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A nice well-made Suit.
Fall Opening Price
John Prosch and family made a trip
to Denison upon Thursday last on busi
ness and pleasure interest.
Gordon Gary and Harry Norris, both
of Denison, finished successful terms of
school last Friday and returned home
Fred Brewster and Bud Smith, of
Charter Oak, made a trip to our town
and vicinity Wednesday. Did you lose
something, bovs, or do you think of lo
Harry Clark and Bert Cox spent Sat
urday and Sunday in Charter Oak on
various matters bent. They are en
gineers and bridge builders upon our
new road.
Mr. Halpin and Sam Hiett were Wed
nesday stoppers in our neighborhood.
There is a good opening for a barber,
alsoa jeweler, at Schleswig, hence the
visit of said gentlemen.
Herman Krohnke, our liveryman,
drove a man over to Kiron last Thurs
day. He says, there is not room
enough in the barn to accommodate the
teams driven into Schleswig.
The rain Sunday
"\DooY\Xxv4ex\ofcaT CoWoxv
"5v\ees«^Tom 50c \o
Men's Suits.
All wool Casimere Suit, very latest,
Fall Opening Price
Fine Gray Suit, strictly all-wool,
Fall Opening Price
The very Finest Dress Suit,
Fall Opening Price
was along
felt want and everybody is supremely
thankful, as the dust was getting abso
lutely unendurable, actually hindering
work and travel to a great extent.
Tom McGrath, of Charter Oak, made
a drive to Schleswig Monday.
/Quite a number from our vicinity
tbok advantage of the low rates to hear
and see our president at Sioux City
Bob Sumner and Matt Riddle, of
Ute, arrived Schleswig laBt Tuesday
upon business. They went home the
same evening.
Noble & Desselj of Ida Grove, are
now represented in Schleswig in the
person of Will Schmidt, who is here
....... „.. ... ri|
Mens Overcoats.
Our 2 great leading specials bought
for the Fall Opening.
All Wool Black and Blue Kersey
Overcoats. Fall Opening Prica
A Sample Bargain In
Knee Pants.
Boy's Actual
40c, 50c and 75c neat
$ Nobby Pants..
at Charter
Hugo Krohnke was seen
Oak on business
Miss Elsie Butterworth was a Schles
wig visitor Thursday evening. Js'
Messrs. Brubaker and Haerling were
visitors in Charier Oak Sunday even
Tommie Hopper, of Charter Oak, was
delivering fruit trees in this section on
Thursday last.
D. O. Johnson and A. F. Kadoch,
both of Charter Oak, were Sunday vis
itors in our vicinity.
Miss Theresa Hansen made a trip to
Denison the first of the week on affairs
pertaining to her health.
Only 23o.wt.
now rushing things as fast as he can to
have the lumber yard in readiness by
the time the railroad is finished.
O G. Ownen, from Carroll, represents
the Green Bay Lumber Co. This yard
is rapidly erecting the buildings neces
sary for such a purpose.
Ye correspondent received informa
tion from headquarters direct to the ef
fect that the new line will be laid as
far as Schleswig this week sure.
What do you think of making Schles
wig the county seat? It is growing so
rapidly that it. will soon be much larger
than Denison and as the largest town
in the county will be entitled to that
Oae of our teachers made a trip to
near uunlap Sunday and was caught in
the rain and forced to stay all night.
This made a total of 32 miles she was
obliged to travel Monday morning by
scnool time through the mnd. Talk of
pioneer days, will you.
Chas. Vetty, of Denison, and Hugo
Stemple, of Charter Oak, were in town
Tuesday. The latter will remain for
some time as he is here in the interest
of the Stewart Lumber Co., which
means that the buildings for said yard
are being started and will be completed
as quickly as possible.
The postoffice has been moved from
Hohenzoliern to Schleswig. The Ho
henzollern storegoods and the post
offioe are located for the present in the
big dance hall, where they will remain
until the store building will be moved,
which will not be for a month.
Albert Hanson attended the Dolliver
speech at Denison Monday evening.
Our new town of Kiron is rapidly
pushing forward new buildings con
tinually going up. We shall try to give
a write up of the town ere long.
Postmaster Horr of Deloit made our
little berg a visit on Monday last. He
may possibly move
The very finest all wool Black and
Blue Kersey Overcoat,
Fall Opening Price
office this week,
so he said, midway between the old and
new town.
F. B. Collins, the Northwestern rail
way telegraph man, was in our midst
Wednesday morning making arrange
ments, to make Kiron his home for a
few days while with his crew. He puts
up the telegraph line along the new
Chas. O. Winquest was agreeably
surprised on Tuesday evening by a.
large number of the members of the
Baptist church and other friends who
called in a body to spend the evening
with him.
J. F. Mann, shipped his grading tools,
horses and men back to Milwaukee,
Wisconsin, on Wednesday having fin
ished his contract work on the North
western. While here, Mr. Mann and
his bookkeeper, L. B. Shaffer, made
many friends who will remember them.
Their dealings with our people were
most fair and square.
A Good Suit, nicely made up,
Fall Opening Price $1.00
A strictly all-wool Child's Suit.
Fall Opening Price $1.50
250 Orher Patterns,
Denison's Fall and Winter Tremendous Trading Triumph!
Thousands of Dollar's worth of the richest, rarest, most reasonable and seasonable mer
chandise shown on the eastern markets by makers and importers, to whom money was
as necessary as bread we have plucked some of the best plums in Men's and Boy's
Clothing and Furnishings. We shall open the season with Underselling prices that
would break up any followers to meet. Our fortunate buying opportunities enable us
to do this. Every dollars worth of goods as new and bright as the first soft flake of
snow. Fashion's fairest flower picked from the mercantile gardens of the world. No
time—half way bargains, but bargains that create talk, swell sales and produce success.
Be here early to reap the benefits of our great Fall Opening. ,.
Every Price a Souvenir! Every Offer More Valuable to You Than Gifts!
Children's Suits.
to $4
The people of the M. E church are
holding special prayer meetings pre
paratory to revival meetings in tne
near future.
Conductor H. Messmore is back on
the main line again. He goes east and
west on the early morning and evening
train every other day except Sunday.
Anew time card took effect at 12
o'clock noon Sunday. Nos. 17 and 18
now run between Boone and Council
Bluffs, and No. 18 goes east at 7 o'clock
Dr. Bee is now nicely located over
Bohwer's store. He expects bis family
here before long and has rented Dr.
Bond's place in the southern part of
tOWn. ••..
Those who attended the Bryan meet
in? at Carroll on Saturday night, came
home disappointed, and declare they
would not put themselves out to go and
hearm him again.
Frank Gary took in Doliiver's speech
at Denison Monday night. He says it
was a masterly presentation of facts
and figures and was well received by a
large and enthusiastic audience.
The new steel bridge is in place and
the main line has been raised up to it.
the extfra gang, which has been work
ing in the yards for two weeks past,
goes to Kirkman to work on the Harlan
The latest news from W. J. Price,
who lost his left arm by an accident in
the Jefferson yards Monday, is to the
effect, that he is doing as welLas could
be expected. Earlier reports had it
that he was sinking on account of
severe hemorrhage.
The school teachers are working hard
to get the course of study arranged in a
permanent form. This will greatly aid
them in their work and give the par
ents and patrons of the school an idea
of what is going on' in the schoolroom.
Mrs. I. N. Haworth visited friends
in Vail Tuesday.
J. A. Hope and H. C. Boock drove to
Breda Tuesday.
H. C. Martins was able to walk
down town Wednesday for the first
time in over a month.
•f nJW*
1 1
Amanda Peters of Boone is visiting
her aunt, Mrs. John Rohwer.
H. J. Moeller was in Carroll on busi
ness Thursday.
John G. Smith, the popular stock
near Vail, was in town on busi­
ness W ednesday.
Boy's Suits.
Long Pants.
A nice Suit—Fall Opening
Price $2.50
Pome In and See Us
When in Town.
Krf'i Look Over Our
Stock and Get Prices
Whether You Buy or Not.
Wool Boy's Suit, Latest style
Fall Opening Price
$4 00
Ernest Dannatt of Camanche, Iowa,
is visiting at the home of his sister,
Mrs. Payne.
Mrs. L. A. £. Chapman left Wednes
day to join' her husband who is station
ed at-Fort Meade, S. D. Mr. Chapman'
is 2d Lieut, in the 1st cavalry.
The family of Dr. A. J. Beebe ar
rived Thursday and are moving into
Dr. Bond's residence. We gladly wel
come Dr. Beebe and family to our city
and trust that their residence among
us may be mutually pleasant and profit
The fair and supper' given by the
German Ladies Sewing Society was a
grand success, the proceeds of which
we understand, amounted to more than
Geo. L. Harris attended the Cousin
meeting in Carroll Monday. He re
ports arousing and enthusiastic attend
ance and a splendid speech.
The dance at Germaniahall Saturday
evening was well attended and those
present enjoyed a pleasant evening..
Dr. McWilliams of Charter Oak, the
republican candidate for representative
was shaking hands with friends here
Friday. .V
Rev. Maxwell was down from De
loit Wednesday.
Matt McAlpin of Denison was a Yail
visitor Thursday.
Nora McNamara is assisting at Ryan
and Ratchfords.
M. McVey of Odebolt was*" a Yail
visitor Thursday.
The Palace restaurant is being re
modeled and greatly improved.
Mr. and Mrs. Theise of Odebolt are
visiting at the Gronemyer home.
Dr Moore of Sioux City but formerly
of Vail, was a visitor here Tuesday.
A moument man from Boone is erect
ing two fine monuments in the Vail
Mrs. John Thomson left Wednesday
morning for a few days' visit at Mis
sorl Valley.
A number of our people attended
the Dolliver meeting at Denison Mon
day evening.
Rev. and Mrs. Pinkerton returned
Tuesday from a couple of weeks' visit
at Grand Junction.
Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Molseed of Cen
terville, S. D., came Thursday for a
vi it it re at iv an
Fancy Junior
and Vestee Suits.
Every Mqther should see our beauti
ful line of fancy Vestee Suits, age 4
to 10, a special Fall Opening Price
$ 1.25 to $6.00.
A Sample Bargain In
Actual 50c Silk,
Silk Lined. Hand-'
Mr. Strohmier of Mapleton was au
Oak caller Wednesday.
Amos Mills of Manning visited over
Sunday with his brother, Joe.
Mesdames Bigelow and Beatty were
Sioux City visitors W ednesdayr*
Mrs. Dr. Hart has been quite sick
but we are glad ts state she is better.
W. P, Mulheron of this place will be
postmaster at the new town of Rickets.
Mrs. F. Dubois returned from her
visit at Shellsburg Tuesday morning.
Mrs. M. Riddle of Ute visited her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hansen, Thurs
Rev. W. W. Brown and wife of
Mapleton called ou friends here Thurs
John Shadduck came home the first
of the week from South Dakota where
he has been working.
Mrs. Harker of Denison is here again
being treated by Dr. Hart she is stay
ing with Mrs. Standing.
Mr. and Mrs. Gould of Deaison came
over Thursday to visit a few days with
her daughter, Mro. Joe Mills.
D. O. Johnson-is improving his resi
dence by an addition to the kitchen and
by putting in anew furnace.
Warren, eldest son of E. P. Brown,
came bome from Sioux City Thursday
and will pick corn near here.
D. McGrath has moved into the
brick house on 2d avenue lately vacated
by F. Busby who moved to Castana.
Mrs. Saunders and baby called on
friends here Wednesday while ou her
way home to Siovx City after a visit at
Mr. Wirth returned Thursday from a
visit with bis daughter at Battle Creek.
Her mother. Mrs. H. Williams, came
back with her and expects to spend the
A change has been made in the poli
tical program and Hon. C. G. Saunders
of Council Bluffs will speak here Satur
day night instead of Congressman
Hepburn as advertised.
A very pretty wedding occurred at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Thomp
son on Wednesday evening at 5 o'clock
when their
daughter. Miss Minnie,
was united in marriage to Mr. Charlie
Jacques of Ute, Rev. Hill of Ute offi
ciating. We unite with their many
friends in wishing them a happy and
prosperous journey through life.
"\0ooV W,Tv4eY\Deav a\ CoWow
"Euces--3vom5Qc \o
-Duck Coats.
We sell them as cheap as
Heavy Outerlined Coats.
Fall Opening Price, $
The Very best and largest Selection
in the city from
some Scarfs.
Only 21c.
to $3.50
Three steam threshers are at work in
this neighborhood.
Henry Lafrentz has bought another
carload of cattle.
Max Gloesing and Julius Schroeder
are threshing this week.
Herman Krohnke, of Schleswig, was
a business caller Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Witt were the guests
of Martin Riessen Sunday.
The Misses Witt were visitors at Lena
Kuehl and Mrs. John Miller Tuesday.'
Julius Herrmann and wife, of Mor
gan. were visiting Martin Riessen on
Mrs. Peter Evers was called to Wyo
ming on account of the illness of her
daughter, Mrs. Wedemeyer.
There will be another party given at
the home of Wm. Carstens Saturday.
Glad be the one who gets an invitation.
Henry Moeller and wife and George
Chamberlain and wife drove through
our beautiful country Sunday from
J. C. Petersen and wife and Momme
Jessen and wife made a.brief visit with
friends and relatives in Aspinwall and
Manning, returning on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Emil Volkmann have
the sympathy of many friends in the
loss of their child, about a year old.
The little one died Saturday. The fun
eral was held Monday at 1 p. m.
At a meeting
board on
Wednesday evening the contract for
the digging
the sewer was let to Mr.
H. F. Hodges, the lowest bidder. Mr.
Hodges was also elected as janitor of
the new building for which he is
especially fitted, being an expert ma
chinist and plumber. We congratulate
the board upon its choice.
And a Clevor Company of Singing and
Dancing Comedians
In their new Laugh Provoker
Elegant Spcclal Scenery, Beautiful Cos
tumes. Clean Bright Comedy, New and
Novel Special tie j—Just one long, loud laugh.

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