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Charles City intelligencer. (Charles City, Floyd County, Iowa) 1864-1866, September 01, 1864, Image 1

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Genuine Preparations.
pOMtlv.- and sj*i itlr liem.-.ly f..r is «•!,-.• of tlie Iliad
Sar, Ki'1ny«,Or«vo|. ami l»rop-iral Swelling*.
This M»*»1 irmo inere.'tses the [xwer Ittuestlon, and
axrlt«'s the absorbents into hoalthy aetinu.hy winch the
watery or calcareous d*|iositiori«, and till unnatural i»n
largemetits are reduced, as well as sain anil iiitlamma-
for Wpaknt"^ ari.-iug from Extci.-es. Hahil* of Diaai
patlon. Karlv InrfiM rption of Ahuxc, ath-iuW with the
following symptoms
1jm» of Mi'uuiry,
Weak NITV.M,
Horror of rieaae,
IHmnoss of Vision,
Universal Ijix'itixicof
Ihr Musi illar
Hot Hand*,
ltryne-- of the Skin.
IVw symptom-), if allowed to po on, which
dM invariallv remove H«*»n follow.*
Impottncy, Fatuity, I'.pilepiic Fits,
la nae of w htch the Calicut may expir*.
Who ran sa\ tint they are not lrvqtieati/
UlOM" I'ireful hix-u^Pf,"
TV Constitution once affivted hy orsruiir woaknea* re
Mitre* the anl of medivttie to strengthen and ItivlpTnle
:he -t m.
WtoVA Hrlmbulr $ Extract liuchu invariably duet.
trial til com mce Uiu uutt skoptnal.
In many affections ix-i ulUr to Female*, tlie
Extract llnrhn is tin-• |:*1 -t l.y anv oiler K*msl_v. a* in
ChloroM-or Kei-tit.on. Irregularity. I' iiululttc--or -tip
pres.-Hii rii-tomirv ••vacatem-. IS-vr-insl or *cir
-late of th'-1 t'Tiis. J-m h'M i Iio-a or M'hite*. Steril
ity, atnl (or all ronnnilahit- incident To th«* sex, whether
from imtiwreiion. habit- of nis-ipation.
JUmboUTt Eitrnct liuchu and Im/inn-fti /faSnmvA
to all tli^ir staler, At little "iiwnw,
UUIc or no rhaiiK'* la diH. No iuconvtmteacf,
Mrauxm a fre)ii'iil l««Mtri* ainl nivt*s ctrrnitth to urt
nate, th»n liy removing oh-iriK-tions, |r -utiiitr ami cur
ing »trn lures of the I icttim. alla.ntnj: (win ati.l mllam
•nation fr«|«icnt iti the rla»« of ili.i asw, and t'X|« llinK
allpoi-onoiu, Uist-asitl auil Momo.it niaU.T
Thon-aniU n|»m lli' U and*, who lm\ Iwn the victims
if Quack-, mi'I MIIO have |:iM h-avy fees to curcii in
i diort tunc r«iiinl they wer*1 ik-cviveil. and thai
Ue l»-, the u.~ ol
Men ilrn-d up in the sy-tcm. to ttreak out ill an aggrava
•d term, and ptrkaft after mtirriay*
t*M* H. lnilx'l.lV Kxtrartof liuchu for aJI alfi«tinns and
llwHis.fi ,,i the organs whether i \i-l:ng in niaie
ir fMiiak, ]n lmt«*vtT otuw ori^iiuituig and no mat
or ol
Ito-as* ol th"j|torgans rei|uire the anl of a 1:1 relic
lelnili'lii K.xlnict ll u lm the .i*-jti I iiir 11. anl 1
ortainto have the ilo-in-d edect in all di««-:».-i~- lor Mhich
is p-«*tBm.*tMlfl Hvt'ti*ici» ol tlie in*-l relwble ami
•H|Wnihi« clktract* ill aoooipalu the
Apara a*d powerful Ttwic, curreotir* aod alhmUva
gf wupdcrlu) t:©cm lb of tlw
Stomach, Liver and Bowel*,
Of** Uver Compiaint, H'-aiincbe, Onetkl
Dtituhly. NervuuanHM, K-jiruw 1011 ol Spirit*,
Jjal«*l4 tola-, IlilcllullUjllt lever-, I ralli|r and
Spa*HI- »n'l all CojJlI'mnii:- ,.f i-Khcr laC,
ariatuii from It«lily aaJtuc«i wiietliar
jMiicxcul in tli -v -it ui piu 11w cd
by special cauaes.
Moth iag that i* not whoioouic, genial aad restorative
Mi nature anfn into the i-uun«»*io»» af MOtfTtTrUt'*
KTOM II r.rri KK.- 'lilt- |irn|«raUU i ohUHU-'
BO mineral of any kjml, Uu i«aiU U.Unu.il eU iio-m [it
fiery en ilaiit hut it i» a couihiiuitioii of the extracts
jttt halfainic herb* ajtd plant.- with the |Kir* I aud tuikl
laalal aii illShaiva etwtiaut*.
It ia well to IM forearm*! ifahiil dtoaaaa, Mi, hi
a* tin -ystcin can bo jjfot' ffcM 1y Toitrian mean*
lnalaillt-.- elinellilereit I all HUM ho|e-o||)C atllll*
nniaire water ami other internal aUHW, UosU-t
ier'e Uitu-rs may he rclicil on a- a pafc({»iard.
Ia illstrlet- iuf.-st.-d with Kevcr and Atue it luw l»*-i
fomul iiifallihlc as a preventive and irre-iMabie af a reruc
if and llMMMauda who rwort to it under apprehension
"u k escape tin' pcour^'c aid thou-aie! who m-n
lad to avail i!. "'selves of its protective .pi a hit.- in ad
ra»o«. are eurod by a V'-ry tiriW ivurw ol ih,.-in.ir\olous
tneil'ciiie. Knver and Akuc jalii iit-, after heinp p.ie
arith ouintne for month- in va'n. n :lil lairly -iriuratc-it
Mith that ilan^erons alkaloid, are not I ii!r,'*ll"*ully .ra
•tared health within a lew days by the uae Honkt
Sar'a SMtcta.
The weak atoanach la rapidly invigorated and the ap
Mtlte reowwd hy tbb agiu^thl* Took-,and heeca
works woii'lers UI case* of I)L-p p-la, un le-soon
Snn-d forma of lmti»re-ui«i Aiimir a- a «««ntl« aud
painiemt a|» rKnl, a- Well iijmn lie' liver, il ul-«i uiva
riahl) re.li«-%-er the t'ouMipaiion »m«-r»iluf»l by irreguutr
i of thad gestive (Md secretive orgaua.
r«T*«ii of fcchle liahit, liable to Nervoti* Attack*,
l/mneei) of Spirit* and Kit* «t liinimor. tind promf* aad
permanent rch.-r from the ifcttur*. Tin* U -tunouy on
Uub point ta ntuet coneiutuve, and from both acxea.
The agony of BUioua Coin- ia lOiliiediaUd) a*«ua«ed hy
ft »ni le du-e it the tlitiiuUtnt, and hy uuuaskmall} ri-Mirt
tag lu U, U» return ot the complaint nut)' |*eveutad.
As a C.en.Tat Tonic, Hoatetter'a Bitter? pmdtire
Which rouot In: expui lew i-d or «itne-.-el 1 lore they an
ha fully appreciated In ,i«- of Coiurtii Uiotbtl Weak
Itat-s. I'reiuaturc iiecay and liehi'ity and Is creptilu.U'
arising 1 rotn Old Au«. it in niie. tie cW-ctrir iiittuiiice
the colivalesc. nt of all ih-casi-H it operates nt a
tfe' 'ifhttul inviijoralit. When the |m« urs of nut 'it e an
rakaicil, it up» rales to re-oulorcc anil ru ciabluh them.
ijutt, but ao( IxiiMt, It Ia The Only Safe Stimulant, being
gtfuiufacturv*l from mmiihI and iiinot lious inateriaUi. and
aatirely free from Ute actil elctuenu present more or luce
fm all the ordinary tonic* and atumachlcB of the day.
.'0 family modictDe hao IMM-H MI uuirerxally, and
fan v be truly addod. kapr»««fly |«pu ar with tlie IntulUgeut
ftruoo uf the community, a* iliwU-Ucr'a Uiuers.
I'repared by lloHTOTmi k SMITH, llttaburgh, Pa.
I/w« of Cower,
liilliculty ol Urfl
I'm" in tli«* Hack,
Flu-hiii* ol l» Body,
Kruptnns on tlio Face,
1'alli Couiitvhuuc*.
itt. .n to K\i'ttiun,
Prlr« $1,W per Bottlr, or Mia for |t,M,
•Irpred biany ailtr«M, accurely packed fnmob-.erva
Iwcrib* *ytn|i"my inail cuwmtuticuIxns
Xun Uoaratnd. Adrtc* Onrtk.
Uklrntx U-tu-rs for mloriuation to
H. II. IIKhMBttLl), hernial,
114 South Ti nt'i -t ic'ii.w he,tnui. Philadelphia.
Hn.MHOI.fVfS Meil tea I H. |M
HlIl.MHOI.li l» 'if an*I «'li' inical Wan'hmfte.
AM Hroadwa), Mew York.
Brimrf f\iunlrr/eit» and mi)rincipUd Dealer*
ta rnli!»M»r to ||IM«M- Iif tileir iwu Mid other
Saku on the r(Mitat(ou attaiuol tiv
11T-''10f''* -.cltUUlu I'leparaliortii.
»k fur Helrnbuld's—Take no other.
Cut out the AdvertiMemcnt and cad tut
CJre $ntd%cnccr.
Westward the course of empire takm it* way."
A.B.r. Iftf.OltFTtl,KAtfor.
Charles City, Iowa, Sept ly 1864
England has 240 war steamers in
commission manned by 45,000 men.
A man was enrolled lasi, year in
three different sub-districts in Concord,
N. H., and hat been drafted from ail
of them.
Many arc aware of the ra.oe of tlii'ir sufl ring, but
Nime i
U cvnftM the record» qf the lunatic A*ylum*.
ud melancholy deaths by consumption ketr ample wit
the truth of tin- .t--arlnti,
in the
lVke no more Bftlmm, Mercurjr or unptaw
«1lt BiiHtlomef= f*r nnph-a-ant or fliirjfrnus 'It-eamx.
first successful cotton-mill
America was started by Samuel
at Providence, Rhode Island, in
the year 17 90.
Four children
A heavy rain storm visited
or J. Atheiton, of
composed extdusively
volunteers, and has applied to the Ad
jutant General for guns and equip
Onoofthe largest farms in North
ampton, Massachusetts, produced
uiiietceo thousand dollars' worth of
tobacco last year, and several other
farmers raised from five thousand to
ten thousand dollars wotth.
Ths Anasaoso Eureka says within
the past few weeks quite
number of
droves of sheep have passed through
town, bound for the interior of Iowa
The largest
Kltract liuchu.
Kltrai-t SHr»a|arilla.
laiprowi Koie Waak.
droro numbered 3,300
h«ad and others from 800 upward.
occurred lately
Lancaster, N. II. After the storm
pile of hail a foot and a half deep
and containing over thirty butdicls
Large hailstones
from the heap two days after
Jacob Thompson, rebel Commission
at Niagara Falls in company with
and Holcom
troit river
now somewhere iu the
States, aocording to the De­
troit Tribune.
Army pies are ao very toogh the
infdicrs call them leather pies.
poor fellow of Grant's army
arm had just been amputated, was
being carried past an old woniau's pie
stand, when he called out: "Old
are those pies sewed or pegged 7
THE Ei.xroRT Honmcim.—The
of the goods
of all
A large black
kinds taken
houses of the four thieves
the men has made
open confes­
sion, and betrayed the operations of
tho whole gang, which ia no small oat.
The Departments of Washington,
Susquehanna, Western Virginia,
and the Middle Department,have
consolidated into one, called
Middle Military Department,"
placed under the command of General
Sheridan. His headquarters At
present at Harper's Ferry.
An Illinois soldier writes to his wifs
in llockford, that, while he and others
were burying dead rebels near Atlan
ta, they were astonished to find
women among the killed, whom they
buried. Another, severely wouuded,
was deeply chagrined when her
bear was lately trap­
ped on the Green Mountains. Brain
dragged the trap and
forty pounds, to
clog weighing
tree twenty rods
climbed the tree to the
bight of thirty feet. Here the trap
and fixtures became entangled in the
limbs and
lie was
sobaequvntly foond
Hie Ft. Dodge Republican auppMcs
the following interesting item
About 40 reapers
sold fct
Dodge tins season, costing, at the
factories, $6,400, adding freight,
V ,110. The:e is no'reason why these
should not be made iu Iowa and Bave
the large sum annually sent out of the
State to purchaae them elsewhere.
A spirited and patriotic lady in
Michigan, who lias lost oue son by reb
el bullets, and has another iu the ar
my, said, on reading that the assump
tion of the rebel war debt was one of
tbe conditions of peace, that she uev
er would pay
quire what is the meaning of Kear
sarge, the name of the vessel which
sunk the Alabama. Kearsargn is a
river in the southern part of North
America falUog iute Um ii*y of
near Cleveland play-
fully entered an old chest when the
lid fell, the lock caught, and they were
smothered to
oar ar­
near Petersburg last week.
Tlie flood filled the ravines so rapidly
that over seventy soldiers, sleeping in
their tents were drowned.
is organizing an artillery company, to
The Richmond papers hare been
encouraged to hope that the rebel
raids in Maryland and Pennsylvania
would compel (irant to leave Peters
burg but now that the raids have
succeeded in again making his cscape
last Monday night. The jail apart
ments being full, be was confined in
one of tlie juror rooms in the second
story, heavily ironed and with a guard
snooze iniiulgcd iu by the guard, Jie,
with the ait) of a string, succeeded in
springing the lock on his shackles.
He then took a towel arid tore it up in
to strips, of which hd made a rope by
which he lowered himself to the
ground, and made good his escape.
At last accounts lit was still at large
and all efforts to discover his wherea
bouts fruitlesa.— Cedar Falls Gazette.
We liavs advices from Europe to
the 20th ultimo. The French papers
expect an engagement iu the English
Channel between our war vessels and
rebel pirates. Great Britain intends
to rccoguize Maximilian's empire in
Mexico without waiting for the action
of Juarez. Complaints continue to
be beard, according to rebel s3'mpa
thizers in Parliament, of British emi
grants being entrapped as recruits for
our army. Parliament has been pro
rogued, and the Queen's address on
the occasion declared a purpose to
whose continue the policy of strict neutrali
ty iu regard to the American war.
Gross Isle, several
ago, and
The French papers have an announce
ment that a peace has beeu arranged
between Germany and Deumark
the conference at Vfenna.
There are at present some 3,000 cial life may be said to meet
Workmen employed in the Springfield, greatest wealth and the most abject
Mass arsenal. Before the war about poverty are often separated by
six hundred muskets were turned out gle wall—the highest literary cnltnre
in a
month, but now as many thou-! is met by the most degrading igno
sand are turned out in
LEARNED I\ CENNNTRHT.—A French J—the most liberal views by the war
paper of high pretentions, Oalignini's
Messenger, says "Many persons en-!
without disturbing our for
ces on the James, the traitors again
decided goneness"
For the Charles fTty Tuti
Eight Must Triumph.
Kifbt must triumph jo who glas'
Over dewcr»U*il
Bs nt •li.ikt n, elitist ii thine
Faith thy btiou^rst foe detttrjph
Ft** may clamor and revile,
Thy (food name tivnvly
If ujpriuht, thou uiay't^ calmly smile
Ttutii is mighty, 'twill prevail.
An there thoae who fain would take
Hiy little all. thine earthly store?
FrkmU toi it time M-CIU to forNtkc
lime will the dearest ones restore.
Ds vile ones seek thy mortal life
A"*nil thee in the darkened street?
Allure thee on Ui dwdly atrife
Idiv anareti for thy unwary four
Be true to honor Httd to Qixi,
To the pure prompting of thy heait,
Walk in the wuy the Savior trod,
And never from ilia laws ilejiart.
BWit mttst triumph foes in anas
&my our natitui to deatiuv,
B«l Uod ia jtmt 'mid war'* alarms
We still will hope for peace aud joy.
Our tituse, HO holy, He will hkiw,
Hia Ktui, all potent, will dulgod,
l{e N.fs in pity our tlis.tie*««.
And ri^lit mast tritunph in the eud.
Prairie lilcn. HI Aug. 18, 1864
Car—pnadaara of lha Chart* City lataUigaaoar.
Letter from New York.
August 13, 1064.
e brief
sojourn jn New England, here
again, adding
cent of it, but would
die in defence of her property before great hujpau family,
it should contribute to so vile a tax. busy world W9*ld move op with
This lady might with honor change out us 1
garments with any copperhctfc la ft large city
Chas. C. Perse, the horse thief who
broke jail at Waterloo about a month
since and was recaptured soon after, proved municipal regulations. Beg-
of two men to watch him. During a spects, it is to be hoped progress has
more to the tide of
living beiuga win) for pleasure or basi
ness find their way to the great com
Siercial metropolis of the United
$tates—the Loudon
the Western
hemisphere. If an individual is apt
to think too highly of self and hia or
her abilities aud importance—and who
has not at some time ?—a visit to such
a place cannot fail to impress
thoughtful mind with the great truth,
that we are but iudividua) units of the
snd that the
eitrewes of so-
bigotry—the most exalted vir
tnc by its corresponding vice, yet
the Lord is the maker of them all,"
though it would be slanderous to
charge Deity with making many in
dividuals what they are. Man has
evidently sought out a few inventions
—in a large city.
A somewhat
An affray recently occurred between
Joshua Shepherd and his soil-in law,
Nathaniel Thompson, both of Marion
county, which resulted in tho shooting
of the latter. Shepherd attempted to
beat Thompson's wife, when her hus
band interfered and cuffed him a little.
He immediately got a gun and shot
Thompson, indicting a wonnd which
will probably prove fatal. He then
fled but afterwards returned and gave
himself up to the authorities.
intimate knowledge
of New York at a former period ena
bles me
observe and note a few of
the most marked changes, viz The
city has increased sensibly in popula
tion, business, and business faculties.
The present extensive and gorgeous
saloons and refreshment rooms in con
nection with prominent hotels, in imi
tation of those of Paris and other con
tinental cities, have mostly sprung ng
within the past fifteen years. They
must be seen, to be realized, and to
compare extravagance
place with these, is like
a country
ocean. The streets arc quite as clesn
as formerly. The number of street
rail roads and horse cars,is large
ly augmented, the police is better or
ganized, and the number of unfortu
nate females seen upon the streets at
night appears to be much less than
formerly, perhaps owing chiefly to im
gars and fiag-stonc sweepers are also
less in number, and
think the man­
ners of hack and omnibus drivers
slightly improved so, in all those re-
beeu made in the right direction.
Hotel expenses have nearly doubled,
the side walks are swept by expen
sive and expansive crinoline, and the
number of liquor and "lager bier"
signs would not indicate
very rap­
id advance of temperance. The sup
porters of Gov. Seymonr—" my
friends," as he said in the riots of
1863- are alao too numerous to indi-
cate the absence of secession sympa
thy or disloyal sentiments. The Cen
tral Park—some five miles np town—
modern thing, and a most desira
ble one iu the city's history. Iuvalitl
adults and sick children can there
find something resembling the country
—fresh air, rocks, lakes, streams,
trees, shrubs,
flowers, &c.
Truly yours,
j. w. a
CMHaapoadence ef tha Charias CRjr Inted&eacer.
Letter from the Co. Superintendent.
MR. EIHTOB :—Permit me to con
tinne my account of school visits,
Augaat Sd» A. M., I visited school in
sub-district No. 11, Floyd township courtof
"Sflhstfoarb ijic Course of (Smpirt iahts its
ranee—the most exalted religions
sentiment by the lowest superstition
titure, water pail aud cup, atovc,
(hose present, tbe school is well clas-j
$ified, and well advanced in learning
in respect to age of scholars. Though
l^liss Andrews is a begiuner in teach-1
ing, she is certainly doing well. This!
Is a good school and Miss Andrews
must have had some worthy prede-,
cessors. Patrons of such a school
cannot long be without a good sub
stantial school honse of their own.
August 2d, P. M., visited school
sub-district No.
Cedar township.
Wm. B. Howard, director. Miss Jo«
lia G. Montgomery, teacher. Wages,
$2 50 per week and boards arouud.
House, log. Pleasantly situated in
the edge of
beautiful grove. Quite
commodioos and comfortable on the
Apparatus, Webster's Unabridged
Dictionary aud blackboard. Furni
ture, water pail and cup, broom, stove,
desk, and seats very well arrauged.
Desk serves
aa a
school in respect to age, middhug. I
P»««fd nt the Kii-xt Si-*»lon of Hit- Thirty*
Eighth Cng«««i.
[Punuc—No. 104.]
ACT to prohibit certain
drop to the for tho payment of any sum, either
sales of
gold and foreign exchange.
fie if rntir'eri by the Senate aiul Jlmse
of Representatives of the Unit#/ States of
Amrrica in Congress assrmllaf, That
it shall be unlawful to make any con
tract for the purchase or sale antl de
livery of any gold coin or bullion to
be delivered on any day subsequent
to the day of making such contract,
or for the payment of any sum, either
fixed or contingent, in default of the
delivery of any gold coin or bullion,
or to make such contract upon any
other terms than the actual delivery
of such gold coin or bullion, and the
payment in full of tho agreed price
thereof, on the day on which such con
tract is made, in I'nited States notes
or national currency, and not other
wise or to make any contract for the
purchase or sale and delivery of any
foreign exchange to be delivered at
sny time beyond ten days subsequent
to the making of such coiftract or
fixed or contingent, in default of the
delivery of any foreign exchange, or
upon any other terms than the actual
delivery of such foreign exchange
within ten days from the making of
such contract, and the immediate pay
ment iu lull of the agreed price thereof
on the day of delivery in I'nited State
Sec 2. Ami be it /nrthcr enacted,
That it shall be further unlawful for
any banker, broker, or other person,
to make any purchase or sale ef any
gold coin or bullion, or of any foreign
exchange, or any contract for any
such purchase or sale, at any other
ll,an tl,e
Sec. 5. And Is if further en&ded,
[That the penalties Impost!? by the
[fourth section of this act may be re
covered in an action at law in any
Wm. Sprague, Director Miss Kcziah or any court of competent jurisdiction,
Andrews, teacher. Wages, $3,50 per which action inay be brought in the
week aud board herself.
pleasant aud comfortable—neat
dean—rented by the district
which action
House log
Apparatus, Globe, Mitchel's Out liue person bringing such actiou. And
Haps, a good black board, and Web-:*l« recovery and satisfaction of a
•tei'. Unabridged Dictionary.
the United States by any per-
son who will sue for said penalty, one
half for tho use of tho United States,
aud the other half for the use of tbe
tlie goods shall be
pulpit. Scholars
present, 9 On list,
present, all &mall. Seemed to be do
ing quite well. Arrived quite late,
and left quite early in consequence of
the appearance of rain. Think Miss
Montgomery quite competent from the
performed. Scholarship of1

Sec. 2. Am) he if further enacted,
That it shall be lawful for said Oorpo-
wdinary place of busi-
ttess of either the seller or purchaser,
owned or hired aud occupied by him
individually, or by a partnership of
which he is a member.
Sec. 3. And be it further enacted,
That all contracts made in violation of
this act shall be absolutely void.
Sec. 4. Ami be tl further enacted.
That any pers*n who shall violate any
provisions of this act shall be held
guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on con
viction thereof, be fined in any sum
Hot less than one thousand dollars,
Qor more than teu thousand dollars,
or be imprisoned for a period not less
than three months nor longer than one
year, or both, at the discretion of the
court, and shall likewise be subject to
a penalty of oue thousand dollars for
each offence.
national or to
make any contract whatever for the
Sale and delivery of any old coin or
bullion of which the person making
such contract shall not, at the time of
making the same, be in actual posses
sion. And it shall be unlawful to
make any loan of money or currency
not being in coin to be repaid iu coin
or bullion, or to make any loan of coiu
or bulliou to be repaid in money
currency other than coin.
in any .ach .cti.m h»ll bo
a bar to the imposition of any fine for
t|10 game 0(fet,cc
broom, chair, table, aud benches for
•eats. A sensible cbmmunity, thus
providing apparatus for their school.
Most teachers are compelled, like the
Israelites, when in Egypt, to make
tu-icks without straw or, in other
words, to teach without means. Schol
ars present, 9. On the list, 16. For
good order aud quietneas this school
Cannot be surpassed. No whispering (PCBUC No. 105
—no studying aloud. Judging from ACT to amend an act entitled
in any
to amend an act entitled
A n a o a u o i z e e o o a
tion of Georgetown, iu the District
of Columbia, to lay and collect a
water tax, and for other purposes,"
approved May 21, 1862.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House
of Representatives oj the United States
of Amrtai in Congress assembled, Tli.tt
in all cases in which an original town
lot ill Georgetown, iu tbe District of
Columbia, entirely owned by tho same
persou or persons, or any subdivision
of an original lot separately owned,
aforesaid, shall be situated at the
in- intersection of two streets, so as to
bjml of front on both aud in whil.h
H. WILBUR, both fronts would be liable to the front
Oowaty Soperiutcutkttfc foul tax authorised by Uae met ettfcUed
United States,
reco"rd of
instituted subsequent to the recovery
of such judgment, but aluill not be a
bar to the infliction of punishment by
imprisonment, as provided by said
fourth section.
Sec. 6. Awl be it further enacted,
all acts
sisteut with the provisions of
are hereby repealed.
Apyuivcd, Juue 17, 1864.
this act
"An act to cxttMid the time for the
withdrawal of goods from public
stores and bonded warehouses, and
for other purposes," approved 29th
February, 1864.
lieu enacted by the Senate amd House
of Iktpresi nl at
ires of the United States of
America in Congress assembled, That
all goods, wares, and merchandise in
I public stores aud bonded warehouses,
on which the duties are unpaid, and
which shall have been in bond for
more than oue year aud less than three
years, may be entered for consumption
and the bond* cancel [I jed at any time
before the first day of September next,
on payment of duties and charges ac
cording to the laws in force at the
And be it further enacted,
Detroit, Miami, Sandnsky, Cuyahoga,
I'rcsqno isle, hereafter to be called
Krie,) Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara, Gen
esee, Oswego, Cape Vincent. Oswe
gatchie, Cliarnplaiu, aud Ycrmout,
shall receive an annual compensation
of one thousand dollars, and, in addi-
salary, fees, ami couunisbioiis shall iu
any case exceed the said sum of twen
ty-five hundred dollars, after deduct
ing the necessary expenses incident
to the said office, for ami during the
same period for which said compensa
tion is allowed, tbe excess ahall, in
every such case, be paid into .the
Treasury of tho United States. Tho
fees and emoluments of all kinds to l»c
accounted for aa provided by the
twelfth section of the act of the sev
enth of May, eighteeu hundred and
Sec. 3.
Approved, Jane 17, 1864*1
n i
A n a o a u o i z e e o o a i o n
of Georgetown, in the District of Co
lumbia, to lay and collect a water tax,
and for other purposes,"approved May
twenty-one, eighteen hundred and six
ty-two, the said front-foot tax shall
not be levied upon in ore than seventy- northwestern frontiers of the I'nited
five feet of the two fronts of said lot States,
or part of lot and all beyond said proved ......
number of feet shall be exempt there- jdred and thirty-one, and all other acts
from: Provided, ihat, for the pur-, or parts of acts inconsistent with this
ration of Georgetown, in their discre- every bill which shall have passed
tion, instead of the front-foot tax the Legislative Assembly of Wash
aforesaid, to lay and collect aunually ington Territory shall, before it be
a general special tax not to exceed come a law, be presented to the Gov
one fifth of one per cent, per annum ernor. If he approve he shall sign it,
on all the assessable property in said but if not he shall return it, with his
town, for tho purpose of defraying objections, to that House in which it
the cost of distributing water through shall have originated, who shall enter
said town from the mains or pipes of the objections at large on their jour
tho Washington aqueduct, which tax nal and proceed to reconsider it. if
(PUBLIC—No. 107
illations, and penalties now in force
rclutiug tu registered aud liccuscd
AN ACT to regulate the foreign coast- rent its return,
ing trade on the northern, north- not be a law.
eastern, and northwestern frontiers Approved, Jane 17,1864.
of the I'nited States, and for other'
lie U enacted by the Sen tie and House
of Representatives of the United States of
America in Congress assembled, That any
boat, sloop, or other vessel of the 1'ui
ted States, navigating the waters on
our northern, northeastern, and north
western frontiers, otherwise than by
sea, shall be enrolled and licensed in
such form as other vessels which en
rolment- and license
That in lieu of the compensation pro
vidtid by the fourth section of the act
of March second, eighteen hundred
and thirty-one, entitled An act to
regulate the foreign and coasting
trade on the northern, northeastern, tue of said last will, without the leave
and northwestern frontiers of the Uni-jaud assent of Congress: Therefore—
ted States, and for other purposes,"! fie if enacted by the Seuite and 11 -use
each of the several collectors of cus- of R,presentatires of the United States
toms in the following districts on the af America in Congress assembled, That
said frontiers, to wit Pembina, Chi-(the assent of Congress is hereby giv
cago, Milwaukee, Sault Sainte Marie, jen to all and every theaftermentioned
tion thereto, the tees now collected queathed to it as aforesaid, agreeably
under tho general regulations of the to the tenor and provisions of the said
1 reasury Department of February, last will, aud to dispose of aud enjoy
eighteen hundred and fifty-seven, and the same to every intent and effect as
And be it further
That the collectors and
of customs on the said frontiers shall
be authorized to charge and collect
thu same fees as are now allowed by
law to be charged and collected by
the collectors and
officers of cus­
Sec. 4. And be it further enad&l,
That all the territory, harbors, and wu-
in the State id* Wisconsin.
See. 5. Ayl be it further enacted.
That all bonds given by collectors of
customs, uaval officers, surveyors, and
by all officers of the customs through
out the I nited States, shall be approv-
Sec. 6.
and after the thirtieth Juue, eighteen
hundred and sixt3*-four.
Sec. 7. And be it further enacted.
That the act entitled An act to reg-
And be it further enacted, spectivelv. If any bill shall not be be dealt with ss other public lands,
That the third section of the act returned by the Governor within five but subject to the adjudicated boun
aforesaid be and tho samo is
repealed. have been presented to him, the same! sentcd within the limit of the time
ApjM'uved, June IT, 1864.
f"Pinuc—No. 109]
AN ACT to empower the Superannua
ted Fund Society of the Maryland
Annual Conference to hold property
in tho District of Columbia aud to
take a devise under the will of the
late William Doughty.
Whereas a certain YVilliam Dough
ty, or eorgetown, in the District of
devises and bequests unto The Su
perannuated Fund Society of the Ma
ryland Annual Conference aforesaid
and the said society and body corpo
rate is hereby fully authorized and
empowered to take and hold the said
property and estate devised and be-
a commission of three per centum on if the said society had been originally the constitution to tho people of said
all moneys collected aud accounted incorporated by act of Congress. State for their ratification or rejection,
for by them respectively: ProvUed,\ Sec. 2. Awl be it further enacted, at an election to be held ou the second
That the aggregate compensation de-' That the said corporation is hereby Tuesday of October, be so amended
rived from salary, fees, and comtnis- empowered to bold real and persoual »s to read, on the second Tuesday in
sions, shall not in any case exceed property located in tho District of Co- September, and that the election, for
tho sum of twenty-five hundred dol- lumhia acquired or that shall be ac- the purposes aforesaid, be held on that
lars per annum, subject to the provis- quired by gift, purchase, devise, or be-i Jay instead of the sccond Tuesday in
ions of the act entitled An act re
la- quest, and tho same enjoy, rent, lease, October.
tive to collectors and other officers of or convey, at pleasure, as freely as
the customs," approved February any person or body corporate cao do
eleventh, eighteen hundred and forty- Provided, That tbe net yearly income
six. And whenever the aggregate of thereof shall not exceed twenty thou
sand dollars.
Sec. 3.
ters on the eastern ahore of the State thereof duly returned to tho proper
of W isconsin, bordering on Lake district laud office: Provided, That
Michigan, heretofore embraced in the tho actual cost of such survey and
district of Michilimackin tc, and lying platting shall first be paid into the
within the limits ot the Statu of Wis* i surveying fund by settlers, accordiug
cousin, shall be, snd the same are i to tbe requirements of tho tenth sec
hereby, attached to and made part of1 tion of the act of Congress approved
the collection district of Milwaukee, thirtieth of May, eighteen hundred
Aud be it further enacted, of
post: of avoiding inequality and hard- act be, and the same are hereby, re-' this act shall be presented to the reg-j Smyrna, Candia, Alexandria, and Bel
ship iu laying said tax, it shall be i pealed
lawful for the said Corporation of Approved, June 17, 1864.
Georgetown, in such cases, to make
such further exemptions from said fPcni.ic -No. 103,1
front-foot tax, either by general laws [AN ACT to regulate the veto
or in individual cases, as to them may
eeenj just and proper.
in the Territory of Washington.
lie it enacted by the Senate and House
of llepre.seidatirvs of the United States of
Aemrica in Congress assembled, That
shall be exclusively appropriated to after such reconsideration two-thirds
said object, shall be collected in the of that House shall agree to pass the
same manner as the general tax of bill, it shall be sent, together with the
said town, and shall cease whenever objections, to the other House, by
the cost of said distribution shall have which it shall likewise be reconsidered,
been fully paid Provided, That all and if approved by two-thirds of that
persons liable to pay said tax shall be House it shall become a law. But in
credited on account of the same with all such cases the votes of both Houses
all sums heretofore paid by them on shall be determined by yeas and nays,
account of said front-foot tax, levied and the names of tho persons voting
in pursuance of the act to which this for and against the bill shall be enter- said rancho, the titles to which are
is an amendment. ed on the journal of each House re- not established under this act, shall
days (Sundays excepted) after it shall daries of tho claims which are pre-
shall be a law, in like manner as if he prescribed as aforesaid Provided,
had signed it, unless the Legislative That no person under the provisions
Assembly by their adjournment pre- of this act shall be allowed to enter a
in which case
by his last will, bearing
shall authorize date on the twenty-uinth day of April,
any such boat, sloop, or other vessel eighteen hundred and fifty-nine, duly
to be employed either iu tbe coasting admitted to probate, devised and be
or foreign trade on said frontiers queathed certain real and "personal
ami no certificate of register shall be property and estate—part thereof tolgress of Juno third, A. I. eighteen
required for vessels so employed on take effect at his death, aud the resi-j hundred and fifty-six, entitled An
said frontiers: Provided, That such due at the death or marriage of his act making a grant of alternate acc
boat, sloop, or vessel shall be, in every widow—to a society incorporated by, tions of the public lands to the State
other respect, liable to tbe rules, reg- act of the General Assembly of Mary-j of Michigan to aid in the construction
land, by the name of The Superan-j of certain railroads in said State, and
nuated Fund Society of the Maryland for other purposes Provided, That
And be it further enacted,
That this act shall take effect from the
day of its passage.
Approved, Juue 17,1864.
[PUBLIC—No. 110.]
AN ACT to grant the right of pre-emp
to certain settlers
cho Bolsa de Toinales,
the Ran-
iu the
Be it enacted by the Scmte and House' propriaUd, for the objects hereafter
of Representatives of the United States of expressed, for the fiscal year endiug
America in Congress assembled. That it the thirtieth of June, eighteeu hun
enacted, may and shall be lawful for the Com-j died and sixty-five, namely
missioncr of the General Land Office For salaries of envoys cxtraordina
to cause the lines of the public sur- ry, ministers, aud commissioners of
veys to be extended over the tract of! the I'uited States at Great Britaiu,
country known as the Rancho Bolso! France, Russia, Prussia, Spain, Ans
de Tomalea, in Marin county, Califor- tria, Brazil, Mexico, China, Italy, Cbi
nia, the claim to which, by James D. li, Peru, Portugal, Switzerland, Home,
and sixty-two, "to reduce the expeu-
ed by the Commissioner of. Customs, shall be lawful for individuals, settlers I ter, three thousand dollars.
in whose office they are now required upon the said Rancho Bolsa de Tom-J For salary of the interpreter
to be filed. ales, to enter, according to the lines legatiou to
land settled upon by them to the ex
tent to which the same had been re
dnced to possession at the time of said
adjudication of said Supreme Court,
ulate the foreign and coasting trade! joint entries being admissible by co- For expenses of intercourse with
on the northern, northeastern, and terminous proprietors, in order that'the Barbary Power*, three thousand
respective boundaries may
their be
and for other purposes,'' ap- adjusted in accordance with their aev
second March, eighteen hun-1 eral possessions.
Sec. 3. And be it fnrtktr enmttol.
That all claims withm the purview of
ister and receiver within twelve
months after the return of such sur
veys to the district land officc, accom
panied by proof of settlement, atal
tlie extent to which the tracts claimed
had been reduced into possession at
the time of said adjudication and
thereupon each case shall bo adjudg
ed by the register and receiver, tinder
such instructions as shall be given by
the Commissioner of the General Land
Office, to whom the proof and adjudi
cation shall be returned by the local
land office, and no adjudication shall
be final until confirmed by the said
Commissioners: Pruvidcd, That the
confirmation by said Commissioners
shall bo conclusive and final between
coterminous proprietors, and tlie cor
rectness thereof shall not be open to
contestation in any action at law or
suit iu equity between them or be
tween parties claiming under them by
title subsequent And prnrio'ed, furth
er, That any claim not brought before
the register and receiver within twelve
months, as aforesaid, shall bo barred,
and the lands covcrcd thereby, with
any other tracts within the limits of
greater quantity of land than
hundred and twenty acres.
Approved, June 17, 1864.
Annual Conference," and called in said State of Michigan shall have the
will the Superannuated Fund Society i same control over the said grant of
of the Methodist Protestaut Church lands hereby extended for five years,
for the District of Maryland and for the benefit of said railroad, which
whereas it has been questioned wheth- was given to said State under said
er the said corporation can lawfully original act of Congress and said
take and hold the said property, in vir-
[Pcni.ic—No. 111.]
AN ACT extending the time for the
completion of the Marquette and
Ontonagon railroad, of the State of
Be it en acted by' the Senate and House
of Representatives of the United States
of America in Congress assembled, That
the time limited for the completion of
the Marquette and Ontonagon railroad,
of the State of Michigan, be, aud the
same is hereby, extended for the term
of five years beyond the time fix^d
for its completion by the act of Cmi-
State may prescribe the time within
which the several sections of said
road shall be completed.
Approved, June 18, 1864.
PUBLIC—No. 112.]
AN ACT to amend an act entitled "An
Galbraith. has been adjudged invalid Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden,
by the Supreme Court of tho United Turkey, New Granada, Bolivia, Kuua
States, and to have approved plats dor, Veuezuela, Guatemala, Nicara-
sea of the survey aud sale of the pub-' thousand dollars.
lie lands in the United States." For salary of the interpreter to the
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, legatiou toChiua, five thousaud dollars.
That after the return of such approved For salary of the Secretary of le
plats to the district office, it may and gation to Turkey, acting as iuterpio-
tlie public surveys, at one dollar, hundred dollars.
to enable the people of Colora
do to form a constitution and State
government, and for the admission
such State into the Uuiou on an
footing with the original
lie it enacted by the Scinfe and House
of Representatives of the United States of
America in Congress assembled, That
so much of the fifth sectiou of the act
to which this act is an amendment as
provides by ordinance for submitting
Approved, June
gmMH iiSiMi
18, 1801a
[PUBLIC—No. 11$.]
AN ACT making appropriations for
consular and diplomatic ex
penses of tho Government for tbe
year ending thirtieth June, eighteen
hundred aud sixty-five,
and for oth-1
er purposes.
Be it nuuted by the Senate and Hus,
of Representatives of the United Slates of
Ante rial in Congress assembled. That the
following sums be and the same are
hereby appropriate J, out of'any mon
ey in the Treasury n.'t otherwise ap
gua, Sandwich Islands, Costa Rica,
Honduras, Argentine Confederation,
Paraguay, Japan, aud Salvador, tiiree
hundred and ci^Ut thouaaud live hun
dred dollars.
For salaries
of secretaries of lega­
tion, thirty thousand dollars.
For salaries of assistant secretaries
of legation at Londou aud Paris, three
Japan, two thousand
WT'Ml'.TT) S.1.
missions abroad, sixty thousand dol
For contingent expenses of foreign
intercourse, eighty thousand tlnllar*.
For expenses of the consulates lt»
tho Turkish dominions, namely, inter
preters, guards, and other ex pen sea
the consulates nt Constantino
rut, two thousand five hundred dollar!.
For tho relief and protection of
American seamen in foreign countries,
two hundred thousand dollars.
For the contribution of the United
States to the completion of
a new
cemetery at Constantinople, to receitw
the remains of American citizens trans
ferred from an old burial place, aa6
also as a lace for future interments,
eighteen hundred dollars.
For expenses which may be inenvf
£d in acknowledging the services of
the masters and crews of foreign ves
sels in rescuing citizens of the United
States frenn shipwreck, five thousand
For the purchase ef blank books,
statfonery, book-cases, arms of th®'
I'nited States, seals, presses, an#
flags, and for the payment of postag
es, aud miscellaneous expenses of
eonsulg of tho United States, inela*
ding loss by exchange, sixty thot*
snnd dollars.
For office rent for those con snip
general, consuls, and commerci
agents who aro not allowed to trade,
including loss by exchange thereon,
fifty thousand dollars.
For salaries of consuls
suls, commercial agents,
consular clerks, namely.
and thirteeu
Scnm.-i.ss B.
Alexandria, Calcutta, Constantino
ple, Frankfort-on-the-Main, Havana*
Montreal, Shanghai, aud tho consift
general at Alexandria shall have thr
name and title
and consul
ScnsnuLft B.
Acapnlco, Aix-la-ChaptHe, Algiers
Amoy, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Aspi
wall, Aux Cayes, P.aliia, Barcehm
Bankok, Basle, Belfast, Beirut, Be
geu, littrmuda, [Bermuda,] Bilbatj^
Buenos Ay res, Bordeaux, Brcmciju
Bristol, Brindisi, Bou'oge, Cadiz, Ca£
lao, Candia, Canton, Cardiff, Chin K|»
ang, Clifton, Coaticook, C^rk, Cnracon£
Demarara, Dundee, V.lsinore, Erie, Fo©
Choo, Funcl.al, Galatz, Gas,»e Basin,
Geneva, Genoa, Gibraltar, Glasgow,
Goderieh, Gottenl-urg, Guaymas, Hali*
i ts, Hamburg, Havre, Honolulu, Hong
Kong, Jerusalem, Kanngawa, King
ston, Kingston in Canada, La Rochelle,
Laguayra, Lahaina, La Paz, La l'n^
ion, Leeds, Leghorn, Leipsic, Lisbon^
Liverpool, Loudon, Lyons, Macao,
Malaga, Malta, Manchester, Manza
nillo, Maracaibo, Matanzus, Marseilles,
Mauritius, Melbourne, Messina, Mos
cow, Munich, Nagasaki, Nantes,
Naples, Nassau, W. 1., Newcastle
Nice, Odessa, Oporto, Palermo, Pana
ma, Paramaribo Paris, Pernambuco,
Pictou, Ponce, Port Mahon, Prescott,
Prince Kdward Island, Quebec, Re
vel, 1 lio de Janeiro, Rotterdam, San Ju
an dtl Sur, San Juan, (Porto Rico,)
Santander, Santiago de Cuba, Santo|^
Port Saruia, Scio, Singapore, Smyrna
Southampton, Stockholm, St. Johat
N. F., St. John, N. B., St. Lambed
and L*ngnienl, [Longucnil,] St. PetcrfH
burg, St. Pierre, (Martinique,) SI,
Thomas, Stuttgardt, Swatow, St. Hele
na, Tabasco, Tampico, Tangier,
hiiuntepee, [Tehnantepcc.J Toronto
Trieste, Trinidad de Cuba, Trinidad,
Tripoli, Tunis, Turk's Island, [sj, VaJ«
paraiso, Valencia, Venice, Vera Cms,
Vienna, Windsor, Zurich.
A moor River, AntigM, Balise,
(Honduras,) Gaboon, Madagascar,
San Juan del Norte, St. Domingo, St.
BciiEr»n.K c.
Barbadoea, Bitavia, Bay of Islands,
Cape Haytien, (.'ape Town, Carthage*
na, Ceylon, (,' ibija, Cyprus, Fajilk*
laud Islands, Fayal, Guayaquil, Lan*
tbala, Marauhain, Matamoras, Mexico,
Montevideo, Omoa, l'ayta, Para, Paso
del Norte, Rio Grande, Sabanilla, St.
Catherine, Santa Cruz, W. I., Santift*
o, (Cape Verde,) Spe/.zia, Stettin,
Talcahuano, Tumbez, Zanzibar,
Apia, St. Paul de Ktvrndo, [Lnanda,]
including loss by eXchanj^H thereon,
four hundred aud seventy seven thou
sand five hundred dollara. Aud th«
salaries of tbe consuls at Briudisi,
Gibraltar, St. Helena, Boulogne, Zs
ricli, Clifton, Coaticook, Erie, Goderiuh,
Kingston in Canada, l\u Sarnis,
Prescott, St. Lambert and LonguieiU,
[Longucuil,] Toronto, and Windsor,
shall be fifteen bundled dollars eat
and the salaiics of the consuls at Cey
lon aud Piraeus shall be one thousand
dollars each and the salary of tbe
consul at Chin Kiang shall be
thousand dollars and the salary
the consul at Baukok shall be
thousaud dollars and the salary
the commercial ageut at Madagascar
shall be two thousand dollars and
the salary of the consul at Nassav
shall be lour thousand dollars, to com
mcnce after tho close of the present
fiscal year, aud to continue duriug the
present rebellion and the salary
I the consul at Lyous shall be two tboa
I sand dollars, to couimcuco after the
close of the preseut fiscal year aad
salary of
to the
consul at Manches­
ter shall be three thousaud dollars, to
commence after
fiscal year.
F«f ieteifMteN to the gwwlatcs

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