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West Side.
Mrs Flora Porter Is spending
week with friends in Omaha.
Mrs. S. J. Wagner of Djnison visited
with friends in West Side oyer Sunday
Mr. J. J. Woolhiser made a trip to
Omaha last week, Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs, Smith of Boyer werr
guests of Mrs. Anna Dawitt Sunday.
Mrs. R. Truesdell left for Denison
last Monday noon.
Mr. A. J. Wheeler of D33 Moine3 ar
rived last Saturday for a visit with the
family of Fred Bock.
Mrs. EggertSiever's and Mrs. Pater
Sievers drove to Carroll last Teejday.
We hesr that Edgar D. Lewis ex
principal of the West Side schools, it
to be one of the instructors at tfce
Bummer school of the Denison college.
That West Side ts to have another
drug store is an established fact. Mr.
Pete Sievers is busy putting in his new
stock of drugs in the Laub brick build
ing which he recently purchased.
Frank and Beatrice Gary, two of
West Side'spopular young peoole re
turned this week from MorniDg S ue
college, Sioux City, where they have
been students the past year. Miss
Gary graduated, laBt Saturday evening,
from the department of elocation auci
Miss Pearl Wilson of Des Moines
•nd Mrs. C. C. Colclo of Carroll were
guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
E. O. Wagner last week.
Mr. F. D. Mcllravy of Sioux City,
and their son, are visiting Mrs. Sarah
Campbell. Mrs. Mcllravy mother.
Mi*s Margaret Buton and Miss Mar
tha Eiffert, two of West Side's most
talented! youog ladles, returned from
Cornell College, last .Saturday where
they have been studying music the
past ye%r.
Mrs. S. C. Blackmah and her two
children, Luelle apd Leslie left Tues
day noon and will stop at Denison for
a visit with friends before proceeding
to their new home at Madison, Nebr.
M"..Blaalcman and Lloyd left laBt week
and are their to receive them. The
people of West Side regret exceedingly
to lose this excellent family who
have been so closely associated with
all that was worthy in the life of the
town. All join In wishing them hap
piness and prosperity in all their fut
ure undertakings.
On Tu sday evening of last week
occured the sad death of Conrad
Schressler at the age of 69 years. Al
though Schressler had been in poor
health for tome time., his immediate
death-was not expected, and was
great surprise to the family. The
funeral services were held at the Ger
man Lntheran church on Saturday
afternoon. The deceased leaves
widow and five children, his son Heary
and daughter Anna are residents of
West Siue.
A very pre'tty wedding took' place
at Cottonwood farm Wednesday noon
when tfiss Alice Woolhiser, youngest
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Wool
hiser wis married to Mr. Lester
lows bf Carrol), Nebraska, Rsv. W.
1* Todd officiating. Only relatives ana
iotNnate friends witnessed the simple
but Ybeautiful ceremony. Pink ana
White roses and peonies nestling among
the foliage, breathed their message of
sweetness and beauty. The bride was
attired in a dainty gown of white s.lk
mull over white silk and carried rose*
The going-away gown was of blue sii*
with hat of the same color, After the
ceremony a [three course wedding
breakfast was served which was per
feet in every respect. The bridal coa
pie left on the afternoon train for
Grand Junction, where, after a short
stay, they will leave for Lake View
theace to their home in Carroll, Me
braska, where they will be tendered a
reception by the parents of the bride'
groom. The bride has lived near West
Side all her life and is highly esteemed
and beloved by all who knew her. After
graduating from the public schools she
perfected her education at Morning
side college, Sioux City. Being add
lightful singer she was mucn sought
after in social circles. In the work of
the church especially, did she give of
her lime and talents freely and unsel
fi-:hly. With an attractive personally
a beautiful character and lovely dispo
sition, it is no wonder that she has en
deared herself to the reople of this
community. Mr. Bellows, the groom
is not personally known to many pej
1 pie in West Side. He is a prosperous
business man of sterling worth, good
family, with the best of prospects in
life. The good wishes of the people of
this town will eureley attend Mr. and
Mrs. Bellows, who have chosen the
"long road together." The out of town
guests present at the wedding were T.
C. Marse of Omaha,
Mallette of Lake View, Mr. and
Mrs. Morris Linn, and Mr. and Mrs. W.
E. Bellows of Carroll Near.
wahl Johnson shelled corn Thursday.
Albert Winey caught a fine swarm of
bees Tuesday.
Mrs. Fred Strong visited at Mrs. John
son's Thursday.
Mrs. Wilkinson visited with her
mother on Sunday.
L. F. Morris and Miss Lovicie visited
at A. D. Winey's on Sunday.
Mrs. Amanda Dunbar and Mrs. Cose
visited at L. F. Morris' on Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs J. Anderson and child
ren visited at Arthur Winey's Sunday.
Mrs. S. D. Newton and MiBS Sadie
were passengers to Denison on Monday
Nearly all the Goodrich township
people were in Denison Saturday to see
the show.
Mrs. S. D. Newton and A. D, Winey
took in the mnsic recital at Denison
Wednesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Albright and child
ren of Lake City visited at Hannibal
Fink's and Carl Winey's for a few days
this week.
Mrs. A. G. Myers and Miss Thelma of
Denison, came ont to Art Winey's to en
joy the picnic given by Miss Efie and
her pupils at Mr. Winey'a home. Miss
Florence Nixon also closed her school
is the
use. If
want the
best for your
table order a case
of "Banquet" It
is brewed with that
infinite care which
means perfection
in quality, purity
and taste. Don't
be satisfied with the
ordinary kind.
Dubuque Brewing & Maltfng Co.
Dubuque, Iowa.
F. P. TIMM, Agent.
Quite a number of farmers are plant
ing the corn over again this week.
Fred Dean is laid up with a bad foot,
having had a nail run into it and blood
poisoning has set in.
Mr. Henry Maynard lost a valuable
horse last Sunday night. It was badly
kicked by a horse.
Mr. Brotherson shipped in a car load
of flx for feed last Tuesday. He has
tivt indred little pigs.
The ynaid boys gave a dance in
tbe bdi-o at the boiac place. Thirty
couples shook the light fastastic and
had a fine time last Saturday night.
George Maynard is preparing to ren
ovate and add an addition to the old
iiuuse on the Stewart eighty. Give a
nice little party and look out for a wife
It cost Alva Harmon one pound of
tea and a box of cigars all on account
of a nine pound bov who arrived at his
bouse last Monday morning, June 5th
Jene Smith of Dunlap was over to
Manilla Sunday night.
Rev. Saeger left for a months'
Milwaukee Tuesday night.
Big celebration at Manilla on the 4th
is the opinion of every one.
Fnank Strausser spent Tuesday in
Bayard, Iowa, with his parents.
A great many Manilla people attend
ed tbe circus at Denison Saturday.
Win. Prior is still very sick and little
hopes of his recovery are entertained.
Mrs. Chris Kehr spent the latter
part of last week with friends in Coun
cil Bluffs
Lew Cadwel', who was thrown from
a horse some time back, is able to be
about attending to his duties again.
The Manilla National Bank has been
laying cement walks in front of the
bank, making a decided improvement.
Frank McCracken. who is in the em
ploy of the Green Bay Lumber Co at
RedOik, Iowa. Is at home on a short
visit with his parents.
George Copeland and Miss Anna La
pel, both of this place, were uuited in
marriage at the German Lutheran
church last Sunday at 10 a. m., Rev.
Saeger officiating. The young couple
will reside in Falrview addition, in a
neat little college, prepared for them.
The yount? couple ara well respected
and maay friends wish them a long and
prosperous life.
Cyclone at Constantinople.
Constantinople, June 14.—A cyclone
here caused enormous damage to prop
erty. It demolished the house of Gen
eral Vasslf Pasha, killing the pasha
and his family. Another storm broke
most of the windows in the suburb of
Pera and demolished one of the min
arets of St. Sophia. There were many
accidents to shipping iu the harbor.
Boycotting sn'res Goods.
Tien Tsin, Jim? 1 •*. Th boycotting
of American gr- ..-.by 'the Chinese
guilds is daily *vi\v& more serious
proportions. "T iiuilds have quietly
determined I:. ry the boycott
through and tlie aspect for American
manufacturers is ralhcr gloomy. The
native newspapers are refusing adver
tisements of American goods.
Lake Shore Train Breaks Record.
Buffalo, June 14.—The Lake Shore
railroad established a new record be
tween Chicago and Buffalo. The dis
tance, 526 miles, was covered in 453
minutes, thus beating the world's rec
ord of 470 miautes, made last Mon
day. The average speed, deducting
for stops, was 70.9 miles an hour.
Board of supervisors of Crawford
county, Iowa, met in the auditor's
office Monday, June 5th, 1905.
Called to order at 10 a. m.
Members all present.
Minutes of Tuesday, May 2nd, 1905,
were read and approved also war
rants issued by auditor between ses
On motion claims were allowed as
Edw TheobaJd salary for May $116 06
Harthun salary for May 60 00
Theo Kuhl salary for May 125 00
Cora Kuhl salary for May 60 00
ML Houlihan salary for May 100 00
Mrs S Martyn salary for May 60 00
Claus Pahl salary for May 116 67
Claus Pahl express .. 25
\V McLennan salary for May 60 00
Edw Theobald express freight etc 9 01
Hoffman salary for April and May 208 00
James Sheridan janitor for May 20 00
Frank Brown assessing town of West
Side and taking censnH 56 00
The Balle-Brodersen Co merchandise
for county 1 78
Henry Roeh repairBjforconnty 100
John McCullough trustee Jackson
township 16 00
John O'Donnell, trustee Jackson
township 16 00
James Sheridan trustee Jackson
township 16 00
James Sheridan caring for Eugene
FortsoD 4 00
Cummings salary for May 50 00
L. Baer services daring April and
May 10 00
Morris McHenry work for county dur
ing May 42 69
Morris McHenry four chalnmen on
three roads.... 00
Nye Schneider Fowler Co material for
building house on poor farm 847 93
DrR Fuester medical services fur
nished Andrew Bastlan quarantine
family 101 00
On motion claim of Koeh Bros.
Printing Company for $3.00 was re
The Balle-Brodersen Co merchandise
for Mrs Wm George 20 18
Geo Stocker digging grave for Anna
Collins aw
Casey & Duffy merchandise Eugene
Fortson 8 oo
A Thomsen house rent for Pat Pelley
for April May and June 18 00
DrWT Wright salary for May 24 16
Board adjourned at 12, noon
meet at 1 p. m.
Board met at 1 p. m. and alio
claims as follows:
DrWT Wright to expenses in taking i-
Eugene Fortson to Omaha for an
Booth honse rent for Mrs E W Til
lett for April and May
June, July and August, 1905, for
following poor:
John Olson Denison $
Pat Pelly Denison
Jim Griffin D»nlson
Mrs Giss Denison
Mrs Watje Denison
Mrs Hal Butler Denison..
Eddie Nicolaysen Denison..
Mrs Keece Charter Oak
Mary Carroll Charter Oak...
Mrs Crone Charter Oak.
Mrs Palmer Vail
Mrs Johnson Vail
Franz Btzel Vail
Chas Allison to operation on Eugene
Fortson 150 hospital expenses lis, to
tal 69 00
E W Williams to straightening creek
in Soldier township 10 00
0 1
10 «,
4 00
6 00
6 00
6 00
6 00
8 00
James McCarthy Vail 10
Mrs Ed Meyers West Side 12 ffl
Mr Baber Dow City 7 00
Mrs Goff Dow City 7 U0
Mrs E W Tillett Dow City 15 00
Mrs Palmer Manilla.
Mrs Hollander Aspinwail.
John Dee Buck Grove
Mrs Hattery Deloit
Wm Cose Deloit
Lars Petersen Kiron
8 00
4 00
8 00
6 00
5 00
4 00
A Johnson Kiron 10 00
A Storch Otter Creek township 4 00
Alfreda Gardner W Ulow township 5 00
Henry Kolze Goodrich township 7 00
Wm Neubaum Jr bridge work in Cook
district 5 50
Howard N Brown bridge work in May
nard's district 19 75
A Behrend material for bridges
Molter's district 31 15
Smith bridge work Ahart's district 28 50
ThosE Abbott bridge work Maynard's
district 33 00
John W Towle material and work on
bridges Schroeder's district 34125
John W Towle material and work on
bridges Cook's district 476 00
Swan Johnson work on bridges May
nard's district 4
Board adjourned at 5 p. m. to meet
Thursday, June 8th, 1905.
EDW. THEOBALD, Chairman.
I hav' the following farms for sale—
8H acres at $47 50, 120 acres at $40 00,
1G0 acres at $80.00, 100 acres at $70.00.
240 acres at $85.00, 160 acres at $52.5o,
80 acres at $50,00, 80 acres at $55 00,
160 acres at $47,50, 280 acres at $67.50,
320 acres at $65.00, 210 acres at $60.00,
160 acres at $85.and all kinds of town
property for sale or trade for land, If
you want to buy, sell or trade. Re
"WIELAND" The Land Man.
Denison, la.
Special Excursion Rates to Colorado,
Utah and the Black Hills,
Via the Northwestern Line. BeginniK Jnue
1st excursion tickets will be sold to Denver,
Colorado Springs. Pueb'o, Salt Lake City,
Hot Springs, Deadwood, Lead and Custer. 8
D..etc., good to return until October :il A
splendid opportuuity is offered for an enjoy
able vacation trip. Sevenl flue trains via
th eNorthwestern i.ine daily. Applv to agents
Chcago & Northwestern R.y. 3J-S6-28-30-33-
Tickets for special excursion to Chicago
June 17. are now on sale and all those expect-
A Rule material for bridges Ahart's
district 8
Ed Ahart work on bridges Cook's dis
trict 48 75
Green Bay Lumber Company mater
ial for bridges Cook's district 63 20
Ida county material and constructing
two bridges on county line 137 40
Nye Schneider Fowler Co material for
bridges Ahart's district 122 07
Resolved by the board of Crawford
county, Iowa, that John Cook and H.
W. Maynard be a committee to
with county treasurer, and C. H.
Molter and Thos. Ahart be a com
mittee to settle with county auditor
and the clerk of district court.
Let Us Help You
lng to make the trip should buy their tickets
at ouce. In order that sufficient accommoda
tions may be provided. Tickets cannot be
used until June 17. The price IS.00 for round
trip limited to Jane 20tb' 1
Clean House
This Spring
Give us all your curtains,
heavy blankets, bed
spreads, underclothing,
bedding, etc., to
launder. By do
ing this work in
large quanti
ties we are
able to do it at
prices that make it
economy for you to
give it to us to do. Be
sides our saving you so
much hard work. Try us.
Wilcox Steam "Laundry,
On Broadway. Both Phones
A Competent Non-resident 3adge, Name to 6? Announced Later, Wilt be Selected.
A As a help to contestants we would say that the Stewart
Lumber Co., handles the best of everything, and only the
best in
Lumber, Agricultural Implements, Paint*, Lime, Coal, Cemettt,
Heating, Plumbing, Etc,
Remember tbe contest Is open to all. Send in your sketches before June t5th.
Delicious Ice Cream
Write for wholesale Ice Cream Prices. Special prices for Picnics, Socials.
Piano Coupons
And How to Get Them
The Freshest and Cleanest
O E 1 E S
h* &
$2.00 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best and cleverest designs sent us
making promiuent the points in the above square. The design
to advertise our business. The points represent our yards.
"Rill pfi Contest shall be open to all, except that no
llUICOt person connected with the Stewart Lumber
Co.. shall be eligible. Send sketches to Stewart Lumber
Co., Denison, Iowa, Contest Dept. Do not write name on
sketch, but give name and address on separate slip.
"Clean Enough to Eat"
Summer Term of Six Weeks Opens
JUNE 26th, 1905.
Primary Methods anc Teacher's Courses a specialty. Classes in both the com'
tnon and higher branches- Send for particulars.
W. C. VAN NESS, Denison, Iowa.
$5, $3, $2. ...
Read About It!
Our Proposition:
W will give threeprizes, $5.00, $3.00,
J- Ml
Wtf A
,, ,w

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