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5$J,V A,
Will be in Denison on Tuesday
•J: „i- October nth. 5.^
sides these a number of other distin
guished men will be on the train.
Denison and Crawford county are to
be congratulated on the number of
speakers of national importance they
have been priviliged to hear in the
last faw years. Of presidents and presi
dential candidates there have been a
large number, including the lamented
McKinley, his successor, Theodore
Roosevelt, W. Bryan, J. B. Weaver.
G. Wooley and of presidential possi
bilities not a few.
No one in Crawford county, be he
democrat or republican, should fail to
avail himself of this opportunity of
hearing one who is famous not only as
Theodore Roosevelt's running mate but
whose name has long been a household
«sord on account of his splendid service
in the United States senate
Was Not Arrested, But Was Welcomed
and is Now at the Home of His
Brother, Near Marshalltown.'
Sherman \V. Morris, otherwise
known as Frank Shercliffe, about whom
there has been much said, because of
his connecting Tom Denison, of Oma
ha. with the diamond robbery at Mis
souri Valley some years ago, was releas
ed from prison on Friday last, and i
noiv a free man. He wm not arrested
as was supposed he would be by the
Jefferson county officers, and was al
lowed to go to the home of his brother
near Marshalltown, where he now i*.
He declares that in the future he will
walk the straight and thorny path,
and that he will still tpll all he knows
about Denison when the proper time
Mr. Lally returned Thursday morn
ing from Dubuque where lie was in at
tendance at the fauction of the conse
cration of Rt, Rev. M. C. Lenihan as
Bishop of Great Falls, Mont. He re
ports an enormous throng to witness
the ceremony, one hundred eighty
coming on a special train from Mar
shalltown. The ceremony lasted a
little over four hours the sermon of
Archbishop Ireland was one of the
greatest efforts of this remarkably
great man. In the afternoon the
Bishop elect gave a banquet in the
Jullen, covers being laid for over two
hundred fifty. The banquet over these
was Indeed a "feast of reason and How
of soul", enjoyed by all present in
listening to short speeches from Arch
Bishop Ireland of St. Paul, Archbishop
Dingle of Chicago Bishops Garrigan
of Sioux City, Shanly of Fargo, Scannell
of Omaha and O'Gorman of Sioux Falls
The latter spoke on Popes Leo XIII
and Pius and paid eloquent tribute
tothe efforts of this government to
equitably settle the Philippine en
The library is Indebted to the college
for a file of the college Star. Mr. 8.
Brown, of Deloit. has sent a number of
papers published in the interest of So
cialism. Mr. Ferguson has taken some
very artistic pictures of the library
reading rooms, pictures that will be
very interesting gifts for the. Denison
people to send their friends. The li
brary board will rent the use of books
for one yaar, subject to the same rules
in force to Denison residents, to anyone
living in the country. The price asked
is two dollars. A great many farmers
have time to read in the winter and
the use of books can be had for six
months if so desired, Already books
have been rented and the board is very
glad to have the out-of-town people en
joy the use of the library. The old
way of making a deposit to be returned
when the book was returned is not
used at all.
Vice-presidential Candidate Will Arrive
**tOn Special Train. Cousins and Dolli
*£.,ver Expect to Accompany Him.
Senator Charles W. Fairbanks of In
diana. vice-presidential candidate on
the republican ticket, will arrive in
Deni9on on his special train on Tues
day, Oct. 11, at 10:20 a. in. A stop of
thirty minutes will be made, which
will be ample time for the candidate to
make a good speech and give every
body an opportunity 'to see and hear
him. The special train will be met in
Nebraska by Congressman Cousins,
who will accompany the senator on his
tour in Iowa. While Senator Dolliver
is subject to draft for speeches in Colo
rado, the understanding now is that he
will also accompany the party. Be
I ./ T-..
New Law Meant to Give Preference to
Old Soldiers in Appointment to
Office Held Unconstitutional.
A recent court decision which will
be of Interest to old soldiers as well as
holders of.appolntlve offices is that de
claring unconstitutional the law passed
by the legislature last winter, which
provides .that old soldiers shall be
given preference in the appoinment
of state, county and city officers.
The law provides in the appointment
of officers old soldiers, sailors, and
marines shall be given preference in
case they are qualified to fill the posi
tion for which they apply. The law
further provides that no old soldier,
sailor, or marine shall be discharged
from office which he now holds except
for misconduct or inability which shall
be established by hearing. The statute
however, is not meant to apply in the
appointment cf deputies or to offices of
a strictly confidential nature.
T&e first decision, as far as known in
this state, on the law was on the appli
cation of C. H. Shaw, for a writ of
mandamus requiring the city council
of Marshalltown to appoint him city
clerk, instead of L. Derby, the present
officer. An application for a writ of
temporary injunction was denied, and
a demurrer to the action raised by the
city was sustained by Judge Caswell at
the present term of court. The old
soldiers have now become interested
in the action, and Assistant Adjudant
General Newman of the department of
Iowa G. A. R. is authority for the
statement that the case will be appeal
ed to the supreme court at onec, Mr.
Newman gives what he purports to be
the facts in connection with the law
in other states of which he learned
while attending the annual encamp
ment of the national G. A. R., recently
held in Boston, Mass Mr. Newman
"While attending the oonfereuce at
Boston, I had a conference with James
C. Kay of Brooklyn, who originated
the idea of the soldier preference law
and has done more to get the principle
established in various states than any
other. He assures me that the law fn
New York state, for which he is Large
ly responsible, has been tested before
the supreme court there in every pos
sible phase, and has been sustained in
every respect Iu the state various
lower courts at first held it unconsti
tutional. In Kansas a law similar to
Iowa was declared null by a lower
court, and on aDpeal the supreme court
decided the law was all right. Ia thac
case, as in Iowa, the test came on a
matter of appointment of city clerk.
We would have preferred that the test
would come on a case where it was
sought to remove an old soldier, but
the principle is the same. We have no
doubt but that the law will be sustain
ed by the Iowa supreme court.''
Beginning With Nov. 1st, Two New Rur
al Routes Will be Run From
Schleswig will have two new mail
routes started November 1st. The
length of the routes will be 2ti and
24A miles, and they will cover an area
of 74 square miles. The population
served is 1060, and the number of
houses on the routes 212. We have
not learned who the drivers will be.
Married at the Catholic church,liev.
Father Farrelly, 'performing the cere
mony, Sept. 27, 1904, Mr. Daniel Law
ler, of Breda, and Miss Mary McKane,
of this city.
Mr. Lawler is a prosperous young
farmer of Carroll county, who is to be
congratulated upon the choice he has
The young couple left on the 9 o'clock
train for Iowa City, and will return to
their home at Breda in a couple of
The Germanla Opera House Society
Is having a new cement six foot walk
put in around the Opera House, Mr.
Mat Mill having secured the contract.
The work of tearing up the board walk
was commenced Monday.
—I will sell O. I. C. Chester White
boars and pure bred Short-Horn bulls.
To Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming aud
(lie Uluck Hills, Friday.
September 29th.
Via the North-Western Line. Rpund
trip excursion tickets will be sold at
very low rates with favorable return
limits. For further informotion and
tickets apply to agents Chicago &
North-Western R'y.
nndf'" i»*N.
1823 OakinuQ HVO
^.Aldrich riiaSi C'urafor.
Football and Baseball. Teams
Being Organized.
The Football Team is Out Practicing
Nearly Every Dav And Several
Games are Being Planned For.
Athletics at the high school have
taken on an activity which they have
not done for several years. For sever
al years athletic sports have been on
the wane among the students, especial
ly among the boys, but at the opening
of the term the new principal C. E.
Humphreys, who played football on
the Nebraska team two years ago. set
about to organize a team among the
boys. He found them willing subjects
and they have displayed great interest
and enthusiasm in the organization of
the team.
Every morning, five o'clock finds'
them up and awav on a two mile run
hardening the muscles and lengthen
ing the wind for the comitsg struggles
on the gridiron. Nearly every even
ing at four they are out on the play
ground with noseguards shinguardsjand
head gear, developing a speed and in
terference which will win them the
victory ia many a hard fought contest
this fall. A bath room has been in
stalled in the basement of the school
building for their use, which makes it
very convenient for them
Carl Richardson, the captain of the
team, has given us the line-up as nearly
as he can tell at resent, which is as
Fulibacs, Luke Weeks right half,
John Moloney left half, Rob Romans
quarterback, Carl Richardson center,
Hernnu 1 Woock left guard, George
Danielson right guard, Alfred Rhower:
left tackle, Frank Lally right tackle,
vacant left end, Warren Romans
right end, Leslie Fieter: substitutes,
Hugh Nash, Earl
Arthur Cush-
nian Lewis Rhedenbaugh, AltonThew
They are expecting to play games
this fall with high school teams all
along the line from Council Bluffs to
Des Moines. Next Saturday they are
planning to play a game here either
with Do City or Dunlap
While the boys are interested iu foot
ball the girls are busy with basket ball.
Five different teams have been organ
ized, which keep the grounds occupied
nearly every day. They are also plan
ning to piay a number of games with
ottrr high schools. Below are the
names of the members of each team and
the days on which they play, the first
team havirg retained their organiza
tion over from last year.
Tuesdays and Thursdays Ethel Orr,
captain Retta Van Ness, Edith Sialey,
May Silletto, Edna Raine, and Mabel
Tuesdays Mabel Kelley, captain
Gladys Tucker, Birdie Berg, Florence
Baker, Clara Strahan,
Wednesdays Hilda Rohwer, captain
May Smith, Lulu James, Hedwig Bro
dersen, Mable Horton and Ethel Ral
Wednesdays Minnie Watje, captain
Addie Luney, Allie Morris, Clara Scriv
er, K'tie Silletto and Jean Wilson.
Thursdays Ethel Hunter captain
Pearl Gary, Nell Cushman, Laura
Pearson and Hazel Nash.
To California, Oregon, Washington,
Neratlu, Idulio, Montana, Utah,
Colorado ami Wyoming.
Vm the North-Western Line, will be
in effect from all stations daily until
October 15, inclusive. Stop-overs and
interesting side trips. Two solid fast
trains through on the Pacific Coast
daily, "The Overland Limned" less
than three days enroute. Another fast
daily traiu with drawing room and
tourist sleeping cars and free reclining
chair cars daily. Personally conducted
excursions. For tickets and full infor
mation apply to agents Chicago &
North Western R'y.
On Friday, Sept. 30, the Northwest
ern railroad will run a special train to
Ames, the occasion being the Autumn
Jubilee of the Iowa State college. The
rate for the round trip is exceedingly
cheap, $1.75, and affords the people of
Denison and vicinity an excellent op
portunity not only to spend a pleasant
outing at a small cost, but. to visit and
inspect the work which is being done
b$ this great school. There will be a
complete exhibit of live stock and
creamery products: railroad making
machinery will be a special feature,
and all the other departments of the
work of the college will be well repre
sented. Gov. A. B. Cummins will
make an address and there will also be
a football game between Highland
Park and Ames. The train leaves
Denison at 7:35 a- m., and starts on the
return trip from Ames at 7:15 p. m.
Reappointed to This Charge by The
Conference at Atlantic. Other
Appointments of Interest.
At the annual meeting of the Des
Moines conference of the Methodist
church, which adjourned Monday af
ternoon. Rev. Emory Miller, who has
served as thjjrpastorst Denison for two
years past, was reappointed to this
Other appointments which will be of
interest to Denison people are as fol
E. M. Holmes, presiding elder of the
Des Moines district, will reside at Des
J. B. Harris, Boone.
E. E Ilgea Frilz. Atlantic.
Rey. J. Varley of Dow City, and
Rsv. Joseph Stephen of Manilla were
also returned to their old charges.
Mable Hunter, the little two-year-old
daughter of Mrs. C. Hunter, stray
ed away from home Monday morning
and for -a time her mother was much
worried aud excited as to her where
abouts. JcSin Meeves discovered her
in front of Pimm's saloon and took her
to the city hall where she was left in
charge of the county clerk She was
finally discovered there fast asleep by
Miss Allie Wilson, wh.i returned the
child to its mothe:,
If you have not already secured one
of our fice maps do so at suce. They
are fine ones.
Petit Jury Was Dismissed Last
R. A. Romans Wins in the Case Against
D. C. Thew. Other Minor Case Up
For Consideration.
Quite a number of unimportant cases
have, been disposed of by the district
court since our last publication. As
we went to pre?s last week the case of
Romans vs Thew was occupying the
attention of the court. The case was
not given to the jury until late Wed
nesday afternoon and after consider
able disagreement a verdict was finally
reached awarding the plaintiff $125,
the amount for which he sued.
The case of the Independent District
Dow City against Treasurer Booth and
his bondsmen was next brought to the
attention of the court but it was finally
ruled that the arguments should be
presented in writing so they could be
considered in vacation.
The jury was dismissed Friday and
since then the court has considered a
number of minor cases and attended to
routine work. It i6 expected court
will adjourn some time this week.
Monday evening Judge Powers held
a session of juvenile court, as provided
for in the new statutes passed by the
legislature last winter, and sentenced
We have just received
a fine line of Heaters
aid Ranges and to make
your home both beauti
ful and comfortable,
means that you get a
good and durable stove.
You will find the
range a range unsurpassed both in quality and durability,
and it is worth seeing before you buy. Our Heaters are
stoves you will be surprised to see, and not only surprised
in the looks, but in the price also. 3 Every stove that leaves
our store is warranted
to be as good as you
can get any place for
the price.
Menagh & Co.
Denison, Iowa
J. U. EW V,
NO. 39
to the reform school Johu Little, who
has been heldfor sometime on a charge
of rape, but whose case was dismissed
by the 'grand jury. He was shown
be under sixteen years of age, thus
coming Junder the jurisdiction of the
juvenile court, and was sent to the re
form school because of being a home
less and neglected child.
The moving picture show at the
opera house Saturday evening had a
very flattering attendance. The house
was jammed long before the entertain
ment began and Mayor Carey finally
ordered the sale of tickets stopped to
prevent any danger from overcrowding
the house. Our citizens have for a
long time considered a moving picture
show as a hoodoo on account of the poor
quality of those which have appeared
here, but the free exhibition given by
these people last Wednesday evening
convinced those who saw it that here
was an exhibition worth seeing. Con
sequently there was a crowd of nearly
a hundred people waiting for admission
when the doors opened Saturday even
ing. These were mostly those who had
not reserved their seats and who were
anxious to get in and get good places.
The rush and jam about the ticket
window was furious andcontiuued until
the sale of tickets was stopped. The
opera house management was surprised
at the large audience and is now sorry
that the show was not taken in on com
mission Instead of renting the hall tQ
No need of gcing into detail every
one know9 what a rummage sale is.
1 :j
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