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Nelson Butterworth and wife were
visiting with relatives in Denison Fri
Miss Ilva Fishel returned Wednes
day evening from a pleasant visit of
same ten days at the home of her un
cle and aiiht(.Mr. and Mrs. A. A. .Fishel
In Omaha.
Deputy County Treasurer Henry Vol
lersen was dowit from Denison and
spent a i6w days'1 last week at the
homes of his sisters, Mrs. Nelson
Dwine and Mrs. Gus Anderson, resid
ing in this vlcinity| He is enjoying a
two weeks' vacation from his duties.
Mrs. J. P.. Riddle and two daughters,
Elfle andi Florence, have returned to
their Heme in Omaha, following a
•week's visit with her mother, Mrs.
Jane Wood, and At 'the home of her
sister, Mrs. C. L. Rudd, and family.
Miss una Adains returned to her
home in Vail Wednesday, having made
a visit in this vicinity among the
Clark and Keairnes families. Miss
Ruby Keairnes went home with her
for a visit.
Russell Goddard, son of Mr. and
Mrs. G. M. Godidard, spent last week
in Denison, where he visited at the
home of his uncle and aunt, Mr. and
Mrs. E. Adle.
Miss Helen Stephenson resumed her
duties in the D. E. Bremser store the
early part of last week after a week's
enforced absence due to a siege of the
Miss "Lucille Williamson returned
Wednesday from a couple of days' vis
it with her sister, Mrs. Arthur Buller,
who lias heen an inmate of the hospi
fttf'irt Odeboit nearly two weeks. We
are ypry glad, to state that she is now
recovering from her serious illness
and is expected to have regained suf
ficient strength to be able to return
to tier home near Kiron the last of
the week.
IF. H. iLister was a Dow City business
visitor Wednesday from Denison.
•Forest 'Binnall «hJoyed a several
days' visit at Pierjon lastwdefe with
his cousdti, Dr. Bryce Binnall, he hav
ing Accompanied the latter there from
a short visit in Dow City.
The Albert Bielenberg family, re
siding near' here, spent several days
recently visiting at the parental, Hen
ry Bielenberg, home in Schleswig.
Ohas. Zea, wife and baby were ar
rivals Wednesday from Wendt, S. D.,
for a visit at the home of her sister,
Mrs. F. W. Pearsall, and family.
Mrs. Chas. Horn and three children
have returned to their home in Omaha,
after a delightful ten days' visit at
the home of her mother, Mrs. Maria
Gibson, and with her .brothers and sis
ters in this vicinity.
Miss Marie Dougherty came, over
Iijom Manilla Wednesday for a several
*. jdtys' visit at the home of her friend.
JMiss Pearl McBlwain.
Mrs. Ida L. Wiemer returned home
the fore part of the past week, having
spent some time visiting points in Col
a a pa
Mrs. Fred Colby, of Buck prove, to
.JOinaha last week, where they spent a
»'leouple of days, the latter having dent
«I work done.
-Miss Mildred Hoetfer went to Deni
I son the fore part of .last week, where
she is assisting temporarily in the
(First National bank while some of the
«Aiployees are on a vacation. Miss
Hoeffer held the position of assistant
cashier in the McfHenry bank here
during Gail Carey's absence in the ar
®rfy, she having severed her connec
tibns therewith in the late spring.
Mrs. Robert Johnson and Mrs. John
Ret man and baby son were visiting in
Denison last Tuesday.
Miss Letha Terrill returned to her
borne in Dunlap Thursday following a
pleasant visit with her relatives, the
Dave Terrill family.
Wednesday afternoon, Mrs. Jack
O'Brien entertained the Indies of the
Baptist Aid, there being a goodly num
ber present. This occasion was spent
sociably, the regular session of handi
work being abandoned. The dainty re
.freshments served by Mrs. O'Brien at
£he close of the day was a very much
enjoyed treat.
The Herbert Docherty family were
over from Buck Grove Tuesday and
visited at the parental, Rtfbert Docher
ty,itome. The former is driving a new
(Pord- touring car.
Mrs. li. C. Hatch and two daughters
departed Wednesday for their home in
iCounqiJ Bluffs after spending a few
days here with friends, they being
guests at the Jack OIBrien home.
Mrs. Bes&ifl Holcomb, son. Olivef,
and daughter Maxine. took their de
•partune last week for Glidden to visit
her sister, Mrs. Harold Salisbury, and
family, expecting. to be away about
three wee£s. They will also visit at
the home of her sister, Mrs. L.'H. God
dard, in iFt. Dodge before returning.
Mrs. !Fred Coleman left Wednesday
for Carson to see her sister, Mrs. Car
ley, of South Dakota, who is there vis
iting at the home of her mother. Mrs.
Coleman had not seen her sister for a
couple of years and on account of her
stay being limited she was unable to
come to Dow City.
Mrs. Elmer McEIwain and little son
were visiting in Denison Thursday.
Was Crazy
"I have suffered from stomach, and
liver trouble for years the last twto
$ years people have been calling me
crazy. The doctors could not do any
thing for me. The awful bloating of
gas seemed to press against my brain
and I could hot think clearly. Three
months ago a friend advised talcing
Mayr's Wonderful Remedy and' it has
worked wonders' Jn my case. All tmy
bloating and suffering is gone and I
fe$l as though npwly born." It is a
simple, harmless preparation that re
moves the catarrhal mucus from the in
testinal tract and allays the inflamma
tion which causes practically all stom
ach, liver apd Intestinal ailments, in
Y' eluding appehditicls. One dose will
convince, or money refunded. Rudolph
Knaul tpd druggists everywhere.
J. W. Howorth aoid wife were in
Omaha spending the day Wednesday.
Mrs. Gail Carey has returned from
a week's visit with friends and rela
tives at Lake View.
Carl Hansen was down from Deni
son Wednesday between trains and
visited at the parental, Claus Hansen,
Deputy Sheriff Jkcob Johnson was
a caller In town Wednesday from
Mrs. Riley Tklcott moved her house
hold furniture 'down from Arioaf Sat
urday and she with her daughter, Mrs.
Gladys Pett, are occupying the resi
dency recently vacated by the? Warren
Ettleman family, which is owned by B.
M. McBlwain. We heartily welcome
them as residents of our town.
lA called meeting of the Royal Neigh
bors was held Thursday afternoon in
the hall for the purpose of receiving
new members. The candidates initiat
ed into the order at this time were
Mrs. Will Ettleman, Mrs. Wilber J3er
ry, Mrs. T. E. Baber, Mrs. Chairley
tBell, Mrs. Nelson Butterworth. Mrs.
Pearl.Vore, Mrs. Orvie 'Boham, Mrs.
T. K. Coleman and Miss Helen Rule.
After the initiatory work light refresh
ments were served. Mrs. Mary Mc
Mahon and Mts. Frank Bolton, of Den
ison, and Mrs. Garfield Rule, of Fort
Dodge, were out of town members in
attendance. Mrs. (Fred Rule, of Coun
cil ©luffs, was also present, she being
a member of another chapter.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Gratil are enjoy
ing a visit-from their, daughter-inja^,
.Mrs.,Melvin Graul, of Chicago,'she
having arrived Thursday.
Harry Reed has accepted the posi
tion of mechanic in the R. W. Houfeton
garage to fill the vacancy caused by
the resignation of Mearle Binnall, ivho
had been employed there for sevj&ral
Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Carlson and lit
tle son, Gus Fredericksen, wife °and
Louise, Kathryn iand
Vera, wj^h Mts. Fredericksen's sifter,
Mrs. A. B. Carlson, and daughter, Mar
ian, motored to Lake View .Thursday,
where they enjoyed a day's outing.
Mrs. Jim Wilson returned Thursday
evening from a couple of day's sojourn
with her sister, Mrs. Clyde Keairnes,
in the hospital' at Omaha. She also
made a brief visit in Dunlap on the
way home. It is with much regret in
deed that we make mention of the fact
that Mrs. Keairnes, who submitted to
an operation for appendicitis several
weeks ago, is not improving as well
as was hoped for, other complications
having developed affecting her lungs.
She has 'been removed from the hospi
tal and was brought to the Wilson
home near here the latter part of the
week to foe cared for. Word has been
sent to her husband at their home in
North Dakota and he is expected to
arrive at an early date.
E. W. Pierce, of Denison, was a
pleasant visitor with his relatives, the
Prank McHenry family, Thursday,
on his way home from a visit With his
son, Dr. 'Foster PJerce, and tardily in
•Fau'lkton, S. £., and also majcipg the
acquaintance of his new granddaugh
ter while there. Mrs. Pierce, who pre
ceded him that place by a couple of
weeks, remained for a longer time.
Mr. Pierce has been enjoying'a two
weeks' vacation from his duties in the
First National bank at Denison.
The E. N. Chamberlain family en
tertained Thursday his brother-in-law
and sister, Mr. iand Mrs. George Nesbit
of Virginia, 111., they being accompan
ied by Mrs. Camel and Mr. Rextoe, al
so of that place. The party stopped
here enroute to Colorado.
Miss Josie Kinney, of Denison, has
recently organized a violin music class
here, which at present is composed of
seven scholars, namely: Mrs. D. E.
Bremser and daughter, Bernice, Mrs.
R. E. Lusk and the Misses Josie Wight
(Helen Jackson, Anna Bell and Vida
Butterworth. Several others are ex­
Tina to Ke llnfj
iSuy ri.l|
A. W. Wilson was in Denison Thurs
day evening, where he pitched for .the
Charter Oak team in the game with
Miss Golda Dow was among the
callers at the county seat (Friday.
Mrs. Mary McMahon and Mrs. (Frank
Bolton were down from Denison last
Thursday to attend the initiation meet
ing held by the Royal Neighbors.
While here the former was a guest of
her sister, Mrs. C. J. O'Meara, while
the latter visited^ at the home of her
cousin, Harry Huntington, and wife.
Mrs. O. J. Judd and daughter, Fran
ces, were in Omaha last Tuesday to
make another trip to the physician in
regard ito, the latter's shoulder-: bone
which she fbrbke 'some two months ago
by falling |rom a ichprry^tree.
Mr. andxMrs. Jake Reeser were im
Arion Thursday1 visiting-at the home
of their daughter, Mrs. Clyde Haslcins.
R. W. Houston has been enjoying a
visit recently from his cousin, William
Morton, of Adams, Mass. Mr. Morton
will be remembered by the older peo
ple of this vicinity as he taught school
in Paradise township 'nearly thirty
years ago. He is now practicing law
at Adams, Mass.,
Mrs. Chris Brink was visiting and
shopping in Denison (Friday.
Walter Homan went down to Oma
ha Friday night to spend a few days
at the home of his mother-in-law, Mr&
Rose Akofer, and to see his two chil
dren who are there.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. McCollough en
joyed a visit from 'his mother and sis­•
ter, of Denison, during the past week
The Illinois Central freight inspect
ors visited the local station Wednes
day and. after a thorough inspection
found everything in tip top shape.
'They voiced much praise concerning
the management of affairs at the depot
here and pronounced it as being jn
every respect the best kept depot
along the line between here and Chi
cago. This reflects great credit upon
Agent 0. J. Judd and his assistant,
Wm. Honz.
Miss Mae 'Houston was a passenger.,
from Omaha Fr%y
pecting to become members of the
class in the rnear future. Miss Kinney
is making weekly trips here, coming
on Thursday, and is giving her lessons
at the D. E. Bremser home.
Mrs. S. E. Wiley and daughter, Fan
cheon, were visiting and shopping in
Denison Friday.
Curtis Stephens, of Mathlston. Miss.,
was an arrival here last weelt and is
a guest at the home of Rev. W. T. Rink
and family. Mr. Stephens is a stu
dent at the Bennett academy, the mis
sion school at that place where Miss
Marguerite Rinlc holds a position as
teacher. He expects to be in Dow City
during the remainder of the summer
vacation. He also spent last summer
with the Rink family at their home in
week 'ehrf
visit at the hon^^f hferyteifher, R, W.
Mrs^-I^red .Rule ^as up from CoUtfcll
Mr. and Mrs, John.Meeves entertain
ed number of relatives iand friends
at their plpasant hoine hereifone day.
laa^week, when a mc»ist enjoyaJle:time
wfegpent in visiting, and informal eai,
tqfWjhiment. Those Krom Sway who
present on this ~Occasion 'Were
Mr: an$ Mrs. Adolph Fries,** of "Ida
Gwove Mrs. Bries being a daughter of
Mr..and Mrs. Meeves Mrs. Margaret
Iverson. of Schleswig Mrs. Meeves'
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ohl, of Dun
lap, and the Henry jFries family, of
Ida Grove.
Friday afternoon Mrs. Wesley Cram
er was at home to the L. D. S. Social
off the Woman's Auxiliary there
beinjg a.'l{irge number-in attendance,
besides a number of invited friends.
'f* v,
4 1
The News of the Week, as Gathered and Put in Readable
Shape by Our Regular Correspondent
Mrs. Fred Jfackson, of Denison, was
present &nd addressed the ladies upon
this occasion, offering new ideas aftd
suggestions pertaining to the auxiliary
work. Thq afternoon was brought to
a close with a fine service of refresh
Mrs. Mendonsa and daughter, Julia,
departed Friday evening on their re
turn trip to their home in Jacksonville,
111., following a delightful visit of
about two weeks and half with their
daughter and sister, Mrs. E. G. Wig
gins, and family. The two ladies will
make a visit in Bloomington, Roches
ter. and Springfield. 111., before going
to their home.
Curtis /Stephens and Miss Marguer
ite Rink were 'Denison visitors Thurs
day from Dow City.
Mrs. Marion Hatfield arrived Satur
day from Eagle Grove for a week's
visit at the home of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. D. F. Bryan, and with other
relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Hatfield mov
ed from here to Eagle Grove some six
weeks ago, he having a position as in
surance agent there.
The Adolpih Honz family enjoyed a
pleasant visit on the Sabbath from
relatives, Mrs. Clem Honz, sons, Ur
ban and Joseph, and daughters, Olga
and Mary, wiio motored up from Dun
lap and spent the day with them.
The sixty day quarantine for dogs
and -cats, which was lifted recently,
has been re-established and this time
for ninety dayp. During the past week
two'c'alte^ af the 3johfliBrikhofer home
nortiw^s.tsor tawti wJere! found to toe
arff^oted frlt&vihB dreadful disea,sel
This is the first case reported in this
vicinity for several weesk and all in
dications pointed to a safe lifting of
the quarantines. Authorities aave
been, and are' adopting every precau
tionary measure possible toward
stamping out 'the disease and the pub
lic should conscientiously do its part
by strict observance of the quarantine.
Mrs. H. G. Scott suffered another
of her attacks of illness^the latter part
of the week and a nurse in the person
of Miss Emma Buehler, was called
from Denison to care for her. At the
present writing she is reported bet
Thos. MoCollough, Orvie Boham,
A. Rigsby and Wesley Cramer motored
to (Lake Turin Saturday on a fishing |1,Mrs-
expedition, returning Sunday.
Mrs. L. M."Jones, who is staying at!"7g *rom
the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. N. !leIatlves
Schouten, went to Sioux City* Monday
to see her grandson. .Morris Wright,
the son of Mr. and Mrs.. B. L. Wright,
who moved fKOm Charter 'Oak to Ar
iuquc, -S^Xh^afinly
rgportigu ..as
visirti|,,at' the home«!ofe,ii»er husband's eneoqragi
parents w.
H. \Wf^ ...
.Upward Pegg and wife motored to
Denison Friday evening.
a* few months ago.
The lad has been suffering with an ab
scess in his head since a very small
child and recently his .mother brought
him -to Sioux City where she entered
ljfcp.ift a hpMital. .An opqratibn was
pertaifrtefl MUafr weekend' the.' lad' is
living the or-
-Well^as could bd-expected. At
nrst ffegrs-L^fre *«n^erta1n^d that lid
Wpttld:npt Wittoler to fiujwive an opera-'
iion butrthre*S&HO
ha Suni
ent is,'
SS^arja, plea^j'tS
down to Oma-
nt atiithe,: parental
an|fJKatejfta 'Bohlken
Deriisota J^Sunday and
J^.n Itetnum home.1
Uewart, of Dunlap, has
"^"'litor at?the George
were d^wn fi
visited it. ,th
Veen ftVpldi^..
Kiairifeifc Ifcrm
Vjthe past week.
5. :wfio had been
months in this
to Nebraska to
spending a couple
vicinity, haB ^gone
work in the harvest fields. James
Sharp 'accompanied him, the lad also
being engaged in., harvesting.
Austin Heffernan, son of Mr. and
Mrs. John Heffernan, residing south
of town, is listed among the late arriv
als home from the army. He enlisted
with the early call for volunteers, dur
ing which tira^ Jie has served in the
.They are the tough
tread tires and a
marvel in their re
sistance to wear.
v-' r.'^- 7
United States, not being sent overseas.
He returned here from Texas.
Mrs. L. M. Baer, of Denison, was in
town Friday visiting at the Frank and
George Binnall homes.
Mrs. P. J. Brown and baby son were
passengers to Denison Saturday noon,
where they visited at the Ben Win
grove home. Mr. Brown, accompanied
by Mrs. Thos. Munsey and daughter,
Clara.hlae, motored up*that evening
and they all returned together.
Attorneys P. W. Harding and R.
Shaw Van were business callers here
Friday from Denison.
Mrs. Saul Miller and Edward, with
her daughter, Mrs. Moritz Dethlerfsen,
returned Friday from a pleasant two
weeks' visit with relatttres in Chicago*
They were accompanied by Mrs. Geo.
Johifstone, son, Joe* and daughter,
Mary, of that pla6e, who will make a
visit here. Mrs. Johnsitdhe is also a
relative of the Cramers. They will
refnaln here until September, when
iMr. Johnstone will come and accom
pany them home.,
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Goidsworthy have
been enjoying a Visit from his brother,
J. D. Goidsworthy, and wife of Minne
apolis, they having returned to their
home Thursday.
Mrs. George Binnall and Mrs. Frank
Binnall were in Woodbine Wednesday
visiting relatives.
(Emmett Quirk, of Vail,' was calling
on Dow City friends Saturday..
Mrs. Leslie Hein was up irom Dtfh
lap Friday. Miss Josephine Munsey
accompanied her back that evening
and Saturday morning the two girls
went down ito Omaha to spend the day
among the big storks.
Clark Barker has accepted employ
ment. at the Ahart elevators, having
begun his duties the first of the month.
C. O. Miller was among the Omaha
business visitors Wednesday.
iMr. -a.nd Mrs. O. S. Carlson and Mrs.
A- B. Carlson and daughter. 'Marian,
were Dunlap visitors Friday
J. H. Bon sail shipped two cars of
sheep to the- market in Omaha Ihst
Wednesday night, he and bis brother,
E. E. Bonsall,' of Charter Oak, accom
panying the shipment. The tetter's
wife was over from the Oak and visit
jed at the Bonsall home here during
her husband's absence.
and daughters.
^turned Friday eye-
rfev,eral da's
Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Schouten arid
daughter, Mearle, wiith her mother,
Mrs. L. M. Jones, were visiting at the
Frank Jones home at' Moofhead re
"Mr. and Mrs. Arch Lambert, accom
panied by Hannah and Jack Heffernan
went Thursday to Dell Rapids, S. D.,
where they enjoyed visit at (he
home of Mr^. Lambert's brother, Luth
4rf Bjfesel, remaining over Sunday.:
Additional Dow City items in sedcjnd
section. •.
Mmmmtw, A* ","%•*•
/. t4V
While fresh fruits cost
high the I .With the advent of national ^jrohl-
landlady Is sure that stewed prunes bition not so mfmy men have had to
[are much
sit up with sick friends.
in each package.
The biggest
value in
you can pos
sibly buy.
A BENEFIT to teeth,
breath, appetite and
The price Is 5 cents.
Ride over
the Tired Spot
In iheDay
Need a lift into the long pull of the afternoon?
Step around the corner for a long, cool drink
of foamy
A man's drink for fair—a health drink, with
a flavor that you can't forget. Everybody
likes it—everybody's drinking it
Better! Satisfies!
company St Paul, Minn.
Denison, Iowa

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