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lr. Sam Luney made Carroll a Mon
fy visit.
Archie Laird was an Omaha visitor on
IT. J, Garrison is making an extended
(olorado visit.
Mrs. Rachel Goodrich and Miss Jessie
(re making Le Mars visit this week.
The A. O. U. W. and Woodbine are
Scheduled for a ball game here to-morrow.
Prof. Frank Randall of Iowa City is
{making Denison relatives a visit this
C. C. Kemming went to Sac City on
fonday to attend to business affiairs at
thai place.
•^.Mrs. A. J. Bond is expected home this
•fceek from a delightful two weeks stay
Mrs. Shaw Van expects her sister
Miss Grace Wagoner of Aakansas this
week fcr an extenaed visit.
Prof, and Mn, E W. Fellows have ar
rived in Denison and are busy getting iD
the Gronau residence on Main Street.
Mr. G. Johnson has returned from
his Marshall county visit but his family
expects to be away for some time longer,
Kerosene and Gasolene Stoves cheaper and
better than ever. Wygant2
Little Beulah Aylesworth is at the Wy
gant home. Mrs Avle^worth is soon ex
pected to spent the coming winter in Den
Miss Bessie Gillett whose clever car
toons for the
Mr ~M E. Jones and family returned
'this week from a delightful visit in Co'o
rado Mr. Jones looks mnch improved
health by his vacation. 7
Mr. John Harrison has been called
ome rom Omaha to the bedside of his
other, Mrs. L. L. Bond. Mrs. Bond is
ery i'l and it is feared that she canuot
long survive.
Smoke "Wigwam" 5 cent cigar at the BAL
LE-BHODERSEN cigar stand.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Maynard and Mr
nd Mrs. T. W. Maynard left on Monday
fpr a vacation trip to Portland, Oregon
and to San Francisco We trust they
will have a delightful time.
Carl Richardson has secured a good
position with the Gerlach Drug Co. of
'Carroll and will go there this week. Carl
is an efficient and faithful worker and
will make an excellent clerk.
Smoke •'Wig warn" 5 cent cigar at the BAL
LB-BRODERBBN ciffar stand.
Mrs. Edith Weeks left on Tuesday for
Refugio, Texas, where she will join her
husband. Mrs. Weeks has enjoyed a de
ViRljtful summer's visit at the home of
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Wygant
Irs. A. Van Wagenen her daughter
Gertrude and her son Anthony re
ed to their home at Sioux City after
.sit with Mrs. F. W. Meyers. Thei
isit was a time of pure delight fcr the
leyers family.
delighted our read
fe'fs last year has secured a good po ition
with an Omaha portrait company.
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Garrison left on Friday for Denver,
C. L. Vossand son, Loyal, visited Dun
ap Thursday.
W. S. McVey visited Carroll last
Thursday on business.
Bruce Wright of Dunlap, was a busi
ness visitor here on Friday.
Mrs. B. G. Lyman went to Council
Bluffs on Friday to visit relatives.
Mattie and Nellie Marshall of Charter
Oak, are visiting Denison friends this
Miss Lottie Rae of Dow City, was an
over Sunday guest with her uncle, W. J.
Misses Hclderman, Clara Scriver and
Bertha Romans went to Lisbon on Thurs
day for a visit.
Jim Mill is on the sick list, being con
fined to his home by a very severe attack
of rheumatism.
Mrs. Paul Alysworth of Seattle, is ex
pected to visit her parents in September
and to remain some months.
rs. E. T. Cochran gave a porch party
in honor of Mrs. Phelan, the last of a
most charming series in that lady's honor.
Smoke Wigwam" 5 cent cigar at the BAL
L»BRODERSEN cigar stand.
Miss Guta Danielson went to Des
Moines on last Thursday, where she will
visit her friend, Mrs. Ella Norman-Pang
burn, of that place.
Mrs. Fred Bateson and children are the
guests ol friends and will remain for some
time. Mr Bateson is in England. Mrs.
Bateson has a host of friends who will be
delighted to see her once more.
It has been impossible to supply the de
mand for bookkeepers and stenographers
made upon
Drake University Commercial
Mr. J. F. Harthun visited Manning to
a sist the arrangements for "German
Day" to be held at that place September
igth. and 20th. Mr. Harthun will have
charge of the musical program.
Mr. John Hall writes us that he is still
alive, that his arm is badly used up and
his back is sore from contact with the
neckyoke, but that his neighqors are help
ing him with his grain and that he is go
ing to come out all right.
Purity, Accuracy, Competency, Prompnes.
Courteous treatment is our Motto
Schlumberger's Pharmacy
Frank H. Laity, who has been working
for Mr. Tamm since school closed, went
to Okoboji Saturday night to spend with
his mother and sisters a week at that
beautiful lake, and will thea return to
continue his work till school opens.
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Caswell left on
Saturday for Le Claire Iowa where Mrs.
Ca-well will visit while Mr Caswell will
attend the K. of P. Grand Lodge at Dav
enport. The Caswell boys will visit at
Ashton, Iowa during their parents ab
sence from Denison.
A bargain in Denison real estate is offered
by T. G. McCarthy for the next thirty days.
It is a finely built seven room house on good
location in north Denisen. This is a snap for
quick buyer. 31-tf
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Conner and son
Raymond left on Monday night for Chic
ago. Judge Conner will go to Canada on
a business trip while Mrs. Conner and
Raymond wi!l visit in West Bend. Wiscon
sin. with Miss Sara Barney. They ex
pect to be gone a little over a week
On Saturday the Misses Raine were "at
home'' to their friends complimentary to
their guest. Miss Smith. Both Miss Emma
and Miss Lillie make their guests feel de
lightfully at home. Good music was a
feature that made the afternoon one long
to be remembered and the refreshments
were delicious and well suited to the hot
weather palate.
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Jly to master a trade or profession. Head the
display advertisement of the six Mors
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telegraphy and be assured a position.
On Wednesday Mrs. L. Se?man en
tertained the old time friends of Mrs. Car
rie Pollard of Boston. The house was
very artistically decorated and very nice
refreshments were served, but the most
delightful feature was the visit with the
guest of honor, who has always had a warm
place i'n the hearts of her friends. Mrs.
Lou Martin sang charmingly and the af
ternoon was a most pleasant one.
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Miss Agnes King spent Sunday with her
brother in Vail.
Deputy Clerk McLennan and Mr. Al
fred Wright spent a pleasant weeks' end
at Wall Lake.
Mr. Alfred Wrighi is the new secretary
of the Commercial club, Vice Mr. E
Kemp, resigned,
Smoke "Wigwam" 6 cent cigar at the BAL
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Ph. A. Schlumberger was a guest at the
palatial home of Lou Edssn of Council
Bluffs over Sunday.
Smoke "Wigwam" 5 cert cigar at the BAL
LS-BRODERSEN cigar stand.
Mr. B. F, Collins the popular manager
of the Merchants Hotel is taking a vaca
tion in Sioux ty and with bis family
who arc spending the summer in South
Try an Ice Cream Soda for 5 cents at The
City Bali ery and you will never pay 10
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Mrs. C. Sprecher was taken violently ill
on Sunday with a severe case of cholera
morbus. The attack was so severe that
for a time her life wa-s dispaired of. She
rallied, however, and by Sunday evening
was out of danger to the great relief of her
many friends.
The people of Charter Oak are p'anning
a big carnival for next week and we be
lieve they are prepared to furnish a good
time for all. The feeling between Denison
and Charter Oak has always been the best
possible and aside from the question of
having a day off and a good time it is well
to keep up the cordiality now existing.
hopes to see a representative
party of business men attend the carnival
Prevent sickness by disenfecting your
premises with "Kreso," For sale at
Joseph Smith, the young lad who was
injured by falling from the train at Deloit
last week, is recovering nicely. He is
showing a cheerfulness and patience that
is helping him. Nevertheless, he has a
hard row to hoe when he gets well, as it
will doubtless be a long time before he
fully recovers and his hand will always be
badly crippled. Many of the old-tima
neighbors of the family have been to see
him at the city hospital and we understand
there is a move on foot to provide a place
for him in this county when he is able to
go to work.
1. is a bright looking boy and we be'
lieve that with a little well-directed help
now he will become a useful citizen and
will learn to think that it was not all evil
that befell him when he nearly lost his
life under the wheels of the fast moving
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Old Settlers Day—Thursday August 24th.
Leading Citizens Would Not Believe Him Guilty.
Urged Officers Not to Jail Him but to Re
lease Him Without Bail.
Green Was High in Both the Church and the
Prohibition Circles.
Mrs. Green Talks to the Officers. Tell of Their
Life Since Leaving Dow City and That She
Urged Her Husband to Face His Fate
Like a Man.
Deputy U. S. Marshal W. J. McAh
ren returned iast week after his fruit
less-quest for Green, the fugitive bank
er of Dow City. Mr. McAhren wae
deeply disappointed and chagrined at
not getting his man, but he feels that
both be and County Attorney Klinker
did all they could to secure Green and
to bring him back to justice.
McAhren expressed himself ae
surprised at the accuracy and the speed
with which THE REVIEW had obtained
all the facts of the case as presented
in our last issue.
I got to Sacraraen'o the 29th," said
the U. S, Marshal, "and got the neces
sary papers, just as soon as possible
was on hand whan the office opened.
As soon a9 I had my papers 1
called up
Winters to tell them I was coming. It
was then I got the first word that Green
had gone. It fairly knocked the breath
out. of me. I did not know what to
think. It was the worst $1.35 cents
wortn of time I ever spent. When I
•jot out of the booth I said, "Gee Whiz,'
are you going to charge a man for get- ft*
Well, I
ting such news a9 that."
to Winters, There did not seem
to be much use of it, but I thought I
mieht get some track of Green. Win
ters is a town of about 1100 on the
main line ef the Southern-Pacific, about
sixty or seventy miles from Sacramen
to. When I got there and saw Marshal
Overhouse I felt like kicking him all
around the town. Later, when I found
out all about it I began to feel sorry
for the man. He is an old man was
elected marshal last spring and was
not on to his job like an old officer
would have been. And besides this,
Green had the whole town hypnotized.
They are genuine Californians out
there. If they like a man they like
him all over when they get down on
bim they want to hang him right away.
The people were mad enough to have
banged Green had he been brought
"It seems that a wealthy banker met
Green in Berkeley, California. It
8eem8 to have been a case of love at
first sight, for the banner persuaded
Green to go to Winters, supplied the
money for him to move on, and leased
him tbe big eighty room hotel of the
town for three years, with privilege of
live years."
'As a hotel man Green was a suc
cess. In the three months he cleared
from $200 to $300 per month. He was
kind-bearted, a good talker—everybody
liked him. It was a prohibition town,
and this was just what Sid said he
wanted for the sake of his family."
"It was a great church .town and
this was just what Green was looking
"When the marshal received word to
watch Sid Green he could not believe
his senses when the order came to
arrest him the marshal had the whole
town up in arms. Tne banker, the
clergy, the leading citizens, protested
against the outrage. Green said he
was wanted as a witness in a civil case
and that the criminal charge was only
a ruse to get him back to Iowa. Be
lieve him? They just fell over them
selves to believe him. The banker
said he would stake his last dollar on
Green honesty. And so it came about
that Marshal Overhouse wa9 over-per
suaded and failed to do his duty, and
let him go about the town just as he
affidavit of
"I have here
unique. It is the
that is
County of Yolo fss
W. Overhouse on or about the 22nd
the 25th day ol July I wiredP. J. Klinker
k1"' P"'1^Iu)'
Wtn in jail
or take any bond for his appearance as the
ed°m«mniVfr»?ndh °f
over persuad­
ed me to let him have his liberty, (which I did)
iii requested. But on the 28th day of
made dilligent
hlm the 28111
and have been un-
of him
Siraed Vn»^„^dK,swoi?
before the under-
day of August.
foresaid?6 ^^^^Yo^'and
I do not think the marshal was dis
honest or that he accepted money. He
was simply new to the office had every
confidence in Green, and, as be says,
was -'over-persuaded" by Green's prom
inent friends. He was all broken up
over the escape and did all he could to
shut the barn door after it was
Here is the dispatch to the Sacra
mento Union that tells the story of how
Green made his get-a-way.
Winters, July 29—Last Tuesday
S. better known "Sid" Green, was
placed under arrest by the Town Mar
shal on a telegraphic request, from the
authorities at Dow City, Iowa.
Green was wanted for fradulent
banking. He was president of the
Exchange Bank, which failed in April,
1904: he was also beaviiy interested in
the Green Cattle Company, operating
principally in Routt County, Co).
Green came to Winters three months
ago with: good recommendations and
was made manager of the principal
hotel, changing its name to Green's
Hotel," and with his family had be
come quite popular. When arrested
the Town Marshal was advised to allow
him his liberty, as Green immediately
sent a despatch to Dow City saying he
S bars for 25c.
waists reduced to
would come back without any trouble or
extraditi papers.
Oie-ira family had gone into the
mountains about twelve miles the day
he was arrested and since then he has
been permitted to drive out to aefr
them each day. Last night he went
out as usual but failed to return, and it
is thought he drove to Elmira and took
the train for the north.
Green protested his innocence of any
wrong doing and said he was really
wanted in Iowa as a witness in a clvifc
suit but could not be compelled to go
there only by a criminal charge,
He was driven to some railroad point
in the night by his fifteen year old son,
who refuses to say where he left his
fatber, and tbojgh the telegraph an
telephone have been extensively used,
no trace has been found of bim,
The Dow City officers telephoned^
this morning from Sacramento that
they had stopped off there to secure
extradition papers, and, of course
were non pluBed on receipt of the new»
that their bird had flown. Evidentljr
they took no stock in Green's promised
return voluntarily, or they would not
have stopped for tbe papers with
which to take him back aa a prisioner.
Marshal Overhouse did all he could
when it was too late to do anything..
Here is one of the postals he sent out.'
Arrest for Escape From Justice, 1
H. S. Green, known as Sid Green,
age about 45, height 5 feet 10 inches,
fair complexion, blue eyes, dark eye
lashes, dark bair sprinkled with gray
*0 that hair looks silvery, bands long
and bony, high cheek bones, lips thick
and quiver when be talks, weight about
155 has deep voice, talks rather loud.
Wanted by County Attorney. Denison,
Iowa. Arrest and wire,
Marshal, Winters, Cal.
But Sid had a big night'* start of
bim, he could have been in Portland
or out to sea by that time. I stayed
two days but saw the uselessoess oJ
sta\ ing longer or of spending a lot o£
money to catch my man when if he had
escaped from California my papers
would be no good."
"I saw Mrs. Green, she isalady a»
she always has been and I feft sorry
for her. She was heart-broken over
it all. While Green was there he was
tbe most popular man in town but the
minute he left and people found out
the truth about him thev were so mad
thev took t.heir spite out on the family.
M-s Green told me something of their
life during the past year and it was
pitiful. She said she had repeatedly
urged Sid to give himself up ana that
when he heard they were after him
be agreed that he would. She said she
thought be meant it when be sent the:
dispatch saying he would come bacir
when wanted but as tbe time grew
nearer bis resolution grew weaker an£
he ran away."
bops we will get bim some time
but tbe jig is up for the present." I
feel however that Klinker did all Jie
could and I do not know what more I
cou dt have done. After Overhouse
wired that "your man is in jail" what
coaid you think expect except that he
was in jail."
It was as clear a case of "three shell"
game as I ever saw worked and when
we picked our shell Green was under
the other one. No plans have been
made for further efforts but I think we
will get Sid Green yet."
Use Schlumberger's
(or Summer Complaint.
Diarrhoea Cordis
Crawford County
Office of the County Auditor.
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Denison, Iowa, July 5th, 'J905.
To Patrick Collins. S. E. Wright, Reuben
Sweet, John M. Wilton, John Dietz, Mrs. H. A
Poitevin, William Wilson and
To Whom It May Concern:—
You, and Each of You, are hereby notified
that the commissioner appointed to locate a
highway forty feet wide, commencing at the
South-east corner ol section twelve in town
ship eighty-three, north of range forty-one,
west, in Crawford County, Iowa, running
thence West one mile on the line between
sections twelve and thirteen in said town
ship, over ladns of said Wright, Sweet, Diets:
atid Poitevin and terminating at the south
west corner of said section twelve, has te
ported in favor of the location thereof, and
all objections thereto or claims for damages
must be filed in tbe Auditor's offlcs in said!
county in Denison, Iowa, on or before noon off
the 30th day of September, A. D., or.such,
highway will be located without reference
EWD. THEOBALD, Auditor of Crawford.
County, Iowa.
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