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Death of Mrs. S. E. Dow and
Mrs. Edmund Ho worth ...i:
The beath of These Two Prominent
Ladies Causes the Greatest Grief
and Sorrow in the County
The death at Dow City on Thanks
giving day of two of the pioneer
women of Crawford covmty, has cast
a gloom over the community, the
like of which has not been felt for
years. In the death of Mrs. S. E.
„Dow and Mrs. Edmund Howorth, the
community loses two of its most be
loved and highly respected and honor
ed citizens, whose long life of use
fulness and labor for the uplifting of
humanity and tor the fulfillment of
the Christian duties,. ended just
twelve hours after each other, and
claused the profoundest sorrow.
It is with the deepest sorrow and
regret that we are compelled to
chronicle these sad events, and ex
to the bereaved families and
fi$Mds our deepest sympathy. Many
friends from Denison attended the
dou||e funeral of these pioneers which
heftat Dow City on Sunday, and
the* floral tributes were beautiful,
thus attestinR the high worth and es
teein in which these aged pioneers
were held. We give below a com
plete obituary together with fine
portarits of these two Crawford county
It seemed so fitting and appropriate
.to have both funerals at one time.
arrangements Were m&de to have the
funeral services in the Methodist
Church where the largest concourse
of people assembled that was ever
present at a funeral service before in
this vicinity, the prominent position
of both families in the community
each having a large circle of friends
and relatives who were all' desireous
of showing respect to the memories
of these saintly ladies who had lived
so long and had such large acquaint-
and the further fact that just
thirty days previous, the funeral ser
vices of Mr. Dow had been held at
the sama place. -'^AA
t'x While the sadness of a double fu
nej&l was great, the keenness of loss
Wizard Floor
If you have never used it,
you dont know what good
bread you have missed.
1 V'
they had lived :ical dept
assurance of tf_
when all who follow iu~ the footsteps
of the Master will be reunited, is
such a satisfaction- to remaining
friends. The platform and railing
wire beautifully draped, many palms,
ferns and flowers ingreat abundance
were arranged so neatly^ everything
being done that thoughtful friends
could do to strip death of its terror
and gloom, to the bereaved 'friends,
the music rendered was appropriate,
the prayer by Rev. Curtis was full
of holy unction leading congregation
close to the throne of God. filling
their hearts with the inspiring spirit
Mrs. S. E. DOW.
of the holy Ghost the Comforter Christ
promised to send to his desciples.
The sermon, by Rev. Bancroft was on
the fruits of the Christian life as des
cribed by Job in the sheaf of corn
fully ripe being gathered into the
garner, Mr. Bancroft's able and elo
quent presentation of the subject
wasjnuch appreciated.
The interment was made in the
Dow City cemetery. The two cask
ets, two hearses, two companies of
mourners with the two obituaries read
made a profound impression on the
congregation. A large procession
followed to the cemetery where the
remains were laid away just as the.
sun was setting on this second day of
December 1906.
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sand 7 daytf. She was mar
to S. E. Dow in Michigan Oct.
28th 1846. They lived together for
60 years and 2 days and eh* survived
her husband just 80 days after this
long period together. With her hus
band she moved from Michigan to
Harris Grove,. Harrison county, Iowa,
where^they remained till' November
1855, when they came to Dow City,
Crawford County, where she has since
resided. She was the mother of si*
children, three of whom died in in
fancy. one, the daughter Alma, wife
of Abner Graves, well known and her
loved by every one here, having died
at her residence in Dpw City, March
25, 1902, two sons. Asa and William,
who still reside here with their
Mr. and Mrs. Dow were the means
of organizing a Baptist church here,
and of the erection of a comfortable
home of worship, of which they were
members at the time of their death.
Mrs. Dow was an amiable woman,
of kindly spirit, whose many friends
sincerely mourn her-lugs. She gave
herself to the service of Christ early
in life, and died in the full confidence
of a joyful resurrection, and the
blessedness of a home in Heaven.
Her virtues and chraacter were por
trayed by this writer in the obituarv
of Mr. Dow furnished the Review of
a month ago.:
It is v.ith mingled pathos and sad*-
ness we record the death of Mrs. Ed
mund Howorth who passed away
about the midnight hour of Nov. 30,
1906., twelve hours after, the decease
of her friend and neighbor Mrs. Dow.
two of the elect ladies of our com
munity who have had such a large
share in moulding the character and
destiny of Dow City and neigh
Mrs. Howorth was the third child
of Isaac. Mid Margaret Goodrich and
was born in Mercer County, Penn.
January 2nd. 1845. moving with her
fathers family first to Ohio, then
Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, com
ing: to Crawford County, la., in
Mr. and Mrs. Howorth were mar
ried July 15th 1862 and have lived
happily together for 44 years and five
nfcnths. Mrs. Howorth is survived
by her husband, four sons and four
daughters, two sons have died. Ed
indat 16 years of age and James a
few years ago, of the surviving
sons John, Isaac, Daniel, and Frank
ve been with her for many years
bile the daughters Mary and Lulu
,vs feared for and nursed and pro
tected her through her sickness,
while Margaret the youngest one with
her husband, Mr. Fred Butler, in their
distant home in the west have always
had a prayerful interest in the dear
mother in the Dpw City home. The
fourth and oldest daughter. Mrs.
Clara Gordon, a daughter of former
marriage'was always unceasing in her
endeavera to sooth and comfort the
mothfertWbo-had done so much for her.
Several grandchildren are left and
many relatives of the Goodrich and
Howorth families who are all pioneers
of Crawford and Harrison counties,
are left to mourn her loss. Mrs.
Howorth was an affectionate wife, an
indulgent mother, a kind neighbor,
strong in her friendships, warm in
her attachment^ generous in disposi
tion, faithful in all duties of life,
warmly attached, to the Church of
her choice, true to her God, filling
in all respects the ideal wife and
mother, as portrayed in the 31st chap
ter of the book of Proverbs her sans
and her daughters being the pride of
her heart and the joy of her declin
ing days. The Baptist church to
which she belonged will miss her
much, the community will miss her
grealty as' one of those pioneer ladies
who was ever ready, to stretch out
c6e:hand of fiendship' and cheer and
encourage those struggling to build up
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a home on our prairies, her memory
will be cherished, and to her suviving
htfcband and members of the family
we will extend our warmest sympa
thy, commandinig them to the comfort
and love of our Heavenly Fiather who
doath all things well.
The pall bearers acting for Mrs.
Howorth, were, Frank McHenry, A.
H. Harper, Clair Butterworth, J. F.(
Wiley, D. J. Butler and B*.
For Mrs. Dow, Robert Bell. Wil
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Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Huntington
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Arrested Under Peddlers License act
at Kiron
H. M. Chase of Portsmouth, la.,
and R. F. Crandall of St. Paul. Neb.,!
two men who have lately been going
about in the country near Kiron. JSu
ljpiting grocery orders for the Mutuu
Supply Co. of Omaha, Nebr, were ar
rested Tuesday and taken before
Justice of the Peace G. A. Norelius
for soliciting orders without a license.
The County Attorney's attention was
called to the case and on investiga
tion he found a very recent decision
of the Iowa Supreme Court, the case
of the State of Iowa vs Bristow, a
case arising in Plymouth county,
wherein it was held that the law en
acted by the Thirtieth General As
sembly was unconstitutional and void.
After discovering this recent decision
Mr. Klinker immediately ordered the
dismissal of the ease and the release -.•
of the defendants.
The defendants were arrested un
der the peddlers license act which
makes it an offense to peddle with
out a license. -This act was amend
ed by the thirtieth general assembly
to include solicitors who take orders)
from samples for present or future
delivery. On October 19, 1906 our
supreme court handed down the deci
sion in the above case of State vs
Bristow which waB a similar case to
that of the one at Kiron. It was:
held that the act as amended simply
covered peddlers such as transient
merchants and itinerant vendors sell
ing by sample or otherwise. De
fendant was held not to be a transient
merchant but was simply an agent or
salesman, a soliciting agent or com
mercial traveler who took orders for
The subject expressed in the title •'k
is simply that 6f peddlers anjji our
constitution Art. .3 Sec. 29 provides
that the subject of an act .must be
expressed in the title. Consequently
if the Thirtienth General Assembly
had passed a separate statute entitl
ed soliciting agents and .fixed a tax for
such agents, the statute would have
been good and would have covered
agentta of this class, at least that is
wh„at js set out in the opinion of the j.
recent decision.
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next legislature pass Such a hill as to
cover all soliciting agents:
at our

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