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^f»f/ri|hua bj
WilVtr M*IB
Bessie Diavolo
Citfe. (Jufjiiiisg Bareback
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3-Ring Circus, Greatest Menagerie & Racing Carnival
"Without fear of contradiction, the largest and best circus,
the most compU n- menagerie that ever visited the city ."
Cleveland, Ohio, World, May io, 1904.
The Most Colossal and Costly Intercontinental
Concourse of Rarest Wild Beasts and Super Eminent
Artists That Can be Carried the Country Through
The Real Conceded Greatest
Daring death-defying danger in
the thrilling "loop the loop
Davenport & Lowanda
Only bareback equestrian throw
somersaults from horse to
horse following.
Cute Nursing Camels,
Adopted and christened by Mys
tic: Shrinersof A1 Koran and Da
mascus Temples.
Mile- Tumour
Oueeti of the Air.
icidni Pony only one ever ed
ucated in this act.
''Jfniiity Dewdrop"'
Sinallesi specimen of man ex
tant 33 years of age, 17 inches
tal! and weighs but 12 pounds.
Coming on its own three trains of double-lengMi cars, with acres
of suu and waterproof canvass, an army of people, superb horses,
seating capacity 10,000. Complete zoological department, trained
and untrained beasts
Program of the Day:—10 a. m.— Grand street parade, a mile in
length. 1 a. in.--Free display of Japa lese daylight fireworks
11:30 a. m.—opening of annex. 1 p. m—Opening of doors of men
agerie, wonder department and promenade concert. 2 p. m.—After
noon performance. 7 p.m. Opening of doors to evening perform
ance. 8 p. 111.—Start of evening performance.
Advanced sale of tickets, both admission andireMEKg^chair seats
opens Se£t. 7, 9 a. m., at Johnson's Book Store. Same price as is
charged on the grounds. Positively no advance.
IS Mill
Sept. 7
3 All-Star Arenas, Elevated Stages, Mid-Air
Metropolis, Race Course Coliseum—100 Acts-
Happy, hilarious, nearly half a Hundredall-creation's
All-convulsive CLOWNS
The name of Walter L. Main has become a synonym for the
stupendous—a glorious household one in millions of homes.
TIK' one great day to which all Denison and vicinity look forward to
as the greatest event of the year.
Mi Only Circus ol igniiie toil io fisii fi section
An All-Feature Show that Bears the Indorsement of the Nation!
No Other Sfiow in this Country has Under Contract
Such iiioh Salaried Features and Artists.
the Great
"Mild Hose"
An untutored daughter of the
forest. Captured in Cuba. Is she
woman or beast?
Famous Nelson Family.
of nine premier Acrobats.
The Boise Family.
The peerless J^lyin^ Hoise. Fam
ily of Aerialists.
The Puzzling Nondcseiipf
An animal thai ha* pro\i.-n to
be an unsolved enigma.
Prof. John 3ill's.
unequalcd of 40 Cicrman
The Challenge Herd
of Artillery Elephants, pacy
derm, that engage in battle like
veteran soldiers, using Catling
forest, mountain and plain. Herds of ele­
phant? camels and zebras, baby lions, tigers, leopards, etc. Ameri
c-i's and Europe's greatest riders. Leapers, contortionists, tumblers,
acrobats, gymnasts, athletes, jugglers, wire walkers and general per
4 7
flflon I*eu)s Letter
Work on tha water works is being push
ed right along.
On Saturday the Kenwood ball team
crossed bats with our boys, the score be
ing some thirty odd scores for our boys to
four for Kenwood.
Dr. Beatty and Mr. Geo. Rousch were
in town on a matter of business last Fri
Fred Egeers is doing nicely and exptcts
to go home in a few days.
Benson Smith is building a fine large
barn on his farm.
Arion should at once secure land adjoin
ing tile town site for a cemetery and set
out trees in the spring so that in the fut
ure we can have a fitting place in which
to lay away our dead.
Rev. Hamilton preached in the church
here on Sunday p. m. to a large congrega
J. B. Romans and R. Shaw Van were
in town on business Friday.
John Eggers is out at Crofton, Neb for
a few days.
Eddie Wigg is staying in the drug store
while Dr. King is away at the encamp
ment at Des Moines.
Some important business changes are
about 10 be made in our town. Particu
lars will be given next week.
Dr. Evans has traded his interest in the
Arion Telephone Co to L. C. Butler for
the farm formerly owned by Mr. Tripp.
Mr. Tom Black and family met with
what might have baen a serious accident
while driving on Sunday. As they started
to rlescend a steep hill the tongue broke
and stuck into the grour-j, tipping the
carr'age over and throwing the occupants
to the ground, bruising Tom's hip and
shaking tha other members of the family.
Peter Dietz and wife were over from the
Soldier on Sunday to see :Vjr. Eggers, who
is in Dr. Coon's hospital. Mr Dietz is a
brolher-iu-law of Mr. Eggers.
Mrs. Ed. Searles is visiting with her
parents, Mr and Mrs. V. Talcott.
Ed. Gould was in town on Monday.
Saul Miller was working the roads and
streets in Arion ou Monday.
Mrs. Grant was a Dow City visitor on
Andy Mackey received a visit from his
son and wife who came down from the
Oak to spend Sunday.
Claus Hansen is in charge of the exca
vating work for the cistern and ditches for
the water »vorks, 'and the work is going
forward with dispatch.
Arion needs an addition to the present
school building and another grade estab
lished so that our course will be complete.
West JDetfisot) I)eujs
Mrs. T. Brown and son Tommie were
in Denison Friday and attended the fu
neral of Johnnie Cavanaugh.
Mrs. T. McGrinn, of Denison, spent
last Friday at the home of her son, T,
McGrinn, returning home Saturday.
Mrs. George Powell visited at the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bryan, a feu
days last week.
Miss Margaret Champion 'of Denison
spent a few days last week with hrr friend
Nellie McGrinn.
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent of Denison ipent
last Sunday evening at the Owens home.
Miss Mary McKane and mother, of
Denison, visued at the home of their
friend Mrs. T. Brown, last Monday.
Mrs. E. C. Chamberlin of Denison
spent last Sunday evening at the Owens
Miss Nellie Pollock left Tuesday for
her school duties in Cedar Falls, this
oeing her last year there.
Mrs. Fred Buesing and Miss Anna
Hucsing returned from their visit to Mrs
hucstr.g's parents at Loup City, Neb.,
!a.-,t Tuesday-
Misses Mary and Katie Flaherty of
Charter Oak visited at the home of the
Misses Owens last Friday.
Miss Anna McCaffry of Denison was in
this vicinity last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Beck and Mr. and Mrs.
Lutjens of Denison, were visitors at the
home of Mrs. Fred Evers Sunday.
Win. Kahl was a business visitor in
Denison last Saturday.
Mr. Patrick is spending a few days in
Dakota in the interest of land.
Miss Effie Norris leaves the latter part
of this week for school duties at Ute,
where ?he will teach the grammar room.
Gooeliricl? IfeuJs.
A party for young and old was held at
the Peterson home Sunday and was well
I attended. The usual refreshments were
Mrs. Albert VViney visited at Mr. Elmer
Wiruui's Monday.
Mis. Anderson visited at hrjr daughter's,
Mrs. Arthur Winey's, Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson visited at
Mr. arid Mrs. Art Winey's Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. E: R. Snell are taking a
vacation, visiting their friends at Schaller
Miss Louvici Norris visited a few days
at Sam Newcoin's near Boyer.
Miss Delia Phillips visited Mrs Watt
Wilkinson Monday.
Mrs. S. D. Newton and Miss Eucy
Flint visited at Linke Riggleman's home
Tuesday. On their way they met an
automobile and their horses became
frightened, but no accident occurred. The
automobile was No.
la It was the
first that had been seen on the Kiron road.
Mrs. Jas. McKim has been visiting her
sisters a few days thiL week.
Henry Marquardt marketed wheat at
Schleswig at 80c a bushel on Wednesday.
Voer Kamper. Otto and Henry Lincke
took a trip Friday to Dakota to look at
some land. We think they can't beat old
S. D. Newton. Honas Jo'hansen and Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Smith were Denison visit
ors Saturday.
W Early Rises
lft» famous UtttoplMfc
.••••». -£'-v..—
•Ml— I I JHIBUhimi••illMilI
•-"". "'!S!S'S5""""
r*V •.
~-V -..*'}
The Election Bogy.
the quail begins to Jig
On the cold and naked twig.
And the golden rod Is nodding on
the way,
And the chap redeems the frock
That all winter was In hoe
(Sigrno vlnces), and the frisky little gray
Squirrel takes the well browned nut
To his nonstcam healed hut,
And the pumpkin pie is lounging In the
Then the gay and festive chump
Hurries out to hug the slump
And listen to the
When the big papier mache
Serpent's packed and laid away,
And to the city everybody flocks
When the humble bumblebee
Quakes with the cold as he
Is swinging to and fro upon the phiox
When the lima bean and pea
Go to seed upon the lea
And lush tomatoes wabble In the can.
Then all of us will hump
Ourselves around the stump
And listen to the
When the rabbit, all care free,
Skips in half time joyfully,
And the moth Is chewing on the bathing
When the woodpeckers start to thrum,
And the partridge beats his drum,
When the cricket plays a twostep on his
When the straw hat's put away
With the duster worn and gray
Beside the gauzy waist and palm leaf fan,
Then with hop and skip and Jump
We will hurry to the stump
And listen to the
—P. P. Pitzer in New York Press.
Wonted All to Knoiv.
"So Miss Antique captured that
young man at last. I don't think she
liked the way the engagement was an
nounced, though."
"How did she want It announced?"
"Through a megaphone."
Knew Him.
"Thte," eald Mr. Flitter, "is the pic
tuPB of the only gir! I ever lo,ved."
"How cle'-erly," 'Bald Misa Wyse as:
•be looked at the porSalt "d5ey do get
up these composite photographs!"
Rev. Dr. Kerby
From a large platform. The purpose of the lecture is to explain the factors in the great
struggle between capital and labor, and to suggest the duty of citizens to contribute to the
peaceful solutions of the question.
Sioux City Brass Band. Balloon Ascension Daily.
Ball Game 4 P. M. GHarter oak, vs. Denison
Prof. Lewis, Great Tlagacian
Charter Oak will entertain big crowds every day of the Carnival, and on Denison Day,
Friday, September 2, will simply spread themselves. The excursion train will make fine
connection at Arion. Train No. 91, on the Milwaukee will have plenty of coaches to accom
modate everybody and will leave Arion at 8:40 a. m.
C. H- Merriam, formerly of Fltch
burg, Mass., but now of Honolulu, has
been anointed register of conveyances
for the territory.
H. II. Vreeland, president of the New
York Street Railway company, never
usee a free puss on his liue, tot Inva
riably pays his fare.
Thomas Taggart, the new chairman
of the Democratic national committee,
has invented a voting machine which
has been approved by the Indiana com
M. I.ebaudy, the "emperor of the Sa
hara," has bought a beautiful residence
In Brussels. It is to be his royal palace,
and he proposes to establish a court
a magnificent scale.
Charles II. Corregan, a printer, at
present fireman in the composing room
of the Daily People, published in New
York, is the Socialist Labor party's
nominee for president of the United
Henry G. Davis, Democratic candi
date for the vice presidency, never fails
to write a letter on each day to his
bachelor brother, Tom. He also re
ceives a daily letter, and for forty
years they have k'ept up this practice.
The value of the estate of the late
Mayor .Samuel M. Jones of Toledo is
roughly estiuiated by his sou, 1'ercy
Jones, in probate court, at SlUC.OOO, of
which §325,000 is personal property and
$21,000 real estate. The mayor left no
As Mr. Clioale has now been Amer
ican ambassador in Britain longer than
any of his predecessors since the late
O. F. Adams, who retired in IStiO, he
is to lie presented willi a portrait of
himself by Mr. IlerUomer. A replica of
the portrait by the same artist in also
to be placed in the embassy.
John I). Rockefeller is a director in
but one corporation—Standard Oil. Dur
ing the past six years he has been grad
ually withdrawing from the many
boards of which lu was a member. In
lS'JS lie was a director in four corpo
rations. The next year his son begun
taking his place.
New York has a daily fixture leakage
of 44,000,000 gallons of water.
The sea wall at Galveston is complet
ed. It cost $1,198,318. It is 17,593 feet
long, 10 feet high, 10 feet at base and
0 feet wide on top.
The city of New York, in the twelve
months ending with last February, for
the first time In its history, passed the
billion mark in the number of 5 cent
fares paid to local transit companies.
Since the opening of Its new tunuel,
which brings It drinking water from
far out in the lake, Cleveland^ number
of typhoid fever cases ha^ shrunk from
fifty-eight a week in 1903 to about two
at present.
.. .--*?-••
«i'Virv'i*i •*-"lf• '..% ,..
This is the year when 15,000,000
American voters will go to the polls
and indicate their preference between
the rough rider and the rough swim
mer.—Kansas City Star.
African savages take kindly to
American patent medicines.
Natives of Uganda, Africa, use
American oil for anointing their shiny
black bodies.
When a Uganda native buys an
American phonograph and sets it up la
his hut he becomes a society leader.
Measuring Drops.
When it is necessary to measure out
drops, cut a notch on the side of the
cork and put It into the bottle. Thin
will answer the same purpose as a vial
with a lip. Reverse the cork when not
in use to keep In the strength of tho
content* of the bottle.
Tln Oi n.nl flic Corn.
According to Jewinh statutes it was
unlawful to muzzle the ox engaged
treading otii the corn, the animal be
!ng allowed to eat his fill.
You know the medicine that 1
makes pure, rich blood---!i
Ayer's Siirsaparilla. Your
mother, grandmother, all your
folks, used it. They trusted '$
oeutiy curort
Mns. F. n.
There Is not much in a name after
all. Swallow and Carroll are not stand
ing on a "drink and sing" platform.—
Washington Post.
The "rabbit" is a new factor in poli
tics—at least the name is a new one for:
him. He is to a political convention
what a camp follower is to an army.—
Kansas City World.
it. Their doctors trusted it.
Your doctor trusts it. Then 8
trust it yourself. There is
health and strength in it.
"I gnftaret] terribly from Imitation —M
thin blood. I found no it-lief mr'.i
Fo: boCtiv- r*"in
01.00 a bn+tl*.
S!t. ..
Rich Bloo
Aver'* Pills are gently laixati'vcA
They greatly aid the SaraapariHa.

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