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Charles City intelligencer. (Charles City, Floyd County, Iowa) 1864-1866, February 09, 1865, Image 2

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®|ill roster or roll of *11 field, line, and staff
r» of volunteers who hare bcrn in the
Army of the I'nited States sime the l»ej?in
king of the prm.-nt rebellion, showing wheth
•I they are yet iu tlie wrvireoi hare been dis
charge! therefrom, and giving casualties and
•ther explanation* proper for such Register
And to defray, in whole or in part, the
Approved, Jaly 80,1864.
dlers. or iti/ens. at a'price whiYI, shall not ?»kI' «f.llic[***\
lore than cover the actual cost of paper, print-
lag, and binding, and shall not in any case
•ted one dollar per volume.
Approved, June SO, 18A4.
JOINT RESOLUTION authorizing theSacre
tary of tin Treasury to release certain Par
ties from Liabilities or Payment of Duties
and Penalties therein mentioned.
lie it resolved by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United Ftates of Amer
ica in Coiijrress assembled. That the Secretary
«f the Treasury be, and he is hereby, author
ial to release and discharge the Irish Na
tional Fair," recently held at Chicago, of and
ftvm all liability heretofore incurred for, or on
aocount of, having sold goods and lottery tick
els without license or stamps, and of and from i^tenoV," Vnow regnlated hy law.
tile payment of all license fees, stamp duties, Aouruved July 1 1804
«T penalties Incurred by reason of tl» *v
(PUBLIC Riaourriox —No. 6$.]
RESOLUTION authrwirinf fee "ftee-
Approved, June 30,1864.
[Plblic REBOLCTIOH—No. 57
WI!fT RESOLUTION for tlie Relief of the
Officers of the Fourth and Fifith Indian
Be it resolved by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of Amer
ica in Congress assembled, That the proper
aocounting officers of tlie treasury arc hereby
directed to adjudicate and settle the claims of
tbote officers of the fourth and fifth Indian
regiments who were commissioned by the
War Department, and accepted their appoint-
them, were actually performing duty other
than that of reciuiting for said regiment*, and
to pay such claim out ot any moneys iu the
treasury not otherwise appropriate i
Approved, June 30, 4S64.
retary of the Interior to reclaim and pre-' ing, included between the central -crypt and
serve certain Property of the United States, the west wing in the first storv on the south
Be it teK.'lved by the Senate and House of front, is entirely inadequate to the necessities
'Brpivsentatives of the United States of Ame- of the department, two of the rooms within
Hot in ('nn^rew assembled, That the Secret*- these limits being used as furnace rooms for
ry the Interior 1h\ and is hereby, nuthoria
«land directed to prevent the impro|er ap
ptopriati n or occupation of any of the
public streets, avenues, squares, or reserva
Hons in the city of Washington l*donging to
tke United States, and to reclaim the same if.
Unlawfully appropriated and particularly to
•vent the erection of any permanent build- accommodat
upon any property reserved to or for the
We ot the United States, unless plainly au
tfeoriard by act of congress, and to report to
tb e congress at the commencement of its next
Session, bio proceedings in the premises, to
gether with a full statement of all such prop
erty. and how, and by what authority, the
Mime is occupied or claimed. Nothing herein
WQntained r.hall be construed to interfere with
the temporary and pro|ei- occupation of
a»y portion of such property, by lawful au
thority. for the legitimate purpos— ef the Unl
ISd Slates.
ments. for such time as they, or either of for huinilation and prayer by the people of the
hmwer. That no compensation *hal) In- allow
ed beyond the pay and emoluments incident
to the respective rank of the several officer*
Mr shall any claim be considered or allowed
«Scept accompanied by the official certificates
or orders of tlie commanding officer of the
Mgular or volunteer officers of Um U. S. ar
Hqy assigning them to such doty.
RESOLUTION for the Relief of the 8tete
of Wisconsin.
^Resolved bv the Senate and Hooeeof Rep
tatives of the United States of America
IS Congress aj»cembled. That the Secretary
of the I lepartment of the Interior shall, in ad
justing the amouut due the State of Wiscon
Ski, under rxioting laws, as five per centum of
the net proceeds of sales of the public lands
within her limits, estimate and charge against I i"" "i «™ii i" "'1'
Iter the value of the one hundred and twentv- Il,l,e
Ave thousand four hundred and thirty-one ami I
eighty-two one hundredth* acres of land
granted to the Teiiitory of Wisconsin, to aid
11ive'r1(N'at'a1"v!hieh hllve^'i'rsoldT.i
constmrti.»n of *ai 1 canal. And the ttaid sec
retary shall also settle and allow to the Mil
waukie Hock Canal Company such sums of
Money as have been pro|erly expended by
Otid company in the survey and location of
Siid canal, in the construction thereof, as far
•t the name has leen constructed, together
with daius, locks, ami tdauk-watcr navigation,
Slid in the manug'euieiit and keeping tlie same
In repair and the name shall be paid to the
aid (anal company out of any money iu the
a-airy not otherwise appropiiated, not ex- i
ska'-ged against the State of Wisconsiu upon
t|ie sales or said canal lauds, us al»ove n-quir-
iiuis of naid company against the State of
Wiseonsin and of the United States on account
raid ciuial land grant, or on account of any
•Ition of the Territory or State of Wisconsin,
of the united States, iu relation thereto.
8'-c 2
And he it further rxAvtul.
Kii\»rrvision of the Secretury of the Interi
91*. and to determine what sum bhall l»e charg
S(lt'iii.iid State of Wise'oiiMin for the lands
"j^lanted for the construction of *aid canal •.
Stid what sums shall be credited, lespectively,
tl said State and Ktud company for the moneys
«x|*-nded by them in the conxtruction of said
Vbcks and canal as herein provided.
Approved, July 1,1864.
•i—* Re*olv*4
propiiations for the surveying service
Approved, July 1, 1861.
Approved. July 1,1864.
In Congress assembled. That the Scereta
ry of the Navy, as trustee of the naval pen
sion fund. !•, and he is hereby, authorised
and directed to cause to le Invested in the reg
istered securities of the United States, on the
first day of January and the first day of July
of each vear, so tmieh of the said fund then
ex- the Ireasury of the In.td states as may
rises of this publication an edition of fifty i not of naval pen
copies of such enl.inged Register shall I moonfor the then current fiscal year and up
be publish J. and .nav be sold to officers. roI- th(..y
uiSU,nn of the *ud Secretary so.
ling iu amount, however, the balance f"r "ther purposes," rpproved March third,
«Hi, after deducting the sum allowed said state soldiers in the United States Army, and for
fbr money paid by her out of the same fund.
!Wie same to lie received by said canal com pa- eighteen hundred and sixty-fonr, shall not be
in full payment and satisfaction of all construed to abridge the privileges usually al
lowed to the professors of the Military Acade
my of lieing ub«*ent during the auspeijniutt of
the ordinary academic studies of that inata
tke Senate and IJouneof Repre-
ttntative* of the Unttetl States of America /i L'm-
That the tenth section of an
Set entitled "An act to reduce the expenses of
tlie suivey and side of the public lands in the
United Slates," approved the thirtieth day of
May. eighteen hundred Mid sixty-two, provi
.flingfor the deposit of money in a proper Uni
#d Stated dejxKiitory to jay fir the survey of
»uUic lands, shall le construed to be au ap
propriation of the sums so deposited for the
slijet^s contemplated in the said tenth section,
•lid the Set tary of the Treasurv is authoiiz
Ml to cauite the sums deposited under tlie said
ffction to be placed to the credit of the proper
That any excesses in the sums so de
posited. over and alove the actual -ost of the
Surveys, coiupi isingall expenses incident there
for which they were *everally deposited,
Shall le repaid to the depositors respectively.
^Public RWOLVTION—No. 61.]
A EB80LU11ON to authorize the aoqaiMiion
of eerUtin L^tnd for tlie use of the Govern
ment Hospital for the Insane.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Rep-
&Aoint or angle of the farm of the (Jovernmeut
.{ Jiospitul for the insane, iu exchange for two
^^mrres of land, more or lesa, now owned and oc
cupied bv the said Perkins, and situated uear
|he middle of that side of the hospital farm
•vhich fronts upon the public roads:
esentatives of the United States of America
Congiees asseinbled, That the cteta- have been deprivre«l of the power to earn their
'MJ Inferior is hereby authorized to deed living, and aie without the means to procure
go John 1 erkins a |rti»in ot the extreme south the care and comforts necessary to their reoov-
I'hat not more than three acre* i« given for
contained iu the htst-desi i ilied piece of
laud belonging to lie said Pei kins
faded further.
And pro-
That the said I'erkius is able to
ive, and doe* give, to the United States a
ftood and aufti ient title to the piece of land
flow owned and occupied by liiui.
[Sec S
A ltd U U further retdvti.
the Secretary of the Interior is further author
ized to defray the expense of moving the
dwelling house on the present Perkins tract to
the triut exchanged for it, and of digging and
Mailing a well, out of any appropriation al
readv made, or that xnav be made, for inclos
lug t^ie gronuds of the honpim)
[PTBWC n»oMTiojf—lfo. 4BJ)-
A RKWT.l. 'l IoN regulating the Investmentof
the Naval jViisfon Kund.
ite-'tv'i by the Senate and Hoase of Rep.
lessatatirs* of the United States of America
ns m»yn«tk
for such payment of pensions accruing during i
the current fiscal year, Khali be held in the
Treasury on the days aforesaid in each year,'
jubjcct to his order for the purpose of such I
Immediate investment and the interest pay
able in coin npon the said securities in which
tlie said fund shall le invested, shall be so I
paid, when duo, to the order of the Secretary
of the Navy, and lie is hereby authorized and
directed to exchange the amount of such in-j
terest when paid in coin, for so much of the
legal currency of the United States as may be!
obtained therefor at the current rates of pre
mium on gold, and to deposit the said interest
so converted in the Treasury to the credit of
the said naval pension fund
nothing herein contained shall be construed to
interfere with the payment of naval pensions
under the supervision of the Secretary of the
fPi-Bi.rc RnouTiox—No. 68.]
JOIWT RESOLUTION to smnt fwMltWuri
Rooms to the Agricultural Department.
Whereas the space assigned to the D-part
tnent of Agriculture in the Patent Office build
the Patent Office, one as a chemical lalniratory,
and another having recently been taken for
the use of the IJITKI Office, leaving but five
rooms, with one small storeroom, for the busi
ness of the Department and whereas, addi
tional rooms arc indispensably necessary for
the convenience of the Commissioner, for the
u of clerks engaged in the ool-
lection and compilation of statistics, and in
other official duties for the letter accommo
dation of the operations of the chemist in
making agricultural tests, analyses, and ex
periments. and for the arrangement and exhi
bition of poraological, entomological, and ag
ricultural specimens, models, and paintings
Be it resolved by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States* of Amer
ica in Congress assembled, That, in addition
to the rooms now occupied by the Department
cf Agriculture, there shall be, and hereby is,
rooms ujKn the first floor included between
the southwest corner and the western entrance
Of the Patent Office building.
•ppcovcd, July 1,1864.
[TPBLIC RmouTin*
•—He. M.]
A RESOLUTION requesting the President to
appoint a Day for National Humiliation and
Resolved by the Senate and House of Rep
resentatives of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That the President of
the United States IK* requested to appoint aday
United States that he request his constitu
tional advi«?rs at the head of the Executive
Depai tuieiits to unite with him as the Chief
Magi.^trate of the nation, at tlie city of Wutsh-j
ington, and the members of Congress, and all I
magiftratc*. all civil, military, and naval offi
cera, all soldiers, sailors, and marines, with
all loyal and law-abidiug people, to convene
at their usual plac of worship, or wherever
they may be, to confess and to repent of their
manifold sins to implore tlie compassion and
forgiveness of the Almighty, that, if consis
tent with His will, the existing rebellion may
ke speedily suppressed, and the supremacy of
the Constitution and laws of the United State*
may be established throughout all the States
to implore Him, as the Supreme Ruler of the
world, not to destroy usasa jeople, nor suffer
tin to le destroyed by the hostility or conni
vance of other nations, or by olwtinate adhe
sion to our own counsels, which may be in
conilict with His eternal purposes, and to im
plore Him to enlighten the mind of the nation
I to know and do His will humbly believing
I that it is in lux-ordance with His will that our
re",1.t im»'l^e
assigned to the Raid Department the suite of continue the watch and jewelry busi
ness at Mr. Sawyer's old stand in the
calling out the national forces, and
enth section of An aet to increase the pay of
other purposes," approved June twentieth,
Approved, July 2,1864.
That the
Oljuiiuissiouer of the General Land Ortioe be,
tUid h»* is hereby. ap|)ointed commissioner to
sd)iint the amounts herein providcnl for. under
Resolved by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of Amer
ica in Congress assembled, 'i'hat the word
miuncianis in the first section of an act en-
tilled An a( to increase the p:iy of soldiers
In the Unitetl States Army, and for other pur
approved June twentieth, eighteen
and sixty-Cuiir, is not to be construed
I Tnumlred
Approved, July 2,1864.
A RESOLUTION to increase the Comptni
tion of Matrons in the Hospitals.
Resolved by the Senate and House of Rep
resentative* of the United Rtah-n of America
in Congress assembled. That from and after
the tir*t day of July, eighteen hundred and
sixty-four, hospital matrons shall le entitled
to, and shall receive, ten dollars per Booth
and one ration.
Approved, July 4,1864.
JOTWT RESOLUTION for the Relief of the
Sufferers bv a late Accident at the U. 8. Ar
senal. in Washington. D. C.
Whereas nearly thirty persons, mostly fe
male#. were terribly injured, nineteen of them
fatally, bv an explosion in the cartridge facto
ry Kt the United States arsenal in Washington,
eighteen hundred and bixty-tlirce, or the clev- right, then he had 110 right to write the
PUBLIC RwoLrTio.f Ho. A.]
A RESOLUTION explanatory of an Act enti
tled An Aet to increase the Pay of Sol
diers in the United States Army, and for
other pur|K»scs," approved. June twentieth,
eighteen hundred and sixty-four.
*****n w all'i M.\ly *MJtlI in IJ(Jl l() IHr wllnu lie*
jj( RK80LUTI0N explanatory of the lentil to include musicians, (other than leaders, em- log rolled Upon him, killing him iu
sk Section of An Act to reduce the Expenses
of the Survey and Sale of the Public Lands
in the United States," approved May SO,
ployed as members of brigade and regimental!
bands but such memliers of l«inds shall lie
one fiairthof them twenty dollars pel mini*It.
and the remaining half of them seventeen
dollars jer month.
two thousand dollars be. and the same is here
by, appropriated out of any money in the
Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the
relief of the victims of such explosion, said
money to he distributed under the directiou of
Major Benton, commanding at said arsenal.
Approved, July 4,1864.
v on the seventeenth day of June, eigh-1
teen hundred and sixty-four and whereas all County, while at play around a
of the wounded are poor, and dependent upon threshing machine, was caught by the
a i y a o e a w o y i s a a i y u u u u
tumbling rod, and before he could be
extricated, was seriously injured, hav
ing one leg and one arm broken, be
sides being severely bruised. Surgi-
ery Therefore,
Be it resolved by the Senate and House of
Representatives of the United States of Amer- ., ,.
ica iu Congress assembled. That the sum of i
the pay, emoluments, and allowance® of oaT
alry officers of the same grade.
Approved, July 4,1804.
Wsstward Us
Stone Block.
as the' territory Si state' recive.lnj.on the
1beautiful finish and attract much at
Mine upon the sales of unv part theieofat
Uglier price, and shall credit said state
tb e amount that ban been legally ami pro|er
appliel by said st.ite or territory towards^
like cost of Kellitii said land and towards the
speedily return to their allegiance to the Uni
witli 11"1' ^taU-s, that they may not be utteily de
Istroyed, that the etfusion of bbxxl may be
stayed, and that unity and fraternity may be
restored, and peace established tknmghOSt all
our borders.
Approved, July 2,1804.
JOINT RESOLUTION in relation to the Pro
fessom of the Military Academy at West
Resolved by the Senate and House of Rep
reset)tutives of the United States of America
in Congress assembled, That the thirty-first
section of the act entitled An act for enroll-
of snptre takes Ms way.
A. B. r. HILDRETH, Ultor,
Charlea City, Iowa, Feb. 9,1866.
Snow is said to be five feet deep on a
level in CoOa County, N. H.
The rebel House of Representatives
has passed bill Tor arming the
It appears that 286 rebel cannon
have fallen into Gen. Sherman's hands
at and around Savannah.
Fourteen hundred (not thousand)
Union prisoners have perished at Salis
bury, N.C., within the past sixty days.
The reported cegpion of Borne of the
States of Mexico to Louis' Napoleon,
with Dr. Gwian as Viceroy, it contra
It may be of interest to our lady
readers to know that Gen. Terry, the
hero of Fort Fisher, is unmarried,
young and handsome.
The Richmond Examiner says Jeff.
Davis is carrying the Confederacy to
perdition and the devil." May he have
smooth seas and favorable gales
A copartnership has been formed be
tween A. E. Sawyer of this place and
Tyler Blake of Marble Rock, who will
A private letter from Boston informs
Jus that there has been seven weeks of
good sleighing in that city the present
winter. Here in Iowa there has been
no good sleighing, and at this time
tlie ground is mostly bare.
Brigadier General Pits Henry War
ren of Iowa, is a member of the gen
court martial organized
to grant to our armed defenders and the mas- I AflBODg the gttns Captured at Fort
Him in His infinite good-1 gun, mounted on a mahogany carriage.
I The gun and carriage are of the most
York, by Maj. Gen. Dix, to try the ho
tel burners, and also the rebel spies
that have been picked up in various
parts of the country, from time to
Assessors in this State are required
to keep an account of the number of
sheep killed by dogs, and the number
killed by wolves. As sheep raising
is becoming an important branch of
industry in this State, it is well to im
press upon Assessors the importance
of paying particular attention to this
tention. It bears the mark of Sir Wm
Armstrong, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, En
glaud ft Jias beea scut tu Wftshing
A cynic named ^Vright, in Wriglits
viile, Wright county, recently writing
on woman's rights, Baid It is so
seldom that women do write what is
right, that, it is more than right that
when they do write, it should be right
lydone." Now if Mr. Wright is not
The Republican says one bondred
and sixty-eight marriage licenses were
issued in Marion couuty during the
past year. Also that a young man of
Knoxville is dying to marry a young
lady of that place, but the County
Judge refuses to grant him the proper
license, and willl give no explanation
in the matter.
We learn from tbe Osceola
that a son of Dr. Emery, of Hopeville,
Clark couuty, came to his death a few
days since in a violent manner. While
cutting wood on a side hill, a heavy
tlv The same nanpr inform* iih
iid as heretofore, one fourth of the members' that Mr. Harrington, who lived about
of each band thiity-four dollars per month,
Paper informs US
seven miles east of that place, was kill
ed by a falling tree.
j?y "j".
The constitutional amendment abol
ishing slavery has already been ratifi
ed by the Legislatures of Illinois,
Michigan, Rhode Island, Massachu
setts, West Virginia, Pennsylvania,
and Maryland. The Legislature of
Iowa, which will not be in regular
session until next winter, has been
called together in extra session by
Governor Stone, to ratify thew amend
We team that, ene day l«s% week, a
little boy, four or five years old, son
of Mr. Updike, residing iu Rockford,
and in such manner as shall mn»t conduce to I for several newspapers printed at Lit
thc comfort and relief of said sufferers, accord
ing to their necessities respectively, and that
he report to this House.
JOTTTT RESOLUTION explanatory of a Joint i i
Resolution relative to Pay of Staff Officers
was immediately obtained and
the child is in a fair way to recover.
We are under obligations to Wm
S. Henderson, of the 3d Iowa Battery,
tie Rock, Ark. among them, one that
was printed in 1839, containing vari
ous advertisements of "my colored
boy, Dan," my black roan, Pomp,"
and all illus*
had run away,
of the Li. ntenant General trated with cuts. Now that the con
Be it rt*olved bv the Senate and House of .• ..
Representatives of the Unit. ,1 States of An.er- StltUtlOU IS amended SO SS to lorbld
ica in''onjjreKM awembled. That the joint -cs
ohition relative to pay of staff officer* of the. .•
I/O tenant General, approved May twenty, V^rtisemeilts read oddly enough. Blood
eightcm hundred and Hixty-four. shall be so hounds and niggei-huntillg Well,
fouslrued a* k entitle all the #taff ofticern on 1 ^. ,.
the stair of the Lieuteaaat Oeuoral to receive» Othello s occupation goat*
I \Jfron Washington.
©W tbe^ist inst. the Ho WW of
resentatives, after a long discussion,
passed the Niagara Falls Canal Bill,
for connecting Lake Erie with Lake
Ontario, by a large majority. By this
bill, the President is authorized to ap
point a topographical engineer, to be
associated with two civil engineers
and surveyors, and from them shall
determine and locate the route of the
canal. In order to accomplish the
early completion of the canal for mili
tary purposes, and to relieve the treas
ury, as far as practicable, from a large
expenditure of money, the President
is authorized to contract with any com
pany he may deem advisable, which
shall be hereafter chartered for such
purpose by the Legislature of any one
of the United States for the construc
tion of the canal, and to convey to
the company the right of way and all
lauds which the United States may
acquire under this act. The canal and
the Niagara river shall be a military,
naval, postal and public highway,
connecting Lake Erie and Lake Onta
rio, and shall be established as such
to the United States and the people
thereof forever. The canal is to be
free to the United States but not to
other parties. Sixty millions dollars
are to be loaned by the United States,
advanced and paid in bonds in denom
inations of $1,000 each, payable in
twenty years from date the interest
of six per cent, to be reimbursed to
the federal treasury from tolls. The
bill is yet to be acted on by the Sen
Col. North, arrested for fraud* on
the soldier's votes, has been released
by order of the War Department. He
was convicted by the Court that tried
him, but the pressure for his release
was irresistible.
A committee of ladies representing
14,000 working women of Philadel
phia, employees of Government con
tractors, waited on the President a
few days ago to tell of their sufferings
and wrongs. Simon Cameron, John
VV. Forney, and other Pennsylvanians
accompanied them. The President,
deeply impressed, sent for Acting Quar
termaster General mm! ai'wr
telling him tlie story he had heard, re
marked with feeling I shall consid
er myself personally obliged if you
can hereafter manage the supplies of
contract work for the Government
made up by women, so as to give them
remunerative wages for their labor."
The General replied that if it oould be
done it should be.
On the 30th ult., in the House, a res
olution was passed declaring that Vir
ginia, North and South Carolina, Geor
gia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi,
Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee are
not entitled to representation in the
Electoral College.
On the 31st, in the Senate^ a resolu
tion advising retaliation npon rebel
prisoners was adopted.
On Feb. 1st the credentials of Sena
tors from Nevada were presented. Mr.
Stewart drew tlie long term and Mr.
Nye the short one.
On Feb. 2d, in the House, the Illi
nois Ship Canal bill was passed by a
vote of 11 to 68. It appropriates five
millions dollars in twenty year six per
cent, bonds, in aid of the work also
two millions dollars to improve the
upper and lower rapids in the Missis
sippi river.
Feb. 3d, in the Senate, the Niagara
canal bill was referred to the military
committee. It is not believed that ei
ther of the canal bills will pass the
Senate during the present session.
The present century has known no
such scene as that witnessed in Wash
ington, on the 31st ult., when, by a
two-thirds vote, the House of Repre
sentatives exercised a purely constitu
tional right of saying there shall be
neither slavery nor involuntary servi
tude, except for crime, in these United
States. The grandeur of that vote
neither tongue nor pen can tell, and
men now close their eyes thinking
themselves in a dream. Slavery, so
far as Congress can do so, is abolished
in these United States The fiual an
nouncement of the vote was the sequel
for a whirlwind of applause wholly un
precedented iu Congressional annals.
The galleries led off, giving cheer af
ter clteer.
The members oil the floor then join
ed iu the shouting, throwing up their
hats and clapping their hauds, while
the ladies in the galleries waved their
handkerchiefs, and the very pages on
the floor joined in the demonstrations
of delight. The Democrats had been
very fierce in their demands for order,
when there had been some applause
over the affirmative votes of some of
their own number, and had very im
periously demanded the enforcement
of the rules, but the storm of applause
that now swept through the chamber
was too much to resist, and therfore
they sat silent and solemn in their scats.
Well may those whose memory stretch
es back but even five short years, to
the day when slavery held us fast
bound politically and socially, lift up
their hands at the prostrate bleeding
form of that Moloch whose brutalizing
foot has rested for more than half a
century on the very throat of this Re
Is thert aoi sosae compensation
even for this terrible war ft"
News is daily expected of the occu
pation by Sherman of Branchville and
Augusta and the rebel evacuation of
Charleston. It is reported that Lee,
who has been coufirmed as commander
in-chief of the rebel armies, will head
the forces operating agaiuat Sherman.
lotus fttfos.
A movement is on ibot to establish
another National Bank in Dubuque
with a capital stock of $*200,000.
The flourishing Tillage of Blairs
town is situated over a coal bed sup
posed to be vast in its dimensions.
Two stage drivers were arrested in
Chariton week before last, charged
with stealing watches from a traveller.
The Burlington
The Dubuque
there has been an awful thinning out
of dogs in that city since the sausage
season commenced.
The new paper mill at Cedar Rapids
is nearly completed. The building is
entirely of stone, and is of the most
substantial character.
Mrs. Mark Curraat, who resides
near Maquoketa, cut off her husband's
thumb the other day, while he was
asleep, to prevent his being drafted.
The Jasper
Frit Prets,
in speaking
of splendid apples grown in that coun
ty, says time will prove that Iowa is
the best apple country in the world."
Clark McAllister, of Clinton, was
recently arrested, charged with the se
duction of tw* young women He
subsequently escaped from custody.
The Iowa City
says the
number of students now attending
the State University is 400. We are
glad to know it is ia a prosperous con
A child in Davenport had both of its
arms frozen the other night by being
placed in a crib by itself. It's a won
der that more freezing of the mmc
kind does not occur.
We learn from the Waverly Phtnix
that the dwelling house of Barnes
Thompson, in Bremer county, was re
cently destroyed by fire, along with
most of its contents.
Felix Pickeraon, flf Ttevis county,
Iowa, was recently married to a Miss
House. The local newspaper congrat
ulates Felix, on having found a House
not made with hands."
The Waterloo
We learn from the Clinton
We learn from the
that an injunction has been served on
the Board of Supervisors for Clinton
county, restraining any further action
in the way of paying bounties to vol
The Hardin County chroni
cles the discovery of more coal in that
county. The coal field out there is im
mense. The gas used in lighting llii
buqpe ia raiiBttfacturcd ITjiffjiin
The Guthrie County
that dogs
are proving destructive to sheep in
Hamilton couuty. It is the same way
in Madison county. The same also in
every other county where dogs and
sheep are cultivated.
there is a great improvement in the
quality of stone coal found in the Pa
nora coal banks. It presents about as
good an appearance, and burns about
as well as Pennsylvania coal.
complaint that
there is a great lack of church stee
ples in that city, but rejoiccs over the
fact that the Second Presbyterian
church is to be surmounted with a
spire (me hundred and fifty feet high.
IOWA ORPHAN'S HOME.—Tlie trustees
of tlie Iowa Orphan's Home are invest
ing 75 per cent of all collections for
the benefit of the Institution, in U. S.
Seven-thirties, relying on such invest
ment as a permanent endowment.
A Kerosene lamp exploded a few
nights since in the house of Jeffrey
McGrath at Dubuque, knocking over
Mr. M., and setting fire to the build
ing. The house was saved, and Mr.
though cut and hcuiaed couUdtiftt
bly, is doing well.
Two prisoners broke jail at Water
loo last Thursday night and escaped.
One of them went by the name of
Wilson, and after being imprisoned in
Dubuque for a while was taken to Wa
terloo. His criiu# wm bid se stealing
in Minnesota.
Several of the citizens of Decatur
county were preparing to leave for
Idaho a few days since. Since the
draft has been knocked into a cocked
hat, they will probably prepare to stay
in Decatur county, and vote the Cop
perhead ticket as usual.
says the hotels of
Council Blufl's have been crowded for
a month past with Copperhead pilgrims
on their way to Ziou." These Copper
head pilgrims will yet crowd another
sort of a hotel which is situated at the
other end of the overland route to Per
Palo Alto oounty voted solidly for
the Copperhead candidates. Palo Alto
was therefore down on arming the ne
groee, but strange to say, the aforesaid
Palo Alto county has exchanged its
warrauts at 50 per cent, discount for
greenbacks, and employed the green
backs in hiring two negroes to fill the
quota of the county, and fight its bat
tle* for it
i From Gen. Sherman.
the steamer Cahawba, from^SfltfUi
Head, brings intelligence of highly
gratifying success attending thus far
the opening of the campaign in South
Carolina. One portion of Sherman's
army moved direct from Savannah,
Ga., and others, consisting of the 20th
Corps, moved from Beaufort, S. C., and
were both rapidly advancing against
Charleston, S. C. The latest intelli
gence from the army represents it to
be less than forty miles from Charles
ton. The rebels offered resistance at
every point from every available posi
tion for defence. Forage and subsist
ence were found in large quantities by
otir soldiers, as they followed the re
treating steps of the rebels.
The troops meet with some difficul
ty on account of the marshy nature of
the country between Savannah and
Charleston. One correspondent des
cribes it as nothing but marshes and
spongy rice-fields.
Gen. Foster was oo-operating with
the army under Gen. Sherman, and
the movements of our troops through
out South Carolina are but the precur
sors of a far more terrible and disas
trous campaign to the rebels.
The lines of Sherman were being
gradually contracted, and it was prob
able that no desperate resistance
would be made or battle offered until
our forces had reached within a few
miles of Charleston, where the main
body of the rebel forces would be con
centrated to make one last terrible ef
fort to save the State from the inroads
of Shermans conquering army.
NRW Tvi'K—After the churches
have got all they want for this winter,
we propose to get up a pop corn festi
val, a cotillion party, a taffa pull, a
shooting match, a concert, a chicken
fight and a gift enterprise for the pur
pose of raising funds with which to
dress the
states that
the residence of P. Siberling of that
place, was entered by burglars, and a
considerable amount of clothing ab
stracted. No arrests.
in new type. If
these few entertainments should fail
to produce a sufficient sum, we will
then engage a couple fascinating
young ladies of the Musquakie persua
sion to conclude tlie performances
with a fancy dance. Save your spare
greenbacks and dilapidated postal cur
rency for this grand combination of
winter's amusements.—Marengo
This is an idea which had not occur
red to us. We fail to see any impro
priety in the manner iu w'uichthe edit
or of the
proposes to get new
type? for his paper. Wliv should not
news publishers have "festivals" got
up for their benefit in this their day of
sore tribulation Do editors have
any better salaries than ministers
If not, why should not donation par
ties be given to help them eke out
an existence.
Cedar Valley Times.
Oapt. Ton. Drommond, Mi United
States cavalry, who has "leen on re
cruiting service at Cleveland, Ohio,
fifteen months, has just been released
from that duty and ordered to rejoin
his company with General Sheridan.
Capt. Drummond flourished in the good
uld times as a politician of note iu
Benton county, and will lie remember
ed by scores of his old friends in all
parts of the State. He has met with
very great success as a recruiting offi
cer, a .d the Cleveland papers speak
in high terms of his character as an
officer, and his great usefulness to the
service. Iowans everywhere, will feel
confident that Tom will wiu laurels
wherever duty calls him.—Havkeye.
Henry S. Foote, the rebel Congress
man, came through our lines at Front
lloyal last week, and refusing to take
the oath of allegiance, he was arrest
ed and sent to Washington. The
Richmond Congress censured him,
and a majority voted for his expulsion,
but failing to get a two-thirds vote lie
was not expelled. We presume he has
concluded to retire permanently from
the Confederacy.
lit Ml!"
It is probable that all the Branches
of the State Bank of Iowa will be con
verted into National Banks as soon as
the necessary arrangements can be
made. This would doubtless be an
advantageous movement for these
banks, and one that would accord with
the wishes of the people. It is cer
tainly desirable that we have a uniform
system of hanking throughout the
John C. Breckinridge lias been ap
pointed rebel secretary of War, in
place of Seddon resigned. Rebel pa
pers of tlu 28th say that Lee has not
been appointed Geueral-in-Chief. They
publish Hood's farewell to his troops,
dated at Tupelo, Jan. 23d. Dick Tay
lor succeeds him in command.
A lady residing on the South Hill,
wsb teasing a pet squirrel the uther
day, when it became enraged, and
springing f'ruin her hand into her face,
bit her completely through the nose,
and the vicious creature had to le
choked nearly to death before it would
relinquish its hold.—Burlington
H. M. Flint, the Druid" of the N.
is reported to carry on cor­
respondence with tlie rebels by carrier
pigeons. One of the birds was shot
near Point Lookout and several com
munications found on it ri
pher on fine tissue paper.
The rebels have been demonstra
ting at Petersburg for the purpose, it
is surmised, of giving heart to their
friends who are trying to make peace
or to enable Lee to escape frcm Pe
tersburg in the confusion and uoise of
Rebel deserters from Mobile to our
fleet in the Bay, state that the general
belief in the city was that the place
would be evacuated before Gen. Gor
don Granger's force, which is said to
number 25,000, could get there.
A poor girl in Maine lost her way
during a recent snow storm, and per
ished within a few steps of her father's
IVo Drafting in Iowa.
Wavenport, Jan. 2$, 1865.
of Tuva,
After a careful settlement with the
War Department, and adjustments of
credits due us under previous calls,
together with recent enlistments, we
are gratified in being able to
that all demands by the Government
upon this State for troops have been
filled, and that we are placed beyoud
the liabilities of a draft under the im
pending call for 300,000 one year's
We hare also effected a distribution
of the men f«»r which credits have so
far been given to the State, by which
each county will be credited with their
due proportion of these men, and the:
several wards and townships will have
approximate jtnstice done them.
Should another call be required we
shall assure the General Government
that the people of Iowa, as heretofore,
will meet it promptly.
And in view of the probabilities of
a further call we urge that recruiting
be continued with all possible energy,
and advise that our able bodied men
who can now assist the Government,
to avail themselves of this opportuni
ty to assist in giving the finishing
blows to the rebellion.
The efficiency of our vetei nn regi
ments demand that they should be
speedily filled up, and this is due as a
matter of justice to them, as well as
to the country.
We congratulate you upon a result
alike creditable to you and gratifying
to the
.State authorities who have co-op
erated iuyour efforts and excited their
utmost ability in the discharge of their
It is a proud reflection, that so far.
during this protracted war, you have
performed the highest obligations due
from a people to their Government and
Promptly meeting every demand
made upon you for men and money
patiently submitting to all the embar
rassments attending a crisis like the
present, you have sustained the Gov
ernment in disaster and success with
unfaltering devotion, and fearlessly
vindicated its policy against all ene
mies and tradueers. Prouder still is
the record of your military deeds.
Among the first to rally in vindication
of our Hag, your soldiers have been
Constantly in the front, performing the
longest marches, participating iu the
severest battles, and bearing them
selves on all occasions with the most
conspicuous gallantry. Secure in the
admiration of a grateful country, our
State has won a high place in the pa
ges of history.
With this wicked rebellion rapidly
tottering to its end, and the glorious
work of universal emancipation so
near its final accomplishment, we may
begin to anticipate the blessings of an
honorable peace, the glory of a coun
try reunited, prosperous and happy,
and a Government which guarantees
liberty and justice to ail.
ReinemlH-ring the many thousands
of our brave inen who in distant States
are still bearing our banner towards
the enemy, let us invoke llim who is
guiding our armies through the strug
gle to continue llis mcrcilul uud prov
idential care over them.
Let us with all tlie means in our
power render our best efforts to sus
tain the old flag of the Union. Let us
give our best efforts to sustain the
Government in men and means. Let
us never forget the families of the
brave men iu the field. Let us do our
duty at all times and in all seasons,
under all calls, and under all demands
of the General Government, and we
shall show to the world that although
treason and rebellion may flourish for
a season, that its ultimate doom is de
feat, disaster, disgrace and humiliation.
Per ord«r of fx. 11. STONE, Governor of
Adjutant General of Iowa.
lor the Charles City luioBIg—C«T.
The Banner Township.
MB. EUITO* :—In your last issue was a
"iHttpatch from Marble Rock," from your
worthy correspondent "W," in which, after a
acknowledgement that
nieu had
just been raistxl to till the quota of Union
township under the last call, it watt announ
ced with a great flurry of words th.it Union
is the banner townnhip
this county."
Now, while it may be well enough to speak of
the good deeds of Union township, I submit
if it is exactly fair to claim the banner
when her sifter township on the north, instead
of having to fuminh
seven men
nine ahead,
though having a far Iwis population. I am a
friend of the Union, of Liberty and of (W iright
I like to have jiutiou done to all and I think
that ttockford will hold on to tint Uuiuer
a little while longer.
Respectfully yo«n, w. n.
T| Oar Patron*
We would again retniad our readers that
this «ea»ou of tlte year is tine when they
are conslautly liable to auddeti coughs, intlu
ensit, sore throat,
while tbe children are
in constant danger from crotip, throat and
lung coinplainU It ii» im|ortaut that every
head of a family altould provide a rentody
tbat ia ready at all times for immediate use,
whether awaited at t!»e dead hour of night
with the breaking out of a bard cold, the
nuking of a violent cough, or tbe children
with that mofct dangerous of all diaeases—
Aoup —or at the midday hour, you should al
ways be prepared. In Cue's Cough Balsam,
you will find a ready and effectual remedy.
It grapples and controls instantaneously the
most stubborn cough*, while in croup, it is a
Mivereign cure. The price is but forty cents
per Uittle—the bottle* twice tlie size of any
other at tbe saute price. Delays are danger
ous. Tou shold always have it in the hooee.
It can be found at all our drug store*.
The new Congregational Cliureh I®
Bradford wits dedicated to the wor
ship of God on Thursday, Dec. 29th,
1864. Kev. D. N. Bold well of Charles
City preached the sermon, 'llie weath
er being unfavorable, no other minis
ters were present. The discourse was
able, and the occasion pleasant and
profitable. The house seats about 200,
and only two slips are left to rent—
the demand having been so urgent as
to overrule the original intention, to
have the 'odd
DAVENPORT, .Inn 26th 1865.
I. SnlxMitute Broken* who undertake to
elliat men in this State for other States will
hs imimilirttely arrested,
II General Orders No. 37, Oct. 11, 18C1,
are still in force in (his State, and any viola
tion ot the onh iK of the fSrni'ral Government
Or of this State Government will be vioited
with arrext and punishment.
III Persons enlisting as substitutes or
volunteers, from this State for other States,
will le itrroted ami held as provided by said
General Order* No. 87 of 18S1.
Alhonph the Shite of Iowa has filled her
quotiut, she may he railed upon for more men.
Iowa will furnish all the men the General
Government demands of her hut she does
not propose to fill the quotas of other States
and all inen of this State are notified accord
IV. General Orders No 37 in no way in
terfere with recruiting for the regular service
of the l' 8 Arniv and Navy.
V. All State Officers are hereby directed to
aid thi* IVpHttment in carrying out these or
ders. and all 1' 8 ottkers ate requested to
giv« this Department information of any ia*
frinirement npon the same.
Bv order of Gov Wm M.Stone.
N. IJAKKR, Adjt. Geo. of Iowa.
Desirable Farm for Sale.
Sutar11er, leing
aliont to engage in
othei laisineDS. offers for mile that desira
ble farm known an the Harwood Place, con
taining 106 acrcs of land, 22 of timber .with a
two story frame house admirably tinised for
convenience, a good bank barn, a young apple
orchard of »oine 75 trees, any quantity of cur
rant and gtHHielierry brush and in fact every
thing just ready for a family to commence liv
ing. This property I* adjoining the plat of
that beautiful (ity, St. Charles, the County
Seat of Floyd County, Iowa. Terms to suit
purchaser. Apply to the proprietor on the
premises. ABRAHAM BUSS.
Charles City, Feb. 7,1865. 0m8°
Original Notioe.
District Court of Floyd County. Iowa, to Ma
ry Wood and Thomas Wood, heirs at law to
Thomas Wood, deceased.
You are hereby notified that there is now
on tile in the office of the Clerk of the Dis
trict Court of Floyd CoUnty. Shite of Iowa, a
petition of Mont ford Stokeley. Elizabeth
Wood, Jane T. Loyd, and Joseph Stokelay
claiming a decree against you confirming in
them the title to the east half of section num
ber twenty-seven, township number ninety
four, range iiun»lt sixteen west of the fifth
principal meridian, and also asking for a deed
from you to them for said land, and for fur
ther relief. And unless you appear and an
swer thereto on or before noon of the s«*'ond
day of the next term of said Court, viz., on
the sixteenth day of May. A. D. 1865. judg
ment will be rendered against you thereon.
Attorney iwc Petitioner*.
January 98,1865. 6w4
Notice to Builders.
Id accordance with a resolution of the (wd
of Supervisors of Floyd county, adopted at
the session in January, 18**, I will receive
sealed proposals until the 18th day of irch
next, for building a Privy in the rear of the
Court House, said Privy to lie built at a cost
of not more than £250 Specificatoins may
he eeea at this office.
February 2,1S65. 5w2
At the Union Honxe in this village, on the
21 inst., by Hon. Abner Root, County Jndfre.
Mr. James Krlsy, of Waverly, lo lUes Alsioa
Rowland, of Marble Rock.
In thb township, 8th inst Mr. Henry Cra
ni pr, ajrrd 34 ypstnt. Ktinrntl scrrlrrs will be
bcl'l ut tlie resilience of his father on Saturday
at 10 o'clock A. Id
Charles City Retail Market.
Feb. 8, 18'1B.
Flonr, extra family, cwt., $8.50
line, oOO
Wheat, K|rin. $ bushel,.. 85
o n o n e o u e 4 5
shelled, bushel,........ 50
Rve. buhlicl.' 80
Harley. loishel, .\ ......
.W.. 7fif« 80
I'llsliil $5t40
rn Meal. inrl.... JJ.LViiiiii 1 .-"'O
i'ot.itoc*. bushel, 40 K 50
Bcanx, 1'iisliel,. l,00u 1 25
Butter, V ft) •'.».«* ... 25(^30
t'heexe, f* ................. 15(a 18
Pork, Killt ft(f..V*..•*•%*.18
frtwh f* thb,........»..*.*« 10(^,12
Hums. fc.,..
licet, f* It) TlalO
hit-kens, 8
^lb., 8
Lard, f* j.... l.Va 18
W.hkI. •fc*cord,........ .." 8,00(^3 50
Salt, f*. bbl.,.. iti.00
Eggs, «*dosen,.4^... ,ff^
Hity. "p ton,. ......
Hide*, t).,.
Ve tI, flv,
Mutton, lb.
Sugar, N. O
Korjzlnim Sirup, gal.,
Golden Sirup, gal
Soap, liar
Candles, Tallow, ..........
Tea. V |,[email protected]
(V dt'ee, lb 60
ish, Kttl t, ftl., 15
Green Apple*, IJ bW-
Dried Apple*, «t, Mfcn'iO
Dried Teaches, M(i 35
Kerosene, gal.,.. *..,••,•.*4 1,40
Cedar Falls Market.
Dry Flint.
tub. f,'Wt5
Wheat, ft tathel
O u s i
a e y
Hides, Oreen, ft
Sggs, ^dor '.,v»
Watch-makers ft Jewellers,
(Stone Block,)
N B. Watches. Clocks and Jewelry re
paired in tip-top
style. 42tl
ft BLAKE have lust received
their new Clucks, also a |«M assort meat
of Jewelry.
Charles City, Feb. 8, 186&.
YOU WANT your Clocks, Watches, or
Jewelry repaired, now ia your time.
la tbe Stone Block, Charles Citj.
'Wholesale Depot
Photograph and Ambrotype
free.' The
trustees find their chief labor consists
in providing for the numerous appli
cants, so that all who wish may be ac
commodated. The house is 50 26,
nicely grained inside, provided with
lamps and furniture (except sofa
The audience room io 16 ft. clear,
ed overhead. Tower 10 ft. square, 40
ft. high. Cost about $2,500 00.—Dw-
Wholesale and Retail Druggist,
Dealer in Paints, Oils. Glass, eetuifr, Laape
Lamp Fixtures,
Photograph and Ambrotype IflUHi),
Waterloo, Sept.
16,1864. 88tf
l'Hll.Al»KIJ'HIA, l*A.
ofth« Ntrvoai, S««al»»al, t'rlnary
a»4 SesMal relmliU-tn-»t
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by mail 111 stult^l ^tU*r Irw cf cuaru** Ad»
(trt-sH It I SKII.I.IN Hofi-HToN. H»w»rd JUsociallun,
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an an extra Copy of tlie I'acilk Monthly for a Y«ar,frs*.
T" ativ iwrwm sending us Ku• raying Subncrl|»
tloii- we wiii Keiid an extra copy of the Pacific Monthly
Cur a yar, frwe.
We are iKo having made a large quantity of Val
uable I'HK-KNIS and KKEI'SAKlis for iiujjli subscrib
send direct to the office
Tlie l*ro-eriLs and Smvenir inneHs Of tJldW IWenSt
I'utx.Kar Kings. Ktnger Rmpn, Sleeve Buttons, Studs,Met
(tntfs fur OiiH' lie.c's etc tiui.lt* from Cittiforiiia and Ne
vada (.old and Silver bearing Quartz and Ore—4'rystalia
ad yiiaru Jewelry. fconiinoiiU known a- I'.iiiforuta Dia
Sioti'l .Ii-wi'lry Tlie tiold and Silver l»*iriiii: (Juarts and
Ore triun wlnrli these SKiveinrs are made, in (rum the
i el«-lr. te I tjonlil 4 Ciiriy and Mplnr Mines of Nevada,
and will be vahialilo a* Metu nlo. a* well as ti.' ciiif il in
apiM-aranne atnl de-inu. VI- HV KKi.l'I.AK ItSI Rllt
Ui, as above, to the Pacific Monthly, will be etiiaM 10
one of these artirles for every SulMcripttoe StaadlSC *p
pupile their uaines on our boilts.
IBpecimen Copies
i iit, puiitas'e pre i«ii!, n«i the receipt of Fifty CVttlife
Curreiw y or I'm ta^ utujr».
fffr Write your Name, 1'i^t Office. County aad Slate,
I. here you waut the Puctftc Monthly sent, Tlain anil
I'l I.lei
tdr Kc^'ister all letterw ooiitamiiiK Money or, wltea
in eiin-nt. ~fri*l by Kxtri-s
It your
ottv v u Money Order OAce, aSlall
a -in y Oriler for yi«ir reiiiitunre
eui- S nd mine but Cmtol States Treasury Xstss, er
Money Itaokstile in New York.
t-f All l. iter- lnr.rmattua, rwMteaet
U'lition. iim-t. oiit.iui a uuip, to pre-pay answer. M
ilrf« all l'orre-|»inlein e,
D. M. GAZLAY ft CO.,
I^iu'iiic ^VToiithly,
34 Liberty Street,
Ckmrit* City, Jtn. '24,
46(0,50 CLEM or
I District C«urt of Floyd Couty, Iowft
.i5(rt lfi "\\Tar Claim
Charles City, Floyd Oo.,
Will buy and sell Ileal Estate on Commis
sion. and pay taxes for non-residents will ex
amine titles aiui furnish abstracts,also prwevre
due soldiers, tht ii widows and beinkj.
from the I'nited States. S
ltt65. 4y^r*"
Wholesale and Retail Dealer ija,
,,Opnfectioiiary, Broom|L
Green and Pried Fruita,
Sco.$ Stc.,
A Urge and complete assortment of tBM
above Goods constantly on hand and
for ialt: at lowest puhhible prices.
I am not lo fee Undersold!
Market prict s (Miid for Butter, {^gs, Lard,
uw. P:ipci Riife'S, &0,
or You will always flnd me on haftd and
feady to gliow uiy Clouds at
Obeap Oorneri
£ust tude of the river,
"Waverly Iowa,
Waterly, Joumry
1st, 1866. mi
Ready Made Coats, Vests and
PautSj for tale by G8Q. (J. DEAN.

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