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Charles City intelligencer. [volume] (Charles City, Floyd County, Iowa) 1864-1866, September 08, 1864, Image 2

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periodicals, and misccllanoonn itemi,
tbrro thousand four hundred and fori/
Hurcau of Yards and Pocks
For stationery, plans, drawings,
ind incidental labor, eight hundred
Bureau of Equipment and Recrutia'g
For stationery, and miscellaneous
items, fivo hundred dollars.
Uurcau of Navigation
For stationery, and tnisscelianeous
items, eight hundred dollars.
Hurcau of Ordnance
For stationery, and miscellaneous
Items, ouo thousand dollars.
Bureau of Construction and Repair:
For stationery, and miscellaneous
items, one thousand dollars.
Bureau of Steam Engineering
For stationery, and miscellaneous
Hems, one thousand two huudrcd dol
ltureau of Provisions and Clothing
For stationery and miscellaneous
items, one thousand dollars.
Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
For stationery awl miscellaneous"
items, four hundred and fifty dollars.
fob the GEXKiur. rntroHEs ok tiie south
For compensation of five watchmen
•ml two laborers of the southwest ex
*JHcutivc building, three thousand nine
hundred and sixty dollars.
For contingent expenses «f ftaid
.^nilding, vW.
:v$ For labor, fuel, lights, and miseel
.r*Jhncuufi items, fivo thousand dollars.
Pw compensation or the Poiimwiter
ficnoral, three Assistant Postmasters
IJeneral, chief clerk, and the clerks,
Miessenger, assistant messengers,
J|ratehmen, aud laborers of said de-
artmunt, one hundred and fiity-cight
two hundred aud twenty dol*
Fur compensation of twenty-five ad
[itional clerks, twenty thousand dol
For stationery, fuel for the General
s^oet Office building, including fuel
*Hlur the Auditor's office, oil, gas, and
•Sgnndles, printing, repair of the IJener
al Post Office building, office furniture,
[la/.ing, painting, whitewashing, aud
keeping the fireplaces and furnaces
order for engineer, (for steam en
gine) laborers, watchmen, repairs of
furniture, and for miscellaneous items,
thirty-five thousand dollars.
For compensation of the Commis-
of Agriculture, chiuf-clerk, one
lerk the fourth class, four clerks
#f the third class, four clerks of the
«%ocond class, six clerks of the first
^lasfi, an entomologist at an annual.
Salary of two thousand dollars, a che_
lliist at an annual salary of two thou
*4and dollars, an assistant chemist at
In annual salary of fourteen hundred
dollars, a draughtsman at an anunal
rilalar y of fourteen huudrcd dollars, a
translator at nn annual salary of
twelve hundred dollars, two messen
ers at an annual salary of six liun
red dollars each, aud two laborers at
an annual salary of four hundred dol
lars each, thirty-eight tbousaud dol
For contingencies, viz For sta
tionery, wood, coal, gas, and miscel
Itineous items, three thousand five hnti
fired dollars.
For collecting agricultural statis
tics, and information for reports, twen
ty thousand dollars.
For furniture, viz Carpets, desks,
•nd stoves, eight hundred dollars.
For the purchase of a library and
laboratory, four thousand dollars.
For purchase and distr'ihutioii of
Mew aud valuable seeds, aud for labor
lli putting up seeds, seed-bag*, uud
flagging, lifty-four thousand dollars.
lor compensation of superintendent
|f seed-rouui, at an annual coiupensa
jiiou of sixteen hundred dollars, aud
lur two clerka of the first class, four
^lousand dollars.
For contingencies of seed-room,
af coal, guiu, packing paper, aud
isccllauuous items, three tbousaud
For propagating garden, for propa
gation aud distribution of valuable
slants, cuttings, &, shrubs, viz For
ftibor, for repair of old propagating
Blouse, new propagating house, re
building 6hop, and for purchase of
cuttings, vines, and bulbs, ten
lousand ciglit hundred dollars Pro
H'/V'/, That such trees, cuttings, vines,
||nd bulbs so purchased or which bhall
||e propagated shall be such as are
Ijdapted to gcucral cultivation und to
{promote the general interest of horti
culture and agriculture throughout
tiie I'nitcd States.
For experimental garden on reser
vation number two, viz For salary
fif foreman and laborers, three thou
sand dollars for keep of a horse aud
litable, and for seeds, manure, tools,
ud miscellaneous items, two tbousaud
"i For salaries of the director, treas
urer, assayer, meltcr, and refiner,
pjhief coiner aud engraver, assistant
saycr, seven clerks, twenty-six
four hundred dollars.
For wa^es of workmen uud ad jus
huudrcd aud twenty-live thou
sand dollars.
For specimens of coius to be pre
served iu the cabinet of the mint,
|hrcc huudred dollars.
For salaries of superintendent, treas
urer, assayer, rnelter aud refiuer, coin-
and six clerks, thirty thousand five
undred dollars.
I For wages of workmen and adjus-
?rs, (die hundred and fifty thousand
fifty dollars.
For incidental aud contingent ex
penses, repairs, aud wastage, fifty
'P»oaaand dollars.
jg For salaries of superintendent, as
J[ayer aud melter aud refiner, assistaut
flssaycr, officer® aud clerks, twenty
ilirce thousand seven hundred dollars.
For wages of wyikmeji, thirty-five
thousand dollars.
For incidental A»d contingent ex
penses, twenty thousaud doll§M|*
For superintendent, assayer, melter,
tefiner, coiner, and clerks, twelve
thousand jur hundred dollars.
For wages of workmen, twenty-six
01Ui Uuudml uud cigbty-uiue
For incidental and contingent ex
penses, lire thousand dollars.
For safe end vault, including freight,
fivo thousand dollars.
For salary of assistant treasurer
from November twentieth, eighteen
hundred and sixty-two, to June thirti
eth, eighteen hundred aud sixty-four,
eight hundred and five dollars and
fifty-five cents.
For salary of clerk from March first
to Juno thirtieth, eighteen hundred
and sixty-four, six hundred dollars^
Territory of Xcie Mexico.
For salaries of governor, chief jus
tice and two associato judges, and
secretary, twelve thousand dollars.
For contingent expenses of said
Territory, one thousand dollars.
For interpreter and translator in
the executive office, livo hundred dol
For compensation and mileage of
the members of the legislative assem
bly, ofiicers, clerks, ami contingent ex
penses of ihu assembly, twenty-two
thousand nine hundred and eighty dol
Terr Hon/ I 'lah.
For salaries of governor, chief jus
tice, two associato judges, aud secre
tary, twelve thousaud dollars.
For contingent expenses of
Territory, one thousand five hundred
bly, ofiicers, clerks, and
peuses of the general
thousand dollars.
Territory Wiishimjlon.
For salaries of governor, chief jus
tice, two associate judges, aud secre
tary, twelve thousaud fivo hundred
For contingent expenses of said
Territory, one thousand five hundfed
For compensation and mileage of
the members of the legislative assem
bly, officers, clerk, and contingent ex
penses of the assembly, tweuty thou
saud dollars.
Territory f/ Dnkota.
For salaries of governor and super
intendent of Indian affairs, chief jus
tice aud two associato judges, and sec
retary, uiuc thousand bcvcu huudred
For contingent expenses of the
Territory, one thousand dollars
the members of the legislative assem
bly, ofiicers, clerks, and contingent ex
penses of the assembly, fourteen thou
sand dollars.
For salaries of governor, chief jus
tice and two associate judges, and sec
retary, twelve thousand dollars.
For contingent excuses of the Ter
litory, one thousand dollars.
For interpreter and translator iu
the executive office, live hundred dol
For compensation and mileage of
the members of the legislative assem
bly, officers, clerks, aud contingent ex
penses of the assembly, tweuty tbou
saud dollars.
Territory of Idaho,
For salaries of governor, cfcfef jus
tice and two associate judges, aud sec
retary, twelve thousaud dollars.
For contingent expenses of thu Ter
ritory, oue thousaud dollars.
For compensation and mileage of
the members of the legislative assem
bly, officers, clerks, and contingentex
peuses of tlio assembly, tweuty thou
sand dollars.
Ter litory of Idaho. For the fiscal
year ending June thirtieth, eighteen
hundred aud sixty-four
For salary of governor, chief justice
snd two associate judges, aud secre
tary, twelve thousand dollars.
ior contingent expenses of the Ter
ritory, one thousand dollars.
For compensation and mileage of
the members of the legislative assem
bly, officers, clerks, and contingent ex
penses of the usscuibly, tweuty tbou
tuuul dollars.
OJIee qf tJu Attorney Gawul.
For additional salary of treasurer, ing session of Supremo Court of the
noting as assistant treasurer of the United States, one thousand dolfkrs.
United States, five hundred dollars. For salaries of the district judges
For compensation and mileage of "For salaries of clerks, messengers,
the members of the legislative assem-watchman, and porter iu office of as-
ntiijgent ox
mbly, ten
Territory if Ntbraaka,
For salaries of governor,
tice and two associate judges, and sec
retary, ten thousand live hundred dol
For contingent expense* of said Ter
ritory, one thousand dollars.
For compensation and mileage of
the members of the legislative assem
bly, otlicers, clerks, and contingent ex
penses of the assembly, titlecu thou
sand dollars.
Territory tsf Colorado.
For salaries of governor and supcr-
tice and two associate judges, and sec
retary, uiuc thousand seven hundred
For contingent expenses of said Ter
ritory, (die thousand dollars.
For compensation and mileage of
the members of the legislative assem
bly, officers, clerks, and contingent ex
penses of the assembly, tiftseu thou
sand dollars.
Territory ofmA'fprnda,
tico and two associate judges, and sec
rotary, uiuc thousaud seven huudred
For contingent expenses of said
Territory, one thousaud dollars.
For compensation aud mileage of
the members of the legislative assem
bly, officers, clerks, and contingent ex
penses of 11 jo assembly, twenty thou
eaud dollars.
For salaries of the Attorney Gener-
twenty thousaud three hundred dol
Contingent expenses of the office of
tho Attorney General, namely
For fuel, labor, furniture, stationery,
and miscellaneous items, three thou
saud dollars.
For purchase of law and necessary
books for tho office of the Attorney
Gcucral, two handrod aud fifty dol
For legal assistance and other neces
sary expenditures in the disposal of
brivute land claims in California, ten
thousaud dollars.
For special and other extraordinary
expenses of California laud claims, ten
thousaud dollars.
Justice* of tie Supreme tliaurtif the Vui'ed States.
For salaries of the chief justice aud
nine associate justices, sixty thousand
five hundred dollars.
For travelling expenses of the judge
assigned to tlio teotu circuit for attend-
al, Assistant Attorney General, and the District of Columbia, one huudred
the clcrks aud messenger iu his office, i
For salary of clerk to assistant'of the United .States, one hundred and
treasure!", one thousaud eight huudrcd eighteen thousand seven hundred aud eighty-four cents.
dollais. fifty dollars. For salary of warden of jail in the
Columbia, the associate judges, and
judge of the orphan's Court, fourteen
thousand five hundred dollars.
For salary of the reporter of the de
cisions of the Supreme Court of the
Uuitcd States, oue thousaud three hun
dred dollars.
For compensation of the district at
torneys, nineteen thousaud two hun
dred, aud fifty dollars.
For compensation of the marshals,
eleven thousand six hundred doltauni*
For salaries of the assistaut treas
urers of the United States at New
York, Boston, Charleston, and St.
Louis, sixteen thousaud five hundred
dolla ra.
For additional salary of the treas
urer of the mint at Philadelphia, ouo
thousand dollars.
For additional salary of the treas
urer of the branch mint at New Or
leans, five hundred dollars.
For salaries of the clerks and mes
sengers in office of assistant treas
ure) i at Boston, eight thousand oue
hundred dollars.
For salaries of clerks and messen
ger in ottice of tlio treasurer of the
mint as depositary, thirteen thousand
e\i ht hundred dollars.
sistant treasurer at New York, seven
ty-three thousand six hundred dollars.
For salaries of chief clerk and tel
'er, to act as assistant treasurer in
the absence of the treasurer, assis
tant teller, bookkeeper, assistant book
keeper, messenger, and four watch
men, in tho offioc of the subtreasury
at Saint Louis, nine thousand seven
hundred and sixty dollars.
inteudent of Indian afi.tirs, chief jus- steamboats, with travelling and other
expenses incurred by theui, twenty-five
thousand dollars.
For salaries of governor and super
intendent of ludiau a flairs, chief jus-! For necessary expenses in carrying
into effect the several acts of Congress
authori'/.iug loans and the issue of
For salaries of additional clerks,
under act of August sixth, eighteen
hundred and forty-six, for tho better
organization of the treasury, at such
rates as the Secretary may deem just
aud reasonable, ten thousand dollars.
For compensation to designated de
positaries, under act of August sixth,
eighteen huudred and forty-six, for the
collection, sufe keeping, transfer, and
disbursement of the public revenue,
eight thousaud dollars.
twelve thousand two hundred dullars.
For contingent expenses, forty thou
sand dollars.
For compensation to the iaborer in
cTiargeof the water closets in the Cap
itol, four huudred aud thirty-eight dol
Foj compensation and mileage of in Capitol, two thousaud four hundred
For compensation to the public gsr
dener, one thousaud four huudrcd aud
forty dollars.
Territory if Ajuom.
For compensation of the keeper of
the western gate, Capitol square,
eight huudred and seventy-six dollars.
For compensation of two day watch
men employed in the Capitol square,
one thousand two huudred dollars.
For compensation of two night
watchmen employed at the President's
House, oue thousand two hundred dol
For compensation of the doorkeeper
at the President's House, six huudred
For compensation of assistant door
keeper at the President's House, six
hundred dollars.
For compensation of one tifght
watchman at the public stables and
carpenters' shops south of the Capitol,
one thousand dollars.
For compensation of watchman in
rcscrvatiou number two, six huudred
For compensation of twoy draw
keepers at the two bridges across the
eastern braueh of the Potomac, and
for fuel, oil, and lamps, one thousand
one huudred and eighty dollars.
For compensation of furnace-keeper
under the old hall of the House of
Representatives, six huudred dollars.
For compensation of furnace-keeper
at the President's House, six huudred
For salaries and other necessary ex
penses of the metropolitan police for
For salaries of the chief justice of i lMstrict of Columbia, sixteen hundred
the supremo court of the District of i dollars.
For compensation to spccia! agents
underact of sixth of August, eighteen
huudred aud lbrty-six, eight thousand
For salaries ot nine supervising and
fifty local inspectors, appointed under
act thirtieth August, eighteen huu
dred and fiJty-iwo, for the letter pro
tection of the lives of passengers bv
For contingent expenses under the
act of sixth August, eighteen hundred
and forty-six, for the collection, safe
keeping, transfer, and disbursement
of the public revenue, in addition to
premium which may b? received ou
transfer drafts PrmileJ, That no
part of 6aid sum shall be expended
for clerical services, ouc huudred aud
ten thousaud dollars.
Treasury notes, one miUiou UolWa.
For compensation of thirty-three lending June thirty, eighteen hundred
commissioners, at three thousand dol- aud sixty-four, on thu production of
lars each, and eleven cK-iks at twelve satisfactory evidence that he has de«,
hundred dollars each, one hundred and livered to the Secretary of the luterioif
For compensation of four laborers
For compensation of a foreman and
twenty-one laborers employed iu the
public grounds, thirteen thousaud four
hundred dollars.
ten thousand dollars and the
compensation of said metropolitan
force, officers, and clerks be, and the
same is hereby, increased fifty per
centum, commencing on tho first of
.Tilly, eighteen hundred and sixty-four,
said increase to he borne by the cities
of ashington and Georgetown, and
tho county of Washington, in the Dis
trict of Columbia, in tho proportion
equal to the nunibei of patrolmen al
lotted severally to the city of Wash
ington, to the city of Georgetown, and
the county of Washington beyond the
limits of said cities. And the corpo
ration authorities of said cities of
Washington and Georgetown, and the
levy court of said county be, and thev
are hereby, authorized and empowered
to levy a special tax not exceeding
one quarter of one per eenturn for the
purpose aforesaid.
For deficiency of appropriation for
the Capitol police, under the act of
April twenty-second, eighteen huudred
•ttd fifty-four, t« be expeuded trader
Sec. S. And be it furiktr matted,
That the office of the Treasurer of the
Uuitcd States be reorganized, under
the direction of the Secretary of the
Treasury, so as to authorize the em
ployment of tho officers and clerks,
and with tho annual salaries hereinaf
ter specified, viz
One Assistant Treasurer, with a sal
ary of twenty-eight hundred dollars.
One cashier, with a salary of twen
ty-eight hundred dollars one assis
tant cashier, with a salary of twenty
five hundred dollars one chief of the
division of issues, with a salary of
twenty-two hundred dollars one chief
of tho division of redemption, with a
salary of twenty-two hundred dollars
one chief of the division of loans, with
a salary of twenty-two hundred dol
lars one chief of the division of ac
counts, with a salary of twenty-two
undred dollars oue chief of the di
vision of national banks, v iih a salary
of twenty-two hundred dollars two
principal bookkeepers, each with a
salary of twenty-two hundred dollars
two tellers, each with a salary of
twenty-two hundred dollars two as
sistant telleis, each with a salary of
two thousand d'liars (die lcef clerk,
with n salary of two thousand dollars
fifteen clerks of class four, fifteen of
ilass three, eleven of class two, ni|io
of class oue, one messenger in charge
of mails, with a salary of one thou
sand dollars, nine messengers, with n
salary of nine hundred dollars each
live messengers, with a salary of scv-~
en hundred dollars each sixty female
clerks with a salary of six hundred
dollars each five laborers with a sal
ary of six hundred dollars each, and
seven female laborers at a salary of
two hundred and forty dollars each.
And tilt officers, clerks, and employes
hereby authorized Bhall be iu lieu of
all the force now employed in the said
office. Aud the amount necessary to
pay the salaries of said officers, clerks,
and employes, in addition to tho
amount heretofore provided for the
[•resent fiscal year, is hereby appro*
priatcd out of any money iu the Treas^
ury not others appropriated.
Sec. 3. Am' ic tt J'ttrdur
That twenty per ccututu be added to
the compensation of the females and
of the messengers, watchmen, and la
borers employed in the several depart
ments and under the Commissioner of
Public Buildings, aud the Commis
sioners oi" Agriculture, and at the
Capitol, to couuuencc on the first day
of June, eighteen huudred and sixty
four, and to terminate at the close
the fiscal year ending the thirtieth of
Juuc, eighteen huudred aud sixty-six,
but to be calculated only upon the
amount of compensation accruing af
ter the first day of duuc, eighteen hun
dred and sixtv-lour I'rucituJ, /n,ir,r
cr, That uo salary be increased hereby
so as to exceed the sum of tcu hun
dred dollars. Aud the sums ncccssury
to pay the additional compensation
herein specified for the present and
the next fiscal years are hereby ap
Sec. 4. And be it further enacia!,
That the accounting officers of tho
Treasury are hereby authorized urn)
directed to allow to the late reporter
of the Supreme Court the amount of
liis annual salary for the fiscal year
the number of copies of the decisions
of said court prescribed by law, and
that said books have beeu received
and accepted by said Secretary.
Sec. 5. And be it Jint/nr ettaeiedt
That, in addition to the clerical forceH
now authorized by law, the following
clerks are hereby authorized iu the of
fice of the Commissioner of Customs,
to be employed aud continue only dur
ing the rebellion and for (die year alter
its close, viz: two clerks of class
four, two of class three, and two of
class two, and the 6um of eleven thou
saud two huudred dollars, or so much
thereof as may be necessary to pay
their salaries from the date of their
appointment to the tiiiiticth of June,
eighteen hundred and sixty-five^ is
hereby appropriated therefor.
Sec. 6. .1/."'/ be it Jmiher etun'ed,
That in executing the act of the third
of March, eighteen huudred and forty
nine, and the act arneudatory thereof,
providing for payment for steamboats
aud other vessels, and railroad engines
or cars lost or destroyed while iu the
military service of the United States,
the Third Auditor of the Treasury be
aud he is hereby authorized iu pcrsou,
or in such mauuer as he may deem
most compatible with the public inter
ests, to take testimony and make such
investigations as he may deem neces
sary in adjudicating claims tiled under
said act, aud for such iioccssary ex
penses iucurred therein payuieut may
be made out of the appropriation con
tained iu said act, upon proper vouch
ers certified aud approved by the Third
See. 7.
the direction of the Commissioner of liars, or so much thereof as may be
Public Buildings, to le paid only to
loyal men, four thousand three hun
dred and seventy-four dollars and
And ie it further enacted.
That from aud after the first day of
July, eighteen huudred und sixty-four,
iu lieu of the clerks heretofore author
ized aud provided, the Assistant Treas
urer at New Orleans be and he is
hereby authorized to appoiut, with tho
approbation of the Secretary of the
Treasury, one chief clerk, at a salary
of twenty-five hundred dollars per au
nuin ouo clbrk, at a salary of two
thousand dollars per auiiuni two
clerks, at a salary of lifteeu huudred
dollars per aunuui each oue porter,
at a Balary of niue huudred dollars pcr
anuuui and two watchmen, at a sal
y of six huudred dollars per annum
each aud the compensation for such
clerks for the next fiscal year be aud
the same is hereby appropriated out
of any money in the Treasury not oth
erwise appropriated. Aud iu case of
the sickness or unavoidable absence
of the Assistant Treasurer, lie may, iu
his discretion, authorize the chief clerk
to act in his place and to discharge all
the duties required by law of thu As
sistant Treasurer.
Sec. 8. And be it further enact
That so many of the clerks in the office
of tho Paymaster General ss have
been or may be deemed unnecessary,
not exceeding thirty-seven iif number,
who shall bu found competent, to be
selected by the Secretary of the Treas
ury, are hereby transferred to the offi
ce of the Third Auditor of the Treas
ury, and shall be classified as follows
Twelve clerks of class two, and twen
ty-live of class oue aud the sum of
forty-til thousand eight hundred dol-
found necessary, be aud the same is
hereby appropriated for said purpose.
Sec. 9. Aul be if further rtitf /nl,
That the President of the United
States be and lie is hereby authorized
to appoint, iu addition to the present
number, two appraisers for the port
of New York, at an annual salary of
twenty-live hundred dollars cach, and
of live thousand dollars is
hereby appropriated therefor. For
twelve additional clerks in the office
of the Assistant Treasurer at New
York, at an annual salary of fouiteeu
hundred dollars each, authorized by
the act of sixth of March, eighteen
hundred and sixty-two, sixteen thou
sand eight huudred dollars.
Sec. 10. And be it further emtet1,
That, In addition to the sum of twen
ty-five thousand dollars, hereinbefore
appropriated, for salaries and expen
ses of nine supervising and fifty local
inspectors of steam vessels, with trav
elling and other expenses, the sum of
fifty-five thousaud dollars be aud the
samo is hereby appropriated.
Sec. 11 Ait'! be it further enacted,
Tlirft there be and hereby is appoint
ed, in the office of the Secretary of
the Treasury, five clerks of class
three, in lieu of five clerks of class
one, and the sum of two thousand
dollars is hereby appropriated for said
Approved, June 25, 18G4.
Vicinal UM umm-m rf «wp*t takM ta
A. B. V. UlLOHKTll, Edltot.
Charles City, Iowa, Sept, 8,1864.
For Pre.-.ident,
For Viec President^
For Supreme Jutljre,
C. (.'. COLE, of Polk Consty.
For Secretary of State,
JAMES WRIGHT, of Delaware County.
For Auditor of State,
JODIV A. ELLIOTT, ot Mitchell Coouty.
For Trcjwuror of Htiitc,
WM II. IIOLM KH, of Jones tk«*ly.
For Register Lnnl Office,
J08IAU A. HARVEY, of Fremont county.
For Attorney General,
ISAAC L. ALLKX, of Tama County.
For Presidential F.leetors at Large,
C. BKX I'M?WIN. of I* MoininttMBt*.
WM. T. THOMPSON', of Linn t'osnty.
For Rnprcwcntatiire to Congreut -8d District,
For Presidential Klei tir- Cd Cong. District,
WILLIAM B. FAIRFIELD, of Eloydcooaty.
For Prosecuting Attorney,
JolIN K. ltl'llKE, of Burner county.
For County Jud.w,
ll^CIcrk. of tlio District Court,
J. V. W. MOXTACi ftt.
For Recorder,
Q. 1). kastmajt
Tito Judicial Convention at Uock
ford on Thursday last was quite an
animated afl'uir. Tt is well that the
action of the delegates resulted iu the
nomination of so suitable and compe
tent candidates. Of course the nomi
nees will be elected. Mr. Fairfield,
the candidate for Judge, is well known
to be a good lawyer, possessing supe
rior talents aud education, and in eve
ry respect qualified to discharge the
duties of the position. The same may
be said of Mr. Durkc, tho candidate
fur Prosecuting Attorney, lie is a
member of the Tenth Ccueral Assem
bly, aud at the last session of that
body was regarded as 0110 of its ablest
members, lie has ambition, uud we
hhall confidently expect that the best
interests of the district will not suffer
at his haods as Prosecuting Attorney.
The President has approved Gen.
Grant's order relieving Paldy Smith
from command of the lblh Army
Corps, and directing him to proceed to
New York aud await orders, with Lis
btaff. lie has also approved the or
ders assigning Maj. Uen. E. 0. C. Old
to the command of that corps, aud
Maj. Gen. 1. D. Dirncy to tl^u CKinmand
of the 10th Corps.
The Board of Supervisors of Floyd
county were iu session at the Court
House iu this place on Monday last
for the purpose of levyiug taxes.
Want of fcp&cc prevents our pubii«b
ing the proceedings this week.
Mr (Jurley, U. S. District Attorney,
from Davcuport, was iu town last
week, looking after Uucle Sam's in
terests aud redeeming certain lauds,
in behalf uf tho Government, which
had been sold for taxes.
A large number of deaths fare
lately occurred in Union township,
this couuty, particularly amoug chil
dren. Hie prevailing disease wan
bloody tlux.
The pirate Tallabaasee and another
rebel steamer have succccdcd in get
ting safely iuto port at Wiluiiugtuu,
.North Caroliu*.
The Judicial District Convention.
Pursuant to a call of tho wcvrral
county coinniittecs in the 12th Judi
cial District, a convention of delegates
assembled at Jtockford on tho 1st day
of September, 18ft4, to nominate can
didates for District Judge and Prose
cuting Attori
tho I'nion
coming election.
P|U| nl\\r ....11 y
1 otfd,
A report is prevalent ia Chieage
that little Mac. dccliues the uomiua
tiou of ita ^unyeution,
The Uxivkhsitv.—The next term of
the Stato University will opcq ou the
15th of Septoinbir. I
S. II. Curtis, of Bremer, called the
convention to order at 1 o'clock r. m.
A temporary organization was effect
ed by uppoiuting J. \V, Davis, of Dul
ler, Chairman, and A. J. Tanner, of
llremer, Secretary.
A commit tec consist mg of Messrs.
Teeling of Floyd, Luthrop of Duller,
snd Tuttlc of Cerro Uordo, was ap
pointed oil permanent organization,
who, after deliberation, reported li.
W. Humphrey, of Floyd, Chairman,
and A. J. Tanner, Secretary. Tho re
port was adopted.
A committee, consisting of A. L.
Collins, of Floyd, S. II. Curtis, of Bre
mer, and J. W. Davis, of Dutler, was
appointed on credentials, who, after
deliberation, reported the counties
represented and entitled to votes as
follows Dremer count}- 8 votes, Dut
ler county 7 votes, Cerro (Jordo coun
ty 3 votes, Haucock county 1 vote,,
Floyd county 7 votes, Worth county 2
votes, Winnebago county, 1 vote,
Mitchell county 7 votes that Mitch
ell couuty appeared with two sets of
delegates claiming seats in tho con
vention, and tho committee reported
the samo to thu couveutiou for adjust
Vi tfd, That one person on behalf of
each set of delegates bo heard. O. P.
Ilarwood and T. M. Atherton then pro
ceeded to state the case und produce
evidence after which the convention
took a recess until 7£ o'clock r. m.
At 7.^ o'clock r. m. the convention
again met. Mr. Lathrop, of Duller,
moved to admit the delegation liom
Mitchell headed by T. M. Atherton.
An amendment was offered to the
effect that both delegations from Mitch
ell be admitted, and that uach c:ist
onedialf the vote ot the county. The
vole on the amendment resulted as
follows Yeas 21, nays 8 the vote
on the original motion as amended was,
ayes 28, nays 1.
The convention proceeded to take
an informal ballot for a candidate for
District Judge, with the following re
sult: T. M. Atherton had DJ), votes,
VYui. D. Fairfield 11 votes, O. 1\ liar
wood 6,\ votes, It. G. Itcinigert votes,
E. itandull 1 vote. The convention
then proceeded to take a formal bal
lot, and on the 23th ballot ^n. D. .simed on the
Fairfield had 20 votes, W. A Lathrop states
lfj^ votes, Dlank vote.
The nomination of Wni.ft. Fairfield
was rnudu unanimous.
Tho convention proceeded to an in
formal ballot for candidate for Prose
cuting Attorney, with the following
result .1. K. Burke had 18^ votes,
I. W. Card 15 votes, W. A. I.athrop
votes. Mr. Luthrop was then with
drawn. The fourth formal ballot rt-
11(1 tr unanimous.
suited US follows #01111 n. Dtirke, 18^ traordinaiy and dangerous
Convention adjourned sine. die.
It. W. Ul'Ml'flREV, I'n-sidwt.
"•i. i. fmu, SooruUry.
Letter from Virginia.
We are permitted to make tho fol
lowing extracts from a private letter
to Mrs. J. V. W. Montague, written by
Lieut. James Jackson of this place.
The letter is an interesting one and we
should be pleased to publish it entire
did not tlie crowded state of our col
umns prevent. The following extracts
will be read with interest by Lieut.
Jackson's numerous friends iu this vi
cinity. Tlio letter bears date, VVel
don H. li., Va., Aug. 25,1864
Kailroad, ntid were some distanee ui
the timber which was lillcd with such
a growth of underbrush that but little
could lx^ seen at any distance from us.
Wo were ordered to hold our lino at
all hazards and we did so repulsing
every attack on our front, but the de
feat of the troops on our right let the
rebels in our rear
this we still held our line until shot
and shell ftaun our own batteries be
gan to pour on our rear. Astonished
at such a proceeding the order was
given to retreat to the next line we
slowly fell back to tho edge of the
votes, I. W. Card 17i voles. The I y ic Constitution, the subversion of civ
uomination of John K. Durke was then »'ilitiUV
The convention appointed as ft Ju-, states where civil law exists in full, thesup
dicial Central Committee, S. Il.Curtisj presnioii of the freedom of sjH-ei'h and of the
of Dremer, J. W. IhiviH of Ihitler, I th« right of asylum, the
1 11 V 11 i' .j it, ojn-11 and avowed diMegard ot State-right*, the
1. Card of Cerro («otdo, C. C. I 00- employment of universal test oaths and inter
Ifttle of Hancock, t)tis Haven ol I* lovd, fcren e with and denial irf ibe light* of the
Janus Keeler of Worth, Iv D. ilinman l»«'opl#to bear arms ill their dclenco an e.alcuU
of Winnebago, and J. L. Chase of!te,t
...... .. n't"1- dei iving itt, just iK»wer» from th«con
To publish til# proceedings sent of tbe ?oV( rned.
io tho Union papers of the District.
We left our old camp in Petersburg
ourselves, with but little opposition, on
the Woldon Uuilroud. The 1st Divi
sion of our corps immediately begun
touring up the road. Our (2d) Divi
sion deployed to the front in line of
battle across tho road, and our regi
ment went out as skirmishers and id
vaneed through a piece of wuods into
a cornfield, driving back the enemy
and forcing theiu to retire a battery
that had been firing
I had kept my company ahead of all I
... mour was McClellau'a only opponent,
be .ccciriuB 43J I»M«.'.
march ot six 01* seven nnles we lotind
forced back, leaving their dead and nomination, as do also some of the
wounded in our hands. Ohio and other Western delegates.
Our corps was detached from tho They say he is "as bad as Lincoln."
rest oi the army and both its Hank ex-f q,1c dciL.gatc—fiom ludiana—doclar
posed. The rebels taking advantage! ....
Of this, attacked the 3d division nf ,.ur!
got what men I could to follow me and
broke for the woods in the direction of
the rehel lines, and by making a circuit
through the lru.^i managed to escape.
Two-thirds of inv Company were tost
in this rid tlr-sae—-mostly captured.
Serg't lh,-mile of Fotvst City, Belt and
iCIielson of Clear Iitike, Beat tie of St. ciou*,
and wounded. We found Capt. New
berry mortally wounded and had liini
takcu to the rear. Poor fellow ho
lived only a few hours. Wo had his
body embalmed and sent to his father
at Dubuque. His death has embitter
ed us very much against the rebels,
and if we get the chance we fthall
show them but little mercy.
tiie Chicago Convention
Tlio Copperhead Nutional" Con
vention effected a permanent organi
zation on Tuesday, Aug. 30th, by the
election of Horatio Seymour, of New
York, President of the Convention.
An adjournment was then made to four
o'clock r.
to hear the report of the
Committee on resolutions. On rc-as
sciubling, Mr. (iuthric, of Kentucky,
Chairmuu of said committee, reported
the fuikwing
V. That In the future, its in the
|rtKt, will ii'lhcro with
aud the pcr|K:tnation of tlie tieneral itororn-
6. /{e*oti»t, 'that ftlmmcful disregard of
administration of it* dutv in reaped to our
fell ow- citizens who now. and long have Wen
prifcunt-rs of war in a suffering condition, tko
nervcs the severest icpiolmtiou oti a itoorc
aKke of public i*-liey ard humanity.
tS. iuWiW, 'that the isymputli* of the
Democratic party is heartily and'eainestly ex
tended to the Koldiciu of out army who now
arc, and have Is-eii in the field under the (lag
of their country, and iu uvent ot attaining
|uwcr, tiny will icccive that protection and
regard that the luave toldkuoi thu republic
nobly earned.
The platform was unanimously
The Convention on Wednesday nomi
nated for tho Presidency on the first
ballot Gen. George 1). McClcllau,
of New Jersey, aud for the Vice Presi
dency, on tho second ballot, George
H. Pendleton, of Ohio. Thos. II. Sey-
202i. The convention adjourned with
nine cheers for the ticket.
The Chicago Journal says the Con
vention, after nominating Pendleton
for Yice President, tMcaiue very bois
terous, and was a literal hubbub un
til thu tius I adjournment. The people
of Chicago are not sorry that the Con
vention is over. They have been as-
upi our tnxips. ...
the rest, and on Hearing the edge of tl«e outrageous utterances of disloyal
tho corn we were greeted with a vol-j speakers. As far as tho local iuttu
loy from a lim» of battle in the timber ence of the Convention is concerned,
just beyond. We Kept up a steady fire
for two hours which was hotly return
ed and u good many of our regiment
were killed or wounded. The rebels
being reinforced came down on us in
two lines of battle and yelling like
devils. Our men waited till the rebels
were about half way across the rorn
licld and then ofx'ticd ou tin/in with a
teriifiie volley which almost annihila
ted their first line. The fight continu
ed for au hour, or two with varying
success, but the rebels were finally
corps tlie next day in tire afternoon oh- pitheatre The platform is neither
liging it to give way. Our brigade flesh nor fish—the nomiuco for Presi*
held the front line ol* the centre, on the! jjj
woods only to find our second line fill- ]jorr
rt «-.(* rM,, who in emphatic- tonus ,ud
(ClmrloH, ^'orpurnl Mesidor of Mitchell, July oOth. lie destroyed i
|«uid some othrtr* IV.-in Iowa and Min- quantities or their provisions and|
nesota are among the missing, and property. The despatch was dated
supposed to be captured. Heart Kiver, Aug. 2d, indicating that:
Capt. Newberry whom you doubt- the expedition is rcturniug to Fort
less remember, the best friend I had Uice.
in the regiment, and as cool and gal-| A letter received from St. C'ond by
hint an officer as ever lived, was cap-j Mr. Mendleson, a merchantof St. Paul,
tured while falling back through the announces that a brother of his, a
woods, and afterwards inhumanly pedlar, and another man named Pur
shot and left on tho field. After ral-1 land were killed by Indians recently
lying what was left of our Brigade, on Whisky Creek, a few miles this
we charged back «»ver the same ground side of Fort Ambei crombie. A force
and recovered our works and our dead i of sixty cavalry had been dispatched
vitig fidelity
io the V'tiioii nmler the Constitution, us the
only soliit fountlitliou of our *tmii{tli, wcurily
liini hii|i|hicKs its a people, mill
u frame­
work ol the Uoveniincnt, n* ci]ti illy «i(iulu
livc to tlie welfare nn«l pros|»eiity of uH the
Sl itct», hoth Northern and Southern.
'2. AVWfW, That this Cmi wnti»n 1oca ex
plicitly declare, an the noiw ot the American
people, that after four yeum of failnie to re
store the t'niou by the experiment of war, ilu
riiiLC wliii h, under pretense of military necw
«ity, or war |iowcr Iu inn higher than the Con
utilution, the 'oiirtitntioii itself has Ixrn dis
regarded iu c*ery part, and public liUrtyand
private ii^htsj alike tioddeii down, und the
material prosperity of the country «t*entially
impaired, justice, hummity, libeity and the
iiuhlie welfare demand that Hate ell'i.itii
he made for u cessation of hostilities, with a
view to au ultimate convocation oi Mutes, or
other penecahle mcasurcH to that end, that at
the ciolicHt possible moment peace may le n
ba&is ol the FetLnil In ion of
4. AV.Wm/, That dircct interference of the
military authority of the United Statue in the
recent elections held iu Kentucky, Maryland,
Mi.-tsnuii aud IMaware, was a sliametul viola
tion of the Constitution, and the rcj»elition of
such acts in the approaching election will lu
lu-Id iu revolutionary and renisU-d with all tbe
imans and power under our contiol
4. NmofrrH, That the aim and object of
the Democratic paity is to preserve the t'l-dcr
al I nion and the lights of States uninnuiicd
and they lietvhy rit-c|nr" that thev con.-idi
the Adiuini.-tiation guilty of usur|Mition of ex-
not ^rant-
of ariMtMry military amst*, iniM'ii*niinit'ut,
of Amrrioan citizen* In
l"*-vt-i.t tl.t- rest..ratio), of the Ci.ion
disgusted anil nauseated by
it cannot but bu favorable to tho Un
ionists. The outspokeu seditiou aud
trcasou that have characterized tbe
meetings about town, have sickened
even mauy "Democrats" with the
very uame of Democracy." If this
is Democracy, they Mjr, well none of
of it.
All unconscious of for County Judge -a good nomina
tion. J. V. W. Montague, the present
capablc and eflicieut Clerk of the Dis
trict Court, was lo-noininated for that
office. (jS.
The Maryland and Kentucky dele
gates grumble much at McClulluu'a Hems r**af
Hides, jM, LlV
excitedly on com.ng out of tins am-
nobody—he'* neither for
peace nor war—aud the ice Presi
dent is a putty-head lw "A pudding*
bead you mean," rejoined bis IViend.
At our couuty convention, on Sat
urday, Loren lnumau was nominated
and with conipliuientary epitliets
onlerotl us to lay down our anus and i ««tlc capable men. All the nomi
surivnder. The case looked hopeless necs here named are certain to be
go to Libby while a chance was left 11
tbe Union men uf tbat Piotriet.
Eastmau received tbe
nomination for ltucorder, and L. S.
for Coroucr. Mr.
Mt. Uoll.
enough—rebels all around us and our
own batteries tearing us with canister
and shell. Men who had inner falter
ed before in all this campaign guv*.' up
aud surrendered. Determined not to. been nominated for Congress by
butt, euor-
from that post in pursuit of tho mur
A private letter written by Ocnersl
Sully dated Aug. 2d, ut the bead of
Head river, says 1 coralled all my
Wagons :it this point, and started with
2,000 of my men in light older. The
Indians had so strong a position oil
the mountain 1 could not use my cav
alry much. 1 attacked tlicui ou
foot and with artillery which gave
them fits. They scattered iu all di
rections. It was impossible to over
take tliem. 1 start to-morow, west to
the Yellow Stone, and will overtake
the Indians again near there. Every
body is iu line spirits, and we hurried
over our ride of 170 miles in five days."
The Indians have murdered over
200 persons ou Platte river route, 100
on the Arkansas und head waters of
Smoky llill and Republican captur
cd or destroyed S300.000 worth of
property, besides 15,000 horses, 500
mules nn 2,000 oxen.
The cxcitcinen au tho frontier ia
growing more intense, aud outrages
are being daily committed. It is re
ported that a large body of Indians
are on the Hig Blue, killing the whites
and carrying off such things of value
as they want.
Tho Indians have renewed their
outrages in Minnesota, on Willow
Creek, iu Plue Earth county, where
men, women and children were killed
in a night assault. IIouwh were
burned aud the slock driven off. The
Bettlers arc lleciug to more densely
populated districts for safety.
Gharles City Retail Market.
Wkunksuav, 8«f. T, MMJ-i.
FhMir.ttxtra family, y, cwt ft,
uu|H-rtuie tOO
Whc.it, K|»iine. 'i4 IhhHH, .. i.«!»1,19(31.1^
Coru, on the eoli, f* luisliel
KIM IIOII, liUnilclj .........
Kye, f* IHISIH J,
lUiley, urihst,..,.
tats, j'
I'orii Meal, ewt.,
Beioi^, f' 1
lliitter, ti.,. ....
I luw, li (.••.«•.«••
I'lirk, KiiIt "c' Hi.,.
Iresli f*
fUuiii, D».,.....,,4
fleet', Ih
Cliiekeim, "Jr* #).,...
luikevit. ji,H».,|^.
r-anl. t.
rord, -1.'. ... i
.Silt, ltit.,.
Kirjrw. f1 itozeii,
McGregor Wholesale Prices Cur rest.
ttcliregov, Hop. 3. 18lil.
Wheat, ]Uubp^.,.a J,08^.1,1.75
(st«, 61
t'nru, olielt#d, iv.... ..'.VJ 1 00
I'oUtuui. 1.04
t'i.i'... 9(»'It)
Wind, t».,. .^1
l-irti, ti ltii
Kutrxi .i'.'
Kiiili'i (•', Jb.....
Kluiir, ri ewt. •. -.
The Indian War. U. S. 10-40 B0KD8.
A ?t. Paul despatch says ar.- rni i. u* ,r r.mer-M*
Marc li nth, 18i',|. wtiit-fc pp\ i.l«- that all i-
Pcsnatches have been received by, mi.i.nhiy
(ten. Sibley from (!en. Htilly announc-| '»»'w »njr n.uo t*
ing a glorious and decisive victory H'mis »ro wu-ci in smii* n..i
by his forces over 1,000 lodges of hos- i,,r"
in- u muh-
tile fcioux, near Little iivef,
The Yankton (Daootah) Uhfon, of
the 23d inst., so3*8 1
The steamboat Pell Peoria has just
arrived at our leveo with iutclligence
that Sully has had a battle with a
force of Indians numbering over 5,000
slid whipped them badly. The battle
occurred in (iros Ventres country,
above Dig Knife river doubtless iu ..bit.iy ..r,.nv:.t. ,,r
the vicinity of J'ort licit hold. 1 he In- •itinLimi.M*si only i.« pii'dimi r# pnviimi, while r-
dians wero routed and Sully chased
them nine miles to a chain of rugged
and heavy timbered hills, known as
Devil's Pen." Our loss was five kil
led and twenty wounded. Should the
result of thin battle prove uo more de
cisive than this account would indi
cate, we may expect another year of
border war.
Continue Volunteering.
IJtl# following dispatch was forward
ed to us by Adjutaul tieneral Uakcr
Warhtvotox, Aug. 30, 1864.
To 3Ti j. Thtitms I)uii"ui:
Keep volunteering up as much as
possible after the Otli of September,
aud let it bo known that volunteers
will be counted on the quota of the
present call up to the last practicable
moment before the drifted are ac
cepted atxtl ^o rendezvous.
A.t rfi.n iw kxkmit ntm taxation u
K1MMOMN",«t 111.- of tllr xnii itt iti
oU,,,ar v
„,4 ,.m
um mr
Captain Slocum has Mr thanks for
late Memphis papers.
j. —iJ
COM I :iu 1 A I
lVTf fklin fj fertrl
tl.-tr *«1«, AMI until t!.. tr re.i, nf|nioii KlVlf 1'Klt
IMKRltSrr WIl.T, ItK VA1I» IN ttwrrts
ever «ne Iin:i4r«-il ilelliirK antiiuilly ami on till
|wl anil Inlori-.-t in ruin.
TIkso TVm1y
k» IiI iii
Hiiv, fi ton,.. .kiV 4,##05,00
C.*l. lb *4*
Muttoa, lh ..
Siiaur, N. O 1
S ii-liiuu Sirup, f*,
ti-iliK-n Sinip, ff {?•*!.
Snip, tnu-,
Candle, 'I'alluw, y lb.,.
Sniptr, K. O. fJ% '...i. 25
Culm, tt» ...... l'
Wliit. 'nflei', Eil» ........... 30
('riislicil. i.
i\»wili)ieil, ti4i
Cuffee, lou, j-' tti «^1
.liivn, ib £\h\£-.1154
Min tii*, Jb 64
Syrtip, X. V. (ioliten, jtt gat.I 50
lirieif t»..: .*.-s..i.V.'.C.. .'.'Q'0 10
Fine Nilt, V bUl
l\)ik, .9,00(^9.01)
Kish, Iry ('mt. 9
White, ftk. IU
Put Nuiln. f'rwt .8,25(^(1.00
ItaliUilt'h Sttkiutun,.^.s
.. 11
»»..*««• *wt0
ainlles, I alluw, J),
lion. John. Wentwork of Chicago liuley,. oo
ltiiles, (ireeti, 1 .*...««.• ~H" 7
Dry il'ihih, »-. »ia« V*/*=• .lti^/18
Craektsis, i.
vV .}».. 7
Stick aud Asburteil t'uml), t..
Gedar Fall* Market.
tx p. t, IDMi
FliMir, Kxtra huiwtliut', owt
KuiK-rlliie 5,00 (rij
Wheat, ...j l,&0(u,l.'>0
o n I
IJutter, i...
New I'otulww,.
.. 8«(.i 36,
.. 40(.t 50
Hutrs, Y 'M
Poik f*«jwt .T,ooc«o.»»oI
IIIIMV**!' 'V*» ""I*
r.omls Hell11 uHliiuHy. TIik intercut U |K|) utile n. i
lir^t ilivi i»f Mitrift an.( Sefiimh(r In r,».
Sub^i-riltcn will i«wivf «-itlu-r Hi-kki. r. ,1 or i•
U i O a s u- y u y i u i k K a i u i i i 4 a i i
mrdert fin ttie books of tho I". S.Treasurer, An«l tn
transfcrnil only on lli« owner'# order. e(n|n i
rt pnyuhlo U»bearer, uAd are more coivrnialil Tt
nn*re»:if tlio*.
Sub.-i i ibt-rs to I
hi-! loan will liave U)« ojHloo of hiv
Uirtr Ihmila draw intenat from Marcli 1st, by
the nrrriK-il Intere-t in ^«»r in Cniteil StaU-s i..
or the not« Nii1i«i it JlAiiks. Mifti.- filly p.\# -i
IM-eiBiuti,) «r niviw Uiem drawn# inti4el rrmn i'
date nl" suliscri|itiiM and tle|K«ll. tlno IIoikIm
Kxrmpt Ami MnnH-lpal or State Tatntioi
ttx ir value i. lih-rouMd front
um I*
per ten
Aimuni, aei iiriliiiji to the rale of fix Juries Mi ^iv
i s o K o u n y i
At the prcvi'iit ruff of pri-minni n jruM
Over Eislit Per Cent. Interest
iu riirreney, »nd Are of i-qunl eonveaieucc Map',
in-iit i«r t«-iii|iorary liivi.-tiunt.
It is lu lii'vo lliat no ^»:uritil« 4Br w pr«kl H")'.
int«nt Io
h-ndi-ri) am
tho varioitx itos(Ti|4hnix of
R»nd«. In all r.th-r form* of iml« l.t.-.lin-s!i, the fi.ui,
the I intril Slilcii tli»» w Imi|,» property i-f i
i-oimtry in holden to secure the puj lucut ut U4U
j.f i
be luWHbed fur te raw tWnn i
any ni.tcuitmlv, U.- mme term*, and an- i1
mail* 1-qtially uvitilnlilr to tin- ^nmll--l fc-iid.-r ai
enj'it.'ili t. Th«-y ':ni -uiiv*rtnl ml iih
moiai-iit, auti lite wiU Imvo
II nwiy be tweful to xtete in Uaia
Iwih-A i
lhat i
IXal Fiuuteit IMit of the fn tt.nl on wlikli in
i« iwy.ililc in
tin- a,|
„r March,
$T«K,w fi,0c«. Tli.- int.roi 'iu I his itvtil lor thee
lineal y»*r will b»- whilv tho e:ih|«.im i
uiio in
fur llif
nrn iit tl-ral yoar, i-mlltur J.n„
1MX, luu been go far at the rau. of oer »ieu,0
will tie seen Uint i-van tbe (ires«it guht revet ....
ih- (iiivernmeut are largely in rxooniif tb« waMa
Trea.-ury f'tr tin-|ia« i.u-iit of int-n-tt, liilo r,
oi-nt l«HTi-a' of the tirilT wilt (toultlt-y.s rate it,.
rr*»m eut'Mris on tin* ^inu- aiuouut «»i in
tl'ill-*, t$lMl,(KIO
000 |arailllllln.
Itftrin-inm* to Uk- Vii|.^ial Runlcx artlng a
w«t* ih't U-tHil fn»in tin* I'nvu|'kTnthtl'
til \Wrch
thrrv im-kft of
«vvr«gc«t more Uiatt TK.N MUJ.H S
.vi:li- ripii«riy w i'l I),, ivoi| by tho
Flrxt \atloiial Hank nf lHrrnpart, Iotvii.
Mrat \ntlonal Hniik of Krnkuk, Tn«ta.
Fl«-»t Kutluiml Itniik of Ml. I'tiaiiuiil, ton
which a* iti-|"*-iUri-« Ir |«nMir money, and all
thr»»niflKmt thef-omrtry, (.ictlnir iiemiti «^tli.- N.,n
Di |««ilary Rank#J will rumUh rurther iiifivmaU n
i)1tK'.ttiMi anl
Awotu» evwv rAourr 1o mtmaaamn.
W. 8. 7-30 L0AIT.
Tlie Si!«-rrUry of lln- Tnvi^ury ves notice that v
ri^i'i'lvi^l (Vhi|diii Triviiry \-i
payabb- three nur* f"m Aug. IMIi, IMtl, *ith icnii
uuul lnlir-t at the lute of' srveu nml tkne t«-iittis
^it. |K-r iiuuuiii,—|iriiicl|Ml aad interest trath ki
IhwIiiI nnHX'v.
Tlio«- nete wilt tie %.nv«-rtil»lc tl»r i
Ii'iM'T at Hi.iiurlt) uito nix |H?rivui. liewrtug U'l
jia) aliio mil ie-s lliaii *vi imr than twonty
from tli-tr date, a- th- Covrrnmcrit m.iy i U^i, 'li
Will lie i—iiicd in «Ji-niiiiiiM^iliHiKiif ».'iU. $10U, $AWi, 11
WMt S,'i)i),
nil ^uHsi-cij-ti-^^ iii'x^t b^iX^r iU i
•»r ("»no tiiultljilc of fifty ilolUw.
Thw iMitew will he tran.nilUi-fl In th* Ownar* Ti
traii-'iNirtatKin I'lmrgiv* a nflfr the rrtvtj't..
uri^'tUiil ivf Ufkatcii «»f lh|ninii 4a l],i*y cau bo
Aa tli« butiM draw ibturol from AaguM li,pn
making Jcpunit-i «utn#qneul 10 tlial date niu»l
Mitvrwt aH-ruml frm lau-f r«it' to i«lof ,!•(•».n
1'nrtif.H lei'u-iiittk! ivwuy f»Ve UimHainl ,l„ilari
ii!-vv.-»nls r»r thtM" ti"U* ut any out iim- will be
I'lii .jiuirl.-r if
Tin, i,to
(Urt|i-e, 00
FUli, calt, Iti. „....»fc.,«. 1^4
(in i n A]i|)hv, ., f.50
Illicit l'eiiilie.s, ZHi'M
KeroMMie, 'ft R.il.,... ,i.i, 120
mir p.-r e»-iit., s,
will be fiaM by Hie Tri-a«ury lV|Kirttn-nt ujmn u,
ri-i|tt uf a bill for tl«- aiinHiiil, rvrlifletl to by thu »i
"'1 whom tin- iii*|Mv-lt wm utaiie. No iMuulii'ii
"tt)iiii-'.-Knij tnuHt Ik- niali' fr.in tli.
!i 1 N..tl. :i.il 1 It,
1.1, ..i|..,,llK 11,ki!«•
inti-n-.-t t'i.iu any oilier, anil Uu- be»t Mtviiriiv.
«4vin)r to
11k whicli |«y» it- iH«*itir in t* S. N
iinsider# Uial it w l-ayinK 111 tli« bi-mt lirealutinr rw
or ih- iwiiutry, aii4 tt caouot (my 111 Hiiythint Ixhi.
11^ uwn it-s' 'l aru tiUuT 40 ^uiuiumuil aecuritlNa i
u^'lc--' i-r Imii'ls J«.,y.«bI.- in -''v-riini lit |M|,er.
in i••inally oiiiTt-niiit a t"-in|«rary or |terin.i
ilivivtineiit. Tin- IioUm
always b4-m1«1for will
frai-liou of tln-ir laee an ureumubtV*!
tin' lnvt urtty w:l!i Ii.iiiWi a.-ONll
ConvertIWcl»toal|(r ttal.S-40U«ld Bii
In a l.lki 1. to t!.o very M. r.il m(.-rt«t on tli. n. 1.
tlirii- tlii* |»ri\ ih _'- of miu\ ia«oa la now
at"iit three per emit. |nr*uaiim, rur tin- current rau
•'•--U UwUri not tlian mime per end. permitim,
the war the |rm»nui «n aix pi eeut. 1 S.
u.i-i ov«r twenty |«r c«-i.i. It Hill N-m-. 11 that tin- a
.1' ii-' Ut mi Uu, |iiiii. at Ui- |H. .«'iit raarltet rate, 1*
ihan ti-n |, 1.1 ,i. |.i 1 .muuiii.
KuMftlMi (Vom italr A«tuilrlpMUxaUo
IM axide froui all 1
tie .idvaota^-iv wv have rtiuiii
ti'l, a n|iurial Act uf txrmyU Umdi ami 7V.
it* ntirt fnm local tajn.V«.
1 ni|iio«i is wnrtfi
On tli- avera^r. Uib«
two |*»r wnL per annum,a
'tin/ to tbe rate of taxatioii iu varkm.' |arts of iln- r.
ll i:ln-lic've I tliat IKI iivitfll^M ulif Mi {ti'itl illilli
MMito to latidan tl*«« UmmI by ih« Cort-rBinrm.
•ittMher flrnwfif Ind. ht.'.|ii.~s, the fuitli or nliilltv
irivatr |nirti.-,-* wt«* oa4mmi«,or .- |ar«U- 1:011111
iiile-n, uly, 1- |itc!|:i'.l fir |uj iti-ui, wliik? lb«- win
|tro|M'i'ty ot th« nniMry 11 IwM t. -lemrc ttM iuetat*
atl III! ..blijiliolis ui III-' CnsV'.I tkalM.
H'hilr th»* pivemniiiit efli-ri- tin- nv-d lii'Oral ti-rmn 1*
10 kuus, 11 b»*ii.tlial lh« vet/ ati«ng-4
to tlu' loj allj and [nitri' i^m of Ui' iwofle.
Ilii|lii ulr o-rtil)i al,' u:Il is-uc I for all l-pMir
The t»rt d.-j.ioKiiit: mix iidorie u|»u iln- urij/iixil ou
iili.-al- tUo tlcuoaiuuitiuu of note* nititireil, aad Hlirtle
1'ny art- Ui lx is-u«-l in blank or |wy.tldr to onkv
When Ml «wl««ie4 MU4 Ml w)%li tk« «A«r|r»f
1 iving ibe l-jOBil, 10 be forwarded to
Si,li.-i-riilKJM(i will l«- r«ri'lvil by Ute Ticaxurer ot |h
inted al W:ubinvbon, the a-veral Awnklaat•ftwas^
nrer- und ilt'Mirnau-1 lii |i^ii.'irii*.aiiil In tlin
Hint NuIIohmI Ibink of liultiu|ac, Iowa.
Kli-it \ullonul ItuiiU of lhi«iii|Mirl, limn,1
Klml \ull01111l llnnk of Inn a "y, Iiiwh
mid by all .Yuioiial Hauka whieh are defiMNaria* oefiij
moftry, and
throu(bMM iIh- •Muilry will givi- lnittn-r liilitrniathif
U. 8. 10-40 L0AK .^J
I ant pn-(Mtrud to voceivy Kubta'iiptioini ii
tin- 10 4(1 f^)!tn atitliorized !»v act of Confici
uf ilurrh ImI, 18til.
Tiles. It 1 ii*
is are retlucniuble at tho plumt
«f the (iov. rnment after ten y»tin»- are |M)rt:
Me forty yeant from (Lite witli interest ut
per cent. j»er annum—pi iut iinti aud iuterc^
lu\alili in
Tin 1'k.uiIs arc of thetlUniOiniuatioiui of $6L
$1(J0 $"'00 ami $1000. Iater**t 011 tlie 95
tttul $100 |Kiyalle annually ou tht*e of utlie
denominations the intercut u (uytiblg M'uit
1 have already aoU upward* of $200,000 o
th n»r Biiiiilti. 1 ri'ii lvi' in payment fur thom|
Treaniny Xute*, Xatiotial liiUik Nuttn iu4i
State Bank of Iwwu Notejt.
J. K. Git A VMS, Cashier,
rjf^vboqaeBraueh SUtc lVuik uf loa^
80 Aeres Land for Sale.'
or\ ACUKS OK li slUAltLK LANll/iM-T
OV/ wain! uliotit It miles t'roui Fluyil *11
l.i^'r, i- ulleii ll fur sale elieap fur gjtf-li It
IK the Went i »»f the N. K. of Sei". 10, 'l'oWlM
.ship '.»{). north, of Uanxe Iti went of the 6Ur
priiu i|iul meriilian, umt in near tn heavy tiiuJ
her. liiiiuire ot
A. 1). F. HILDRETt, 4
fharlmi City, Aug. 3, lt#»4.
Hquarv Ktuven, Blevatol mtu\%
Uckk Oven, and hhwt 1 rm blove*«, fot,
UiUliU&i 4 U£AJf.

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