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Emissaries gent to Island by Jun
ta to Make Known Wishes
of United States.
CoiMlltloiiK at Snnttnso Cuu^iiu'
Grent Deal of I neasint^M at AYusIi
Infirton—Fifth Ilejvuljir Inlnntry Or
dered to Proceed Tliere at Once—
Sens from l'ucrto ttlco.
Washington, Aug.. 18. There have
been conferences between Estrada
Palnm and other representatives of
the Cubans with officials of the United
States government relative to the
Cubans and what-would be done with
them. Mr. Palma was advised that the
,United States would not consider the
question of compensation of the Cuban
troops, because there was no power in
the government to do so, even if there
was an inclination. lie was told' tha
the best thing the Cubans could do vra«,
to advise the men in arms to disband,
retire to their l.onies and engage^in
peaceful pursuits. That the members
of 1 he Cuban junta recognize that this
is the only thing to do is seen in the
fact that emissaries have already been
dispatched to Cuba with avview of car
rying out the desires of the United
States government. These emisaries
will try to persuade the Cuban leaders
that resistance to United States au
thority would result, only In. further
disaster and distress to Cuba.
Will Go to Hnvana on the Cruiser
Sew Tori
New York, Aug. IS.—A special to the
Herald' from Washing-ton savs: Iiear
Admiral Sampson's' flagship, the
armored cruiser Xew Yorl^ will be the
first- ^American warship to enter the
harbor of Havana since war was $£-,
clared. She will carry with her the
members of the military commission
appointed In- the president to proceed
to Havana to arranged with a similar
commission to be appointed by Spain
the details of the evacuation iy the
Spanish troops.
Prusiileut Dcteiunined to Maintain
I'eace tui^l Order There.
AYashiug-ton, Aug. IS. The condi
tions at Santiago jire eansi,v.g a great
deal of uneasiness, and 'it is believed
that more troops will be oruered there
very soon?,,1Already orders have been
issued directing the Fifth regliiar,in
fantry, now at Tampa, to proceed at
once to Santiago. Inquiries have been
made as to the condition of the im
mune regiments which have not yet
sailed with a view.of sending tlifem to
Santiago. The government intends to
take vigorous measures to preserve the
peace and keep order hi Santiago and
the territory under United States.-.con
trol. The "emphatic order issued to
Gen. Lawton a few dayS ago will
'Hp fol
lowed by orders sending sufficieiitdis
ciplined troops to enable Inm to carry
out the instructions of the secretary.
As a further step in this dir«ction,
the president Thursday directed that
the Sceo-nd Kansas regyment ((jplored)
te dispatched to Santiago, toiorm the
army of oceuj.
nation o£ Ouba. TheKan
£-ansi had tendered their services for
this purpose and had urged accept
ance which President McKinleir and
Secretary Alger finally agreed to Thurs
day. After a conference with Repre
sentative Curtis, of Kansas, it was de
cided also to send the Twentieth Kan
sas^tt) Manila should additional troops
be asked for'by Gen. Merritt. The
Twentieth fs now at Ran Francisco..,
Police Patrol Increased.
.-Santiago de
Aug. 18.—Thurs­
day morning Gen. Wood, military gov
ernor of Santiago, increased the local
police force with additions from vari
ous regiments. There has been some
trouble from eoldiers who have dis
obeyed orders- and there have been
some threats, several street lights, at
least one murder and a good deal of
drunkenness, so that nit exceptionally
large fo ce is need to preserve order.
Thursday morning the Eighth Illi
nois volunteers (colored) entered upon
patrol duty.
The First infantry left Thursday
by the Miller. There are seven Span
ish transports in the harbor awaiting
.the embarkation «of Spanish troops, of
whom more than 2,000 left Thurs
day. The gene^ appearance of the
men is pitiful. ^Tliere has been much
sickness among them', and within the
last two days over 2U0 bodies have been
The d'eath rate in the city is about 70
•per day. The heavy rains incrt atil' the
lever among the soldiers and the in
habitants alike.
Reiiort.i Continue to Coiue iu to Ponce
of Qxccakva ol SulUer8.
Ponce, Puerto ltico, Aug. 17 (delayed
ill transmission)i»—Reports are coming
in from all directions of outrages com
mitted within £he Spanish lines.
Doubtless many of these are exaggerat
ed, but the rumors of a massacre at
Ciales are conflrsie''-
Soine of the i.at i\cs there t'ook refuge
in ihe belfry of the cathedral and fired
on the Spanish troop.-, but they were
ov.erEpwei-ed and maeheted to the num
ber of 80.
Battery X, of the Seventh regiment,
tinder Capt. McComb, was unable to
proceed along the mountain trail with
G,en. Henry, and having lost a gun and
six horses oyer a precipice, returned
The health of the troopg is. steadily
improving. The typhoid fever brought
from Camp Alger and Camp Chicka
mauga is of a mild type and is fast dis
appearing. Striit sanitation is being
enforced with the gratifying result that
sickness has decreased
of these
cent. Thursday's reports
440 sick in hospitaVquartors
of a total
command of 15,?00. Most
are climatic complaints.
The artny ia being revaocinated, as
there is smallpox epidemic in some
portions of the island.
The auxiliary cruiser Prairie, for
merly El Sol, left Thursday for San
tiago to take troops to Montauk Point.
Gen, Miles has postponed his visit to
the front on account of the rains. The
wet"season has set in and there will be
rains nntil the end of October.
.. Given llDiuiliig Reception.
Xew Orleans, Aug. IS.—The monitor
Passaic, with the Louisiana naval re
serve.in command of Lieut. Bostick ori
board, arrived in front of the city and
was given a rou.- lag reception by the.
river craft and the thousands who
gathered on bath'aides of the Missis
Convention of the American Bar Aa*
•ocintion In At!ri»»se'd by lion,
Joseph II. Ciioatv.
Saratoga, X. Y., Aug. IS.—A large
audience assembled in 9onvent'kin hall
Thursday and listened t-o the "animal
address to the American Bar associa
tion by Hon. Joseph II. Choate, of Xew
York. The address elicited frequent
Keports were .made by tho standing
^mmitte€s on jurisprudence and law
Aliform, on judicial administration and
remedial procedure on legal education
and admission to the bar, on commer
cial law, on international law, on
grievance and on law reporting and di
gest insr.
Tmnufcr of- IliiNsIan AmbaHxfldor
front WiuhSns'lon to London
Is Sitfiiilicaut,
London, Aug. 18.—M. De Staule, the
Russian ambassador to Great Britain,
according to a special dispatch from
St. Petersburg, will shortly retire
from London and be succeeded by
Count-Cassini, Russian ambassador to
the United States.
Washington, Aug. 18. The report
from London that Count Cassini, Rus
sian ambassador here, will shortly be
transferred to London excited much
interest in diplomatic quarters, as it
was felt to have, an important bearing
on the Chinese question, which has re
cently reached an acute issue between
Russia and Great Britain. Count Cas
sini is probably the best posted public
man of Russia concerning Chinese af
fairs, as he was for five years Russian
ambassador to Teking prior to coming
to Washington.
Count Cassini is at present at Xar
ragansett Pier and the embassy here
is closed for the summer.
I'orcea ivt t'lilckumunsn to Move.
Cliattani y:a, Tenn., Aug. 18.—MaJ.
^iieii. Breckinridge, iu command at
Camj) Thomas, Thursday issued or
ders for the Second division. First
corps, commanded by Gen. McKee, to
pr^pgr^ to proceed to Knoxvllle at
once, ahd'for the Third division, Firet
corps, commanded by Gen. Sanger, to
prepare to leave for Lexington, Ky.,
at once. The two divisions will begin
moving the first of next week. -s
Admiral Cervera Is to Remain in
This Country for the
Cant. Bloreu, tCho I* a Member ol
tlie^Qoi-tes, XVill Be Giveu His free
dom—Will Go Home and Tell of
the Generous Treatment He And
Other* Dave Received.
Washington, Aug. IS.—Admiral Cer
vera will not return to Spain for t£e
present,- and reports from Annapolis
stating that he would leave for Wash
ington are-said at the navy department
to be due to misapprehension. The
admiral has made no application to
leave, and it is the belief that he will
be the last of the Spanish prisoners
to go home, as he has shown a father
ly regard for all the other officers and
men and appears to be desirous of see
ing them on their way homeward be
fore he leaves. The navy department
has not taken up the question of the
final disposition of the Spanish prison
ers, although it has passed upon one
qr two special cases in which the cir
cumstances made speedy action ad
rvisable. One of these was the ease of
ffDf. Jurada, the venerable Spanish
If-naval sure-eon. hold with the other
Spanish prisoners at Annapolis. The
doctors reported that Or. .Jurada was
very feeble and that whilo ho might
be able to reach Spain if released now,
he would not be-able to nia.Ue the trip
a mojith'heuce. The navy department
accordingly directed^S|^j^»elease, and
the Spanish chaplain will be allowed to
accompany Dr. Jurada to Spain. The
ease of Capt. &orcu, commaifder of one
of the cruisjj/s of 'Cervera's fleet, has
also received special action by the de
partment. It appears that Capt.
More'ti is not only an oilicer of the
navy, but is a member of the Spanish
parliament. With the prospect that
the parliament would reassemble at
an early day, Capt. Moreu was desirous
of returning to Spain and participat
ing in the sessions. In particular he
expressed the desire of telling the
Spanish parliament of the generous
treatment accorded to him and' all
other Spanish prisoners by the United
States. The officials here felt that
sueli a statement from ('apt. M,oreu
could but have a salutary effect. Ilis
release was accordingly ordered.
Tivo Workmen Ivllli-d.
Philadelphia, Aug. 18. The cornice
of a building in course of erection at
475 and 477 North Sixth street fell,
carrying with it a scaffold upon which
several men were at work. Two of the
workmen were killed, one fatally in
jured and four ethers seriously hurt.
The killed are: Albert Green nnd
Thomas Lyon.
Foollifh IA*VI-r'n (-rime.
Philadelphia, Aug. IS.— John Hale,
aged. 21 years, of Ashland Heights,
Montgomery county, who shot and se
riously wounded Ida Ilrown, his sweet
heart, and then shot himself, Is dead.
The girl will recover. The shooting
was the result of a lovers' quarrel.
Five Ilurneil in a 11aru.
Minneapolis, Mini,., Aug. IS.—An In
dependence (la.) special says: The
barn of Peter Foy, ten miles north
of here, was struck by lightning
Wednesday night."' Five sons, the
eldest being 16, who were sleeping in
the mow, were burned to death.
Another Tr«iiiN£oi't Arrlvc-H.
Washington, Aug. 18. The wax de
partment is informed of the arrival of
the transport Grand Duchess at Mon
tauk Point Wednesday with the Seven
•ty-flrst regiment of New York volun
teers and other troons on hoarH.
Nominated Without Opposition.
Peoria, 111., Aug. IS.—The democrats
of the Fourteenth district nominated
Charles N. Barnes, of Peoria, for con
gress. He had no opposition,
SI* William A. Frazer, Bart., Dead.
Jiondojj? Aug. IS.—Sir William Au
gustus Frazer, Bart, the author, and
one of the queen's body-guards, 'for
Scotland,yis dead.
Ocnili of 'a 31iu»ieal Composer.
Berlin, Aug. IS.—The death of Dr.
Zeller, the musical composer, is an
A i'UOCL,AHA'l iO.\.
l-repared by Merritt Outlining a
Scheme of Government of Manila.
New York, Aug. IS.—A speciul dis
patch to .the World from Manila, Aug
ust 14, via JIong-Kong,. says
Gon. Merritt has prepared a proclama
tion to the natives, which provides a scheme
of government for Manila and surrounding
territory and other island places In Our
possession, the chief points of which are:
Rigid protection of all In personal -re
Municipal Jaws, tribunals and local In
stitutions for punishment of crime to re
main until further notice (except where
Incompatible with military rule) subject to
supervision of American general.
Provost marshal and sub-provosts to be
appointed, with power to arrest civil aswell
as military officers.
trade £or neutral nations.
Public property to be rigorously protect
Ordered to Santiago.
Washington, Aug. IS.—The secretary
of war has ordered the Fifth regular
infantry,'now at Tampa, to Santiago.
They will sail iFriday.
Sick Soldier* Returning Home.
Evansville, Ind., Aug. IS.—Fifty-six
sick soldiers, from the Fifty-eecond
Iowa volunteers, passed through the
city o\\ their way hoiae from Cliieka
tuauga'. Th«vv were in charge of the
regimental surgeon and sevgisif com
missioned officers who have resigned.
The officers went to the hotel for din
ner and the soldiers, many of them too
sick to leave the train, were fed by
Red Cross* representatives.
Colored Murderer Uan^ccl.
Stanford, Ivv., Aug. 18. G*orro
Stephenson (colored) was hanged here
Thursday for the murder of Joe Til
ford. a white boy, 14 years old, at Crab
Orchard, July 4. lie was tried and con
victed three days thereafter, the kill
ing being deliberate'and entirely un
provoked. He spoke a few words on
the scaffold, saying he was prepared to
Klccti'lcal Storinn Do Uiuuivge.
Lancaster, Pa., Aug. IS.—A series of
terriiic electrical storms accompanied
by high wind\and heavy rain passed
over this county Wednesday night, do
ing great damage.. Hail in some sec
tions cut and riddled' the tobacco, most
of which was aluiost ready to cut, ruin
ing the crop. Several burns were struck
by lightning and burned.
Xo More Ikmd Iwin-.i.
AVasJilngton, Aug. 18.—It is the opin
ion of the officials of the treasury de
partment thfit there will be no necessity
for another bond issue, growing out of
the war, and that the present revenue
law, with possibly slight modifications,
should be retained on the statute books
for an indefinite period.
To He Named Oiunp Meade.
llarrisburg, I'a./Aug. 18.—Maj. Gen.
Graham received word from tho war
department approving his recom
mendation that the new camp near
Middletown be named iu honor of Gen.
Georire Gordon Meude.
Dem'oerutN Awree to Fuwloll.
Sacramento, Cal., Aug. IS.—Tins dem
ocratic state convention has adopted
the report of the committee on fusion
with scarcely a dissenting vote. Con
gressman Maguin was nominated for
governor. t,
t'enwoi-sli 1| AlmliNlied.
New York, Aug. 18.—The Western
Union Telegraph company's central
cable office announces that all censor
ship op calple messages lias been abol-
Insurgents at Manila Must Recog
nize Military Authority of
United States.
Wn* Department Is Hopeful That
There Will Be So Trouble with
Asuinaldo—Text of' Gen. Merritt's
DUpnteh Is Mjule Public—Names
of Some of the Killed.
Washington, Aug.
war de­
partment Thursday made publio the
order sent to Gen. ^lerritt regarding
the occupation of the city of Manila
by the American forces. The order
"Adjutant General's Office, Washington,
C., Aug. 17, lKtt.-Maj. Gen. Slerritt,
Manila, Philippines: The president directs
that there must be no Joint occupation with
the Insurgents, The United States, in the
possession of Manila dity, Manila bay arvi
harbor, must presefve the pea^ce and pro
tect persons and property within the ter-r
ritory occupied by their military and naval
forces. The insurgents'and all others most
recognize the .'military occupation and au
thority of the United States and the cessa
tion of hostilities proclaimed by the pres
ident. Use whatever means ip your judg
ment are necessary to this end. All law
abiding people must be treated alike.
"By order of the secretary of war.
"U. C. CORBES", Adjutant General."
Want Xo Trouble witli Reliei.H.
of the deoartmeht lioria
there may be no trouble witn tne in
surgent forces in the Philippines, al
though the dispatches which have
been received and published iu
the press together with the de
mands of Aguinaldo for' J°'nt oc
cupation have 'indicated a tem
per on the part of the insurgent'lead-.
era wlii-ch is not satisfactory.
The text of the president's order
cannot be misunderstood,-and the in
surgents will be kept out of Manila,
and the city, bay and harbor will be
held as an Am or ft an possession. The
possibility of an. attack on the eitv
by the insurgent forces has been con
sidered, but as th© insurgents, with
the bay in possession of Admiral Be wey
for three months and 10,000 American.j
troops near the city for a month past,
were unable to cause tin?surrender of
the city, it is not believed that they
will be very formidable against the
forces of Gen. Merritt.
Text of Ueu. Merritt'* DisiiiiU'ii.
The dispa'tch received from Maj. Gen.
Merritt' was as follows:
"Mong-Kor.fr, Aug. IS.—Adjutant General,
"Washing-ton.—Manila, Aug. 13. On 7th
Inst. Admiral Dewey joined me in.4S-ho\jr
notification to Spanish commander to re
move noneo-mbatants from city. Same date
reply received expressing thanks for hu
mane sentiments and stating that the
Spanish were without places ot refuge for
nonoombatants now within walled town.
On 9th Inst, sent Joint note Inviting atten
tion to suffering In store for sick and non
combatants in case It became our duty to
reduce the defenses, also setting forth
hopeless condition of Spanish forces sur
rounded on all sldee, tleet in front, no pros
pect of reenforeements, and demanded
surrender as due to every consideration of
humanity: same date received reply ad
mitting their situation, hut stating council
of defense declares request for surrender
cannot be griAted, but offered to consult
government If time was granted necessary
for communication via Hong-Kong. Joint
note in reply, declining. On the 12th joined
with navy in attack, with following re
sult: After about half an hour's accurate
shelling of Spanish lines, MacArthur's brig
ade, on right, and Greene's, on left, under
Anderson, made vigorous attack and car
ried Spanish works. Loss not accurately
known—about 50 In all. Uehavior of troopj
excellent cooperation of the navy most
valuable. Troops advanced rapidly on
walled city, upon which white tiag was,
shown and town capitulated. Troops oc
cupy Malate, Blnopdo, walled city of Sar.
Miguel. All important centers protected.
Insurgents kept out. No disorder or Dil
\omlnnted for ConifretM.
Fifty Second Iowa Will Be Trans
fered at Once to
Alger Acted Promptly on Gov* Shaw's
Protest—Boys will Rejoice—Big:
Fire at Des Moines.
Des Moines, Iowa, Aug. 19,
p. m.—Governor Shaw today received
telegram from war department saying
Fifty Second Iowa would be removed
from Chickamauguato Camp McKinley
at once. This is prompt action on part
of Alger following protest made by
Governor on yesterday.
Captain Olmsted is making arrange
ments for Iowa regiment's reception.
Des Moines fence company's works
destroyed by lire this morning, loss
Ten deaths from the heat have occurred
at Hamburg, Germany:
Gen. Tc&enialeff, tho conqueror of Tash
kend, died suddenly at St. Petersburg.
A mob near Sheridan, Grant county, Ark.,
tnok a negro raptst from the officers and
shot him to death.
P. C. Smith, principal of tha Dixon (111.)
public schools, and one of the oldest edu
cators. to tha sitate, la dead.
J. P. 8taatB, es-sta*e treasurer and a plo
r/frer of central Kansas, died suddenly ol
heart disease at En tern rise, Kan.
At the'ejose of the fiscal year 1S9S tffere
were 933,711 pensioners on tha rolls of the
hufeau, a set iccrease for tha year of 17,
Frank GolUng, an espert miner and min
eralogist, blew himself to pieces In a pow
der house oi the'Euroka mine at Benton,
"Ehe 'Wlsoonsla national hank Of lilt**
vfaakee, having a paid-up capital of 1,000,
000, has absorbed the Central national bank
ot tixat city.
The North Anfetican Trust couJJfSp^f of
Jse'w York has '.been designated' 4$ the
agettt of the tjnited Statftt at San*
tiago de Cuba.
John Swtnney and Ed Marth^'ere Silled
awi George Vlnl^y'"fa tally Injured by* a
train at EUsbery, Mo. They had sp/e to
sleeji'OD. tha tracks
It Is reported at Cape Town' U«*t Itt ff'CoV
ll^on between a goods trelnisuad a pa»
seogfer train at Katies Food&n, 17 naa
se£s$rs were killed. jj
4xnhassad0r I$ay has announced tijat ha
Tvlll.leavo Xiondon fa' about 9 moatn,for
the United Stated to aasuiiffrhfls it&CF duties
84 secretary at state.
The president has annoumsaT Ms Inten
tion of muater&^f, out of tho Service 75,000
£0 100,000 of the volunleijrsii tuatftdjlfisr ln
fsrntrj', cavalry and artillery.
numerous Alpjjje accidents have Been
reported (luring tho pa3t mortth, ?tgohg
them being ab American, Mlsa SJerrant,
who fall 1,500 feet and was instantly kilted
The Lake Shore limited^ east hound, col
lided with a freight trsffs near l*a£orte,
Ihdu the conductor and brakernau being
quite badly Injured, and many jjas
swigeirs bruised.
Xn reply to a request for InStructJtMjjTthe
administration has sent word to 44piiral
Dewey and Gen. Merrtrt »t Slanila ft en
•fiorc-e law and Order' and to treat adUaw
shtding' citizens alifce^
Tha-entire command of Geov ^rwJan
«dp9 at Chlckamauga, 44,00® men, ladud
Scg cavalry, artillery and Idfantry, to
gether with the aoiTmlance compatile^and
signal corps, passed in revlesc. It a
magnificent military ^Bplay.
3Scn Flttcod in lomlnafion b: t^ia
Conrvunttoii Rwpabliptvna
tn WineoMiit.
M.il\vaukee' Stvg. 13. The- tiqSjet aa
Boroimitedby the republicau stpftefiion
Tention is as foIto-WB:
For Grternpr—Gov. Scofield, renomi
Por Lieutenant Governor—Jasee'Sfolev-of
FOi- Secretary- of State-—William H-Broeh
lich, of Jackson.
.Far- Trfesure —J. O.
Richmond, Va., Aug. 18.—The tenth
district republicans in convention at
Staunton have nominated Col. R. T.
Htibbard, of Buckingham county, for
of flol-
diera Grove.
After Wednesday niglit's tougtj^twn
oat session, which did not adjon3tn.jjia
til an early hour,ja t^ tile
delegates to tins republican- staticon-
ventlon were a little stow ii gathering
and »t the appointed time fiot oonven
ing, ten m., many seats wet» v^ewit.
With the platforrA disposed of and
the domination of Ckv. Scifiejd to
head the ticket, the hottest parto£the
contest was over.
With the galleries eomfortatTy filled
and nearly the dcieggtos their
seatf, Chairman Griffin called the con
vention to order about 10:23 o'clock.
After the nomination for sta'fe
treasurer had teon reachod qjid dis
posed of, the convention took a »e»
oess until 3:30.
P. II. Graenan and wife, or Daven
port. are visiting J. II. Carstens.

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