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Hon, .1. P. Connor to deliver the
memorial address t,his year at Manning
Jurgen siciroi-drr, a prominent nn-r
chant uf SchL-v.vig, was in to v.'i Mon
Way and
.-oiii C:inrli:
Mr. K. .1
drove ovur
•, dav.
i" Ibrother
Friday club was most enjoyable en
tertained last Friday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. Dr. Boyle.
S "Pinafore" practiced nearly every
rii'ht last week preparing for their ap
pearance at Scnleswig on Saturday
The Methodist pulpit was occupied
by Rev. Jos Stevens of Manilla iu the
morning and ttev. A. A. Thompson of
Duijjap in the evening,
The ladies of the Methndist church
to meet Thursday aud Friday of
this week to cut and fit the new carpet
for'the church building.
Mr. Chester Dixon is now home and
slowly improving in health lie has
been confined ten weeks in the hospital
and his friends are pleased to see him so
E. C. Baker was over from Manilla
on Monday on business. E. C. is owner
,Vf the big steer that was exhibited at
the street fair last year. He says the
criter is as big as ever.
There will be no preaching services
at the Methodist chnrch next Sunday,
as the main room will be in process of
renovation. The other services of the
day will be held, however, including
Snnday school.
-v-v jp yj^W^tSfp
yi J* W '•£?,^£ '\^v -, •j'"' "r '•'•T/
5 I 11
Menagh & Co. have instilled a
plumbing department in connection to
their hardware store, and have secured
the services of a Mr. Chas. Denison, an
xpert plumber from Omaha, See
»eir ad in another colnnn.
Home Grown. Tested.
Jake (jable has
Signs of spriug.
douned is a raw hut
»*Dr. (Joan utA wile of Anoti w-re Den
ison visitors Monday afternoon. .•
Otto Fanl and Jay Wiggins were
Charter Oak visitois uu Snnday lust.
Mrs. .1. Plan wen: to Jnnie.-towi:,
N. Y* tni-i week on u: expended vi-at
St. Agnes Guild will meet at Miss
Ella Harding's Thursday atteruoon.
The Jotiv whit-i, iio will mui't with
Mrs. Manouey next F-. duy evening.
Rev. I1-. Morpliy wiit to Logan
thi3 week to hold series ol meeting-
Or tiainy Weal her.
Itsiilltiit sume lo us
2nd S^ibbott Sale
5c, lOc arid IBc
An oil silk washable ribbon
I Hi Bill
Commening Wednes
day, May 1 1, and con
tinuing one week, we
shall sell
Utieeda Biscuits,
Ladies' Tailor flade Suits.
One lot, of Ladles'Tailor Made Suits, sizes 32 to 42,
Regular $8.00 to $1(5.00 values to close at.
Loom is
Jolte is enjoying a visit with her
.vir. Olark Marshall at Charter
Mr. Marks and daughter of Ruck
Gr?ve were calling on relatives in this
Mr. O. debater was transferred from
Rawlins, Wyoming, to Sail L»il ity,
Mrs. Arthur King, of (Jrnn-ly Center
is visiting at the
Ki..g home
club dance wnl be given Friday
ing thr music.
orchestra furnish-
A number of Denison Schriners ai!
ticipate going to Sioux City rfois week
to attend Shrine meet.
Dr. William Plimpton and wife, of
Gleuwood, visited with Dr. Robert
Plimpton in Uenisjn over Sunday last
There is an ordinance a/ainet making
a horse sh:w ring of our prominent
streets, and the city authorities shoit'd
see to it that the ordinance is enforced'
Mr O.H.Olson, Mr. Conner's secre
tar-, his returned from Washington.
REVIEW readers have greatlv enjoyed
his Washington letters during the past
Rev. O. L. Organ, of Lake City, has
the record for holding funerals tie
has been in L''ke City eight months
and has preached a funeral sermon
every week during that time. :y
John Enright was taken before Judge
Churcli on Friday last, and the Judge
give him some very good advice on the
manner of conducting himself in the
future. He is charged with being an
habituil druukard.
Mr. Ben Smith contemplates the
erection of a large barn on his farm
just nor of town, in the near fu ure
Mr. S n)th is a isuccessful farmer and
believes in having plenty of shePer for
everything on the farm.
J. L. Warbasse attended a conven
tion of Iowa Music Dealers in Des
Monies on May 4 and 5. He says there
is a good attendance aud much good
this'W'18 accomplished toward weeding
I "take" dealers in music.il instruments.
tiger's moving mcture show at the
op°rii house Saturday evening was at
tended by a fair sized crowd in spite of
tue rain. After the show there was a
line dance, which was a very pleasant
affair aud well enjoyed by those who
The Omaha Ticset Company and RE
VIEW forces went down to Bradbury's
Monday afternoon and ate ice cream
".,n the house1'. It was the third an
nual event of this.nature and one much
enjoyed by both the employes and the
The annual bu?iness meeting of the
Epworth Leagne was held at. the home
of Mr. and Mrs. U. G. Johnson Monday
evening. The following officers were
elected for the ensuing year pres.,
Edith Gilimor 1st vice-pres., Mrs. C.
L. Voss 2nd vice-pres., Miss Culmer
Jrd vice-pres E Chamberlin 4th
vice-pres Mrs. P. W. Harding sec'y
Mearle Smith: treas., John Rrown.
i'hc business meeting waB followed by
social time iu which light refresh
ments were served. Forty or fifty of
he League members were present and
:i very enjoyable evening was spent.
The Ladies Aid Society of the
Methodist church served a splendid
-upper at the home of Mrs. E. Gulick
lust Friday evening. The ladies of the
Methodist church are noted for their
accomplishments in the culinary art,
and on Friday evening from five
the home of Mrs. Gulick was the Mec
ca of a host of hungering souls num
bering about one hundred, who, for
the sum of twenty cents, ate their fill
of potato salad, bermude sandwiches,
coffee, pickle* and cake. The supper
was a most enjoyable one and afforded
a splended occasion for agoodsoclai
time. The ladies cleared about twenty
five dollars. They anticipate giving
more of these suppers from time to
time in the near future and they will
be sure to be well patronizad if they
MJUH'« '1W" iwuiiMi^iu^»wwii^ii||^MiititMJW!UtWjPi!l'*MMWMWIU|!^IWCtlW^j '9^^jB^Pv*
Push that Fourth of July celebration.
How auout a sale pavillion for Deni
son Isn't one necessary?
See the "Hub" advertisement in
another column of this issue.
Mr. A. C. Lyons spent Sunday at
home with his family in Denison.
Editor Sturgis, of Charter Oak, was
a Denison caller on Monday last.
Mrs. Mary Ainsworth, of ncnr Deloit,
was shopping in Denison Saturday.
Geo. H. Vincent, of the Broadway
Grocery, spent Sunday in Woodbine.
The infant Dabe of Mr. and Mrs. M.
Magner, of East jiBoyer, is seriously ill
John Cook has a force of painters at
work on his residence in east Dentson.
Judge tlubb ird found a full cup
board aud is now passing 11th District
Attorney P. W. Hardinc was a Char
ter Oak visitor Saturday, on legal busi
Our readers cannot fail to read the
many new ada in this issue of tho RE
CharW Cowser, of the Denison Drug
Co., spent Monday in Omaha on a busi
ness mission.
Mrs. G. W. Le and children, of Sac
City, are visiting Vis. Lee's parents in
Denison this week.
Leon Gilbreath went to Omaha Sun
day wheie he will work for thu Omaha
Creamery company.
Have you taken advantage of our li
beral offer and secured one of our fine
maps of Crawford county?
Mrs. Jonn Kott returned from a two
weeks' visit with her parents at Ft.
Do^dge, the latter part of the week.
It seem? to be the opinion of most
business men of Denison that our city
should celebrate the Fourth this year.
Dr. Evans, of Arion. was in town on
Thursday attending to duties in connec
tion with the county board of pension
On page three of this issue appears a
cut of the winners of the state declama
tory contest. It is taken from a photo
by Ferguson.
B. Y. Culbertson, a prominent grain
dealer of Carroll, committed suicide
Monday morning by shooting himself
wi a revolver.
Mrs. L. M. Patterson, of Carroll, re
turned home Monday after a few weeks'
visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs
W. R. Temple.
It is rumored that Uncle George Per
kins' sorrow over the defeat of Thomas
is tempered by his joy over the nomin
ation of Hubbard.
A representative of soine wild west
show was in Denison last week trying
to make a date but was unsuccessful in
securing grounds.
Mrs. S. Horr, accompanied by her
sister, Mrs. Pence, who is visiting htr
from Des Moines, were REVIEW callers
on Wednesday last.
A nnmber of friends enjoyed a re
ception last Tuesday evening given
by Mrs. C. F. Kuehnle at her home in
honor of Mrs. Campbell.
Mrs. Ben King, who went to Califor
nia some time ago for her health, has
returned much benefitted. She has
been visiting at the J. L. War basse
Hon. J. P. Conner and Mrs. Conner
have returned from Washington. Mrs
Conner's health is much improved,
fact all her Denison friends will be glad
to know
The fifteenth anniversary of the or
ganization of the Epworth League will
be observed next Sunday evening at
Methodist church by the local chapter.
A program of a very interesting nature
is being prepared and all are urged to
—I am closing out the corn planters
I have on hand at cost. Do not look
elsewhere for an a No. 1 Planter.
Juvenile Suits.
One lot of Juvenile Suits, sizes 11,
Regular price
FOR $5.50
Itclated Marriage Jsoticc.
Below is an item which w.i intended
should appriir in our last is-^ir, but
which win unlortunately overlooked:
The m.trriage ceremony of ~s Mav
cia Rose and Mr. Chas. Weigert occcr
ed at, the borne of tn» hn'i-w pareir-,
Mr. and Mrs. D. Rose. Fri(J .,v furt-1
noon, Rev. J. H. Shai-pu ui me Presby
terian church officiating. Only the
near friends ana relatives were prf^nnt
to witness the wedding. Tne house
was nicely decorated for the occasion
and after the ceremony an elegant
luncheon was served The bride aud
groom are Vot.h highly respected young
peopie in this community, the latter
being in charge of the Standard Oil
Co's. wholesale business In this city
while the former is well known and
popular among Denison young people
Mrs. D. L. Boynton and Mrs. B. F.
Philbrook are attending the Grand
meeting of •he P. E O. at Atlantic
They are delegates from the Denison
In about six we»ks it will be time for
Our democratic friends never seem to
be happy unless they are being carried
•iwav by some craze. This year it is
the Yellow Kid who is their idol
Whom the gods would destroy they
first make mad.
It has sf-emed to the editor of the'
Herald that, an instructed delegation
from Iowa to the national convention
•s simply a farcu and a ke. Iowa
democrats cannot deliver an electoral
vote and i: is rnugwumpian politics for
hem to send an instructed delegation.
However, the thing is done, and it re
nains for Iowa to smile pleasantly and
ake the bundinage which will be hers
in generous measures.-D inlap Herald.
We are i,i receipt of a pamphlet
mnouncing the dates of the Iowa State
fair which will be held at l)es
Moines Aug l!) to 26. Secretary
T. C. Simpson says ''if present
indications can be relied upon the
exhibits all departments will be finer
tbau ever"- Soldiers' Day will be
Tuesday, Aug 23. A prizs of $50 in
cash will be given for the best ear of
cirn. A scene depicting the Mt. Pelee
horror will be given, and hundreds of
other attractions will be presented.
Mr. and Mis. W. H. Woolston will
hereafter make their home in Des
Moines. Raub McKim recently traded
for a fine residence near Highland
Park college in that city and Mr. and
Mrs. Woolston have gone there to live
with them, and will in all probability
make their permanent home there.
Their departure is a surprise to their
many friends as only a few knew of it
till after they had gone. They expect
to spend a portion of the summer at
the World's Fair at St. Louis.
Tnesday of last week at one o'clock
an elegant May day luncheon was
served by Mrs. G30. Sprecher to a
dozen of her lady friends. The after
noon was a pleasantone and everything
was in keeping with the celebration of
the advent of the month of May, the
table being artistically decorated for
the occasion. oQ a mat In the center
of the table vy as erected a Maypole
bound with yellow and white ribbon
and .wreathed with srailax and carna
tions. From the Maypole to each
plate gay streamers were swung, at
the end of which were pretty little
May baskets each containing a yellow
rose and a white carnation. The dinner
was served in six courses and at the
end of the first course the ladies each
discovered an envelope containing a
short story to be read. Those who en
joyed Mrs. Sprecber's hospitality were:
Predominating are the Cotton "Voiles, closely akin to the materials so far produced in wools,
but which admit of more beautiful patterns and colorings and that too at very small prices.
Along with the Voiles our Cotton Dress Goods stock is replete with brand new desirable
'9°4 goods and we wish to assure prospective buyers that nowhere, near or far, can
our prices be beaten. To buy economically, by all means buy here.
1 3
1 5
Your choice
Mosdames Boynton, C. J. Kemmlng, J.iP.
Jones, W. McAhren, Phltbrook, 'r. J. Kelly
Kuehnle, Patterson, Meyers, Ferguson, and
Ladies' Wrappers
Blue and Red percales, one lot only at
65c EACH
•y, ^H®S*
our good ladies to begin planning for the
extermination of the dandelion pest.
In the meantime the dandelions will be
up and doing. I
h1?W V**f
Welt, all Patent, Extension
Sole, all sizes and width
Messrs. J. E. Balle and Chas. P.ullen,
o( the Balle-B'-oderseii Co., are \isiting
several of the larger cities this week
viewing large department ho i-cs, and
picking up new ulnar-.
A letter from Mrs. Oscnr Ainsworth,
who is visiting
We have an excellent line to select from for
Dress or Street Wear.i
5® n»..
Preparations are under way for an
all county nigh school field meet to be
held in this city on the ufocruoou of
the 21 of May. All the high schools
of the county have expressed their
willingness to enter such a meet and
the outlook now is that there wiil be
an interscholastic athletic event in
this city which will exceed in interest
anything of that nature which has
ever been attempted here. It, Is hoped
that this will be the tlrst of an annual
meeting of this character, and to this
end it should have the hearty support
of all those who have the interests
of our public schools at heart. There
is nothing which keeps the interest of
the boys centered upon their school
work so much as good clean athKt.cs,
and a good foot ball team, base ball
nine, or track team which can go out
and hold Its own with other high
schools of the state is the best kind of
advertising for a town. The otbtr
high schools of the county can rest
assured that they will receive the
most courteous treatment- from the
students and teachers of the Denison
hi-h school and should avail them
selves of the opportunity to enter the
$1.25 $1.50. 1
It will pay yo to see them at
Don't Forget
Our Shoe Shop. I
states that the water in that s"eti ui of
the dominion is np to the w.-tw: boxes
owing to the melting snow. The tar-!
mers cannot get on to their
land mid
railroad traffic is suspended between
that place and Winuepeg.
"Pinafore" was presented to a fairly
good crowd at Schleswig on Saturday
evening. Owing to the fact that a ram
storm came up early in the eveniui? th
crowd was not as large as had been an
ticipated. The company had a guaran
tee, however, aud is not behind in the
venture. Very.good satisfaction was
given, many of the Schleswig people
taking occasion to compliment the en
tertainment. A special feat^rd of the
evening's entertainment was stereop
tie-on views put on by Prof. W. O. Van
Ness. Among the different scenes was
a good picture of Schleswig's popular
mayor. Mr. J. F, Harthun also ve a
good talk in German in regard to the
good worK being done by Denison Nor
mal college.
Shoe 1
Store 1
8-Rojin house with iurnace,
bath and al! modern convenien
ces, four blocks from business
warm weather at
Special Price af
easy terms.
This is unquestionably the best
bargain in the city.
house with one lot 111
east Denison near the park,
This has never been offered for
less than $1,100, but the owner
wishes to make a quick sale.
J-Room house with basement
and two lots near college,
Just the thir.g- for anyone with a
family to educate. Four blocks
from public school.
house in northeast
Denison, three lots,
barn and
house, good
acres of land within
the city limits for sale for a short
time at
acres of the best farm land
in Iowa, with a large house and
barn and every possible improve
ment, close to three towns, for
sale at
per acre. This is
a good level farm and not low.
These are only a few of
the Bargains we ham. Call
and see us.
Crawford Countu
Real Estate Excfianoe.
Boys' Shoe Special
Covert shoes far the
A collection second to none. Be sure and see the
range of stvl^M. Our special i9 our 25c line.
Handdoma line now ready for sale. Stylea practical
and desirable for both spring and ^lurunf wear,
Prom 50c Upwards.
Mennen's Talcum, per can 15c
Golf Jackets and Sweaters for
Misses and Ladies.
The proper nrticle for the present n^ason. Specially
adapted for school wear. Plain and Fancy.
11.25, SI.50. $2.00 ID fi.50 EM.

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