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Presbyterian Church Tries a new Way
••it For Funds.
The trustees of the Presbyterian
church have decided to try the en
velope i-lan for raising the funds for
the suppport of the work. It is a new
way to them but old in hundreds of
churches. The trustees will not rest
until every member on the books is
giving something, be it only a penny
a week. Thosa who want to pay a
lump sum quarterly, semi-annually or
yearly must pay in advance. Mr.
Sears McHenry is looking the plan up
and will give it his usual thorough
support. So all members had best
make a pledge for he promises to
write them a letter each Monday until
all are heard from.
Do not forget the contest on Friday
Mr. N. E. Lafferty was home visit
ing his family over Sunday. He is
still with the Illinois Central.
Joe Mills and his wife came up
from Manilla on Saturday afternoon.
Joe who is rustling for the Manilla
Implement Co. returned to work on
Monday morning.
Dr. W. T. Wright our well known
physician has gone to Chicago, where
he will remain about three weeks.
takinS a conrse of lectures in the Post
Graduate Mepical Colleee.
J. H. Gable is back from a visit
to his mother, who lives near Oska
loosa. Although an aged lady she is
active, caring for herself. She is con
templating a trip to Seattle this sum
Mr. Bryce at the Presbyterian
church is preparing his people for the
coming of an evangelist during May.
His sermon on last Sunday morning
was a plea for more spirituality and
a revival feast in the hearts of the
church people.
,••• Mrs. Delia Dier of Lemars was in
Denison for a week taking her de
parture on Tuesday. She was accom
panied by her son Stephen a. fine little
fellow of nine years. Mrs. Dier will
always have a warm place in the
hearts of our people.
Mr. Thuresson gave a strong ser
mon .on Sunday night, dwelling on
what the bible religion has done for
the world, in uplifting the station of
women, purifying politics, advancing
education, making the liquor habit
less, and the world better.
Rev. Benjamin Shinn. one of the
first M. E. preachers of Denison will
speak at the church here on next Sun
day evening, his subject being "Fifty
Years in the Itinerant Ministry."
He is an interesting speaker and there
should be many out to hear him.
Miss Lena Aebischer and her niece
were in Denison for a short time last
week. They came down from Lake
View on the "Pumpkin Vine". Miss
Lena found many old friends who
were glad indeed to see her. She
keeps posted on the old home affairs
by reading the Review.
No two thumbs are alike. Accord
ing to the Bertillion system the im
pression of one man's thumb cannot
be duplicated by any other man in all
the world. No two men have backs
alike or arms or legs or chests. The
ready made suit looks good so long as
the salesman is there to smooth out
the wrinkle, hut not longer. The
suits that John Casperson makes look
good until they are worn out. They
have 1 individuality. His new spring
samples are in and he invites your in
spection and patronage. 15-lt
Chas. K. Meyers who was at Vail
on a business trip on Saturday last
was pleased indeed with his reception
by old friends. It seemed like old
times to grasp the friendly hands and
see the familiar smile of such men
as Messrs. Tom Ratchford, E. T.
Ryan, M. J. Casey, Thomas Ryan.
Wm. Hannon. W H. Brockelsby, J.
R. Brockelsby, M. P. Ryan, W. W.
Watson. Thos. Adams. Dr. Darling,
T. J. Hoffman and many others. Our
friend Mr. Ratchford Sr. has been
spending the winter with his daughter
Kate out in Nebraska. Vail was hav
ing a lively day of trade despite the
cloudy weather. It is a good trading
_.point and will continue to be with
such careful, enterprising business
men as are there.
"The Rajah of Bhong" which will
..be seen at the Opera House Thursday
May 2. enlists the services of an
unusual number of clever people, some
ofc whom are well known in this city
and who may be sure of a warm wel
come. Prominent in the cast are Po
well. Portollo, those clever and ac
complished vocalists and dancers who
"have won golden opinions from the
-critics of the east and in the far west
Where their dancing created., a
furore, the press of San Francisco
hailing them as terpsichorean won
ters. Mr. W. F. Burgess, the well
kfiown bass is a feature of the cast
aAd Mr. Frank Minor the eccentric
comedian, as "Willie" never fails to
miore. The production is magnificient
Ijr staged, money having been spent
with lavish hand for the scenic and
«lectrical equipment, and the costumes
site exceptionally costly and beauti
J5he Buck Grove I
Lizzie Sewing was a Manilla visitor
between trains Monday.
Pete Eggers of Denison was in town
Monday on business.
Tom Henry of Arion transacted
business in our town Wednesday.
Ed. Marks of Bonyton, Okla., was
here Wednesday, shaking hands with
old friends.
Clarence O'Meara of Dow City vis
ited his brother James and family for
a few hours Wednesday.
Tom Lewis, our shoemaker, was a
Denison visitor Wednesday.
Sidney Bonney is busy nowadays
painting a house for Harley Chase.
Rev. Father Coffee of Manilla, was
a business visitor here Wednesday
Samuel Moffitt is busy excavating
under his store building, preparatory
to putting a foundation under it and
moving it up close-to R. J. Moffitt's
building. The latter intends to join
the building with his present one
and make a large double store of it.
This will be a great improvement.
Pearl Bonney left Sunday for Shel
by county, where she is teaching her
spring term of school.
John Kettleson and Tena Schroeder
were married Wednesday April 3rd,
Rev. Newmeyer performing the cere
mony. The marriage was a quiet pne,
only intimate frienJs of the family
being present. These young people
are well and favorably known in this
vicinity and a host of good wishes fol
low them into their new home. They
have gone to housekeeping on a farm
south east of town.
Bernice Bonney is teaching the
John Smith school southeast of here.
She spent Sunday at home.
Mrs. Thos. White is under the doc
tor's care for a few days.
Oscar Edwards spent Easter and a
few days after with friends in this
The remains of the infant child of
Mr. and Mrs. Hillie Newman who
died March 31st at the parental home
at Arion. were brought here Tuesday
and laid to rest in the Buck Grove
cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. Newman
have the heartfelt sympathy of all in
this their bereavement.
Our Buck Grove school commenced
Monday with Lulu Howorth of Arion
as teacher.
Mrs. Emma Green has been rural
delivery agent for the past few days.
Jimmy Blessington had the scare
of his life last Sunday while out rid
ing on his pony. The pony shied and
slipped off the bank into a creek, a
fall of 15 feet. Jimmy jumped quick
enough to save himself from getting
By the number of dead hogs lying
along the road between here and Vail,
one would think they had been doing
mischief and got caught at it.
Mrs. Conrad Shafer had a bad ac
cident happen to her Friday. While
cooking she placed a bottle of lemon
extract on the stove. It exploded and
set fire to her dress and burnedj her
arms so. bad that she had 10 call in
the help of the doctor.
Vet Treadway is visiting friends in
Jackson this week.
Rickie Bruns, Dick Groen and E.
J. Gunn took a trip to Denison last
Thursday to have a chat with the su
pervisors in regard to opening a road
between Mr. Maynard's and Mr.
Bruns' farms.
Church services were held at the
District school house No 2. last Sun
A big game of base ball was held
in the Bunts pasture last Sunday.
Score 10 to 6 in favor of home team.
Geo. Weed took a trip east to see
his mother living in Hampshire, 111.
The old soldiers held a reunion at
Wall Lake last Saturday. The xanks
are getting quite thin.
Young chickens are appearing in
the country and are doing fine.
John Kelly is plastering his new
house and will move into it soon.
Jimmy Murphy has bought two full
blooded fox hounds to have a good
time with. Anyone sees a wolf, tell
Martin Peters bought a .pony for
his sun Joe as a birthday present. It
is a beauty.
John O'Donnell has built a fine
cement floor to feed his hogs on.
Ernest Gunn is building a cattle
Fred Mow is building a fine horse
Consumption is less deadly than it used to be.
Certain relief and usually complete recovery
will result from the following treatment:
Hope, rest, fresh air, and—Scott'j
Wrs-fannle Bonney
Department Editor.
in place of her husband. Mr. John
At the council meeting last Mon
day night Dr. Bonney who was elect
ed Mayor, resigned and George Dieber
was appointed in his place.
Bernice Bonney came home Friday
evening to stay over Sunday. Her
friend Anna Zimmer of Shelby county
accompanied her. The young ladies
walked to town, which speaks well
for them as pedestrians.
Lizzie Slattery has been visiting at
home for a week, getting rested up
after her arduous duties during the
mission in Manilla.
OUT Buck Grove school commenced
Monday morning with Lulu Howorth
of Arion as teacher.
Doctor Bonney and wife, and son
Sidney were highly entertained at the
home of Aleck McCord and family on
Sunday last in Shelby county. This is
a very pleasant place to visit and the
guests had a very enjoyable time.
Pearl Bonney was at home Sunday
for a short visit.
John Cole started out on his cream
route Monday morning.
Ethel McCord was quitk seriously
ill for a few days last week but is
nearly her usual self again.
Sidney Bonney commenced his
school, three miles east of town Mon
Silvia Green who has been visiting
her grand parents at Arion for a
week or more returned home in time
to commence school Monday.
Geo. Harvey who has been quite
under the weather is better and able
to be at his office.
Lizzie Sewing is at Christ Gloes
for a few days doing sewing.
Jerome Thew has been sending
various postal cards to his friends,
stating his safe arrival at his desti
nation in North Dakota.
Nellie Welsh has been entertaining
a couple of little girl friends from
Manilla over Sunday.
At the meeting of the new council
Monday night. Jack Welsh, was ap
pointed to fill the vacancy created by
himself, which appointment he accept*
ed. Bian Iseminger was appointed
clerk in place of Dwight Hutchinson
who resigned.
Mrs. Alex McCord left for her
home near Defiance last Wednesday
to take carj of her daughter Ethel
who is very sick.
The young folks had a surprise
party on Hily Garls. All had a pleas
ant time until the "wee small" hours.
Herb Dean and Earl Dean are hav
ing all kinds of sport, breaking bron
Rickie Burns has bought a span of
sorrel trotters of blooded stock.
John Owen has bought a new buggy.
We regret to state that we cannot
enthuse over the republican victory in
Chicago. From inside sources we
learn that "Bath House John" and
"Hinky Dink" were lined up against
Dunne. We have seen a letter from
Ed. Cullerton in which he says Mayor
Dunne "got what was coming to
him." This evident coalition of Busse
with the powers of evil in Chicago
bodes no good for the new administra
tion. In politics especially, the
stream does not rise higher than its
source. As to the traction question,
the street railroads have simply tired
the people out, just as they do liti
gants. tired them until they have
been ready to accept a compromise
which we fear they will regret. The
fact that the railroad companies want
edit was a sufficient reason for vot
ing against it. We suppose that be
cause Busse sails under the repuulican
banner we should be rejoiced, but
under the circumstances the Review
rooster refuses to come out of that
deep seclusion which he sought last
fall when the returns from Crawford
county &ame in.
Attention is hereby called to the
city ordinance forbidding the discharg
ing of firearms in the city limits.
Chapter XVI, section 12. prohibits
such nuisance and the penalty provid
ed by the ordinance is not less than
one dollar .nor .more than $100 for
each offense, the offender to stand
committed to jail until such fine is
paid. Parents are especially warned
to prevent their boys discharging
pistols and rifles in the city limits,
under penalty of the law.
W. C. Rollins,
11-tf Acting Mayor
I The Stewart
Urges Everybody to Eat One
Daily and Be Happy.
Charlea E. Tomlinaon, Who Is Pay
ing All Expeniei of Spreading Ilia
Apple Propaganda, Say. Apples Are
God'a Own Medicine and Clalma
Thonaanda Have Been Helped by
Them—Wants Claba Founded.
Charles E. Tomlinson, a wealthy
young Chlcagoan, who for a week ex
pounded the "apple club" idea" in New
York, left town recently for Boston,
where be Intended to spring apples
and optimism on the Hub. Before de
parting he declared at his hotel that
the literature he has sent out regarding
his particular hobby, together with his
personal efforts, has already gained
1,000 new members in the New York
city "orchard" for the Apple Club of
America, which had its inception in the
Windy City, where he belongs, says
the New York Times.
To be an applelte you must either
have or acquire an appetite for apples,
for you must first take a solemn oath
to assimilate at least one apple a day.
You also have to pledge yourself to
urge all your friends to join the city or
village "orchard" to which you have
sworn allegiance.
Tomlinson, leading spirit of the Ap
ple club, is a normal looking man of
thirty or so, who wears good clothes
and whose present mission in life Is to
talk apples and the sure benefits to be
derived from their consumption. If
eating one apple a day will make a
person healthy Tomlinson's ruddy
cheeks and stalwart frame would indi
cate that his dally allowance' Is at
least three pippins. When he received
Interviewers he at once extended to
them hospitality in the shape of a Maid
en's Blush apiece.
"May I ask, Mr. Tomlinson, if you
are in the apple business?" politely in
quired one reporter. Mr. Tomlinson
"Not exactly," said he. "That is, I'm
not in the business except to get peo
ple to eat apples for their own good,
you know. Apples are God's own medi
cine. You'd be surprised to know how
much good tlier^ is tied up inside an
apple. I have come to realize it, and
while traveling,over the world on a
pleasure trip I nni now tnaking I
going to send out thousands of circu
lars about apples and do all the talk
ing for tlioni I can."
Mr. Tomlinson said he was paying
all the expenses of spreading the apple
propaganda to the benighted and he
had derived a lot of fun out of his
apple apostleshlp.
"People -sometimes look at me and
listen to me as though they thought
me a trifle dippy in the upper story,"
he observed thoughtfully. "Sometimes,
in fact, I almost think so myself, but
honestly I'm not. [With great frank
ness.] I'll only confess to a mania for
apples and setting folks to eat them
regularly. I'd like to have you chaps
become converts and help the good
thing along among your friends.
"Apples breed optimism, energy,
cheerfulness and ambition. There's no
mistaking it. You have lan apple ana
lyzed by a chemist some day and find
out what it contains. You'll be move
interested if you find o^it for your
self. Ask any physician what he
thinks aboiit apples «ns a food. Ask
any member of the Apple Club of
"Are dried apples equally good?"
interrupted one of the interviewers.
"Nnw," said Mr. Tomlinson. with
great disgust. "They won't do. You've
rat to eat the original fruit one good
I full Line of Implements
fresh specimen a day at least, and
you've got to stick to it. I want to
say, too, that lemons are barred."
"Do you have to have faith in the ap
ple when you eat "it?" was inquired.
"Not necessarily," said the apple's
advocate, in no wit embarrassed, "al
though that may possibly help some in
the ease of a confirmed groucher who
wants to get cured. But even without
faith I've known of old dyspeptic bach
elors, victims of an epicurean existence,
who were cured of their tantrums
through eating apples regularly. Ap
ples cure the worst cases of pessimism
that ever were. It don't matter wheth
er you believe in1em or not.".,
Mr. Tomlinson's circulars say:
The Rookery, Chicago.
Dear Friend—You are hereby invited to
join the Apple Ciub of America and to
share in its many benefits. It will cost
you nothing to Join, and there are no
Few people apparently know the sover
eign virtues of apples. One eaten daily Is
almost a guarantee of good health to the
normal person if he obeys the simple
rules of life. One apple eaten dally will
positively make you a cheerful optimist.
The apple is one of Mother Nature's own
medicines. The only requirements for
membership in the Apple Club of Amer
ica are that you solemnly promise your
self to eat at least one fresh, ripe apple
every day and that you try to get all
your friends to take this pledge.
The apple club idea originated in Chi
cago and has proved a great success.
Branches of the club, known as orchards,
have been formed in several western
cities. Some of the clubs hold regular
meetings, and while apples are eaten and
sweet cider drunk at these social gather
ings topics of the day are discussed. Ap
ple buttons are now worn by hundreds of
people In Chicago.
The Apple Club of America hopes to
gain a quarter of a million members In
New York city during the coming year.
If you will try the apple idea for one
week you will take the pledge and be
come its ardent supporter.
The Flrat Quarrel.
Adam—It's all off. Goodby forever!
Eve—Then take back your rlb.
"The Long and Short of It.*'
Lumber Co.1
Pueblo Chieftain.
Aye, There'a the Rob.
"We are constantly making history."
"Yes, confound It!"
"Why do you say that?"
"The more history we make the more
book agents there are."—Philadelphia
On Monday evening the Golden
Hour Club entertained a few of the
young men at the home of Miss Stel
la Butler in Arion. The young people
from town went up in a hay rack,
and the ride was greatly enjoyed.
The first part of the evening was
given to the initiation of Misses Ida
Davis and Janet Rule, the remain
der of the evening being spent in
playing various gamse. A dainty
luncheon was served at the midnight
hour. Misses Dollie Faul. Nettie Nich
olson, and Clara Strahn of Denison
were the out of town guests.
Mr* and Mrs. Harding and daughter
Ella atttended the Rebekah Lodge
meeting here Wednesday evening.
Three new candidates were initiated.
The boys' of the lodge had charge of:
the supper and served an excellent
Mrs. Toon and son of Council Bluffs
are visiting their friends in Dow City
this week.
Mrs E. H. Swasey enjoyed a visit
from her sister-in-law Mrs. Joe Haw
ley, last week.
N. V. Shelden. C. E. and J. L.
ButterwoJth. and Mr. and Mrs. Pear
soli are attending the L. D. S. Con
ference at Lamoni, Iowa.
Walter Swatman has sold his town
property to Mr. Tom Wheelwright.
H. A. Rudd has put a soda foun
tain in his restaurant this week and
is having an ice cream room built ad
joining the main part of his building.
Mr. Hamilton and wife of Mace
dona, vjsited their daughter Mrs. H.
C. Stemple last week.
About twenty-five members of the
Denison I. O. O. F. lodge came down
Friday evening and attended the
meeting of the Dow City lodge.
Several new members were initiated.
Apiece of paper which had been
carelessly thrown on the street, was
blown in front of a horse belonging
to A. M. Talcott, which was tied on
Main street, Monday afternoon. The
horse became frightened and broke
loose and damaged the harness and
buggy. There is an ordinance against
the throwing of papers on the street,
which should be strictly enforced to.
prevent further accidents.
A. W. Wiggins and wife of Deni
son spent Sunday with relatives and
friends here, prior to leaving for their
new home at Ottumwa. Iowa.
A surprise donation party was held
at the parsonage for Rev. and Mrs.
L. Curtis Friday evening, by the
members of the M. E. Church.
The school board held a meeting
Monday and re-elected Misses Riddle.
Wiggins and Goddard. The teacher
for the grammar room was not elect
ed. Mr. Kies and Miss Newman were
elected at a previous meeting.
Will You Need a New
Harness this Spring?
Come and look over our immense
line of Harness, and you will find
our prices the very lowest. Bring
in your harness to be oiled und re
paired in time. Remember, we^uar
untee every strap and we put out
nothing but hunfl-made harness.
We Guarantee to Please You.
Dow City, Iowa.
cholera and
inainDenain S Diarrhoea Remedy.
Never fails. Buy it now. It may save 1tft,
Kodol Dyspepsia
Digests what you eat.

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