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'Phone 82.
4 «,'
The Best Security
for Depositors
^444-H-H. 1 '1 'Mi'1'111
s-"rJr j.AP-ijr
For mat Severe Gold
Call at the Denison Drug Co, and get sunn
Laxative Biomo Quinine or some of our fa
mous White Pine Compound and Casc.ira
P. H. McGuire, Prop.
Senator Fairbanks at Denison,
Friday, October I Jth, J904.
I Quality «a Quantity
5 It pays to trade with the City Bakery, where you al
ways get your money's worth. We are headquarters
for all kinds of Bakery Goods, Fruits, Fresh Oysters 4
5 and Candy always on hand at all times. ,a
feinted'-:- HV'
E have on hand a nice lot of Fence Posts
Poles. Also small Piling Hog Wire
Fence, a car of the very best cement on the
market, all kinds of shingles and building
materials at bed-rock prices.
Call and see us before purchasing else
where. At the old Stone & Temple stand.
8, E E O
Green Bay Lumber
We handle Atlas Portland
Cement, the Old Reliable.
Get our Prices.
Craw'*ord County State Bank,
This Bank is incorporated vincfer the laWi-- ov. Iowa. This gives
the best security to all depositors, £ot only to the AliiOU* 1. 9 ''u': the per
sonal property of each share holder is holden to the amount 01
ji»98 to the bank. Incorporated banks art tinder the control of the State Auditor,
*rno can at any time examine the business, and according to his investigation
toe published statements are made. Depositors in an incorporated bank have
more security than the confidence imposed in the offices. They have the best se
curity, because the capital stock can not be used at pleasure for outside specula
tion ana investment. The Crawford County State Bank is the best incorporated
Ranking institution in the county. A general banking business done.
{passage TicktS Sold. Insurance Written. Loans Negotiated.
Prf|ident. V-Pres. Cashier. Ass't Cashier.
Cornweil, Geo Naeve, Schwartz, Chas Tabor, Conner.
Bulbs, Bulbs, Cut Flowers,
Designs, Choice Flower
Plants. 10 per cent dis to
all lodges ordering designs
over $3-
zmnER & SON Florists
WoodbinCt Iowa
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 I W
Denison, Iowa
$100,000. Deposits $450,000-
Farm Loans at Five|
Per Cent Interest
share to any
Strawberry and Vege'
table Dealers
The Passenger Department of the Illinois
Centtal Railroad Company have recently Is
sued a publication known as Circular No. Id,
in which is described the
best territory in this country
for the growing of early strawberries and ear
ly vegetables. Every dealers iiihucli products
should address a postal card to tlie undersign
ed at Dubuqne. Iowa, requesting a copy of
'Circular No. 12."
J. F. MF.KRY, Asst. Oen'l Pass'l Agent
Treasurer of State
U. S GILRERTSON Witmebaso county
I AI torjiey General
C. VV. MULLAN Black Hawk County
Judge of Supreme Court.
H. E. DEEMER Montgomery County
Railroad Commissioner
N. P. KETCHUM Marshall County
For Auditor,
EDWARD THEOBALD, of NisUnabotny Twp.
F^r Clerk of District Court,
CLAUS PAHL of Morgan Township.
For Recorder,
M. L. HOULIHAN Jr of Charter Oak.
For County Attorney.
P. .f. KLINKEK of Denison
For Supervisor,
HENRY MAYNARD.. ,o£ Jackson Township.
Apparently Judg:e Parker will take
plenty of time and try to avoid the ne
cessity for a postscript,—Sioux Citj
Supposing the war is costing Russia
a million a day. isn't she getting all
uf it that is coming to her?—Times
The Webster City Freeman-Tribune
believes "Parker's election wou'a
make David B. Hill the most powerful
politician in the count: y. He would
be president de facto
Iowa City Republican: J. H. Trewin,
who leads the Republican electoral
ticket, is located in about the rigb:
place from whence should come the
next governor of Iowa.
If we continue republicanism and
protection we shall soon be making the
$50,000,000 worth of cotton good?
which we are now importing.—Winne
bago County Republican.
The farmers of the United States in
1896. under Cleveland and free trade
had corn to burn. While under Roose
velt and protection they have "mone
to burn.''—Ogden Reporter.
John Sharpe Williams is going to
speak in Des Moines. We would be
glad to go down and hear him if ht
would explain why he is so concerned
over the political 9tatus of the Filipinos
aLd so indifferent to the rights of the
negros and the enforcement of law in
his own state.—Boone County Repub
The Roosevelt letter formally ac
cepting the presidential nomination i=
a masterly statement of the political
situation and an irrestible argument in
favor of continued republican suprem
acy. There is neither dodging nor
dalliance in the treatment of any de
tail of administrative record—or of ad
ministrative duty.—Spirit Lake Beacon
The Marion Register says that no
one knows what southern democrat?
would do for a campaign issue without
the ''nigger." "They keep him on
perpetual exhibition as a scarecrow.'"
points out. "Ever since the war the
nigger has been the paramount issue in
the land of Jeff Davis, Tillman, Varda
man and the throatcutter, Champ
What! is Bro. Bryan going to vote
to "crucify the laboring man upon a
cross of gold?" He can vote his prin
ciple if he wants to, as Tom Watson is
in the field carrying the banner of sal
vation—the free and unlimited coinage
of silver and gold at the heaven born
ratio of 16 to 1. When put to the test
Mr. Bryan gives symptoms of prefer
ring party to country. —Webster City
The Arcadian (Kan.) Times, a dem
ocratic paper, has pulled out of cam
paign in a huff and refuses to mention
politics any more at all.
"After,' to quote its own words,
"vainly endeavoring to construct a life
raft out of the mislit planks of the dem
ocratic piriform, this sheet gives it up.
We shall vote for Parker. Roosevelt
will be elected. It will take six Cgures
to write his majority in Kansas. This
is our individual opinion, and this is
the first, last, and only mention of the
matter in these columns. —Esthervilje
Senator Bailey of Texas who is back
east telling law abiding people how to
vo*,e is shown by the Mew York Sun to
have been captain in a company of
murderers who terrorized Copiah coun
ty. Mississippi, in the campaign 20
years ago. The Sun has published ex
tracts from a congressional investiga
tion that followed and the big senator
from Texas, then a young man, is shown
to have been a common desperado who
incited fren/.ied followers to all sorts of
violence and crime. That is the sort of
reformers the Democratic committee is
sending north to instruct people in the
duties of citizenship. —Carroll Her
Tt-ie Review
Ss- I **V 1
,N"i-\v Voi'k
for Vice Pivsliient
l'or C«iicrt.-»!iuau—Tenth Dihtrict
HON .I P. (!, NNER Crawford County
Auditor of Slate
ii. ]•". CAKROLi, Davis "County
Secretary of. State
VV. 15. MARTIN AdaiL'County
Includes in One Volume Complete His
tory of the State and Introduces
Manv New Features.
D^s Moines Capital: During the
past six months a new and un que his
tory of Iotvahas been in course of pre
paration and is expected to be publish
ed by the first of January. Fred H.
Gaston, a local newspapar man is the
autnor. It is the second history of the
state ever written, and differs from
that written by the late B. F. Gue,
former lieutenant governor of Iowa, in
that it consists of but one volume of
approximately 1000 pa^es and is expect
ed to be placed oa the market at pop
ular prices, while the former was a
most elaborate worit of four volumns
and sold for $18.
Superintendent Sheakley and other
public educators of Des Moines express
the opinion that such a work will be of
the greatest practical utility, as Iowa
school children have hitherto been
compelled-to go begging for the history
of their own state.
The first 500 pages of the work fol
low conventional lines, beginning with
the mound builders and aborigines,
dealing with the discovery of America,
the colonial history, the exploration of
the Mississippi valley, a brief general
history of the nation, a detailed history
of the northwest territory and conclud
ing with a complete history of Iowa.
It is from this point that the history
centers upon unique fields. After
pointing out that Iowa excels all other
states in agriculture and live stock, for
example, it deals at some length with
the developement of the state along
these lines.
Separate chapters are devoted to
various subjects, showing the indus
trial and political growth of the state.
A complete history of the political par
ties in Iowa, cf the various state con
ventions and of the state administra
tions is given. Men who have achiev
ed state and national prominence, who
have become cabinet officeri and occu
pied former positions in the senate,
house or on the Supreme bench are
indde the subjects of accurate sketch.
Under a chapter devoted to Iowa's
educational development it is pointed
out that in absence of illiteracy Iowa
surpasses all states, and the leading
educational institutions are described.
In brief the, volume is expected by
its author to fill a Ions felt want and
to find a prominent place in household
and school libraries.
Mr. Gaston is a graduate of the Uni
versity of Michigan and has had a
training in literary work t.hat equips
him for the task upon which he is now
engaged. He first practiced law, then
conducted a daily paper of his own,
after which he became city editor of
the llockford, (111) Daily Republic, and
was later managing editor of the Des
Moines Daily News for three years.|At
present he is employed on the Daily
Capital and is special correspondent
for a number of
York and Chicago
The work will be published by the
C. V. Fassett Publishing company of
this city, of which C. V. Fassett, a
director in the Marquardt Savings
bank, is president, Huoert Utterback,
graduate of Drake university, former
manager of athletics of Drake univers
ity and lecture course, is secretary and
(Montezuma Republican)
Look out for this graft. It's a new
one and being worked in various sec
tions of the country. A stranger ap
proaches a farmer and offers to sell
him a water tank wnich he guarantees
will prevent water from freezing in
the zero weather. Failing to make a
sale, he induces the farmer to act as
salesman and has him sign a contract
for one tank to be used as a sample,
as Mr. Stranger is very desirous to
place one tank in each township. A
few weeks after, two accomplices come
along with the contract transformed
into a note and demand payment.
Beware! Have a care! Give all stran
gers the marble heart and trade with
your home merchants or consider
yourself badly beaten bv your own
Remember 189IM89B and the days of
iudustrial gloom.
Remember 1893-189(5 and the home
comforts which were wanting.
.QRemember 1893-1896 and the wives
and children wanting clothes.
Remember 189:5-1896 and the thous
ands of capable mechanics looking in
vain for work.
Remember 1893-1896 and the fulfilled
promises made by the republican party
in the campaign of 1896.
Remember 1893-1896 and the delusive
promises made oy the democratic par
ty in the campaign of 1892.
Uemember 1893-1896 and the land
lord waiting at the door fpr the rent
money which could not be provided.
Remember 1893-1896* when the fac
tory whistle failed to blow for another
day's work, another day's pay.
Remember 1893-1896 and the count
less number of women and children
waiting, faint with hunger, for the
bread which never came.
Remember 1893 1896 and the un
American sou houses and other forms
of charity necessary to relieve those
who need no relief when they nan get
A big fire at Emerson lajt week
destroyed an entire husiuess block en-1
tailing a loss of $10,000. I
Calhoun c.iunty celebrated the semi
centennial anniversary of the settle
ment of the county at Lake City last
The Des Moines conference of the
Methodist church held its annual
session at Atlantic last week, Bishop
McDowell presiding.
Will Wood, Jr., of Wnat Cheer had
his fingers badly torn and bruised
while attempting to remove a cartridge,5
which had stuck, with a hammer and
Mrs. Herman Muecke, of near Le
Mars was seriouly hurt in a runaway
last week. The team tecame fright*
ened at an automobile and ran for
mile, throwing the occupants out.
This week there will be celebrate^'
at \lgona the semi-centennial anniver-c'
sary of the first settlement north of
Fort Dodffe and east of Cerro Gordo
county in Iowa. Governor Cummins is
one of the speakers
T. F. Brewster, night watch at
Harlan, was caught beneath a bill
board which blew down there last
week. It was seme time before he
was discovered and released, however!
with only slight injuries,
Cicero Rowelly of near Bridgewater
shot and killed his wife at the home of
a neighbor after she had instituted
divorce proceedings against him. His
body was found at his home a few hours
later with a bullet through his side.
A gale which swept through Oska
loosa last week is estimated to have
done $100,000 damage to property.
Roofs were torn off buildings, plate
glass windows were broken, great
trees were uprooted and corn leveled.
Three inches of rain fell,
Rob Harding, a twelve-year-old boy,
was thrown from his pony on the race
track at the What Cheer fair grounds,
striking his head against the fence.
He was unconscious for eight hours,
but recovered and is little worse for
the accident.
Mrs. Ella Barker of Story count}',
after a life of sixty years as the wife of
a poor farmer, unexpectedly came into I
possession of one-third ^of an estate I
estimated at over a million. She has
gone east, where the estate is located,
and the family will soon follow.
Joseph Garfield Walleser. a graduate
of Iowa College at Grinneil, and the
winner of Rhodes' scholarship, recent
ly sailed for Oxford, Eng., where he
will begin his residence at Oriel
college. Oxford university. He will
stay at the university three years and
will be allowed $1,500 a year for ex
Peter Lewis of Mt Ayr was shot and
killed by his wife last week. He had
been out all night at the bedside of a
sick neighbor and as he was returning
in the earlv morning his wife heard
him making a noise at the hen house.
As they had been bothered with
chicken thieves, she opened the win
dow and fired.
A hail storm at Fort Dodge last
week did great damage. An orchard
consisting of 150 acres of apple trees
was stripped destroying hundreds of
barrels of fruit. The green house was
shattered and the hail and water made
inroads into the business houses dam
aging the stock and causing a tempora
ry suspension of business.
Confined to his bed for six weeks and
refusing medical attendance at any
time during this period, John Henry
Trippe, of Dubuque, aged 82 years,
passed away. Mr. Trippe was a be
liever in Christian Science and always
had an aversion for medicine. Although
ill many times in the last fifty years
he had never had a physician attend
him since boyhood.
Because colored children attend the
public schools of Red Oak and are
thus thrown iu contact with the little
ones of white skins, the Church of
Christ is to lose Rev. A. R. Hunt as
pastor. He was recently called by the
congregation from Savannah, Mo.,
where he kad a charge, but when he
learned that there were no special
schools provided for colored children,
he immediately sent in his resignation,
assigning as a reason that he could not
allow his children to go to school
where negroes attend,
Geo. W, Post & Son, grain dealers of
Lehigh, have brought suit against the
Western Union Telegraph Company
for |450 for damages sustained on ac
count of the alleged non-deli very of a
message until two days after the time
it was filed. They had received an
offer for 15,000 bushels of corn from a
firm in Peoria, 111., and had wired an
acceptance. The message being de
layed two days, the market went down
and the complaining company was un
able to close the deal. The suit is
brought to cover the loss and the cost
in the case.
Excursion Rates to Yellowstone Xat
onal Park.,
Via the North-Western Line, daily,
with favorable return limits Variable
routes. Most wonderful scenery in the
world. Apply to agents Chicago &
North-Western R'y. 30-10
1 v9(,
., *. t- *t'i
No Slinking]
of calves when
is fed. The cows
are strong and so are
the calves.
Better milk and more
of it. Better butter.
Greatest of animal regu
Ask your dealer for 64-page
(free) Handbook about Cows,
Horses, Hogs and other animals.
I Pratt Food Co phlladelptt^t
The Oririnal Stock and Poultry
oods of America
In use over 30 years
Ekttlnir Matcliea,
The natives of Alaska have eatir
matches, at which great numbers
the villagers compete. The man whl
eats the most is considered the fines)
Live Pear's. ~i
It is said that the live lustrous" pearl
uever dies.
Rubber Plants.
Rubber plants are said to be greatly'
benefited by an occasional dose of
castor oil. It should be poured into a
little trench around the stem and then
covered -with earth.
Anctent Croas. ln
An ancient stone cross is still
served In England, near Mltchel Troyj
which dates back to early Saxon times!
The general lines are obviously of Sail
on design, as are the quaint bossesf
used in the ornamentation. Its exact]
utility is in doubt, but it Is supposed tol
have marked the meeting place of early
Saxon tribes.
San Franclnco Harbor.
San Francisco may claim to have the
most capacious natural harbor and also
the safest. Port Philip bay, the chief
harbor of Victoria, Australia, Is larger
than the bay of San Francisco, but its
very breadth leaves it exposed to
storms from certain quarters.
The Stomach is tlie Man.
A weak stomach weakens the man'l
because it cannot transform the food!]
he eats into nourishment. Health and
strength cannot be restored to any sick'
man or weak woman without first re
storing health and strength to the stom
ajh. A weak stomach cannot digestj
enough food to feed the tissues and
vive the tired and run down liinb^3.
organs of the body. Kodol Dys|epsg
Cure digests what you eat, cleanses atf
strengthens the glands and membram
of the 'Stomach, and cures indigestion
dyspepsia and all stomach trou-jhs®.'
Sold by
8-Room house with furnac
bath and all modern convenie
ces, four blocks from busufi
center. $2300.00, easy ter|
This is unquestionably the
bargain in the city.
7-Room house with one
east Denison near the park,
This has never been offered
less than $1,100, but the /\v|
wishes to make a quick saK'i.
7-Room house with ba»»r
and two lots near college, $1
Just the thir.g for anyone wi
family to educate. Four bio*
from public school.
7-Room house in nortl/eaf
Denison, three lots, $2500./
10 lots, 6-room house, .'gool
barn and 40 acres of land withj
the city limits for sale f»ra she
time at $5000. I
283 acres of the best farm 1
in Iowa, with a large house
barn and every possible imprcj
ment, close to three towns,
sale at $65.00 per acre. This,
a good level farm and not low\
These are only a few dj
the Bargains we have. Cat
and see us.
Crawford Countu
Reaf Estate Excfianoe
The fiiiHMip Wle pill

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