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Page. 2
P. W. Meyers, Editor.
at the
Postofflce in Denison, Iowa, an
•eoond-cl&ss mail matter.
rNl YEAR 11.50
Per Inch, time 9 .30
Par Inch, tlme» 55
Per Inch, 3 times 75
Per Inch, times 9C
Per Inch, 5 times i.oo
0*4(1 Bills Payable Monthly*
I would hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the office of Sheriff, subject to the action of
the Republican Primaries.
Feb. 5th, 1908. A. D. RANDALL,
6-tf. Dcnison, Iowa.
I would hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the office of Sheriff, subject to the will of the
epublican primaries.
MARTIN McNertney,
Iowa Township.
I would hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the office as Sheriff, subject to the will of the
Republican primaries.
April 15. 1908 MIKE COPPS
Charter Oak. Iowa.
I would hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the office of County Attorney, subject to the
action of the Republican Primaries.
March 4th. 1908 W. E KAHLER,
Denison, Iowa
I would hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the office of ounty Attorney, subject to the
action of the Republican Primaries.
March 4th, 1908 W. S. MOORE.
Manilla, Iowa.
1 would hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the office of County Attorney, subject to the
action of the Republican Primaries.
March 4th P. J. KLINKER.
Denison. Iowa.
I would hereby announce myself as a candidate
for the office of Clerk of the District Court, sub
ject to the will of the Republican primaries.
April 15.1908 E. F.TUCKER.
Denison. Iowa.
An over zealous friend of Judge
Conner's is quoted in the Register
and Leader concerning Judge Conner
and the public buildings appropria
tions. It is true that as a member
of the committee the burden of the
work along these lines has fallen on
Judge Conner, still we do not believe
he could wish to take all the credit.
The entire delegation was undoubted
ly helped both in the Senate and in
the House. Neither do we think
Judge Conner would care to stand
sponsor for any criticism of the con
gressional career of his predecessor.
The policy of building public build
ings has been greatly extended in
later years and the Judge's commit
teeship have given him a great lever
Suffice it. that Judge Conner has
done splendidly, not only by the 10th
District but by all Iowa. Judge Con
ner would get every vote in Ottumwa
if voters there could vote in a tenth
district primary.
Senator Garst. candidate for Gover
nor is our neighbor. Not only in
Congressional affairs but in the judi
cial district we are closely allied to
Carroll county. We have much mure
in common with Garst than with the
other candidates for Governor. Six
months ago Senator Garst openly and
publicly declared himself for Conner
for Congress and he has "played
square" ever since. Carroll county
will give Conner a thousand majority.
Progressives and standpatters alike
are for the Crawford county man.
Crawford county ought to reciprocate
and give Warren Garst as big a ma
jority as Carroll gives for Conner.
Carroll Herald—That Judge Conner
of Denison will be re-nominated as
congressman from the tenth district to
succeed himself by a very large ma
jority now sqems certain. His rec
ord as a worker for the interests of
this district is conceded to be unsur
passed by any congressmann holding
a seat in Washington. It is a well
(known fact that his whole attention
is given to looking after the affairs of
'his constituents, not only those with
large interests, but those with small
-as well. The humblest citizen of the
district can write Congressman C011
ner. and he will not only receive a
courteous reply, but he will soon find
that the congressman has been doing
".rail in his power to further his case.
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Wi* XVif!'-LA
of Carroll County, Republican Candidate for Governor.
the present incumbent to look afcer
these little matters, and this strict
attention to the needs and desires of
his people has endeared him to such
an extent that he will have the united
support of a varied following in each
and every county in the district. It
is gratifying, indeed, to have a repre
sentative at Washington who is will
ing at all times to look after the
claims of his constituents, no matter
how small.
Judge Conner has met the highest
expectations of his constituency, and
every county in the district is satisfied
with his services. Although there is
a candidate in opposition, no word
of fault or criticism of his work in
congress has been made. So eminent
ly satisfactory has been his services
that none of the larger counties of the
district has presented a candidate, al
though the tenth is full of able men
with congressional ambitions. There
is no call for a change at this time
and the Herald's prediction is that
Judge Conner will have his usual
large majoriy in the "Big Tenth,"
at the June primaries. In summing
up the situation, we can find no more
suitable words than the following
from the Gowrie News:
"Judge J. P. Conner of Denison
has attained a station of power in
the lower houae of congress and seeks
a renomination. It is a well known
and established fact that it takes a
lung time for a man tu rise to a point
of large service in either branch of
congress, and therefore the man who
has gone through the 'getting ready'
process is in much better shape to do
good effecti re work than the beginn°r.
In this respect Mr Conner is the much
stronger man than his opponent and
is in position to accomplish more for
the people of the tenth district the
next years to come than any new man
could possibly do. Judge Conner has
been in close touch with President
Roosevelt on all the leadinf? que8t
fgfl whole." iSSSIi
that have been before the people and
has always done what he could for the
best interests of his constituents as a
It is a notable fact that in the con
gressional campaign now in progress
no one has questioned the record made
by the representative in congress
from the Tenth district. Congressman
Conner has stood for the interests of
the people on every measure that has
been before the national house during
his service. His record is above re
proach.— Algona Republican.
J. p.
Ogden Reporter—That Judge
Conner, congressman from the
district of Iowa, and a member of .the
public buildings committee has con
siderable weight and influence in the
committee is shown by the following
dispatch from Washington. D. C..
showing Iowa's share in the public
building bill reported to the house last
evening: ...
The public building bill was report
ed to the house last evening and will
be passed by that body today. It
carries a total of about $22,000,000
and of this Iowa, through the efforts
of Judge Conner, who is a member of
the public buildings committee, gets
a liberal share. In fact, this state
gets more than its proportional share
Dow City Enterprise—Democrats
all over the county remember well
that whenever Mr. Shaw Van has been
a candidate that he has been tireless
in his efforts to elect the whole tick
Britt Tribune—Frank Woods the
Estherville man who is an aspirant
for Judge Conner's place in congress
is, according to the Algona U. D. M.
R. made defendent in a suit for
$15,000 alleged damages by E. H.
White an Emmet county stockman.
The suit is based on alleged fraud in
selling the plaintiff stock in the
"Wisconsin lumber and cattle com
pany at a price largely in excess of
the value ot same by reason of false
and fraudulent representations,'' made
by Woods who is said to be the treas
urer and promoter of the company.
The U. D. M. ft. says "We know
nothing of the case but it is certainly
a poor advertisement for a candidate
for congress to have out against
Britt Tribune—Frank Woods who
would succeed Judge Conner if he
could was in town Friday. He was
piloted about by Dr. Cole and intro
duced to our business men. Mr,
Woods will get the Dr. the vote of
Emmet county for representative in
exchange for what the Dr. can get
for him here. It will be about an
even trade.
Webster City Herald—Frank
Woods, aspirant for Congress against
-Conner, has been in town the last
week. He hardly looks stout enough
to throw Conner down. He is a tall
slim man with a feeble face and is
such as you would look for at Colfax
or Battle Creek. If you met him
there, you would ask him if it was his
liver or his stomach.
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Congressman Conner is certain of
re-nomination for congress. He has
made an excellent record he has been
one of the most consistent and ar
dent supporters of the president and
while progressive in the sense of ad
vocating certain principles and meas
ures that the growth and the pro
gress of the nation demands to keep
it in the forefront of advancement
along all lines, he has been con
servative in the sense of being level
headed. Judge Conner always had
good poise. He is never carried
away with excitement nor fluffy the
ories, nor questionable isms. He
makes sure of the reasonableness and
righteousness of his positions on pub
lic questions before taking them. If
a progressive he is of the safe and
sane kind not a factionist but a re
publican that has always stayed close
to the party, advocating and defend
ing its interests and principles. He
possesses a judicial and judicious
mind, with ample backbone to stand
flatfooted by his convictions. He has
never played hide and seek to get
office, but has always gone before the
people on his merits and has been
elected on his merits. It. pays to
keep this manner of a man in con
gress. When an able and conscien
tious servant is found, he should be so
appreciated as to be awarded for his
fidelity and continued in office for his
ability and dependableness. When
you enter the primary booth, remem
ber that Congressman Conner, with
the bare exception of Senator Dolli
ver, has been the most distinguished
congressman the Tenth district has
ever had, and is in every way worthy
of your vote.—Coon Rapids Enter
Kanawha Record—In a letter to
the editor and on their editorial page
of May 20th issue, the editor of the
Skandinaven favors the re-nomination
of Hon. J. P. Conner, candidate for
congress from this 10th district. The
main reason of their choice being
Mr. Conner's familiaiity with the
work and power he has accumulated
by several years of legislation.
The republicans of the Tenth Con
gressional district will be called on
2nd day of June to select a man to
represent them for the next two
years in Congress. The present incum
bent Mr. Conner, is a candidate for
re-election. That he will be nomi
nated by a large majority is not ques
tioned. His record as a worker for
the interests of the district is conced
ed to be unsurpassed by any repre
sentative holding a seat at Washing
ton. But few congressmen have as
tine a record as Mr. Conner in looking
after the details of his office. Any
citizen may write him and receive a
reply in few days. He looks after
the interests of the poor as well as
the rich and all meritorious subjects
are given thorough and careful consid
eration. It is certainly gratifying to
every voter to know that we have a
representative in congress who will
immediately look after your wants
with as much earnestness as if you
were a millionaire and that any claim
or consideration you ask will not be
pigeon holed but will be given due
and deliberate consideration. This
is the kind of a representative we
have in Judge Conner, not too good
to spend his time and energy for his
constituency, whoever they may be.
It is his strict attention to the busi
ness of his constituents that has
brought him the support of the people
of the district and he has a large
following in every county. What
the people want is a business adminis
tration of the affairs of a representa
tive and no man in this district will
fill the place better than Judge Con
ner. His record in getting more pub
lic buildings for his district than all
of the other congressmen combined
prior to his first election is evidence
that the Judge generally gets just
what he goes after. It is the man
tlon. James Perry Conner
Big Tenth District
Congressman Conner Has Been Ttied and Not Foond Want
ing as the Following Expressions Taken From Leading
Newspapers in all Parts of the District Go To Prove.
who does things for his constituents
who should be elected in the Tenth
district this year. When you enter
the booth June 2nd remember what
Conner has done for this district and
vote accordingly.—Titonka Topic.
Fort Dodge Messenger—Fort Dodge
should stand by Conner loyally at the
primaries. If for no other reason or
dinary gratitude would direct this ac
tion for a citizen of this place could
show no more energy in doing all
possible to help us but that is not
all. Judge Conner has made the best
kind of a record in congress. He is
appreciated in Washington and his in
fluence is growing all the time. To
vote for a change of representative
for the Tenth district after considera
tion of Conner's'merits is not likely
to be done by a majority of the dis
strict and yet the activity of Woods
and his supporters should not be un
derestimated. Woods as chairman of
the state republican committee in
which position he comes in conctact
with the political leaders in the var
ious counties 'and he has taken full
advantage of Conner's enforced ab
sence in Washington to push his own
case. Of course everyone who knows
anything about it at all is aware that
Woods, if elected, could not form an
aquaintanceship in congress in less
than three terms that would permit
him to be of service to his district
even if his talents are equal to Con
ner's—the latter alterative being de
cidedly doubtful. Why should anyone
except a person under obligation to
Woods feel like assisting in a change
that would be sure to weaken our dis
trict's position in Washington for a
considerable number of years.
Carroll Herald—Some of the Demo
cratic papers recently made the claim
that Congressman Conner would not
be able to carry his home town, but
the friends of the Congressman take
little stock in such reports. Inci
dentally, we might say that one day
last week a Conner club was organ
ized at Denison and over 300 signa
tures were secured within a few
hours. Ninety-nine per cent of the
republicans of Denison, says the Re
view, will join the Conner club.
This'is a handsome endorsement and
a deserved recognition in Conner's
home town.
Pocahontas Record—We believe
that the republican voters of Pocahon
tas county, as a whole, when they
come to mark their ballots on June
2d, will put a cross in front of the
name of James Perry Conner, as can
didate for congressman from this dis
trict. His opponent can put forth
nothing to show that he has in any
way failed to do his duty to his con
stituents. His vote in Congress has
always been cast for progressive
principles, his record is' clean, and he
has attended to his duties with fidel
ity and in an able manner. No
constituent ever asked. Judge Con
ner to look after any matter, no
matter how small, that the subject
did not get prompt and proper treat
ment, which is one reason why he is
popular with the people. The repub
licans of the big Tenth will make no
mistake by renominating Judge Con
ner as his own successor.
It is always a guod plan to look up
a man's record when he seeks the
suffrage of the people and this is the
very thing that Congressman J." P.
Conner and his friends desire at this
time. During the time that he has
been in Congress Judge Conner has
been among the staunch supporters
of the policies advocated by the Pres
ident and has been an acitve force
for this betterment of the condition of
his constituents. Space would not
permit us to go into detail with re
gards all the good work that has
been accomplished by Judge Conner,
but the records will show that he has
done his duty.—Gowrie News.
Manning Monitor—James Perry
Conner, is seeking re-election as
congressman from this, the Tenth
district, and he is a sure winner.
Mr. Conner is well known ail over his
district and especially in Carroll and
Crawford counties. He has resided
*at Denison for mure than thirty years
and is but completing his eighth year
in congress, to the entire satisfaction
of the people. There never has been
a man who was more deserving, and
no one ever asked him for aid but
what they got it. So, friend, don't
forget this fact and come to the polls
on June 2d and assist in his re-elec
Fort Dodge Messenger—The sup
porters of Judge Conner are against
the effort to displace him with a new
man because they consider the move
ment is due to a combination of per
sonal ambition on Mr. Woods part and
unwarranted illfeeling on the part of
a crowd who want to down Conner be
cause he has not been suppliant to
their wishes. It is worth too much
to the Tenth district to have a repre
sentative at Washington of Conner's
integrity and strength to allow disin
terested republicans to join in so ill
advised a hue and cry.
Lehigh Argus:—The congressional!
record of Hon. J. P. Conner, meas
ures up favorably with that of the other',
members of the house of representa-'
tives, and for this reason we can see
no reasonable excuse for desiring
change in the tenth district. In
Webster county there is little or no
opposition to his renomination and
election, but our friends to the east
over in Hamilton county have made
a mountain out of a mole hill and are
trying to Stir up a strife galore. The
principal cause for this apathy seems
to be because of some minor appoint
ment which has stirred the ire of
some of the goud brethren of the
press over there who take particular
delight in saying all the mean things
they can find wrds to express. Show
us a man who has made a better
congressional record and we will
listen to you.
Manson Journal—In the fight that
is being made on Congressman Conner
this year, there is being nothing put
forward to shuw that he has failed in
his duty to his constituents. No man
in congress can show a better record
for consistency than he. Every
measure for curbing corporations and
for the bettering of the people as a
whole, has had his hearty support.
Some have thought that he was not
liberal enough on the tariff question,
but if they will call to mind the fact
that even President Roosevelt was
forced to give up his fight on the
tariff, they will realize that it was
useless for a man in Congressman
Conner's position to waste time try
ing to upset the program laid out by
the leaders. The combination was too
strong for any but the combined peo
ple to attack and this they have at
last been aroused to do.
Very few congressmen have a bet
ter record in congress than Hon. J.
P. Conner of this district, who is a
candidate to succeed himself at the
coming primary. Judge Conner is a
close student of all public questtoion
and devotes his time earnestly to the
work of congress. He always votes
his best judgment, and he always
votes. It is not difficult to jlsarn
where he stands on all public ques
tions. On the important legislation
enacted by congress his record is an
open book. Judge Conner:—Boone
News Republican.
Mr. Conner has proven himself a
congressman of great influence for
good and has accomplished much
Williams Wasp.
5 I-
Jt 3

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