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Four Highest Denison Appli
cants Chosen.
Heiilen, Aebischer and Lafferty for Car
riers. McMinimee for Substitute..
Out of the eligible list returned to
him by the Civil Service Commission
as the result of the recent examina
tion for carriers, the postmaster at
Denison has decided to recommend the
three highest Denison residents for
earners and the fourth highest man
for substitute.
The carriers will be Malcolm
Heiden, Alex Aebischer and N.tf E.
The recommendations must be ap
proved by the department but in all
probability this will he done, and the
new men are already getting ready to
commence work promptly on May
15th. They are planning their routes
and asking their patrons to return
lists of all occupants of each home so
that the mail may be handled speedily
and accurately. They are also urging
all to secure mail boxes so that the
work of delivering may be expedited.
The routes are long ones and the car
riers will have no snap as they must
walk from 20 to 25 miles every day.
The postmaster would like to re
ceive bids for putting up the steel
posts for the 15 collection boxes.
Specifications of the work required
can be had at the postoffice. All our
people are requested to co-operate with
the postal force next month so that
the new system may be in running
order as soon as possible.
Among our brand new subscribers
this week are H. E. Dean'IDf Dunlap,
I. M. Murphy of Dunlap, and Emil
Johnson and Anna Forsberg of Kiron.
Mrs. Judge Van Wagenen has re
turned to her home at Sioux City.
She was called here by the death of
ber nephew, Frederick Louis Meyers.
The dramatic cantata given by the
high school on Friday night of next
week will be one of the best present
ed by the high school in recent years.
Reserve seat sale at the book store
Thursday morning. Admission 25c.
arm chairs 35c.
chas curator
Historical dept
The See-Saw Between Contest
Miss Jacobsen Furnishes Surprise ef
the Week Coming Close to 200
000 Mark
The leaders in the Review contest
seem to nave rested on their oars this
week. Miss Keane deposited no
votes and Miss Baker but a few
thousand. It seems to be the run
ning of the other candidates and
they make great showing that it is
no-body's race. Miss Jacobsen made
a great spurt and is right along side
the leaders. Almost as much interest
is being taken in who shall winJJ the
handsome Kingsbury piano as in who
shall win the Auto. The vote of this
week shows that nobody has a cinch
on either of the .big prizes. Remem
ber the contest closes on the 2nd day
of the Firemen's Tournament at noon.
The vote this week is as foil
Atha Stilson, Arion.
Alma Christiansen. Denison
Marie Heiden. Denison.
Lura Moffitt, Buck Grove,
Lulu Girard. Schleswig,
Mabel Pett, Dunlap.
Lottie Bixler, Dow City,
Marie Keane, Vail.
Florence Baker. Denison,
Mabel Merrill. Denison,
Carrie Jacobsen, Charter Oak,
Jennie Martens West Side
Emma Frederickson
Since last report the clerk issued
licenses to wed to the following per
Jacob W. Smith and Margaret Yeo
J. R. Lang and Leonora Regan.
Henry Frahm and Dora Hagge.
George M. Talcott and Jeanette E.
Alonzo O'Bailey and Hanoria V.
Frank Weise and Alvine Schultz.
Julius Skow and Jennie Nelson.
Always gives perfect Satisfaction. Include
a sack in your next order.
Men's and Women's Dress Shoes in
Tans and Blacks.
Gents' tan, buckle and button oxfords, per pair $4.00
Gents' tan, Russia calf lace oxfords, new toes, pair 3.75
Ladies' brown two-tie pumps, per pair 2.48
Ladies' patent calf two-tie pump, plain vamp, one of the
newest styles in patents, pair 3.50
Ladies' patent kid, two button dress oxfords, one of the
most stylish things we are showing', pair 3.50
Ladies' vici kid oxfords, an exceptional value at 1.49
2 Summer Underwear for all members of
the family. 1
At prices that mean a great saving to you
Gent's Balgriggan underwear, pleated drawers per suit 50c
Gent,s lace weave underwear, extra value, per suit $1.00
Ladies' gauze vests, all sizes and good grade, each 09c
Ladies'gauze drawers, each 25c
Boys' Balgriggan underwear, all sizes, per garment 25c
Misses gau/.e vests, good grade, each 10c
Ladies muslin drawers, extra value, each 49c
Ladies' muslin corset covers, each 19c
Ladies' muslin petticoats, regular 75c grade, each 49c
Ladies' muslin gowns, each 59c
Compare our prices on anything you want. Remember we
guarantee everything we sell. Our prices are the lowest.
We warrant every article we sell
We are now putting every effort forward to make up 'ouf
line of driving harness for spring. We put in nothing but Ai
Star Oak leather. This leather is acknowledged by all leather
men as the best on the market. Every part of our harness is
put up by us therefore it comes fully warranted. We cut all
of our harness over the very latest patterns, put in all the tried
and most humane improvements. This is what has made our
reputation among all users of harness in the county..'
We are offering some of the greatest values we have shown
in driving. ,,,,,,
Single driving harness, good grade, "7 flfl
iSW per set ^..Jg vU
TRY us
One Day Canvass Secures Iir.
mense Membership."-
Gives the Lie to False Statements as to
Judge Conner's Standing in His
Home Town.
As the best possible answer to the
lies being circulated by such papers
as the Hamilton County Hornet, to
the effect that Hon. J. P. Conner
would not receive the support of the
republicans of his home town, a
number of his friends met last even
ing and decided to form a Conner
Club for Denison. Not until ten
o'clock this morning were the lists
of the republican voters of the city
prepared and many of the lists were
not ready until afternoon, nevertheless
—in the one day—over 300 signa
tures were secured. This is a mag
nificent showing and the number will
be increased rapidly within the next
two days. It is safe to say that be
fore the end of the week 99 per cent
of the republicans of Denison will
be members of the Conner Club,
pledged to do all they can to secure
his nomination. No man ever re
ceived a more hearty and unanimous
endorsement at the hands of Denison
republicans. It makes it safe to
estimate that Judge Conner will have
more than 1000 majority in the Craw
ford county primaries.
Hink of Washington Township
will Ask Republicans to Support Him
Mr. J. H. Hink of Washington
township has filed a well signed peti
tion asking that his name be placed on
the republican primary ballot as a
candidate for county auditor. He is
a man thirty-two years old has at
tended the common schools and the
Denison college and is competent for
the office. He is the son of Mr. Otto
Hink and so comes from a fine family.
As th»re will be no other candidate
for this office on the republican ballot
Mr. Hink is now as good as nomina
ted. He means to make an active
canvass and believes he can beat his
democratic opponent.
shown this season still in the
cut in the same proportion.
Beautiful Prince Chap suits, in sfriped brown and
blue, fancy mixtures, offered at
Plain blue Panama Suits, fitted Jacket and plaited
skirt, only
Regular $25 numbers,
now only ...
Perfect style and absolute comfort are the
features that distinguish the new &
Models from all ready to wear corsets.
In the complete line of & Models
carried by us you will find your exact style
and size—a corset that fits your figure just as
if it had been made for you. The Model for
medium figures pictured here is one of the
most popular corsets ever produced. High
bust, deep hip, long body. Made in batiste
for summer wear.
Price, $1.50
V, 1 ^(i
Preparation being Made for the
Great Meeting
The Greatest Day Denison Ever Saw
on June 10 and 11
None to soon are the firemen ar
ranging for the expected tournament
of the firemen of this part of Iowa to
be held at Denison. June 10th and
11th. If all is favorable there will
be over 5000 visitors and the capacity
of the town to entertain put to a se
vere test. Grounds tor the tourna
ment have been selected on the North
western lots south of the Illinois Cen
tral dfpot. It is expected that teams
will be there from fifteen different
towns and each team will be accom
panied by friends, in large numbers.
Eight or ten bands will be asked to be
present. Dances will be held at both
the opera house and the German
Brotherhood halls. Our merchants
and restaurant men and those furnish
ig meals should reap a rich harvest
from the visitors. The following
committees have been appointed and
are at work:
Execuive—J. B. Lyon, Chairman,
A. Wright, Secretary. C. C. Hem
ming, Treasurer. Walter Huettmann.
O. E. Dresselhaus. W. C. Rollins. E.
F. Tucker and G. L. "Caswell.
Advertising—G. L. Caswell, E. F.
Tucker. C. C. Kemming, W. C. Rol
lins. O. E. Dresselhaus.
Track and Grounds—J. B. McClel
lan, Otto Moenck, Walter Huettmann,
J. B. Lyon, O. E. Dresselhaus, A.
Music--Hugo Gebert, W. C. Rol
lins, C. C. Kemming.
Entertainment—Geo. Naeve
McHenry. C. L. Voss. J. E.
B. J. Sibbert.
Priveleges—J. T. Carey
Tucker, S. F. Ainsworth.
Finance—C. L. Voss. C.
ming Geo. Naeve.
E. F.
Have you seen the great offer
Menagh's have in men's hose?
Dont's miss the high school enter
tainment on Friday of next week.
The dramatic cantata "The Trial by
Jury" by Gilbert & Sullivan.
For every pair of hose that wears out within six months we
will give you anew pair free of charge if purchased under the
conditions of our guarantee. They come in black, brown and
black with white sole. The greatest value ever ottered you.
6 Pair for $100
We expect to have every ladies' suit that we have in stock
sold within the next ten days. In order to get them sold we
have put a price on every suit that will mean a saving of 40
per cent. 1
here are numbers of the best stvles that we have
line. The prices on these are
Por every day wear. We have made a special effort this sea
son to get the best assortment and values in every day lots
that we have ever shown. pss
'n 2ray and brown, each 9SC
Straw Hats, each, up from 05c
We pay Cash for Butter and Eggs. Bwdy and Main
J- "1
A Rankin the Great Temperance
Orator Will be in Denison Next Week
Announcement is made that A. C.
Rankin will begin a series of meeting
at Denison on next Sunday. Mr.
Rankin is now devoting his powers
as a speaker in the interests of the
"State Marshall law" of which he is
the originator and sponsor. The
chief feature of the law is the ap
pointment by the governor cf certain
officials who will go to localities
where the liquor law is not kept and
enforce the same. Of course the law
is specially designed to effect cities
like Dubuque, Davenport, Sioux City,
and Clinton where it would in be in
jurious to the business and property
of an individual to become prominent
ly interested in enforcing the Iowa
law. Mr. Rankin is saying kind
things for Mr. Hamilton of Des
Moines, who is the candidate for gov
ernor on a platform demanding the
wiping out of the saloons of Iowa.
Mr. Rankin will have big meetings
for he is an entertaining speaker, and
once heard will be heard again. The
first meeting will be held in the Bap
tist church on Sunday atternoon.
A Duck Lives in Well Seven Weeks
Without Food.
On adarch sixth a duck fell in a
wtfell forty feet aeep at Van Viiet's
place in the north part of town. The
duck was seen to fall in by some of
the family, but disappeared under the
water and it was supposed to have
been killed in the fall. There was
ahout two feet of water in the well.
It was bricked up about five feet in
the bottom and caved behind the
brick. The duck must have lodged
behind the brick and could not get
out as it wa9 never seen untii the 20th
of April. Mr. Van Vliet concluded
to fill the well. He dumped seven
wheel barrows of dirt in it. Then
looking, saw the duck swimming on
the water. It was very thin but
otherwise seemed to be all right.
Some new and very popular books
arrived this week at the Book store.
Ask to see them.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Soehl returned
on Monday from a pleasant month's
visit with their daughter. Mrs. John
Loreuzen at Walla Walla. Washington
In our hardware department for this week only we will offer—
Extra quality No. 9 L-C Boilers, heavy copper bottom
only 98 cents each
We are showing for the opening of this season the largest
and most complete line of hardware ever shown here. Our
pi ices are the lowest and the quality of our goods guaranteed.
Extra quality steel blades, hardened steel bearing, a
mower that others get $2.50 and $3 for. Our price $1.98
Bail bearing mowers. The best value ever offered. This
mower has 5 razor steel blades iS inches long. The
ball bearings are of the best chilled steel. Ou/price $55.0
Screen Wire, Screen Doors, Screen Door
Springs, Etc.
It will soon be time to be putting up screen doors. In buy-"
ing new ones you will want to buy where you can get the best.
Our line is large. Anything you want in screen doors or wire
will be found in our stocks. Our prices are the lowest.
Never before have we made such an attempt to supply you
with just what you want in garden tools as we have this season
RAKES, good grade and size, our price, each 24c-'
HOES, 4^ foot, hickory handle, our price, each 24c
This is the greatest labor savidg device ever gotten up to
work in the garden with. This plow has. five attachments, one
for raking, hoeing, glowing, planting and cultivating
This plow with all of the attachments, only.
The time is here when gasolene stoves are again in' style.
We are this season as last, showing the largest line in town.
Two, three and four burners at a price that can't be discounted
Two hole burner gasolene stoves at $2.75
Three hole burner gasolene stoves at $3-75
Gasolene Ranges at $25.00
New Styles in Men's Hats
We are now showing a full line of the newest things in mens
soft and stiff hats. The new browns and greens will be seen
in the new toppv styles for young men. The new narrow brim
Stiff hats will be seen for the dressy man. $1.98, 2.50, 3.00
No. iS
Denison Visited by a Hail Storm April
There was a very severe hail storm
at Denison on Thursday afternoon.
The hail came down in torrents ac
companied with strong wind The
schoolchildren were,nearly all late
at school, and many who did insist on
going, on time, were drenched to the
skin. It was a question with many
of the little ones who wanted to keep
perfect record as whether they
would be marked tardy, when they
came late that afternoon. Prof. Fel
lows, however mad/ them glad by
saying that no pupir »as late until af
ter the tardy bell/ ngs,and on Thurs
day afternoon bell did net ring.
It is remarkab' -hat so severe a hail
storm can be lined to a small area.
There was, hail at Buck Grove.
Dow City./ 1 or Deloit according to
report. at at Denison the hail
was sur .0 cover the ground, and
banke- in places a foot deep and
Is Soon to be Married at Washington
One of the boys who were born
and grew to manhood at Denison and
wno is making in the world is Howard
Wygant. As many know he now re
sides at Washington City and has a
good position in the Post Office de
partment. It would appear that he
has further ambition in the world,
for he is about to be married as will
be seen from the following society
item which recently appeared in the
Washington Post. "Mr. and Mrs.
F. B. Dalrymple have announced the
engagement of their daughter, Rosa
lie Sunderland, to James Howard Wy~
gant of Iowa, the wedding to take
place in June."
B. F. Lesher visited in South
kota this week.
Julian Tempest who has been vis
iting at the Terry home left to-day
tor his home in South Dakota, visit
ing Sioux City relatives en route.
Mr. Herman Koenekamp will ac
company his son Hans to Omaha on
Thursday where medical aid will be
sought for the young man, who has a
trouble.-with his back. He has been
in bed for many weeks. We hope he
will be benefitted.

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