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Personal attention given to investments for local patrons.
ducted in English or German.
sums &
"i "M W lawyers#
Real Estate Loans at Lowest Rates.
Capital and Surplus, $125,000.
Deposits, -r 518,675.16
Loans, *iBm 534,751.34
•I'lifoWith our thiriy yt ars of experience in the banking business and our large capita!
and constantly increasing-deposits we are able to take care of our customers at the
lowest rates, Deposits received subject to be drawn at sight. Time certificates is
sued drawing 3 per ceni. for six and four per cent, for twelve months. We make a
specialty of loaning money on cattle to be fed for market as well as individuals. Also
~iake first mortgage loans on improved farms at current rates. We sell lands, town
lois, furnish abstracts oi' title and sell steamship tickets for foreign
speak German, We solicit your patronage.
Money to Loan on Long or Short Time.
Wealth* 4^
Something from nothing—a garden from
Such is the history of the irrigated sections. Tftk«
land that sells for fifty cents an acre, put water on it,
and it sells for—what? There are quarters of laod
in the irrigated sections of Colorado that cannot be
purchased for
And yet you can purchase in the Bif Horn
Basin of Wyoming and in the North Platte Valley
of Nebraska irrigated land for $15 an acre up, where
climatic conditions are
healthful and exhilarating,
where the water supply is
plentiful and inexhaustible,
and where fuel is abundant
and cheap.
". ,v
Every Report
That the Continental Army
of smokers are well condi­
tioned, happy and satisfied
with their rations of
The Broadway
&he foremost smoKe of the Ration
W. E. TERRY, M'gr.
Everything irt Season to be found at our store.
And it is Fresh too. Shall we take your order
For a Barreliof Apples?
elfiS ssrss, _9- «,.•» Jir^i 7.' .iV'
a h,
Give Us a Call
L. M. SHAW, Pres. C. P. KUEHNLE, Y-Prea. C. L, ,VOSS, Cashier.
Bank of Denison.
General Banking Business Conducted.
Exchange Bought a.vJ Sold- Long and Short Time Loans at Lowest Rates.
Ipt if est Paid op Tinje ©eposlts ,v"
Accounts 0/ all Branches of Business Conducted^
IM us «m4
Our officers
a desert-
UIHm *11 rtwl
FRANCIS, StmtrnfrnMfrAftrt,
Omaha, Nab.
r, ~T~ "7" ~r -,• ,nw» mmmi ugf-^ mwm n,m mmi,,
Business] con-
Real Estate and Collections.
h- 3 I
Cut Flowers and Designs
Prompt attention to tel- 1
ephoue ur mall orders.
&* SON, Props. 5
[Both Sexes
My stock is of the finest breed
ing and of great individual* ex
cellence, Prices
C. A.
Are due to indigestion. Ninety-nine of mi*
one hundred people who have heart traubw
I can remember when it was simple ladlru
t.on. It Is a scientific fact that all cuts of
heart disease, not organic, are not only
traceable to, but are the direct result of Indi
gestion. All food taken into the stomach
which fails of perfect digestion ferments and
swells the stomach, puffing It up afalasttho
heart. This Interferes with the action of
the heart, and in the course of that
delicate but vital organ becomes
Mr. D. Kauble. of Nevada, O.. wya: 11_,
Iroubla and «u Id a bad ttata as I bad hMit
with It. I took Kodol Dyapeptia Car* tot
months and it cured ma.
Kodol Digests What Yon Bat
4 relieves the stomach of tU
strain and the heart of all pressure.
tUesonlr. $1.00 Slza hsldlat
siza, whlck aells tor 50c.
Prepared by E. O. OaWiTT & OO.,
Notice lit Probate.
Crawford County,
In the matter of the eulate
Jubiiuti V.
Iierndt, lute of Crawford County, dccuased.
IVolleeof AppolutmcDt of Kxeeulor.
To Whom it Way Concorn:
You are hereby notified tlmt on the Bib day
of Decunber, 1D03, the undersigned wua duly
appointed excuutor of (he above entitled es
tate and all creditors of said estate are noti
fied to file their claims in the office of tbe
Clerk of tbe District Court, in aud for Craw
ford County, IoWa, within one year from the
date of this notice, according to law, and have
the same allowed and ordered paid by tbe
said court, or stand orev er barred therefroin.
fated December, 15.1(103.
Wilhelm C. IlKIlNDT. I'jCPCUtor.
1'. J. Klikkbk. Att'y for Kxeoutnr. 7i- at
UM* 'W.
Washington Letter.
Washington, D. C. Jan. 2. 1904
'i he advent of the year 1904 in Wash-
ngton was Announced in
an exceedingly
obstreperous manner by the most varied
assortment of noises and sounds" imagina-' assault On Mrs
ble bells ringing, whistles blowing and
the rattle of drum* broke clamourously
fortti the instant the Naval Observatory
gave the signal that the new year had r
rived. Many of the churches held New
Year services la'sting until after midnight,
and yesterday the official and church re
ceptions were given Before noon the
usual multitude fell in line before the
White House grounds on Pennsylvania,
and at twelve the column moved forward
and was admitted into the grounds and up
into the White House, where the presi
dent executed the perfunctionary task cf
shaking the hands of hundreds of people
whom he had never seen before, and most
of whom in all likelihood he would never
see again. He probably has a disabled
arm o-day as he had last new year as a
consequence Secretaries Hay and Shaw
did not give public, receptions this year.
Secretaries Wilson, Root, Cortelyou, and
Dewey, however received as usual Among
the interesting receptions outside of
First Congregational church, Mrs. Spen
cer's Business College, and numerous
others. The comparative stranger here
need not feel lonesome on New Years day,
as town is practically-thrown open to the
public, and the best and most exclusive
people may be seen at some of the recep
tions. Army
Judge Conner returned from Iowa on
Wednesday evening, He is elated with
the almost universal sentiments of en
couragement and friendliness that are
manifested toward him in his candidacy
for renominalion next year in the tenth
district, and his nomination without op
position at the convention is regarded by
all posted on these matters to be a fore
gone conclusion. The spasmodic and half
hearted attempts made by certain individ
uals to secure the nomination next spring
are not expected to result in anything but
a transient flutter of interest The people
of the "Big Tenth" have in the past
given evidence of being able to recognize
a good congressman when they see him,
and have failed to respond to thb appeals
of worthy but inexperienced men to be
permitted 'to supplant officials who have
proven their capacity and acquired exper
ierce valuable to the district. At no
period in its history has the ioth district
of Iowa been represented with greater
dignity and efficiency than that which
characterizes its present representation.
Many congressman have already return
ed to Washington preparatory to taking up
the congressional work on Monday, after
having spent
holidays elsewhere, and
the heretofore almost deserted hotels now
present a more animated aspect. The
object henceforth seems to be to hasten
the |ransaction of the routine work of
congress and to secure au early adjourn
ment in order that members may partici-^
pate actively and in person in the cam
paign next spring, it is hinted that the
major.ty may seek to delay the time for
adjournment as long as possible. Senator
Gorman it is said has planned to resist the
ratification of the Panama Canal Treaty,
but does not seem to have the united sup
port of his democratic colleagues in this
project. However this wiley old strate
gist and veteran manipulater is supposed
to know what he is about, and ther# js
probaily purpose in his madness. .j."/
Notice in l'rebate.
Crawford County
In the matter of the estate of Outba W
Shaw late of Crawford Couut.y, deceased.
Notice of appointment of'Administrator.
To Whom It May Concekn:
You are hereby notified that ou the 1st day
oi December 1908, the undersigned was duly
appointed Administrator of the above en
titled estate, and al 1 creditors of said estnte
are notified to file their claims in the office
of the Clerk of the Dmtrlct Court, in aud for
Crawford County, Iowa, within one year from
the date of this notice, according t« law. and
have tbe same allowed and ordered paid hy
the said court, or stand forever barred theru
Dated Dec. 1st HI03.
KTTA MIAW. Ailmlnlxlrsitor.
official circles were the Y. M. C. A. the In the jail had the desired effect and
Navy circles are much
in evidence at these receptions, and there
is nothing else so effective as epaulets and
the society. Being a mere civilian is an
unpardonable offense. "Tawdry lace and
glittering arms" have a strong facination
for the elite, and though one is au fait in
the absence of the soldiery the presence of
a military or naval officer so completely
obliterates a mere civilian gentlemen
that he forgets his address. |ggpj
It was my pleasure on Thursday to' vis
it the Franciscan Monastery on Mt. St.
Sepulchre, a little distance beyond Brook
land, one of tne suburbs-of Washington,
and near the Catholic University. The
sight is a novel and interesting one. To
enter the monastery and to go through
the various chapels and view the alters
and statues of the saints, the dandalabra
and furnishings, and to enter the guaint
grottos, and thence into the 'catacombe
subterrannean passages in which are re
produced the secret abodes and shrines of
persecuted Christians in Rome, is all an
experience not soon forgotten. This is
said to be the chief Franciscan monastery
on the continent. The church connected
with the cloister is unique in some re
spects, and is built after the byzantine
style of architecture slightly modified by
Italian renaissance. To describe in de
tail this remarkable institution would re
quire the pen of Ruakin and more space
than is alotted to a newspaper letter.
Attempt Made to Lynch Two Negroes
in Council fluffs Jail.
Council Bluffs, la., Dec. 29.—A crowd
gathered around' the county jail last
night, threatening to seize and lynch
Neely Zimmerman anil George Will- 1
lams, the two negroes under arrest
on the charge of robbing and attempt-
Mary Sparks and
her daughter, Mrs. Harry Sanders,
in front of the jail for a while and
then circled among the crowd urging
the members to disperse. Their ad
vice was met with derisive cheers
and one of the policemen fired two
shots into the air with the evident in
tention of intimidating the crowd.
Mayor Morgan also urged the people
to disperse. Some men arrived with a
rail from the railroad yards and the
crowd began, to surge towards the
jail. The crowd, however, appeared
to lack a leader. Later the mob made
a run for the jail and broke down the
front door with a stick of timber.
Those in the lead surged in through
the opening. The deputy sheriffs on
guard were lined up with drawn re
volvers and when they commanded
the crowd to fpll back the order was
obeyed. At this point Congressman
Smith addressed the crowd, assuring
the people that the accused would be
promptly tried. This, together with
the cool determination of the officers
the mob dispersed. As a precaution
ary measure the Dodge Light Guards
were called out to guard the jail.
In Seven Days Its Victims in Chicago
Number 139.
Chicago, Dec. 29.—With pneumonia
establishing a new death record in
Chicago and the county hospital so
crowded that patients are sleeping on
mattresses on the floor, and less seri
ous cases being turned away, a' serious
problem confronts the Chicago health
The many varieties of weather from
which the city has suffered during the
last week is blamed not only ifor the
many pneumonia deaths, but for the
crowding of the hospital in another
way. Within the last few days an-un
usual number of persons, injured by
falls on icy sidewalks, have been
taken 'to the county institution and,
though a new emergency ward had
been opened, all can not be cared for
Last week's alarming increase in
deaths from pneumonia is made the
subject of the latest health bulletin.
During the seven days ending Satur
day pneumonia claimed 139 victims
Chicago, or 27 per cent of the total
Deals Blow to Orfiifci Grain Market.
Omaha, Dec+ 29.—The Chicago and
Northwestern is the latest railroad to
cause Commotion by issuing a new
grain tariff, quoting through rates
from points on its line in Nebraska to
Chicago on an average of about 2
cents lower than the sum of the two
locals. In speaking of thQ action of
the Northwestern a grain man said:
"Just as we get everything settled
down comfortably and are preparing
to make a grain market here the
Northwestern jumps in and makes a
rate which undoubtedly will have the
effect of carrying all the grain which
originates on that line in this state
right by us to Chicago."
Cozad Watchman Is Shot.
Cozad, Neb., Den 29.—About 1 a. m.
Samuel Burgess, night man at the
Pendee hotel, was shot while standing
in the office. The shot was fired
through the window by some one un
identified. The weapon used was evi
dently a shotgun loaded with buck
shot. The charge struck Burgess in
the face, four of the heavy buckshots
passing through the lower part of the
face. The wound is serious, but .not
necessarily fatal. There is no clue
as yet to the identity of the would
be assassin. The wounded man has
been marshal and night watchman for
the last six weeks.
is Shot by Angry Husband.
St. Joseph, Mo., Dec. 29.—H. G. Ed
mundson, a real estate dealer, was
found in a room with IV^rs. G. W. Grote
in a South St. Joseph-hotel and was
fatally shot by the woman's husband,
who is a building contractor. Grote
used a shotgun and fired through the
panel of the door. Grote's wife ac
companied the injured man to the hos
pital. The Grotes and Bdmundsons
came here recently from Bedford,- la.
Sends Perkins a Threatening Note.
St. Joseph, Mo., Dee. 29.—Superin
tendent Perkins of the Burlington
road received a letter Saturday, mailed
at Watson, Mo., a station on that road
eighty miles north of here, saying
that unless he deposited $5,000 in a
spot designated Sunday night the
writer, "Odell Carter," would kill him
on sight. Mr. Perkins placed the let
ter Jn the hands of. ilie iostofflce au
Miller Appointed Judge.
Des Moines, Dec. 29.—Governor
Cummins has appointed William E.
Miller or Bedford as judge of the
Third judicial district to succeed Rob
ert 1.. Parrish. who resigned to re
sume practice in Des Moines.
Stuart In New Place
Topeka, Dec. 29.—J. D. Stuart of
Houston, Tex., has been appointed as
sistant freight auditor of the Santa
Fe. This is a new position. The ap
pointment takes effect Jan. 1.
Death of Mrs. Faville.
Waverly, la., Dec. 2!t.—Mrs. M. M.
Faville, eigiiiy-l'our years old, widow
ol Orren l-Vvl!' •. a pioneer lieutenant
governor of Iowa, died at her home in
Hj'-rir' -hi!«.«-
"jp "W,.1 j' ...^'Lwwt^yH^iagw^yiiyiww.
Hard Work
won't hurt your horses if you
keep them well by feeding
Pratts Food.
Outbids Russia for Ships Now
Nearing Completion at Genoa.
Japanse Privy Council Meets and Ap
proves Extraordinary Expenditure,
Including Completion of Railway.
China Asks for Information. 1
London, Dec. 29.—Rumors continue
busy with the Russo-Japanese crisis.
The latest report credits Japan with.
insisting that Russia shall reply to
its last note before Jan. 10, on the
ground of the rapid approach of Rus
sian naval reinforcements to the scene
of action. Inquiry in the best informed
Japanese quarter, however, fails to
find support for this stat^pient.
According to the Daily Chronicle
the Japanese government outbid the
Russian government and actually pur
chased the warships Moreno and Riva- ....
davia, both of which are now nearing
Completion at Genoa. Other papers
print a report that the Japanese min
idterial council has decided to trians-
fer $25,000,000 from the educational
fund lor emergency purposes.
Peking, Dec. 29.—Lien Fang, first
secretary of the board of foreign af
fairs, visited Russian Minister Lessar
and requested information concerning
the intentions of the Russian govern
ment regarding the evacuation of Man
churia. Minister Lessar in reply said
that nothing could be done at present
with a view to evacuation for two rea
sons. In the first place, the minister
jointed out, the cold weathfer made it
impossible to remove the troops from
their present positions, besides which
there were no barrack accommoda
tions to be had elsewhere, and in the
second place, he said, it would endan
ger Russian, interests to undertake
evacuation during the progress of the
negotiations between Russia and
Japan, for the reason that Japan
might seize the opportunity to invade
The Chinese government is so
alarmed at the prospect of becoming
involved in the seeming prospective
war that they would prefer'that Rus
sia should remain in control of Man
churia. The Russian commander ini- im
peratively requested the Tartar gen
eral to disband his militiamen and to .,
disarm them. The Tartar general is
sued an order in accordance with this
request, but it is understood the m^n
are concealing their arms, supposedly
with the Tartar general's connivance.
Japanese Privy Council Meets. .[ i.
Tokio Dec. 29.—An extraordinary
meeting of the privy council approved
the issue by the cabinet of an emer
gency ordinance authorizing the gv.ar
antee of the principal and interest of
an issue of 10,000,000 yen debentures
for the purpose of expediting the work
on the Seoul-Fusan railway, which is
expccted to be finished at the end of
next year. The ordinance* also pro
vides l'or all possible military ex
penses for the protection of railway
and other interests. It is believed
that unless, Russia modifies her reply
Japan will immediately safeguard
Korea, though such a step will not
necessarily mean war with Russia.
Alleges Copy of Telegram Was Muti
lated by Colonel'Henry.
Paris, Dec. 29.—The grounds upon
which Dreyfus depends for vindication
and restoration to the army have been
communicated to the Associated '.v
Dreyfus charges that a telegram y-"
from Colonel Schwartkopyen, the late
German military attache here, to Col- j"
onel Panazardelll, formerly Italian
military attache at Paris, as presented
to the court-martial at Remits bore
the date of April 14, when he was oc
cupied with the details of the mobili
zation of troops, of which the telegram
treated, whereas the actual date of
the telegram was the last of March, •'.
1895, after he (.Dreyfus) had been
tried. With a pair of scissors the late
Colonel Henry clipped oft a corner of
the telegram and thus the actual date
disappeared. Then Colonel Henry, ing^yg
his own hand, annotated the telegram
April, 1894. The colonel, however,
neglected to remember that tbe month
of April had only thirty days, for
the document there is a mention
the "l»t o' lhccuneni month
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