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Grand Jury Returns Indictmcnt
For Murder in First Degree.
Held Without Bail Until
Next September.
Little New Evidence Introduced by
State, Save Alleged Finding of
An Aceount Book.
On this. Wednesday, afternoon the
Grand Jury returned an indictment
holding Soloman and Joseph Hassan to
appear before the next term of the
District court to answer to the charge
of murder in the first degree. Not a
dozen were present when the grand
jurv. headed by the foreman. J. F.
Wiley, and accompanied by E. F.
Tucker, clerk, and County Attorney
K!inker, entered the court room. The
defendants were not present but were
represented by counsel and their fath
er. who was the most interested apec
We learn that the Grand Jury con
sidered practically no new evidence
in the case, although several witnesses
jwere called to explain or amplify
their former testimony.
Sheriff Meehan gave testimony as
to a conversation between one of the
defendants and the county attorney.
Mr.' Ells, junior, testified to the
finding of an account book said to be
long to Joseph Hassan and to contain
portions of an account book said to
have belonged to Nawfl.
Signatures in this book were ident
ified by witnesses Cronkhitj and Nis-
The next term of court in this
county will be held on September 9th
.. and as no bail has been allowed, the
defendants will be in charge of Sheriff
Meehan until that time. After tran
sacting a little routine business, the
court adjourned for this term, which
has been the lightest ever held in
**»Crawford county.
W. R. Temple, who is an old time
miner.has been in Elizabeth.111., this
week making a thorough examination
ofthe Kansas Lead Mine in the Galena
district. He thinks the property a
valuable one and a full account of
his investigations will be published
next week. r. Temple is now visit
ing friends in eastern Iowa and ex
pects to return to Denison to-morrow.
This Worth/ German Citizen Died on
Monday Last.
Mr. Carl Schelm died at his resi
dence in the east part of Denison on
Monday April 5, at 9 in the morning,
after a sickness lasting over many
months. We would be remiss in our
duty toward one of the old time set
tlers of oar county did we not give
more than usual notice to the passing
away of Mr. Schelm. He was one of
the Germans to whose sterling worth,
untiring energy and business ability,
is due the making of the northwest
portion of this county from a barren
prairie to one of the garden spots of
Iowa. He came to the county among
the first of the Germans with little
capital and in a few years became the
owner ot a fine farm in Hanover
township and later of land in and
about Ainsworth. Neb., and property
in Denison.
Carl Schelm was born at Mark Hol
Iendorf, Hanover. Oct. 23, 1853.
When but a lad of fifteen he came to
America, making his home with an
uncle, Mr. Bretthauer. at Preston.
Jackson county, this state. Before
coming to the county he was married
.to Miss Minnie Sutrow and to them
were born four children. After thirteen
years oi happy married life, his wife
died. His little children needing a
mother's care, about a year after he
married Freda Fehnierling Kaysel.
Their marriage took place on Nov.
28, 188(5. He was most fortunate in
his choice for the new mother was all
that a mother should be to his little
ones and he was a natural father to
her two orphan children Two children
were born to them. Gustav, who died
at the age of eleven months, and
Getrge who is at hprne. now aged 16
For over eight months he had been
in failing health. He and his wife
tried a change in climate and they
went to New Mexico and Denver, but
he made no gain an they came back
to Denison Nov. 12th last. In time
dropsy set in and this with asthma
and the other diseases caused his
death on Monday last. Of course all
was done to help him in the wav of
medical aid and good nursing. Mrs.
Jesse!, a professional nurse and a
friend of the family, came from Ains
worth. Neb., to nurse him.
Mr. Schelm leaves his devoted wife
and -the following children: Minnie,
Mriri'Herman Baak of Soldier town
ship: Dorette. Mrs. Fred Hermsmeyer
of Johnstown, Neb.: Albert who is in
Brown county, Nebraska and William
is on the home farm out in Han
r. Elizabeth. Mrs. Albert SchulU.
his step daughter, of Schleswig and
George, the youngest boy, who is at
home He and his wife had also made
a home for his cousin's daughter. Etta
Bretthauer, who was looked upon as
their own chlid. He also leaves his
brother George who lives at Charter
Oak and brother William who resides
at Ainsworth.
Mr. Schelm was a man of small
stature, but he was a bundle of
nerves and energy. He was a kind
husband and father and worthy citizen.
The funeral will be held on Wednes
day April 17th, at the Lutheran church
in this city, services at ten a.
There will be further services connect
ed with his burial at the cemetery in
Hanover township.
We wish to express our thanks to
the friends and neighbors who were
so kind during the long illness of our
husband and father. You did much to
relieve the awful strain upon us, and
we are most thankful to you for it.
Mrs. Carl Schelm and Family.
During the days attending the ill
ness and death of our little boy we
were much helped by the kindness of
our neighbors and friends. We shall
ever remember with gratitude your
L. F. Messenbrink and wife.
Sunday next is the 3rd Sunday after
Easter. Holy Communion 8 a. m.
Sunday School 9:30 a. m. Morning
Prayer. Litany and Sermon 10:30 a.
m. April 25th is the Feast of St.
Mark. Holy Communion and Reading
9 a. m. Evensong and choir practice
7:30 111 All are cordially invited.
Arthur Pratt, Rector.
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fore, directed to God and Allah, his
The Hassans are poor people. We
understand that he does his farm work
by aid of an ox threshes out the
grain by having the ox tread the,
grain on the barn floor: winnows it
anu separates the grain from the
chaff while throwing it in the air:
eats without knife or fork, and may
be truly said to live in a primitive
way, and in fact his people are of a
primitive race.
Mr. and Mrs. Leisher who have
been visiting Denison relatives, re
turned on Saturday to their home in
'j ,« 1
\i\ C*
Presence of Rev. Shinn at Dow City
Recalls Pioneer Days.
Rev. Shinn is still well remembered
by many of the older people as he was
instrumental in organizing the Metho
dist church 37 years ago. He conduct
ed meetings in the Comfort school
house northwest of Dow City, holding
meetings for tsn successive nights,
when a church was organized and ser
vices continued regularly by the
preachers from Denison. until 1876
when Dow City was set off by the
Conference as a separate society. The
railroad station was built in the fall
of '70 and a school house in '71 in
what is now Dow City, the place of
holding services being transferred to
the village services, and continued in
the school house until the building of
the church in 1877, with the exception
of about a year when the cheese fac
tory was used, in which there were
many delightful meetings held. It
was very gratifying to Mr. Shinn to
see the development of the society
and the beautiful church with such
a large membership. Many of the
younger people do not realize just how
much those early church services
meant to the pioneers, and the won
derful help in the development of our
Mr Shinn was pleased to meet so
many former friends after an absence
of 33 years from the neighborhood.
Many kind words in appreciation of
his visit were extended to him. and a
liberal collection given for his service
in the church with the hope expres
sed that he may be spared for years
to do much more good in the world.
•»1 A,
The Great Daily Chicago Tribune
1 The Denison Review Both one
year for
More than one hundred of our subscribers
have accepted this offer. All of them are
pleased, The chance will soon be gone,
Let lis Hear from You NOW.
Dow City and vicinity were wonder
fully favored on last Sabbath morning
by Rev Benj. Shinn of Dexter. Iowa,
occupying the pulpit of the Methodist
church and giving an address in which
he related some of his experiences in
the work of the ministery during the
past fifty years.
Mr. Goodwin of Sioux City spent
Sunday with his wife at the home of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. B.
Geo. Lee left on Thursday for Bis
mark, N. D. where he has an excel
lent position in the shops of the
"Soo" line.
A. R. Hill has sold his residence
property in Council Bluffs and has
moved to Denison. He will assist his
father in the monument business and
the two expect to do a rushing bus
j- r*.
trJi "i 'i
Advertisements will be inserted in this col
umn lr words, one time. Ten Cents. Additional
Barred Plymouth Kock Eggs for sale. '5c
per sRUtii,. Mrs. H. M. !uuci»n.
15-2t Dow Olty. la. Ut. no. 1.
For Sale—A Uerl I'oUed Bull, recorded pedl
Rt'ee. Inquire of Uuy Tranter, Route One.
Ariun. lutf
Green's Hotel for vie. Arlon. towa. Itest
location in town. Charlotte Green, Arlon.
Iowa. 18-tt
FOR SALE—The Review ban a due bill pood
to abply on purchase of ^a shot eun. We will
sell this due bill at a liberal diseonnt.
Onod second-hand Emerson Brand square
piano for sale cheap. C. C. Kkmming.
Will sell or trade for a good work team, a
new piano. Lock Box 212, Denison. I4tf
Sinple Comb own Leghorns. 25 rents
oerd zen in k.eubator lots, Mrs. Geo. Lv~n.
Denison. Iowa. 16-4
I ofTer for sale my stock of Silver Laced
Wyimdottes Seventeen lit-ns and three cocks
Will sell cheap. Theodore Walker. 16 2
hcice Clover seed just hulled $10.00 per
bushel for sale. J. H. coats. Vail. Iowa. 15 1
Barred Plymouth Rock eegs for sale. In
quire of Mrs. ilarcus Cavett, R. 2. Ute. 15 5td
Ebrs for hatchinp. fromnholce pens ofS.C.
Orpiniftons and Black Langsiians. Satisfac
tion assured Chas G. A. Johnson. Bnx 26,
R. 2. Kiron, la 14 St
Foh Sale—Iucubator and brooder. Good sis
new. will sell cheap. Inquire of Mrs. Frank
Rogers, Phone 185. lstf
Foil Rent-A house and small acreasre abut
1H miles from Denison. Inquire of Mrs. Ger
trude SehalTer.
laiitijfur General Housework. Inquire
Mrs. m. liamt'ord.
WANTED—By two ladlPs—Two furnilird
rooms lor light housekeeping. Call atlittn
Harness Co., Denison. 16 1
LCST—\light gray scarf on 9u-day, near
or in the church, Mabel Merrill. 16-1
Strayed or Stolen. About April 1st from
the farm of Father Furrellv. 3 miles east and
1 mi north of Denison, a red polled yearling
steer. C. C. Howard. 16-1
M. E. Jones was in Council Bluffs
last week as a witness in the case of
Stegeman vs the Crawford County
State Bank.-"
Ed. Messenbrink of Dunlap was in
Denison last week to attend the fu
neral of his little' relative who died
of appendlcitus.
Mrs. T. M. Brogan and daughter
now of Ells but formerly of Vail were
among the welcome visitors at Deni
son on Saturday.
Conductor Russell is back on the
"High Line" taking the place of
Conductor Clark who has been moved
to another division.
OIL Ufiw N
Rev. Franklin T. Conner, who is to
conduct the special meetings at the
Presbyterian church, beginning May
5th. was formerly pastor of the Pres
byterian church at Cedar Falls, and
Chairman of the Evangelistic Com
mittee of the Synod of Iowa. He is a
man of fine personal appearance, and
an attractive speaker. Above every
thing else he is a gentleman, and all
attending the meetings may be assured
of fair and courteous treatment. Per
sons who have made no profession of
religion may attend the meetings and
enjoy them with no fear of being em
barrassed by having attention called
to them personally. A straight mes
sage will be delivered with no froth
and nonsense. The music will be an
especial feature, being under the
direction of Mr. David Sharp of Oma
ha who led the singing in the Auitor
i.um there during the Men's Missionary
Convention. New music books will be
used, and a large chorus choir is being
oganized. It will be quite a privilege
to be in this choir and have the per
sonal training under Mr. Sharp. Those
wishing to join the choir will give
their names to some member of the
music committee, which consists of
Mrs. B. F. Philbrook, Miss Agnef
King, and Dr. R. O. McConnaughey.
-At the If}!®!
"DeUdovxs bee
Cream SerueA.
Remember our
Splendid 25c Din/
ner when you come
to town^§&>$^
A Sun Dial Was the Only
way of Telling the Time.,..
It worked fine when the sun shown but left people
guessing on cloudy days. You might as well
have a sun dial as to have a good watch that has
been spoiled by incompetent workman.
That's the Reason Why You
Should bring that Watch to us
It will be properly repaired. And if you want to
buy, we have a complete stock of only the stan
dard makes, don't ask you to take something that
you know nothing about.
This applies to our entire stock as well as
watches. Get my prices before buying.
The effect of
Mrs. M. D. Howorth, who has been
caring for her new grandson the past
two weeks, expects to join her hus
band in South Dakota this week.
Frank Pfarr and his parents leave
the last of the week for a three
weeks visit with his brother in the
Okanagun country, Washington.
Miss Effie Ellis of Omaha gave two
lectures on the science of music at the
King residence on Monday. The lec
tures were well attended and greatly
Mr. Chas. Saul expects to go to
Wyoming this week to spend the sum
mer, overseeing his land interests out
there. His famliy expect to join him
in a few months.
The Scenic Amusement Co. will
present high class vaudeville and
moving pictures, at the Germania
Opera House Tuesday, April 23. and
from what can be gathered a good
performance is to be expected. The
company uhow several thousand feet
of the latest moving picture films and
A I vaudeville acts and illustrated
songs. Don't fail to see this attrac
tion for it is regarded as one of the
best popular priced specialty shows
playing in this part of the country,
Seats on sale at Johnson's. Prices
10, 20 and 30 cents.
Scoffs Emulsion
pale children is magical.
It makes them plump, rosy, active, happy.
It contains Cod Liver Oil, Hypophosphites
and Glycerine, to make fat, blood and bone,
and so put together that it is easily digested
by little/oik.
Mrs. Eva Girard of Schleswig was
a shopper in Denison Monday.
Little Paul Gary was operated on
for throat trouble and is reported
improving rapidly.
Mrs. M. Hannah and daughter Jen
nie returned on Saturday to their
home at West Side after a pleasant
visit at the Detrich home.
G. J. Radeke left last week for a
visit with relatives in Parkersburg,
Iowa. He expects to visit in Colorado
before returning to Denison.
beauty chorus. Popular prices.
About what you are to ^et for your dinner,
j, but let me suggest a few of the following:
In FRUITS we have
on Ain,
"The Rajah of Bhong" a musical
comedy, book by Eunice Fitch, music
by Carleton F. Colby, will be pre
sented at the Opera House Thursday
May 2. The play is in two acts and
is gorgeously staged, the first act
showing a garden in tropical Florida,
the second act, the Mystic palace on
the Island. The story is well written
and offers many unique comedy situa
tions. Mr. Eugene SpofFord. under
whose direction the production is ex
ploited. has selected an especially
strong company, the list of principals^
including those dainty artists" Powell,'.1
& Portello. Mr. Frank Minor and the
Menagh and Co. are closing out
their general merchandise stock at
lilidden and will hereafter concentrate
all their efforts on the Denison store.
Cough Remedy
The Children's Favorite
Coughs, Colds, Croup
Don't Worry
Oranges, Ban anas, Grape Fruit,
Fancy Winesap Apples, Straw
berries and all other varieties in
In VEGETABLES let me suggest
New Beets, New Onions, Parsley,
New Wax Beans, Sweet Potatoes,
Rutabagos, Celery, Lettuce and a
first-class line of Canned Vege
tables also.
And when you order these, I can sell you Gasolene
to cook your meal at 20c per gallon.
I ,r
-Xi S
Whooping Cough.
This remedy is famous for its cures over
a lfc.%'© part of the civilized world. It can
alwn«a be depended upou* It coutaius 110
opium or other harmful drug ami may be
given as
couiidentiy to a baby ae to au adult
Price 25 cts Large Size, 50 eta.
1 1
pRRBmminr"' I *'"•'silly'*

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