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one school house may be established
in any one district if tho funds arc
See. 12. And bo it further cnncted,
That in case the said commissioners
should not be able to purchase suita
ble sites for tin1 crcction of school
houses they shall have power to con
demn and value a suitable site or
sites for that purpose, not exceeding
one acre of land in each site, by giv
ing ten days' notice in writing to the
proprietors thereof, cxccpt iu cases:
where notice cannot bo served, anu in
eases of minors, femme coverts, and
persons non compos mentis, aud fil-j
ing with tho clerk of the levy court
of the county of Washington, District
of Columbia, for inspection, a ccrtifi
cate describing such lands, with the
value assessed thereon, signed by the i
president and clcrk of said board of,
commissioners, which shall be sudi-l
cient notice to the proprietors of such i
land that the said board of commis-.
sioncrs are ready to pay tho amount i
of damages so assessed and if
within thirty days from tho filing of
said certificate, the proprietors of such
land shall not appeal from the decis
ion of said commissioners, by written
notice left with the said clerk of the
court, the amount so assessed
shall bo paid to the proprietors, and
tho title to such land and premises
shall pass to and be vested in the
Board of Commissioners of Primary
Schools of Washington County, Dis
trict of Columbia, and tho said certifi
cate shall be recorded in the land re
cords of Washington county, District
of Columbia, and shall be final but if
the proprietors of such land and premi
ses shall, within the said thirty days,
notify the said commissioners, in wri
ting, left with tho clerk of the levy
court, of their dissent from the valua
tion of such land as made by the said
commissioners, or if the land or any
part thereof be owned by a minor,
femme covert, or person non compos
mentis, qr if a notice cannot be served,
it shall be lawful for the said cotnmis
nioners, and it is made their duty, by
their president and clerk, to issue
their warrant to the marshal of the
District of Columbia, commanding him
to summon a jury of five freeholders,
not interested in the matter, to appear
on a day to be appointed by the said
^commissioners, ou the premises, and
After having each taken an oath (which
the marshal or any one of said commis
sioners is authorized to administer)
that he will, without favor or preju
dice, assess the damages sustained by
the proprietor of said land by reason
of the condemnation of said land by
the said commissioners, the jury so
qualified shall proceed to value and
Assess the damages accordingly and
if the amount assessed by tho said ju
ry shall not be greater than the
amount assessed by the said commis
sioners, the whole costs of tho said
•ppeai shall be chargeable to the
appellant, to be paid by the said com
missioners, and deducted from the
cost of the land in settlement therefor
otherwise tho said board of commis
sioners shall pay the expenses incur
red by reason of such appeal, the mar
shal's and jurors' fees to be computed
according to tho act of Congress ap
proved March three, eighteen hundred
sod sixty-three, delining tho powers
and duties of the levy court.
See. 13. And be it further cnactcd,
That the said jury, immediately after
tbey shall have completed their in
qaest and assessed the damages, shall
make out a written verdict, setting
forth a full and distinct description of
the land and premises and the valua
tion or damages assessed there for,
which shall be signed by them, or a
majority of them, and having been at
tested by the marshal, shall be imme
diately returned to the clerk of the
lety couit of the county of Washing
ton, District of Columbia, and shall be
final and the said damages having
been paiJ, or offered to be paid, to the
said proprietors, the title to such land
shall pass to and be vested in The
Board of Commissioners of Primary
Schools of Washington County, Dis
trict of Columbia," aud the verdict of
the jury shall be recorded iu the land
records of Washington county, Dis
trict of Columbia
That it
shall be optional with the said commis
sioners to abide by said verdict, and
occupy the said land or abandon it
without Iwiug subject to damages
fcec. 14. And be it further euactcd,
That it shall not be lawful to locate
any site for a school-house in any or
chard or garden, nor within three hun
dred yards of any dwelling-house,
and in order to obtain such consent or
refusal, thirty days' notico shall be
given to said proprietor by the said
commissioners, notifying such propri
etor of their intention and if, within
thirty days, no answer is returned to
said couimirisioners by said proprie
tor, it shall be taken for consent, and
the said commissioners may proceed
tu erect their school-housc without let
or hindrance.
Sec. 15. And be it further enacted,
That if the treasurer or collector, hav
ing any school funds in his hands, or
neglecting or refusing to obtain such
funds as by law authorized and direct
ed, shall refuse to pay for two weeks
any order of the said coaituissioners
drawn in conformity with the requisi
tions of this act, such treasurer or col
lector shall be liable, on proof before
any court of justice or justice of the
peace having cognizance, and without
stay of execution, to pay the full
amouut of said order aud interest
thereon, at the rate of twenty percen
tnm per annum, from the first refusal
until the day of payment, by way of
damages. If any collector appointed
or acting under the provisions of this
act shall iu any case collect more
than is due, the person aggrieved
shall have his remedy uguinst such
collector by suit or warrant, and if he
recover he shall have judgment for
double the amount improperly and un
justly extoi ted from him, and costs.
The levy court of Washington county
shall exercise a general supervision
over the proceedings of said commis
sioners, tnay examine their books and
papers, and shall prosecute for any
delinquencies of violations of their du
ty. It shall not be lawful for a mem
Mr of the levy court of said county
to be a commissioner of primary
Bchoold or trustee of any of tho school
districts, nor for any person to be
at the same time commissioner and
trustee as aforesaid.
Sec. 16. Aud be it further enacted,
*Ut any white resident of said couu-|
|y shall be privileged to plucc his or!
Iwr child or ward at any one of the
school# provided tor the education of!
while children in suid county he or
m:«y think proj*?r to wlecf, with]
tricts and any colored resident shall
have the same rights with respect to
colored schools.
Sec. 17. And be it further enacted,
That it shall be tho duty of the. said
commissioners to provide suitable and
convenient houses or rooms for hold
ing schools for colored children, to cm-
wages, to the building or renting of
school-rooms aud other necessary ex
penses pertaining to said schools, to
exerciso a general supervision over
them, to establish proper discipline,
and to endeavor to promote a thor
ough, equitable, and practical educa
tion of colored children in said county.
It sliull be lawful for such commission
ers to impose a tax of not more than
fifty cents per month for each child on
the parents or guardians of children
attending said schools, to bo applied
to the payment of expenses of the
school of which said child shall bo an
attendant and in the exorcise of this
power tho commissioner may, from
time to time, discontinue the payment
altogether, or may graduate tho tax
according to the ability of tho said
tax-payers and the wants of the school:
Sec. 19. And bo it further enacted,
That oae-fourth part of all the moneys
now in the hands of the marshal of
the District of Columbia, or of any
other officer of said District, which
have accrued from fines, penalties, and
forfeitures imposed for the violation
of the laws of the United Stats within
said District, shall bo by such officer
o: ofiiccrs paid to the Duard of Com
missioners of Primary Schools of
Washington County, District of Co
lumbia,' one-fourth part to the Mayor
of the city of Georgetown, aud the re
maining two-fourths thereof to the
Mayor of the city of Washington, the
said sums so paid to the suid commis
sioners aud the said mayors to consti
tute in their hands funds for the sup
port of primary schools witTiiH the said
county and public schools iu said
cities in the proportions aforesaid.
Aud it shall be tho duty of said mar
shal aud other officers to pay over,
every three months, from aud after the
passage of this act, all money coming
into their hands iu the manner afore
said, to the said board of commission
ers of primary schools aud to the said
mayors, iu the proportions aforesaid,
for the use of the said primary aud
public schools, any law to the contra
ry notwithstanding
ploy and examine teachcrs therefor, time, or that such child by reason of
and to appropriate a proportion of the, bodily or mental infirmity was not
school funds, to be determined by the fit to attend such school, such penalty
numbers of white and colored children shall not be enforced.
between the ages of six and seventeen Sec. 21. And be it further enacted,
years, to the payment of teachers' That the trustees or commissioners
having charge of public schools in the
said District shall not admit into such
sohools any child who shall not have
been duly vaccinated or otherwise
protected against the small-pox and
may make such arrangements for the
purposQ of ascertaining whether with
in the ages prescribed in the prece
ding scction are not attending the pub
lic schools, as they shall deem best
for the purpose of enforcing the at
tendance of such children upon said
schools, under the provisions of such
section, and for enforcing the penalty
therciu prescribed.
That no child shall be exclu­
ded lroin such school on account of
the inability of the parent orguardian
to pay said tax. And said commis
sioners are authorized to receive any i
donations or contributions that may
be made for the benefit of said schools
by persons disposed to aid iu tho ele
vation of the colored population in the
District of Columbia, and to apply the
same in such maner as in their opin
ion shall bo best calculated to effect
the object of the donors, said commis
sioners being required to account for
all funds received by them, and to re
port to tho levy court iu accordance
with tho provisions of section nine of
this act.
Sec. 18. And be it further enacted,
That tho first scction of the act of
Congress entitled "An act providing
for the education of colored children
in the cities of Washington aud
Georgetown, District of Columbia, and
for other purposes," be, and the same
is hereby, repealed and that from
and after the passage of this act it
shall be the duty of the municipal au
thorities of the cities of Washington
aud Georgetown, in the District of
Columbia, to set apart each year,
from the whole fund, received from
all sources, by such authorities appli
cable, under existing prvisions of law,
to purposes of public education, such
a proportionate part thereof as the
number of colored children, between
the ages of six aud seventeen years,
in tho respective cities bear to tho
whole number of children thereof, for
the purpose of establishing and sus
taining public schools in said cities
for the education of colored children
that the said proportion shall bo as
certained by the last reported census
of the population of suid cities made
prior to said apportionment, and tdiall
be regulated at all times thereby
and that the said fund shall be paid to
the trustees appointed under tho act
of Congress approved July eleven,
eighteen hundred and sixty-two, enti
tled An act relating to schools for
the education of colored children in
the cities of Washington and ieorge
town, in tho District of Columbia," to
be disbursed by them in accordance
with the provisions of the said act.
Sec. 20. And bo it further enacted,
That every person in the said District
of Columbia, having under his or her
control a child between the ages of
eight and forteeu years, shall annually,
during the continuance of such control,
send such child to some public school
in that part of said District iu which
he or she shall at the time reside, at
least twelve weeks, six of which shall
be consecutive, and for evciy neglect
of such duty the party offending shall
forfeit to the use of the school of that
portion of said District in which he or
the funds thus obtained for education
al purposes shall bo applied to the
education of both white and colored
children, iu the proportion of the num
bers of each between the ages of six
and scveutecn years as determined by
the latest census report that shall
have been made prior to said appor
cut and the mayors of the
aforenamed cities of Georgetown and
Washington are hereby authorized
and instructed to pay over such part
thereof as may be applicable under
the provisions of this section and the
proviso thereto to the education ot
colored children in the aforenamed
cities, to the trustees appointed under
the act of July eleventh, eighteen huu
dred and sixty-tuo, entitled An act
relating to schools for the education
of colored children in the cities of
Washington and Georgetown, in the
District of Columbia," to be used for We had th« pleasure of meeting our
the education of colored childreu ac- r.: .jn r.u w i
cording to the provisions of law, and
twenty dollars, to be recovered before
any justice of the peace of said Dis
That if it be made to
appear to said justice that the party
so offending was not able for any
causc to send such child to school, or
that such child has been attending
any other school for a like period of
Sec. 23. And bo it further enacted,
That this act bo and the same is here
by declared public and remedial, and
shall be construed by all courts of jus
tico according to the equity thereof
and no proceedings of tire inhabitants
or of the trustees of any school dis
trict, or of tho commissioners of pri
mary schools, or of any other officer
created under tho provisions of this
act, shall be set aside or adjudged to
be void for defect of form, or lor any
irregularity therein, so that the requi
sitions of the said act are substantially
complied with.
Sec. 23. And be it further enacted,
That the act of Congress entitled An
act to provide for the public instruc
tion of youth in primary schools
throughout the county of Washington,
in the District of Columbia, without
the limits of Washington and tk*orge
town," except the first and third sec
tions, approved May twenty, eighteon
hundred aud sixty-two be, MMl the
same is hereby repealed.
Approved, June 25,1864.
f|t Intclligcntfr.
Westward the courte of implre talce* it.- *»jr.
A.l.r. HILURETH,K«ilt*r.
Charles City, Iowa, Sept. 22,1864.
KAHfiiAL uaioN Kommmop.
For President,
For Vice President,
DISTRICT xoMiarATioas.
For Represent*tire to Congress—3d District,
For Presidential Elector—3*1 Conp. District,
For Supreme Judge,
Secretary of State,
JAMES WRIGHT, of Delaware
Auditor of State,
JOHN A. ELLIOTT, of Mitchell Cosnty.
For Treasurer of State,
WM H. HOLMEB, of Jones
For Register State Land Ollice,
AH A. HAHVEY, of Fremont county.
For Attorney General,
ISAAC L. ALLEN, of Tama Coantf.
For PresHi nti.il Electors at Lar re,
BEN DAK WIN. of l»es Moim-*
umx JtmciiL iHHTBiflb
For Judge,
WILLIAM B. FAIKF1JSL1, of Floyd county.
For Prosecuting Attorney,
JOHN E. Bl'KKE, of Bremer oountj.
rL01B CO
For County Judge,
For Clerk of the District CoflA*
For Recorder,
«. E
the aforenamed officers failing to pay *fr» "ls sanctum, the other daj', and
over the moneys as aforesaid shall be found hirn as busy as a hen with six
liable to the penalty imposed by the teen chickens, lie has built him
second section of the act of Cougress
approved July twelfth, eighteen hun
dred and sixty-two, entitled An act
to provide for tho payment of fines
aud penalties collected by and paid
the justices of the peace iu the Dis
trict of Columbia, under tho acts of
Congress approved the third aud fifth
of August, eighteen hundred and six
ty-one, and for other purposes."
AS'I'M A*.
For Coroner,
Supreme Court.
Lewis Kiuscy, Esq., Clcrk of the
Supreme Court, informs us that, pur
suant to law and order of Court, he
has assigned the causes for the argu
ment term of the Supreme Court of
Iowa, to be held at Davenport on the
Grst Monday, 3d day, of October, A.
I. 18G4 and that the causes from
the counties of Floyd, Winnebago,
Hancock, Butler, Mitchell, Worth, Cer
ro Gordo, Bremer, Fayette, Chickasaw,
Howard, Winncsheik, Allamakee and
Clayton will be docketed for two days
commencing on Friday tho 14th day
of October. No causes will be heard
for the first six days of the term.
Hartman, of the Waterloo CW
new dwellinghousc this season and is
on the highway of prosperity.
Messrs. Thompson & Jones, whole
sale booksellers at Dubuque, will sup
ply the trade with schoolbooks, miscel
laneous books, stationery, &c., on as
favorable terms as any house iu Chi
cago, See advertisement.
The Dubuque Times Company have
introduced into their printing estab
lishment oue of Ericssou's Caloric En
gines to drive their presses a great
saving of labor and expenae.
The first frost of the season visited
this locality on Sunday night. Fortu
nately, coru and vegetables generally
were so thoroughly matured that little
uyuiy was done \f &
A terrible accident occurred at
dar Falls on Wednesday of last week,
resulting in the death of one man and
slight injury to one or two others.
Tho frame of tho Baptist church, then
being erected, fell with a fearful crash.
Mr. Ilcnry Bogart was at work on the
cupola at the timo and fell through
the timbers to tho ground, a distance
of sixtj* or seventy feet. When pick
ed up be was senseless, his neck was
dislocated and several bones were
broken. In fifteen minutes all signs
of life ceased. Mr. Wallace, the con
tractor, was on the capola still higher
than Mr. Bogart. He kept his place
upon the falling frame and was car
ried over by it till within a few feet
of the ground when he leaped from it
and escapcd serious injury. The Ga
zette says the contractor had repeat
ed warnings, but neglected to use the
ordinary precautions which would
have prevented this terrible and fatal
accident. Quite a number of mechan
ics refused to work on the building at
all until it should be properly stayed.
Mr. Bogart himself did not consid
er it safe, and told his wife so on the
very morning of his death, and she
tried to persuade him not to go on the
frame again. At the time the frame
fell there was quite a breeze blowing,
but nothing approaching a gale.
A Corouer's inquest was held on the
remains of Mr. Bogart, and the follow
ing is a copy of the verdict of the
We, the jury, find flria verdict: That the
deceased, Mr. Henry Bopirt, rame to hits
death by the falling of tho Baptist Church
building, in process of crection, which fell
from not being properly stayed, or erected iu
the customary manner and do strojigiy cen
sure Mr. H. W'alhue for pursuing the course
he did in erecting said building.
Mr. Bogart was buried with Mason
ic honors. He was a worthy man, in
indigent circumstances, and leaves a
wife and four small children.
Surgical Operation.
On Tuesday of Last week Drs. J.
W. Smith and J. M. Parsons, of this
town, performed the operation of tra
cheotomy—opening the wiudpipe—
upon the daughter of Mr. Isaiah Sny
der of this village, aged four years.
Several weeks previously the child
had a small brass screw iu its mouth
and which was accidentally drawn or
fell into the larynx. The symptoms
resulting at once were not so severe
as to lead to any interference, but had
iucreascd to such an alarming extent
as to lead the parents to conscut to the
operation named, as the only prospect
t)f relief. The relief was immediate,
and up to this time we are happy to
state that the child has coatinued to
Will McCiellan resign his commis
sion President Lincoln is now his
rival and superior. It was the much
abused Lincoln who first drew McCiel
lan from obscurity and gave him the
tnost splendid opportunity to aehievc
distinction ever offered a soldier.
Will McCiellan now think of all the
battles he
WM. T. THOMPSON, of Linn Countv.
have won, and then
hand back the commission which the
President gave him or will he mean
ly cling to it while rendering no ser
vice uuder it, drawing big pay and
running as a rival candidate for the
Presidency? Is McCiellan a chival
rous soldier or a grovelling, ungrate
ful dog? Let the copperheads an
swer. Tell us—Will McCiellan re
Cedar Falls is a live tow*. Busi
ness there is carried on upon the high
pressure system. The merchants are
11 coining money—vast quantities of
goods arrive at the railroad depot by
avery train—wheat speculation is
rife—the Perkins Brothers of tho Ga
aettc have a constant rush of job print
ing aud other work to do—the Union
•icn allow no treasonable sentiments
lo be uttered and consequently cop
perheads are
Carter House
is well kept and filled with patrons—
and the citizens generally are wide
awake, wholcsouled and patriotic.
Chicago girls wear a new style of
vail, made of black and white figured
lace, with a fine elastic run through
the upper part, which fits to the edge
of the bonnet, and a second elastic run
through the lower part of vail, a short
distance from the bottom, which fas
tens it under the chin, giving the ef
fect of a street mask, transparent, but
very coquettish.
The death of the well known and
poet and journalist,
Park Benjamin, is announced. It oc
curred in New York on the 12th inst.
Mr. Benjamin was born Aug. 14, 1801#,
at Demcrara, in British Guiana, where
his father, a Nnv Englander of Welsh
descent, resided as a merchant.
are under obligations
to D.N. Cooley, Esq for a pamphlet
entitled, "McCiellan from Ball's
Bluff to Antietam. By George
Wilkes." It is a scathing document,
and, what is worse for Liuk
it is every word of it true.
Major General G. M. Dodge was iu
Des Moines on the 13th inst. The
Register says be is still suffering
much from the wound rcceivcd in front
of Atlanta, but is slowly gaining
strength. Our citizens will give this
brave soldier a warm welcome.
If there was ever ait outrageous dein
•gogue on the face of the earth, his
nam*.' in Horatio Seymour. His re
nomination for Governor of New York
nettles the political aspect of that
State which is now sure for Lincoln by
15,000 majority. Good
Iloyd County Agricultural Fair.
Tho Sixth Annual Fair of the Ftoyd
County Agricultural Society was held
at Rockford on Wcduesday.and Thurs
day of last week. The weather was fa
vorable, but owing to tho busy sea
son and some unexpected obstacles
the attendance aud exhibition were
not as large as on some former occa
The display of Cattle and Horses
was good—also of Fruits and Vegeta
bles, and iu the Ladies' departments,
including Dairy, Provisions, House
hold Manufactures, Fine Arts, &c., &c.
Altogether the Fair was highly cred
itable to the County. The single dis
play of either Cattle, Fruits or Domes
tic Manufactures was sufficient to am
ply repay iu benefit to the county all
the trouble and expense iucurred, were
not a single ccnt received in premi
While it is evident that no town in
the County can make the Annual Fair
what it ought to be and could be made
with permanent Fair Grounds, it must
be admitted with shame that a large
proportion of tho people within the
county do not now manifest the inter
est upon the subject which its impor
tance detnauds.
What man or woman of any means,
paying business or public spirit can
not profitably employ one day aud
spend twenty-five cents or one dollar
for the privilege of annually meeting
those from all portions of the county,
taking them cordially by the hand—if
an honest one—aud thus witness the
substantial signs of progress, inde
pendence and comfort which a well
conducted Fair brings within our
reach I The true view for every farm
er and business man within the coun
ty is not that bo cannot afford to
pay a dollar to become a member
and attend a one or two days Fair,
but that he cannot afford to neglect to
do both, if withiu his power.
The Situation.
The war is really near ttt close.
The present front of the rebellion, me
nacing though it be, is really nothing
more than a mask, concealing the hol
lowuess and rottenness within. The
South is literally exhausted—exhaust
ed of that without whieh it is impos
sible to carry on the war -exhausted
of men. As Gen. Grant the other day
pungcutly said, the rebels have rob
bed the cradle and the grave to rein
force their armies." Out of an availa
ble fighting population of upwards of
three-quarters of a million with which
the war was inaugurated, they have
saved an effective force of one hundred
or one hundred and fifty thousand
men. The rest arc in their graves, in
the hospitals, disabled, or prisoners in
our hands. These are the forlorn hope
of the rebellion.
The rebel chiefs at Richmond arc now
sweeping all their available forces
from all quarters into the army of Lee.
All their outlying dctachmcuts, gue
rillas included, from Southwestern Vir
ginia, East Tennessee and Kentucky,
Georgia, South Carolina and North
Carolina, are moving for Richmond
aud Petersburg. Such is our informa
tion from the army of the Potomac
Lee is massing an immense body of
troops on our left—on that vital Wei
don railroad. He evidently meditates
a struggle of life or death for its pos
session—a crushing assault with an
overwhelming column, like that of
Stonewall Jackson at Gaines' Mill.
To this extremity is Lee reduced by
the tightening lines of Gen. Grant.
They must be broken or Richmond
must be abandoued for lack of sup
plies. The army of the Potomac an
ticipates an attack, aud, prepared at
all points, calmly awaits the opening
of the crowning act of the drama. Gen.
Grant is not ignorant of the enemy's
movements, necessities or designs
He is ready but he can still afford
to wait, for while he is now strength
ened in everything by every day's de
lay, Gen. Lee, from his diminishing
subsistence, is daily weakened in his
weakest point.
From the Rio Or and*.
A brilliant victory has been achiev
ed on the Rio Grande river at Browus
ville. The battle was commenced by
the Frcnch troops who sought to cap
ture Matamoras from the Mexicans un
der Cortinas. This was on the Mexi
can side of the river. The rebel troops
under Col. Ford at Brownsville, on the
Texas side of the river, undertook to
help the French, when the 91st Illinois
regiment, stationed at Brazos de San
tiago, came up and took a hand in the
fight. The result was that the French
and Confederates were both beautiful
ly whipped. Cortinas now holds Mat
amoras, and the Federals are in pos
session of Brownsville. The flight of
Ford from Brownsville was so hasty
that he left his colors flying. When
the Mexicans crossed the river they
immediately substituted tlte stars and
stripes for their own flag. Entering
Brownsville, they were not long in
tearing down the rebel rag aud hoist
ing the American ensign, where it still
floats over the court-house of that city.
For one night the Yankees and Mexi
cans lay encamped side by side, the
latter apparently as proud of the stars
and stripes as the former.
Messrs. Gilbert & Dean have some
lamp top* for sale, iu
landed to be used
on kctoscne lamps in the absence of
We received a call on Monday front
Hon. E. G. Bowdoin, who has lately
returned from Massachusetts, lie ap
pears in good health and spirits.
Currcspotnlenco or the Charles City Inlolligooccr.
Letter from the Go. Superintendent.
:—Please publish the fol­
o w i n o w i
or SI P't or
Moisra, Io*a, September 10,1864.
Notice is hereby given that aTcach
ers Institute will be held at Charles
City, Floyd County, Iowa, for a period
of not less than six working days,
commencing on the 17th day of Octo
ber, 1864. O. Faviu.E,
Superintendent of Public Instruction.
By L. I. Cot-LTKa.
The Teachers of this connty will
please bear in miud, that this Insti
tute will be held two weeks, aud up
on the drill nystem. Lectures may
be expected in the evenings. A re
view of all the common school branch
es will be had and certificates will
bo granted, at its close, to all mem
bers qualified to teach. No extra ex
amination will bo necessary, as each
member will pass in review before the
examining officer. It is made the du
ty of every teacher to attend these In
stitutes and should there be any
whose terms of service arc unexpired,
they may attend, and their time will
still go on.
Teachers will be present at the
opening competent to instruct in all
the common school brandies, at least.
A class in Algebra may be organized
if thought best by the members.
Come, teachcrs one, and all bring
a full set of books and let as reason
The series recommended by the Su
perintendent of Public Instruction
will be most needed.
Teachers in the adjoining counties
are also iavited to attend.
County Su|H:rinteni»B%.
A Work on low*.
Wm.Doane Wilson, Secretary State Agri
cultural College, lias in preparation a work
descriptive of the State of Iowa in whieh will
be embraced every important fact necessary to
inform the purchaser of lands therein in re
gard to its present condition and future pros
pect*. It will also be valuable to the resident
of the State as a book of reference. Such a
book has long l»een needed, and we douht not
from the experience of Mr. Wilson in
the materials for such a woik as is evidence
ly his frequent reliable publications in regard
to the productions of our State, that it will
receive i large suliscription, as woll for foreign
as home distribution. It will he a volume »f
not Ie.si than K»0 :l«*ely printed duodecimo
pages, printed on the best quality of book pi
per, bound plain but substantial, and furnish
for single copy at one dollar, six oopie*
five dollars, and larger numbers at a lea* price,
It will be publiohed about the first of Octo
ber next. Messrs. Mills & Co arc the put
lishem. Order* sent to either the Editor, Mr.
Wilson, or Mills & Co., Publishers. Des Moines^
Iowa, will have immedi itc attrition.
Hashna Mills.
Mr. E. P. Grerley, with sn energy
worthy of all praise, is pushing forward
the construction of his new flouring
mill at Nashua. The building already
up and enclosed, is 42 by 35 feet, three
stories exclusive of basement and at
i a n i s e s i n e o o u u n o
stone. The millwright, Mr. Butter
field, than whom a better one docs not
live, informs us that the machinery
will be put in and the whole in opera
tion by the 1st of January. The mill
is designed for merchant work, but
will be of sufficient capacity to accom
modate the home demand, or custom
work Mr. Creeley is shipping a con
siderable amount of fl tir Eastward
manufactured at his old mill, which is
iu the best of order and running night
aud day.—JYew
llamph n Courier,
On Monday and Tuesday our eiti
zens were pleased to greet several of
our 100-days men, who have been
mustered out of the U. S. service and
have returned home. Those of this
county arc Charles Kelly, Henry Duel,
Silas Crowell, Jacob Clark, John Eddy
aud Isaac liiggins, and Philip Mitch
el of Nashua. They have been sta
tioned during the summer st Lagrange,
The ranks of ths Union phalanx sre
closing up solidly. All divisions are
disappearing. The New York Tri
bune and Independent now come out
squarely for the Baltimore nomiuecs,
abd even old Ben. Wade has, after
sober second thought," finally deter
mined to take the stamp for Mr. Lis*
News from Mobile Bay of the 4th
instant says Three of Admiral Far
ragut's largest gunboats were then
within three and a half miles of the
city, near enough to shell the town.
They were only waiting the Admiral's
signal to open fin.
The real Quautrile lias at length
been caught. He is iu custody at In
dianapolis where be will have a speedy
trial for his iuuumerablc murders aud
other crimes. The Lawrence victims
will yet be avefiged.
J. Smith's troops, lately en­
camped at Cairo, moved on Wednes
day— destination contraband. Any
resistance to the draft in Illinois, Indi
ana, Ohio or Kentucky, will raseive
their prompt attention.
The 87tlx Iowa regiment (Grey
beards) are at Indianapolis, Indiana.
The Copperheads there are rampant,
but do not like to conie in contact with
the Government troojis.
New Nation,
the psper thst was
established in New York specially to
advocate Fremont for the 1'resideucy,
has come out for Lincoln.
G. G. Kcinigcr, Ewq has removed
the John lli'uth building to the site of
his former ofliec which was burned,
on Mill street.
The Lincoln boys cut! the supporters
of Little Msc," Itic kittle Macfceii
Campaign Documents.
We hftve received the following ftf
cular of the Uuiou Congressional Ex
ecutive Committee, from
N. Cooley,
Esq., Secretary of the Committee.
Those in want of documents for dis
tribution, should at once procure them.
The time of election is hastening on
and Union men should be awake iu
spreading campaign documents among
the people. The Copperheads will
spare no pains to scatter their treason
able literature broadcast over the
land, and commensurate efforts should
be put forth by those who love our
Government in order to counteract the
inflnenoe of such reading mattor
I. What Lincoln's Administration
has done.
8. Tho History of McClellan's
"Arbitrary Arrest" of the Maryland
9. Can tho Conntry Pay the Ex
penses of the War
Very respectfully, yours, &c,
V. B. 10-40 LOAN.
I anl prepared to subocripttons flr
the 10-40 I.o.in authorised by act of Congress
of March 3d, 1H64.
These Bond* an* redeemable at the pleasure
of the Government after ten
e o y e a s o n a e w i i n e e s a i v e
per cent, per annum—principal and Interest
payable in gold.
The Honda are of the denominations of $50.
$100, $500 and $1000. Interest on the $i0
and $100 payable annually—on those of other
denominations the intercut is payable ectni
1 have already sold upward* of $200,000
thm: I receive in |Kiyuicnt
Charles City Retail Market.
WKUNEMDAY, Sept. 1P64.
Floor, extra family, "j* cwi.,. $4,f-0
WTient, spring, bushel,
Cora, on the cob, bu«lwl....
libelled, bushel,
Rye, f* buahel,..
Hurley, r* buahel,.............
Oatx, 'f+ butdiel,.
Corn Mi.il, cwlL,...........
New 1'oUiUx*, %», bushel.
Beaux, V bufhel,
Huttci, B.,
C'lieese, lh.,..
Pork, halt ft)
fresh ti.,,.
Ham*. ...
I hickrllH,
tirkeyn, ^ft.,•. ,•«..«••
1-it'i. fi n.,
Wurn!, tOft!,................
Salt, f* bbl.(, ... ,Mtj.%:•*»'
V d,l|lelt'
Washington, D. C., Sept. 2, 18G4.
The Union Congression­
al Committee, in addition to the docu
ments already published, propose to
issue immediately the following docu
ments for distribution among the peo
1. McClellan's Military Career Re
viewed and Exposed.
2. Ceorge II. Pendleton, his Dis
loyal Record and Antecedents.
3. The Chicago Copperhead Con
vention, tho men who composed snd
controlled it.
4. l»ase surrender of tho Copper
heads to the Rebels in arms.
5. The Military and Naval Situa
tion, and the Glorious Achievements
of our Soldiers and Sailors.
6. A Few Plain Words with the
Private Soldier.
[email protected] 1,00
1 ,i0
80(a 33
12(311 u
7 oo
Hi.. 10
II*) t* to®,............»#.«... 5 00
fttl, ffi.,
Mutton, "p
Su^ir, X. ). tiu,..
Sorghum Sirup,
(ii)ldt n Sirup, gal.
Nwip f» lur,
Candles, Ittllow,
Ten, f* lh
Coffee, ft*.,
FiBh, Kult, ft..
Green Appl«*, jM bbl..
lri il Apple*,
lriod Pt*.tehes, Mil.,...,,.
Kerosene, gal
Cedar Falls Market.
Sep. 17, 44*4.
Flour, Extra Superfine, cwt 4 8'
hupertiue 2,00 (4
Wheat, btttOMtl
Cot II 75(« h0
u i 6 0 i
II tier, I* (7i 8o I
New PotutoM, 40^1 50!
V 4(.t!oj
I urk cwt 9,00
Bailey #0^1.00
Hides, Oreen, «xu,7|
Dry Flint. 16vi 18
Beans, 2,.r»0
Wholesale Depol
Photograph and Ambrotypo
w aterloo, Iowa.
Wholesale and Retail Druggist,
Dealer In Fsinta,
Oils, QIMS, Djrectufr,
Jjamp Fixtures,
photograph and" Ambrotypo
irtrK fig* 16. 1«H 0tf
tr. S. 7-30 LOAN. I
The Scrrplnry of tin* Treasury jjivo* not ro that *u*i
scriptHW fill N r«vi\ad fur (Viupon Tn««'iry Note.«,
payaMe ftm** ywir* (V'ml'Auif. lfcih, 1864, with «omi au
nuft! lntero-4 At tho rati ol seven aol three trtMti* p»f
cent. ier nnaatn,—principal and intcreet bulk to be
iu lawful iu'WHiy.
Those will ennvcrtiMn alt option of
holder at maturity, into six |errent. £M liifitfc,
leas than ftvw nor morn than twr-nty .v»
friim th'lr lato. a- llic fi'v.crnnii-tit in-ij- clcr.t. Thi-y
I-IUIMI in (1MHNTIT!uli"nxof fc')0, tloo
10. Doctrines of tho Copperheads
North identical with those of the Reb
els South.
II. The Constitution Uphold and
12. Rebel Terms of Peace.
13. Peace, to be Enduring, must be
14. A History of Cruelties and Atro
cities of the Rebellion.
15. Kvidencies of a Copperhead Con
spiracy in the Northwest.
The above documents will be printr
ed in English and German in eight or
sixteen page pamphlets, and sent, pos
tage free, according to directions at
the rate of one or two dollars per hun*
dred copies. The plan and purposes
of the Copperheads having been dis
closed by tlie actiou of the Chicago
Convention, they should at once be
laid before the loyal people of tlte
country. There is but two months be
tween this and the election, and
leagues, clubs, and individuals should
lose no time in sending iu tht'ir or
ders. Remittances should be madu in
Greenbacks or drafts on New York
payable to the ordpr of James
Harlan. Address (Krcc),
ami $.",0110. ami all aulwripti n» must bi Tor fifty dollar*
.sonn' muHipIr »f Bfty dollars.
Tho not« s will transmitted to the own«r« fre« of
transporUt inn ctuufcea a* noon th« rmxrifit of UM
original Ortifi. ati-- of Ileposlt as th«-y can be [in-pared.
As |h»» notiv draw intwo-t Vom |*r«.iS
mnkiftK ili'i»Nit» *uli«qwtit tn that «l«le nnnt pay tlw
interm ivcrrmv] from date of noto to dat^ of deposit.
Parties !«t|milling twenty five thotwand dollar! aM
upward# C't 'hr-e noii'-s nt any one time will lie allowed
commission of one-quarter of on* |**r cent., which
will bo paid by the Treasury Department upon the re
ceipt of a bill for the amount, certified to by the offlcn*
with whom tbe dt-pt#lt watt made. No UodwWeee tor
commissions mu* bo made from the deposits.
Il i- a N.• "ii.il ,-,n I'.'i.K i'i! ting a hu'her rate of
oilcri-M limn noy Hiiiii, ubil ln wt'iinly. Any
wirings batik which |ui\ it? dojiosilor.- iti l\ p. Not««,
coonMerw Unit It i* paying In Ue buct dredialing medium
of the loiinli v,
1'iiuiiot I«' i" anything better, for
tt-i own asaet* are either in government peciirltlia or tn
Dots*! or l*in'l.- imyahle in imvernmcut paper.
Itte equally convenient a tem|iorary or permanent
Investment. The notes ean always lie miM for wuliia a
fraction o|' their fare and accunmUUod interest, and are
the b'-.-t fiTiirity with banks fix collateral-! Tor ili-couut*.
Convertible Into aOpr rent. MO Oolri Rnirf.
In addition to the very liberal interi'-t oil the notes |br
Ihree yearn, thin privilege of converaton ts now worth
about three per cent, per annum, lor the current raU: for
6-'J0 UonUs is not lreij than w'w pr oitl. prrmium, and
twfore the war the premium on six per rent. V. 8. stocky
w«« over twenty per rent. It will bo seen that the actu
al profit on this loan, at tho present market rate, in nut
lews than ten per cent, per annum.
Kxrtnptlon from riafr A* wwnlrlyl t»i»llnni
But acldo from all the adsantaee* wc have enumera
ted, a pee ml Act of t'oti^re^s artm/U all tmml* and Trim
ury nntrJi from local tuxalvm. on the average, thi* ei
emptioabi worth abvul two per ceot. per annum,aroor
dinff to the rate of taxation ia varfow parte of the ooua
It is believed that no sornr1tit«« offer po preat induce
ments to lender as those issued by the government. IB
all other forms of indebtedness, tlw: fatth or ability of
private parti-s,or .st«*:k coni|wtiie«, or *e|mrale rominu
nitie*. only, in pledged fur payment, while the whole
property of the country is held t»* secure the discharge
of all tlte obligations of tlie United States.
While the government offers the most liberal terma for
ita loans, it believe that the very strongest a|peal will
be to the loyalty and patriotism of the [«-ple.
Duplic.ite certiRi*u-« will be issued for all depoolto.
The |arty do|»»itinp nittst endorse upon tlie ortytniiJ o«r
tifk-atc the denominate of note* required, and whether
they are
issued in blank or intyable to order.
When ao endorsed must be lefl with the officor re
ceiving the depmlt, to be forwarded lo the Trearary De
Subi-criplions will be received by the Treasurer of the
tinted Statue, at Waidiii)Kt"i, the several A«xl*MMTreas
urer* and do*ignited IVpositariw.aiid bv the
Flnt \H«loitnl Rank of Dnlmqiie, Iowa
F1r«t \oflnnnl Itnuk of llnv Intra.
fli-*t ntl»iinl tail It nf Iowa Ity, liiwa.
and Oy ail National Uante which are deposHariw of pub
money. and
thro'it-''"'!! tin- country will ifive further nifoi maiion and
Washington, D. 0.
|-i| lllir»-
Dubuque Branch
Treasury Note*, National Bank Notes sad
•State Bank of Iowa Notes.
J. K. (JRAVES. Ci.-liVr,
lWnk i Iowa.
QHl AM K.TI.A RK. I'Iivum-MII toOawit'
*l»l tuif -f tllf lll'wt ll'HI
mi.I rkillful
nu n nf
thf ••.
ill lii« Tr.-
(°.n.iiiii|tiII, Tlmt Hii!m i. vr
('•»i«nniptin n'lmito A riirt*. U no lmir»*r
ii mxtli-r doubt it liita
clearly ii»-
tniuitratt by tt»»- r"r«f»rrho« of L*un—
Mill i.Opt
«l.-ni |Httiltit» lr
AKfWKLL. who IDV«*tltf*t*-l Hiirh nwtli-rn
IU.. liMt-lv MX HllV Mltlrl Ili.Ul.MV.: I'Htllo
b'HH .il An.il |II» li i*. |M I h»t»t. ncrer ml
C'llK-ltlMVe l-Vlllflli'l-
III |r»'f
4 t!p curability of IU
«-**H tluui
U li.ut
tliat tutx-rrolar phthM* (yelmouery
It is not a Fiction.
Thtno Htateiip-nUi are made by mm who
Imvi- lcmonMri»ti-i| *h»' th-y "HV tlm.
aft«r tim«. iu tti^r-rimitwl ho»(ital »n«l On
ti uOi-t-llinK 'tinxiftinif room. Tti«-y tr-
t'i'lll llli'll who rolill Il.llf l|i
iii 'tr.i- ff.-r ni l: l.iu^ wh.it i.t uiitiu
cmMttzooiug falx-bouida.
ll.L. I
I'd 'f CMM'X of
Mann of tfum rV
u u u
not jprorrMtiNATE,
i i
U i s
IHU W*K u«t
Wintar'* Balaam, and Uve healthy anJ
76 Randolph St., CHICAGO.
Yellow Dock and Sarsaparitla
Will Cure Without i-'all,
Scrofula or Kiny'i Ktil, Gtntrrt, Tmmnrt,
Mruptiotu of llir Sk in, Krytiprlat, 4'hrtmic
t\rt, Htnr»rirm Trttrr, Sruhl H~fl,
i u u i u i i u
1 u
i n
i i o n u i i
OUt S-rft t'lrrn, Swllinj nf thf IManfir,
JSjfphiht, iysf»inu, Suit Uheum, lHtratri
Hf Ihr kitinryt, Vnt .l/'/Wlff /huute
aritint/ /mm Utr u»r nf Jfrrcurp, 111
the tod* and Shoulder. General LkbilUf,
Drojty, Jaundice, Lumbay, etx.
Thf following
of IWiijamlo

must n«tnniibi(iK ou rotiuril.
[email protected]*2|
2,40 i
iutiatiiiir trlur'. 'tin' Hiii|iit»iiii i mu
l^. ami
ImmI uu1
n I
totting, liutrifvuiK.
K I'UI'HT] BJ viglit Liliorbaj.I
»ttl-I UuAtt'»ulnin,
Vi-ll'iw lHri( and (MirMpturdJa, «kuL«t
Jan. 2.
1*. OCTIOTT—D«ar MR:—I H«*« WN
FT»rIbrty «-«R«
••rti|itioiiN on
i lllj It-^s alll f-'l. Ill lll'\ f{"l tifc.l
U(Bt I h*l to k oil rru(t-li««, awl in Ik&ti
I U*1 -n«- l' if ^iii| utHti il ,«Ui\- tlif km.'.
I In «l«Hit
iiioiiih* Kfn-r my le|{ brolu-
out iu l^r^o uiitiiiK uitl i uuniiik wn «, fi
in* kin-«-1
TIIv r»»,
ami liiM-harpnl n irri-ul
do.il of oftriwit- luitti-r. Mi K""" »l
brk»* iit in l«rir«' 1 iU. wlilrli lim-haikiI
UltM-ll ttrll-IVf HiHtli-r, ami lit till* •Mint
tniir iny li ft
liiul tiroki- out iu 1,U£
rUDIHUK *oli» llv.il 1 V HI rll»JH
Tlu uii*i-iy tlmt I liuvi- Niiffcrtxl fr tin
taut 1*1. jfuni I r.im.iit il.m i il«. to u. I
w»» in turli a^niiv that I in v.-r r-«l —1 l.»y
or mi Lt.
1 wiv kiv*'" "I1 dii, and
of *«1
1 haul untile
,tml U.ul iximtP-l nut tin\ fnii.ilv
tli»- |liie.- tun) riiv i. ni:•
in iH'tolmr l.ul my *oU truui lit
of your l»itttr wrn||i»it I re-tl if, and
foiinil r-oril of miui vt ii,l. rlul i in i-o
Cilllli-tl y"ur Ultrml nf Yrllnw lh*l.
and Sitrtii/Hirilln. 1 m-nt ami tpf t» t
tl«-» of it, iiu.l coiiiiui ucc.il litkui^ it. In i v*
rekw. to iiiy kru.li ,uiUii,liin ut, iu\ iv.n
all .iiiii- i' i»y, .1 ul I i .mill «ti- ill niphl
tiling I hail not ilotu- for two yuMi. Win n
1 h.nl t.ikt-u ill lxittlc*, in i»mi liifl luai I.*
My kirn KII
an if liv tn-
ili.tnlmtnt, 1 hiivr ij'iw iinitl is all n^lil
Imttli-a of your Hxlract JV/f«i" A
ami SartupurUUi, nii'l I niw cinall«r my
Itclf Wfll. I
UI 1
nt t-IOn t'
frtli tlio worth of
or i-\
mu my grainml fm uliat il hix il'in
nie. I tnuM ••nil If the unyior of nirin
from miMvrj whili- lnmj uiuiu i-artli.
j-t i-Bn.i'i.,
Dealer in Family M^diguies
70 HteUolpb St., ChloagB, 111.,
To wfjofcl ll nl|.i- «tio «w u
Jt^old by yj v
J. W. Lehiukuhl. Charles Oity, Iowa P.
tturftt), (iMtKe
W. Billings, Bradford
Leliinkiim & llHi^berg, Floyd.
Produce Wanted.
kii.'ls -f I'ii» 1 iK i• lakeii iti exchange
for (Wl» at our .Sloie in Kloyd- Hwh im
Wheat, Hides, lUitter,
«te. Prices the
game as in li.uli s City.
LEUHiiUlJ^ & CO.
fiord, Mo*,
P. P. Stewart'* (Y-M.r.aterfr
A Splendid AMortment of other
Parlor Stoves,
In great rarfetf.
The P. P. Ffcwart Cook Stove
lias taken more
Fir A! Fremiti ma
At State and County Fairs
Than any Cook Stove ever manufacture I,
Economy, Durability,
And en tiro
It hog no equal.
GEO. H. FRY, Agent,
No. 28 Main Street, (Julian House Building,
Dubuque, Iowa.
September 17,1884. t8mfl«
I. •. nOMFKM.
•.«. nm
Thompson & Jones,
1-8 Main Street,
Dubuque, Iowa.
Highest price paid for Rags.
September 15, 18M.
Dubuque Marble Works.
r- m*i 1 f-' in
Foreign and American Marble
OMrner of Loetvt and 8tb Rtntte,
i Dubuque,-.Iowa.
Book and Stationery
No. Ul Moiu Street,
Dubuque, Iowa^
I* fully |m |»ir»5d to Country Merchaij
and nthi rx, in UrKt- or small quantities, w
i v cry thLn^ pertuiniug to the
Book and Stationery Biuunes]
Kttpecial attentiM gim t» Alliaf orders frc I
the l"rade for
{Scliool Booki,
at, Mlbkn' prices.
Gap, and Note Papers.
Blank Books,
SiiodUj (school Hook* and Rewards, Javei
Miscellaneous Booksv
Sheet Music, aud all
kinds of Musical Merchan
dise, which will be sold at lln
lowest ratea. Agent for
Geo. A. Prince & Co.\
School Orffan*]
of the
rii-nn Tract
Country dcalennp{4ledon
no«t fav.ri
able terns. 1H]
UT Higheet price paid for ra^.
'iMMt rftcrrwvi
4-1 DIC«IN*ONj-..i
I I I l,
For all the World and the re
of Mankind
TLr IcsI of kiln-dried 1'ine
Mouldings, Frames, Blinds,
Doors, Sash, &c.
Ttiming and Ornam» utnl S roll-8owlnp lonf
to order.
All order* filled at jmhliohed rnten, and deli v-1
ered on the mrs Ir^ of p^MTSp'
To (li-itlt ib a lil era( di^nint will b- niutle.
If you want work that wUl give satisfartki^
seud hcic Jvi' i
Dubt^^MO, 2&, 1868. 14yl
Wines, Liquors, Cigars,
AX I) T(ltAt\X)S.
No. 31 Xain Street,
Dubuque, iown.
ttaadjr Made Oaala, Veatu ut
Ml, for«a|« by Ol^BIJKT & DRAN.

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