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1* 4 3-jV If
"Neal of .the N«vy'' Photo Film* Oe
ft lay«4
UntaOecefnb«r8th, Gallic
ins Milch Dit&ppoifttmeht.
Many Subscribers,. on Learning of Non
Arrival of Films, Requested With^.
holdinb of SeriakOne Week.
___. •.
'I'h rough doing iiiisuntlersitartflliig
•wtili tiioflltn exchunye in' Oiilatiu
which in handling llhj «|)lioto-play
"Neal oC tlio-Navy "'ihb llrsl install
meat waa not shown at the opera
house on last Wednesday evening- as
was advertised. Manager Kiaulli has
received word fro in the exchange that
the reels will lie shipped so thai, they1
luay bo shown on Wednesday evening,
December 8th, and every Wednesday
night after that mail the picture play
Is completed.
The Review commenced this story
two weeks ago, but the story is omit
ted this week at the request of many
Denison readers who did-not Waut to
r^ad.the installments so .far In ad
vance of the pictures. The story,
"Neal of the Navy," is the
story ever published by this paper
iitul the opening chapters have been
iihjoyed by uiauy readers. It is' a story
ilfealiiif? with our own navy and is full
of exciting episodes that will hold the
uttentiou of readers from start to tin
i»h. The photo play ot' this wonderful
•story has been produced "by the Patlie
•:ciupany at-a cost of thousands of dol
lars and is said to be one of the tin
est pictures ever thrown upon the
Chariec Kemihing. Jr. Demonstrating
Fine Churn and Has Taken the
Agency for Same.
Chas. Kcmrains. Jr. is demonstrat
lag one of the linest churus that we
have ever seen. The cfiurn, which 1s
a new one-ou the market, will cliurn
hiitter in 1 to !i miuutes, and is so
constructed that a child cau easily
operate it. Ch'arlie is demonstrating
II. at the clothing store, and yesterday
morning a Review reporter saw rresh
cream churned into butter in just 1
minute and IS seconds. The cream is
Dlaced in a large glass jar capable of
holding a gallon aUd a half of crcam
aud this is sol on a standard suspend
ltd above by meaus of two large
Mpriuigs, while it is attached to the
floor with two similar springs. After
tliejar is in place all that is necessary
to turn tlie cream into butt'er is to pull
the jar up and down aud the springs
do the rest. 1( is the easiest eburii
to clean that we have ever seen Snd
blioulit prove to bo a popular machine.
«.!harlie is the distribulor for tlilS
churn in Crawford couuty and has al
ready sold several of tliciii. The'ma-'
eiiine sells for $tl.50 complete, lie Is
usinrf space in this issue of- tlio Re
view to advertise it and invites the
people to the clothing slore-to see the
eliurij in opt ration.
School Election on Consolidation at
\i Dow City Results 31 for and 4
Against Proposition.
Dow city Nov. uU—(Special to thfc
Review —Tlio election was held "as
scheduled Monday afternoon to de
termine a:: to whether we should re
solve the independent, whool district
of JJow City into ii consolidated
district and the proposition carried
by au ovcrwlieltfiin majority. The
vote was as follows: 1
ho incorpor
ated -lutfn of Uow €tty. 81 lor, 1
iisaiust. I .spoiled in the rural dis
tricts. CI ton 26 aguiust, 2 .spoiled,
tola' 115 voles- cast.
As will ht? seen I here were I wo
"listinet ballots, one lor the independ
ent district, the other for the tent
lory within the laid out boundaries
aud to secure the school it was neces
sary to. have a majority of. votes In
both sections.
will be nccivisary now to bold an
Other election to determine as to thO.
amount which shall he expended for
this building and equipment, aud it ia
planned to make this amount suf
ficient thai, our school shall be put on
tiiQ state aid list and shalt be all ac-'
credited school, it is said that $50,000
approximately will be asked for to
cover the expeuse of getting It ready
for service. We look lor iiaving one of
l.liu best, schools to be had, and
haviug it ready for use next year.
Tlio community is to be congratul
ated on securing au institution that
will be au asset to the district aud
siifrounding tertitofy for years to
$ (Continual -frpm. Qne.},:7,
a reviTsal of his former practices. It
\i'a« the contention of the sous wW
stiiight to have the will sustained that
tW fatinr was of sound mind, but
tliit lie diseriuiinated against his girls
bci/ause, after ntel.r illness^ i-aiiie upon
tjiein. tiiey acccijted attcntHnis frpHi
tiielr former pdstor iind latcMluU, ©fiic
of the girls imirried him. but the jury
did not qvidehtly lakti this view of
t.lio niuttor, but concluded thai (he
father's mental eoiiditioil aceounl^tt
for I he inequalities expressed in the
frtoc easfe
Oread in many places is ubw. iso^i
l»y weight. Mrs. Newlywed should* be
able to make a big profit by selliog
sptne of heir muffins.
One .way ot getting your iiaine in
the paper was taken by a Philadelphia
eitiaen who reported to the gas com
pany that his ftietor was running too
Musical Coirwdy Billed for Saturday
Might atOpera House—At Car
roll Tomorrow Night.
"The Clirl in the Taxi," thai comes
to .'-tlio Ccrinania theater Saturday
night, December 4th, is 'without, a
tfoubt one of the best musical comedioa
ever written. It contains everything
that -goKS to make up good musical
comedy: Good' clean comedy, catchy
music of the whistling kind, cast of
principUls that can sing and read lilies
ms they should be read, aud eliorah
oft really pretty girls dressed in coS
{dine* I hat are beautiful to look upon.
What more can oue ask lor? This
company is guaranteed to ive satis
One of tlie main features of "The
Girl in the Taxi." which comes to the
Gertnauia theater on Saturday, De
cember 'llh, is the plot," which runs
throughout, containing nothing, either
iu word or action, that can possibly
olfeud anyone. The title suggests.it
self during Iho' action of the play and
at no time borders on the vulgar.
Detlef Wleck Appointed by Board to
Care for Court HOUSA and
Grounds for Vear 1916.
At an adjourned session ut the board
of supervisors, held at the court house
Monday, the cnii tract was' let for the
janitor work at the court house, hea
1ng plant and caring for ,the court
house lawn to Mr. Detlef Wieek for
the year lUlti at $75.00 per month.
The board advertised for bids for this
work in the official county papers a
few weeks ago aud three different
parties filed bids, which wero as fol
Detlef Wleck~$7.r.U0 per mouth.-.
Geo. Ahart—$75.00 iiur mouth.
Mr. and Mrs. John Miiir—$80.00 per
As there wero two low bids the
board voted upon who should receive
the contract aud it was let to Mr.
Wieek as above stated. The board
feels well satisfied with the new con
tract as It wil I mean a .considerable
saving to the county. Mr. and Mrs.
John Muir have been caring for- the
courl house for the past few years,
but considerable additional work had
to be done to care for the court house
lawn, and this made more expeuse to
the couuty. As the contract was let
Mr. Wieek will do all of the janitor
work, tend to the Renting plant aud
care for the court 'house siiuiire for
$75.00 per mouth.
The jaultor work at the county
home for the year If IB will be let by
contract and bids will be received by
tile board the llrsl of the year for this
A frivoloiis paragrapher remarks
that Mr. Kdison's concrete 'furniture
will be'dillicull to abstract.'
ObiSerViiig' sonic one "printing a not
ice in au exchange for a lost umbrella,
why should any-one doubt any longer
the power of advertising.
Ir-^IIE Of KUFI*|M|4E!Mgr
overcoat in,every
r.. -i
ably pprosgcutcd -aud
defended and abo\it every thing drgCil
(hot. could, bo or Any material benclit
to cither side.
•r^.'* -'T/y,i !|w ^^it-f -r ^t* 1 ^THEDBWSON REVIEW, WEDNESDAY, DEC. 1, 1915.
Mrs. Amy Bonsnll, of Dow City, Dies
St Her Home on Tuesday Morn
ing of Last Week.
Funeral Held at Woodbine Thursday
—Deceased Hejd in Hiyh Esteem
—Floral Offering Beautiful
l)ow Oily,' Nov'. o—Special
The death Of .Mrs. Ainv ltonsali last
Tuesday morning occasioned much
surprise. Although Mrs. Honsull hud
been in poor health ever since she lias
lived here, she hud bceii able to be
about the house up to two days previ
ous to her death, and had but recently
retyriied from it visit with her chiidreu
at Littlu Sioux and Castaua. Diabetes
was the canso of her death.
Aiuy Walter was born in Morgan
county, Ohio, Oct. 14, 1JS51. She moved
with her parettM to Cedar couuty, la.,
in ISo^aud here she passed hew girl
hood years. She was united iu mar
liage to T.-Albert llonsall on Feb. It,
J87-1. Iu thut. year she aud her husband
came to Crawford county locating on
a farm near ltuek Grove, where they
resided tor sovetal ytau s. aftef which
they tnoved to Harrison couuty where
Mr. lloiisall passed away in jyoi. Af
ter his deal.ii she moved to Woodbine,
where she lived until Oct. 11)13. With,
her daughter she moved to Dow City,
where she passed away Nov. 23, 1915
..aged t!4 years. 1 month, and 9 days.
She was the mother of six children
aud grandmother of nineteen. The old
est daughter died March 5, 18D5. Those
living are Walter J., ot Tipton, Mo.,
Chester K., of Little Sioux, Mrs. D.
Prater, of St. Anthony, Mrs. J. C. Ma
honey, of Castana, aud Mrs. William
T. Walters, of Dow City. Four sisters
and throe brothers survive '-her. the
sisters all being present at the funer
al. Iu her young days'she united with
the Vreijbylerian church, transferring
her membership to the M. E. church,
of Woodbine, of which she was a mem
ber until death. She was a devoted
wife, a loving mother, and a true
friend and felie will bo greatly missed.
The funeral was/held at Woodbine
Thursday til p. in., the Service being
conducted by Rev. S. Grant Lewis,
who took for liis text Cot. Matt.
and the remains were alid to
rest iu the Woodbine cemetery beside
her husband. The. floral offerings were
most beautiful and show lire esteem
iu whieli tlie-deceased was held. We
extend our tciiderest sympathies to
the bereaved ones. We cau buf bid
them to, hope on aud not repine. The
uioru will come and the sun will shine
The Lord knows lest wlial your
hearts cau bear.
He will make it all rigid when you
wake up-thei'L".
overcoats are the products of the country's foreniost overcoat makers
First Door North of Crawford Cotwty Bank
Mr. Melvin J. Brqen and Miss Emeline
Lueck. of Dow City, Married in
Deniso nThursday Morning
Dow City Nov. 2S!l—(S-peciul to the
Review I— A weddin?? of min inter
est. to oilr people look plucb' last
'i'hursday inorning at o'clock at the
liome of Father' Farrelly in lJenison,
when Melvin .T. Breen and Miss h'mel
liue Lueek were united in tlie holy
bonds of matrimony. Mr. Henry Lueck
and Miss Elizabeth i.un-k. brother and
Ulster j'espoetively of the bride, beiny
tile attendants. The news rami: hs
siL'in isi to our -people, nol even I lie
nearest frieiids bein,-, .icjuainleii with
tile" duto the affair was to lie ]i-UI.
Just before the train arrived that was
bear tlieni away to Denver, whore they
are spending their honeymoon, they
telegraphed the news here to friends.
Miss Lueck is a'daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. AViIlium Lueck and is one of our
most popular young ladies, Mr. Ureeti
has lived here for several years, and
is at. present engaged in business here,
lie is a worthy young man of good
habits. They begin married Ml'e under
most favorable circumstances aud
have tile best wiahes of a large circle
of friends for a long and happy mar
ried life.
it is said- that 'children are very
credulous, but oue ha difficulty iu
persuading a boy that, thoroughwort
tea will do hint a lol of good.
A New. York paper uses the head
line "Kocketeller Out of Oii." At the
present prices many .housi-keepers are
also out of ii.
One of features in "The Girl in the '1 axi
We have theiri by the score—loose coats, big* roomy
ulsters, single 4hd double breasted coats, snug fitting coats, extremely
smart coats arid conservative coats in fact we have every sort of an
of color, in every spit of. a pattern at prices that cpmpiand you Jo buy now- These
a in it a at is a on on a
GUARANTEE. Just slip into tlie store a few minutes sometime soon to see them—we gay soon, because,
judging from |fa&t_experifences, the c|kM^sticofejrings and patterns will be snapped up mighty quick after
this announcement, especially -at tUVvfery ^tractive prices wc arc offering thern.
s. n4AT —-r-K S ('A
John Joseph Slattery, Formerly of
Crawford, but for Past Few Years
Living at Bfuffs, Dead.
Deceased Survived by Mother, Two
lirothers and Four Sisters—
Father Lynch Officiates.
Dow Oily, Nov. 'Ml-—(Special to the
lieview)~-.lohn Joseph Slattery, third
rliihl of Steuben anil Kafheriiu: Shit
tery, passed av,:iy at Mt-v.-y hospital in
Council JJulfl's on Monday, Nov. 'Si, af
ter !ul two day ,' i'luess of pneumonia.
He was born yearts ago near
West Liberty iu Muscatine count
The family moved to the western part
of t!it state and Mr. Slattery had thus
passed the greater part of his life in
Crawford county. Three' years ago lie
went to Council.Dulffs to lake tieat
ineiit for a severe case of stomach
trouble, and remained there to-be
near his physician. Death was due to
heart failure, superinduced by pneu
'1 he body was brought to the old
home east of town on Tuesday. The
funeral was held ut Buck Grove on
Wednesday, Father Lynch, »f Manilla,
conducting the service, and the body
was laid to rest in the family lot at
Denisou. The surviving members of
the family are tU'e mother, two broth
ers. Patrick and Martin, four sisters,
Moilie at home, Mrs. Creedon, of
Iowa City. Mrs. Neely, of Ottumwa,
nnd Mrs. P. W. O'Mear.a of this place,
We extend our sympathies to the be
reaved ones in their hour of grief.
Hawking In the Old Days
Falconry, or hawking, was a favorite
sport with the nobility and gentry of
Europe down to the first half of the
seventeenth century. Hawks were
trained to mount and pursue game and
bring it to their masters and mistresses,
coming and going to the call of the
latter with marvelous docility. The
hawks were tricked dut with gay hoods
and held until ordered to pursue the
quarry, or game, by leathern straps
fastened with rings of leather about
each leg just above the talons, and
with silken cords called "jesses" to
e/ch of these leathern straps, or "bo
wels." was attached a small bell. In
ibe flight of hawks it was often so
arranged that the bells made "a con
sort of sweet sounds."
It is reported that a perfectly hon
est. man lias, been fouad iu Chicago,
but the name of the. cemetery in not
Luther Burba'iik may have been able
to produce a stoiiek'ss prune, but can
lie produce a pruueies:. Ittardiu
?»,T COPVfelGHT IBit A
Denison, Iowa
Tl«^ Ctlavoras Skuli.
Of intecc.jr in connection with ter
tiary gold bearing
gravels of
California is the story of the Calaveras
skull. For a time this skull attracted
much attention not only from the peo
ple in California, but from scientitie
men the world over. It \v is- rcjiortetl
to have been found in ISCf, near the
town of Angels. Calaveras', county, at
a depth of 130 feet. In tertiary crav-!
el in a a a in
ing of a human skull embedded in su. hj
deposits was for a time believed to}
indicate that man had been In exist
ence in .North America locger than had
been supiioscd. Strange to su.v. the1
skull is of a higher type than skulls]
which, although known to antedate his
toric times, are known also to be muchj
younger than the tertiary. Although
Professor .1, L. Whitney, then state!
is a he a a it
of genuine scienyiic evidence, it is gen
erally believed by students: of the mi
fleuify of inanjjmt tlip.Cahivevns slcolj,
Miik per quart 8c. Cream per pinf 20c.
Fancv Greening apples, fine for cooking and baking, per
peck 35c.
Iowa Blush apples for eating, per peck 35c.
Jonathan apples, per peck. 35c.
Fancy Jonathan apples, per peek 50c.
Salted peanuts, per pound 10c.
Jumbo salted peanuts, blanched in olive oil, per pound 40c.
Peaches, grapes, apricots, pears, blackberries, raspberries,
cherries and pineapple, per can 15c.
Good salmon, per can 6c.
Wisconsin peas, per can 8c 2 cant 15c.
Sleepy Eye flour, per sack $1.70.
Seal of Minnesota .'our, per sack $1.70.
Sealshipt oysters, why huyothers when you can get the
best, per quart 45c.
Pure Pennsylvania buckwheat flour, per pound 5c.
The Finest Churn on the Market
and the one that is making them all
sit up and take notice.
while undoubtedly old, probably did
not come from the auriferous gravels
ut all.—Argonaut.
A Grim Cathedral. 3
Once the capital of the kingdom of'
Portugal, Coimbra possesses a numberj
of interesting monuments. Its eathe-]
drcl dfites from the early period when'
It upon the west, Toledo in tlie centorj
and Saragos's-a to the east were tiie.
Christian outposts iifralnst the inlldni
Its color, a deep golden brown, :ik
ha of a a or an by
wars. Squarely seated upon its phit-j
form, its walls piorced ouly by narrow 1
windows! that resemble loopholc-j. its!
roofs and parapets embattled, it recalls
tlio'day when praying and fighting
went hand in hand, and it.'-T rough
hewn stones sheathe it as in a bronze,
cuirass chased with the delicate ta-acery
of its south door added at a later epoch:
Its interior, too is severely' plain,'
though adorned with the only line lere^
•Jos that I. saw: la Portugal.
I Jiffy! Jiffy!
It is absolutely sanitary and is the
easiest churn in the world to clean.
It makes butter in one to three
minutes and can be operated by a
On Display at
Kemming Clothing Co.'s Store
Come in and have a demonstration.
Chas. C. Kemming, Jr.
Distributor for Crawford County
Second Door North of The Review Office
First class workmanship, best quality of
leathers and prices within the bounds of
reason, I solicit a share of your business.
W. M. Pen-off
U. JJ?

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