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Jasper Hams and wife were Deni
son visitors one day last week, at
the home of their daughter Mrs. Bian
Iseminger. They brought their grand
children home with them for a few
days visit here, while Mr, and Mrs.
Iseminger went to Omaha to enjoy
the sights of Ak Sar-Ben.
W. E. Stout, living southwest of
town says that he has a tine corn
crop, the best he has ever had. that
it will no doubt yield sixty bushels to
the acre. This is the common report
in this section this year and every
body expects to enjoy an era of pros
E. Stegeman and Henry Hink drove
to Denison Tuesday on business.
Nate Davis and wife, formerly of
this vicinity, but now residing in
South Dakota are here visiting their
old neighbors and friends. At pres
ent they are the guests of June Slater
and family.
Mrs. Armstrong, who was taken
sick at Mrs. Lawrence Hagan's while
on a visit, left for her home in Lin
coln,on Wednesday accompanied by
her daughter, who came here for that
-purpose. It is hoped that the good
lady reached her destination no worse
for her journey.
Geo. Hester transacted business in
-Denison on Thursday.
Mrs. George Harvey and Mrs. Bon
ney were business visitors to Denison
on Thursday afternoon.
James O'Meara and wife and son
Leo were Ak-Sar-Ben visitors last
.Wednesday and Thursday.
Henry Hink is making some exten
sive improvements on his building
which he purchased from Mr. Beutel
•a year ago, and which has been used
as a hall ever since. Mr. Hink in
tends to move his goods out of the
Moffitt building which he now occu
pies. into his own store room, where
he will have more room for his con
stantly increasing business.
Mabel Brewster was a Manilla vis
itor between trains last Saturday.
Mrs. James O'Meara was called to
Blenco Friday to attend the funeral
of her aunt who died Thursday, after
a lingering illness caused by stomach
Geo. Harvey has been on the ailing
list lately.
Thecil Hemphill was a Manilla
visitor one day last week.
Frank Evans of Dow City, was a
business visitor on Saturday.
All the merchants on the west side
of main street have torn out their
old wooden sidewalks, and are replac
ing them with eight foot cement
walks, as fast as the cement workers
can put them in. They are already
finshed in front of James O'Meara's
saloon and the hotel. The trees in
front of the later place had to be
sacrificed, which seemed too bad.
There was a dance at Mike Mathias
last Saturday night. It being the
time of year for like festivities
Dr. W. B. Evans and wife of
Arion were calling on friends infBuck
Grove Sunday.
Willis Wiggins and family were
the guests of John Griffin and family
on Sunday.
Geo. Harvey lost a valuable milch
cow last week. She was a full blood
ed Jersey and consequently gave fine
milk. She left a calf which Mr.
Robert Moffit has purchased.
John Kepford, wife and daughter
Eury were passengers east to Ames,
last Thursday evening where they
visited with friends until Saturday,
returning home on that day.
Nellie Sullivan left Wednesday for
a visit with relatives in Omaha she
expects to be gone a month.
Bid McNertny came down
Manilla on Saturday, for an
Sunday visit with her uncle
Finnegan and family.
There was early mass here last
Sunday at nine o'clock in the Catholic
church, at which time a class of six
-children made their first communion,
-which is always a pretty sight.
Coffey gave a very instructive ad
dress, for both old and young. At
the close of the exercises Father
Coffey had the young communicants,
take the total abstinence pledge, un
til they reach the age of twenty-one,
at which time they may be released
from said pledge, as it is generally a
fact, that those who lead upright
lives until that age, are not liable to
become drunkards and it is with the
youth. We must labor to correct the
great evil of our beautiful country.
Mrs. Mat Frey of Coon Grove was
a Buck Grove caller Friday.
Mrs. George Hester who has been
seriously ill for a couple of weeks is
improving which will be good news
for her numerous friends.
Robert Moffitt has recently secured
a cement block making machine, and
is using some of them in the curbing
for his new cement walk in front of
his store, and the store building own
ed by his father Samuel Moffitt.
There was a social hop at the home
of Deed Grufs last Saturday evening,
which was well attended, and a good
time enjoyed by all present.
Mrs. John Griffin was on the sick
list for a few days last week, but is
much improved at this writing.
It is reported that there will be a
final dance in Hink's hall next Satur
day night, after which time Mr.
Hink will conduct his general mer
chandise business in the building, and
our town will be without a hall again
unless some one sees a good invest
ment and builds one, so that our peo
ple can have some entertainments at
least once in a while.
Mrs. Ed. Marks has been under the
doctor's care recently.
Mrs. Wm. Edwards has returned
from Armour. S. D. where she has
been enjoying a pleasant visit with
her son Ernest and family.
Maud Noonan is teaching her first
term of school over near Manilla.
She spent Sunday at home and says
she likes her school very much.
John Tranter, has been in Denison
the past week helping his father,
James Tranter with his dray line.
Bernice Bonney, has been unable
to teach her school for several days,
being laid up with a bad case of
poisoning in her face. She had been
busy collecting leaves etc. with which
to decorate her school room, and last
Friday, she found some beautiful, red,
velvety looking leaves, which were so
pretty that she rubbed them on her
cheek to feel their delicious softness
and the consequence is. that her best
friends would not even know her, her
face being twice its size and both
eyes swollen shut, to say nothing of
the pain and distress of the trouble.
She thinks it is pretty nice now that
her papa is a doctor, and is getting
along as well as can be expected, but
it is safe to say that she will admire
the beauties of nature, at a longer
range alter this.
Mrs. Mabel Tranter visited her
mother Mrs.D. Cruise, near Arion all
last week, while John was in Denison
on business.
Eda Paulson went to Manilla Sat
urday to spend Sunday with her sister
Minnie. ^'VeiS'l *f
At the last regular meeting of the
town council, some stringent regula
tions were ordered in regard to town
government, in hopes that our vill
age will be a better place for all
classes of people to come to, Sundays
as well as other days.
Ben Quathamer has put up a very
substantial hitching rack, the wnole
south length of his store building. It
is made of Cedar posts and iron
Elmer Polzien is rapidly develop
ing into an expert ameteur nhotogra
pher. some of his recent work show
ing up very well indeed.
Cal Carpenter is digging five acres
of potatoes which will average over
100 bushels to the acre. The price,
however, will not average so well.
When the alcohol bill goes into effect
it may be different.
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Mrs. Manley Pence and little son
of Sioux City are visiting friends in
Arion. She is expected here in a few
days to visit her grand parents Mr.
and Mrs. Erastus Thew.
It is rumored that Jake Bills Jr..
has acquired land in Dakota and will
go there tu reside in the spring.
There is getting to be several good
sized Buck Grove colonies in the Da
kotas and still there is more to fol
Jack Welch, has gone into stock
raising in earnest, having purchased
a fine bunch of hogs last week at Mr.
Williams sale. He will soon have the
hillside covered with porkers and will
no doubt be very much benefited
financially by the deal, as- he bought
the lot for $3.50 each, and has been
offered $10.00 for several different
ones already.
Ed and Otto Paulson with their sis
ters went to Denison to see the
hypnotist last week. They say they
were very much entertained.
Bert Cruise of Arion was calling
on friends here last Saturday.
Geo. Hester got a foreign sub
stance in his eye, which caused him
much distress until the doctor re
moved it.
Cal Carpenter and family, Council
man Welch and family were guests
of Mayor Bonney and family last Sun
Bernice Bonney appreciates the
kindness and thoughtfulness of her
young friends, both gentlemen and
ladies, who have called to express
their sympathy in her misfortune.
Although she could see, or talk to
them very well.
U. G. Johnson of Denison, republi
can candidate for County Treasurer
was in town Monday evening, calling
on the voters. Mr. Johnson made
many new friends in this township
and it will not surprise the people of
the county to find him in the treas
urer's office next year, a, place
which he will undoubtedly fill to
the satisfaction of all concerned.
Can you win', You realize that
to win in anything these days,requires
strength, with mind and body in tune
A man or woman with disordered di
gestive organs is not in shape for a
day's work or a day's play. How
can they expect to win? Kodol For
Dyspepsia contains the digestive
juices of healthy stomach and will
put your stomach in shape to perform
its important function of supplying
the body and brain with strength
building blood. Digests what you
eata, relieves Indigestion, Dyspepsia,
Sour Stomach, Palpitation of the
Heart and Constipation. Sold by
Lamborn Drug Co.
Ought to remind you of the snaps in fine Fall and Winter Clothing at our store.
The Vikine System The Kaufman Garment
Goodrich sus
Chas. Campbell and family and
Mrs. Dunbar. Mrs. Campbell. Steve
Newton and wife visited at Lit Dun
bar's Sunday.
B'red Schluter was a city visitor on
L. F. Morris and Miss Lovicie.
James McKim and wife spent Sunday
at Hannibal Finks.
Elsie Beaman was the guest of
her old schoolmate, Dora Petersen on
Ben Beaman and son Ralph went
to Dakota to look at land Monday.
Merle Myers enjoyed a visit from
his aunt and sister Tuesday.
Mrs. Geo. Winans and Mrs. Ray
Winanstspent Tuesdaj afternoon at
the home of Mrs. Bess Myers.
Sadie Newton was the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. Hannibal Fink.
L. F. Morris finished digging pota
toes this week, he says the quality is
fair but there is not as big a yield
as usual.
The County Superintendent of
schools has been visiting the schools
in Goodrich township this week.
Geo. Newcom and lady were Omaha
visitors on Saturday.
Broder Boysen and family spent a
few days at Omaha this week.
Christina Petersen took in the fair
These are two guaranteed makes in Men's Youths' and Boys' clothing. Latest
styles in Fall Wear in our Gents' Furnishing department.
2£ The Best Line of Woolen Underwear in the City.
at Omaha.
Harry and Will Anderson
Denison visitors Saturday.
Mrs. A. G. Myers and daughter
Effie who is here visiting spent a few
days with relatives in Goodrich.
Mrs. Wilkinson and Mis. Phillips
were Denison shoppers on Saturday.
IIow to Cure a Cold.
The question of how to cure a cold
without unnecessary loss of time is one
in which we are all more or less in
terested, for the quicker a cold is
gotten rid of the less the danger of
pneumonia and other serious diseases.
Mr. B. W. L. Hall, of Waverly, Va.
has used Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy for years and says: "I firmly
believe Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy to be absolutely the best prepara
tion on the market for colds. I have
recommended it to my friends and
they all agree with me." For sale
byW. E. Koeneman, Broadway Drug
Mr. Carnahan of Manilla was at
tending to political interests up this
way the first of the week.
Jacob Peterson and wife left for
a visit up near Sac City with friends.
The Misses Bendixen are visiting
friends in West Side this week.
Fritz Witt was in Denison the
first of the week looking after in
terests there.
Messrs Swanson and Wangler of
Kiron were up here Wednesday after
noon. p*.
There were several from here went
down to Omaha to attend the Ak-Sar
Ben and the Sons of Herman's doings
held in Council Bluffs.
C. W. Fitzsimmons visited with
relatives in Vail over Sunday.
Frank Loyd and wife left Wednes
day for a month's visit near Des
Moines and other places.
Mrs. Kruger was visiting in Vail
this week.
On Wednesday Oct 3. at the home
of the bride's parents occurred the
marriage of Miss Anna Miller to Mr.
Herman Boysen of Battle Creek.
Miss Miller is the oldest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs Hans Miller and is an
estimable young lady. Mr. Boysen
is quite well known here as he work
ed in the H. W. Schmidt store last
year, going from here to Battle Creek
to fill a similar position. The happy
young couple left Saturday for a visit
in the eastern part of the state.
On last Sunday attheDetlef Weick
home the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Miller was experimenting with
some powder trying to blow up a tree.
Mr. Miller was severely injured by
being blown up himself, his face be
ing filled with powder and one of his
legs were broken. It was thought
at first that the leg would have to be
amputated, but later it was found not
to be necessary.
BROS. Denison, Iowa. S
Otto Hollander is now clerking
a store in Charter Oak.
We hear of a new bank to be
started here in the near future called
"The Farmers Bank." We do not
know for certain, but think it is
principly talk circulated among
several people.
A Certain Cure for Croup—Used
'reu Years Without a Failure.
Mr. W. C. Bott, Star City, Ind.,
hardware merchant, is enthusiastic in
his praise of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. His children have all been
subject to croup and he has used this
remedy for the past ten years, and
though they much feared the croup,
his wife and he always felt safe upon
retiring when a bottle of Chamberlin's
Cough Remedy was in the house.
His oldest child was subject to severe
attacks of croup, but this remedy
never failed to effect a speedy cure.
He has recommended it to friends and
neighbors and all who have used it
say that it is unequaled for croup and
whooping cough. For sale by W. E.
Koenemn, Broadway Druggist
Grand Home Seekers' Excursion!
Famous Wheatland County
of Wyoming.
Now is the best time to look at lands as the crops are
matured and you can see what the crops are.
Get in line now while prices are down, as they will
raise December 1st. Numbers have gone, some have
purchased land. The irrigation system is perfect, you
buy the water right with the land.
Alva Herman lost one of his most
valuable horses last Thursday night.
Some of the boys are trying to or
ganize an &drew Karnegy society, so
as to reform the old time "spelin'
The ladies say that"Our Hank" is
the best looking supervisor of the
Art Brotherson had a pony taken,
borrowed, or stolen, while he was
enjoying a dance at Herring last Sat
urday night.
Martin Peters went to Dakota last
Tuesday to see his father who is
sink and not expected to live.
Henry Shafer jis building a new
Geo. Weed has""taken' a trip to
On Monday Oct. 1st, a bouncing
baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs.
William Kelly, Jr. William is tick
led and as smiling as ever.
While Sac and Wall Lake were
playing a game of foot ball at Wall
Lake last Saturday, Ernest Wickers
fell in such a way as to break his
collar bone.
Mrs. Treadway of Wall Lake visit
ed with her sister Mrs. E. J. Gunn
last Saturday,
Don't miss it, its the opportunity of your life. See
circular for further information.
Don't forget the date, Tuesday,
1.0. OREM, Agent,
Detlef Brotherson is building a big
barn on the old farm west of where
he is now living.
While the old folks were having a
fine time at the dance at Herring last
Saturday evening, some one broke in
to Mr. Eggers? place of business and
stole all of the drinkables there
were to be found, then tried to lay
the blame on the sheriff of Sac county.
The first number of the lecture
course took place last Friday evening,
being the Royal Hun™/4rian Orchestra.
There was a much larger attendance
than was expected. It is generally
conceded that the entertainment was
a rare treat.
The new German Lutheran church
is now well under construction.
Isaac Hird and Allen Barber went
to Denver last Friday to care for
Greely Barber who is in the hospital
at that point. He underwent a se
rious operation on Monday and at the
present time is in a critical condi
tion. It is hoped that he will re
J. F. Carnahan and wife have been
entertaining her brother and family
from Nebraska for the past week.
Mrs. C. C. Havs returned from
Cedar Rapids last Saturday.
^way Uruggist. Several new hou$es are being built
Page 11
Iowa Phone, No. 153, C. C. Phone, No. 19.
16th, 1906
in Fairview. Ras Rasmusen is build
ing a neat little cottage while E. E.
Kester will put up a neat home made
out of concrete blocks and L. W.
Buffinton is building a nice little
home, where he will move from
the farm, and look after his interest
in the livery business which he has.
just purchased.
Fred Slater left Monday morning
for North Dakota where he will visit
relatives and look after his interests
in that section.
Mrs. Turner, a sister of Mrs. J.
L. Breckenridge and Mrs. Hoes from
Grangerville, Idaho, arrived Sunday
and will spend the winter in these
Manilla had a slight blaze Tuesday
morning but by the prompt action of
tihe fire department it was extinguish
ed with only burning the bacK stairs
off of Dyson & Calvin's store and a
few out buildings near at hand.
Dr. Graham has leased his hospital
to Mrs. Winhafer a trained nurse
who will operate it in the future.
The hospital from now on will be
supported by not only Dr. Graham,
but Dr. Gai dner and Dr. Draper as
well, and we not only hope for success
but predict a nice business for the
institution in the future. Mrs. Win
hafer comes here highly recommend
ed as a trained nurse and with the
support of three men of the ability
of the three above named physicians
it will not be necessary for any pa
tient to leave Manilla even in the
most extreme cases.
For complete instructions as to how
to scratch democratic ticket th's fall
apply to R. Shaw Van. Manv years
experience. Instruction gratis Free
Booklet, "How I Killed O'Connor and
Others" sent postpaid to any address
on receipt of stamp. Also short
treatise on "Patriotism as a Political
Asset." 36-tf
Theres's little room in this
great world of ours for the
"Fat Woman." She's a hin^
drance to herself in street cars,
flats, elevators but what can
she do, poor thing^take Hoi'
lister's Rocky Mountain Tea.
35 cents, Tea or Tablets. '$

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