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The Best Time to Build
Poultry* Houses
is spring or early summer. Cement floors and foundations
must have a chance to dry. Otherwise, the house will be
damp, and poultry does not do well in a damp house. The
hot days of mid-summer will dry the house, making it warm
and healthy for fall and winter Use.
Communications relating to news and
editorial matter should be addressad
Denison Review.
A spectator at the democratic coun
ty convention on Saturday must have
been in doubt os to whether the pur
pose of the convention was the selec
tion of delegates to attend the state
convention or to settle the question of
who should he selected for postmaster
at Denison for the next lour years. One
of the delegates hud the temerity to
promptly offer a resolution which
dragged the post office skeleton before
the ..convention and lrom that time un
til the last delegate left the hall the
fight was waged as to whether the
.democrats of the commurtity should be
recognized in the selection of a post
master or the matter should, be left
entirely with the machine to exercise
its own sweet will, with the result that
the machine won out. The resolution
was'formerly offered and was referred
to the committee on resolutions, but
the influence of tiie machine was able
to control the committee so far that all
it .was able to do was to report the
resolution back to the convention with
the recommendation that the skeleton
should be taken before the delegates
in an informal way after the conven
tion should %djourn. This, it seems
was the best that could be accomplish
ed by those opposed to the machine.
After the regular convention was
over a large number of delegates re
mained in the hall and it»was at this
meeting where the climax in fur Hying
•was witnessed. The contest was spir
ited and various charges and counter
charges were freely made. The ma
chine asserted it was no place to wash
democratic linen and that there was
danger that the dirty republican paper
would expose the whole affair to the
injury of the party and the loss of the
democratic ticket this fall, that the
proprietor of the republican paper hud
•tor twenty years been trying to break
up the bond of affection existing be
tweeh the Irish and German democrats
in the county, and which only had
been prevented by the efforts of the
machine, and if the^ machine should
be. put out of business that direful con
sequences might follow.
It^was urged on the" part of the dero
gates that it was not an exhibition of
unselfish party patriotism for one fam
ily ol democrats to appropriate for its
own use all the positions which were
offered and which the party had lo
givA such as chairman of the demo
cratic county central committee, state
senator, field secretary of the editor
ial association and postmaster of Ucii
ison, while all the other democrats
were denied a look-in at the pie conn
ter.' But the machine replied that it
had to live and that all of the sacri
fices -which it had m^de for the party
justify it in demanding the positions
which the party had to give. Th.
iwere made to understand that it was
glory enough for them to be permitted
to belong to the party and that they
should not interfere with the opera
tion of the machine.
It is said that one lone democrat,
the postmaster at Manilla, who secured
his position through the efforts of the
machine, drew his lance and charged
the complaining delegates and told
them how the machine hail fought all
the battles of the party when the com
petition of the rotten republican news
paper at Denison had threatened the
existence of the machine. The ma
chine was able to point out that it
spfent five hundred dollars to control
the dry vote in Harrison and Monona
counties in order to win the senatorial
contest and that the complaining del
egates had borne no part of this ex
The claim of the democratic leaders
that the democratic party is the party
of the people, where all the people are
taken into the confidence of the lead
ership of the organization is proved to
be a travesty on the facts, inasmuch
as it is now completely dominated by
machines and bosses and the people
have nothing whatever to say as to its
management. A good illustration of
this fact is seen in the meeting of a
It is not necessary to build expensive houses,
but they should be serviceable, fairly roomy, well
lighted, well ventilated, and dry.
lN,\ Maybe Ave can help
some on the plans also.
V., We are always glad to
be of the utmost use to
our friends.
The Stewart Lumber Co.
The Denison Review
Publish** every Wadneiday at Denison,
Review Publishing Company
a. r. oonn, Kimei
Entered at Denison post office a»
second class matter.
Advertising rates furnished on request.
OfBdlal paper of City of Denison and
Pfawford County.
Telephones: Bus. Otflce, 21 Compos
ing Jtooin, it'A.
OM year
Six months 75
t'aper sent to foreign country .. 2.U0
few selfish leaders of the parly r.t Dei
•Moines a few weeks since, and who
nominuted a full state ticket which
the guileless democrats will be asked
to support iit the primary in June.
Since Wilson's election as president
his machine has completely dominated
the action of the party on all public
questions and while- he has vacikited in
his own views on party questions and
reversed himself his party has trailed
after him in a most subservient man
ner. It is known to be useless lo as
pire to the position of postmaster in
this county without first securing the
consent of the democratic machine in
'the county, which dictates all appoint
ments of this character.
We wonder what will become of the
split in the democratic party here
which today is so pronounced that it
is common talk not only in the county
but throughout the slate, hut we pre
sume the machine will have its way
and the maps of democrats in the coun
ty will he "led as lambs to the slaugh
We wonder if the democrats of I he
county imagine that the people will fail
lo take notice of the shabbv treatment
accorded the president of the (!nitf-rl
States in the resolution adopted hy
the convention. It has been the cus
tom of democratic conventions, when
passing resolutions, t« recognise the
democratic president as the source of
all goodness, but somehow this year the
time-honored custom was abandoned
by the democratic convention of tiiis
county. Not a word in praise of the
heroic actions of the great and inim
itable Woodrow Wilson is to be found
in the resolutions reported lo and act
ed upon by the democratic convention
on last Saturday. What does it mean'.'
Why this failure to refer at least in
a kindly way to the conduct of the
presidoiit^ Answering the question
we may say, the truth is that not. a
sufficient amount of loyalty was foil
on the part of the democrats for their
president to refer to him in a person
al or political way. The resolution
asking for a better exhibition of neu
trality is evidence that the party in
i'raw ford county does not approve of
the Wilson brand.
A Traveler's Tale.
The early explorers of the Brazils
brought'back some strange tales. One
of the most curious of those which
Guy Rothery recalls in his book on
"The Amazons" is of a race of men
"whose feet were turned the wrong
way around, so that if any one at
tempted to follow in their tracks the
pursuers were misled, actually reced
ing from those whom they desired to
catch up."
His Unreasonableness.
"Thunder and guns!" snarled Kidder
lop. "I dropped iny collar button ami
the baby swallowed It.- Now, how aui
going to button my collar?"
"Dear me! How should I know?"
sweetly replied his wife. "Some men
so unreasonable!"—Judge.
And War Continued.
Miss Goodley—Bess says she's ready
to make jip If you are. Miss Cutting
Tell her I'd be ready to make up. too,
if I had a complexion as muddy as
hers.— 1'hiladelphia Ledger.
What He Ran Into.
Iledd-lle ran into something the
first day he got his uutusuobile.
"Debt."—Voukers Statesman.
Ernest R. Moore,
A Business Candidate for
Lieutenant Governor.
A Review .subscriber has handed us
an at ticle published in the Des Moines
Capital, written by a Des Moines man,
expressing liis opinion in regard «o
the leaturo film, "The Birth of a Na
tion," requesting that the article be re
produced in this newspaper. The ar
ticle follows:
Although niarvelou: strides are be
in made in the development of the
pioli'.u picture, it is doubtful if David
'irillkh's spectacular lilrn production,
"The Hirtli of a Nation," will he
("quailed or surpassed for inanv years
lo come.
The famous photoplay which has
aroused a storm of protest from those
who would suppress and it has been
made the subject of litigation in the
I'oik county district court, was given
its Des Moines premiere at the Uer
(lid Sunday. I:c:-.] ite a drizzling rain
theater patrons stormed the box af
lice in' a frenzied rush for seals.
Scores were turned away at both
matinee and night performances.
Wo had been informed that "The
liirtli of a Slation" was a menace to
society that it engendered race
haired, and tended to make the negr
a pariah and an outcast. When wi
entered the theater we were prepared
lo be incited to riot. We expected
filial our emotions would be played
upon to such an extent that alter view
ing a few thousand feet of lilm we
would bo seized with an irresistible im
iiulse to sally forth and do manslaugh
ter. arson or piUugc.
We were doomed to disappointment.
At no time during the two and one
half hour, performance were we com
pelled to get a strangle-hold on the or
chestra chair in an effort to remain
aim. We did not see red. neither did
wa work overtime to control our an
ry passions. At the conclusion of
the picture we were firmly convinced
that "somebody lied."
When the) immense crowd fded out
of the theater all was calm and se
rene. There was no demonstration of
any kind. No spellbinder mounted a
soap box and harangued the crowd to
put. oil a matinee lynching bee. There
were no shouts of "Get a rope and
the colored people of Des Moines did
not have to secrete themselves. No
one tried to shove a negro from the
sidewalk ami all in all the lilm failed
to livo up to the claims of the opposi
It is difficult to reconcile the photo
play with the reports as to its in
iidious and dangerous character. A
jury verdict ,of "Not Guilty" or "Much
Ado About Nothing" would seem
he meet and proper, alter witness
ing it.
When the negroes were shown in
scenes and •acts of violence and the
Ku Klux Klun hosts-came to the res
cue the audience applauded and
cheered. At yesterday's performances
then were thunderous demonstrations
whenever the negroes were frustrated
in their attacks upon the whites and
were subsequently punished.
That, is but natural. The same would
obtain if a band of white outlaws were
attacking a log cabin and Uncle Sam's
brave boys in blue rode up just in
time and effected a rescue amidst the
blaring of trumpets and the waving of
Old Glory.
The theater patron hates the villain
whether he is black, white, red or
yellow. Me is casting the ballot for
the hero first, last and always. On
the other hand, certain negroes in the
day are painted in a more desirable
light than many of the whites.
Although "The Birth of a Nation" is
not historically authentic, the discrep
ancies are forgotten in appreciation
of the wonderful spectacle which is un
At the conclusion comes an alle
nrical dream which visions the re
union of the divided sections and the
welding of a spirit which has made
the nation one and indivisable.
The photo drama is wonderfully en
hanced by reason of the operatic
score which accompanies the narra
tive. There is an orchestra of twen
y-live pieces. I'AUL BIIIJNKK.
Des Moines, la. May 2.—"We can
readily admit that the attorney gen
oral should not boast of cleverness
after getting caught in the act of try
ing lo bt on four sides of the road
question," said W. L. Harding yester
day in commenting on Mr. Cosson's
Waterloo speech.
"He started out favoring paved
roads. That was when he liad just
heard from the cement trust and au
tomobile combine, but later on when
the boys who carry the dinner pails
and work in the lields till 7 o'clock
repotted, he was ready for any kind
of a plan even local option. He says
that he favors letting the p-opl ex
press their wishes on lie road qu
lion in a referendum vole.
"As I understand a referendum, il.
simply allows the people to review or
disapprove what some legislative body
or commission lias already done. Tit.a
is characteristic qf the attorney gen
eral in that he warns two machines
to do the work that one can do as
well and at less expense."
The lieutenant governor declared
llial he was interested to note that
the attorney general had staled thai
lie believes a public office to be a pub
lic trust.
"Some of the people are wondering
if lie means by that to one office
and put it in trust with his assistants
while lie goes out in search of aiiotln
office. Of course, lliat might be pci
missible if all of his assistants ditl
not start out to run after other otllc,
for themselves.
"In the last eleven years due to this
policy of 'trust' (lie expenses of the
irttomey general's office have increas
ed from $17,000 for the biennial per
iod during the time Mullen was at
torney general to $55,000 under Cos
son, an increase of over .'100 per cent.
"During the last four years under
this policy of the public office beiue
a public trust in which four assistant
lawyers have been employed the chief
has found time to devote to speech
making and to campaigning so thai
in one period of twenty six days he
made thirty speeches in the interest
of his own candidacy."
Lieut.-Governor Harding, who is a
candidate for governor, in an inter
view at Des Moines, on May 2d, crit
icised Attorney General Cosson, who is
also a candidate for governor. He
called-attention to the fact that the
attorney general and his assistants
were all running for office.
He stated that "the expenses of
the attorney general's office had in
creased from $17,000 for the biennial
period during the time Mullen was
attorney general to ?r.5,ooii undtr
The lieutenant-governor complains
because Cosson is now holding orttc
and seeking another. The same is
true of Harding. Ilo was in the leg
i.-lai,urc a number of terms, has been
lieutenant-governor two terms, and is
now running for another office.
Allen has been in the state senate
twelve years. It thus can be seen that
three of the candidates for governor
are now and have been for many
years office holders. Mr. Kuehnle, on
the contrary, has uever held a public
office. He did serve for a time on the
Board of Regents of the State univer
sity, and is now, and lias been for
many years, a member ol' the Denison
School Board and Denison public li
brary, but these are not pay offices,
but simply opportunities for service.
Mr. Kuehnle is being favorably re
ceived by the business element of the
stale, which includes the. farmers,
who are certainly entitled to be
classed as business men, because they
feel it is time to have a business manj
for a great business office like the
Iowa needs a thoroughly competent,
able and successful business man for
governor. Mr. Kuehnle is a sell-made
mail. He was born in Iowa, and is a
graduate of the State University of
Iowa. He came to Denison thirty
four years ago as a law cletk, and
worked l»r $50.it0 per mouth. He
has achieved unusual success in his
profession and business. He has
been identified with local, civic, edu
cational and public affairs for many
years. He lias been active as a party
worker, but has never had any official
emoluments. Here is an opportunity
for the voters of Iowa to elect a suc
cessful business man to a great liiisir
noss office, so that our public affairs
may be administered on business ba
sis. Expenses should be reduced, and
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tax-payers should get the full benefit
of taxes paid, and all useless olficss
and sinecures should b'e abolished.
(Continued from I'ai-'.e One.)
voting precinct was selected to report
the names ol delegates to attend the
state convention. The delegates
lected were Albert fester, William
liielenberg, Nick Vollersou, •!. M. lull
1 y, Herman I'opken, ('. I'. Harvey,
('.has. Speck, I'. Walsh, li. 11. Swasey,
Frank Slater, Dennis (leorgiuti. Julius
Schroeder and .1. T. Carev. The al
ternate delegates are'lid liberl, G. li
Urokaw, II. H. llnnsen, fluniius Uie.i
tipii, I'. W. Houston, .1. Welch, .1.
Cornelius, (Ins Klse, John Schumann.
J. C. Holmes, John Hagge, Carl Hiieb
ner and John Allen.
The committee on resolutions tern!
cred the following resolutions: Fir^t.
I hut they indorse the democratic plat
form to be adopted at the state and
national conventions second, pledge
their loyalty and support to the demo
cratic party in tlie next campaign
third, recommend that delegates select
ed by this
in ion use their best
judgment, in the selection of the dele
gates to the national convention
fourth, resolved that/our county oh
serve absolute neutrality in the pre.i
ent liuropeau war tilth, resolved
that all democrats attend the primary
election tin June Mil and there give
their views as to woman suffrage
sixth, resolved that the various com
mitteemen in the various township),
and the patrons of the Denison post
oflice who are delegates remain in the
room at the conclusion of the conven
tion to discuss the matter of the post
master for Denison.
Tommy, with
bis face, marched into the parlor and
up to his pretty sister's ardent suitor.
What's them?" he deinauded. thrust
ing out a grimy baud full of suiall
white objects.
"Beans," promptly replied the young
man, with an iiigratiating smile.
"He does know 'em, maw," bawled
Tommy triumphantly to the adjoining
room. "You said be didn't."—Puck.
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uable booklet on Stomach Ailments
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State of Iowa.
Crawford county.
In the Maltter of the Estate of Anna S.
Sonksen, Late of Crawofrd coun
ty, Deceased.
Notice ef Appointment
of Administrator.
To Whom it May Conctrii:
You are hereby notified that on the
llth day of April, lit hi, the under
signed wai duly appointed adminis
trator of Hie above entitled estnle, and
al creditors of s:iid estate are notified
in tile tliiir ciaim:' in the f.llicc of the
clerk of ie district court, in and for
Crawford county, Iowa, witUin :,e
year from the date of Hit:: notice, iu-
cording to law, and have the same al
lowed luid oidered paid by the-said
court, or stand forever barred there
Dated April 24th, 10H'.
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The Watch
watch wouldn't worlc worth :i dime, it was always a
too slow instead of recording the time, it
monkeyed around, to and fro. The mainspring seemed out
of repair, it traveled by spasms and jerks so 1 sat mo right
down In a chair and studied the watch and its works. I took
it apart with a wrench and studied the levers and gears, all
piled in aheaponli bench I studied and wiggled my ears.
1 put the wheels back in the case and shook them to give
them a shock but the hands didn't go round the face and
the works didn't kick nor yet toclc. I asked of the plumber
advice, and council I asked of the judge, consulted the deal
er in ice—and still the blamed works wouldn't budge. Me
thinks," remarked, "and wist, I must go to the jewel er's
shop." lie gav^it three twists of the wrist and the watch
went along like a top. That plan's kept me down in the
past—a plan that is doubtless the worst I always reserve
till the last the thing I should tackle at li rst. Walt Maton.
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Discontent is (lie want, of self reli
ance. it is inlirinity of will.—Emer

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