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dS I
Synopsis of Christian
^Showing Something of the Views of a
Creed Which has Many Excellent
in its re-
The Review is cosmopolitan
^.-^ligious prefetvices. Its columns are open
to all creeds anu *chisms that make for
»i "f~ good morals and goo' cit zenship. This does
not imply any endorsement of the pecu.
,, "iar tenets of any particular belief. It is in
'this spirit that we print below a synopsis
of the Christian Science lecture delivered
here last week. Whatever we may think
of the Scientists and their method of heal
ing it must be admitted that the large
majority of its followers lead goodly lives
sand are model citizens- In this at least
In" they deserve the encouragement the sup
port and respect of a'l good people. The
fallowing is a synopsis of Mr. Youngs
Mr. Young Said in Part.
Christian Science may be defined as
the science of all that relates to God,
and is science not only in relation to
healing, but as corrective in relation to all
problems of existence. Accepted theories
of religion and science have scoffed at the
association of these words, but reason aud
logic show conclusively that science must
relate to truth, and therefore to God, since
God is the cause and basis of all that is
'Christian Science does not proclaim a
new God nor a new law, but comes de
claring the same God, and the same law
that Jesus declared, the one infinite eter
nal God, who is good, and his good and
unchangeable law. Christian Science de
clares the omnipotence, omniscience and
omnipresence of God as do all ether de
nominations, and upon that basis shows
that evil has no power, knowledge or
presence in other words, that it is unreal.
"Christian Science never ascribes evil
to God or makes him in any way respon
sible for it, but shows that evil originiteB
in a belief of material existence entirely
apart from God, and unsupported by
science or Truth. Of all people, Christ
ian Scientists believe most absolutely in
Christ. They accept the teachings of
Christ Jesus without reservation They
declare that his command to heal the sick
is as binding as that to preach the gospel,
and that their is no evidence that it was
intended for his time only. It was scientif
ic religion that healed the sick in the time
A Jesus and his disciples, and it does the
lince his life and work were an example
/or all time, and his method was a univer
sal aaiimperishable heritage of man.
What Christian Science Means
.t%,"The steps of salvation in Christian
Science are not unusual. As in other de
nominations they involve the admission or
conviction of sin, sorrow for wrongdoing
or repentance, and reformation mani
fested in a corrected life. Salvation in
Christian Science, however, includes ex
emption from sickness, want and woe, as
well as from sin. It is not contingent
upon death, but is a way of life, a way of
Tighteousness. Christian Science is
founded upon the Bible. "Christian
Science text book, "Science and Health
with key to the Scriptures," by Mary
Baker G. Eddy, is a commentary upon
the Bible. Other denominations have
commentaries, but no other book in the
world has ever accomplished as much as
this one. Thousands of people have
testified that they have been healed, some
of them of so-called incurable diseases
through the perusal of this book. In some
instances this testimony has been given in
courts of law, and has not been in the
least shaken by cross-examination. Many
of these cases involved the most terrible
diseases known to mankind, such as can
cer. tuberculosis, locomotor ataxia, and in
other instances such diseases as asthma,
hay fever, St. Vitus dance and others.
"It is erroneous to suppose that Christ
ian Scientists deny the reality of things
They affirm the eternal existence of all
things, and that they exist in the divine
mind in their perfect individuality and
proper order. They deny the materiality
of things, including all the discordant con
ditions th*t material things manifest.
"-I No Quarrel With Doctors.
"Christian Scientists are in no wise
arrayed against those who believe in
materia medica They were all believers
in it themselves until they found in Christ
ian Science a more efficacious way of heal
ing. This way they believe to be the very
best one, because 'it is God's way, as
shown in the works of Jesus. Although
charitably disposd toward those who prac
tice materia medica, it is a well known
fact that materia medica is merely
an experimental system Surely after
four thousand years it ought to be
beyond this stage. Futhermore,
it is a self-confessed condition of weak"
ness that combinations of medical so
cieties and the medical fraternity gener
ally should come before our legislatures
demanding special legislation, the
tendency of which is almost invariably
to shut out all other system Nor can
ing the regulations of health boards in re
lation to contagious and other diseases.
How Disease is Cured.
Those who believe that mentality plays
some part in disease and its cure gener
ally look in the wrong direction, and say
that the cures of Christian Science are
effected by mental suggestion, hypnotism,
wi:l power, mental science, which is
spurious and not related to Christian
Science, or to some other erioneous or
material belief. Christian Science, how
ever, declares that it is God who heals
diseases through Christian Science, and
they of all people know best.
The Discoverer and Founder.
We scarcely dare to think what the
world would have been had not there
appeared from time to time a man or
woman good enough and great enough
to be touched by eternal truth, and brave
and self-sacrificing enough to stand f:r
it. Mrs. Eddy discerned and proclaimed
to the world the Gcd-given freedom of
the race from all sickness, sin, want anil
woe. She revealed the science by which
men may begin to realize^ that Ireedom
and enter upon the heritage of dominion
over evil. Some time this knowledge has
to come. According to the promise of
Jesus, it was to be the spirit of tru'.h, the
Comforter leading into all truth Some
one had to be good and pure above all
others in order to perceive it. Any great
discovery along a given line is al
ways made by one whose thoughts, de
sires, and studies, are reaching beyond
thssj of other people.
"That Christian Science has a place
in the world's thought to day is due en
tirely to Mrs. Eddy, There was a time
when sh»stood absolutely alone with God
and incurred the ridicule of ignorance and
the hostility of theoretical forms of re
ligion and material modes of medicine be
cause of her discovery of Christian Science.
Today the whole world is uplifted by her
teachings and example, and because of it,
human thought is rising somewhat from
the depths of gross materialism. These
are the simple facts. Ishmld consider i:
presumtuous to praise Mrs. Eddy. A
character touched by the deepest humility
and illumined with love to God and com
passion for man is Christlike it needs no
eulogy. Her life is an open book where
in are recorded only good deeds. The
signs of these times are prophetic. -They
point to the gratitude to God that is ap
pearing in the hearts of men for the life
and works of the leader of this great
movement, destined as it is to accomplish
the regeneration of mankind."
When indigestion becomes chronic
ib is dangerous, Kodol Dyspepsia Cure
will cure indigestion and all troubles
resulting' therefrom. thu9 preventing
Catarrh of the {jtoraach. Sold by
Lamborn DrugCo.
Rural Free Delivery Boxes to Be
Numbered Hereafter. Patrons
Should Read This Carefully.
The Denison postoffice has just re
ceived an order from the postal depart
ment relative to the numbering of rural
mail boxes. The departmental orders
make it the duty of each carrier to
report in rotation the mail boxes on his
route which are in good condition and
which conform to the regulations of the
department. Boxes found to be safe,
weather proof, and fit receptacles for
mail are entitled to numbers, provid
ing that they are boxes approved by
the department or were erected prior
to October 1st, 1902. No Don-weather
proof or otherwise enfit boyes shall be
numbered. All such must be replaced
by the owners, or no numbers will be
assigned. No rural mail box within
the incorporation limits or within one
half mile of the postoffice shall be num
bered unles» erected prior to October 3,
1903. Service must not be withdrawn
from any box. however, without specif
ic orders from the department. The
first regulation box served by each car
rier shall be number one and box after
b.x thereafter to be given the proper
number in order of service from No
to and including all those boxes entitled
to seryice
The postmaster is to notify each own
er of his box number after the assign
ment is made and the number must be
legibly and consp'cuously placed on
each box.
New boxes subsequently erected be
tween those already numbered will be
given the next consecutive unused
The numbering system will be of
great value in avoiding confusion, in fa
cilitating the handling of mail when
for any reason a new carrier has the
route. Remember, numbers can only be
given to regulation boxes that are in
first class condition Septemher 30. If
your mail box is out of repair or you
need a new one, attend to it now, and
get your number in regular order. You
will find it a great convenience in the
Cluunbfrlain's Cough Remedy Acts on
Nature's Plan.
The most successful medicines are
those that aid nature. Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy acts on this plan. Take
it when you have a cold and it will
allay the cough, relieve the lungs, aid
expectoration, open the secretions and
aid nature in restoring the system toa
any valid excuse be given, as far as Christ- healthy condition. Thousands have
ian Science is concerned, on the ground testified to its superior excellence. It
,. counteracts any tendency of a cold to
of protection to the public, since Chnrt-
reguU jn pneumon}a. Prlcei
ian Scientists do not advertise nor sane- Large size 50cents. For sale by
tion quackery, and they believe in obey- Ph A. Schlumuerger.
25 cents.
Spool Silk—Corticelli
best quality colored sewing silk
50 yard spools,
Spool Cotton
John G. Claik's spool cotton
for the sewing machine or
hand sewing. Per spool 3c or
10 spools for 25c
Skirt Binding
Velveteen, Corduroy
Brush binding in black
and colors, per yard..
Fine Program Arranged for Denison
People for This Winter
As the fall months come on the winter's
entertainment becomes one of the upper
most topics for thought and consideration.
For years the lecture course has been un
der the management of some of our public
spirited men, but this year the course is to
be in charge of the ladies.
The Federation of Clubs has not un
dertaken this as a money-making scheme.
All they expect to do is to cover expenses.
The course will open-jd with a concert
given by the Manning Glee Glub, an or
ganization often mentioned. This com
pany has been very successful in the east,
most of the members being from Boston
where they hold choir positions. The
Manning Glee Club opened the course at
Sioux City and Ft. Dodge and our lad'es
were able to secure this high-priced at
traction for that reason.
The second number will be Kabbi Har
rison in a lecture called "A Plea for Shy
lock He is one of the most eloquent
men on the platform and an acknowledged
leader and spokesman of American jews.
For tne past thirteen years Dr. Harrison
has been rabbi of the Temple Israel, St.
Louis. This, we believe, is the first visit
of a Jewish rabbi to Denison and \vi:l
open up anew field of thought. Harrison
will lecture December 5th. On January
3d Alton Packard, newspaper cartoonist,
illustrator and lecturer, will give an enter
tainment. Mr Packard is said to be al
ways successful before audiences of vary- I
ing tastes. He not only amuses and con
vulses but gives glimpses of beauty in art
and nature. We believe the children will
be delighted with this entertainment.
Mrs. Baker, who will appear on the
course January 25th, is said to excel
Lsland Powers, a very difficult thing to
do and one only possible to one* like Mrs.
Baker who has brain power, noble phy
ique and a wonderful voice. and
Powers himself says of her that "'she
stands at the head of her profession with
a scholarly mind, a sympathetic heart, a
glorious voice and an exquisite art.
On the 23d of February the Katharine
Ridgeway Concert Company will give a
concert. Miss Ridgeway herself is a
prime favorite in Denison and this winter
she beads a fine company, and the music
will be quite as good as Miss Ridgeway
'Ihe last number will be on March 10th
when Dr. Green will lecture. He unites
ripe and broad scholarship with a magnet
ic personality. Secretary Wilson rays of
Dr. Green "that he regards him as the
foremost orator in the history of Iowa"
This lecture will not only be entertaining
but instructive
The rice of this course of
Entire line of 35-cent wash
stocks, this
week at
Butterick Paper Patterns,
10c, 15c and 20c
Your choice of a large lot rib
bon tab collars, newest effects in
neckwear, in black
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splendid numbers will be the same as in
other years, $2.00 for adults aud $1.25 for
Summer Tourist Rates—Tickets on sale
daily uurint llie summer mouths
S'.. Paul and Mlnneupol:s. M'.mi.,
iJot Springs and Deadwuod, So. I.'ak.: Den
ver. Colorado Springs, t'ueblo, and Uienwoud
CjIo. Ofe'den aud Suit Luke City.
tah' Mnd many other summer Hesorts bom
East and West, limited to Oct 31st.
AI sj IO
Yellows.one I'arK, limited to ninety days.
Write I
.r rates.
The Boys"
Both Phones
No. 21
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of kersey, lined to yoke,
3 Our Hats Are On ^Display
Bon Ami front pad hose sup
porters, satin pad. ii inch wide,
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Made of fine all wool kersey, in blue, black or brown, pleats below
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satin lined to
back, velvet coat collar, "1
yoke J-
In this lot we offer one of the most attractive assortments of" fancy
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$35.00 Oriental Rug at $29.50
Finest domestic rug made, $35 usually
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ness, and splendid wearing quality. Size 9x12. Price $29.50
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Visit oitr store and see the exclusive styles
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Do You Want a Fine
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vn, pleats below
We wish to announce that we have purchased the 1'ortz Furniture Stock and will con
tinue the business at the old location. As soon as possible an ENTIRE NEW STOCK
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Cut Flowers
orders promptly filled. We will soon carry a full
ready to filt all orders without the expense and delay
We would solicit a share of the patronage of
merit it by fair dealing, good goods and low prices.
Trusting that our business career in Denison may be marked by the same friend
ships and kindliness we have always met with in this city as individuals
We are your obedient servants,
Barcher & SchnecklotH.
Clear White Pearl buttons,
excellent quality, 2 or 4 hole
per card of
one dozen
Darning Cotton
Fast Black Darning Cotton,
2 ply, 45 yard on spool. Per
One Cent
Neck Combs
Fancy mounted neck combs
in amber and white. Reduced
from 98c to v®
Couch Covers,
5 0 1 0 8 a
.. 1.80
Butterick Paper Patterns,
10c, 15c and 20c
About Our Rings,
We have trays full ot them
in an infinite variety ot styles
and des gns. If you want a pretty
ring set with a genuine stone,we
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plenty of others at whatever
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Diamond Price.
Another line which we
in fine assortment is the
mon's line of watch and
nette chains and fobs,
comprise the handsomest
terns that have been created and
the quality of every chain and
fob is absolutely guaranteed.
J. Warbasse,
4 doors north of P. O.
Barcher is a licei sed and ex-
and will be
ins of cut flowers
now necessary.
tie community and shall endeavor to

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