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Pa?e 2
A I#??
P. W. Meyers, Editor.
utarod st the Postotflce tu Dealsou, Iowa,
tecoud-olass mall matter.
r.VB YKAK 11.50
T*er Inch, 1 time I .30
For Inch. 2 times 55
Per Inch, 3 times 75
,'4'Per Inch, 1 times 80
4ijrAll Bills Payable Monthly.
The Review and its editor have I
•been the recipients of considerable
free advertising of late at the hands
their elder brother the Sioux City
•Journal and their beloved Uncle
George. It would be ingratitude not
to make thankful acknowledgement.
The greatness of the cosmopolitan
press, which is such a huge affair that
its right hand is totally uninformed
«s to any left-handed work that may
'be afoot, so to speak, is in no-wise
better illustrated than in the fact
that while the editorial columns of
the Journal proclaim with grief that
the Review is loyal to the congress
man from Denison. its news columns
report the editor in dark conspiracy
at Manson with the "Knifing of Con
ner" as the object. We can stand
'Mr. Perkins in large doses but the
Journal should draw the color line and
keep Jack Dalton off the staff.
Indeed it is remarkable that the
Journal, which seeks to stand as rep
v, resentative of the republicanism of
northwestern Iowa and which preaches
of harmony with a bold-face cap,
should allow the use of its columns for
petty personal flings against such a
reputable republican as George Long,
written by Dirty Dalton. who enjoys,
and lives up to, the reputation of
ibeing the nastiest writer on the Iowa
press. The Journal's latest utterance,
using the Review as a text, is an edi
torial based on the Review's plea for
an harmonious convention in Crawford
this week.
Those who read what we had to say
last week will remember that we
argued that there was nothing before
the present convention which should
excite animosities. Secretary Shaw
not havipg given permission that this
name be used, and the friends of Taft
being apparently in a well-nigh unan
imous majority in the state, it still
appears to us that there is little occa
sion for a scrap. That others think so
is apparent when Webster county,
which we suppose Mr. Perkins would
characterize as being most abominably
factional, and the very fountain head
-of disruptionists, recognized this sit
uation and, with an immense Progres
sive majority in the convention, made
no attempt at resolutions. It is hard
ly the Journal's place to (ind fault.
Whether one likes it or not one
must recognize that there are grave
differences among the republicans of
Iowa. At the primaries they will be
complicated by the numerous candi
cies for county offices, but at present
we repeat that the one who would
precipitate a controversy in our com
ing county convention must be some
one who is "looking for trouble"
and who has not the best interest of
any portion of the party at heart.
The Review is willing to fight when
tnere is something to fight for, but it
has no blackthorn ready for the break
ing of heads just for the pure joy of
A year from to-day a new President
of the (United States will be inaugur
ated. In about eight months the
-election will take place which shall
decide whether the man to be inaugur
ated shall be William Jennings Bryan
or some republican. We say this be
ctuse the nomination of Bryan is a
foregone conclusion. Under the cir
cumstances we may perhaps be forgiv
en for a few words of politics.
The Review has tried not to be
"offensive partisan." For many
months there have been no issues to
'•be decided by the people and we have
been content to live in as much
brotherly love as it was permitted us
to enjoy, without "riling" the water
with political discussion. •. "j
For the past eleven years the
-country has been under a republican
administration. While we have un
dergone regrettable and unpleasant
-experiences during the past half year
the results must be regarded in con
trast with the state of the country
when the government passed into re
publican hand?.
Even the WORST republican times
•are BETTER than the BEST DEMO
Ten men were idle in Cleveland
%imes for every one who is idle now.
The contrast is one between fifty
cent corn and ten cent corn.
Between & money scarcity and a
"money famine.
'Between "'less opulence" and
iDurlng the republican era we have
ttftidhed:the high places in our Na
tional history.
There has been a recession from the
flood tide and very naturally there is
unuch discontent that we can not al
ways maintain the highest point of
~"1 i,
There is grave question but tha
this National discontent will be so
serious as to return to democracy and
all the misfotunes that has ever meant
to the country.
It seems well nigh incredible that
sane people should think of adopting
The very oddest thing is that
if elected it will he accomplished by
a combination of capitalists on the
one hand and radical labor voters on
the other.
The King drag fad is about played
out in this county. The King drag
when not used is shown to be of no
value to the roads.
Crazv Jane says the Family Thea
tre is sure enough a "moving pic
ture" show. Three moves in three
months seems like it. but the theatre
is doing good business and giving sat
isfaction just the same.
The automobile race now on is
about the craziest thing on record.
Not one of the machines will reach
Paris with two ounces of the origin&l
machine and if the route is persisted
in we predict that it will cost more
than one life. A. test of ordinary
machines over ordinary territory might
be of value but the present race is
of no more value to society than was
the act of the man who went over
Niagara Falls in a harrel.
A monument to Wirz! Does the
South expect the bloody shirt to go
out of business so long as a monu
ment to such a demon shall endure?
Not in the annals of centuries of
war can his equal be found for wan
ton cruelty. No matter how much
her misguided people of the south
may cling with fond remembrance to
the "lost cause" there is no excuse
for a monument tor a murderer who
killed helpless men in cold blood for
the pleasure of killing them. The brute.
The monument is simply a part of
the cruelty of the South. We would
father have Negro domination of this
Nation than the domination of the so
called ruling class of the South.
There would be more of human kind
ness in it, less prejudice, more sanity,
and less of Neroism.
The Crawford County Republican
convention will be held in the Court
house in Denison. Iowa on Friday,
March 6th, 1908, at 11 a. m., for the
purpose of electing 10 delegates to
attend the Republican state convention
called to meet at Des Moines, Iowa,
March IS, 1908, also 10 delegates to
attend a republican convention of the
10th Congressional district to be
called to meet at Des Moines, Iowa,
on March 18, 1908, and to transact
such other business as may properly
come betore the convention.
The basis of representation is one
delegate for each precinct and one
delegate for each 15 votes or major
fraction thereof cast for A. B. Cum
mins Governor in 1906.
Precincts are entitled to delegates
as follows:
Boyer 5 Hanover 3
Schleswig 5 Charter Oak 6
Hayes 3 Soldiers 3
Iowa 3 Stockholm 7
Denison twp 5 Jackson 4
Union 10 Denison 1st W 7
Kiron 6 Vail 5
Denison 2d W 7 Milford 6
Washington 5 Denison 3rd W 9
Morgan 4 West Side 6
East Boyer 5 Nishnabotny 13
Willow 5 Goodrich 4
Paradise 6
Local committeemen will please call
caucuses as soon as practicable, un
less otherwise designated by the local
committeeman, caucus will be held
Thursday. March 6th. 1908, at 8 p. m.
Wm. McLennan, Chairman.
E. F. Tucker, Sec'y.
For rent a six room house, barn
and one and one-half acre of land one
and 1£ miles from court house on
Brogden farm, Charter Oak road.
Fine farm for chickens and market
9-3t pd. C. F. BROGDEN.
Have One
No sense in running from one
doctor to another. Select the
best one, then stand by him.
Do not delay, but consult him
in time when you are sick.
Ask his opinion of Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral for coughs
and colds. Then use it or
not, just as he says.
We publish our formulas
We baniah alcohol
from our medicines
Wo urge you to
oonault your
Always keep a box of Ayer's Pills in the
house. Just one pill at bedtime, now and
then, will ward off many an attack of
biliousness, indigestion, sick headache.
How many years has your doctor known
these pills? Ask him all about them.
by the J.
Ajar Co., Lowell, Mill
the best cook and the best Pie
Maker ii: Ci-av.'tord County is
back at
The Main St. Lunch Room.
Fred SfnitH,
The new Proprietor invites your
I would hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the office of Sheriff, subject to the action of
the Republican Primaries.
Feb. ?ih. 1908. A.'D. RANDALL,
6-tf. Denison, Iowa.
I would hereby announce myself as a candidate I
for the office of County Attorney, subject to the!
action of the Republican Primaries. I
March 4th. 190S W. E KAHLER.
Gust Anderson returned from Chi
cago Thursday morning.
Pete Naselund is again able to be
around from his sick spell, and fills
his place at the barber shop Saturday
evening. Mr. Naselund has hired
out to Gustof Sthere for the coming
year, but says he will find time to at
tend to his business here Saturday
Fred Erickson shipped one car of
cattle and one of hogs to Chicago Sat
urday night. Fred went in. also C.
S. Johnson.
Nels Talor sold his car of cattle to
John Turen.
In our last news item it should have
read, Andrew Dozark, Wm. Kimes
and Joe Dozark each shipped one car
of hogs.
Robert Abbot and Willie Dozark
attended some doings in Denison Fri
day evening and returned Saturday
morning. Happy—But so tired.
Elizabeth Anderson had the misfor
tune of loosing her watch, when step
ping off the train last Friday, but
luckly the telepHone men found it and
was returned to her.
Fred Hackman and children re
turned to Denison last week to stay
at her father's, Henry Vosgerau
home, until Mr. Haackman returns
from the west. Mr. Haachman
had been in Idaho when she last
heard from him, but decided he would
not stay there and was on his way to
Washington to search for something
The Northwestern company is hav
ing men here who are putting in tele
phones in the depots to be used in
stead of the telegraph. As this is
a junction the telegraph was left and
our operator Mr. Landen has charge
of both. This makes a good deal
more work and less convenient.
Christian Henkel now of Bristol,
Nebr., but a former a resident and
land owner near Boyer is here for a
week's visit with his parents and near
relatives around here and Odebolt,
Denison, Iowa.
I would hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the office of ounty Attorney, subject to the
action of the Republican Primaries.
March 4th. 190S W. S. MOORE.
Manilla. Iowa
I would hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the office of 'ounty Attorney, subject to the
action of the Republican Primaries.
March 4th P. J. KLINKER.
Denison. Iowa.
Sadie Bigler of Conkling. N. 1).
visiteu a few days last week with her
friend. Lou White. Miss Bigler is
on her way home from the
ing spent the winter at Oregon. Cali
fornia, Colorado, and Old Mexico and
other interesting points along the
Alice Stolt held a basket' social at
the John Neuman school house last
Friday night. Quite an interesting
program was given before the selling
of the baskets. Proceeds goes to the
Jim Wulf and wife drove to Vail
last Saturday and spent Sunday with
Fank Wulf near Vail.
Henry Brown was taken suddenly
sick last week with inflammatory rheu
matism. Wednesday he was taken to
Denison to the hospital. His brother
Adolph accompanied him down. We
feel sorry for Henry and his many
friends hope for his speedy recovery.
Tina Nelson who has been at
Earnest Paulson's in Kiron came
home Saturday.
August Hanson is home, having
finished his school course this winter
at Schleswig.
Mrs. Geo. Swartz and Mrs. C. S.
Johnson and daughter Evelyn, went
to Kiron Thursday to attend the fun
eral of Carl Johnson.
Gertrude Bradbury returned to her
home in Denison last Wednesday.
John Kullberg and wife drove to
Obebolt and vicinity last Thursday to
visit Charlie Benson who is soon to
leave for Dakota. Mr. Kullberg re
turned the next day while Mrs. Kull
berg remained over Sunday.
The Misses Alma Nordholm and
Alice Sandberg visited with. Mrs. C.
S. Johnson between trains Wednesday
on their way home to Kiron.
Johnny Olson, who has been spend
ing a week or more at his home, re
turned to Des Moines Saturday.
Ole and Ben Treland, who have
been working on the section here the
past year, went to Duluth. Minn.,
last Saturday.
Mrs. John Quade is caring for her
sick mother. Mrs. Dorale, who is liv
ing with her son in Soldier township.
O. M. Graham has been entertain
ing his brother Frank of Chicago the
past week.
Gustof Sthere returned Saturday
from a most pleasant visit with his
many relatives in Clinton and Jack
son counties. Gustof has improved
in looks and size.
Levi Erickson writes from Siebert.
Colo., and says they have had some
snow and cold weather, and that he
found his home in the same way he
left it last fall. Immigrants are
moving in rapidly and they have good
prospects for the future. Land is
selling much higher this year than
Aug. Henkel Sr. and wife visited
their daughter. Mrs. Whitmaack last
week near Schleswig.
Emma Frahm is spending the week
at home.
Hilma Johnson came home from
Carroll Monday morning and stopped at
Boyer to visit with friends until Tues
day. She reports her brother. Ed
ward getting as well as expected.
Nellie Simons, the eight year old
girl of C. S. Simons died last week of
appendicitis, and was buried Saturday
at Odbeolt in the Catholic cemetery.
State of Ohio. City of Toledo, Lucas County, ss.
Frank Cheney makes oath that he is senior
partner of the firm-of F. J. Cheney & Co., doing
business in the city of Toledo, county and state
aforesaid, and that suid firm will pay the sum of
ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every
case of Cattarrh that cannot be cured by the use
of Hall's Catarrh cure. FRANK HENRY.
Sworn to before me and and subscribed in my
presence, this 0th day of December, A. D. 188G.
(Seal) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system. Send for testimonials free.
Special bargains for month of
also his sister. Mrs. Whitmaack near
Schleswig. Mr. Henkel says he
would just as soon live in Nebraska,
where crops are just as good as Iowa
and less mud.
C. J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo. O.
Sold by all druggists. 7*c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
•Kennedy's Laxative Honey and Tar
Cures all Coughs, and expels Colds (rom
tt« aystem by neatly movlaa tbe bowels'
A per cent off
We want the coming M^rch to put previous ones in the shade we want to sell more goods
to more customers and therefore we will make the greatest effort to accomplish this. We have
stocked up on all kinds of burniture of the latest and best quality. By buying heavy we have
bought at a large discount, saved local freight rates, and buying direct from the manufacturer
saves us the middleman's commission. This enables us to offer you whatever you may need in
the Furniture line at our enormous saving to you. For instance, we offer you:
We have listed with us some excellent farms near Kiron which
will sold at right prices with easy terms.
One farm of 120 acres one mile from Kiron. Good improve
ments and a good farm.
One farm of 100 acres, as good a farm as there is in the county,
with No. 1 improvements. 1| miles from Kiron. Will be sold right
with good easy terms.
One farm of 160 acres with the best of improvements and a first
clrss farm four miles from Kiron.
For prices and terms apply to
Clauson -Bros. Kiron, Iowa
:Men's and Boys' Clothing*
famous Straus-Eisendrough
Handled by the Deloit Store
In price and quality we can successfully compete with any
2 store in the county. Give us a call. 0
Rheumatic Pains Relieved
F. Crocker, Esq.. now 84 years
of age. and for twenty years Justice
of the Peace at Martinsburg. Iowa,
says: "I am terribly afflicted with
sciatic rheumatism in my left arm
and right hip. I have used three bot
tles of Chamberlain's Pain Balm and
it did me lots of good." For sale
by W. E. Johnson, Broadway Drug
J. A. Halberg, Deloit Store 5
A dollar saved is a dollar made
During the month of March
we always have a large sale on
furniture.:5v, Some folks get
married and need furniture,
others move into a new house
and need more good furniture
—a bed, mattress, spring,
cupboard, kitchen cabinet,
wall paper, shades or carpet
ing. All 1907 wall paper at
$9.00 Dresser with 3 large drawers,
18x20 glass, only
$16.00 three-piece bed room suit,
hard wood, at MWMb
dining room chair, full back
',* post,solid wood saddle shape seat
/ft til $28.00 Buffets, all quartered oak
fe'lilR and polished 22.00
00 solid oak Extension Tables,
MKI $32.00 bed room suits, all quarter
ed and polished oak 22.00
The above are just a few bargains that
we have mentioned, bnt our entire stock
is sold likewise. These are strictly high
grade goods, not cheap in quality, and
you should buy your needs in this line
of us.
C. C. Phone—Store 36 Residence 90. Denison, Iowa
For SeJe
For Rent—The hotel at Buck Grove.
In good order and a good business
place. Inquire at the Buck Grove
Bank.i«l»Si^^ 8-tf.
Farmers moving to town at this'.v.1'
of tho year, should bear in
mind that Fastje, the cabinet mak
er, sells furniture of best quality,
durable and reliable. Call am
what he offers.

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