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E. F. TUCKER, Publisher.
Official Paper of Crawford County and
Jity of Denison.
Published every Wednesday morning.
intered atthe Postofflce In Denison, Iowa, as
second-class mall matter.
Per Inch, 1 time 8 .30
Perlncb, 3 times 55
Per Inch, 3 times 75
Per Inch, times ,{K)
Per Inch, 5 times
fgTAII Bills Payable Monthly.
M, W. A. election to-night.
Clem Mahoa visited friends in Deni
son over Sunday.
Dr. Gibson spect Sunday with his
family in Denison.
Chas. Luney is working at Johnson's
b:ok store during the holiday rush.
Mrs. John Kott was in Fort Dodge
last weak visiting with her parents,
Mr.and' rs. H, A. Cook
Mrs. G. W. Lee accompanied by b_i
two children came down from Sac City
last week for a visit with relatives.
HughMenagh Sr. went to DeWitt,
Neb., last Friday where he will visit
his daughter Mrs, Chesney for a while.
Miss Hattie Crawford who ha9 been
visiting friends in this county for some
time, returned to her home in Mar
Miss Alice aul was at Carroll
three days of last week, where she held
a sale of hand painted china at the
wile Hot?!.
Every hotel in Denison was Allied to
overflowing with guests over Sunday,
many transients having to secure
private homes.
J. H. Sibbert, who travels for a Ch'
cago house, is at home until after the
holidays. He reports an excellent
Jim Meltoa Is now running a cab
line and makes a specialty of answering
private calls promptly and on time. If
you desire a cab after the theatre call
up Laub's barn and Jimmy's on the
Read the many ads in this issue of
THE REVIEW. Denison merchants are
liberal users of printer's ink aud fully
realize the value of advertising. All
lines of business are advertised in these
columns and patrons of the advertisers
are assured of fair treatment.
Is now at its height—the few weeks yet remaining before
the holidays will be days of intense activity^ at this store.
While we do not handle toys, our very suitable stock for
Christmas is complete. The fact that we have no cheap,
shoddy goods is a great protection to shoppers in these days,
when critical, leisurely examination is .impracticable.
Perfumes for Christmas.
Everybody expects to receive at lea9t
one bottle of perfume at Christmas
Corrse early and get the best to be had
at thesa prices—you'll save materially.
Eastman's Rooal perfumes put up in
handfome bottle and box, 25c to $1.00
Daybrook's, Palmer's and Lundborg's
in fancy packages, 10c to $2.50.
In bulk goods we can show you mauy
varieties, including the popular Jickey
and La-Trefla-Incarnat varieties
H/f »iCi v*
The Whist club will meet with Mr.
and Mrs. F. W. Meyers on Thursday.
Hans Christiansen and Liveryman
Copps of Charter Oak, were ,Denison
visitors on Sunday last. "k-1*
Mrs. S. Wright gave an exhibi
tion of hand painted china at Carrt
two days of last week. On Saturday
Mrs. E. F. Tucker assisted her.
The Modern Woodmen of America
wil hold aa important meeting on
W jesday evening of this week at
!^h the election of officers will tnk-
"That Little Swede" played 10 a
fairly good house on Friday nigr.t and
gave good satisfaction. Miss Green a-
Little Swede," was
enough Swede." and acted hrr p.
Mr. W. A. Saul, of Douglas, Wyo
visited in Denison last week. He hud
been down to Omaha with stock. He
remained here longer than expect,
account of the serioua illness, .of h's
brother Charles' little son.
J. H. Tamm and his plummer, Mr.
Dunn, were at Council Bluffs on .'.'on
day, where they were gettine supplies
Mr. Tamm secured the contract for
furnishing the^heating plant in the
Balle-Brodersen building, and the
work of putting it in will begin at
Mr. Howard Peters, of Douglas.
Wyoming, visited in Denison on Sa'ur
day and Sunday. He will be remem
bered as having been in the harness
business with Geo. W. Apple in Deni
son years ago. The old time friends
were glad to meet him again.„ He is
engaged in the harness business out In
Douglas and also is owner of a large
sheep ranch.
Of the many attractive holiday dis
plays in Denison, probably that of the
Crockery and Queensware section of
the Balle Brodersen Co.'s is attracting
the greatest attention. The stock has
been rearranged and tastefully display
ed by Mr. Otto Moenck, who is again
with the company. He has also taken
charge of the window decorating. The
first that he has undertaken since his
return is the big dry goods window,
which is as neat and attractive a dis
play as has ever been made in Denison.
The Crockery department shows up
especially well in the evening. The
Balle-Brodersen Co. will not close un
til 9:00 o'cloci p. m. from now on and
until after Xmas. Read their ad this
—Get the "Cubadura," the best 5
cent cigar sold in Denison at
Christmas Candies.
Baldufl's Celebrated Bex Choco
lates and Bon Bons. ^The' Perfect"
gift of candy for the holidays. If
you're in a hurry, telephone your
High Grade Stationery.
Fine box papers are always in de
mand for gifts, especially among
people at home. Have the finest
papers ever shown in the city. Rare
qualities for 40c to 75c
Smokers' Articles.
French Briar Pipes, selected quali
ties, 2-inch real amber bits, gold
plated trimmings, fully guaranteed,
put up in plush lined leather case,
$2.25. Others up to $6.00 Finest
line of cigars in the city.
Photo, Auto and Scrap, its a good
line we're showing. You'll not see
any better. All prices
Boys', Ladies' and Men's Sizes and
styles.rjFrom 100 to $2 50.
Denison Druo comp'y.
-THiiiH r.
One of the best entertaining games
which we have ever come across is
Trix cards. It ovists of a package
of double numb9red cards in appear
ance somewhat like some of the other
games that have sprung up, but in
piaying just as different as can be from
any other card games. There are ten
dutinct games included with the one
pickage of cards, the principal* of
which is Trix, which was so popular
in many localities last year, and with
the improvemts is this season selling
far ahead of last season. For the foot
bill player Trix Foot Ball makes a
sjame as exciting as foot ball itself.
For any who like a scientific game
Forty-Two will fill the bill. The games
are all made up for any number of
players from two up, For evening en
rertainments, for clubs or for progress
ive they have no equal. Trix is ad
vertised extensively and has been sold
:n every state in the union. Large
sii| ments have already been made to
'lunada and orders have recently been
received from the Philippines, from
Alaska, from Japan, from South
America and from several other
foreign countries. The cards, includ
ing rules and everything complete,
c:in be had* from most any' dealer for
50 cents, or will be forwarded OL re
ceipt of cash or stamps direct from the
manufacturers, the Reed & White
Game Company, of Bloomington, 111.
If you are interested in games you will
be more than interested in Trix
The many friends of Professor L.
Clyde Rusmisel in this city will rejoice
to learn of his promotion to the head of
the commercial departmeut in the St.
Joseph high school, where he has been
assistant for several years. The St-.
Joseph News and Press of the 16th
says: "L. C. Rusmisel was named last
night to succeed A. S. Fries as head of
the commercial department in the St.
Joseph high school. The high school
committee recommended the promotion
of Mr. Rusmisel, who has been assist
ing Fries in the department the last
three years, and the other directors
concurred." We understand that this
position carries with it a salary of
$1500 per year and we are glad such a
plum has fallen to a former Stafford
county boy. Clyde is a son of Mr. and
Mrs. J. N. Rusmisel of this city and
will be remembered by most of our
citizens. He is one of the finest pen
men in the country land in every way
qualified to take charge of this respon
sible position.
Nuptials of C. S. Graves and Miss
Sylvia Cavett.
The marriage of Charles S. Graves
of Valley Junction and Miss Sylvia
Belle Cavett was solemnized at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Orlando Cavett, living on the old
Trowbridge farm three miles east of
this city, Nov. 30. Rev. L. K. Billings
ley, pastor of the Wesley Methodist
church, performed the ceremony.
Quite a company of guests assembled.
A wedding supper was served in four
The groom is a successful farmer
near Valley Junction. The bride has
been private secretary for Dr. I. N.
McCash, superintendent of the Iowa
Anti-Saloon League—Register & Lead
Many Crawford county people will
remember Miss Cavett. She is the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orlando
Cavett. who lived near Charter Oak
for so many years.
Bryan's appeal to the "plain, com
mon Jpeople'" to oppose the "pluto
crats"" so-called, is rather out of place
in face of the fact that Roosevelt's
popular pluralty is about 2,500,000,
The result of the election shows that
those whom Bryan terms "plutocrats"
have sunk into significance by the
tremendous popular endorsal of Presi
dent Roosevelt. The "plain common
people," as Mr. Bryan calls theu,
voted the republican ticket on the 8th,
and the record of the president shows
that they did just right.—Webster
City Freeman,
Mr. Hearst thinks that the demo
cratic party needs a new leader but
the Atlanta Constitution suggests that
about two million more followers
would be still better.—Jefferson Bee.
The only county in Iowa that went
democratic in the recent election was
Johnson county, and the majority she
gave Parker was only 122. This poor
lone, stray sheep needs care and at
tention For -'there were nioetv-and
nine that safely lay in the shelter of
the fold, but one was out on the hills
away, far olT from tho gates of gold.''
Strangely appropriate is it not?—Jeff
erson Bee.
Algona Upper Des Moines Repub
lic n: Some people who do not know
what the present tariff rate is on any
article declare that the tariff ought to
be l-evi.ed. Others who know as little
about it are''positive that it should riot
be changed. There is a small reinua:
w^o do not know what the tariff is nor
know what it ought to be, and who
know that they do not know.
The Sioux City Journal notes from
the message that 'the president is
willing that the interstate commerce
commission shall have a medium sized
1 A
Yaur Holiday
1 *1
iii •.in.......! 111*1
Can be supplied and your friends pleased from our Stock
are now ready for you Hang up
your stockings and make the Hub
your headquarters for holiday goods in our
line. We wish to mention an elegant line
of Shirts, Kid, Mocha, and Golf Gloves, the
swellest line of Neckwear, in Mufflers a
nice assortment, the prettiest colors and
styles in Sweaters ever shown. In fancy
Vests we wish to cal! the young meri's^at-
tention, especially to+he new fancy browns.
Last, but not least, we have just got in a
shipment of new, nobby Gown Overcoats
that we bought very reasonable, it being
late in the season, and we are selling them
at very low prices. Don't miss the oppor­
tunity to get one--those who need them.
"Satisfaction guaranteed," is our motto.
G°pds Books. Toys, Stationery, Etc.
Our Fancy Goods comprise the latest and finest of
Toilet Articles, Frames, Statuary, Pictures, Mirrors and
novelties generally and range in price from 10c to $10 00.
Something to please you
Fancy China A nice variety of odd things in Cake
plates,Cups and saucers, etc. etc. and all sold at reasonable^
We have put in an elegant line of Fancy stationery in
appropriate gift boxes. Makes a handsome gift.
Beautiful Stock of framed pictures and Medallions from
15c up.
Hand Bags in the newest styles and sizes at all prices.
Big stock of Books for old and young. Late copyrights
at 1.2o. Other copyrights at 50c to 75c. Standard Works
15c to 35c. loots 15c to 3.00. Juveniles all prices.
In-short without attempting to enumerate further will ¥*$
say we can please you in price and variety and we solicit
vour business.
rV ,VA V§
/*. vr Hi
"XI" 'V
•S S&
•J* S

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