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E. F. TUCKER, Publisher.
Official Paper of Crawford County and
oity of Denison.
Published every Wednesday morning.
•ntered at the Postofflce in Denison, Iowa, as
second-class mail matter.
Per Inch, 1 time
Per Inch, 8 times 68
Per Inch, 3 times.^ 75
Per Inch, times
Per Inch, 5 times 1.00
f&All Bills Payable Monthly.
Editorial Department
——By F. W. Meyers
The Bulletin bae another guess com
ing about Mike Houlihan. He was not
in the democratic convention as the
Bulletin states. Mr. Houlihan has
been a republican since bis first vote
and this fact has been known to all his
intimates. He is a true-blue Crawford
county boy born and raised in thecoun?
ty. A worker on the farm, in the
school and in the office. Honorable,
trustworthy, an example to ail in gooo
conduct and integrity. A son of one of
the best known families in the county
respected 'by all who know him De
mocracy can gain nothing in an effort
to discredit him or to charge him with
dishonorable motives.
The republican campaign at Vail was
opened on Saturday night by a splendid
speech by the talented young lawyer
and lecturer of Logan, Hon. Geo. W.
Egan. All present were delighted
.with the speakers eloquence his force
ful and pleasing delivery and his inti
mate knowledge and clear exposition
of the issues of the campaign. His
enlogy of President Roosevelt was par
ticularly fine and aroneed ranch en
thnsiasm. Mr. Egan is another volun
teer in the Crawford county campaign
who has placed the republicans of the
county under great and lasting obliga
tion He will speak nest Saturday
iAght at the center school house in Jack
son township and we can assure the
people of that vicinity of a rare treat.
We trust there will be a large attend
ance at this meeting as Mr. Egan is a
brilliant orator, worthy of the largest
Judge Conner has had eight meetings
in the county during the past two
weeks. All of them, save when the
weather was distinctly adverse, were
well attended and all were listened to
with marked interest. Working all
day in the court room or the office and
driving from twelve to thirty miles
each night is no light task and the re
publicans can but feel that Judge Con
ner has done his entire duty by them.
The democrats who have listened to
their speeches with as much apparent
interest as the republicans, can butfeel
that Judge Conner is true to his colors,
and not afraid to speak his convictions.
Me has abused no one, but has present
ed an array of facts and figures and
logic which cannot fail to make an im
pression. The cheap attempts on the
part of the Bulletin to meet these
speeches by ridicule and by insinua
tion that the democrats of Crawford
are not open to reason are not only
harmless, but tbey are insulting to the
voters who see more in politics 'than
the distribution of county plums. The
party that is afraid to present its is
sues fully and fairly and freely is a
party to be distrusted. The Bulletin's
method oftprocedure is simply in ac
cord with that legal maxim, "When
you have no case, abuse the witness
The Republicans of Crawford would
indeed be ungrateful did they not re
turn their thanks to Hon. Geo. 1).
Perkins'for the splendid speech which
he made at Charter Oak last Tuesday
night. The meeting was well attended.
Hon. J. P. Conner made a brief but
forceful introductory speech, paving
the way byj his accurate statement of
facts, for the brilliant recital of events
with which Mr. Perkins followed. We
have^heard Mr. Perkins on numerous
occasions, we have been pleased to sit
at his feet, learning from the brilliant
editorial^columns of the Journal, but
never have we heard or read his utter
ance when it appealed to us as more
cozent.j -more bright, more versatile,
more filled^with a profonnd knowledge
of men|andfof events than it did at that
comparatively Ismail evening meeting
at Charter Oak. If every voter in
Crawford fcould have been present the
republican ticket would sweep the
countyithis^fall.fc There is nothing too
good| forJMr. Perkins and it is our sin
cere hope that the republicans of Iowa
will soon fittingly recognize the merit
of this honest, patriotic' forceful and
conscientious'editor and statesman. In
behalf {of his'audikrs and the republic
ans of iCrawford- county we thank Mr.
Perkins for his splendid effort and for
the spirit of friendship which prompted
Let no one accuse Parker of being
cowardly. In his letter of acceptance
he refers to the low prices of the Cleve
land administration and says his elec
tion wiil bring them back. Now, what
do you think of that?
Wil| Address Roosevelt First Voters
and Others at City Hall.
On Friday |night the Roosevelt First
Voters will hold their first open session
at the city^hall. President McCon
naughey announces that a good pro
gram has been arranged including an
address by Hon. P. E. C. Lally. The
meeting will not be confined to first vo
ters and all are urged to attend, both to
hear a good speech and to encourage
the young men in their work.
Down at Manilla we met a good
friend, 8 retired farmer, living at hit
ease and giving his children the benefit
of good schools. He said he quit farm
ing because |he was getting along in
years, did not care to work much him
self and hired help was so expensive
•Why," he said, "I can't get a man novr
for less than 825 to $27 per month
During Cleveland times I could get
good man for $10 a month," and then "nt
scratched his head aud addci "Yee.
and I had to let the man go, because
could't raise the ten dollars."
These are the "low prices'
ker would have us return to.
Mr. Par
Hon. S. -A. Nelson of Humbolt, th*
brilliant Scandinavian American ora
tor, one of the most brilliant speaker
in the Tenth District will give a weekv
time to the Crawford county campaign
His appointments will be as follow?
Ifiron with O. H, Olson Monday, Oct
Buck Grove, Tuesday, Oct. 18.
Willow Center, Wednesday, Oct 19
Ricketts, Thursday, 20,
East Boyer High School, Friday, Oct
Deloit with 0. H. Olson Saturday.
Oct. 22,
In a Man.
It has been shown by analysis that
a young person weighing 154 pounds
is composed of 90 pounds of water, 3
pounds of white of egg, a little less
than 1 pound of pure glue, 34% pounds
of fat, 8% pounds of phosphate of lime,
1 pound of carbonate of lime, 3 ounces
of sugar and starch, 7 ounces of fluor
ide of calcium, 6 ounces of phosphate
of magnesia and a little ordinary table
A lion* to Literature.
Many of Lady Mary Wortley Mon
tagu's letters were destroyed by her
daughter, who imagined that her fam
ily name was impaired by connection
with literature.
Invention of the Piano.
It is not known who invented the
piano, the credit being variously given
to Christopher Gottlieb Schroeter of
Saxony, Marius of France and Bar
tolomeo Christofali of Italy. The lat
ter had completed four instruments in
1709, and two dated 1720 and 1726 still
Gem Engraving.
Gem engraving flourished as "an art
among the Chaldeans 4000 B. C., and
specimens of their castings in bronze
have come down through the ages
since 3000 B. C.
The Eye In Death.
The retina becomes of a pale white
color soon after death, and the pellucid
fluid in the cornea, which doesTiot ex
ude in the living state, but is constant
ly absorbed and renewed, oozes out
gradually after or a short time before
death and forms that obscure film be
fore the cornea which destroys its
aii«l Forests.
Lightning seldom strikes in a forest
Where the trees are dense and of about
the same height. Danger exists only
where Isolated trees rise above their
Uon° to Cntcli Crows.
In order to catch crows, which do so
much damage to growing crops, Ital
ian farmers place small pieces of meat
in conical shaped paper bags and
smear the inside of these bags with
glue. When the bird puts his head in
and finds himself blindfolded he flies
upward to an immense height, but
falls near his starting place.
There are very few paupers in Ja
pan, because old age is revered there.
No parents or children come to want
unless all their natural protectors are
dead or disabled.
Thrift In Norway.
To encourage working people to es
tablish homes of their own Norway
has founded a bank for workingmen
It lends money at 3% and 4 per cent
and gives the borrower forty-two years
in which to pay the loan. The total
cost of the house must not exceed £160,
and the area of land must not be more
than five acres.
More than five-eighths of the area
of Vienna is covered by woods, vine
yards, parks and gardens.
The Infant Prodlgry.
Christian Henry Heineck, who was
born at Lubeck in 1721, was called
the "infant prodigy." He only lived
to be four years old, but at the time
Of his untimely death was "highly
rian 1*1-mrfmnft
,.r J-a r«,ir ^j:-,f"j«ll.$sp^!i
Denison, la.
Denison, la.
Carries Away Six Blue Ribbon Prizes at
the St, Louis Exposition
His Winnings Amount to $2,000
He Captures the Highest Award Made at the Exposition and
is Chosen to Respond to President Francis' Address
"to the Cattlemen
W. A. McHenry succeeded in capturing the Premier Cham
pionship prizes for both breeder and exhibitor,considered the high
est awards made at the World's St. Louis Fair. This award was
determined by the largest amount of prizes won in class for Aber
deen-Angus cattle and also being the most successful breeder. He
also won the aged herd for his own breeding, his winnings amount
ing to $2000.00. His aged bull, Western Star, won the first
prize in a competition with sixteen bulls. His two year old bull
Censor, was placed second and his bull calf, Choice Goods, first
prize, He took six first prizes, three second and three third
Mr. McHenry was also honored by the exhibitors in that he was
chosen from among them to respond to a complimentary address
given by President Francis of the exposition. Mr. McHenry was
equal to the occasion, and spoke at some length. He stated that
the exhibitors heartily appreciated the splendid treatment accord
ed them and the absolute spirit of fairness which had actuated the
stock judges. He gave President Francis the credit for having
done more than any other man to provide the largest prize fund
ever given at a live stock show. The McHenry herd of Aberdeen
Angus cattle is so well known throughout the United States, that
it is becoming a household word.
Mr. McHenry has received two very highly gratifying letters
of congratulation for his success as a breeder and exhibitor at the
Exposition, one from Charles F. Mills, chief of the department of
live stock at the St. Louis exposition and one from F. D. Tomson
of Cedar Rapids, who is a representative of the Iowa Homestead
published at Des Moines. We publish the letters below and we
feel sure that every reader will be interested in reading them and
will appreciate the honor which has been bestowed upon Mr. Mc
Henry and the county as well.
s**-' tfer-,
ST. LOUS, U. S. A., September 20, 1904.
I have the honor and the pleasure to inform you that you
have been awarded the Premier Championship honor as the most
successful exhibitor at the Universal Exposition of Aberdeen-An
gus cattle.
This award was determined by the largest aggregate amount
awarded to animals exhibited in certain special sections by any
one exhibitor of said breed at the Universal Exposition.
The badges provided for the Premier Championship honor re
ferred to above will be presented you Friday afternoon September
23, 1904, at 30'clock in the Live Stock Forum.
You are invited to assemble your prize Cattle in the Forum
Friday afternoon at 2.30 o'clock.
Please accept our hearty congratulations on receiving the most
distinguished honor of the Cattle Show of the Universal Exposi
tion that can be accorded an exhibitor. vY-
President Francis requests the honor of your presence at a
dinner to be given at the West Pavillion next Friday evening at
eight o'clock September 23, 1904.
Kindly advise the undersigned of your acceptance of the invi
tation to dinner in writing.
Very truly yours,
Chief of Department of Live Stock.
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA., Sept., 29th 1904.
It must be a source of a great deal of Satisfaction to you, as
it is to your friends', to realize that after many years of effort in
the line of breeding cattle and showing them after numerous show
yard battles in which you have been often the victor, you have,
at the World's Fair won your crowning success. It seems to me
that this event comes at an appropriate time in your career. Such
honors could not, by the nature of the winnings, come to one very
early in his experience. It belongs to the man who
has toiled for many years along the right line. The award
establishes the fact of your intelligent efforts through the correct
Permit me to congratulate you and extend my best wishes for
your future success and health.
Very truly yours,
—Wanted—Two or three furnished
rooms for light housekeeping for sis
months. Man and wife and one child,
nqnire at this offic e,
—For Rent—One 120 acre farm and
one 80 acre farm, also one city lot for
sale. Inquire at this office.
Our Fall stock of fine clothing is arr
riving daily. If you need a new suit
don't fail to call at, our 9tore and in^
pect our line.
—For the swellest line of gent's tine
wear call at
from postriffice Furnace heat. In
quire at Keview Office.
-:.'74 Acres of Good Farm Land two
miles from Denison for sale or rent.
Inquire of
Parties desiring storm windows
should place their orders immediately
—I am prepared to dehorn your cat
tle cn short notice and at prices that
are reasonable. Satisfaction guaran
teed. Drop me a card at Denison.
.'M-4* Section 16. Goodrich twp.
For Sale ill Lincoln County, Neb
320 acres of land, 8 room house and
other buildings, two miles from town,
125 head of cattle 125 tons hay, plenty
of water and outside range. Clear ti
tle $4500. Write me.
38-3t. 1C. SPENCEH, Wallace, Neb.
Having over 400 head of stock con
sisting of cattle, sheep and hogs run
ning in Grace Park and land adjoining
we are compelled to close the same to
all visitors. All dogs running at large
on these premises will be summarily
dealt with.
Notice is hereby given to all proper
ty owners having wooden sidewalks,
that after live days from the publica
tion of this notice you are required to
have your walk in good repair, every
old or worn out board to be replaced,
all stringers in good condition, or the
will immediately repair same
andj the' cost will be charged up
against the propery.
By order of the city council.
All persons are hereby notilied that
at the meeting of the Board of Direct
ors of the Independent School District
of Denison, held September l!)th, 1904,
all persons were forbidden to trespass
upon school property at hours when
school is not in session including
Sundays and that persons found upon
the said premises for the purpose of
ball playing or other trespass will be
dealt with according to law.
Dated at Denison, Iowa. Sept. 19th,
38-4t Secretary.
the reason we ask you to come to us when you want a
good pair of shoes. We do not handle the cheap, shody,
ill-fitting kind, but the kind that will fit yo.ur foot and
give you comfort as long as you wear them. You know
many shoes have nails and stitches in the bxattom to hurt
your feet. They squeak, the soles rip off and give you
much trouble. Every pair of shoes we sell you for $3.00
or over are made so they will not give you any of the
above troubles. Come in and see them at
fror Sale, 80 acre farm with good
buildings, one mile from court house.
Inquire of Paul £ydow, Denison. Iowa.
—Fifteen Poland China Boars and
Ten Sows. These are very choice stock
37-3t. A. F. BOND.
For Sale, a large fern having prongs
five feet long, will sell at reasonable
price. Call and see it. M. Bohart. 38-2t
—Have you seen the very latest
styles in fall hats? If not and you de
sire to get the latest, at a moderate
cost don't pass up the Hub Clothing
—Get the "Cubadura," the best 5
cent cigar sold in Denison at
Fall and winter weight underwear
now in stock. For the best call at
—C. Otto's "Cubadura" is acknowl
edged to be the best 10 cent smoke for
5 cents, in town.
We have purchased the Denison
Meat Market of W. E. Johnson
and have clean up the shop and
are ready for business. yo"
want good fresh meat we have1"
it if you want good cured meat
we haye,
thoice Meat for Boiling,
per pound, oc
Choice Pot Roasts, Just in~
the Kind. WC
Choice Sirloin Steaks, 101*
Choice, fresh smoked Pic 10*
Nic Hams, l*C
Choice, fresh smoked
J. A. RockwitZj Prop.
that we were the fellows
that were best fixed to
supply your wants per­
haps you would not be­
lieve it, but if you will
come in and see us then
you will be satisfied that
this is the place for you
to trade. JUST TRY IT
Jeweler and Optician
VAT* ,»
else, want the
best shoes for your
money. That's
itr oft
Bacon IU £U
These are not bargain day prices
but our regular standing prices
for everybody. Give us a trial
order. Phones 14 and 138.
Parties desiring storm windows
should place their orders immediately
The undersigned will sell at public
sale at his farm located in section 10
East Boyer township 5 miles east of
Denison and II miles southwest of Vail
commencing at 10 o'clock a. m.. the
following property towltt:
Three trood brood mares, with foal•
6! head of cattle consisting of iO choice
milch cows, 4 bull calves. 6 months* old
1 thoroughbred registered ^horthornT
bull, 27 months old, 1(5 spring calves
2D two-vear-old steers—extra good ores
—weight 1000 to 1100 pounds, 75 head
of pure blood Poland China hogs, con
sisting of 24 boar pigs, 1 Boar—"Black
Jack"—herd boar 10 yearling sows 40
spring sows 300 bushels oats, 20 tons
of timothy hav. 20 acres of corn in the
field, 5 do-/., chickens, full blood Ply.
mouth Rock. Farm machinery 1 Em
pire Cream Separator—new, 2 lumber
wagons, 1 buggy, 1 Hi in. stirring plow,
1 3-sec harrow. 1 cultivator, hav rack!
1 set work harness and flynets—new—'
and numerous other farming tools.
Free lunch at noon.
Terms—All sums of $10.00 and under
ca9h. On sums over that amount
credit of 1 year's time will be given
notes bearing per cent interest
T. c.
W. J. MCAHKEN. Auet.

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