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U. S. S. Pensacola,
Nuval Traiuiutr Station,
San Francisco, Cal.y
January 8, 1904.
Now of course I know it-is a shatue 10
impose upon you in this manner, but as
I promised several of the hoys I would
write after getting here, I guess you
will have to grin and bear it, so here
I suppose you have all read my ia*t
letter, so it will be unnecessary for me
to start at the beginning again.
I understand some of you have the
idea that myself and the other boys
who casie with me are tired of our bar
gains. Such is not the case at all, as
I do not see how any one could ask for
better treatment than we are getting
here. Of course if a man tries his best
to be tough and smart, and not attend
to his. duties at ail, he will naturally
get the worst cf it here, the same as in
civil life. But as long as you are at
tentive to your duties and do as you are
told, 'you will get along all right, and
not have the 'least bit of trouble with
any one. ,~.'Y
There are a couple of fellows here
who are trying their best to get a
"beach," and they will in all probabil
ity W^t it, too. A ''beach" is a.dishen
orable discharge at the nearest port
without any clothing exceptthat which
you are wearing at the time. The two
men I have reference to are-confined in
double irons, or in the prig about half
the time, and men of that calibre are a
disgrace to the service. One of them is
the man I mentioned in my last letter
as being confined in the prig on ac
count of not properly saluting the col
ore. He has been sentenced to the pritr
on bread and water'for five days twice
since that time, and was released just
the other day, after being confined in
"doubia irons for ten days. You see they
cannot sentence a mau to confinement
in double or single irons and the prig
on bread and v. ater at the same time,
or on the same charge, so that is wby
he has not been doing double servitude,
and he certainly (Teserves it if ever a
man did. He has a light on an average
•of three times a day When he is not'in
confinement, and generally gees whip
ped, but that does not seem to affect
him in the least.
The other man I spoke of is almost as
bad, but not quite. He has served two
.or three terms in the prig and does not
-seem to mind it at all. He was senten
ced once on a charge of attempting to
desert. Desertions are common here,
hut as a rale no one who has been do
ing ae he ought lo, ever tries it. The
punishments for desertion are various,
but as a rule consist of thirty days sol
itary confinement on bread aud water,
and the lossof one, twoor.three months
pay. If a man delivers himself abqard
any U. S. ship he is not fined so' heav
ily, but always has to do at least thirty
days on bread and water, If he is cap
tured and delivered aboard by any civ
il authority, he has to pay the greward
and traveling ex'penses of both parties.
You of -course understand that the
above punishments apply only in time
of peace. In time of war, desertion
calls for the firing squad at ten paces.
We have aboard at the present time
three or four men who-haye, delivered
themselves aboard here, and are now
prisoners at large, awaiting a court
martial. They will probably convene
a court-martial in a few days now, and
the men I spoke of will be tried and
The minor punishments are of course
in proportion to the offeqse, and gen
erally consist of extra duty, and sentry
duty. For having dirty clothes or shoes
at inspection, a man is gtfherally given
from two to five days extra duty, ac
qording to how often he has "his clothcs
or shoes in that condition. Shirking
any form of duty, untidy dirty bags,
swearing when some officer-happens to
hear it, disrespect to a superior, ah
sence from morning quarters and in
spection, and a great variety of petty
offenses call for the same punishment.
The penalty of breaking one's liberty,
that is, staying ashore longer than you
are allowed, is restriction of from five
,to ninety days, according to who you
are and how long you broke liberty.
.•. and a great deal ajso depends upon your
former record.
Restriction, I must explain,' means
not being allowed shore liberty for the
periods of time above mentioned. But
understand all this is to be changed,
and .instead of being given restriction
as at present, the man who brieaks lib
erty will be fined a certain amount of
money, and this, I think will be more
satisfactory for the men, but will pro
bably encourage them to break liberty
more than at present.
So far, Staley, Rudd and myself have
behaved quite |well, and have a cleat
record. We started quarterly examin-.
ation about two weeks «go, and are
still at it. but I think will be finished
in a few days. To me feH the work of
making out the examination books for
all the men here, and it waa no small
job either, but I finished it all right,
and have almost all the averages com
plete also. I'he examination consisted
of signals, seamanshin and, ordinance.
In signals we had: international code,
general signals, "'ig-wag and Arduis
electric system. In ordinance, nQmen- one way of «pj(ying ourselves.
clature of guns, calibre, fuzes, primers,
magazine, rifle, revolver, weights,
measurements and powder. In steam
ship: binnacle and compass, -lead, log
and helm, bitches and bands, knots
and splices, parts of boats, duties in
boats, sails and rigging, hnl.sand spars,
and activity aloft. Perhaps you will
say, "Well, that's not very hard." Very
well, just tr.y to answer a few in ordin
ance, for instance- Rudd's average is
very good, and so is Staley's.
We have a variety of ways of oassfng
away time here, so it does not hang
very heavily on our hands, just at pres
ent at least.
Christmas eve we had a Christmas
tree and a program something similar
to those we used, to have at home. We,
of course, did not have any female voi
ces to sweeten the singing of the choir,
but did very well considering the cir
New Years' eye we were entertained
by an amateur organization composed
of local talent, and It would have been
quite a treat for all the folks at home
if they could only have been here. I
will enclose a copy of the prograa), and
it will give you some idea of wnat it
was like.
We have a Marine band stationed
here, and every Wednesday evening
they play aboard the ship, and on Fri
day evenings they play for us to dtnet
by at the barracks. On week days dur
ing drill hours they are on duty at tb
barracks. Everv Wedne-day afterni»On
we have battalion drill accompanied b,
the band, and r,o one unaccustomed to
the sight, it is something worth seeing
No doubt several of you know what tbt
battalion firil. is, and for the benefit of
those who are familiar with the armj
manual of arm*, I must explain that
the Navy manual of .arms differ froiii
the former in but one or two ways, the
most important being that instead of
having the command, "right shoulder
arms," or "left shoulder arms," the
command, "shoulder aruis," is given,
which is the same as the army, "right
shoulder arrn». Io place of "left
shoulder arms," we have the command
slope arms," and the rifle is brought
to a position of "left shoulder." At
each command you must come to
port" before executing the movement.
Wednesday afternoon, Saturday and
Sunday are our visiting days, and on
each of these days there are quite a
number of peopie from Frisco and tbe
adjoining towns on the bay, over to see
how things are managed here, most of
them coming Wednesday afternoon to
it at a on
In the Navy we have, eleven com
mandments and the eleventh .has
reference whatever to "rubbering" or
"stretching thy neck" but is simply
the old Biblical maxim, "Cleanliness
is next to Godliness,'' exceptthat in
the place of being an assertion it is, as
I have said a commandment, and one
that must be observed under .any and
all conditions. We' have a man here
now who persisted in being dirtier than
O'Hooligan's pet pig. Extra duty kept
piling upon him so fast that it took a
great deal of my time to.keep track of
it. Instead of getting his worked off
as the rest of the boys were doing, it
kept piling up faster than he could get
rid of it. Well, one fine morning the
boys politely escorted him down to the
beach and alter stripping him of all his
clothes, proceeded to clean him up
with the help of plenty of soap, sand
and a piece of Bail cloth. It took about
a week for the dirt and grime to gather
again and he likewise fell into his old
habit'of being dirty. This^grated upon
the nerves of the boys a little bit too
hard so one afternoon between drill
periods, they happened to find him
leaning over the side of the ship, and
the temptation being too great they
procured a rope and tieing it around
him securely so he could not get away
they lowered him over the side of the
ship In 'the meantime forgetting
to remove his clothing. He paddled
around at the rope's end that was
closest to the l^ottom of the bay until
one of the officers came out and ordered
him' hauled Aboard again. Now they
have him under the sentry's oharge
sweeping and scrubbing d^pks instead
of drilling. 1, think he is tQ get &
medical discharge soon now.
One of our forms of amusement here
is to form a forecastle court-martial
and trying anyone who refuses to
furnish us with tobacco for a ciggarette
or who refuses to dance a ''jig" for us#
For an offense as grave aB either of
these, he is sentenced to climb the
rigging after being stripped of his
clothing. Playing cards is also a fav
orite pastime. I Understand that skat
lag in Iowa just now ia very good.
Well all the skating that is being done
Well I iin't think of very much more
ro tell you this time so will put it off
until rn-xi. nine
here is #hen the boy«* all go ashore the House of Representatives.for th? first
right after pay day. As for me, I time is one of di^appbintment. The ap
haven't been ashore yet so have not parent lack of order and the noise and in
participated in this sport, We hare a attention on a part of a large number of
Vfry good library and reading room the members, who are writing at their
hero which is open after drill hours desks, or standing about in groups and
each day. The selection of books is conversing, sometimes laughiog hilarious
quitH yood and a great many of the ly. is not in accord with the general pre
boys read after drill hours or between conceived notion of Congressional dignity,
perods. I suppose most of them and the. solemnity with which people at
wou.d ne better satisfied if the books times imagine the affairs of congress are
Were of t.rte "Diamond Dick" type but, conducted. But when one bears in mind
I sim gl-ul to say they are all excellent that all the speeches are printed and that
books, Uncle Sam also provides u° a considerable per cent of the work of
with foot balls and football uniforms for Congress is practically disposed of by com
two complete teams and the same in^ mittees, one cannot blame congressmen
b-i.af-bu.ll, so you see we have more than for failing to devote long tedious hours to
listening to de'ailed discourses relating to
^The New York, first class cruiser a ("am in some unimportant river in
left here Monday bolind for Panama. Georgia or elsewhere over which it is pro
Sne look a draft of ejuhty-three men posed to erect a bridge, or the granting of
from heiv to be distributed among the some franchise in Hawaii, and other que-
now lying off the South American (ions of equal or lesser magnitude. Let a
cust Th gun-boat Bennington aho
took a r:t ft of fifteen men on the same
date, leaving here last Wednesday in
company wit.h the torpedo boats, Ifaul
Jones and Preble, bound on the same
mission as tne new York. The trans- semicircle listening eagerly to what issaid.
port i'homHS left the transport dock And when the controversy waxes intense
over at Frisco last Thursda'v bound for '??.1*
the far e«*t, carrying about twelve
hundrpd men from the Presido and
other miiit.ftrv stations close at hand.
Th« transports Crook and Beaufordare
also oemg prepared for sea service.
There hits been some talk of our being
Panama or to the far
for shore duty but I hardly think
it probable You are left to infer what
you tn regard to the above infor
mation concerning the transports. We
know uottiuig. The gun-boat Tacoma
wilt prubao^' t'o Into commission about!
the tir*t. of H1' bruary so there will very
likely roioe of us leave here aboard
Washington Letter.
WASHINGTON. January, 8, "04.
The opening week in Congress after be
holidays is charac erized by a general de
sire to get at the work that is to be done,
and an imp iiience with all dt.lay and ob
stiuciion. Th House devoted sometime
to ths qu. stivHi of a Congressional investi.
gation into the charges made by Fourth
Assistant Post Master Genera: Bristow, in
which he alleges collusion and illegal con
duct cn the part of certain congressmen in
the frauds recently perpetrated in the pose
office department There was an attempt
made to prevent this resolution going to
the Committee on Post Offices and Post
Roads, but it was frustrated, and the. reso
lution is now pending before that commit
tee On Tuesday, Senator Lodge, of
Mrfssachu. setts, delivered a characterisi.c
speech, scholarly and exhaustive, on^he
question ot the right pf one nation to rec
ognize the de facto government of another
in general, and the recognition of the Re
public of Panama by President Roosevelt
in particular', and in which he defended
the course of the president in th instance
Senator Gorman is not meeting with un
animous support in his opposition to the
no ratification of the Panama Canal Treaty
among his democratic colleagues, and it is
reported that the "Solid South" is far
from being solid in his support on this
question. (Samuel W. Small, editor of the
Atlanta Constitution, and an important
political factor in the South, has been here
this \eek urging southern m/imbers to
lend their influence toward the ratification
of the treaty. The Constitution is perhaps
the most influential democratic organ in
the south, and its fame extends into the
north. Frank L. Stanton, the famous
southern poet and journalist, is a member
of the editorial staff of this piper.
Edward Everett Hale is now performing
the dufyof chaplain to the Senate to which
position he was elected before the holidays
by motion of his life-long friend, Senator
George" F. Hoar. He appears in the Sen
ate chamber promptly at noon each day
that the senate is in session in the flowing
clerical robes of black silk, which he is ac
customed to wear in his Boston pulpit.
This is an innovation in his present office
Dr. Hale is past eighty years old, and
bears the infirmities of decrepitude and age.
While his mind is stjll bright and active,
his voice is broken and weak. His chaste
literary style is noticeable in his prayers,
as in his sermons and other literary wcrks.
The Chicago theatre disaster has result
ed in* bringing about an investigation of
the theatres of Washington, with a view
tc, ascertaining .what facilities for a s-ud
real national issue arise, and let some of
the great debaters of the H^use signify a
desire to be heard, and like a company of
drilled soldiers the House is at attention,
members sometimes standing about in A
Among the many popular and forceable
speakers may be mentioned Landis,
Cousins, Hepburn, Crosvenir, "Clark
Dearmond, Williams, Gaines, Littl- field.
The reported advent of Burke Cochran to
Congress will add some oratorical talent to
the "House. One New York democratic
m'ember was reported to be in such poor
health that he would resign and be suc
ceeded by another democrat of Tammany's
selection. The gentleman has vigorously
denied the asperation, and objects to hav
ing aspiring politicians tampering with his
health, which he says is good enough for
him. As long as he himself does nof com
plain he indignantly disputes th c'aim
that others have the privelige of worry
ing about the state of his health, and
especially be does not relish this solicitude
from beneficiaries of his disability.
Among the prominent Iowa visitors to
Washington this weekwas J. Stevens
of Boone. Judge Stevens is one of the
great jurists of a great state.
The tempera lure has been very low for
se.eral days, and it reminded westerners
of an Iowa or Minnes-.ta winter "he
streets have been glazed with ice. and peo
ple are studyidg the question of accident
Free Offer
The Eminent and Reliable
Specialist, will be in
Wednesday, Feb. 3
,..Returning every 28 days.
den escape or.protection they possess in Physical Debility, lost vigor and
casr of fire. "Nearly all of them are defi-,'premature decline of power pOS
cient in some respect, and fail to comply itively cured.
with the law on |some poiut. Changes
have been ordered to be made, and soon ODC0 a year atld to meet the
better safety appliances will be put in for
future emergencies. Mme. Sembrich and
Sir Henry Irving are the recent theatrical
attractions of first magnitude here. Irv
ing never fails to draw a full house here as
elsewhere by his vivid and realistic presen
tation of Louis XI, The Merchant of "Ven
ice, Dante, The Bells, etc. Like Jefferson
son, his performance is devoid of excess cf
action, and derives its power and efficacy
mainly from tl)e subtile skill of his facial
work: there are no frenzied exclamations,
and emotional feats,,yet anyone but an
emotional immune would be impressed
and moved by the unerring fidelity of his
The feeling of most visitors after saeing
Known throughout the Northwest
for his remarkable cures makes
the above liberal offer for a short
time only.
DR.-STOCKDALE is a grad
uate of the best colleges, and has
met with great ccess because of
his skillful treatment and cures ,of
Ear, Nose, Throat. Lungs, Blad
der, and Kidneys, it irr h, Con
stipation, Rheumatism. Blood and
Skin Diseases.
^phers more or less trem-
\bling with excitement want to ask ques
t.ons and make suggestions the erstwhile
monotonous disii teirestedness vanishes,
and the impatient thumping the speak
er's gavel and his command for order are
inadequate to quell the disturbance.
'Often however a speaker is permitted to
go on uninterrupted, especially if he is
one of the popular and effective orators of
the House.
Men suffering from Nervous and
According to his usual
Iowa 'Phone
N 7 0
Estimates On
and afflicted Dr. Stockdale will
treat Absolutely FREE, (medi
eines exfcepted) for THIRTY
days all invalids who call upon
him on the day of his next visit.
%'•& •'Si FIDENTIAL.
Call on or address, 8il#i
Dr. B. A. Stookdale,
Citizens Nat'l Hank Bldg. Des Moinea Ia.
jg®*Tasee Dr. Stockdale in if
Moines office, call Mondays and
Saturdays, or write,
{Jtoefhr furniture "Co.«
has just received some of the
finest Capital Chairs that was
ever placed on the market.
They can be adjusted in any
position, that you may choose.
They also can be made a rock
er or a stationery chair. It is
just a new thing, call in and
inspect the Capital chair. We
also have rugs at special prices.
We handle everything in the
furniture line. Call and get
our prices before purchasing.
I B. H. Foderberg,
wv.v* fc VVVVVt
We exchange flour for wheat.
Your choice of flour. A full
line of everything in the way
of feed always on hand.
Stove wood split or in chuncks deliv
ered to all parts of the city.
W. R. Temple Co.
A in of iI in
Have For Sale
Hard and soft coal, lime, cement and hair'
hard wall plaster. Lime wall finish—all
colors. Stock and hog wire fence, chicken
wire garden fence. Extension and cone
ladders. All kinds of sewer pipe. Build
ing paper and roofing paper. All kinds of
doors—fancy and plain front and screen
doors. Full window -screens on- short
notice. Other things too numerous to
mention. 1
Real Estate Exchange!
Iowa, Kansas, Oklahoma and
South Dakota Lands for Sale.
Money Loaned on City and
Town Property,
Capital $tOO,000.
W £f
me security lor Depositors. Form loans
This Bank is incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa. This gives tha
best security to all depositors, not only to the amount of stock, bat the per
sonal property of each share holder is holden to the amount of his share for
any loss to the bank. Incorporated Banks are under the control of the State
Auditor, wht can at any time examine the business, and according to nis in
vestigation the published statements are made. Depositors in an Incorporated
bank have more security than the confidence imposed in the offices. They
have the best security, because the capital stock can not be used at pleasure
for outside speculation and investment. The Crawford County State Bank
is the best incorporated banking institution in the county. A general bank
ing business done.
Passage Tickets Sold. Insurance Written, Loans Negotiated
President, V-Preeident. Cashier. Ass't Outlier.
L. Cornwell, Geo. Naeve, H. F, 3chw«rtE. Chas. Tabor,
jj§ S
Deposits $450,000.
at Five Per ceni. interest
P. Conner

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