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You know about the pitiful mothers and babies of northern France,
northern Italy, Belgium, Serbia, Roumania and Poland, do you? The
homeless, ragged, freezing, starving, diseased, mutilated women and
Children caught in the invasion of their countries by the war-mad beasts
from the German jungle—you know.about them? You know the Ameri
can Fled Cross in Europe is the one agency that can help them—that it
l.9'th» silver lining of the blackest cloud the world has ever known? The
ijRad Cross 'must have 15,000,000 members by 'IT' You must
join' at once. The man who would turn down the Red Crosa ought for
ever mare to be ashamed to face good women and innocent children.
When You Join the Red Cross
and Give Your Mite, You Help
Our Soldiers in Europe and
Feed Starving Babies.
Fathers: Suppose tliat three years
lago a powerful and savage enemy hud
Invaded our nation suddenly and you
liad been called into the army to de
fend the country. Suppose that our
county had been captured by the in
Vaider your home burned, your wife
and half-grown daughter carried away
Into slavery worse than death and your
•on mutilated and put to work behind
the enemy lines.
You think such things couldn't hap
P«u to you and your family? Well,
just those horrors were visited upon
thousands of fathers in France and
Belgium by the kaiser's savages. It
has been revealed to us during the last
lew months by the secret service that
tile Huns were, plotting un invasion
»f"the United States through Mexico.
But for fair destiny those horrors
Would have been ours, because the kai
•er. aims to dominate the world and
spread over the earth his brand of love
and fellowship called "kultur."
The American Ited Cross has been
balled upon to relieve suffering "over
there" and to restore as far as possible
devastated sections of allied territory.
It is now on the job. The Red Cross
Is conducting thousands of hospitals in
France for American and allied sol
dltertj, and running ambulance lines
and comfort stations innumerable.
.Tet the organization cannot do
teniUfh because it hasn't half enough
luethjters back home here to support
tlwVast work there. So now. it is con
rin&li>Ka campaign to get fifteen mil
llojnr members by Christmas eve. It Is
•Aphohor to belbng to the Red Cross.
If you aren't already wearing the little
jbntton, enroll at once. The member
Ship costs just $1.00 a year. Another
dollar brings you the Red Cross Maga
jUUefortwelve .months.
jStiJrerln* Europe, especially the
i^ aiid chHdreu, needs your help
The Red Cross Needs Your Help
to Save Women and Babes
I The Misses Hickey and Dugan, Assist
ed by Mr. Gallagher, Give Very
Creditable Concert at- Vail.
Hon. M. M. White, the Speaker, Unable
to'Be Present—Mayor O'Connor'
Fills His Place.
VAIL, Dec. 25—Special—
The concert given by the Misses
Hickey and Dugan, assisted by Mr.
Gallagher, was a decided success. Ow
ing to the condition of the roads the
hall.was not as croVded as would have
been otherwise. The voluntary offer
ing amounted to $45, which was very
good. Hon. M. M. White, whose name
appeared on the program as speaker
of the evening, was unable to be pres
ent, but as usual our Mr. O'Connor
vety creditably filled the place, de
livering one of the best addresses we
have ever listened to. considering the
few minutes' notice given him. it Is
needless to say the entertainment was
excellent when we consider the artists,
Miss Hickeyi, a graduate from the voice
department of Prake university, Des
Moines, and Miss Dugan, graduate
from the Columbia School of Music,
Chicago. These young ladies have at
tracted audiences in these cities and
the home audience was more than
pleased to accord them the reception
they deserved. Mr. Gallagher is also
an able performer on the violin and
his assistance was greatly appreciat
ed. The Red society is very grateful
to these young people for the volun
teering of their time and talent for so
worthy a cause. The following is the
program rendered:
Nell Hickey—Soprano:
Mabel Dugan—Piano.
Vincent Gallagher—Violin.
Carmena H. Lane Wilson
Misses Hickey, Dugan, Mr. Gallagher
Andante, Allegro, Sonota Op. 13....
Butterly." Puccini. "H6w So Fair"
from "Martha," Flotow.
Miss Hickey
Speaker Mr. Maurice O'Connor
Free Will Offering.
Bolero T. G. Itothleder
Mr. Gallagher
Scottish Poem ....Edward MacDowell
Bohemian Suite Rudolph Friml
Shepherd's Hey. "English Dance
Tune" Percy Grainger
Miss Dugan
"O, sing to my weary heart once more.'
The sweet old lays, we sang of yore."
Miss Hickey
Mrs. Parker Rose and baby and
Ruth -Knowles, of Jefferson, caipe Sun
day for a visit at the parental, John
Knowles, home.
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Connor, of Carroll,
are visiting here at the Frank O'Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Byrnes visited the
last of the week at the parental, Pat
Byrnes, home in Carroll.
,Miss Cleveland, teacher in the pub
lic school, left Friday for a vacation
atTher home in Scranton.
Frances and James Costello autoed
to Denison Saturday.
Mildred Olson, who attends school
in Des Moines, arrived home Sunday
for the holidays.
Mrs. A. D. Servoss and son. Merl,,
are visiting here at the Jas. Watson
Louis Lochmiller, of Denison, visit
ed Vail friends Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Moeller, of Lin
coln, Xeb., visited here at the Dave
Tonnor home Saturday. From here
they went to Lake View for a few
days' visit at the August Moeller home.
They made the trip b.v auto.
August Keil is reported sick with
Mr. and Mrs. L. Chapman returned
Sunday from their wedding trip in
thg east.
in Europe and to Care
for Our Soldiers.
lear Mothers: Surely you will do
what you can to relieve the sufferings
of the homeless, wretched mothers and
children of \var-torn Europe—ragged.
Starving, freezing, tuberculous women
and babies who for three years have
endured the horrors of hell. They
ure your sisters and your sisters'
children. The end 's not yet for them.
Think what they i: :st go tlirough this
winter. Think of yourself and your
little ones here in America, safe and
In the trenches "over there" are- mil
lions of men undergoing indescribable
hardship and suffering and death to
save the liberty-loving world from the
kaiser and his savage hordes. Think
of .them. Remember .they are stand
ing between you and the fate that 3od
less, "kultur"-mad !ertnany poured
upon the women' und children of north
ern France, northern Italy, Belgium,
Poland and Roumania.
Of course you cannot go to Europe
and nurse and feed and clothe and
shelter those sufferers. Rut the Amer
ican Red
is over there doing it—
the noblest lubotf triilie wiirid's'hlstory.
Our Red Cross is nursing and feeding
Hnjrl clothing and sheltering them. And
it is conducting thousands of hospitals
and ambulance lines and comfort sta
tions. for American soldiers and the
soldiers of our allies.
Yet the I^ed Cross cannot do enough
because hasn't half enough mem
bers. Therefore a campaign Is being
made to get fifteen million members by
Christmas eve. It is an honor to be
long to the organization.
You will join, won't you? You will
see that your husband enrolls, und that
each of the children is enrolled—sure
ly. Annual membership costs $1.00.
An additional dollar brings the Red
Cross Magaslne ?or a year.
Don't fail to attend the big Red Cross
dance and fair at Deloit Friday. Dec.
28. A gold watch will be given the
most beautiful lady, also a prize for
•the man most celebrated for his lazi
ness, both to be decided by vote. Var
ious other articles donated by business
men and farmers will be auctioned. A
good time is assured for both young
and old. Come and help the cause.
The following prizes have been dona
ted: 5 bushels seed coi n. 1 bushel po
tatoes, 1 ton coal, 1 sack flour, 1 cord I at good
wood, chickens and ducks, etc. Come
This grand
of our best
and help the good cause.
work is certainly worthy
Mrs. Fred Lowe went to Oklahoma
on business this week.
Aufschwung Schumann
Mips Dugan
Arias, "One Fine Dayi" from„"Madam
"n(l ")ok
Miss Boyd, of Denison, will give on
next Thursday evening, at the opera
house in Deloit, Pollyanna. the pro
ceeds for the Red Cross Tickets 35c
We are looking for a full house.
The Red Cross drive is now on in
Deloit! and those who are canvassing
the town are very busy.
There will be Christmas exercises at
the Methodist church .Monday evening
for those who are members and attend
services. A gentleman will furnish
the eats and a collection will be taken
up for the Armenian sufferers by the]
Sunday school.
Kiron school is liavlfig a two weeks'
vacation during the1 holidays.
Since our last news items, several
have left our locality for the Rio Grand
Valley, Texas, to make their future
Miss Vera Larson came home Satur
day from Eldora, la., where she is
teaching school. She came to spend
the holidays with friends and relatives.
Martin Sandstrom and family leave
next week for Rio Grand valley. Texas,
where they expect to make their fu
ture home on their farm there. They
have rented their farm, here to Lowe
Moorhouse. We will miss this very
estimable family 'from our midst, but
they can't be blamed for making this
desirable change.
The Misses Jessie and Irma Norel
ius came home last week from Grinnell
where they are attending college for
an over holiday visit at their parental
home. Their many friends are pleased
to meet them again.
Harness Maker Nelson has opened
up business in the Lawrence building
and has a fine stock of harness goods.
He should merit the trade in his line
from the eptire community.
Hmil Lundell, Alfred Larson, and
Bert Lindstrotn homes had new Bruns
wick phonographs installed last week.
Paul and Fred Lundberg left last
week to visit relatives in Kansas over
the holidays.
Assistant Cashier C. Andre left Sat
urday night for Batavia, 111., to spend
Xmas with his mother and friends.
Mrs. John Gustafsen is lying very
sick at. her home in Ok^ Kiron. Her
Extends Greetings
spirit of the Season prompts us to ex
press to our many patrons appreciation of
the pleasant business relations during the past
year, and to most heartily wish you a happy
New Year. May health, happiness and pros
perity abound with you during the year 1918
many friend* are wishing her a speedy
Chas. Swnnson's store sale Friday
last drew a good crowd and a splendid
sale was the result. Everything sold
John Henning and son were Deloit
visitors Saturday.
Mrs. Lorenzen lias been seriously ill
but is now improving slowly. Mr. and Mrs. A. I). Winev ere in
Mrs. Alma Prentice was a Denison Denison shopping Wednesday.
visitor Tuesday. Hilly Huskey's brother took his de
Mr. and Mrs. Will Worlev spent parture for Kansas Thursday.
Monday, at the county seat. Mrs. .lav Fisher left for Oklahoma
Furman Newconi took a trip to Den-1 Thursday.
ison Wednesday. Crook Winey was in Denison Thurs
Mrs. Worley. Mr. and Mrs. James day.
McKim, and Mrs. Ben Heaman were! John Kink bought corn of Harry
Den son shoppers Thursday. Childress and is hauling it these fine
Ralph Heaman went
Mr. and Mrs.
to the wedding of her niece at Chur
dan Wednesday, returning on Friday
Judge Conner was up to Deloit Fri
day in the interest of the Ited Cross.
William McKim of Independence,
Mo., is visiting his sisters. Mrs. Anna
Winans and Mrs. J. L. Miller.
Wesley Winey visited his grandpar
ents Wednesday.
Mrs. Kenvon was a Deloit visitor on
Don Wilkinson is home from Des
Moines for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Mvters Hansen and Mr.
and .Mrs. Paul Johanscn were Denison
shoppers Friday.
A. D. Winey has finished his 'corn
The ladies aid met with Mrs. Ralph husking Tuesday
Beaman Friday and spent a very pleas-1 The Simon Cruse sale brought unus
ant and busy afternoon sfewing for the ually good prices.
Red Cross. A lovely lunch was served The road graders moved Saturdav
wliich was turned over to the He/1 from the Mc.S'eal place to the Pete
Cross. Weborg farm near Deloit.
There will be a Red Cross dance at
the hall Friday evenin
Mrs. Geo. Newconi spent Friday and
Saturday at her parents, while Mr.
Newconi was transacting business in
S. D. Newton was in Denison Thurs
day to consult Dr. Weber.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Huckstep were
the guests to an oyster supper.
.John Kepford's sale held Inst
Monday was a great success
cows brought. $ 1 o» each.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hain enter-
The entertainment rendered by the
Camp Fire girls Friday evening was
a decided success and was well at-|t»ined Mr. Earl Mallory and Aiiss Xel
tended. They took in $2,'. The camp lie Welsh to a five o'clock tea Sundav
wish to take this opportunity of thank-! .,nernoon
1Klrti' -Mrs. Paul Schoening and Mrs. Emil
Tho Uurmeister &ent to Denison Friday to
Mr. S,
Mrs. Williams came Saturday to vis-j
it until Monday when she and her son,!
Jim, will go to Ft. Dodge to spend'
Christmas with Mrs. Lottie Williams.
Coats for little ladies appear in al
most as great variety as those for their
mothers and are made of the same soft
and comfortable looking materials.
Sometimes they even take on the splen
dor of fur trimmings, but oftener they
are finished with bands made of fur
fabric, more appropriate to very youth
ful wearers.
They are made long enough to cover
the dress, are usually rather plain and
most of them have capo collars.
went up Tuesday evening to celebrate
the great day with them.
There was a fine Christmas tree at
the Lutheran church Sunday evening
which was well attended and fully
The anniversary dance, given last
Friday evening by Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Slater was well attended and a gen
uine good time enjoyed by ail present.
The property in the north east part
of town belonging to Mrs. Jacob 'Jre
der, Sr., is to be sold at. auction soon
It is valued at $S,noo.nn.
Friday night Mr. Albert' Stegeman
had a valuable fur robe stolen from
his auto. He is making diligent
search for it. and it is hop..d that his
efforts will be successful. This is the
first theft that has occurred around
here for some time and we hope it will
be the last.
A letter from Sidney itonney to his
parents this week was in answer to
the first letter he has received from
home .since he left last August. It
was dated October 2S. He said he had
begun to fear the letters had all gone
down in the boat disasters. He says
he is well and enjoying life in France
all but the weather which is very dis
agreeable. constant rain and lots of
sticky mud. He says a spiked German
helmet is very hard to get and costs
about $14.00 at the present time. He
also states that he has quite a time
trvin.g to talk French.
Lie Fits Them All.
"Sin has many tools, but a lie is the,
handle which tits them all."—Holmes.
Idealize the Real.
What we want is not so much to
renlize the ideal as to idealize the real,
Happy Thought.
The stepping stones to success ara
often a rocky road.
Listed With
U8Will be
UJc wish to tbanl? our many friends and patrons for tbe
patronage accorded us during tbe past year and
bope to merit a continuance of tbe same
during tbe coming year.
A bappy and prosperous fflcw V*ar to all.
ftb. A. Scbtamterger
A Happy and Prosperous
New Year to Our
Friends and
We wish to thank our friends and patrons
for the liberal patronage and support given
us during the past year, We trust that our
past services have been such as to merit your
appreciation. Fair Dealing, Honest Goods
and Honest prices is our motto. We hope
by this motto to be favored with a continue
ance of a liberal share of your patronage in
the future, and the friendly relations now ex«
isting between us may continue during 1918,
May the New Year bring to you and yours
unlimited happiness and prosperity.
Economy Meat Market
Flinn & Roberts, Props.
Real Estate
Farm Loans and Abstracts of .Title
Loans at Bottom Rates. Abstracts Made and Ex
amined. Legal Papers Drawn. Farm mortgages
bought and sold. J. W. Miller, Jr., Denison, Iowa
—p»— im
v* 'J* *4*
Mrs. J. P.. Murphy returned home oil
Wednesday after a pleasant visit in the
home ol' her (laughter who lives near
Denison, and with relatives near Dttn-'
Miss Agnes 'McGrath went to her
home in Mapletou Friday to spend the
holiday vacation with the home folks.
James McGrath, Dell Penney and
Charles Maker attended the Ben
Sehlimnier. Sr. sale east, of Danbury
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Kroeger and little
sons. Peter and Arlo, went to Bel
mond to spend the holiday season with
her parents and sister.
Misses Leila and Mildred York went
to Ida Grove Monday to spend Christ
mas with their cousin. Miss Lois Palm
Messrs. Rabe and Schoenfeldt were
business callers at the Ja.-J. McGrath
home Wednesday.
Miss Leila York visited in the home
of her sister. Mrs. Albert Christiansen.
who lives near lTte, several days
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Dorale visited at
the Henni Maack home a couple of
days last week and were in attendance
at Mr. Maack's sale Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Seils entertain
ed a company of friends arid relatives
Friday evening, the occasion being ins
Joe Cover, who has spent the past
year at the C. P. Baker home, left Sat
urday evening for Maryland to spend
a month or six weeks with friends and
relatives in his'old home. During his
absence Charles McGuire will work for
Air. Baker.
.lames McGrath went to Buck Grovo
Monday evening to spend Christmas,
with his sistor. Mrs. I). P. O'Brien, and
Misses Mildred and Leila York en-rf
tertained their niece, Miss Mina Chris-'
Hansen, of f'te. several days last, week.
Wew Vcar Greeting

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