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Miss Erma Naeve Becomes the Bride
of Mr.' M. P. Renfro on Friday
Last at Custer, Wyo.
Wedding Was a Quiet One, Mr. and
Mrs. George Naeve Being the
Only Ones Preienft.
The news of the marriage of Miss
Erma Naeve to Mr. M. P. Renfro
which occurred last Friday at Custer,
Wyo., came' as a complete surprise to
the friends of the young cojiiffile, lisre,
in Denison. While their most .intimate
friends knew that the happy event
would probably take place before the
holidays they hardly expected that, it
would occur so soon.
Mr. Renfro, together with Mr. Geo.
Naeve, left Denison last Wednesday
for Sylvan Lake, S. D., where Mrs.
Naevo and daughter, tyiss Erma, have
been spending a few weeks at this
.popular summer resort. The wedding
•was solemnized at the Methodist Epis
copal church at Custer Friday after
noon, the pastor of that church offlci
ating. It was a quiet'affair, only Mr.
and Mrs. Naeve being present. Follow
ing the ceremony the happy young
couple departed for a two weeks' hon
eymoon trip to Hot Springs, Lead and
Spearflsh. Upon their return to Den
ison they will make their home with
the bride's parents until the residence
which Mr. Renfro is building in North
Denison is completed.
Neither one of the young people
needs an introduction to the people of
Denison. The bride is the youngest
daughter or Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Naeve,
and was born and reared in Denison.
She received her early education in
the public schools in this city gradu
ating from the high school with the
class of 1909. After graduation, she
attended Ferry Hall near Chicago' and
graduated from that institution in
(1912. In the fall of' 1912 she attended
the State University of Nebriaska, and
it was there that she became acquaint
ed with Mr. Renfro. She graduated
from' the university in the spring of
1914. Since completing her college
work she has remained in Denison and
has been one of the most -popular mem
young lady, of pleasing 'personality
Iters of the younger set. She is a
and is most capable.
Mr. Renfro was born and reared at
'Peru, Neb., where he attended the pub
lic schools. After graduating from the
high school lie attended the State Uni
versity of Nebraska. He was promi
nent in the social life of the university
and took an activc interest in athletics..
iAbout two years ago he came to Deni
son and lias been engaged in contract
ing and engineering. He is an ag
gressive youftg man, full of ambition,
and doubtless will make a success in
his chosen work.
The Rdview joins with the many
friends of the young couple in extend
ing them congratulations and wishing
them many years: of happiness and
Well Known Lady of Buck Grove Bur
led on' Last Friclay From Home
of' Mrs. L. C. Butler.
ARION, |3ept, J2— (Special to the
Review) Funer'al serrtictes for Mrs.'
Tilda Newman, of Buck Grove, were
held at the home of her sister, Mrs.
L. C. Butler, at 10 o'clock last Friday
morning. Rev. Essex, of Dow City,
Bpoke very comforting words to the
bereft ones:
Mrs. Newman's death came after a
short illness but much suffering
Mary Matilda Lanaing was born in
'Linn county, Iowa, in 1854 and was
married in 1874 to Mr. Hodgell, making
their home in Buck Grove, Ibwa. To.
this union, three children were born,
Lydia, Georgia and Ella. The two older
daughters and husband were deceased
iand later in life, Mrs. Hodgell was
married to Mr. Marion Newman. Mrs.
Newman was a member of the Chris
tian church and will long be remem
bered by her many kindnesses and
especially her helpfulness in times of
trouble and sickness, when she was
always able to assist.
School opened nicely last week. The
new teacher in oratory is Miss Anna
Sollfnger from Northwestern uni
John Lee, of the class of 1915, visit
fed at the college last week. He is
now employed in a garage at Sioux
John Riggleman has been doing spe-i
cial college work this summer at D.
N. C. He left for Cornell on Monday,
the 11th.
Miss PUssie Schrader, of Battle
Creek, oiie
last year's students,
called at the cpllfege.' She is in town1
to' tafce tlie special examination.
Mrs. Noonan, of Defiance, called on
hei* daughter at the ball Tuesday.
Quite extensive repairs have been
made on tlie building by the help and
uitiler the direction
club,' much1 to the
Qilite a number
special examinations this weefc.
Melvin Romans and John O'Connor
called at the pollege Wednesday. John
wo£ looking up a credit which he had
to-qkiiet the anxiety of the faculty at
IoWa City, and incidentally to help
hitosfelf in the work he is taking.
Literary: societies were orgahized
and began work on Tuesday evening.
Mr. Stoelk, of this year's class, is
working in the bank at Ulmer. He
came down in his car for a. short visit
last week.
Miss Ciest, of Yetter, comes each
week to take music lessons of MUs
Raine at.the college.
An old student, Mr. Schroefler, of
Arcadia, called on Sunday with a
friend who is planning to enter college
pray, madam," asked the pen-
•lop examiner, "why do you think your
self entitled to a pension?"
"My husband and I fought all through
the war," was the reply.—Philadelphia
Mrs. Louise F'ielwaber, df Manilla:
Sent to State Hospital at Clarin
da, Following Examination
Mrs. Louise Fielweber, a resident of
Manilla, was brought to Denison last
Thursday for an, examination by the
insane commission. After an exami
mind and was taken that afternoon to
nation she was adjudged of unsound
Clarinda for treatment in the state
Mrs. Fielweber is twenty-five years
of age and only a few years ago was
afflicted the same way, but after a
short stay at the state hospital was
paroled and later discharged. Recently
the old trouble reappeared and it was
•deemed best that she be rotttrned ''td
the hospital for treatment. She has
a husband and two children.
A~«ivil service examination is an
nounced to be held at the post office
in Denison on November- 4th, to fill
vacancies in the customs service 'Ctfni
petitors will be examined in spelling
arithmetic, penmanship, reort writing,
coying and correcting manuscrit and
geography. Any person over 18 years
of age is eligible to take the examina
tion and may secure application blanks
of A. Aebischer at the post office in
Pntfeeial itirele#
Miss Helen Burch entertained a few
friends at dinner at Hotel Denison on
The Misses Jessie Goodrich and Jen
na Strahan entertained about twenty,
five young ladies at the home df the
latter on Wednesday evening as a fare
well to ^illetta Strahan, who will
teach in Mason City this year and
make her home with her sister, Mrs.
Allen Beck.
iThe Entre Nous club gave a fare
well party for Mrs. Thompson on Fri
day afternoon at the -pleasant home
of Mrs. Brown Romans. A delightful
session was enjoyed and delicious, re
freshments served. Mrs. Thompson
will be greatly missed by a large circle
of admiring friends, who wish her all
happiness in the new home.
Mrs. Rachwitz very elegantly enter
tained the Priscilla club on Tuesday.
Fancy work was tl diversion of the
afternoon, after which a very tempt
ing luncheon was enjoyed. Mrs. An
dersen, of Davenport, who is visiting
Mrs. Adolphsen, and Mrs. Martens, of
Montana, who is the house guest of
Mrs. Lehfelt, were pleasant out of
town guests whom all enjoyed meet
Miss Marie Weiss entertained the
Home Guards last Tuesday evening,
when a pleasant and profitable time
The Coffee club had an exceptionally
jolly meeting Thursday afternoon,
when they were royally entertained "by
Mrs. (Jrace Sprecher. A uhique game
Was enjoyed and everyone'present re
ceived a prize in the'shape of a paper
had. Wild'flowets were tised effect
ively in. decoration and a splendid sup
per was served at' the pretty dining
tablQ, which was laid for twelve.
Pioneer Resident of Manilla Passes
Away This ForenOon-i-Born in
Sweden In y®»r 1849.
MANILLA, Sept. 13—(Special to
the Review)—Chas. Broman died this
forenoon at his home in Walkertown
after a prolonged illness which was
undoubtedly brought on by & fall he
sustained about a year ago, breaking
his hip.
The deceased was born at Wabsena
Sweden, Sept. 3, 1849 and located at
Manilla when this town was first start
ed. He was a shoemaker by trade and
fallowed this trade throughout life,
He entered the employ of Frank West'
land and when this store was bought
out by C. F. G. Kehr he still remained
working at the bench. For' twenty
nine years he worked as a shoemaker
in' Manilla and during this long period
he never lost a single day from work,
Mr. Broman was respected by every
one in the community and his' death
has caused deep regret among all
While he took great interest in the
welfare of the community he was at
itll times quiet and reserved.
He leaves to mourn his death his
widow* four sons and one daughter
Mrs. Abe Walker. Two of the sons
are engaged in the carpentry trade in
Manilla and two are serving in the
United States navy.
Fufieral services will be held Fri
day afternoon from the family rest
dence and interment will be made in
the Manilla cemetery,
Soon Fall Out.
"So you have been "camplig 'witj) a
party of friends?"
"Well," replied the.tt^n WJio'tribs to
speak the. truth and nothing lipt jfclie
gnjjb. "ye wera afj, ^|iou
jchen we started, but! can't eay we
were a party*of friends when got
back home." Birmingham Age-Her
(Continued from Page One):
Mr.,apd Mrs. Grimes' retired from
.the farm- only a short time ago and
movecL to Manilla, whet® tliefy pur
chased, a Comfortable Jhome. They
took a prominent part in the social
functions of the community, and ft is
a notable fact that on every occasion
Mr. and Mrs. Grimes were together.
In tlie death of Mr. Grimes Manilla
loses one of its foremost citizens and
his loss is mourned by the entire
Funeral services were Jield from the
late home Tuesday afternoon at 2:00
o'clock, Rev. A- R. filler, paistor of
tlie M. E. church, officiating. The
services were attended by members
of the G. A. R. and Masonic lodge in
a body. The services at the cetrietery
were in charge of the Masonic order.
Miss Marie Chamberlain Becomes the
Wife of Mr. Charles Carroll
Denio on Tuesday.
Happy Couple Recipients of Many
Beautiful Presents—Will Make
Their Home at Lake View
DOW CITY, Sept. 13—(Special to
the Reyiew)-^-Tuesday at 12 lo'clock
occurred the wedding of Miss Trenna
Marie Chamb.srlahVto
The home was beautifully decorated
with red and pink roses and the bay
window of the living room was a bow
er of ferns and nightingales.
The bride wore a gown of ecru net
trimmed in pink satin and red velvet
and carried a shower bouquet of bride's
roses and lilies of the valley. The
groom wore the customary black stilt.
The bride is the eldest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Chamberlain. She
has been reared iri our midst and is ia
bright, capable girl, admired by all
who know her. She is a graduate of
Brownell Hall, of Omaha, and has been
a student at the University of Iowa for
the past two years, where she was a
member of the Delta Gamma sorority.
Mr. Denio is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
A. L. Denio, of Alta. While he is a
stranger in our community he is very
highly spoken of by those who know
him personally. He is a graduate of
the University of Iowa and a member
of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. At
prosent he is connected with the Farm
ers State bank at Lake View, where
he has built a home for his bride the
They received many beautiful pieces
of cut glass, silver and linen.
The couple left that afternoon for
Chicago and other places east, expect
ing to be at home November 1st at
Late iew.
The out of town guests were Rev.
and Mrs. J. L. Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. A.
F. Boylan, Misses Helen Boylan and
Harriet Gebert, of Denison Mr. C. A.
Sheley, of Lake View Miss Pauline
Fischer, of Virginia, 111., and Mr. and
Mrs. A. L.' Denio, of Alta.
The bride has a host of friends in
Dow City and Denison who wish them
the very best of prosperity and a long
happy life.
The Three Friends.
Answering the question, "Who were
the 'three friends' mentioned by Wbit
tier in his poem, 'Tent on the Beach,'
written about 1887, the Philadelphia
Press says:
"The 'lettered magnate lording o'er
an ever widening realm of books' Is
certainly James T. Fields, the poet
publisher and critic the 'dream born'
philosopher is supposed to be Ralph
Waldo Emerson and by some Wblttier
himself, and 'one whose Arab face w$$.
tanned by tropic suns audboreal frost'
is Bayard Tay|or."
Instinct and Reason.
"Instinct" is the generic term for all
those faculties of mind that lead to the
performance of actions that are adop
tive in character, but pursued without
iiecessa?* knowledge of-the relation of
the means employed and th» ends at
tained. 'HlWhson" is usually applied
to such..acts as are -consciously .per
formed with some particular end in
view. Of the tw-o, instinct would seem
to be the more perfect, since It seldota
goes wrong, whereas the missteps of
reason ai Innumerable. New' YoHc
A an
Delegate to Suffragiats' Con*
yention In Atlan^tlo City.
Charles Car­
rol Deniv,q{'.,Lake View, at the home
of the bribe's parents, ft?r. and Mrs
E. Ni Chamberlain, of this place.
Previous to the ceremony Miss Er
ma Chamberlain, sister of the bride
and Miss Pauline Fischer sang th6
duet, "I Would That My LoVe," which
was followed by two beautiful solos,
Oh, Promise Me" and "Laddie," by
M!ss Erma Chamberlain. Just at high
noon the thrilling music, Mendelssohn's
wedding march, played by Mrs. F.
Howorth, filled the house, and the
bride descended with her father to the
bay window of the living room, where
Mr. Denio awaited her. The ReV. J.
L. Boyd, of Denison, pronounced the
ring ceremony. Little Naomi Butter
worth carried the ring in the heart of
a big red rose. Mr. and Mrs. Denio
then received the congratulations and
best wishes of their friends and the
guests were seated at an elegant four
course dinner served by the Misses
Erma Chamberlain, Pauline Fischer,
Harriet Gebert, Helen -Boylan and Ilva
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**r'\ 4
Made-to-Your Measure
It li -p
BEGINS THURSDAY and will continue

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