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Public Sales in All Parts of the County
Now Demanding the Attention
of tfie Public
Many New Advertisements Appear
First Time in This Week's Is
sue of the Paper
Friday, Nov. 28—F. A. Slater, Buck
Grove, farm sale.
Saturday, November 29—Malone Bros.
auto sole In Deniaon.
Monday, December 1—George Igou
farm sale.
December 2—Tracy North, Vail, farm
Wednesday, December 3—W. W. Clark,
farmi sale.
December 4—Geo. L. Novotne, 4 miles
northeast Vail, farm sale.
December 4—Willie Janssen, Buck
Grove, farm sale.
Friday, December 5—Geo. Igou, Dow
City, postponed farm sale.
Monday, December 8—William Lentz,
farm sale.
December 8—Frank Nollen, Buck Grove
farm sale.
Tuesday, December 9—August Wein
brandt, farm sale.
Tuesday, December 9—H. C. Casse
barth, farm sale.
December 10—Mrs. Anna Janssen
near Defiance, farm salo.
Friday, December 12—Robt. Crampton.
Vail, farm sule.
Saturday, December 13—Enoch Olson,
farm sale.
Thursday, December 11—Adolph Knief.
farm sale.
December 11—L. Hannan, West Side
township, 3 miles northeast of Vail.
Farm sale.
Thursday, December 11—Wm. VonDohl
en, Goodrich township, farm sale.
December 12—C. W. Snell, Deloit,
farm sale.
Saturday, December 13—Enoch Olson,
Denisotf, farm sale.
Monday, December 15—W. M. Huskey,
Deloit, farm sale.
Tuesday, Dec. 16—E. F. Stegemann,
Buck .Grove, farm sale.
Wednesday, December 17—Arnold Bach-
Jnann, Denison, farm salo.
Thursday, December IS—John E. Bahn
sen. Willow township, farm sale.
January 21—James A. Wulf, Boyer,
farm sale.
February 10—Fred Knop, Charter Oak,
(Duroc Jersey.
February 11—C. A. Christiansen, Den
lson, Duroc sow sale.
February 18—B. A. Samuelson & Son,
Kiron, Duroc bred sow sale.
Almost every nook of Crawford coun
ty will be represented by a public sale
this month, and in order that all keep
posted as to dates and places of sales
it is well that a careful perusal of the
paper be made each week. This week
the Review prints a number of adver
tisements that appear for the first time.
Look over the advertising pages care
fully, and read the sale that will be held
in your community.
John E. Bahnsen
This gentleman lives 1 miles west of
'he Mullen school house in Willow tovvn
liip, and 5 miles south of Charter Oak.
He has sold his farm and for that reas
on will sell his personal property. The
sale is dated for Thursday, December
18th, at 10 o'clock, and the property
listed comprises 6 head of horses, 25
head of cattle, 54 head of hogs, all farm
machinery and 1800 bushels of corn, 400
bushels of oats, 150 bales of timothy
hay, some baled straw, and a lot of oth
er property. The usual, terms are giv
en. Malone Bros, are the auctioneers
and Emil Timm is the clerk. This is
a pretty fair sale, the stock is in good
condition, and machinery in good re
C. W. Snell
Mr. Snell has also sold his farm and
expects to remove to Lake View he
will therefore hold a public sale and
sell all his personal property. The date
of his sale is Friday, December 12th
and it will begin at 10 o'clock. We no
tice in the list of livestock 4 head of
horses, 22 head of cattle and 56 head
of hogs. The horses consist of a bay
team, weight 2400 black mare, weight
1100, and a spring colt. Among the cat
tle listed are 4 milch cows, 9 yearling
heifers, 3 two year old heifers and 5
calves. The hogs comprise 44 spring
shoats, 2 old brood sows and 10 brood
sows. There are also several dozen
chickens, all farming machinery and a
lot of household goods. Malone Bros.
auctioneers and Crawford bank clerk.
W. M. Huskey
'•r. Frank llctar of'Slous City, Xoaa, fea«lag torn |a
Mfloj for
put t*Q yMM. Ma
«ouria of tuning tr4 ein ehMrfullf r»oo—and fits
firm olaa* •ortaMfi, ftavinfTtlM bwwflt of fMtor? •&*•*
cation, %«lng fMlU*r »Uh all it* br«nelM«, •fclohT'
tboreg|bly flti his to 4s whatever «or* found ueHMry
Interior of th*
Tour* rMpfletruiiy,
Plane Ooaptap.'
Mr. Huskey intends to quit farming
as he has sold his farm. His sale will
take place on the old Fred Sehuler farm
1% miles north of Deloit, on Monday.
December 15th, and will start at 10
o'clock. Anyone looking for a lot of
good machinery had best attend this
sale, as all the machinery is in first
class condition, and there is quite a lot
of it. In the livestock line will be found
head of good horses, 22 head of cattle
and 15 head of Poland China hogs. The
horses are all good animals such as are
usually found on a farm where the own
er believes in keeping a better grade of
livestock the cattle are mostly Here
fords and will bear the closest inspec
tion. The hogs are purebred but not naval .attache at Washington,
registered. A Poland China boar will
be sold with papers, and there are also
four head of sheep.' Malone Bros. arei«nn. ~„„,i
term. Mil1 be (riven SoS,
and include 8 milch cows, fi head of
stock cows, 12 yearling steers, 5 year
ling heifers, 9 spring calves and 1 Here
ford grade bull. Fifteen head of thrifty
Hampshire shoats will be the hog offer-.
ing. In the miscellaneous line there are I Brodersen, of
15 tons of clover hay, 500 bushels of I Battle Creek,
corn, 50 bushels of oats, and other ar
ticles. All machinery is listed and there
is a lot of it. The usual terms are of
fered. and Malone Bros, are the auction
eers and Glen Hemphill is the clerk.
Arnold Baclimann
tending college, and as he has rented Crusader Farmer by Imp. Farmer, out
his farm, will have no use for the stock
and machinery. He will therefore hold
.a sale at the place 1 mile west of the
court house on Wednesday, December
17th, commencing at 10 o'clock. The
first on the list to be sold will be 6 head
of horses, consisting of a heavy team
crrav mare
Capt. Geoffrey Stake is the British
Emil F. Stegemann yearling hoi: erpC 8 .spring and ffcll calves
We called attention to this sale last and 1 young'l Polod bull jnake up
week. Mr. Stegemahn will quit thethe list of cattle. There dozen
farm and has purchased property iryoung eWe.^Kr. ^8t? -.ks of alfalfa and
Buck Grove. His salo is dated for a big lot bf goorjEiir.-M mntfhhiery, to
Tuesday. December 16th, at 10 o'clock, gether v!ri e6nij'ij#xib:ev^household
and all property is to be sold. In the goods. The :aaclb8t)' is practically
list will be found 10 head of horses, com-, new, and all of it is in good repair. Free
prising bay mare, black mare, span dap-1 iunch will be'served at noon, and the
pie grays, 3 two year old colts, 2 year-1 regular farm sale terms are offered. Ma
ling colts and gray mare 15 years old. lone Bros, are the auctioneers and the
The cattle offered consist of 41 head. I Crawford County. Stfcte bank will clerk
the sale.
nAioltland Stock Farm
In another space in this paper will be
found an announcement made by R. H.
Mr. Baclimann expects to remove to! cember 11th, and says these two bulls
Cedar Rapids where his daughter is at-
Brookland Stock Farm,
This farm is known as
the home of pure Hereford cattle, and
Mr. Brodersen is advertising a number
of yearling bulls for sale. They are of
the Fairfax breeding and therefore must
be good ones. He is putting in two bulls
in the association sale in Ida Grove De-
are tho best
he ever raised. One is by
of a Double Dale bred dam. The ot'ier
is Spooner's Perfect Donald 400001. Mr.
Brodersen asks that interested parties
come to Ida Grove December 10th and
11th and look these animals over.
William Lentz
This sale will be held on the farm
weierhincr miles west of Denison on Mnnrinv. Tip.of tame ihnv
Latest photograph of Mrs. Olive*
Harrlman, chairman of the women'i
council of the League of Nations asso
cember 8th, at 10 o'clock. Mr. Lentz
will sell 6 head of horses, 37 head of
cuttle, 50 spring shoats, 16 dozen chick
ens, 1000 bushels corn, and other feed,
together with all farming machinery.
Duncan & Reinking are the auctioneers
and the Farmers State b:ink the clerk.
II. C. Cassebarth
This 'is a farm and personal property
sale and will be held Tuesday, Decem
ber 9tli, at the place 5 miles west of
Dow City and a half mile north. The
farm, which consists of 240 acres, will
be sold and exceptional terms are offer
ed. The personal property consists of
he:id of Worses, 30. lipid of cattle, GO
head o£ hp£», 20()0 \u^iely iorn, stacks
jfnehinery '^.rid
All Pianos sold by me I keep in tune two years at no expense to you. I take in organs and used pianos as part payment.
Bichop Thomac F. Gailor of Ten
nessee, who was selected by the
house of bishops in conference at the
triennial general convention of the
Episcopal church at Detroit as chair
man of the new executive council
which will handle the business of the
church after January 1 next Bishop
Gailor will hold the office until f':e
next convention. He becomes by vir.
tue of the office executive head of the
household goods. The usual terms offer
ed. Malone Bros, are auctioneers at
this sale and W. E. Fishel will clerk.
Frank Nollen
Enoch Olson
This promises to be a big sale, and
we called attention to It last week. The
sale takes place on the Lehfeldt farm
just west of the I. C. depot in Denison
on Saturday, December 13th. All live
stock, farm machinery, grain and corn
will be sold. Look the ad up and read
the list. C. L. Voss is the clerk and Ma
lone Bros, the auctioneers.
Mrs. Anna Janssen
This lady lives on the Bernard Hulse
bus farm 4% fiile north of Defiance,
and will hold a public sale Wednesday.
December ljOth. She will sell 10 head
of horses, 42 head of cattle, 20 head of
Duroc hogs, all farm machinery, hay
and grain. Her reason for the sale is
that she is retiring. Malone Bros, are
the auctioneers and N. V. Kuhl clerk.
Adolph Knief
See my large stock of pianos before purchasing
Frank H. Lister
Thursday, December 11th, this gen
tleman will offer all his belongings at
public sale. The sale will take place In
Stockholm township ,ot» what is kpowrt Conner & Powers.
tt 'i'
Mpfii-iiff inr«iTSaaaaaB(aiiii Hi m, I^HIM^IWI Hi ii
of Ells. There are 17 head of horses,
23 pure Polled Durham Shorthorn cat'
tie, hay and grain, chickens and all ma'
chinery. Reinking & Duncan are the
auctioneers and the' Crawford County
State bank clerk.
August Weinbrandt
Mr. Weinbrandt is moving to Denison
and for that reason will hold a sale on
Tuesday, December 9th. He will sell
all his property, which includes 9 head
of horses, 26 head of cattle, 60 head of
hogs, a lot of grain and corri, and all
farm machinery. The sale will be held
on'the McCuliough farm, 5 miles south
of Vail. W. A. Maguire is the clerk and
Malone Bros, the auctioneers.
L. L. Ilannan
Having decided to move to a smaller
farm Mr. Hannan will sell on the Han
nan place 3 miles northeast of Vail, on
Thursday,- December 11th, commencing
at 12 o'clock, 7 head of horses, 37 head
of cattle, 60 head of hogs and all ma
chinery. The advertisement appears in
another part of this paper and we ask
that readers look it up, and make a note
of the property listed. Teaquist & Mc
Laughlin are the auctioneers for this
sale and the Farmers State bank at Vail
the clerk.
Win. Von Dohlen
This gentleman expects to move to
Minnesota and will therefore hold a
public sale on the Ohas. Hartwig place
in Goodrich township, 6% miles north
of Denison, on Thursday, December
11th. He will sell 9 head of horses, 17
head of cattle and 8 head of hogs. He
will also sel Isome hay, a lot of corn,
chickens, household goods, a new Essex
automobile and all machinery. Malone
Bros, are the auctioneers and Farmers
State bank clerk.
Robert Crampton
Intending to move to Minnesota, Mr.
Crampton will hold a public sale at his
place 3 miles'/^ southeast of Vail, on
Friday, December 12th, at 9 o'clock. He
will sell 15 head of horses, 17 head of
cattle, 3 purebred Duroc Jersey sows,
and 60 head of spring shoats. He will
also sell all his machinery and some
household goods. The usual terms and
Malone Bros, will have charge of the
sale and W. A. Maguire the clerk.
George Igou
Owing to the severe weather of Mon
day the George Igou salo was postpon
ed to Friday, December 5th, at which
time Mr. Igou expects to sell all his
personal property.
Here is another sale in the vicinity
of Buck. Grove. Mr. Nollen lives on the
old Cal Carpenter farm 1 mile east and
M. mile south of Buck Grove. His sale
is dated Monday, December 8th, and he Although there is much complaint of
will sell 4 hors^i,"26 head of cattle, 49 the scarcity dt wood, the country is
head of, hfigs, hay, all, machinery and positively, assured that the supply of
ntigcellahftHis articles. Malone Bros, woodenfreads is abundant and constantly
will cry the aale and Glen Hemphill will increasing.
State of Iowa, Crawford County, ss.—
In Probate.
In the matter of the estate of Charles
Lindquist, late of Crawford county, de
Notice of Appointment of Adminis
To Whom It May Concern:
You are hereby notified that on the
6th day of November, 1919, the under
signed was duly appointed administrat
or of the above entitled estate, and all
creditors of said estate are notified to
file their claims in the office of the clerk
of the district court, in and for Craw
ford county, Iowa, within one year from
the da,te of this notice, according to
law, and have the same allowed and or
dered paid by the said court, or stand
forever barred therefrom.
Dated Nov. 25, 1919.
Estate. 48-3t
-V 'i
Don't Stay Gray! Nobody Can Tell
When You Darken Giny, Faded Hair
With Sage Tea and Sulphur
Grandmother kept her hair beautiful
ly darkened, glossy and attractive with
a brew- of Sage Tea and Sulphur. When
ever her hair took on that dull, faded
or streaked appearance, this simple
mixture was applied with wonderful ef
fect. By asking at the drug .store for
"Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound"
you will get. a large bottle of this bid
time recipe, improved by the addition
of other ingredients, all ready to use,
at very little cost. This simple mixture
can be depended upon to restore natur
al color and beauty to the hair.
A well known downtown druggist
says everybody uses Wyeth's Sage and
Sulphur Compound now because it
darkens so naturally and evenly that
nobody can tell it has been applied
it's so easy to use. too. You simply
dampen a comb or soft brush and dntw
it through your hair, taking one strand
at a time. By morning the gray hair
disappears after another application or
two, it is restored to its natural color
and looks glossy, soft and beautiful.
Wants his money back
"I can thank Mr, O'Brien, neighbor,
for my recovery from severe colic at
tacks and stomach trouble that neairly
forced me to cross the river Jordan. I
spent thousands of dollars in the past
nine years for doctors and medicine and
would have died but for my neighbor's
advice to use Mayr's Wonderful Reme
dy. I wish I had the money back I
spent for other medicine." It is a sipi
ple, harmless preparation that removes
the catarrhal mucus from the intestin
al tract and allays the Inflammation
which causes practically all stomach,
liver and intestinal ailments, Including
appendicitis. One dose will convince or
money refunded. Rudolph Knaul and
druggists everywhere.
It looks as if before the country gets
the dry law tangle straightened out,
the constitution will probably phweto
be unconstitutional.
Was He Airasd of
Being Assassinated
I!* wrute Mr J*onr* TrofHyan tint b«
eauldn'l tradentaad wh/ pubOf wru gil Mr.
t«M a tout li.
RfMlif R«O»V+!1*I Own
afifliffirR**, like
tUhtn* IiK |irU«i« oflr# al WUMI UUOM
aAtl Wwfciif o*cr fcb •orreeyuwUae*.
ThtM art ItawrvtU'ft LcMtt*
apjwariNf In
Scrifcner'* Magazine
If your dealer paaavt impfilv *a«r towr.
ymir oni+r
imw 10 W'NiNAUXt.\fc.
Na« V«rh CI«j,
full iur't
is high

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