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So much for one oildlty which stray
Stand as a sample of many others.
One glance at the room into which he
cahered me showed why he cherished
Bo marked a dislike for visitors. It
was bare to the point of discomfort,
and liad it not been for a certain
(juaintness in the shape of the few ar
ticles to be seen there I should have
•xperienced a decided feeling of Topnl
elon, so pronounced was tlie contrast
between this poverty stricken Interior
and the polished bearing of its owner.
He, I am sure, could have shown no
more elevated manners if he had been
Aoing the honors of a palace. The or
gan, with the marks of home con
struction upon it, was the only olricet
Visible which spoke of luxury rr even
But enough of these possibly tminter
eeting details. I did not dwell on them
myself except in a vague way and
Keeping him well under my eye, I re
plied with intentional brusquoness:
"She has gone there once too often!"
-The stare he gave me was that of an
actor who feels that some expression
Of surprise is expected from him.
"She?" he repeated. "Whom can you
possibly mean by she?"
What has happened to my niece?"
he cried, rising, -with an energy that
displaced the great dog and sent him.
with hanging head and trailing tail, to
his own special sleeping place under
the table. "Has she run upon a ghost
In those dismal apartments? You in
terest me greatly. I did not think she
would ever have the pluck to visit this
•house again after what happened at
•her wedding.*"
"She has had the pluck," I assured
hlm, "and, what is more, she has had
•enough of it not only to re-enter the
-house, but to re-enter it alone. At least,
-such is the present inference. Had you
•been blessed with more curiosity and
Uncle D&vid hear*
his niece's djesth
made more frequent use of the .chair
60 conveniently placed for viewing the
opposite house, you might have been
la a position to correct this inference.
It would help the police materially to
know positively that she had no com
panion in her fatal visit."
"Fatal?" he repeated, running liis
finger inside his neckband, which sud
denly seemed to have grown too tight
for comfort. "Can it be that my niece
has been frightened to death in that
"Old place? You alarm me."
He did not look alarmed, but then he
was not of an impressible nature. Yet
he was of the same human clay as the
rest of us, and, if he knew no more of
this occurrence than he tried to make
out, could not be altogether impervious
to What I had to say next.
"You have a right to he alarmed.'' I
.assented. "She was not frightened to
'"•death, yet is she lying dead on tin
library floor." Then, with a glance at
the windows about me, I added lightly,
"I take it that a pistol shot delivered
over there could not be heard in this
He sank rather melodramatically
•Jnto his seat, yet his face and form did
not lose that sudden assumption of
dignity which I had observed iu liim
ever since my entrance into the house.
"I am overwhelmed by this news,"
he remarked. "She has shot her,sell
"I did not say that slie had shot her
self," I "iciuily repeated. "Yet the
*fat point tliat'.way'and Mr. -Jeffrey
•aciepta tue tiuidda thee*. .-- without
qu .4)0ii"
"Ah, Mr. Jeffrey is there'"
"Most certainly he .was sent Wr at
once." ..
"And Miss Tuttle? SK'c came with
While waiting for him to open the con
Versation. This he did as soon as he
law that I had no intention of speak
lng first. I
"And did you find any one in the old
house?" he asked.
The surprise I expressed at this bold
attempt at ingenuousness was better
Simulated than his, I hope.
"You don't know!" I exclaimed. "Can
you live directly opposite a place of
such remarkable associations and not
Interest yourself in who goes in and
out of its deserted doors?"
"I don't sit in my front window," lie
peevishly returned.
I let ray eye roam toward a chair
standing suspiciously near the very
Window he hud designated.
"But you saw the light?" I sug
"I saw that from the doorstep when
I went out to give Rudge his usual
five minutes' breathing spell on the
Stoop. But you have not answered my
question—whom do you mean by she?"
"Veronica .Jeffrey," I replied. "She
who was Veronica Moore. She has
visited this haunted house of hers for
the last time."
"Last time!" Either he could not or
would not understand me.
Filigree Ball
Author'Of "The Mystery of Agatha Webb," "Lost Man's Lane," Etc.
Copyright, 1903, by the BobbsMerrill Company .}.*
fcim of course?"
"She came, but not with him. She is
very fond of her.sister."
"I must go over at once!" he cried,
leaping again to his feet and looking
about for his hat. "It is my duty tq
make them feel at home in short, to
•-to put the house at their disposal."
Here he found his hat and placed it on
his head. "The property is mine now.
you know," he politely explained, turn
ing, with a keen light in his gray eye.
full upon me and overwhelming me
with the grand air of a man who has
come unexpectedly into his own. "Mrs.
Jeffrey's father was my younger broth
er—the story is an old and long one—
|nd the property, which in al" jnst^e
Ihould have been divided between us,
tvent entirely to him. But he was :t
good fellow in the main and saw 1 b"
Injustice of his father's will as clearly
as I did. and years ago made one o:»
his own account bequeathing nie ihe
»vhole estate iu case he left no issue or
that issue died. Veronica was his only
jhild Veronica has died therefore l!jo
pl.d house is mine and all that goes
Kith it—all that goes with it."
There was the miser's gloating in
this repetition of a phrase snflunemly
expressive in itself, or, rather. 11h I
gloating of a man who sees lnm-J:
suddenly rich after a life ol poverty.
There was ukewise a callousness as
regarded his nieces surprising death
Which I considered mysell to have
lome excuse for noticing.
"You accept her death very calmly,"
remarked. "Probably you knew her
to be possessed of an erratic mind."
He was about to bestow an admoni
tory kick on his dog. who had been in
discreet enough to rise at his master's
E in
id in a
his rightful position in this community
'I* *t* «$* 'I' "X* '••**4*^*
first move, but his foot stopped in mid
air in his anxiety to concentrate all
his attention on his answer.
"I am a man of few sentimentali
ties," he coldly averred. "I have loved
but one person in my whole life. Why,
then, should I be expected to mourn
over a niece who did not care enough "The festivities attendant upon the
for me to invite me to her wedding? wedding of .'diss eronica Moore to
It would be an affectation unworthy ^r' Francis Jeffrey ot this city met
the man who has at last come to till with
der. Despite its fancied ghosts and
death dealing fireplace, it will stand
A1 in Washington. I, David Moore,
promise you this, and I am not a man
to utter fatuous prophecies. But 1
must be missed over there."
Here he gave the mastiff the long de
layed kick. "Rudge, stay here! The
vestibule opposite is icy. Besides, your
been willing to cross to that side of
the street," the old gentleman went on
to complain, with his first show of ir
ritation. "But he'll have to overcome
that prejudice soon, even if I have to
tear up the old hearthstone and recon
struct the walls. I can't live without
Budge, and I will not live in another
place than in the old home of my an
I was by this time following him out.
"You have failed to answer the sug
gestion I made you a minute since,"
I hazarded. "Will you pardon me if I
put it now as a question? Your niece,
Mrs. Jeffrey, seemed to have every
thing in the world to make her happy,
yet she took her life. Was there a
taint of insanity iu her blood, or was
her nature so impulsive that her aston
ishing death in so revolting a place
should awaken in you so liLtle won
as the owner of the great Moore es- house on V\ averley avenue, vi hich for
tate. For great it shall be," he em-
Agleam of what had made him more
or less feared by the very urchins who
dogged his steps and made sport of
him at a respectful distance shot from
his eye as he glowered back at me
from the open door. But he hastily
this sign of displeasure and
replied with the faintest ting* of sar
"There! You are expecting from me
feelings which belong to youth or 10
men of much more heart than under
standing. tell you that I have no
Insanity or
have developed
site may Sciply
have drunk
her cn of picture dry at twnity-.wo
and ccine to its
dre,: prcitKuareiy.
do not huow .:::d I do not cure. V.'i-r.t
concerns co is that the rc^yons:] i!t.v
of a large fortune hus fallen upon me
most sjiiexpectod'y and thiit I have
pride enough to wish to show myf '*lf
capable of bii-daining the burden. :J
Eldea. tliey may be tempted-to .do -so -/e
ns^» YS i^T/
mischief to"the walls or floors over
there. The police respect no man's
property. But I am determined they
shall respect mine. Xo rippings up or
tearings down will I allow unless I
stand by to supervise the job. I am
master of the old homestead now and
I mean to show it." And with a last
glance at the dog, who uttered the
most mournful of protests in reply, he
shut the front door and betook himself
to the other .side of the street.
As I noticed his assured bearing as
he disappeared within the forbidding
portal which, according to his own
Story, had for so long a time been shut
against him, I asked myself if the can
dle which I had noticed lying on his
mantelshelf was of the same make
and size as those I had found in my
late investigations in the house he was
then entering.
EXT morning the city was in a
blaze of excitement. All the
burning questions of the hour—
the rapid mobilization of the
army and the prospect of a speedy ad
vance oil Cuba—were forgotten in the
engrossing topic of young Mrs. Jef
frey's death and the awful circum
stances surrounding it.
Though I was the hero of the hour
and, as such, subjected to an infinite
umber'of questions. I followed the
of my superiors and carefully re
frained from advancing any theories
beyond the obvious one of suicide. Tlie
moment for self exploitation was not
ripe I did not stand high enough in
•the confidence of the major, or. 1 inay
Bay, of the nontenant of my own pre
cinct, to risk (lie triumph 1 anticipated
Ultimately by a premature expression
Df opinion.
I had an enemy at headquarters or.
,. rather, one of the men there had ul-
peculiarly interested in
bowi m(l ln tll0 worst
of th,s man was Dur^ln
&Qd it hc who bad uttorcd S0UI0.
like Kli„hting renl.lrU wheu
first ni t.ndcavorcd to call t!l0
captain's attention to some of the small
matters which had offered themselves
to me in the light of clews. Perhaps
It was the prospect of sin-prising him
some day which made me so wary now
as well as alert to till my mind with
all known facts concerning the Jef
freys. One of my first acts was to
turn over the files of the Star and
reread the following account of the
great wedding. As it is a sensational
description of a sensational event. 1
shall make no apology for the head
lines which startled all Washington
the night they appeared
The Traditional Doom Follows the
Opening ol' the Old House uu
Wavorley Avenue.
One of the Guests Found Lying Dead
on the Library Hearthstone.
Letters In His Pocket Show I-Iini to
Have Been One W. Pfeift'er of Denver.
No Interruption of the Ceremony Fol
lows This Ghastly Discovery, but
the Guests Fly In All Direc
tions as Soon as the Nup
tial Knot Is Tied.
startling check today. As most
know, the long closed
phatically continued. "In three years session of the brides family, was open
you will not know the house over von- I *-or occasion at the express wish
of the bride. For a week the prepara
tions for this great function have been
going on. When at an early hour this
morning a line of carriages drew up in
howls are not wanted in those old interest felt by the citizens of
walls tonight even if you would go Washington in this daring attempt to
with me, which I doubt. He has never
century has been in the pos-
front of the historic mansion and the
bridal party entered under its once
gloomy but now seemingly triumphant
portal, the crowds, which blocked the
from curb to curb, testified to
brave the
traditions which have mark­
ed this house out as solitary and by a
Bcene of joyous festivity make the
past forgotten and restore again to
usefulness the decayed grandeurs of
an earlier time. As Miss Moore is one
of Washington's most charming wom
en and as this romantic effort natural-
ly lent an extraordinary interest to the
ceremony of her marriage, a large
number of our representative people
assembled to witness it, and by high
noon the scene was one of unusual
"Halls which had moldered away in
an unbroken silence for years echoed
again with laughter and palpitated to
the choicest strains of the Marine
band. All doors were open save those
of the library—-an exception which
added a pleasing excitement to the oc
casion—and when by chance some of
the more youthful guests were caught
peering behind the two Corinthian pil
lars guarding these forbidden precincts
the memories thus evoked were mo
mentary and the shadow soon passed.
"The wedding had been set for high
noon, and as the clock in the drawing
room struck the hour every head was
craned to catch the first glimpse of the
bride coming down the old fashioned
staircase. I.ut live minutes, ten min
utes, a half hour, passed without this
expectation being gratified. The crowd
above and below were growing rest
less wheu suddenly a cry was heard
from beyond the gilded
the library door, and a yotus ,: lady was
Been rushing from the forbidden quar
ter, trembluig with utsii'uiy and while
with Horror. It was iUl.- -iLbott of
Stratford Circle, who i:i tin* interim
of -waiting had allowed ht-r curiosity
to master her dread and by one peep
Into the room, which seemed to exer
cise over her the fascination of a Blue
bcard's chai^ber» discoverecl the out­
stretched" form of a man lying sense
less and apparently dead on the edge
of the hearthstone. The terror which
instantly spread among the guests
shows the hold which superstition has
upon all classes of humanity. Hap
pily, however, an unseemly panic was
averted by the necessity which all felt
of preserving some sort of composure
till the ceremony for which they had
assembled had been performed, for
simultaneously with this discovery of
death in the library there had come
from above the sound of the approach
ing bridal procession, and cries were
hushed and beating hearts restrained
bs Miss Moore's charming- face and
exquisite figure appeared between the
tows of flowering plants with which
the staircase was lined. No need for
Jhe murmur to go about: 'Spare the
bride! Let nothing but cheer surround
her till she is Jeffrey's wife!' The look
of joy which irradiated her counte
nance and gave a fairylike aspect to
her whole exquisite person would have
deterred the most careless and self
centered person there from casting a
shadow across her pathway one min-'
ute sooner than necessity demanded.,
The richness of the ancestral veil,
which covered her features and the'
natural timidity which prevents a,
bride from lifting her eyes from the,
Boor she traverses saved her from ob-'
lerving the strange looks by which her
presence was hailed. She was conse
quently enabled to go through the cere
mony in happy unconsciousness of the'
forced restraint which held that surg
ing mass together.
"But the bridesmaids wore not so
happy. Miss Tuttle especially hold
herself upright simply by the exercise
Of her will, and, though resplendent in
beauty, suffered so much in her anxi
ety for the bride that it was a matter
of small surprise when she fainted at
the conclusion of the ceremony.
"Mr. Jeffrey showed more composure,
but the inward excitement under which
lie was laboring made him trip more
than once in his responses, as many
there noted whose minds were not fix
ed too strongly on flight.
"Only Dr. Auehincloss was finite"
himself, and by means of the solem
nity with which he invested his words
kept the hubbub down, which was al
ready making itself heard on the out
skirts of the crowd. But even his in
fluence did not prevail beyond the mo
ment devoted to the benediction. Once
the sacred words were said, such a
stampede followed that the bride show
ed much alarm, and it was left for Mr.
Jeffrey to explain to her the cause of
this astonishing conduct on the par.
of her guests. She bore the disclosure
well, all things considered, and once
she was fully assured that the unhap
py man whose sudden death had thus
interrupted the festivities was an in
truder upon the scene and unite un
known, not only to herself but to her
newly made husband, she brightened
perceptibly, though, like every one
around her, she seemed anxious to
leave the house, and, indeed, did so as
soon as Miss Tuttle's condition war
ranted it.
"The fact that the bride went
through the ceremony without her
bridal bouquet is looked upon by many
as an unfavorable omen. In her anx
iety not to impose any longer upon the
patience of her guests, she had de
scended without it.
"As to the deceased, but little is
known of liim. Letters found on his
person jirove his name to be W. Pfeif
fer and his residence Denver. His
presence in Miss Moore's house at a
time so inopportune is unexplained.
No such name is on the list of wedding
guests, nor was he recognized as one
of Miss Moore's friends either by Mr.
Jeffrey or by such of her relatives and
acquaintances as had the courage to
enter the library to see him.
"With the exception of the discolored
mark on his temple, showing where
his head had come in contact with
the hearthstone, his body presents an
appearance of natural robustness,
which makes his sudden end seem all
the more shocking.
"His name has been found registered
at the National hotel."
Turning over the files I next came
upon the following dispatch from Den
"The sudden death in Washington of
Wallace Pfeiffer, one of our best
known and most respected citizens, is
deeply deplored by all who knew him
and his unfortunate mother. He is the
last of her three sons, all of whom
have died within the year. The demise
of Wallace leaves her entirely unpro
vided for. It was not known here
that Mr. Pfeiffer intended to visit
Washington. He was supposed to go
ln quite the opposite direction, having
said to more than one that he had
business in San Francisco. His intru
sion into the house of Miss Moore
during the celebration of a marriage
ln which he could have taken no per
sonal interest is explained in the fol
lowing manner by such as knew his
mental peculiarities: Though a mer
chant by trade and latterly a miner In
the Klondike, he had great interest in
the occult and was a strong believer in
all kinds of supernatural manifesta
tions. lie may have heard of the un­
happy reputation attaching to the
Moore house in Washington and, fas
cinated by the mystery involved, em
braced the opportunity afforded by
open doors and the general confusion
incident to so large a gathering to en
ter the interesting old place and inves
tigate for himself the fatal library.
The fact of his having been found se
cluded in this very room, at a moment
when every other person in tlie house
was pur.h'nj forward to tee the bride,
lends color to this supposition and his
tbs c:-:
death under circumstances
vwnwe tlit Imagination shows
..no .sensi-tl-vcacss ot his na-
(To be cantipucd cext week).
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