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Charles City intelligencer. (Charles City, Floyd County, Iowa) 1864-1866, February 02, 1865, Image 1

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paries €itj |ntt(frgewer,
n n n avnv -ntmsnar
Burroa Awr I'KnrmitTcR.
,».- COKNKl: ill*
orrositi rem n -^CAKF
Cbttiet City, Floyd County, Ioirt.
Any |X*MOII obtainingflv*i*.»utsrrib*rt*,aari ftirwarrttng
l» money, shall be furuiUoil w ilh a ropy if tie- Intolli
this service go longasthr ntnntXT chall b«-
Il-i-oni-io- iwtrtaiatnf e the paper ran Vx trHiwattPil
.-frith Ui« Ptihits h«r any 1ay at the Offii:- of rublitatuoi.
Ommuniralii'ns mav be atldresf-ed to thr FdH«r,wfeO
Win promptly and faithfully respond to them.
3 w
i ff******,*i*f*"**,
2 Squares,
S Sauores,
4 S|u«re».
f. Sunnres.
This House is located in the business |«rt of
n iOity. convenient to the Cars and H*nt«.
fs^f" thunibus and Hatfgage Wairoti always
tm hand tu.-mua-v Passen_'i r.s and I'stu'-'iige to
•Jill {£u» ike lkitts and Ctts f{ve ojjjbarjje.
Pjomr iL. wiicox, rR$rRiapx,
Black Haul County I»*r*
•A This bos*aii»v iug *,U*tiged ba^J«, juid un
llergone a thorough refittfng and rcmiwlenng.
I now reatly for the ave«mmoilatioii of the
ubli It i
that no
Charles City
w Iff
Sn» *m i2wi
ri^l$»nhf i n
ftni «(nrpTo i«
•1 M»
3 00
*.-. on
a no
7 40 10 0«f 14 |_21
To'on'i v:oh"j i s -.'ft
i-j rio 1 4 o o Is 30
i~i71^T,^jn7 a orf} i 14 on *f* bn "JS"| 36
is no I isno ••51WT
lorrr* roa THK irrriiinRMxa:
S Pettunrill A f«i.. New-paper Advertising Amenta.
*.-.. .17 r-arfc R..w, New York,
-'••i Horivrn. «?«tHral Advertistof «3 Dear
t*"rn Street, One ago.
i «v« llama I—a willaa laMrtad In
|hi« column fn^ fft.no |n-riMi.«n. .For each a!litsaial
Ine.over fiyr ,«.n-.!nllar MglK elthiyn-i.
Corner of 8th lu]w»,Street*,
n a u E „.'......:'. IOWA.
TliisHoOsels tcotrallj loc-aU*d to the husi
ti«w part of the City, ami Post.-tflre»r The
.roprittoi desires to pJcase all who may favor
with their patmnage, ami solicit* a trial
Vt those visiting the citv.
N. 1 A first-class Barber Shop and B.i
tncreowa in the house. 17yl
eowiam or mxn WATRB a DETBOIT STUSTS,
~"*VTs. AMOS, I'RoPHlUlOn.
jruests coinfoi table. Stages leave thi
4i*ilj for the. Jforlh, South and West.
CHAPMAN & WILLIAMS, Proprietors.
k fi.^f kETN'IGEH,*
And Xulidtort in Chaucer*,
Dealers in Real K«*tate, Exchange, Jte*.
Will attend to business and practice at U
{Supreme and District Court of Iowa.
Infnrmatlon and good refcreo***' %r!II lie
cheerfully given on request. 33tf
0. PRAT1V*rj
Floyd CvutUf+.*.b»na,
Will practise in all the Courts of the Slate.
All buaipesjt promptly attended to.
Attorneys Counsellors at Lawa\
y Will practice in Northern Iowa spd
Southern Minnesota Particular attention
paid to collections, payiup hixes, n»nvt-y
anriug, and furnishing abstiat ts of title of
iAU'ds. Office over Stoue Stoic. 1 v51y
Watches and Jewelry.
%. E. SAWYE^
fffttoli-iiieuti aud Jeweller,
AT Til*
eaABxns CITV rvorv COCWTT, IOWA.
N. B. WjtU'hes^, Clocks and owelty ra
palrad in tip-top style. --I 4Stf
•I I I I
I ", n i
iIt. tt I
Watohes, Clocks, Jewelry,
*, Cor, £tMt Water aud Wisconsin Sti,
WatonTools and Materialsof •vary d*wcrlp
tion. Mtf
^ud Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Pkie Watches, Clock*, Jewelry,
.ifffi\ni»iiiA vhltncil
Miscellaneotia Cards.
Tia, Capper, and Sheet Iron Ware,
i*r A^mKri.iTHAi, TMPtB»na*re,
A IHI^C a*K4»rtraeDt o( K. roKciif Lamrw, Lunp
ChitiHH ys, Witk«, Sliaih'8, &c.
Tin Roofing Executed to Order.
N. B. OM Tin unci Copper Ware Ueatly
rc|Mtiro) on hlioi mtiiv. I
Shop, ntxt l»ur to Lt'hinktilil'8 new Stone
Store. City, Flujd Cutiuty, Iowa. I
November 8, IM64 45
In Ail Kinds of Farming
I K E N"
Wagonmaker's Stock,
Notary Public Conveyancer,
?..» ". F1»yd Oottrrty, Io*AV 1
II. 0. IXMAN, Si
fjMld Brother. fisaith, Pollard 4 Co.
Wholesale Grocers,
186 South Water Street,
*. voasfTM. 14 y
cm' »"»KKroRK
in will U* spared t,» make his Hm*r. Iwtromcnts, Print atxl Wra[*piBg
bo u
5 57
Marble Rock Word Counly Iowa.
Will promptly attend to ail business entrust
ed to his care, and will furnish Plats when
UMued. 41ma9
Newspapers, Magazines, t$rc. fa.
niote on Mill Street, near the Mill.
Commission Merchants,
*xi rr.Ai.itms n»
161 South Water St., Chicago.
A SHAll tK.«l».K IS
Books andStationery,
Papers. Printers'Stock, Etc.
No. I MAIJJ STUCST. Drntotc. Iowa
lepositoiy of the Americ-an Tract Society.
Agent for
liaauiscUfens, and Dealer in all kUA of
Agricultural Implements,
No. 194 I^tk. Street, Chicago, Illinois.
P. O Box 3047 14yl
Notary Public & Conveyanfjer,
,-. -.. r* Fb»yd County, Iowa.
ri--J.fi.:.- _.
J.'W.FMITn, M. D.,
Office at the Drag k Book Store, o«' Mill 8t.
—Besrdence,near the School Mouae. .,,
is. ftRATu-rv oo.F*
127 East Water Street.
China, Earthern & Glass Ware,
siLvr* PL Aim* V4H/DS,
Cutlery, Jupiinned Ware, Ixs-king CTassea,
Britannia Ware, Gar. Fixtures, Luups, kc.
15C Kn»t Water vSlteut,
W00LX£Y k HNYOfcK,
Plow* iu«tdc and repaired,
Vriay«**»*«'- #Vasra1/oW*«v
,,, Nearly ophite the Kenosha Defran,
O W U A BltiKlA»%* o w
v fkf-1*'' uf llM I»IIIS« e-i.in e*l U* %U'I freuu ill* Cars
tree uf charge. Ample SUblnig atttaeli«d.
Moutgomery House,
o i
Ho. 194 East Water Street, -4**' Whoittau ™i Retait,
Stages leave, this House daily for the North,
South, Eo*tand Went
Pashioriablu Millinery Got^ds,
Ho. 18 Wisconsin Street. MilwaukaW.
of the piovisions ot this act shall Us.de-l*rrcd
and further claim under the grantee in the
event of a final ennformati of the gn.nt.
fl#c. 2 Awl tt fmUt'C enactfu\ That
where any addition suivevs may be found
necessary to give full effect to this act
Sec 2 And he it fnrlner *nm4f4, That, from
and after the passage of this act. the officers
Buna* of Orduace, one clerk «l UM UUrl
Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting, one
clerk of the second class and oue clerk of the
first class.
Approved, July S, 1861.
(PUBLIC-No 220
AK ACT for inci,icse,l Facilities, of Telegraph
ic Communication between the Atlantic and
Pacific Slates ami the Territory of Idaho.
fl-ll)-*-. :!.' in»| .**Tgf»r .1 ivyif i
*tf wv.t
the Vint Mcaalon «T Ufe*
Klutktb lanKrcM,
riYnttc- Sn. 21ft
AN. ACT to quiet tl Titles H) Lamia within
the Ramh I.:ii iiti i de Santos Callo, iu the
8tat« of* 'nl i tornin
Bt it eniKi«d h# tht SfmtU and Hauu of Hrp-e
tentative* of the I'mteJ States of America in dm
ffres* o*?tmhl*l. That it may HIHI shall law
till for all |iuit.huH«nj tn.rn tliu iaiitcta* or
thfir assigns of latuU within the Ram ho L.v
(trnita «ie Santw *all», In the 8t«t«- of Cftlifor
ijiti, to lil
the sitid grantees or their assigns and, upou any i
•f-n f*
dollar and twenty-five cents, per aae^ the having by law, or by consent of patties. «w-
Sec. 3 And tt- i/ further etmeUd. That it Apjwo'ved, Jul y 2. 1S64.
kltalI be the duty of lite register an receiver
th e pro|K-r land office receive ail a i e V
tions in cases presented under this act. pnrsu».
ant to such in-tructions as i y U pi.serlb.d
by tb o C'oinmiKsi. in of th e Ucnerul l.aii'l
Office, an to adjudgeall sttch cases a s pieliiut-
oary to a final decision in due uounwot Isw.
Approvetl, July 2 1864,
rriaic No 219]
AN ACT to authorize assimilated Rank to l«e
given to the Waiiant (ifliccrs of the UuiU-d
States Navy, and for other purposes.
Bt it ernifteti ty th* Sti.'t/e umi Hue if Repre
sentative* of the ('fife*! Stole* nf Amerint in Ctm
yreu itffinUrd, That the President of the Uni
ted States is hereby ant In need, if, in his judg
ment, it shall be oitulucive to the iliteltst
the service, to give assimilated rank to the
warrant officers of the Navy, viz Is^tswains,
gunners, carpenters, ami sailmakers. as fol
lows After live yc us of service to rauk ith
ensigns and afttr ten years' set vice to rank
with niKstcrs
Sec. 4- Aud it further enacted. That e th e Int. i not inconsistent with th e laws of
following addition bt: made to the clerical th e Tinted S a e s I'roruhd, lli.it th e fees
force no w authorised by luw in th e N a v y Dc- stipulated in th e foregoing provisions shall ne
part incut
i apply such authenticated copies as ma y he
Bureau of Provisions an Clothing, two reqniiud by th e officers of an y branch of th e
clerks of th e third class an two of th e first tiovcrmut nt. nor to such uuvcrili.-d copies as
Sec. 2. And be U fur titer enttcted. That tin* hsi' o' encouraging the eeUllion
h*fl to rpmovc
•ml upon
pUtfd, without pnjudice to tbm t^4*y( iakl
railroad roiiipantr*.
Apirovvd, July 3, 18S4
•mov e thrir line of Mffcrnph along wription of property
[Pr»Ltr- No. 221
AN ACT in relation to the Hide of BeaMrvt
tlon« of I'nMir hmds.
B'- it en.trted ly the Sen^fo and Hou.e of
Repiev-ntart\thiol the uilod States t-f Arne-i
pflhed of.
.•••'• i
fPiniic No 222.]
witton twd-ve months from the A N ACT rrhtting to the Law of BvMiice in
passage of this act. with the register of the the Distrit of Columbia.
land office at MaryKVilte. applicationsd.seriI•- I Be it i naete.1 by the Senate and House of1 c'thvns thertuf. ahull be subject to the same
ing the lands so pvaliased by them respect-. UepieM-ii.aives irf the I'nitid Statea of Auteii- prohibitions, in all eouunerci.il inteivomse
ively, with proofs of Inuia tide pun base from ca in l.'ongress assembled, That on the trial of
l.oiigres s
sstie joim"d.
dollar an ,. ...
lands so purchnsed within the limits of* said thoii'.y to"hear, receive, and examine e.vi.ience
rancho, as destrili«il in ttie pctitition present- Within said District, the parties thereto, and
e to the board of commissioners under the the iieison* in whose behalf any such action
act of March three, eighteen hundred and tit- or other proceeding may be hi ought or defend
ty-otie, entitled An act to ascerUhi ami t*l- ed, and any and all persons interested in the
tie the piivate land claims in the State of same, shall, except as hereinafter excepted. le
California," to the extent to which the lands competent and compellable to give evidence,
so purchased have beeu reduced to possession, either viva voce or by depwition aconling to
and aic now held by said pun-hascis I'mri-, the puictiec of the court, tui liehalf of either interests, and directed by the Set r-tary of
*led. That any person who shall avail himself) or any of the parlies to the said action or oth- *he Treasury, with the approval of the Picsi
I er proceeding Provided, That nothing here
in contained shall render any per-on who is
chatired with any offense in any criminal pro
I ceeding compi'tint ontompt liable to triveevi
detux- for or against himself or herself, or shall
the ren !er any person comp'llnbb- to answer any
commissioner ot th e General I-and Office shall i t|iiestlou tern ling to criminate himself o her
cause such surveys to IN- made at th e cost til" self, or shall in an y criminal piocecding icn
the purchasers, as providetl by th e tenth s e tier any husban.l competent or compellable to
tion of tin act of May thirtieth.eighteen bun- give evidence for or against hi s nifV, or an y
dred and sixty-two tutitbs i A n act tw re- wife, compellable o give evidence for or
ducc the C\|Muses of the -an vc and wile of ib e against her husband, or in an v proceeding in
ptlblb lands uf th e United Static divided, Mittit.-.l in et.n^-.pjet* e of atlulU-iy not shall
That n o entry ininend lamia or lamls ie-1 an y husband IH,- compel EHb!..-to disob^e an y
served for miiitaiy or other public uses, shall communication made to by bi wife du
I* |ermitted un.ku this act, nor shall any ring th e ni.-oriage. nor shall an y wife bo corn
rights .icpiired under th e preemption laws of pctlable totlist lose any communication mad e
the United States atVected hereby. o her by her husband during th e marriage.
[PI-BIIC No 22*1
AN ACT authorising the Rreotkwi of BwtltV
ings f.ir the lliuueli Mint at San Francisco.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United State sol' Ameri
ca I c'oneress assembled, That tjic sum of
three hundred thousand dollars he, and the
same is htieby, appiopiiated, out ot any mon
ey iu the Tieasuiy not otherwise appropriated,
to be expended, under the direction of the
Secretary of the Treiisuiy. in the purchase of
a site, if necessaiy. and the erection of a suita
ble building or buildings for the use of the
branch mint at Suu FiaucUco, iu the State of
Approved, July 3. 1884.
[Prune No 9*4 1
AN ACT prescribing the Terms on which
Ex.-mpli.iciiiotis shall be furnished by the
Ocneral Land Office.
He it enacted by the Senate and House of
rica in Congress assembled. That, fmui and
after the fiist iUy of July next, all excinplili-
uaa-e 1 in th e preceding sec tion shall be k n o w n cations of patents, or papers on file, or o re
as warrant office is iu the naval service of the cord in th e tieueral Land Office, which ma y be
United State*, an Khali he entered Upon th e required by patties int. tested, shall be fur
Naval Ucgister.
nislied by the Commissioner of said office up-
S*c. 3 And }e it further enacted. Tltat i o n th e pav ment by such paities at th e rate of,
in all cases where it hits U n o i u a y be, fifteen cents per huudie.l vvot'ls, an two d.,1
fimntl necess-uy iluring th e present war to dc- -lars for copies of township plates or diagrams,
tain iu confinement persons found on (start! of with a n additional sum of on e dollar lor th e
captured \ess**ls, th e CX-M-IIM** of th e detention Commission* i s cci till ate o verification with
of stub persons, when not charge tble to th e th e General Land I Ifrb-e s»til and otic of e
proceeds of prize or other fund, shall l*e paid emplovt s of raid titluf shall la* designated by
out of th e appropriation for defraj'ing th e ex- th e s.iid Commissioner a s th e e i n clerk,
petises of suits in which th e u i e States are a n I th e amount s s o received shall, under th e
concerned, an that the cx-a-usi* of prisoners! direction of ti n said Commissioner la* paid ia
seutenceil by naval coui tuiaiti.U o ct.ntine- o th e Tn-iisuiy of the United States e e e o
ment in a |siiiteutiary sliall be defrayed from be given o this act according o sin regula
the sam e Hind
tions a s ma y la.* prescribed by th e Secrctuiy of
the Commissioner iu
pr*f.-r to furnish.
Appro vol, JulyS, 18w4
saiel United States Teli--.'iaph Company
dec the diiection of (be I'
te«l Slates, is hereby aulhori**d to erect a lute
of telegtaph ftom F.Ht Hall, by Walla-Walla
aud the Dalles ami .Seen an. isco to portluud, and sold in pursuance of sail act. or of this
in the State of Oregon. i_iil fiom Fort Hall to act, or front fee* collected uoelur the rules and
Biuin ck aud irjiiiiia Cni, iu the Territory legulatious made by the Scerctaiy of the
of Idaho, with the sunn privileges as to the Treartirv, and approved by the President, da
riglil of way, aud so forth, as is provided in i ted re»pectivcly the twenty -eighth day of A ti
the first Section of thi« act thO t*niteel States gtiKt. eighteen humlrcd and -ixty-two, the
to have priority i the use of said lines of thirty-first day of March, and t'-e eleventh elay
telegrapli to Oregon and ItUlio. ot September, tightccu hiiudretl aad sixty
his discretloo may deem
JPCBLIC—Ko 225.]
Be U enacted by the Sarnie and Hov-e ot lirprt
tttUntn-ee uf tl* I'mtrd St.itet of America t\m-1 riea iu Congro** assembled. That sales i ap
artu amtiiiUni, That the Unite.l States Tele- tund pi)»if a ty under tl.e act ap *r..vc*d irolt
graph «').inpaiiv. ami their IUSMK iates, are here- twelve, eighteen hundred ami sixty-three,
by authorised to .!.*ct a line or lines of mag-1 may be made at such places, in State* declar
ie telegraph between the Miosouii and the city cd in in-ui rec tie»u. as may be designated by the
of San Flam isco, in the State of California, on Se, rctarv of the Treasury, as well as at other
such route as they may sele t. toconnect with I places now authorised by said act.
the lines of the I uite-d Slates Tebgiaph torn-, Soc. 2- And bi
pony, now coiisliuctcd tlnough the States of in addition to tl
AN ACT in additiou to the several Acta poo
cerfiliig Can mere ial lulcieourse between
lVyal and Insiirrectb iiiuv Staters, and
•io\ide lor the cull.-etiou of C^cpture I and
Aliandoiicd Pro,H-rty, an I the prevention of* tin-ret'
Frauds in States declared in insurrection
B«- it enacted by the Senate and House of
Repiesentatives ot the United States of Ame-
the Union The said company ahallhave the pimpeity to lur re.vived. collected, and dupos- cci*. s.iilors, and marines iu the naval service,
use of Mich unoccupied land of the United c*d of, a provided in said act, the saiel agents arc la reby prohibited from buying selling.
State* as may IK* necessary for the li^ht of' shall take charge of and lease, for periods, not trading, ot in any way dealing in the kiud or
ay, and materials, and (or the establishing exceeding twelve months, the abandoned description of piopcity mentioiie* I in this act,
of stations along sjiid line for repairs, not ex- lands, houses, and tenements within the dis
ceediug at any stitioii one qiuutcr necliou of, tricts therein itaim-d. ainl shall also provide,
land and such stations n-.t to exceed one in in such leases or otherwise, for the employ
fifteen miles on the average of the whole line, j.incut ami general vveltaie of all persons with
unless said lauds *,hall be ii-quwe-dby the Oov I in the lines of national military occupitiou
eiuuient of the United sbitcs for rail mad or within said iut-urieelionuiy States foiuierly
other |ilU|ssc*s And provided further, 'lhat held as slaves, who aie or shall becouic: free.
BO right to pre-eouipt any of said lands un.kr Piop, ity, nal or personal, shall le regarded
the laws oi tin? United States shall inure to as alaiueloucd when the lawful owner theieof
saiil couijsuiy or their agents, or any othei i ahall be voliintoily absent tin icfrom, and
person |H isons whats.w-ver engaged, either iu arms or otherwise, in aid-
Se*c $ And be it further enacted. That three*, or under any amendments or moditica
the atoresaitl enuipaiiy is authorized by this tions thereof, which have been or shall lie
act to send «ml ifeeive (les|iatche*soii|*ayment, made by the Secretary of the Treasury, aud shall l«e granted for sir i transputation, Rde
of the regular cluirgcs for tiansmisrioii of dis appioved by the President, for conducting Use cr other disposition, an I any othcer or other
patches over any line that may now or hcie- commercial intercourse which has l*e«-n or JK-ISOU aforesaid whet si. dl, under any license
»f»tn Ui coiiatine ted by the authority or aid shall l»e liceused and permitted by I he Piesl- authority obtaineil, wilfully and knowingly
t»f Congress, to eonneet with any line or lines dent, with ami iu States dvclaied in insunec-ltransp.tt. sell, or otherwise dis-siso of, any
Sec 4. And It tt further enacted. That the i for the prevention of fraud in iusmrectiouary prfation of public or private money or proper
several railroad companies authorised by act district* iu the United Stat*.s." unproved, ty, oi: keeping false a, mint*, or of wihully
of Congress July one, eighteen hundred ami March twelve, eighteen hundred and sixty-. making any false retur..s, tr of any other act
sixty-two, are authorized enter into ar- time, is heieby extended so as te include the amounting'to a felony. shall be liable to in
rangcments wkh the United States Telegraph tlcsciiptious of property mentioned iu au act dictui. nt as for a misdemeanor, andfinenot
Company no that the line of telegraph lie- entitle An act luttber to provide for the exceeding live thousand dollars, an I to pun
tween the Missouri river and San Fnuicisuoi collection of dutie* on imports, and for other ighmeut in the pe-ni' 'Utiaty n«t cxeeeding
may be made upon ami along the line of said puip'sej.," approved July thirteen, eighteen three ye-ars, before any "iirt, civil or military,
raihoad and branches OK fitst as said roads aud hundre.1 ami sixty-one, aud an act entitled com-ietcut to try the saaie. And it shall be
the duty of the Seco tary of the Treasury,
from time to time, to institute such investi
£atien* as uiay be no-1 -ary toil, tect and pre
vent frauds and abuses iu tho trade and other
transactions contemplated by this act, or by
the acts to which this i- upplementaty. And
agents inak'u.g sn, Investigations shall
have power to compel ihe attendance of wit-
branches are built, in I if said arrangements An act to suppress liisiincction.
be entcre*d inbi and the* transfer of traid tele- treas-.11 and u U-llion, to seize and
graph line lie made in accordance therewith to' the property of rebels, and for other puipos
the line ol said railroads aud branches, such us," approved July set en teen, eighteen hiui
transf.-r shall, for all purposes of the act re- 'tired ami sixty-two, lenpect ively and that
ferrol to, be held and considered a fulfillment -the sales piovided for in said net first men
on the part of said lailmad oiiipinies .it the tioned may IK: made at such places as may bethe
provision of the act in regard to the construe- dc-signateil by the S-cictiiy of the Treasury.
tion of a telegraph line aud, iu ease of disa
greemeut, said telegraph company are author
"SHtslbark Course o (fonjm Mes its $M
That whenever the prohibition: ami pnvUio*i* of the act ap-
the line of rnilroftd ttacrrin conturn- July thirteen, eighUi-n hmulred nud uixtjr- pn-val of the President, shall make »uth rules tten hundred s»nd sixtythne.
one, and July wvrnte.
end sixty-two aforesaid
ty. real or personal, iloterilx I in the att» to
which this is an addition, sliall he reirudel
al«ainiohed when the liiwful owner there
of Khali be voluntarily almnt therefrom, ami
enpiycd. either in arms or otherwise, in aid
ing or eucotirajrinp the rebellion
•Sec 4. And be it tn^tl. enacted, Th/it
cupation in the States or
clared i u insurrection, wli?tb"f*wrlth
other or with persons re-idin^ ieiie.' \vith
districts declared in insurretHon- and not with
in those liiKS and that au persons within
the I'nitfd states, not native or nntur.iliz-J
w n
'"habitants of States or parts of States
compensation to custom-ofiiceis. iuf'.-rim-'re,
or other pt rsons. for any .v-nicc connected
therewith, as will tend to promote vicilance
iu pr..ic, ting the public iiitoreats^JUadas shall
be jut and eijuiuble, iu no ease, however, to
exceed the acgrevnte amount heretofore di
rovteil by the Kiid tilth »mitju
uiy of the Fidlcd States ami tin* ai-.-ounts of
all money sa received and |iakl shall he ren
dered to. and audited by, the proper acuouut
ing offic-Ts of tlu* Ti, asiuy.
Other g.
And section six of said fiist-uientiousd act it! nesses, and to nuke*\.uuiualioos on oath.
Approved, July 3, 1804.
Sec fi. And IH* it further enacted. That aforesaid had not expired at the time of such
so much of the fifth scctbin of tire act npprov- i entry and location, any law to the contrary
ed May twenty, eighteen hundred and sixty- .notwithstanding.
two. and the louith s--, tion of the act appioy- S 3. And he it further enttrte-t. That all
cd Mareli twelve, eighteen htindrixl and sixty-j acts ami parts of acta inconsistent with the
three, as incts the manner of distributing provisions of this act, be, aud the same ate
fines, ptnalties. and foitViturcs, is hereby re- hereby, repealed.
pe*i!ed. and that, in lien of the distribution Approved, July 8, 1864.
theiebj directed to be made to informers, col- i
letters, and other officers of the customs, the] [PVBLIC -NO. 237.]
t-mrt decreeing condemnation may award Mich AN ACT further to regulate and provide for
8cc 7. And l»e it further enacted. That nntei-rs for the respi-ctve terms of ont, two,
.no property seized or taken IIJNIU anv of t4,^ ami iK«—*r—«" «-.»u. wiJuay
1 inlatnl wi'.r» .,f ihu L'nHe.i a i e s 0- th e na- such volunteer, or, in ease of draft, as herein
va o e s thereof, shall lie tegruded as mail- after providetl, an y suli-titute. shall be crtilit-
Sec. 8. And be it further enacted, Tliat
It shall lie lawful for the Secretary t^ the
Treasury, with the approval of the President,
to authorize agents to puichase for the United
States any pi,shuts of State* declared in in-j
surrection, at such phw.x a therein as shall Is
designate*)! by him, at such prices as shall be
agrcv-il «»n with the seller, not exo-cdiiite the
Btatk.-l value th:ieof at the place of delivery,
not cxc«cling tlnce-^iurllis of the market •al
oe thereof in th-e city of New York at the
latest quotation* known to the uirt-ut purchas
*ng I'lthiiiltd, Th «t no part .!" the purchase
Representatives of th e United States o A e- paid,o agreed to be. paid, out of an y other o his b-iunty unpaid shall U- paid to his wid- caae an it shall lie th e duty of th e I'uarter
Fee. !'. And be it further enacted. That
so much of section five of the act of thitlicth
of July, eighteen hundred an.l sixty-one,
aforesaid, as authorizes the President, in his
discretion, to license or |H-Muit commercial re
lations in any State or section the inhabitants
of whi. !t are declared in a stale of insurrec
tion, is hoe by repealed, except so far as may
Is- ixi. saiy to authorize supplying the ne
cessities of loyal persons residing in iasurrcc-
fund than that arising"fi..m piopcity sold as ow if he s!i ill i v e left a widow if not to
captured or abandoned, o purchased anil sold hi s childien, or if there be Done, o hi s ruoth
under th e pmvisi uis of this at Al proper- cr, il sh e be a widow.
ty so -n based shall be forvvao'ed for sab- a Sec. 2 And he it further enatted, Tliat in
siH- pl.tci-or places a s shall he designated by case tb o quota, or an y |mrt thereof, o an y
th e Secretary of th e Treasury, an th e mon- town, to**nship, ward of a city, precinct, or
e y s u i i s i n th.Tcfiom. after payment of th e election district, or of an y county no so sub
purch.ise-money an th e other ex|tcn*cN con- divided, shall no lie fried within th e space of
tiouary States, within the lines of actual occu
pat ion" by the military forces of the 1'nited i sul*divisi..ns thereof,
States. :,s indicated by published order of the eulistmeut.
couitu.cititiig ge uei.il of the department or dis- Sec. 4 And U tt farther enacted. That draf
tiict soiK-cupi. and. also, except «o far as ted num. substitutes, and volnnteers, when
may la* necessity to authorize persons residing mustered iu, shall In* organised in, or .-.signed
within such lines to bring or m-nd to maiket to, tegitne-nts, batteries, or other organi/Uions
in the loyal States any pimlucts which they of their own Stales, ami as tar as practicable,
shall have |t,Nluceil with their own laini oi shall, when assigned. U- jieimittcd to select
lb..- labor of fiet-diucii, or others employed ami 'heir own icgi-uciils. batteries, or other organ
payed by them, pursuant to rules relating izatioiis from among those of their respective
which may be established under prop-
er authority. And no goods, wares, or mer
chandise rli ill U* taken into a Mate declared
in iusiurectioii, or transported therein, except
to and from sin p! ic s and to sii in.n llily
amounts us sfiall hav« been previously agree"d
upon iu writing by the commanding geuural tor other
of the ilcputinciit iu which sr. plues are I twenty -f
situated an.l an officer designate i by the Sec
retury of the Trtawury for that purp»e.
S.-c 10 And be it 1'orth-T n w ted, That
it fui ther ctiiictcil. That, all officers and privates of the r«*gu!ar and vol-1
apt.u, .1 and almudoned I unuvi forces of the United Staet-s, and all offi-
person, di-
fPrm.rc-No. 2W
ria in I'onjtrcss assembled,
any reservation of public lands shall ts! proved July thirteen, ••iiffct.'cn hundr. and AN* ACT providing for satist) ing Claims for
brought into market under existiiuf laws, it »ixty-o(ie. ami of the at ts aue i daiory or sup- Bounty T.amls, aud for otb«-i purposes,
shall he lawful for the Commissioner of the plemetttary thereto, shalf a »lv to all -om-I i' em^fl t»t the S.mite rtnd Ibntr o/ Ref+n-i
Genera! Tjirt.l office tofixamio'mnm price, not' men wl intercourse by ami u-tween pers«»ns etntntut* /t!,f. I'nitetl State*-/ APUIUU i'i Representatives of the 1'niteil Stat, s of Amer-8H|K-rintcii'l'iit
leas than one tlollwr and twenty five cent* per residing or IM ing within tiistiit within the ffiess a**rmblrj, That the act'entitled An act ica in Con_rr.ss uNMcmhlcd. That tin joint res
acre, btlow which huth lands shall not
or of any matter or question, i declared in insurrection, as citizens of loyal day of June, in the year eighteen hundred ciently the business of said office, as can lw no
such pi'isifs being found satisfactory, the said or ou any inquiry arising in any suit, action, 'l^ »re subject to under the said act or acts, and forty-eight, and the eighth day of Fel.ru- i appropriated with the least inconvenience to
pin chasers shall be permitted to enter, accord- or other proceeding in any court of Justice in ^,H'• ^"d,,, ftirtlu-r enacted. That' ary. in the year eighteen hundred and fifty- i the transaction of other public business.
ing to the lines of the public surveys, at one the IHstrit of Columbia, or l*fbre any rx-rson whenever any part of a loyal State shall l«e four, be. and the same are hereby, renewed See 3. And be it further enacted. That the or coinage of the United States, shall ln\ and
location and that all entries and locations
heretofore made with such warrants shall lie
as valid ami effectual as if the several acts
the enrolling and calling out the National
Forces, and for other purposes.
Bt tt entuifi t*i the Semite and Ihure qf Jttpre'
tentative* of the I'mted St-ite* of America in Oon
are** a**emhted. That the President of the Uni
ted States may, at his discretion, at any tisne
heieafter call for any number of uuu as vol-
mil)* have vol'tnt
i tuft' and every
'and mustered into the service for a term of
one year, imless sooner discharged, shall re
ceire, and be pai.l by the I'uiti-d States, a
money for nriy prodncis purchased shall lie *w °f his death while in service, the reoidtic
Ismnty of one hundred dollars and if for a
term of two years, unless sooner discharged,
a bounty of two hundred
a teini of three years, unl
ed. a bounty of three hundred dollars imp
third uf which bouuty sball be pud to the sol
dier at the time of his being mustered into
the service, one third at the expiration of one
half of his term of a-:rvice, and one third at
the expiration of bis term of service and in
shall immediately order a draft for one year
to fill Mich quota, or any pat thereof, winch
I may be uufilt
rectly or indirectly connected tvith him and
it shall he the duty of such officer, private.
sail.-r, or marine, when such property shall
come into his |Kwses.siem or custody, or within
his control. to giv« notice thereof to some martial may direct.
a^t-nt, upp'tnted by virtue ef this act. arid to Se.-. 6 And be it fui'Jur enacted, Tliat sec
turn the -same over" to such agent without de- tion three of an act e utillcd An act to amend
lav any otuVor of the Uniteil Slates, civil, an act eutith-d Au act for enrolling aud call
miliUrv, or naval, or any sutler, soldier, ma- ing out the national tones, and for other pur-
authorised or erected by the IbWian or Euj(-1 tion, shall, after satisfying thert-froin all prop
lish tiovanuiu-uts, and that all despate-hes re- ei and nccv*«sary CXJKUSCS, to be appioved by as are in good faith so license. I and authoru- or Mate, by reason of their being in said set- diligently to pcrlorm the duties of thuii ofii
tMiv.il by s iid line or lines, shall lie transmit- the Sccretaiv of the Treasury. Is* paid into the eel, or shall wilfullv knowingly lian.-port, vke and not em oiled prior to February twen- fees, ami shall each l-vcouie bound to the L'ut
letl in the older of their re-ce-pti.-n, aj»d the Trea.urv ot'the United State* and all ac-I m-ll, or dispose of the satoe. or anv p..itie-n ty-fouith, eighteen huudied and sixty four. ted States of America, with one or more sure
answeis thereto shall De ttelivertsl lo said Uni- counts of motievs rceeived or expended in con- I thereof, in violation of the terms of such Ii- .-shall be enrolled and eredit.-.l to the quotas ot ties, to the satisjjetion of the Director of the
te*l States Telegraph Company for transmis-' nee lion therewith shall bo audite-d by the cviw or authority, or of any rule ,.r r.-gula- the town, ward, district, or State, in which Mint or the district judge of the UniUil States
tion over their hues to the office whence the proper acconuting officers of tho Truasiny. I tirm prescriUd by the*secreUry of the Troasu- they respectively rowde, upou satisloelory for the district ot Oregon and of the Secietary
original mc-rsage was scut, whenever so dircc-1 That the first section of the Act to provide y eoueerniug the same, or shall I guilty of .proof of their rceidcuce mads to the Secietary i the Ticasury. wilh the condition et the
ted by the sender thereof. for the collet tion of ohan-lotietl property and any a of cinbtzzlein, -it. of wilful mi
f.,:»i.i-,.i „^r..
tio n o oliati-lonet property an an y a o einl'tzzlein it o wilfu misappro
States which at tlietimeof assignment may
nut be filled to their maximum number.
See* And I* it further auuUd, That
the twentieth section of the act entitled An
act le, auiemii M\ act entitled An act for en
rolling ami calling out the national foices, ami
purposes,' apptoved February
eightifii hundi\'d and sixty four,
States shall enlict or muster into the military
service any person uude-r the age of sixteen
years, wilii or without the consent of his pa
rent or guardian, such |s*rs.m so enlisted or re-
Sec. 3 And lw it fiu i her enacted, That all' rine. of other pc-ison, who shall vi-date any poest-s.'" atiprove*.! Fehruuy twenty-four, eigh- assayer, ami one melter and refiner, and one
ideut of The Uui-1 raonevs arising from the leasing of abandon- provision of this act, or who shall take, or teen huudicd and sixty-four, be, and the same coiner, and the 8up.'riiiteiuleiit shall employ
houses, aud tcm-uieiits, or froui sales cause to l*e taken, into a state declare,! to be u hereby, amendeel, so as to authorize ami di- as many clerk•«_. subordinate workmen and la
ed lands,
of captuie
,1 ami abandoned property collected I in insurrection, or to any other point to be I rect tlisuict provost marslntls, under the dircc-
thoiity of the IVsideiit. as providd in s cUl
fifth section of the iut ot Juliy thirteen,
eightceu hundred aud aixty-onc, afores.u-1,
and any officer «r :her person aforesaid
who shall make any false- statement or repte
senUtioii upon which license and authority
in tlir arts of the Secretnrv of the Tieaanry, with the up- I other purposes,' approved March third, eigh-
B, eighteen hundred and regulations as are necessary to secure the S»v Arid be
»n I that all proper- proper and e"onomical execution of the pro- nothing contained
this ut, and shall d.fi
es of sui-h exeetttion from the proords of fees istintr laws relative to peiniitting perttons li«We
itnposel hy said rules and regulations, of Kales to military servKe to furnish substitutes,
of captured and abandoned property, and of i Approved, July 4. 18H4.
sales hereinbefore authorized.
time prife bat all property so seized or ta- od to the town, township, ward of a city, pre- ica in Congress assembled. That the juristic- by affixing the sam- b» a conspicuous part of
ken shall be promptly delivered to the prop- cinct. or election district, or of a county not tion of the Court of Claims shall not extend the premises, where it muy be coiveniently
er ofliters of the courts, oi as provided in this subdivided, toward the quota of which he to or includo any claim against the United rea.1. The attoniuient of a tenant to a straii
act and in the said act approved March twelve,
eighteen huudruU aud u\ty-to ee.
release any enrolled or drafted man from per
sonal obligation to perform inilitarv service.
Sec. 3. And be tt /.ether enac'"d, lbat it
shall he lawful for the Executive of any of the
States to send recruiting agents into any of
tlie State* declaie*i| to be iu rebellion, except
the SUttcs of Arkansas, Tenitessee, ami Louis
iana, to recruit volunteers under any call tin- and that the stores have been actually recelv
der the provisions of this act, who shall be
redited to the *»tate, ami to tiic rc»|-cvtive
ihcnce bike u iuto siuli state, or who sltall tion of the Provost MiibhU tieueral, to make the Treasury, as may IK* required. The sala
traiisport or sell, or oth i wise dtsp.se of
and the act to which this is in addition, where- I entiled shall I to immediately discharged upou Representatives ot the Uniteel Suites of Araer- the trial of s ud suit in the supreme court of
tit, benefit, or r»'pH un-ut of all boiiuiies teccived and such ica in Congress assembled. That a branch of! the District, if the jury iiml for complainant,
by t- receive or expect any piotil
auvautiige o him-self, or any oth.
recruiting or mustering officer who shall know- the Mint of the United Slates be located and
iugly enlist any pet soli under sixteen years of established at Dalles City, in the State of Or
age, shall be disiuisucd the service, with for
feit ure- of all piy and allowances, ami shall tie
subject to such fuithur punishment as a court-
in, any good*, wares, or merchandise whatso- to the number required to fill tbo quota of any follows to the superintendent, the sum of
ever, except in pursuatiec of license and au district us provielcd by s,iid acction. two thotuuiuei dollais to the assayei, the sum
Sec. 7. And be it further eivftcd. That in-j of eighteen hundred dedlars to the melter
steatl of tiaveling pay. all drafted per^ms re-j and refiner, eighteen hundred dollars to the
polling at the place of rendezvous, shall bo a I- clerks, subordinate workmen, and laborers,
lowed transportation fiom their place* of resi- such wage's and allowance* as are customary,
deuce and persons disc bulged at the phu*e of according to their respective! stations and oc
reuileAVoUs sh.dl be allowed traspoitatiou to icupitiins
their places of residence. S,c...3
lad he U further enacted,
hereby amended to at to include every de-[ Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That I and callinf out toe national foreca, and for branch mint shall be a place of deposit for fcrsou, Oswego, or rrankliD, at the judjeof
i/ /miner ennrietl, lliat
i this not, shall be con-
[IVwue—No. 238
tional military oc- to provide for satisfying claims for bounty i olution entitle Jvint resolution to grant ad* i the layajar^.-tnVi on "terrna to be prescribed
,^» of«iilates dc- laftdii |or jailituysfrMcuain UM late war with idiOoual roonu to MM Agricultural Depart- by him. to i»^ie in the payment of the gold
each TTrnaf n-Ttain. ami for otb-T pmposes," ap- ment," be. and the same is hereby, repealed. .Inst an.l bullion depo.-itcd 'for assav anl coin
July twenry-seventh, in th e year on e Sec. 2. An it fuither cns tc I, That the nz\ or I.KIIS. diai'ts, i ceititkate.s of deposit,
thonsand eight hundred and forty two, iind i Secretaiy of the Intetior be, and he is hereby, payable at the Trewury, or any Mili treasury
the two acts approved January twenty-seventh, I authorized and directed to assign for the tern- of the 1'nited States, to any depositor electing
In the year one thousand eight hundred and 1 porary use of the Commissioner of Agricul- to receive payment in that form,
thirty-live, therein and thereby revived, and ture such rooms in the Interior Department' Sec. 7. And be it fmiher enacted. That all
abo the two acts to the same intent anil pur- suitable for the business of said Cotninis-i'mer, the laws and part* of laws now in fore for the
pose, respectively approved the twenty-sixth i and necessary to enable him to perf.um effi- '. regulation t»f the Mint of the United States,
ami for the government of the officers and per-
the control of insurgt nts, or shall be in an 1 continued in force ami effect, without re- Commissioner of Agriculture is authorized to they are hereby, declared to be in full force exclusively, but the jury drawn to serve In the
dangerous proximity to places under their striction or limitation as to the time of kwa- rent suitable rooms for the accommodation of in relation to the branch of the Mint by (hie district court at the same timo and plae* of
control, all commercial intercourse therein tion of said warrants issued iu virtue thereof his office, and to make necessary improve- act established, as far as the same may be ap» I the said adjourned terms of stud circuit shall
ami therewith shall U- subject to tin- same S«f. '2. Anil f* it further emir'nl, Tliat all ments. and to pay the rent of the same for plicahle thereto. I lv us.fl ft. the trial of issues of fact arising in
prohibitions and condition* as are treated by warrants for Ixmnty lands heretofore issuet^u oue year, the sum of tl-ree thotisiind five bun
the said tt ts, as to such intercourse letwcen virtue of any of the several acts hereinU-rnie died dollar is hereby a|)propriati*il out of any
loyal and insurrectional)- Stat. for such name 1. may l«- located at any time ^ubse.pient money in the Treasury not otherwise appro
time and to such extent as shall from time to to the passage of this act, in conformity with priated Vnaukd, Such rooms shall not be
time become necessaiv to protect the public the general laws iu force at the time of such rented for a period longer than three jvan.
Approved, July 4,1664.
[PfBitc-No. 28?*.]
AN ACT making an Appropriation to carry
itito effect An Act to prevent Smuggling."
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of Ameri
ca in Congress assembled. That the sun» of
fifh'en thousand dollars lie. an I the salire is
hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the
Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to ena
ble the Secretary ©f the Treasury to carry in
to effect an act entitled An Ai to prevent
smuggling, and for other purposes," passed at
the present session of Congress-,
Approved, July 4, 1861.
rPrm.tr-No. 94*
AN ACT to restrict the Jurisdiction of the
Court of Claims, and to provide for the
Pay meat of certain Demands for (Juarter
masters' Store* an Sutwistcncj- Supplies rtir
nistud o th e Arm y of th e United States.
e it enacted by tlir Heuate am i 11 .ise of, o n th
i-rcd or engaged its a suUti-) States growing out of the "destruction rap pt-r shall l*e void, and shall not aff.-ct
voluuteer who is arivptetl propriatiou of, or damage to. property by the rights of the landlord, unless it be made
Army or Navy, or any part of the Army or
Navy, engaged in the suppression of the re
hellion, Iivui the commencement to the close
Sec 2 And be It further enacted. That all.
lollars an it for claims o loyal citizens i n States not in rebell
»oner discharg- jion. for quartermasters' stores actually fur
nisb«*d to th e Army of th e United States, an
receipted o by th e proper officer receiving th e
isfer General to cause sti-li claim to be ex
amined, and if convinced that it i* just, am
of th e loyalty of th e claim ant. an that th e
stores have la-en actually rcevived or taken for
•he nse of an used by said Arrnv. then o re
port each case to th e Third Atttlitor o the
Tn-asuiy, with a rccommeudatiun for settle
ncctcd therewith, shall la* piid into the Treas- sixty days after such call, th«.*o th e President 8ec 3. An he it further enacted. That all It' it appears by default or Upon trial that the
a y e iiutilte anil in case of .any such draft Army, and receipted l'-.r by the proper officer eiiti,,n f,»r the |io.ssessj..n and costs If the ed by theemigrant,
payment of money shall be acx-pted or re- receiving the same, or which mav have been complainant ttccoutes nonsuit and I'aiU to prove, tcad law
v«-d by the Uovcrtuuciit as coin mutation U taken by such officers without glvlne stn*h re- his right to pitwession. the ilefetulant shall "ii properIy
XT—2=3=35 SSS
all expens- strued to alter or change the provisions of ex- custody of the same, and also peitorui the du
ties of a—istant treasurer and for that pttr-
liorers, under the direction of the Secretary of
diaft for one bundle.] i e.ntum in addition i ries of the siiel oftiec-re and clerks shall be na
faithful performance of the duties of their offi-
ceipt. may l*e submitted to the Commissary have judgment aud execution for his costs. i
tieueral of Subsist.-*),.,., areotnpaiiie.1 with i Sec-. 3. And be it furtln-r enacted. That if.
snch proof as each claimant may have to of- upon trial, defendant pleads title to the prem
ier ami it shall lie the duty of the CaniHls-: ise« In him».ll, or in another person under
sary General of Sulsistcne*e to cause each wlmin he claims the preiuise, he shall rtscog
claiui to lie examiu.il. and. if convuiceil that nizc iu a n asonable sum to the compl.eiuaut.
it is just, and of the loyally of the claimant, to l»e fixed by said justice, with sufficient sure
conditioned to pay all intervening daiui-1
jof War shall dischar«e miuois umIt the age repealed. i.with sufficient sureties, cotidiiion-.il to rwy all »ud to be paid f«r by them, and shall, under
of eighttH-ii years under the ciictimsunccs and Approved, July 4, 1864- {Intervening damages to the lcised property "Ueh rules as may be prcscrila by the coni
on the cMmlitions prescribed in sa*l section
jresultiiig from waste and inteive-ning lent foi, rnisioner of iuunigration, protect su Imini
and hereafter, if auy officer «f the L'uiUti (PIBLIC— NO. HtV) Hhe pieiuis.s and such appeal* shall la* tried Rrants from imposition and ft aud, and shall
the duties of treasurer thereof, shall have the
Sec 8 Ami be it further enacted. That the
sum of one hundred thousand dollars le. and
the same is hereby, appropriated, out of any
money in the Trewui y not otherwise appro-
riatcd. to carry into effect the pn-visions of,
act, and tt meet the expenses of the cur
lent year, ami for the fiscal year ending the
thirtieth day of June, 1865.
Approved, July 4, 1804.
rprnur -No. 243.]
AN ACT to regulate Proceedings in Cases be
tween Landlord aud Tenants iu the District
of Columbia.
Repiesentatives of tin- United States of Anier- ant or |*r*on, then such notice muy le solved A'N AOY toem-ourage Immigration
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted. That
when forcible entry is made, or when a peace
Sitme, or which ma y have been taken by such able entry is made an th e possession unlaw- th e S v i v a i y o State, a n o hald their oftV
ofrieers without giving such receipt, a be fully a i by force, or when possession is held x* *t his pleasure.
submitted o th e »uarterm ester General of th e i «*atlm'it tight, after th e estate is determined
United States, accompanied v*'tth sm priwifs by th e terms th e lease by its o w n Iiiuita- 'l contracts shall t** a e y emigrants o
as each claimant can present of th e f.vU in hi* tion, or by notice o quit, or otherwise, on United States in for. ig n mui-trles, in con
written complaint o n until »»f th e person enti- fotntity toregulatinn s that ma y lie establish
e o th e premises, o ju*ti»*e of th e peace, ed by th e s.vi.1 coinini-siotier. wh.reb v cn:i
charging a iicinle ettliy or detainer of real P^nt a shall pledge th e w a s o their lalsir f..r
estate as aforesaid, a s u o n s ma y lie issued t*-'1"'**
claims of loyal citisens in Stat.-s not in rebell- i complaiuaiit is entitled to the posses-don of] ty where the emigrant shall settle, shall ope
ion. for subsidence a'tuallv furnisheil to said the premises, be shall hive judgment audit -j rale as a lien upon any land then-after acquir
e y th e whether under the honie
wh-n th* title is consummated, or
otherwise acquired until li.mula
tu.1 by the eniigrunt but nothing herein con
tained shall be deemed to authorize any c.n
tnu contravening the Constitution of the
ed or taken feir the use of, ami used by said ges and costs ami reasonable intervening rent compulsively enrolled for military sorvioe du
Armv. then to report each *ase for payment to for the premises and the complainant shall' i'"''g the existing in«imvvion. uub.s-s S'ich
hich may pte-cure'Mie the Third Auditor of the Treasury with a rec- in like maimer recognize to the defendant COB- I emignuit shall voluntarily renounce under
ommeudation for settlement. filitieinetl to enter the suit at the next term of oath his allegiance to the country of his birth.
egon. fe«r the coinage of gold and silver. assessed by the court.
Sec. 2. And In* it further enactc-d, That, for i So 0. And la-it further enacted, That the
carrying on the business of the said branch, fees of the ju»tice issuing the process, and
the following officers shall U- appointed, as heating the i.-*ue. and in iking up the record,
MM n as the public intenst shall require their i and certify iug the sauie, and the otticer for
service utsm the nomination of the Prcsi- serving the pioouas, suaii be those allowed iu
deut. by aud with the advice and conseut of ciril cases
the Senate, namely one superintende-nt, one Sec. 7. And be il further enacted. That all
acta and pails of acts iucunsuteut with this
act are herebv repealed.
pet sous in the naval sexvice of the United act, before eiiUriug upou the execution of branch of the Potomac river, uear the Or, at performed or any U mtit renaere.t t.» any p**i
Mates wle. have entered said service during their offices, shall take an oath or affirmation i Falls, and f.»r constructing tl.e conduit around. *"U or persons in the hue of bis duty under
the present rebellion, who have not been cred- before some juduc of tho United State's or of the lecfiving re.«m»r [resei von j. and for pay
Is, wares, or merchandise than such itesel to the quota of auy tuwu, district, ward, the supreme co saiel State, faithfully and i ing existing liabilities aud »*1M-IIS*JS. cnmne.r
tng, sapuiutuadeuce, and rcpaiia uf auid aja^Ui
report to the pvovort marshal of his district said Director to preset ibe su, regulations, and places, that is to say at the city of Albany
but such absence shall not otherwise offeel his to re-.piire such returns, periodically ami occa- on the third Tuesday of January at the city
liability under this act. sioiially, and to establish such chaigesfu- part- of Uticaonthe thitd Tuesday iu March atj
S-c 10. AnJ be tt further enacted. That ing, assaying, leriuiiig, and coining, as shall the city of Jl»*che*,ter on the seevnd Tuesilayj
nothing coutoiued in this act shall tie cou- ajipcar to him to lie ne. esaury for the purpose in May at the city of buffalo on the thiol
striied to alter, oc iu any way affect, the pro- «-any ing iutei effect the intention of this a Tu.s lay iu August at the city of Auhuru on
visions of the seventeenth section of an act iu establishing said branch, also tor the pur- the third Tuesday in November aud, in the
approved February twenty-fourth, eighteen pose of preserving uniformity of weight, toiia, discietion of tlie judge'f said court, one term
hundred an.l gixty-four( -entitled An act to and finish in the coin stampvtl at tuiid biauch. annually at such time and iu such place, wttli
amend an act entitled An act for enrolling Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That said in the .unties of St Lawrence, Cliutou, Jef-
Approved, Jaiy 4, 18o4. Jlhe supreme court of the District, and pay all '••'d do laie his intention to become a citia-u
laists adjudged against him ami then-noon of the Uniteil States.
[PiBLtc No. 241 the proceedings shall be certified to said court Sec. 4. Arid le it further enrtrfed, That
AN ACT to citri-ect a Clerical Krror in the Law by the justice. If cither party neglects so to i there shall be established in the city of New
of June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and rei ognise, judgment shall be rendered agaiust Vork an office to be known as the United
stxty-foor, rehitiug to the i'ost Ottice De-j him as on nonsuit or default, an 1 exexutiou
putineut. I ahall iftitc accordinglv as afoicsaiil. apjs.inteil, by and with the advice and co-i
IV it enicte.1 by the Senate and Honneofi N 4 And U* it farther enacted. That ei- of the Senate, an officer for said city, to
Representatives of the United States of Atnrr-j ther |aity against which judgment is render- he kuown as sui-eiinti-n-h-nt of immigration,
ica in Congress assemble-d. That si much of fed by a justice of the peace, may appeal from »t an annual salary of three thousand tlollais.
the ait of thirtieth June, [first of Julvl eiuditi-en! such jndgiueut to the supivm-J -url of the tin* said sujxrintemhnt may employ a
hundred sixty-four, as repeals the seventeenth, i District oi Columbia, in the same rnaunner as clerk of the first class anil such sune iutend
eightecnth, ihirtft-jif'th, thuti/nmth, and forty- ap-a-als are taken to tl.e said court in other cut shall, nmler the direction of the ci unmis
rf/-?r s,-cti..nsof the' iu of .rch third, "eigh-1 cases hat in case of an appeal by a dcfeml-, siotur of immigration, make contracts with
teen hundred ami sixty-three, entitled An ant, he shall, in addition to the bail required the different railroads and transportation com
ae to amend the laws relating to the Post Of-, in other eases, recognise in a reasonable sum panics of the United States for traiispoitaticu
fix* IVpartment," be, and the same is hereby, to the complainant, to Las fixed hyaud j.utice,, tie-kets. to be furnished to such immigrants,
AN AT to establish a Branch Mint of the in the same manner an I further proeeedings furnish them such inforraatUn an I
United States at Dalles City, In the Statu hod therein according to the practice iu at.*-, w
of Oregon i |eals in other cases iu said court.
Be it enacted by the Senate ami House of See. 3. Aud U* it further enacted, Tliat on
tin shall assess the eUmages aud iuteiveniug
relit and in ca»e of default the stuae ahall be
Approved, July 4, l*i4.
And le it further enncted. That the' propriated'. f-r the puri*o»o of constructing the cc-'ve from any person or company any fee or
That all I officers and clerks to be appointed under this .lam of solid niaMiiiy acrc*s the Maryland, fewmd, or pioinise therwd, for any servn.-s
Approvwd, Jaly 4, 1S«4.
Sec 9. And be it furtiter enacted, That, if ce*.
any pe-rsou duly dratted sliall he absent from Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the
home in prosecution of bis usual business.the general direction e.f the business of saiel branch Ucpu-i
provost, marshal of the district shall causu him mint of the United States shall be under Ihe ie-a in C,tigriM
to be duly notified its soon as may lie. and he
shall not U* deemed a desei ter. nor liable as
such until notiee has U-en given to him, and tion of the Sccretaiv of the Treasury and distil, of New Yotk, tl.e said couit shall, judgment of the Piesidciit, is hereby uppio
mablc* lime altowcl for him to return and for that purpose it shall be) the duty of the. hereafter be In Id at the following times audi piwted. out ot any money in lie iiviwnry uot
such public moneys as the Secretary of the "Rid dMrlci slrnTl from time to time anoint
Treasury may direi-t. And the »u|ierintend-
|«'se shall IH' subject to all the provisions c«m
tained in an act entitled An act to provide
for the be»ter organization of the Treasury.
Hnl for the collection, safe-keeping, transfcr,,
and disbursement of the public revenue," ap
A N ACT to repeal a Joint Resolution eotiteld
"Joint Kestibition to Krant additional\ proved August six, eighteen hundred and for- to sai-1 rt'irul.ir tertos. he shall deem txv-*nr\'.
Rooms to the Atrricultural DcpartmeBt," ty six. which relates to ho treasury of the I S*'C 2 And lx rt further enacted. That in
ami tor tli«r |imposes. braneb mint U N w Ot leans. I stad of th- times ?»n«l pliK-es no w provided liir
Ih-it enacted by th e Senate an.l House of' Sec «i An be it fuither iTmete.l. That the btw for hohling th e term o th e circuit e»mft
ized. under
control' and regulation o'f the Diiectoi o'f the now fixed by law for holdiug dtotticli the sum of twenty live thousand dollars, or to
Mint at 1'htlalelphia. subject to the approha- courts of the United SUtcs for the northern, much thereof as may la* necessary, iu tut)
if sail branch mint lie author
direction.of th e Secretary of
•ons einployeil therein, and for the puninh
tnent of all olfenscs connected with t!ie Mint
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of Amur
i«-a iu C-mgress assembled. That a teninry ?*t
I will shall not arise or be crealetI without an
express contract or letting to that effect, and
that all occupatimi, possession, or holding of I pW e and in lien of the salary now paid to the
n y uir.-tsnrage or red estate without express judge of the district court of the Fmted States
Contract or lease, or by such contract or l.-ase for the northern district of New York, there
the terms of which "have expired, shall IK- shall le allow.-.1 and paid ipuitrterly to said
deemed and held to tenancies bv suffer-1 judge out of the Treasury of the United
ance ami all estates at will ami sufferance states, the sum of three thousand five bun
may Is' iK-terniimil by a notice, iu writing, to drcil ihdlars per year,
quit, of thirty days,'delivered to the tenant ApproTwl, July 4, 1364.
In hand, or to some person of proper age up-1
preiui-WH. or iu hc idisem .• of ^inli ten-1
y notlee of at leaj«t twenty days, to !«e pu!
ent of said branth mint, who shall |Hiform lished in the State paper of the State of New
York, anil also ii one newspaper puMislicd nt
the place where the said crwirt to heliebJ.
which term shall be held only for the trjal of
issues of fiwt arising within tlie.mid counties
but nothing herein contained shall prevent
the judge of said court from billing special
terms th-reof at the places above specified. Or
tt any other places snid district, in addition
the I'liifed States t'.T the HoitllelU district
of New Yotk, the siid ejjenit court whall \e
held art Ibe t'tnea and pJa«-es followbig. that is
to say at the village of Cinaudaigua .n tie
thhd Tuesday in June at the city of Alhan
on the s,..o„,| Tuesday in Vt.b'r and th'
term of nai«l court appointed by this act to b*
held at th* i it of AINuiy in October vna!!
when ft is adjourned. Is* adjourned meet In
the city of Albany the third Tues'lay iri Janu
ary, and that the adjournment of sai I iwljottru
ed term sha!l bef.iith.r adjotnned io meet at
the tity of Utic.t t.u the thinl Tuesday iu
Man h. and tin- sail adjourned term shall ho
lii-M fr the transaction of civil bissiness only
no jury shall be drawn ft.r service therein
civil causes in said ciiruit cotirt. an th e ver
dicts of said jury and all proceedings npc a thw
trial of said issues shall be as valid and of the
same effect as if the said jury bail been drawn
to serve in the said iicult court.
Sec. 3 Ami Iw it further emc-feil, Tliaf no
process issued t»r pn ceedings pending iu either
of «iid courts shall he avoided or impaired by
the change of time an.l place of holding -"fieri
court but all pnx-ess. bail bonds, and recog
nizances returnable at the next term of t-ffhi
of said courts, shall l* returnable and return
ed to the said court next held according t.i
tiiisa't, in the same manner as if so made
returnable on the face tle-renf. and sha'l have
full etlcct aci-ordingly and all contiuitnjiees
mat be made to conform to the provisions of
this act.
Sec. 4. And be it further enacted. That in
the consent, express or implied, of the land
hud l'rue,Ul, That no |tajt uf this sec
tiou other than that which relates to attorn
ment of a tenant t» a stranger shall apply to
contracts made, or to any tenant y evistinir
prior to the passage of this act, except in eases
of waste, or lelusal to pay rent.
enacted by the Senate and House of
Ib-j.resentatives of th» lulled S'atesof Ame
rica in Congress assembled. That the Pri*si
detit of tin* Uniteil Stat.-s is hereby authori-*
e-l, by and with the advice and consent of the
S*nite, to ap*»oiut a commissioner of immi
gration, who shall he subject to the direction
of the IVpartment of S'ate. shall holtl his
office for four years, and shall receive a salary
at the rate of two thousand live hundred dol
lars a year. The said cotnmisMoner may em
ploy not more than three clerks, of stub
grade as the Secrctuiy of State shall designate,
to be appointed bv him. with the approval of
A»»l be it further enacted. a
to a proper officer, commanding th e person I th e expenses of their emigration, shall lie held
complained of to appi-ar an show cause why to la? v did in law, an ma y l*e enforced in th
judgment should not IH* rendered a* unst hiui,! courts of th e Uniteil Stati*s, or of th e several
1 winch shall be serv.-d like other writs of sum- stater* an territories an such advances, i
nions at least seven i y s l*«f.ire his ap|s-arance stipulate,! in the contract, an th e contract
tics, conditioned o pa y al iutct veiling dami- arrive ufter the pa*-age of this net shall he-
[PniLic- -No.244] rectly interested iu any corporation having
AN ACT topiovide for the Supervision1, lte-f' km Is foi sale to imiuigiauts, or iu the cany
piirs. Liabilities, and Completion of the or transportation of immigrants, either
WaiJiiuutou Aqueduct. from foreign countries to the United States
Be- it enacted by the S.-nat* and House of and its territories, or to any part thereof, or
Represt nUiives ot'the I nited States of Amer-j who shall receive any fee or reward, or the
ica in Congress jis-n-mble*!. That the anm of promise theieof, for any service perfoimeel, or
one hundred aud fifty thousand dollars las, benefit lender-.', to any person or persons
nml the atiue is herebv. appropriated .»ut of, the line of his duty umler this act. And it
unv mouev in the Treiisuiy utL othetwise ap «*y officer provided lor by this act shall re-
ext -ding twelve months or repay
lie r.toided' in the recorder's office• iu•th. coim-
United States, or creating in any way the re
lation of slavery or servitude.
See:. 3. And U* it further enacted, That
no emigrant to the United State's who shall
Emigrant Officv and there shall l*o
enable them to pna-e
I in the cheapest
and mo-t expeditious maimer to the place of
their destination. And such superintendent
of immigration shall perform such other du
ties as may lie presctilled by the omiiiissiouct
iiiimigr.tti.in Provided, That the duties
hereby imposed upon the suiierintcndent in
the city of New York shall not U* held to ef
fect the powers and duties of the commission
er of immigration of the State of New Vork
ami it shall l»e the duty of said supeiiutend
ent iu the city of New Yotk to see that tln
ptoviaious of the set commonly known as tl.o
paisenger act are strictly complied with, aud
all btcacuvs thereof puuiahed avvoldiOg to
Sec 5. And be it further enacted. That
no pciscn shall le qualified to fill auy oftieo
under this act who rhall be directly er iudi-
AN ACT to regulate the Session* of the Cir- the said couiuiis*i.-uer
cuit and District Courts for the Northern
District of New Vork, and for other purpo-i "I congress, submit a detailed reqiort ot ihe
foreign immigration dining the preceding
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of ear, and a detailed account of all expendi
Ue-Pieseiitativesot the Uuiteit States of Amer i tures under this act.
H-wuihle.1. That iustcid of ihe-\ Sec 8. And be- it further raactnl. lha
thisaci. he shalI. upon conviction, be fined
one thousand dollars, or lie imprisoned, not
to exceed tbiee je-ais, at the discretion of a
court of competent jurisdieti.n. aud forever
alter be ineligible to hold any oracv of honor,
trust, or profit in the United States.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted. That
of iiniuJuration sha'!.
otherwise appiopiiaUsl. tor the purporw ot
cany ing the provisions of thh) act into eflect.
Approved, July 4. 1864.
[IVatic—No. 247
AN ACT tnppleine ntaiy to an A entitled
An Act to grant Pensions," approved Ju
ly fourteeuth, eighteeu hundred aud sixty
Be it enacted bv the Senate and llou^e u.
Representatives of the VnHed States of Ana

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