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iv Denison Papers Will Have
Tpye-Setting Machines.
Review Makes Purchase and Bulletin
Follows Suite. Machines Will Be
•7^' Installed in November. Re-.
view Will Have Model Plant lif|
o".. •Slip's-
On Saturday the REVIEW and the Bul
letin each purchased Simplex tpye setting
machines. The new departure will cost
each office about $1800.00, but the results
should be improved news service and a re
duction of running expenses on the part of
both papers. The REVIEW cannot set
much more type than it has been setting,
for during the past few months it has set
nearly all the type the paper could hold.
We will be able, however, to set the type
more quickly and economically and to
handle in better shape the rush of corre
spondence and local news that always
comes just prior to publication. Last
week, for instance, we were compelled to
omit an excellent correpondence from
Schleswig. The letter came too late, and
it was a question of omitting important
local news, delayiug the paper a day or
leaving out the Schleswig letter. With
machine composition all such matter can
be quickly handled and the REVIEW will
be able to give its news fresher and better
than ever.
'Another advantage .which our readers
will appreciate will be that the REVIEW
will be printed in brand new type through
out. We have selected a large-faced,
easily read type, and with our brand new
press, and using the best print paper, the
REVIEW will.be a- thing of beauty.
The addition of the tpye-setting machine
makes the REVIEW plant a model in every
respect. When our new building js com.
pleted and the machine installed we hope
every reader of the paper will call and see
the plant in operation.
The REVIEW printing plant will be all
on one floor occupying the basement of
our new 40x60 building. It will have
i%eat, w"ll Have "excellent light and
Warm and comfortable. There is
a cetwliir floor throughout and this is of
extra thickness where the heavy machinery
stands The equipment will consist of the
Wizard Floor
is the Best Flour on the market. Every sack
guaranteed. Sold only by Geo. Menagh & Co.
& $ 1 2 5 S a
We handle the Peninsular Heaters and
Ranges. These stoves are made from the
best material and range from $7.00 up in
EV- T- E-
In our Harness Department you will be able to get anything you want in the harness
line. We make all of the hand-sewed harness we have in stock and guarantee every strap
in them. These harness are made by skilled workman and nothing but the best grades of
leather are put in them.
Our single and double driving harness are made from the latest patterns and are finish­
ed very highly. We have just received a full stock of plush and fur robes it's getting cold
and you will need one in a short time. Look over our line and be convinced that we carry
the best line in Denison. '.
W a a & a a a a
by C. Sievers & Sons for the past years and are the best coats on the market. They are
made from the choicest grades of fur and every coat is guaranteed.
W® attend to all Repair Wofk Promptly.
We have moved our hardware stock up
into the C. Sievers building on Main St.
Copper bottom boilers $1.25.
Repeater shot gun shells, (snapless), 12
gauge, 60c per box.
New Rival shot gun shells, (j2 gauge),
best grade of black powder, 50c box
Granite kettles 25c up.
Glidden galvanized barb wire $3.10
per cwt.
Nails, 8s and above, $12.50 per cwt.
We carry the Southern Red Seal White
Lead and Midland Linseed Oil. Get our
prices before you buy.
We can save you money on your hard
ware bills.
It costs nothing to look our line over
and we may save you money.
^T,Akh'oh cha.
THURESSON, tlie'new pastoF'oOliF^iHirSIeth
odist church of Denison, was born in Canada in 1868. He is of
Scandinavian origin, was educated for the ministry at Belleville
Canada, and accepted his first charge in the Genosee conference of
the state of New York in 1891. His first charge was at Collins Cen
3 •"•6 came to the Des Moines conference in lQO^, being
assigned to Asbury church of Des Moines. This is his second
charge in Iowa. His family consists of his wife, a daughter, who
holds a position in Des Moines, and a daughter and a son who are iff
Denison. Mr. Thuresson is energetic, in the prime of life, and full
of zeal for his worfcand for his church. He has already earned
the reputation of being one of the most eloquent divines in this con
ference, a reputation which he, has fully sustained in the sermons
delivered here.
,t vf
department. We carry the best lines we
can buy and every pair is guaranteed.
Good strong school shoes, sizes
i-i. per pair
Boys schcol shoes 2i to5i p'ef'pair
Girls school shoes, vici kid, sizes 12? to
2, per pair
$1 60
Boys Crescent shoes, sizes 2^ to 5^,
per pair
Boys worK shoes, all solid leather, per
Wc Pay Cash for Butter and Eggs.
School shoes are a specialty in our shoe
Simplex type setting machine, a new
Cranston improved cylinder press, two
new job presses, a Mentges folding ma
chine, added last spring, a 36-inch power
paper cutter, a seven horse-power Foos
engine besides perforator, numbering ma
chines, staplers, mailing machine and all
the other paraphernalia of a first class
office. The REVIEW has the largest equip
ment of job and advertising type of any
paper of its class in the state.
We will be prepared to do all classes of
job work on the shortest notice, and we
solicit the work of Dsnison business men
in irhis line, especially if they wish high
class work delivered "Johnny on the spot
Certainly the business men of Denison
cannot complain that their newspapers are
not keeping abreast of the times and are
not representative of the town and its best
interests. On the other hand it is the
splendid support of home merchants which
I enableB the papers to make these improve
ments and thus to secure the large sub
scription lists they now have Again it is
the co-operation of live merchants and
live newspapers that has held Denison
steadily to the front and made it the only
town in western Iowa thaa has never
known a back set. We are proud of our
county, our city and our business men and
we want them to be proud of the REVIEW.
If they will bear it in mind to say as many
good words for us as we do for them it
will help wonderfully, and everything that
that helps the papers of Denison, that ex"
tends their influence and widens their cir
culation helps every business man.
There is ample rcom for two good
papers in Denison. Both for business and
political reasons they will always exist
For our part we are glad to note that the
Bulletin is also making progress. We
welcome the competition, it puts us upon
our mettle, and makes Denison sure of
two first-class English papers.
Mrs. Frank Fee Nurrowly Escapes
Losing an Eye on Friday Evening.
Mrs. Frank/Fee was the victim cf a
painful accident on Friday evening and
had a very narrow escape from losing her
right eye. She was lowering a window in
her home during the night and in some
way the curtain hook caught her eye,
tearing the upper lid nearly ofi, grazing
the ball of the eye and narrowly missing
the pupil. The wound is very painful
and several stitches had to be taken in the
Ladies button dress shoes, per pair
Ladies E 7. Shoes, plain toe, per pair
Women good Vici Kid shoes, per
pair is
Men's Hox Calf, Viscolized sole,
heavy, yer pair
These are positively the best shoes on
the market for th2 money.
Men's high cu: Box Calf Shoes, just the
shoe for all round wear, per pair
cV .."•
Court Sustains Motion of De-
in Gibson Case.
Is the Ground
Damage Case
Jury»by Judge Powers
on Which Notable
is Taken From the
.4 r'/
S» «g£. jV
The case of Francis Gibson vs the City
of Denison occupied the attention of the
court and jury from Wednesday until Sat
urday morning. The plaintiff claimed
$5000.00 damages from the city on account
of injuries received by falling on a defect
ive sidewalk near the Heiden property on
Sweet street south of the Chicago & North
Western Railway tracks, on November
8th, 1904. The city denied liability on
the grounds, 1st that the walk, if defect
ive, had not been in that condition such a
length of time as to charge the city with
constructive notice, and that the city had
no actual notice and 2nd, that the plain
tiff was guilty of contributory negligence
in passing over the walk when he knew of
its unsafe and dangerous condition. The
plaintiff testified that he knew that the
sidewalk was unsafe when he went upon
it, and had known of it$ unsafe condition
for a long time, and that he knew it was
dangerous to go upon it, but said that in
passing ever it he walked in the middle of
it, believing that he could cross it in safe
ty. The evidence showed that this walk
was one hundred and sixty-five feet in
length and that the plaintiff in going to
and from the city could have travelled the
highway which had been graded up and
had cinders placed upon.it to make it
available for the people living on the
south side of the track to travel on in go
ing from their homes to and from the city,
and that the plaintiff knew of this high
way and had used it. At the conclusion
of the evidence the defendant made a mo
tion to take the case from the jury on the
grounds that the plaintiff was guilty of
contributory negligence in going upon the
walk when he knew of its unsafe and dan
gerous condition, especially in vfewof"the
fact that another and safe way of travel
had been provided. The court sustained
the motion and a verdict was rendered for
the defendant. P. W. Harding and J. F.
Glenn appeared for the plaintiff and Con-
they will wear.
Ladies Silk Belis, (bl^ck), each
Children's Buster Brown belts, each
Men's fleece lined underwear, silver
grey, extra heavy, a piece
Men's Union suits, fleece lined, suit
Ladies Union suits, each
We carry a full stock of Men's, Wom
en's and Children's Underwear in the
better grades. Our prices are the lowest
on this line.
Taffeta silks, per yard
Dry Goods and Furnishings
We have just received a new line of Women's Silk and Leather Belts. They are
new styles and materials.
,rM Jc

nsr & Lally and J. H. Walker for the city.
The wills of Nils F. Rodine, Caniel D.
McMahon, Magdelaine Strasslen, John H.
Holdsworth, Harriet Roth, Enoch H.
Wood, P. H. Schmidt, Joachin Rickert,
Gretna Maria Nelson. Claus Mundt and
Henry E. Kohles were admitted to pro
Plain colored Silkalines, per yard
Cotton Batting', per roll
Gents linen collars, all kinds, es^ch.
Men's Sweaters, pineapple stitch.heavy
and well made, each
Men's fast black hose, pair
Ladies fleece lined hose, pair
Men's hose, grey and brown, pair
Cheviots, brown, black and green, all
wool, per yard
Mary Klinker vs Henry Hoefer, judg
ment for plaintiff for $78 84.
John A. May vs Samuel A. Milson was
was stricken from the calendar. 1 ,jrt •.
Miss Kate Kelly returned from a Chica
go visit the last of the week.
The Woman's club held the 'firsi meet
ing of the year with Mrs. Ley on Monday
afternoon. The club has a very interest
ing program for this year's work and ex
pects to enjoy it greatly. The social
features of the afternoon with Mrs. Ley
were not the least pheasant part.
The Denison library board has been^re
quested to furnish a picture ot the build
ing and a brief history of the library tor
publication in the report of the State
Library commission. It is needless to
say that the request ha? been complied
wilh and that our city will be represented
in the forth coming volume.
On Friday evening Miss Jennie Austin
entertained complimentary to Miss
Florence Falkner. Progressive sumerset
was the game played and it aroused much
interest. The score cards were very
cleverly decorated by the hostess and
were a very pretty feature of the party.
Mrs. Brown and Miss. King assisted in
serving refreshments and after a short
but delightful visit the party broke up re
gretfully. About twenty four guests were
May be the Denison Bulletin will find a
plausible reconciliation between its recent
defense of Mayor Dunne's course with
respect to the Chicago street railways and
the following statement made by ex-mayor
Carter H. Harrison, who is held to be a
a democrat of presidential size by a host
of democrats in good standing: "'Mayor
Dunne is bjgining to see that things are
not always what they seem. He finds
that .he cannot live up to his campaigx
promises, so he changes his mind a'n^
comes out with contract p'an, which itself
Is sucS_-a-w»earf-kneeU',. ramshackle -davise
that its. frailites makeStye mournful. It
is marked with the guilelessness that
stamps the unsophisticated lambs that lose
their fleeces injWall street.'-'—Carter H.
We carry
and Children's
the best lines of Men's, Women's
Shoes we can buy. Try a pair,

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