
portions of the country. The amount
I f corn exported iD 18G8 was 01 ly
7,000.(00 bushels, while this season j tion practically tested
'he amonn will probably leach 85,
000,000. The totl tmmMgt this year
.rill pr bably reach 50,000,000, aDd
the total yitfd will a t b. less than
1,500,000,000 bssebsU.
The Greenback Advocate, Um pa
per published u New fork, by Bhupe,
for twenty five cents a y- ar, has eol
lapsed, and tome of those who only
got four or five numbers bepiu to
thiuk that th y were swiu-lled; but
when a man proposes to publish a
paper at a price that wi;l not more
than pay for half the white paper be
uses, every man that subscribes for
it ought to know that Bomebody is
glog to be swindled.
Washington -peci.il to the Chicago
Tribun says: "Gen. Gr aut has finally
concluded to visit Aria before hi re
turn to the United States. A cable
dispatch oas been received from him
accepting the cc.irtesy proffered by
the Administration, in connection
with his Intended voyage, of an offer
of the United States steamship Rich
mond to take him to Iudia, ChiDa,
and Japan. This will prolong Grant's
absence from this country about a
It is said that a large majority of
the members of Congress are opposed
to thiowing any obstacle in the way
of the resumption of specie payments.
W e shall therefore have the advan
tages and disadvantages of rcsuuip-
This is the
only way to tell who has been riht
und w'ia has been wrong. Muy of
the oppent t;ts of resumption still be
lieve that it will be impossible to
mait-tain it, but they have sensibly
concluded to give it a trial. We
have, as our readers are awai . al
was b tn of the opinion that epecie
pu men; a could have been mil IUI d
long ngo with gmU advantage to the
oountry. If a trial shall prove that
we are wrong, we shall willingly ac
knowledge it. We shall always favor
that policy which we believe and
which experience teaches will benefit
the masses.
An important matter for the con
sideration of Congress this winter,
and one which will doubtless ell i
considerable discussion, will be that
of providing another method for the
election of President and Vice Presi
dent of the United States. Senator
Edmund's bill, which was reported
by the Committee lust May, provides
that the Presidential election shall be
held the first Tuesday in October, and
that the electors shall meet in each
State on the second Monday of J mu
ary following, thus giving ample time
to d"?ide quvstious of disputed clec-
I-,. IV.nk C! fr .-v lern Amr.oie.ir.. v
The Londcn correspondent of the liUU8' olttfc 10
New York Sun says there a scheme 8etlle 8Ucb diPut iQ ita owf mQ
on foot to colonize Palestine with ! Der' Congress is to open and count
Jews from the south of Russia and the oral vota on the etcoaJ
i.. f.. V.r., .. rf .....1 .... . I . , . t . r .. I
Kouraama. This is not an Lnghsh - . :
scheme, but it is thought that it will
meet with favor in England. As it
offers a home to Jews who have been
subjected to certain methods of per
secution, it is more likely to be suc
cessful than a scheme inviting emi
gration of Jtws from America or
Notwithstanding, the anti resump
tionists are in a majority in the j
I'inance Committee of the House of
Representatives, thvy have decided ;
to take no action looking towardr. a
repeal of the resumption act, but,
nevertheless, they are of the opinion
that the Secretary of the Treasury
will ultimately fail. This is also the
position and the opinion of Congress- '
man Wm. Kelly, of Philadelphia, here
tofore strongly opposed to resump
tion. He will give Secretary Sherman
all the support in his power, at the
same time that he considers his plaus
ultimately impracticable.
Tl f uMbei eloee the 2'1A volume
of the RF.pt ui.i n Our readers ill
Sod ihr pajx-r slightly changed in ap- j
prarMMI next week, aud we hall
r-,Lably have something to say of its
past Libtory. We hope to make the
r,.tt wolomr. hpti. r t'oiri miiv lArmM
'. . iiiine:. I reported to exceed Um
one. Let our oubscribers do what . . . v
, eXiKCt..liMii ..l the UioM sanguine. .New
j ; to increase our citcul.mon, ; lllM uvt;m. re(,llea duily.
(et iieoi qiants make au effort, at j .
n , Lui her lien.- n. the temperance agitator,
r. d.-i, 'o puv up, and we can cei iuinly . .
- - t. .ii.f 1 it- inir tin lullHM. 'tili llun Icl-.liiiMl
vote can be rejected exce.pt by the
concurrent vote of the two Houses;
but if there are two or more returns,
it shall require the concurrent vote of
both Houses to receive and count one
of them. There will no doubt be a
number of other plaus presented, but
Congress will hardly adjourn without
materially changing the law for elect
ing a President.
News of the Week ('ouüensd.
The receipts of hogs at Chicago ilurine
the past week were 201,107 head the
largest ou record.
PtoC Jenney thinks the Black Hill
will become the great gold producing
region of the world.
A new army hill has been agreed non.
It provides lor a reduction of the aimy to
twenty thousand men.
Letters fron China stiitc that (hiring the
recent (amine T.OO'J.OOO ponple died. .",
000,000 In Ik sinirle province ! Shausi.
The State Teachers' Association will
meet in Fori Wayne en New Year's day.
Reduced lates over all lines to that place
ha e ben on'.uiued.
Anoilier null exphe-ion occurred at
Mirineiipolis .M"ti lav. Like (he great ex
poi. n some time since, it i suid to have
: ftiu.vcd ly tl 1 1 r dust.
TIM itv.-r product of the Lead vi lie.
improve the paper. We are not at all
ashamed, however, of the volume
just closed. We believe that the Re
publican will compare favorably with
any county paper iu this section or
anywhere else, aud we believe that
.se t ol the Rocky Mountains, how not to
diiuk and telling them ot his experience
in hell
The war in Breathitt couuty, Ken , con
tinues. A battle was toiight on VYeducs
day ot last week, btlA een the contending
the people of Marshall "ouuty would factions, in which lour were kt.led and
be benefitted by patronizing it more j sveu wounded.
Sarah VYilcts, the last survivor of a
wealthy family o Friends, which settled
iu Westchester county It-lore the revolu
tion, was buried in the Quaker burying
The bill prepared by the House
Committee ou Foreign Affairs, reduc
ing the salaries of foreign ministers, j ground, at Furchasc. on Friday,
is said to be meeting with much op- ThB dklalU of 0 aw Br'a tatTtew
position from pioutiuent ofil ials at with Qfearral Unat in.licate that while
Washington, who claim that the pres- j the eneral i- not 1 candidate, he would
ent salaries are as low as will proper- . nomination if llltlfil under cir
iv auonort the uiffuitv of those Posi- iaeing it in the HfM I duty.
m c w
tiona. It is our opinion that the man,
aud not the salary, should dignify the
position. It is proposed to reduce
the salaries of ministers of the ilrst
class to $15,000, anl second -class to
$8,000 an.i $10.00. Let tho reducdou
A 2s ew York Tribune Wahingtou soc
ial gfri "The 1'iieiuN of lieu. Builer
credit him with the intention of organiz
ing a new Democratic party, w hich shall
he made the especial champion of human
At Hamilton, ()., at an'early hour Fri
former f The two men were on their
way In. me fn.ni a Variety theater when at
tacked. The highway iueu have not been
The iply of the Ameer of Afghanistan
to the Viceroy ot India's ultimatum has
been received by the Indian government.
The Ameer declares that no enmity exists
between Afghanistan and the lirilish jjov-
ernment; that he desires to resume form
er friendly relations, and, finally, that he
will not resist the visit of a small tempor
ary mission.
The Cleveland papers claim that Charles
F. Brush of that city has solved the prob
lem of the subdivision of the electric light,
and has completed a machine for lighting
one of the largest cotton factories of New
England. Mr. Edison's experiments have
been in another direction, and it is said he
has nearly perfected his machinery for
Mbdh ding the electric light on another
print iple.
Miss E. Dunlap is on the silck list.
The inconsolable wiulep is again upon
Quite a number of fat hogs in this tow n
ship yet.
Justice Walker has but little to do iu
his line of business at present.
The notorious lightning-rod company
of Chicago, have recently swindled E, A.
Xewcomb, one of our best citizens, out of
about if 50.
Henry Zcnts has moved west about one
" The cold w eather has improved the con
dition of the roads.
Frank Davenport can catch more coon-
than any other man In this township.
Samuel Shiik has sdd his pcryonu!
property and is goin buck to Ohio, to
(TOW up with the country.
One of J. II. BobiMOa'l horses died
la-t Friday niht Being a poor man he
feels the loss considerably.
We understand that Dr. Hughs has per
manently located in Lal'az. The village
can now bo tst ol four doctors, which le
min .3 us of a brace of double barreled
I ,ins it one iniisej the other is piet:y apl
to kill.
When one of our neighbors subscribes
for the Kepublican, takes it a few
niout hs and orders it stopped, and then
borrows ours every week, w e thiuk that
man is qualified lor a lightning-rod ped
dler, or uny other occupation reipiiiimr
Morgan Jnhruon, of LaP.i, bought the
nobbiest turn out, last Friday, ever seen
on the sCcels afl thai v.llae. Sane think
the mare is the dam of GMdtOÜtk Maid.
Well, .Morgan is a generous, whole sou led
bachelor, and the bo w ill not feel en
vius w hen they see him making bis mile
in two aud one half minutes.
Some benevolent ladies of this lowusbip
siieul last Satutday soliciting aid for Katie
and Sarah Ta lor, two orphau girls w ho
have lost all earthly rela'ivc.?. The result
of th; day's work was 1,100 pounds ol
provision, estimated tobe worth Ht 00
all donated by the charitable citizens of
this community. Such acts are commend
ed by Him who commanded us to reinem
her the poor.
St. C. Beflff is tf "t hing school in Green
Died, on the 81 h inst, Rüssel Burch,
aged about CO years.
Mi-s Christi Cramer of Penn. is visit
ing at Elder Kinislcy'a.
Itev. W. O Cook will preach in Link
ville nc.t Saturday evening und Sundi.y.
Quite a number of our farmers slaugh
tered their hogs last wevk, they say the
"sign was right."
Kev Hell kefU prctracted meeting nt
the Amish church last Sunday, and it will
continue some time.
Married, by Henry Grube, Esq., at the
bride's resideuee, Mr. Green, of Starke
county, to Mrs. Legget, of this township.
The Germau Baptists have rented the
Amish's i nte red iu th if church for one
ye;.r, and will have meetings every two
weeks a.'ter Jan. 1st, 1"?T9,
The teachers of Wed township met at
the West school house, last BatOfday, lor
the purpose of holding au institute. The
programme was one prepared by the Su
peiintendent, as he intended to be present
and wished to bring certain topics before
the notice of the teachers. The principal
topics were written analysis in arithmetic,
working with reference to some object and
"how to speud your time from 8:3U to 9.
a in." The first gave rise to quite an ani
mated discussion. The majority of the
teachers were opposed to having w iitlcn
analysis, ouly in advanced classes The
Sui'iuteudent thought that "the how"
should be taught first und theu "the
why." The Superintendent thought that
dimng each mouth we should work for
some end or object.. That we should frame
our daily questions with the monthly ex
aminations. The last topic elicited a good
deal of sport, The hull' hour enl in the
morning by the teachers were various,
sik Ii as .sitting by I he stove to wann, wri
ting copies, telling stories, lighting their
pipes and studs ing, were the most coMfl
cuous. Mr. Bailey objected to none but
thai o smoking, provided that the teach
ers were thoroughly acquainted with
the lessous for ihe day. Our institute
then adjourned until after the holidays.
be made regardless of the opinions of j (J nJag- II Weh le, propria of
a a 11 . -a 1 , f f I L.. t
BY K.N fcVK F.X.
I. B. Hickman has moved into his new
house on Michigan street.
I. E. 1'eelle, of Knox, Ind., is in Argos
looking aller his pnqierty.
A. North, of Plymouth, was surveying
1 lie wondrous beauties of Argos last Mon
day. Dr. I. H. Wilson and lady were in Ar
gos last week, aud dined with Mis. " Eu
he Ex."
M. L. Smith will tell you all about
those cipher dispatches of old Sammy's by
Mrs. Harding is away ou a visit through
Michigan. Shu is missed iu both Chinch
ai d schools.
Protracted meeting has begun in the
Argos M. E. Church. A good, lively
meeting is jtisl w hat is needed in our place.
K M. illiams did a good work in the
prohibitory movement with his petition
at BottriXM and luwood, last BelVfdeJ
and unday.
Cktfiei Montgomery, of Toledo, Ohio,
hut very e.rt if aUiac.ions iu Argos. and it
these diguihVd officials. If the wages
of the laborer aud mechanic are re?
duccd, and the price of everything
ta-r garden on Htuhm ttieet. shot his ; )'" "ud ol Argos do not wake
wife tbioug'n the head and then shot loin
sell. Both died instantly. Firnm ial and
up he w ill curry off one ol our maidens.
D. K Brown repairs every tiling in the
produced or manufactured js reduced, lim.ilv trouble, .,. said to have becu the jc velry lint: at reduced rates. Watches
there is no reason why the salaries of ', cause. 1 cleaned fof 75 cents, doeka fol BO cents.
foreigo miuistvra should not bu reduced.
At mid-night Saturday night Charles E.
Dawncy and George Reynolds, ol Lafay
and main-springs 70 cents,
(tori in proportion.
Ali other
Mr Charles Hudson has moved his
house one-half mile m. 1 ih of the old 6lte,
and located it on the Argos aud Woll
Creek toad.
Mr. Prwch, the teacher of peuttMbtfl
and Mi-s Ellen Dunlap, both of this
to a nship, were married on the 8lu inst
by Key. McNeely.
A number of the temperance workers
from Walnut, are exacted to parti-.ip ite
in the temperance meeting at Whippoor
w jll next Friday night.
Jam. - L ' very and It. Williams, ol Ar
gos, will meet he citizens at the Baptist
church next Sundny at 3. p 111 , for the
purpose of organizing a temperance asso
ciation at that point.
Isaac llrown, wlm purchased the Leady
fanu. s 111 time since, aud one U.terly,
toi.ght a duel to settle a dispute which
TOM from a misunderstanding about the
cultitig of some limber. Brown came out
second best.
A team driven by John Bolen ran away
recently. Mr. Bolen was thrown off, aud
falling near the horses they kicked him in
the fa. e. The w ounds are not so serious
as at tirst supposed. A ptflkMl of his face
is badlv bruised however aud his nose is
swoMen to souiething near the size of a
mMf trough.
Mrs. Joseph Miller, who hud been
i'l ot lung disease for some lime, died on
the Cth inst, aged about 68 years. She
was a b n -volent neighbor, a good w ife,
and will üe sadly missel hy the eirire
community. The remains were interred
iu the Baptist cemetery. Funeral serv
ices c d icicd by the Rev. MeXetly of
A rgos.
We are informed that our trustee in
tends to build a new brick school house
ut W!i:pporwid next summer. This
doubtless will lie a step in the right direr
lion. The school room at present ii unite
deficient in many rtepecie. In consideration I
of its beiug the school house nearest the
center of the township, and be!ie ing that
every towushin should have a graded
school, we ask, "why not build a two
slot) boait f We hop; the citizens of
the tow lifhip will give it some thought.
- ra - -" s
Mis- Bettll IJeaglcs is reported serious
ly HL
The roads are In a demoralized condi
tion. 1. M. Smith ha made his apiicarar.ee
Frank Johnson it spending a few day
in Chicago.
G. M. Hiehinlson is at Indianapolis on
Marcellus Smith his harp med for the
properly kuown as liascoin's comer.
Deil Knoll male a rousii.g pheCt ut
Ihe teuiperuuee meeting last Saturday ev;
p The blue ribbon folks are getting up" a
gruud entertainment lo be given during
the nolidej s.
Mr. Siuinger is progiessing finely wiih
bis bcbool. notwithstanding his novel
mode ol puuishiucnt.
John BiUereon, son of Mrs. Taylor, a
highly ii-speeied widow lady ot this place,
was ai rested lasi week, at Carlisle Hill.
St Joseph county, aud lodged iu jail at
South Bend, char ed with outage upon a
th e yeni "Id girl of Carlisle. Ourciti.i ;is
who have kuown John tor years will be
slow 10 eeiieTe him guilty ot so infamous
a crime.
A man named Walker, living in the
south west part ot the county, is charged
w ith forging the name of Henry Miller, a
siihsUuli.il aud respected citizen of this
vicinity, lo a note ot $100, which Walker
ncgoiiuted 10 a lady of 1'lymoulh named
Orr. Mr. Miller tu tonus us that he has
butlicieiil evidence lo convict Walker of
ihe lorgery,
A correspondent of the Winamac
Hepubi'ican a few weeks ugo made
the following sensible remarks in re
gard lo county papers:
The mutter of publishing newspa
pers is one that receives too little at
tention at the hands oi the public.
The publisher could relute to nn in
terested listener facts, and figures,
and trials, depr ivations aud struggles,
tii.it even to the iuex erienced would,
upon fair consideration, appear as
stupendous obstruction to happiness
aud success, liow little do the read
ers appreciate the labor of the editor
to give hit patrons a readable, inter
esting, newsy issue. They receive it
as a result of little or no effort, not
that it Is the fruit of a day or week's
careful consideration aud toil, miu
gled with discouraging prospects,
half pay, and finally is the actual
mouutueut of tho editor's pride and!
not the result of u well supported
worker. These remarks apply to the
areruge county papers, aud perhaps
to a iew luetropolitau publications.
How speedily tho publlo seize upou
the failure of a paper and contemptu
ously allude to its demise, not for a
moment realizing that the communi
ty is to blamo iu ninety-nine cases)
out of every one hundred.
The majority of metropolitan pa
pers are but the selections aud com
pilations of daily editions, and can be
published fora most iueignitlcaut sum
above the actual cost of tn) blank
paper. TtÜnlfl urged ugainst country
pupers, that this or that city puper is
only $1.00 per ariuum, and It Is a larg
er and b iter puper ; and right here
is the mistake in the public from the
following reasons: First, uine
teutbs of the country weeklies' give
the leading or impottant news and as
nock us the average citizen lluds
time to carefully rend aud ponder up
on. Sccoud, a county or homo paper
is a constant builder and improver of
ito locality and its power to benefit is
so incomputable that it becomes a gi
gantic Institution for good, even if it
bo the cae thut its work cannot be
seen. How hard would it be to fol
low successfully the advancement of
a child to point out when; it learned
this or that thing, aud hurder still to
point out the lofioonoe of a borne or
local paper, but its iutluence is one
of the most reul aud substantial mor
al engines that a &ociety can have.
Is it not as well to support home
institutiors as foreign? Uannot bus
iness men better afford to support a
local paper and sustain a good and
creditable citizen as to invest in en
terprises from which no local benefit
may be derived. A faithful local pa
per will do as much or moie for the
lueality in which it is published than
any enterprise ever conceived.
Tnen hew important it is that the
citizens of any locality, that fortu
nately have a paper, support it, not
only financially, but with friendly,
interested encouragement When
this plan ia adopted ror.il newspapers
will take on a higher character;
marked improvements will be notice
able in all local interest and no sus
pended papers will be reported.
Subscribers who sometimes are
delinquent if they only knew the
struggles and expenso incident to
publishing a paper would resolve nev
er to add a feather to tho weight of a
publisher's troubles.
Iu the District Court of the United Statu, for the
District ot Iuliau
Iii the n.atter of I
CharlM M Ulli and Wn Bankruptcy.
William Hill. )
The iinrtorMgned hereby jtWe notice of hin ap.
fHiiijtni' iii us a"n'!;iii e of ( harte M. Hill, and Will
unu Hill, ot Walnut township. Marshall county
aud Stale ol Indiana, within aaid UiMrict, who have
n !! adjudged liaiikriipt u(hui Hieir own petition.
oy in District court ot aid uirtrtct.
ANDKFW Ii A It JOCK, Aasiirne
At Wary w. this Nov. 7fh, 1STS. dce5 l'i
Sheriff's Sale."
By virtue of an ftn uHon isuel out of thi
offl.-eol tliU'l, rk of the Marshall Circuit
Cumt. t' nie directed, on ;i juitument in favor
or Jochim Bennett . ami ainst John Plaice,
Rot tau Flake. Gilbert Peterson and Han
nah Peterson. 1 will offer for sale at public
auction, on
Saturday, the 4th dv of January.
A. 0. 1879.
between the hours nf tn o'i-loi-k a. m.. and
fouroVloek p. m.. at tho door of the court
house, in Plymouth. Marshall county. Indi
ana, a the law direets. the following des-crib-ed
real estate, to-wit :
The norüi-e.i-t quarter (g .f the sonth-ea-t
quarter I X I 'f Beiion number thirty-live
tf township number thirty-live (.5 north,
of pud one d east. In Man-hall county.
Kituato in Marshall county Indiana, to the
highest bililT f'T eash. without retrurd to
apprais.enaent laws, subject to redemption.
Rhertffof Marshal; 'uunfr.
Snyiler A Snyder, plffs attys doell l j j4
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale and a decree
of foreclosure uf mortgage issued out of th
OfBe of the 'krk if the Marshall Cir.-ult
Court, to ine dirOOtod, on a judgment iu favor
of .lohn I- Stuart, and :u.'.inist (. narles M.
Hill. Louisa Hill. Willi, im Hill ar.d Anna HIU.
I will uffur for -alt ut public auction, on
Saturday, Dec. 28. 1878,
letweon the hours of ten o'clock a. m., and
four o Vfoek p. m.. at the door of the court
lio:t-c. in Plymoath, Marshall eoautT, Indi
nsa, a the law directs, tho filloilnitaearrlh
1 real estate, to-wit :
The unilivided one-third "- part in value
ot the south- 'ast quarter of section twenty
seven , in township thirty-two (32) n rtn,
of raiiRe three (t) east, in Marshall county.
Situate in Marshall eoaiatT, Iniliana. to the
highest bidder forcesh, without retanl to ap
praisement laws, aubjeet to redemption.
Slieriffof Marshall County.
Canron Capn ti i-.tt forplff. dee 5 to tt
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale aini a decree
of foreeloAore of mortirae laaoed ut of the
office of the clerk of the Marshall Cfreult
Coord tn bjm directed, on idsflMii1 la favor
"f John Stewart "iar.li'n of the minor lieirs
of Naomi Stewart, deceased, and against
Char'es M. Hill. Louisa V. Hiil, Willi ,111 Hill
and Anna Hill. 1 will offer for sale at public
auction, on
Saturday, Dec. 28, 1878.
b tween ihe hours often o'clock a. m., and
four o'clock p. in., at the door of the court
house, in 1'lymoutu. Maranall county. Indi
ana, us tho law directs, tho following describ
ed real estate, to wit:
The mcli i le l two third lart in value
of the south-east quarter of section twenty
eevsn lJ). iu township thirty -two :u north,
of range three ,3' east, in Marshall county.
Situate in Marshall county, Lidiana. to the
highest bid. Icr for cash, without r -ga-d to ap
i raisi. nicnt laws, ubjuctto reenipt.on.
rfheris if Marshall County.
Ceprofl et Capron. Plffatty decs to -4
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an order of ante anl a deevM
of foreclosure ot uiortKaice issued out of the
olflee of the clerk of the Mai shall Circuit
Court, to me direct d, on a judgment in fuvor
of Cliristeua Kuohlock and again! Qottleib
noacmbsniMi I will offer f r bale at public
auction, on
Saturday, Jan. 4, 1879,
between the hours of ten o'clock a. m., and
four o'clock p. m.. at the door of the court
house, in Plymouth Marshall county. Indiana
as the law directs, the following described
real estate, to-wit:
The undivided one-third I ! I of n lot In Bre
men, described as follows, to-wit: Com-iiieie-ing
sixty e feet south of the south
we t .-..rner of lot number fourteen ! i . in
Hintfle's addition to the town of Bremen;
thence south one hundred and twenty-six
(19JS) feet : thence east sixty-nine (d9) fet;
tiienee north one liundred and twenly-tix
' IJt; feet ; thelx e West sixty-nine iSJi feet, to
beginning, aivt the uudivi Jed one t hire ih
of all iinproveiueiits thereon.
Situate in Mar-hall county, Indiana, to the
highest hi bb-r for cash, without regard to
appraisement laws, subject to redemption.
Sheriff ot Marshall County.
P.J.Essex vlffatty. deci:tiijani
Sheriff's Sale.
By virtue of an order of sale, and a dec re
of foreclosure of mortgage issued out of tho
oili -e of the clers of tho Marshall Circuit
Court, to me directed, on a judgment in favor
of Charles II. Ileeve, and against James S'.
Bailey. I will offer for sale at public auction,
Saturday, Dec. 28, 1878,
between the hours of ten o'clock a. in., and
lour o'clock p. in., at the door of the couit
bouse, in l'lymont h. Marshall county, Indi
an.:, as Mm law directs, Um following describ
ed real estate, to-wit:
Oae divided third part in valuo of tho
premises houndtd as tollows: Commencing
on the south line of section twelve t l'ii Michi
gan road lands, ut a point where the east
line of Water street in the town of Plymouth
uiter-ects said south section line; thence
Dörth live deg. YV. along the east line of said
Water -.ire. t . eighteen i IS' rods to the north
line of Jackson street in Bald town; thence
west along the north lino of said Jackson
street four u rods; thence north nvodug. W.
an. I parallel with the Michigan road thiriy
eight i.M rods ; ther.ee east parallel with the
south line of Said -.eetiou twelve irr Michigan
road lands to the eaal bank of Yellow river,
si ve.nty-llve ) rods ; thence south at ritrbt
ancles to saiit south section line, to tho
south lino of said section twelve ila) Michi
gan road land, a distance of fifty-six rods ;
thence w--t along said sc. -Hon line slxty-liiiii-
iiai rods, to the place of betrinnii.g Con
tainlntt iweuty-four and forty-five hundretlis
ti-MS) a -res ol' laud, always excepting
that jHirtion of the same ou tin west side
thereof that has been platted ami laid off as
an addition to said town of Plymouth, aud
km am as Also commencing at a
witness stone on the east line of the above
Scribed tract four (4) chains aid two and
a half iJ'-i links south of the north-east or
ner thereof, running thence north thirty-two
i- deg. eawt ihri-. and Bfty-oae hundn ths
(9teieii) chains; thence north nineteen (It)
deg. litteeu l.'o min. east three and llifty-ono-huudreths
i.i Mi-100' chains: thence north
'11 eight ' deg. West to the v'sthatlkof
Yellow river, at the north-east corner of the
Pomeroy property, in the south-east quarter
of said se tien twelve 1J Michigan road
land; thence southwardly along the .vet
bank of said Yellow river, to the north lino of
the tract of land tlrst above described, con
taining three and tweiity-eiyhi-hunilreths
ii lib) acres f Land. Also, MMaananebscon
the north line of the tract Bist above describ
ed, at a point when- said north line sirikesthe
west hank of Yellow river, thence west along
Bnld north line thirteen (IS) rods; thci.ee
north fort one ut i (legs, forty-live UJ min
east sixteen urn rods, to the west bank of
Yellow river: thence down the river along
i he west hank to tin' place of beginning. Al
so lot fifty-nine (W) an described in Miles and
Bearing's partition deed, sometimes called
out lot lift y-niiu-1." to the town of Plymouth,
together with ail the improvements, tene
ments, rights, water power. npp"rtenanees
and water privilege), mill and machinery
thereto belonging The whole being
known as the Plymouth .Mills property.
Bituata In Marshall i ounty. Indiana, to the
highest bidder for cash, without regard to
appraisement luws, subject to redemption.
Sheriff of Marshall County.
C. H. Rf ee, atty. JecMoa5
Having taken the ageucy of the ahove celebrated
Bottled ltger Beer, I can furnlah It for
$1.25 per Dozen Bottles
and deliver at any ,,rt of the city.
nov 7 Sa
For First-Clasa
Agricultural Implements
He manafactnrea and keep on haad aU kVsda ai
Wsxobi, Susies, balkles, 1c Also,
Mi Mi ni .luhiiif
Promptly sad Casap!; Ixscatsd
Has Removed into his own Store, on the East Side of Michigan Street,
Between El k Wld E1BU Dl EMI !
Where he will have no rent to pay, which will enable him to Sell Goods Cheaper thaa
ever betöre. As he ia going to Retire Trona ttuaiDess. and wiahlnc to
Uu su tills wiaier, Le will sell his Emire mock of
Dry Goods. Clotliiiig. Boots. Shoes. &c.
At aud BELOW COST, Tit:
Blaek-Silk-Finisk Alpacas, worth $1.25 at 92 1-2 Cto.
Dollar Alpacas at 80 Cents.
- a . -
05 ent 50
5o " 44 44 37
6 y
16-Cent Alpacas at 12.
All Wool Cashmcrei w'th $i,at 85c.
" " "90 " 65c
" M at 47c
GENUINE BEAVER OVERCOATS Worth $18.00, at $14 50.
Genuine Beaver Overcoats $12 00 and at $8 00, $9 00 and $10 00.
And OVERCOATS Down to $4 50 and Leu.
Mi'n's. Youth's tnrt Boyslothmt: will be sold Correspondingly Cheap at the mmm
Kettaced i Percentage. MenY Youth's, snd BovB' Brx.ts will be Sohl Corraspotd
inüly (.heap. Ladies', Mies' and Children's Cloih Gaiters and Leather
Bhoes Willie sold at the Name Kale. 8hawl. Blankets, Beaver Cloibi
Bepiellants and Water Proof Goods for Ladies' wear will he Sold '
CaMSJSWr than ever before In Plymouth. Also Hosiery GIotcs
Dress Goooda. Oil Chubs, Carpets, Trunks, Satchels,
alises. and many other GK)ds too numerous lo meLtion.
The entire Stock of Goods to be sold at and Below Cost to wind up the business.
It is not lor one day or for one month, hut will continue until all is sold. There is no
hambog in this Call an l see licfore you buy elsewhere. There ill oe no bait thrown
out to you on any one article ol goods and then trv to mtke vou (if possible) nev
double tor other go ids. If he was to remain in business, h: couhl not afford to sell
Goods at the Great Reduction be has made in Prices as previously mentioned 41inl
We are too Late and too
Busy for a Change of ad
vertisement. Wait until
next Week, a Grand An
nouncement for the HOLI
Dry Goods and Clothing,

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