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Pa^e 8
1 1
Roy Roberts went to Omaha on
Monday and expects to enlist in the
Regular Army.
Mrs. D. J. Rutler and mother Mrs.
Bangs spent a dav very pleasantly
with friends in Logan and also stopp
ed over night with relatives in Wond
'.••••• The many friends of J. W. Black
stone are pleased to know that he is
getting better. He has been very
sick with pneumonia.
•. Mrs. Ctnroy came homo from Vail
Tuesday. She has been with her
mother Mrs. McAndrews who 1ms
been sick for several days.
Celia Wiser of Omaha is visiting
with her friend Mrs. N. P. Under
Jack Ahart had the misfortune to
get his foot badly mashed in a corn
shcller Monday forenoon.
Mr. Sexton of Kenwood brought
his little boy to Arion' to have his
arm examined, the child having in
jured his arm by falling. After in
vestigation it was ascertained that
his arm was broken and his elbow
crushed quite badly. The little fel
low is as comfortable as possible and
he is now doing nicely.
The Illinois Central Railroad Com
pany are plowing the lots north of the
depot and expect to make a nice park
in the Spring.
The favorite driving horse that
belonged to W. W. Coon died last
Friday and caused much sorrow for
the grand daughter Helen Schouten
and her little friends, who spent
many happy hours driving the faith
ful gentle animal during the pleasant
days in their vacation, through the
Daniel Cruise and wire visited at
the Newel Whiting'home last Sunday.
Henry Cummings was summoned to
vClinton Tuesday. His father was
•onlv sick a few days with pneumonia
and died last Tuesday. Hs spent
several weeks here last fall at the
Cummings home and formed an ac
quaintance with several who will re
gret to learn of his.death. He was
born in Scotland in 1811, was a mem
ber of the congregational church and
died trusting in God, having faith
that he would meet the loved ones
who had gone before, in the home
Elsie and Hazel Kevan are enjoy
ing short vacation between the fall
and winter terms of school.
Mrs. Alexander and Mrs. Chas.
Torrey were visiting in Deniscm last
L. C. Butler now owns Hotel Arion
but thinks he would not act as land
S. Hagen who ran the Nye Schnei
der Fowler elevator here a few years
ago, changed cars here from Dakota
on his way to his old home in Nor
way. His wife and two children will
accompany him across the ocean.
Earl Chambers received a telegram
that his sister Sylva was very sick,
she underwent an operation for ap
pendicitis and is very low at her
home in Omaha.
Henry and Andrew Bell are attend
ing college in Denison. Their many
friends wish them a successful term.
Mrs. McKim and brother Asa Tal
cott came home- from Denison and
will spend Thanksgiving. Asa enjoys
his school work very much at the
Vn. C. v:'~
Milton and Pcrcy Doidge have pur
cased a new phonograph with several
records. It affords great amusement
for the young people.
Mr. and Mrs. E. 0. Hoke and
Gertrude Talcott attended an enter
tainment in Dunlap last Friday even
Several of our young people attend
ed the play in Denison last Saturday
.-a evening and speak very highly of it.
One butcher shipped more than
ton of dressed poultry to Omaha last
week and has orders for more this
N. P. Underhill shipped hogs to
Milwaukee last Friday.
Little Oliver Burka was playing
with a dog when a stray canine ap
peared in an antagonistic manner and
in the fight one of the dogs bit the
little boy through the arm and it was
very painful. A physician was cal
led and the little fellow is doing
nicely at present.
Mr. Petersen who was station agent
at Bull a few years ago, was here
Saturday looking after his fa'm' south
of Arion and called on a number of
his friends. All are glad to know
that he is doing well. His son ac
companied him.
The little son of Zeph Fienholt
fell from the bed and broke his arm
Monday evening.
The scalet fever is not speading as
it is still cunfined to the one patient,
Ava Butler. As the rest of the family
have been kept entirely away from
her it is now hoped tnat they will es
capee the disease.
The best treatment for indigestion
and troubles of the stomach is to rest
the stomach. It can be rested bv
starvation or by the use of a good
digestant which will digest the food
eaten, thus taking the work off the
stomach. At the proper temperature,
a single teas-poonful of Kodol will
wholly digest 3.OO0 grains of food.
It relieves the present annoyance,
puts the stomach in shape to satis
factorily perform its functions. Good
for indigestion sour stomach, flatu
lence. palpitation of the heart, and
dyspepsia. Kodol is made in strict
conformity with the National Pure
Food and Drug Law. Sold by Lam
born Drug Co.
Box Rents Must Be Paid In Advance
By End Of Preceding Quarter
The attention of patrons is called
a new ruling of the postal depart
ment by which all box rents must be
paid in advance before the end of the
quarter preceding. This means (hat
the rent must be paid before Jan. 1st
for the ensuing quarter ending March
31st. The following is the text cf
the order coming from the Post
master General
Box rents must be collected at the
beginning of each quarter for the
entire quarter, but no longer. Ten
days hefore the last day of each
quarter postmasters are required to
place a bill bearing the date of the
last dav of the quarter in each rented
box. If a boxholder fails to renew
his right to his box on or before the
st day of a quarter the box shal^
then be closed and offered for rent
and the mail will be placed in the
general delivery. F. H. Htichcock,
Acting Postmaster General. It will
be observed that the postmaster is
allowed no discretion in this matter so
no one should take it as a personal
grievance when the law is complied
with at any pnstoffice.
A (Joed I.iuimeui.
When you need a good reliable lin
iment try Chamberlains Pain Balm.
It has no superior for sprains and
swellings. A piece of flannel slightly
dampened with Pin Balm is superior
to a plaster for lame back or pains
in the side or chest. It also relieves
rheumatic pains and makes sleep and
rest possible. For sale by W. E.
Koeneman, Broadway Druggist.
The famous
Chance Copy of Review Reminds Ab
sent One of His Old Home
The Review is in receipt of the
following letter from one who was at
one time a well-known resident of
Crawford county.
Editor Review: Enclosed check
for $1.50 for a year's subscription to
the Review. After an absence from
Denison for twenty-five years I'm
homesick. I received a copy of the
Review recently and was pleased to
notice so many familiar names of old
friends in the Goodrich and Deloit
neighborhood. Every line of the paper
was interesting, advertisements and
y^ur baby thin, weak* fretful?
Make him a Scott's Emulsion^
S E is Cod Liver Oil
and Hypophosphites prepared so that it is'
easily digested by little folks.
Consequently the baby that is fed on
Scoffs Emulsion is a sturdy, rosy
cheeked little fellow full of Health and vigor.
Yours truly.
W. D. Carroll.
Antoni'.o Col.
Two Scapegraces 1
.. 'WWVWVi.r*J
ui'h frisky animal
the uiivy—that i:?,
There is no other
as midshipman in
lo: ve.
tlK\ ti.iidf.hipniau is ashore on
Possibly now that war vesseiH
bare changed lroui Ii'i'ht wooJen struc
tures, dmg the waves with white
wiling like a bird, to a mar-liine shop
driven by steam some of the romance
u:ay have boon knocked out of tho
middies, tn fifty years ago, when the
United States Irigato Honeybee sailed,
into Havana harbor, she had as rol
lk-hing a lot of "jvmiors" as ever wevo
S*t together in a (iijhtifig ship.
Bob Morrett and Ned Ferry, both
midshipmen, could gat into more mis
chief in one day ashore than tho rest
of the officers would meet in a month.
Xo sooner had the Honeybee dropped
her anchor than both ltids applied for
leave to ashore.
"Yon can go," said their commaudcr,
"but remember that these Spaniards
are a hot. jealous lot, and if you're not
careful you'll be brought back v/ith a
machete sticking in you."
The injunction was unheeded. Tho
middies went into Havana, hired a
vehicle for a drive and, passing the
plantation of Don Antonio Cordosa,
espied Donna Ysabel Cordova, his
daughter, aged fifteen, playing under
the palms at some-distance from the
Now, what followed would have
stricken the girl's parents with horror.
They considered Ysabel a child, for
getting that in the tropics girls expand
like the foliage. The young rascals
called to Donna Ysabel to ask the road,
cliattpd with her in bad Spanish and
asked her to drive. She cast a fright
ened glance in the direction of the
house, climbed the wall, and, taking a
seat between the two middies, away
they went as fast as tho bony, half
starved horse could take them. Either
officer made a good chaperon, so there
was really no harm in the escapade
e::oept a violation of custom.
The ride finished, the girl was drop
ped safely where she had been taken
up, and. during the stay of the Honey
bee in the port of Havana, Bob Morrett
made frequent visits to the palm wood,
at last sailing away with Donna Ysa
bel's heart. A year passed before he
saw her again, when his ship touched
at Havana and he went to the Cardoza
plantation with a proposition for the
girl's hand. He was informed that if
he showed his face there again he
would find a resting place in a neigh
boring cemetery.
Eob went back to the ship and told
his sorrow to his friend Perry. The
result of the interview was that Perry
agreed to go to the plantation in mufti,
steal away the girl and take her to a
village the two middies had passed
through on their way to the planta
tion. There her lover was to meet and
marry her. There were several de
fects in the plan, not the least of which
was the fact that they agreed to a
rendezvous in a little square in the
center ol' the village, rather a public
place tor such a meeting.
The next day, both middies having
obtained shore leave, Ned went on
ahead, asreeiiig to have the girl at the
trystm-,' place, though the hour must
necessarily be indefinite. Bo!) waited
impatiently in Havana till he could
wait no longer, than went to the vil
lage and took a seat in the public
After waiting an hour it occurred to
him that possibly if Ned had been suc
cessful in getting the girl they might
not find it quite sale to rendezvous in
so conspicuous a place, 'iliey might
be hiding in some of the houses.
Knocking at several of the doors,
he asked those within if they had seen
a young couple. No one had seen a
young couple. Along came a hawker
of toys. Bob thrust his hand into the
man's basket, drew out a tiu horn
and blew the dinner call with a mighty
blast. Up went a window sash on the
opposite side of the street, and Nod
Perry's head was thrust out.
"I thought that would bring you,"
said Bob. "What luck?"
"Come*over here and I'll'tell you."
IJjb crossed the street and was ad
mitted to the house. Inside wore a
Spanish woman and a black eyed
maiden just budding into womanhood.
But she was not Donna Ysabel. Bob
looked at her disappointed, thou at h!s
friend for an explanation.
"I've good i:ews for you," said Ned
"Donna Ysal.cl was frantic at your re
pulse and told her father she would
kill herself. So lie has consented to
look up your credentials and if you're
all right he'll consent."
"That's good news, sure enough,
said Bob, "but what are you doin
Ned frowned at his friend, glanciu
at the same time at the others then,
bidding them good afternoon, the mid
dies loft the house.
"Well, what is it?" asked Bob on the
"Drifted into a cross current and
struck tho girl inside there."
"Oh, I see!"
The next day Midshipman Merrett
called upon Don Cardoza, renewed his
request foe Donna Ysabel and presented
his credentials. There was not much
money In his family, but his progen
itors had been In the navy for nearly
a century and were eminently respect
able. So Don Cardoza yielded, and
Ysabel Cardoza became Ysabel Mer
The other of these scapegraces,
after leaving a sweetheart In each cf a
dozen ports, finally had the undeserved
good fortune to marry a beautiful and
wealthy countrywoman of bis own.
Both men turned out far better than
might have been expected, attaining
high rank la their profession.
Withstood Other Treatment But Quick
ly Cured by Clianiberluiu's Cough
"Last winter I" caught a very
severe cold which lingered for weeks,
says J. Urquhart, of Zephyr. On
tario. "My cough was very dry and
harsh. The local dealer recommend
ed Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and
guaranteed it. so I gave it a trial.
One small bottle of it cured me. 1
believe Chamberlain's Cbough Remedy
to be the best I have ever used."
This rsmedy is for sale by W. E.
Koeneman. Broadway Druggist.
riiamltaaUSa'a Colic, Cholera atltt
inamDeriain 8
Yctt should remember that we have
Diarrhoea Remedy.
Kever fails. Buy it now. It may save life*
I There's No Use To Doubt It.
are going higher, and that very
Why not get one before they
TO GUARD "SKIPS against the unseen dangers at sea,
the United States Government maintains lighthouses.
To guard your home against the un
seen dangers of food products, the Govern
ment has enacted a pure food law. The
law compels the manufacturers of baking
powder to print the ingredients on the
label of each can.
The Government has made the label your protection—
so that you can avoid alum—read it careiully, if it does not
say pure cream of tartar hand it back and
ROYAL is a pure, cream of tartar baking powder—a pure
product of grapes—aids the digestion adds to the health
fulness of food.
Close out before Jan- 1st, 1907
Good ones too^It don't matter what
comes, or what goes, you should see
us before you buy#
are too
C. Ckamtberlin, 1
James Smith, Auet,
Denison, Iowa,
At Court House in Denison, Iowa, December 8,1906. at 3:00 p. m.
A 200-acre Stock Farm
located threcfourths miles north of Arion, Iowa. ." $
Legal Description—The southwest quarter of the northwest quarter and the
southwest tiuarter. Section £5, Township K3. Kan^e 40. will be sold at Public Auction
to the highest bidder. This farm has small fair improvements, fenced and cross
rcnced with woven and burb wire, flowing water, two wells, tine clover blue irriiss
and timothy pastures. Incumbrance fSOOO.OO 5 per cent optional loan Term« *1000
down, balance cash March 1. 1907. Possession March l, 1907. Good title. This is not
force sale but party desires to clean up his holdings.
Sealed bids can be sent to the acutioneer. Parties desiring a good stock farm
well loeated should investigate same.
M.'B. Nelson, Clk,
Arion, Iowa
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