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Mrs. Minnie Nurse was lip from
Dunlap Saturday visiting her grand
mother, Mrs, D. S. Miller.
Mrs. W. E. Fisliel went to Mapleton
last Wednesday for a week's visit with
lier sister.
Little Roscoe Holcomb is under the
doctor's care.
Miss Lottie Bixler went out to the
Bert McCord home in Paradise town
ship Saturday night to spend Sunday.
Virgene McBride returned to Logan
Monday after spending several days
•with her grandparents. Mr. and Mrs
G. M. Brake.
Elder .1. A. Gillen will be here from
Council Bluffs next Sunday to conduct
preaching services in the L. D. S.
A bunch of the younger girls went
out to Cross' grove Sunday and had a
wiener roast.
Miss Janet Rae was a Dunlap visit
or Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Keehner and
children were Dunlap visitors Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Stoner, of Des Moines
spent several days last week in town.
Mrs. Gibbs has returned to her home
at Harlan, Alberta, Canada, after hav
ing spent the winter here and at other
Iowa points with her children.
Mrs. Jeanette Crandall's children
and grandchildren helped her cele
brate lier birthday by spending the
day with her Sunday and partaking of
a fine birthday dinner.
Mrs. Allen Howorth spent Thurs
day and Friday of l^st week in Omaha.
George Binnall, YV. LI Swatman, Ed
Baber and Howard Sterrett attended
a ball game at Dunlap Sunday.
Earl Johnson came up from Council
Bluffs Saturday evening to spend Sun
day evening at the L. C. Hatch hpme.
Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Atkins were
up from Dunlap Wednesday visiting
their friend, Mrs. J. A. Brill.
M. G. Wiggins purchased twenty
five baby chicks of the Buff Orphington
breed last week and was so unfortu
nate as to lose over half of them the
first night by the rat route.
Isaac Howorth came down from
Denison Friday to see how his father
Uncle Edmund Howarth is getting a
Mrs. Win. Aldrich and daughter.Flor
ence were up from Dunlap for an over
Sunday visit at the J. W. Cramer home
It. T. Baber visited Sunday at the
home of his son Fred at Galland'
Theodore Dawson has returned to
bis home at Minneapolis after several
weeks' visit with his aunt, Mrs. Ada
Mrs. Dan Reeser. of Denison, visit
ed Thursday afternoon with lier bus
band's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake
Mr. and Mrs. Arch Laird spent two
or three days last week with relatives
in Denison.
J. N.«Bell was an Omaha visitor
last week Tuesday.
John Rudd returned Friday from a
trip to Carroll.
The L. D. S. people held baptis
ma! services Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. Tom McCullough and Misses
Grace Edwards and Golda Jordan were
shopping in Denison Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Oineara and
Mrs., Fred Colby attended the funeral
of if. L. Houlihan in Denison Tues
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Howorth. Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Hagen and Uncle Dan Ho
warth were up from Dunlap Friday vis
iting at tlie Edmund Howarth home
Miss Vera Williamson Jspent it'.ho
past week in Carroll with friends.
Elder C. J. Hunt has spent several
days the first of the week at tialland's
Grove conducting preaching services
and will arrive here Thursday to slay
a day or two.
John Keairnes' team ran away Sat
urday night when he and his wif
were coming into town. After a run
of about a mile, the doubletrees and
a line broke, freeing the frightened
animals. Arch Lambert succeeded iu
turning the animals so that they ran
into the school yard nearby, where they
were caught.
The school will give a May day pro
gram on Friday afternoon, May 19th,
to which all are Invited, it will be
given in the school yard as usual.
Fishel went to Omuha Sunday
for a few days' sojourn.
E. H. Swasey had a large porch add
ed to his residence last week.
Mr. and Mrs. James Baber, Sr. and
children returned Monday from an over
Sunday visit with her people at Dun
Messrs. Patterson and Christeman
were among those from Denison seen
here Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Hae at
tended church at Denison Sunday and
later took dinner at the Frank Wool
ston home. Mott Mcllenry's family
were also dinner guests at this popu
lar home.
Charles McHenry entertained his
Sunday school class and teacher at
his home on Friday evening, about a
dozen, all told, being present. Games
were played and a merry time was had
after which lunch was served. This
is one of the organized classes of the
M. E. Sunday school, and Mrs. Rae
the teacher seems to have the faculty
of getting very near to the hearts of
her boys.
R. W. Houston, Thomas McCullough
W. C. Rolls and W. E. Fishel took
an auto trip to Omaha Sunday.
The high school pupils appeared at
the picture show Wednesday evening
in a minstrel show. Their glee club
also gave several coon songs.
Henry Gibson returned to his home
at Bloomfield, Neb., after a few weeks'
visit at the home of his sister, Mrs.
Frank McHenry.
The Woman's Foreign Missionary
Society held a most interesting and
profitable meeting with Mrs. Leslie
Poitevin last Wednesday afternoon, a
bout eighty, all told, being present.
Mrs. Earl Morrison had charge of thu
leson. which was a study of conditions
in Japan, and the wonderful progress
made there in the last fifty years.
After the lesson was concluded, a splen
did lunch was served by the hostess,
assisted by Mrs. E. L. Thomas and
Airs. M. G. Wiggins and daughter Miss
Mildred. The next meeting will bo
held with .Mrs. Joe Hallowell.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank McHenry and
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Morrison drove to
Denison Saturday and spent the day
shopping and visiting relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Smith and chil
dren and Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Glass
burner autoed up from Woodbine Wed
nesday and attended the missionary
meeting at the L. E. Poitevin home.
Mrs. Walter Swatman and her fath
er, William Cook, expect to leave iu
the near future for Omaha, where they
will take up their residence. Mr. Swat
man will go within a month or two.
We regret the family's departure, but
wish them,well there.
Next Sunday being Mothers' day.
a special sermon appropriate to the
occasion will be given at the M. E.
church. An invitation to all to attend
is hereby extended.
Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Wiggins spent
the day Monday in Omaha.
Fred Logsdon came down from Mar
shalltown Saturday for an over Sun
day visit with relatives and friends.
Mrs. Lloyd Wells and baby Cieo
came down from Denison the middle
of the week to visit her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Cramer. Mr. Wells
came down to spend Sunday and the
family returned home together Mon
Mrs. J. T. Goldsworthy is enjoying
a visit from lier mother Mrs. Bedford,
of Spencer.
E. A. Stone, manager of the Stew
art Lumber Co.'s, yards, was down
from Denison Thursday looking after
the business here.
Fred Coleman went to Grable Wed
nesday to look after the construction
of a new building on his farm near
Mrs. W. I!. Sterrett and her mother
Mrs. Brinten Sharp were in Denison
John Omeara came in the middle of
last week from Nebraska 'City, and
lias been spending several days here
with relatives.
Mrs. Francis Gearliart arrived Wed
nesday from Maxwell for a visit with
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Langley.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Smith, daugh
ter Irene and Miss Nell Rule were in
Omaha Thursday, where the ladies
attended to some shopping.
Mrs. Adamson and Mrs. Straight of
Dunlap, spent the day last Tuesday
Excavation has begun for the erec
tion of H. K. Scott's new residence
just south of W. 12. Dow's. The build
ing will be 30 4G feet and modern
throughout. We rejoice over the pros
pect of so many new houses in the
near future for Dow City. We need
Mrs. C. L. Isbell was up from Lo
gan last Thursday and spent the day
with friends.
Mr. and Mrs, R. E. Lusk returned
last-Thursday from their wedding trip
to Exeter and Cordova, Neb., and for
the present are with her parents. Mr.
and Mrs. G. M. Brake.
Mrs. Julian Butterworth and son,
of Laramie, Wyo., were arrivals Wed-
Loans and discounts
U. S. bonds 'deposited to secure cir
Bonds other than U. S. bonds, pledged
to secure postal savings deposits.. $ 8,000.00
Securities other thau U. S. bonds (not in
cluding stocks) owned unpledged.. 14,409.21
Total bonds, securities, etc.
Subscription to stock of federal re
serve banlc 7,500.00
Less amount unpaid 15,760.00
Banking house
Due from Federal Reserve Bank
Due from approved reserve agents iu
New York, Chicago and St. Louis .... 1,207.94
Due l'rom approved reserve agents
in other cities 2,107.08
Due from banks and bankers
Outside checks and other cash items ... 57,524.11
Fractional currency, nickels and cents.. 360.94
Notes of other national banks
Total coin and certificates
Legal tender notes
Redemption fund with
S. Treasurer
(not more than 5 per cent on cir
Capital stock paid in
Surplus fund
Undivided profits
Circulating notes outstanding
Deposits due as follows:
Banks and bankers
Individual deposits subject to check....
Certificates of deposit due iu less than
30 days
Postal savings deposits
Total demand deposits
Certificates of deposit due on or alter
30 days
Other time deposits
nesday for a few days' visit with her
husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
E. Butterworth.
Father J. M. Farrelly and J. T.
Haugh, of Denison, were renewing ac
quaintances here Thursday.
J. F. Gibson and family autoed to
Dunlap Sunday and attended the ball
Mrs. H. A. Essex was down from
New Hartford several days last weeK
visiting her husband, Pastor Essex
of the Baptist church.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bonsall, Mrs. A.
H. Harper and Mrs. Mariana Cain
spent Sunday at Dunlap visiting with
Ed Ahart, postmaster, has been un
able to be at his office the past week
011 account of having severely wrench
ed his back.
Mrs. Glen Dietz enjoyed a visit the
past week from lier friend Mrs. Wil
son. of Woodbine.
Mrs. Victor Keehner and daughter
Zara returned last week from a week's
visit with relatives in Harlan.
Dan Klick came up from Dunlap
Saturday evening to spend Sunday at
the parental A. A. Fishel home.
Mrs. Hugh Butterworth visited Wed
nesday witli lier friend Airs. Howard
Brace, near Woodbine.
John Mathyg is the owner of a fine
new seven passenger Bulck.
Henry Belchner, of Hawkeye,
ited Mr. and Mrs. Frank Odell Wed
Mrs. C. W. Manning was in Dunlap
Saturday having dental work done.
Fred Nelson returned home Thurs
day from Soldier where he had. been
account of the serious ill
ness of his brother. He autoed to
Soldier again to spend the day.
Link Riddle and daughter, Miss
Vesta were in Omaha Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Coleman and
children autoed to Carson Saturday
for an over Sunday visit with rela
Herman Lazerus, Will Fisliel and
C. L. Isbell went to Sioux City Friday
to attend a big Masonic doiugs.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Fox, Jr. and son,
Howard, of Arion, spent the past week
with her mother, Mrs. A. A. Fishel.
The Fox family expect to leave this
week for South Dakota, where they
will visit relatives.
A. J. Gary's house moving gang was
here from Denison last week and mov
witli their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Char
ley Keehner.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. McDonald and
son Carl and Mrs. Fred Wiley autoed
to Denison Sunday to vist at the Claude
McDonald home.
j(e Mutterworth cottage oc-
cupied by the H. G. Scott family to
a lot farther south. The lot, with oth
ers adjoining it on the east, lias been^
sold to the consolidated school dis
trict and this necessitates the vacating
of the property.
Mrs. M. C. Bailey, of Dunlap, vis-j
ited her daughter, Mrs. Frank Howarth
last Thursday.
Mrs. R. E. Lusk has been assisting
in the post office during the time Mr.,
Ahart lias been unable to work.
Hank Cummings, county sheriff, was|
in town Thursday.
We are informed that Dr. J. A. Brill
haB signed up to play baseball with
Dunlap this season.
Mrs. Herman Lazerus was hostess1
to the Priscilla club and a large num
ber of other ladies on Thursday. A de-|
lightful afternoon was spent with this
popular hostess. An elegant lunch
was served. Out of town guests were
Report of the Condition
of the
First National Bank
At Denison, In the State of Iowa, at the close of business on
May I, 1916
Total lime deposits 500,857.00
State of Iowa, County of Crawford, bb.
I, Sears McHenry, cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear
that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
5,000.00 I
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 9th doy of May, 1910.
13. W. PIERCE, Notary Public.
Denison Review, Wednesday, May 10, 1916
Alls. (.'. L. Isllell. of Logan, Mrs. Mod
ford, of Spencer, Mrs. Wilson, of Wood
bine, Mrs. Ti. N. Chamberlain, of Den
ison and Mrs. M. C. Ma Hoy, of Dunlap.
The. ringing of the lire bell Thurs
day evening brought many people at
a hurry-up gait. However it was but
a call for practice for the firemen. The
signal, however, seems not well un
derstood. The fire chief. W. E. Fish
el, is authority that three taps, a pause
and so forth, means a call for prac
tice. and it is expected that the fire
men make as much haste at prac
tice ^ime as though a fire were in pro
gress. Don't bo alarmed except at
constant and continued ringing of the
The Jim Omeara family, of Deni
son,. spent Sunday with the Omeara
families at this place.
Will Holbert was on the sick lisl
last week.
Mr, and Mrs. John Griffin and Mr.
and Mrs. Bert Winn visited at the
August Mesenbrink home below Dun
lap Sunday.
Viola, LuVerne and Margaret Gib
son. gave a party last Saturday af
ternoon, about twoivt.vifive n' their
playmates being present. They had
a jolly time with games, etc. All did
ample justice to the excellent lunch
Johnny Wiese is beginning the erec
tion of a fine new home northwest
of town.
Two of Johnny Mathy's little girls
have be'en taken very ill the past week
from a kind of poisoning. We are
pleased to report botli as being im
Halsey Odell and wife arrived Sat
urday from Omaha to visit Frank O
dell and wife.
•Miss Ellen Goddard and Mrs. Ed'
Fagen were shopping in Dunlap, Sat
urday. ,•
i] Miss Kathleen Luke \vas""nf from
Woodbine to spend the week end with
her young friends here.
Forest Binnall met with an acci
dent Saturday afternoon that could
easily have been mticli worse, if not
fatal. He put out his hand toward
a young colt, expecting to pet the
little animal when its mother struck
him, the hoof cutting a gash on tiie
lad's head, as well as bruising the
flesh as the hoof scraped downwards.
A physician attended the lad. and lie
will soon be as good as new.
S. A. Dow, R. A. Houston, O. J. Judd,
Chandler Motor, built
in the Chandler factory
for three years past and
famous Uio world over.
Fishel and W. ('. l£o!ls were in
Omaha last week one day to make an
offer of our park to the Omaha cadets
as a camping place this summer when
thoy take their outing. Some one will
be here soon to look over the facili
ties offered. Alany of ur people do
not look with favor on such an or
ganization coming, while others think
it a great thing for the town. Should
they come, it will be necessary for a
rifle range to be provided.
Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Omeara were
in Denison Monday.
Friends of Miss Stella Kiddle will
regret to learn that she is ill at her
father's "home north of town, and all
trust she may be convalescent at an
early date.
Word reaches us of the death of
Mrs. Will Wiggins at her home in
Ottumwa, pneumonia being the cause.
Burial will take place at Grinnell. Mrs.
Wiggins will be remembered as Miss
Eleauor Robertson.
Mrs. O. .I.'judd and daughter Iter
nice were Omaha visitors Saturday.
A1r. and Mrs. Frank Comstock from
Denison, spent the day last Wednes
day visiting with Mr. and M.rs. Clar
ence Omeara.
Morris Rubin was up from Omaha
Sunday spending the day at the home
of his sister, Mrs. Herman Lazerus.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Buss, Mrs. L. A.
Vore and Air. and Mrs. Romanan Hol
comb "Were visiting relatives at Ute
Airs. Al. C. Dally, daughter Marie
and Airs. Jerry Holland were up from
Dunlap Wednesday visiting Mrs. F. C.
Airs. Claus Hansen, son Lester and
daughters Mrs. T. E. Baber and Mrs.
Charley Bell wero Omaha shoppers
Mr. and Airs. Spray Malone accom
panied Arthur Cook-and family to Vail
Sunday afternoon, yhere they visited
Mr. and Mrs. D. 10. Green.
Alfred Jackson visited Sunday with
his wife and son Williard in Galland's
The B. F. Sharp family have moved
to the country and will live on one of
tiie Howartli farms.
Misses Golda and' Lena Honz enjoy
ed a week end visit from their cousin,
Miss Larsen, of Missouri Valley.
John Simms, the man who was ap
prehended here early in April charged
with stealing clothing from the Siebel
store in Woodbine, and who served
people are talking about it.^
They have been talking about it here for
a month past. A great many have placed
their orders. All agree that there is no other
roadster model on the market to match it in
comfort and grace and style of design.
A roadster of the ordinary type—the two
passenger kind—is not always satisfactory. And
even a three-passenger roadster often would not
POWER—Ample to tako
this car, loaded, any
where that any automo
bile oan go.
SPEED—More than 999
out of (.-very thousand
car owners would ever
want or dare to use.
MOTOR—The marvelous
thirty days for the crime, was in town
one day last week, and was promptly
ordered to "move on." which life did.
Marshal Maber didn't care lor tlie pres
ence of such a crook in town over
Hugh and Nelson Butterworth, Char
ley^Miller, Gilbert Rudd and Buzz Al
exander autoed to Omaha Sunday to
take in the Sioux City-Omaha game.
Houston sold two more cars last
week. Emil Norman and Charley Mut
ler being the purchasers. Tllis is
twenty-one cars Air. Houston has put
out this season.
Mr. and Airs. George Smith and
children were up from Woodbine! Sun
day, spending the day at the W. A.
Starkey home.
Miss Edith Rettig, state organizer
of the suffrage work, was "in town last
Wednesday, the guest oof A1rs. F. C.
Wm. Walters is completing the erec
tion of a fine new barn on the farm
north of town.
Attorney Leon Powers, of Denison
was seen on our streets Saturday.
Allen Haworth sent a shipment of
cattle to Omuha Thursday night, ac
companying the shipment. lie return
ed Friday, bringing back a carload of
calves for feeding purposes.
The Palo Alto club was delightfully
entertained on Saturday at the home
cf Miss Golda Jordait The affair
was turned into a miscellaneous show
er for Airs. Robert Lusk. who was
wedded recently. Many beautiful gifts
were presented to Airs. Lusk. which
shows in a small way the club's ap
preciation of her. At tiie close of the
afternoon a splendid lunch was serv
W. B. McDonald is driving a new
five passenger Buick purchased from
the local agent, A. L. Jackson.
Lester Cue, Walter. Murphey and
Claris Knutzen were over from the
Willow Saturday visiting Verne Rule.
Mr. and Airs. Will Holbert visited
relatives in Woodbine Sunday.'
Airs. S. E. Wiley is having a fine
large porcli built on her residence
a convenience she will much enjoy.
Airs. 11. A. Essex had charge of the
services at the Baptist church on Sun
day, and in the evening gave a suf
frage address to an appreciative aud
The food tale held at the Farmers'
State Bank last Saturday under the
auspiccs of the Al. E. ladies aid soc-
The^ChancflerJ Four-Passenger Roadster* is
byiLong Odds'tlielHit of the Season
Four-Passenger Roadster
Seven-Passenger Touring Car
meet your requirements. But this new Chandler
roadster, seating four grown persons in comfort
and with the top covering all, has struck the
popular chord.. It's just one more Chandler
And remember, all Chandler bodies are mount-!
ed on the famous Chandler chassis, featured by
the exclusive Chandler motor, and free from any
hint of experimentation or uncertain theory.4
Come See the Chandler Now
«1 f-,
ietv, was a huge success, the pro
ceeds being $32.00 The only trouble
was that they had not anticipated such
a great demand for home baking and
didn't have enough to fill the orders.
The contract for the erection of
the new consolidated Ischool house
was not let Friday as had been plan
ned. but was postponed until May
J. A. Scott, Alex Bell, A. A. Luke
and Cash Aliller autoed/ to Omaha
Tuesday in Mr. Bell's car.
Word came Thursday from Fremont
Neb., that Mrs. Joe Best was critical
ly ill of erysipelas. Her many friends
here regret, to learn of her illness
and trust that she may soon be better.
Airs. Percy Brown departed Satur
day for Estherville, where she will
join her husband and they will take
up their residence.
Mrs. Lessie Howarth and son Dan
went to Harlan the last of the week
to visit relatives.
The Alott McHenry family spent
Sunday in Denison.
Notice in Probate.
Stale of Iowa, Crawford County, ss.—
In Probate.
In the matter of the estate oj' Bern
ard Reincke, late of Crawford
^F. O. B. Cleveland
Notice of Appointment of Adminis
To Whom It Alay Concern:
You are hereby notified that on the
5th day of May, 191G, the undersigned
was duly appointed administrator of
the above entitled estate, and all cred
itors of said estate are notified to filo
their claims in the office of the cleric
of the' district court, in and for Craw
ford county, Iowa, within one year
from the date of this notice, according
to law, and have the same allowed ami
ordered paid by the said court, or
stand forever barred therefrom.
Dated, Denison, Iowa, ATay !», 19lfi.
Conner & Powers. 1t
Allen'* oot^Kotfc, the antiseptic powder to bo
dmUcti into the dIiocb aud used in the foot
bath. It rt'licwa painfal, swollen, smarting lVrt
anil instantly takct) the utiug out of corns unit
bunions, It's* the greatest comfort discovery of
the ni»e. Allen's Foot-Base la a certain relief for
FweatinL', callous and hot,tired, aching feet. Sold
by Driiutfiat# everywhere. 25c. Always usw it tu
Brcale in new £tioea. Trta! pjLckauo FItEK
Address, Allen S. Clouted, Le Hoy, N. Y.

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