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MBsfe Jennie Burke, the.capable and
efficient telephony operator Ihere, has
beeh in Woodbine the pasV week filling
vacancies there caused by the illness
of two operators, whicu seriously
handicapped the service in Woodbine.
The/extra position caused by the di
vision of the work in the high school
has been filled by Mrs. I. P. Pounds,
who -was formerly a teacher. The
hoard are well pleased that they were
so fortunate as to secure her ser
Mrs. Lee Edwards enjoyed a visit
from her sister Mrs. Hartigan, of Ute,
the fore part of the week.
Mrs. A. P. Moore and son, Ben Ag
new, were Omaha passengers Mon
Leonard Bprge'r was employed Uj'
the Kavanagh drug store Saturday'.
MfSf,- Bay- Brown pleasantly enter
tainedtbe'Whj^club at her^ome one
"n&t week.
Mitjfe'Jennie Mitchell left fpf iCpun
S in ii ii
The O. E7 S. kensington was enter
ft tain|Ji at the- home of Mrs. W. -A:
Chatacy on Friday of last week and
the ftsual good time was reponfed.
Tie footVull -team' is im)w d{tly or
ganized and- locking for games. They
!hav0,ibeen spending some time in try
ing out members and practicing.
Mrs. B. Perrin, of Moorhead, is in
town at the home of her sister, Mrs.
Dr. and Mrs. Burleigh attended all
of the sessions of the bible conference
in Denison last week.
E. I. Rogers and J. R. Wheeler were
Chicago passengers one day last week,
remaining several days in the city.
Ltfwell Burling was up from the Val
ley over Sunday.
The dance in Pfleiger's hall Thurs
day evening was well attended, but
•wasj.,somewhat^ handicapped at first
owing to the lights going out.
and, Mrs. Frank Gorham spent
days the fast w&pk in Omaha:
Geo. Cullivari and Son were
a visitors over Sunday.
•Burling, otf Missouri Valley, and
Arthur, returned from
•thei^ wes'tem trip
parf, of
and Al has been in town a
Stays IKls'
tofeflfc fct the home of lias
Mrs. Win. Hein left Saturday morn
ing Xpr a visit with relatives in Illi
nois.. Her mother 4ives,th^re and is
quit^aged and Mrs. Hein makes a vis
It tb$re yearly .and sometimes oftener.,
She -relatives tflteYfe.'
MrSidartc-^Goriiamreturned this
/weej(c trovi a yjislt, at Mitchell,
•with^tier sister. .jfP!
Airs. Pollen and Mrs. SpeakeT
Woeijdblrte, -werQ to town Friday and
visited their daughter and sister, Mrs*.
J. T=. Rawlings.
Afla Rawlings left Tuesday for Bris
tol to teach the remainder of the year.
Mesdames A. P. Moiore, E. I. Rogers,
C. •. Oadwell and J. T. Raiwlings at-
tended the bible conference in Deni
aon Thursday.
Amanda Edwards was a Denison
caller Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Dow Howorth motored
to ©enison Thursday.
Asocial and lunch was given at the
A number from here who had plan
ned on attending the Ak-sar-ben fes
tivlties in Omaha were disappointed I Methodist church on Thursday eve
owing to the calling off of the affair, jning by one division of the Ladies' Aid
John R. Wheeler, of Denver, was in Mrs. Cecil Hectit and brother, Don
town several days the first of the week aid Liscomb, motored to Denison last
at the home of his mother, Mrs. J. R. -Thursday.
Wheeler. Mrs. M. B. Bailey has been in
Edi .Young and /family were in town
over 'Suhday. They formerly lived
Ciere and, have many friends. Mr.
Young was on his return from a visit
to his-parents in Alden, Iowa. From
ihere they went to Idaho to visit a
(brother of Mrs. Young for J* few days.
Mr. Young is dining car conductor on
a train running from Omaha to Ogden,
Boone the past week in attendance at
the suffrange convention which voted
at this time to change their name to
the Iowa branch of National League of
Women Voters, with Miss Flora Dun
lap as their chairman.
lElmer Smith is home again from
t/he north where he has been for some
time at the home of his children in
Dr. and Mrs. C. L. Boies are located
in the home of Donald Moore7, on Je
roleum street.
The D. of I.'s held a meeting Thurs
day evening, at which time dainty re
freshments were served.
Dr. and Mrs. ft: C. Rath, of Ackley.
were in town and spent the week end
at the Pfleiger home last week.
Clhas. Gagere was in Omaha Thurs
John Wheeker is in 'Cleveland this
A daughter was born at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Smithers one
day the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Shirk, of Denison,
were in town one day last week vis
iting, at, the home of their daughter,
Mrs. 'Ralph Magden. Mrsi: Magden
went l*ome with thfem/
'•'(Mr. atad Mfs. M&ek Knight '&re'6orti
fortably domieiliejl ?li their borne on
friends ot Miss. Helen /Paylor.
of Grinnell, will be pleased to know
thkt she has secured her discharge,
from the nursing unit and i#at home
enjoying a rest, (after, seven mortis
of VerJ''streniioiis wcirk 'in* nursing.'
Mr.- and Mrs. Gleadail motored to
Missouri Valley one day last week
ahd spent the day at the home of
Mrs. Gleadall's sister, Mrs. Bennett
They were accompanied home by
Mrs. Marcella Barsby who had baen
visiting at the home of her daughter
for some time.
Miss Bertha Hein was up from Oma
ha last week to attend the football
Rev. H. B. Hawley, of Ames, pastor
of the local church there, was in town
Sunday and filled the pulpit in the
morning in the Congergational 'lurch
and presented, the matter of the Pil
grim. Memorial fund.
Mr. and Mrs. Robt, .Wetiengel left
this week for Milwaukee fo make a
visit of several weeks length at the
home of Mrs. Wetterigel's people.
M. Barnett, of Hamburg- was in
town several days the past week.
Misses Haley and Christiansen
were |in^attendance 41! the -conference
one evening last week at Denison.
Mis's Tearduff ha~s been' up from
Omaha visitingthe home folks for
sortie time.
Mr. and Mrs. Al. Burling, of Mis
souri Valley, were in -towh between
trains one day last week.
Mrs. ©erans- antl. dajighteij Mrs.
Wactair, Kh'otored*to^eqlifrn'one day
day last
^Ir, and Mrs. Ciias Fisher,, who have
been in Denison' for some time visit
ing and settling the estate of the late
Chas. Bullock of whom Mr. Fisher is
a nephew, .were in town on 'Sunday
and visited at the home of Mrs. Ames
Williams as the ladles are cousins.
M. J. Barnett was in .Omaha several
days the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Harris were up from
"T. R.
"T. R. stands for "Threaded
Rubber" 6f. course—the insula
tion founds only in Willard Bat
teries with the red trade-mark.
The insulation that lasts as long
as the plates, so that 90% of
those who buy The Red Trade
Marked Willard have no re-insula
tion bills to pay.
There's a lot more of interest to
you on this battery question.!
Come in and talk it overi
^JThe Denison
Storage Battery Co.
Denison, Iowa
Omaha and visited at the Magden
home over Sunday. Mrs. Harris was
formerly Miss Edith Magdeii.
Miss Mildred Kirk, of LoganTT^s
up for the week end.
Mrs. Mair, who formerly lived here,
came up from her home in Omaha and
visited a few days last week.
'Ray Gorham is at Templeton this
week. Ray has turned into a full
fledged commercial man and is a
hustler at what ever he undertakes
so here is hoping he makes good.
•Mrs. Harold Haight, of Woodbine,
came up Monday morning and spent
a few days with her parents here.
Mr. and Mrs. Labert motored to
Dakota! for a. visit last week.
Mrs. Maude Smith Barkwil has been
home on a visit for a few days.
Mrs. P. F. Bennett entertained a
number of young people at a birthday
party at her home on Monday after
noon, the occasion being the thir
teenth birthday of her oldest son,
Needless to say, the company en
joyed a fine time as Mrs. Barrett al
ways proyes herself a royal enter
tainer at all times.
Miss iMorma Curtis celebrated her
seventh birthday one day last week.
Her mother invited a number of her
playmates in and all enjoyed a fine
time and at the close of the afternoon
Mrs. Curtis served a very dainty
The Misses Ledden entertained a
company of young people at their
home one evening last week in honor
of their sousin, Mr. Lyman, who was
here on a visit at that time.
Miss Helen Burke has'heen on the
trick list the past week.
•i John Lqhan spent Sunday in Omaha
the guest of, friends.
The Wheel of the Congregational
church )«iH mee.t at the home of Mrs.
F. W. Curtis on Tuesday afternoon.
JThese social affairs of the church are
yery pleasant ones and help to pro
mote the welfare of the church. Light
refreshment^ arq al^$ys served, at the'
Close of the ^ftenioqA. I
Mrs. G. *6. AfeCahy and'Mrs. Crim
«V were, .OjjiaJja, passengers .on Tues
day for ,h Jevjt-payd andiifrorii .there
Mrs. Cramer went to Corning for a
visit of a few days with friends and
Mrs. Nellie 'Ryan Goodwin is home
from Omaha for a visit at the home
of her mother Mrs. Thos. Higgins.
Mrs. Anna Wacker was in Woodbine
on Thursday.
Mrs. Christy's condition has so im
proved that she is thinking of dispens
ing with the services of a nurse soon.
Her sister is with her at the present
Mrs. Georga Liscomb entertained a
party of young folks from Sac City on
Saturday evening and Sunday the past
The follpwing young people com
posed the party: Messrs. Harve Fer-
on "The Use tyid Value of Milk" also
some interesting data given on the
testing of cows for the tubercular test.
A delegate was- appointed to attend
the north district convention which
meets at Elliot Oct. to 11.
Dr. H. G. Moore is enjoying a visit
from a number of his relatives from
northern Iowa this week.
Thq^Daughters of Isabella held a
fareweu surprise at the home of Mrs.
"'rank Pflelger'last week in honor of
their departing member, Mrs. P.
Gradyt who leaves soon to make her
home in Omaha.
A spoon was given her as a remind
er of the esteem which her friends
held her in that they wished to re
mind her that is was with a feeling
of regret that they saw her leave to
make her home elsewhere.
The first nutaber of the lecture
course is the Apline Yodlers who
appear at St. Joseph's audtorium an
October. Those who enjoy music
expect to be well entertained upon
that occasion.
Miss Katherine Rand, who has been
visiting W. L. Morton and wife, re
turned to her home in Sioux City Sat
urday. Mrs. Morton accompanied lier,
returning in the evening.
Mrs. William Zlmmer, of Missoula,
Mont., arrived Saturday for a few
weeks'' visit with her parents.
Miss Joy Hemphill went to Vail on
Meat Cause of
take a G'ass of Salts if Your Back
Hurts: or iBUdder Bother*—
Meat Forms Uric Acid
If you must have your meat every
day, eat it, but flush your kidneys with
sailts occasionally, says a noted au
thority who tells us that meat forms
uric acid which almost paralyzes the
kidneys in their efforts to expel it
•from the blood. They become slug
gish and weaken, then you suffer with
a dull misery in the kidney region,
sharp pains in the back or sick head
ache, dizziness, your stomach sours,
tongue is #oated ahd when the weath
er is had y-ou have rheumatic twinges.
The urine gets cloudy, full of sedi:
ment, the channels often get sore and
irritated, obliging you to seek relief
two or th'riee timea during the night.
To neutralize these irritating acids,
to Cleanse 'the kidneys arid flush. qtl
jivitlf «^|Li(Uiat(,QuUivaniy n'he pro-?'^onk' tfte acttl HEiogrtfrdS And* lMvdft
gram was an observance of Fir.. Day
which tomes in October and that all
flfubs. are asjted to observe by the
Reading of some of the rules concern
ing fire protection. The main part-of
the program was given over to a pro
gram' on milk, the state is trying to
have milk week October 19 to 25 ob
served. Interesting paper was,, givefl.
a package
juice, cmhbifled»wUb- iithia,,. apd, „h(Uk jg.
befen used' ftfr &enferdlidhs to flush ana
stimulate sSuggit^i Wdnejte.' al$o'! to
neutralize the acids la urine, so it no
longer irritates, thus ending bladder
weakness. ..
Jads Salts is Inexpensive cannot
injure, and make» a delightful effer
vesewt lithift wajef drink.
a package
before the war
a package
^L daring the War
Saturday to visit with friends over
The dance in the liall -Friday night
was well attended and a good time
must have been indulged in by all as
the music never stopped until 6 a. m.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hemphill arrived
safely at Excelsior Springs, Mo., and
are very pleasantly located. It is
hoped that they will be greatly bene
fited by their sojourn there.
Herbert Docherty was a Denison
caller' Sunday.
A meeting of the council and inter
ested parties soon wilUbe held and it
is hoped the town will secure a'good
electric current for lights. As the
town is pretty well wired it should not
take long to get things going right.
Suhday Fred Colby shot a coon and
brought it home and put it on exhibi
tion in the restaurant.
Henry Weller at present in a Sioux
City hospital is having a serious time.
He has had one operation for appendi
citis but will have to sumbit to an-
Ladies Darken
Your Gray Hair
Look Years Younger- Use Grandmoth
er's Recipe of Sage Tea and jSil
phur and 'Nobody Will Know
The use of Sage and1 Sulphur for re
storing faded, gray hair to its natural
color dates back to grandmother's
time. She used it to keep her hair
beautifully d^rk,j glossy and attrac
tive. Whenever her hair'took on that
dull, faded or streaked' appearance
thiis simple mixture was applied with
wonderfiil effect.
But brewing at home is fiiussy and
out of date. Nowadays by- asking at
any drug store for a bottle of "Wyetli's
Sage and' Sulphur Conipouriil you
will get this famdus'old preparation,
improved by the'addition of other in
gredients, which can' be depended up
on to restore natural color and' beauty
to the hair.
A well known downtown druggist
says it darkens the' iiair so naturally
and evenlly that nobody can tell it has
been applied. You «Imply dampen a
sponge or soft brush with it and draw
this through your hair, taking one
strand at a time. By morning the
gray hair disappears, and after an
other application or two, it becomes
beautifully dark and glossy.
•|Ahe (body's jifinou^ waste get -four
dunces of *Jad. Sflts from any pharj
here ta%e a tablespoonful in a
of water before breakfast for'a
days and your kidneyp will, then
*ct fine. This famous salts is made
other. His many friends all hope for
a speedy recovery. Henry is a strong
healthy young man and should be able
to stand a good bit.
uVlrs. Ernest Stegemann, of Denison,
spent Saturday and Sunday with her
daughter, Mrs. Frank Slater, and fam
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brewster have
been having extensive repairs made
on /heir home aind it is now being pa
pered and painted.
Mrs. (Emma Weller returned 'Satur
day from a visit with her son, Henry
at the hospital in Sioux City.,v
King Orion Cherry Jr. stands supreme in the Orion
Cherry King family as a sire of Big Type Durocs. If look
ing for a boar that is big, and will breed big,
Come Out to the Samuelsons'
at Pleasant Hill Farms between Kiron and Odebolt, Iowa.
Our boar sale takes place
Thursday, Oct 16
ifJk are rasing big type DuroCg and in numbers. We never have to skimp
for a boar offering. We pick out the tops from three times the number we
catalogue. IT'S A KING ORION CHERRY JR. SALE. It's a picked offer
ing all big, stretchy fellows—45 of them, and mostly by King Orion Cherry
Jr. Biesides, they are from our top sows that are descended from the pick of
every year's crop for the past 25 years of our active breeding operations. All
are early spring boars except KING'S HIGH ORION, a junior yearling that
should interest the big type enthusiast. He's a boar to put a new mark in
some good herd. Don's fail to inspect King's High Orion. He's the kind
they sell for big money privately. You can buy him at your own price Oc
tober 16th. We sell a few by Giant Investor, the boar we sold to F. H. Bailey
of Battle Creek for $1,000, and one or two each by Giant Pathfinder and Orion
Great Sensation. Those by the latter are out of a Pathfinder Giant dam. A
big per cent of these spring boars weigh around 200 pounds some a little
more, Some a little less. But they are not fat—just big, growthy, stretchy
fellows. Remember it's King Orion Cherry Jr. that has put the finishing
touch of BIG TYPE in our herd. It's: sons of his that have put the climax of
BIG TYPE in maity other herds. You are getting a sure thing when you get
a son of King Or-ion Cherry Jr. Catalogue on application to
B. A. Samuelson & Son
Kiron, Sac County, Iowa
J. L. Mcllrath and A. L. Teaquist, Auctioneers. Holmes Cantine, Wal-
laces' Farmer representative. Send all mail orders to him in our care. We
guarantee satisfaction. Trains met at both Kiron and Odebolt day of sale.
IHP«t wsctswibjj
The Kansas superintendent of public
instruction is opposed to night study
by school children. Yes, it is a good
deal of a strain for the children to
spend five hours a day trying to get
ahead of the teacher.
The girls are now getting ready for
an influenza epidemic by putting on
their extra low cut waists.
It is certainly well that President
Wilson is getting back in time to rake
Up the leaves on the white house
12 Fords Received!
Remember no other car on the mar
ket that you can drive for three years
and then get two-thirds of what you
paid for it.
Also don't forget the first of the year
the tax you will have to pay on the
larger cars.
Recollect that when you gc-t your
present Ford overhauled you will want
genuine Ford pans. Yoii can get them
at the Lincoln Highway garage.
You will find a fine line of Ford ac
cessories, including winter tops, here
also some second hand Fords.
Geo. Newcom

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