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"Blow your horn loud if
you succeed people will
forgive your noise if
you fail, they'll forget
Louis Carrol, Former Student of Dow
City, and Miss Mary Heckel
Married June 27th
cv viii
DOW Cl't'Y, July 6—Special— secure a man iu umc L-imigc
Dow City friends are in receipt of printing business during their absence.
an announcement of the marriage of W. ^.o^^Hudson"Colo.,"coming"^'
Louis Carroll to Mary Heckel. The
Tina Nelson, Mrs. John William
son, Mrs. A. E. Alemap and daughter,
Arlene, Stella and Rena Wieland, Des
sie Baber and Isabel Jordan represent
ed Dow City in Denison Wednesday.
H. B. Gllmore and wife were arrivals
Tuesday evening from Sioux City, for
a visit wifh their, relatives, the M. A.
Rlgsby family.
Mm. O. J. Judd played the part of
hostess to the Priscllla club Tuesday
afternoon, entertaining in her usual
pleasant manner. A number of in
timate friends were also invited to en
joy the day with the members. All
joined in the discussion of current
events and the like which occupied the
hours until luncheon time, when a
most tempting menu was brought
forth. Mrs. Carl Kirk and Mrs. Les
lie Hien, of Dunlap, were the only out
of town guests.
Oscar Cramer, of Pittsburg, Pa., Al
bert Cramer, of Muskegan, Mich., and
Havry Cramer, al.4o of the state of
Pennsylvania, arrived Tuesday morn
ing for a visit with their brother. J. W.
Cramer, and family. Mr. Cramer had
not met the former two for fourty
four years, the latter having visited
here several years ago. The. three
visitors went to Earlham Thursday to
spend a short time nirith relatives, re
turning here Friday.

his restaurant while he was
Colorado where she had been visiting the passing yeais.
a daughter, was a passenger to Arion
Tuesday evening for a visit at the
home of another daughter.
ome of another daugnter. who bought
A. P. Moeller. and
27th, at the bride's home in Sidney,
Iowa. The groom is well and favor
ably known here, having attended the
public schools at which time his home
was in Arion. During the late war
he served in the army and saw con
siderable service abroad. He received
an honorable discharge from the army
about one year ago, and at the present
holds a position as traveling salesman
for a flour Arm in Minneapolis, with
headquarters at Sioux City, where the
couple will make their home. The
bride is an entire stranger to our peo
ple, but the fact that Louis Carroll
has chosen her as a life companion
gives her ample endorsement. Dow
City friends wish to be numbered
among those extending hearty congrat
ulations and best wishes.
Helen and Lois Hallowell were ar
rivals Wednesday afternoon from Web
ster City, for a visit at the home of
their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. P.
J. Hallowell.
Ralph Binnall returned home the
early part of last week from a visit
of a week or more with his brother,
Dr. Bryee Binnall, and wife at Pierson.
es iow
whore he attended a two days' session
conference held under the auspices of
the L. D. S. church
•N. R. Wilder was among the county
sent visitors Wednesday.
Ralph Igou and wife were passen
gers to Arion Friday evening, where
they were guests of friends over night.
They left Saturday morning for Sioux
City oh visit to his brother, George,
and wife, returning Monday evening.
Mrs 0
Pnscilla Club Members Guests at the
Home of Mrs. 0. J. Judd on Last
Tuesday Afternoon
'^usinea trip and for a visit with
happy event occurred Sunday, June his relatives and friends in this vlcln
27th. nt thf* hrMp'u linmp In Slflnpv IM, and In Opninon where he visits hi8
ity and In Denison where he visits his
daughter and sister. Miss Helen Schou
ten and Mrs. Hannah Duncan and with
other relatives. The Schouten family
moved from here early the past spring
and Mr. Schouten states that they are
well pleased with their Colorado home.
He expects to return again Saturday.
expects to return "S®
A. P. Moeller, the local Standard Oil
man, met with an accident Friday.
While out driving with his truck the
machine was overturned into a ditch
Gordan, the youngest son or llev.
ami Mrs. G. A. Barker, had the mis
fortune to stumble and fftU one duy
last week in such a manner as to
receive a badly sprained ankle. At
present he is unable to be about with
out the aid of crutches, but all hope
the injury will heal and he will have
recained the use of the member again.
Friday evening Clark Barker was
very agreeably surprised at the home
of his parents. Rev. and Mrs. G. A.
Barker, the occasion being planned by
his mother as a courtesy to his eigh
teenth birthday anniversary. The
fact that he returned to .his duties In
the Houston garage after having £een
home for the evening meal, gives evi
dence that the surprise was complete.
After the guests had gathered he was
called home by telephone and upon nis
Arrival beheld his classmates and high
school friends assembled In the home.
Various games were indulged In, wnicn
pleasantly filled the hours of the even
jng jce cream and cake being sor\ed
at the close. At a late hour the comp
any of young people took their depart
ure, having enjoyed an exceptionally
fine time. Many handsome tokens
of remembrances were left for tin.
honor guest
Mrs. P. J. Brown, who has been the
efficient night operator in the tele
phone office for several months, has
given up the position, the resignation
taking effect July the first. Her sis
ter. Mrs. Ralph Igou, who served in
the capacity of chief operator a num
ber of years, prior to her marriage last
fall, has been secured to take her
place and began her duties Tuesday
night of this week. R. 13. Lusk. the
local manager handling the work dur
ing the intervening nights. Anna
Dwlne, relief operator has been obliged
to sever her connections also on ac
count of the death of-her mother una three times a can
will devote her time to the caring of governor of South Dakota
the household. As yet her position is
Tof the' deatlTof10/^ mo°ther and begging
still vacant.
DES MOINES, Iowa, July 7, 1920—
A jury in the state circuit court at
Sioux Falls, after being out all night,
returned a verdict finding Geo. \V„
Egan, of that city, guilty of making
false statements when making ai'J"'-
count of the death of -her motner ana times a can-
w(l8 twice
|8ijarred from practic-
in the
E. H. Gibson was an Omaha professional conduct, in the case just
visitor Wednesday. I. J. assisted in J? ..
gi^te on charges of un-
The 8
Morris Wilder was up from Omaha
Moeller haa resumed his Standard Oil begin the sinking of cement
business which was in charge of Oil- order to protect the river banks The
ver Boham during his absence. Mr. bout is 110 feet long and
and Mrs Moeller will make their home dreadnought to the dry land skippers
tuh her parents. E. II. Swasey, and who visit it daily. The tons
•Wife until the Herman Lazerus fam- cable, tho re-enforced eement anch
.iv vacate their residence property. posts and the huge derrick tell th
Elder Chas E Butterworth spent a Htory of the preparation made to har
couple of days recently at Mallard, „ess the tricky stream and make her
tate charged that the
destroyed building, on which there
wm Insurance of
and spent several days the past 'ore ,mn $2,000. George W. Egan
at the parerftal, N. R. Wilder, home. native of Harrison county, Iowa.
lZreatrae8couplSe°o'f *5^ week
$27,500, was not worth
«*RES&S:. .*.
Aid rich c'las curator
Historical dept
Section One
Florence, went down to Council Bluffs
Saturday morning for a visit at the
home of Mr. Miller's sister, Mrs. \V.
A. Copeland, returning Sunday even
Mrs. W. \V. Galland is entertaining
her three grandsons, Irvie, John and
Charles Galland, the sons of Ed. Gal-
.. land, who came Friday from Council
Editor, O. E. Bramson, of the Dun
lap Reporter, was a pleasant caller in
town one day last week. He and hip
family are planning on a two weeks'
vacation trip soon and he is trying to
secure a man to take charge of his
Woods Brothers, of Lincoln. Neb.,
returned landI on the Iowa ride of the Missouri
K±ny. iT^SteS Sto p^Vip the ranges of
^anl^ iZdl^'' r^y to
before you put out the cat, and lock
the door, and run for the train, phone
the circulation manager of the Review and leave
your vacation address.
Have your favorite newsqaper follow you on your sum
mer search for sunburn dnd freckles. No extra charge
made for' forwarding the Review that you may ke^p in
touch with the happenings of Denison and Crawford
county during your absence.
Number 23
Azgad Coinniandery Itnight Templars
Guests of \Vc«t Side and Sunset
Lodges Cunday, June 27tli
Misses Christine and Charlotte Ander
son Entertain Reading Circle and
Other Guesls Thursday Evening
WEST SIDE, July G—Special
Sunday, June 27th, aasgad command
ery Knights Templars were the guests
of honor of West Side and Sunset
lodge, A. F. & A. M. No. 349 at 9
o'clock, the commandery assembled nt
Carroll and proceeded by automobile
to West Side, where they were met by
a committee of reception from the local
lodge. The Knights arrayed theiii
selves in full dress uniform of the or
der and marched to the Presbyterian
ocrain qotnt-finv church wnere they attended divine ser-
J?!£rd on vices and after the services the Knights
machine was overturned into a ditcn. the committee and mem
the result of beingJrn en too °'®s^,'bers of the eastern star. The Sir
the edge of the
A tractor
secured from the Mullen place near
Arlbn where the accident
Ing ditched.
W H. Rule moved last week from
the G. V. Jordan building, where he
had been conducting his creamery
business for several months and Is now
nicely located In the J. VV. StephfuieU
building formerly occupied by O. A.
Luke as a harness shop. The proper
ty is being rented by the Iiloomer Cold
Storage company of Council Bluffs
which Mr. Rule has been representing
for a number of years.
At one
marched to the hall. At one o'clock
they proceeded to the opera house
where a splendid luncheon had been
expressed them selves as be-
much deliehted with the re-
ceptlon which West Side accorded
the truck was soon^lifted i^them. The occasion which brought
road again, none the worse foi its be
Templars to Weot Side is
the Knlgbts Templars to Weot Side Is
a "custom which the Knights Templars
have annually observed. It is the out
standing day on their calendar. West
Side feels very much honored by hav
ing had the pleasure of welcoming to
this city such distinguished guests.
Qn Saturday night a barn dance was
heli| at John Rickers, dedicating the
new barn which was built .a short time
Wm. JHeyers lost four head of cat
tle Friday morning, killed by lightning.
Fred Mess, of Arcadia, was a caller
here Monday of this week.
Mrs. E. Evers and Mrs. Lafe Evers
autoed to Denison Thursday, taking
Clara Evers home, who has been stay
ing at the E. Evers home during the
absence of Mrs. Evers.
Prof, and Mrs. O. O, Vogenitz ar
rive!} Monday of last week and are at
present with Mrs. F. Marriott until
thev can find a vacant house.
The following Masons attended the
funeral of T. Chapman, whichywas held
in Vail Monday: John Kelly, E. B. Spot
tswood, Elmpr Martins, Prof. Vogenitz,
F. L. Provan, Fay SchbenJahn, C.
Wiesbroa^, Hy. Schoesfilu, T. S. Bundt,
A. Q. Schoenjahn and C, L. Patterson.
Quite a number from here, attended
'the 'Farmers' Union picnic Thursday.
Air. aud Mrs. Rogert White and
daughter Pearl, wel-e callers at Deni
son Monday of this week.
Earl Moeler, of Des Moines. Is visit
ing with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.
J. Moeller.
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Schoenjan and
son, Perry, were callers at DeniSon
Wednesday of last week.
Rev. Provan and Leslie Pruter were
Manning passengers last Wednesday
News and Comment About Iowa People and Events
work in conformity to the plans of
men. The work consists of sinking the
huge cement posts with wire calbles at
tached to them und on these cables
large trees are tied. The posts are
hollow, about a foot square and twen
ty feet long. They are sunk to a depth
where the top of the post is far below
tho bottom of the stream so there is
no danger of their ever washing out.
It is the tree left swinging in the wa
ter above the post that produces the
breakwater and causes the sift to be
deposited, forming a bar with the tree,
eventually embedded In the bar. The
sinking of the posts is accomplished
simply by pumping the sand from the
inside of the post by means of a pow
erful centrifugal pump. The sand un
derneath the post is sucked in contin
uously through the aperture made for
the purpose .In the bottom end of the
post. As the sand Is removed from
under the post the post settles down
farther and farther as long as thev
pumps keep working.
During the yea^ of 1919, the Iowu
Fleece Wool growers Association,
which is an association formed by the
sheep men of Iowa handled 1,200,000
pounds of wool for their 3,500 mem
bers In the state. This wool brought
on an average of G2c a pound. Be-,
fore this association began handling
the 19191 orop of wool, local specula
tors offered 35 to 40c for wool, regard
less of the grade or the quality. Later,
when the Fleece Wool Growers Asso
ciation took up the work of marketing
the wool, local speculators advanced
their prices to 45c, 50c and even 52c
per pound. Even considering this lat
ter price of 52c. the association was
able to save many dollars for the
sheep men of Iowa.^
A donation of 50,000 was given by
students of the Iowa State college at
Ames towards a memorial building
honoring the services of 103 men and
women of the college who gave their
lives in the world war. The building
will be erected some time next year.
The Cherokee Y. M. C. A. wll} get
S70.000 from the estate of Mrs. Har
riett J. Prescott. The will breaking
case brought by eighteen relaUves
was settled by giving them (30,000.
The Congregational church of Chero
kee gets $5,000 and Kendall Upton, a
nephew of Mrs. Prescott. gets $5,000.
Cherokee will have to raise $25,000
to get the $70,000 bequest to the Y.
M. C. A.
Iowa led all of the states in the
union on Jan. 1, 1920, with a total val
ue, amounting to $640,000,000, of cattle,
hogs, sheep, horses and mules on the
farms. Texas, the Lone Star state, was
second with $572,000,000 Illinois third
with $446,000,000: and Missouri fourth
with $379,000,000 according to the Bu
reau of Crop Estimate of the United
States Department of Agrieulture.
It la estimated by the state high
way commission that Iowa has re*.
Celved from the government equip­
Grover Evers visited friends in Ar
cadia -Sunday.
Air. and Mrs. Otto Mohr, of Arca
dia visited with friends here Monday.
Jack Malloy was an, Omaha passen
ger the latter part of last week.
Mrs. A. W. Starel? visited with
friends at Vail Thursday.
Grace Martens Is at Omaha this
Mrs. Frank ScheldOrf visited with
Mrs. Will Scheldorf, wjio Is at present
at Carroll In a hospital*
were In full bloom, and guests enjoyed,
the bountiful dinner and the beautiful
scenery to the fullest extent. The
hours after supper were devoted to
the regular session of j,the club. Mra.
O. E. Humphrey, of Uenlson was an
out of town guest Of the club.
C. W. Payne" and sfln. Arthur, left
Saturday evening for/Clinton, where
they will meet MIM. 'Payne who has
been visiting with .mother before
they depart on their vfrip to England.
They will sail about J}Jly 8.
Ad Conrad was hosttss! to the Fort
Nitely club last Tdfcsday evening.
Everybody enjoyed th| evening very
Margaret Rohwoddfir was a passen
ger to Denison Mondfw of this week,
Patterson & Campjfell unloaded a
car of Ford cars MPN
idla, transacted
John Babcock„ eff A]
business here Monday,
Mr. and Mrs. F~
little son, Henry,
sengers of last wei
jjchoenjahn and
Denison pas-
&iyner, Caroline
|n motored to
and spent the
Mr. and Mrs. G.
and Charlotte Andei
Lake View, last Tues
day with the J. J. \®oolhiser family.
Wm. Pacholke, of ^Missouri Valley,
spent Sunday with Hfc parents.. Mr.
and Mrs. Pacholke.
G. O. Rtinekauer ami family autoe^
to Omaha Saturday td visit with rel
atives. a
John Tarpy called tn friends at
Lake View Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. JohirWumne and little
daughter spent the Sunday visiting at
the Frank Dohler home.
Seth Calderwood, of Denison. at
tended the Masonic doings which were
held at the Presbyterian church Sun
Christine Anderson visited in Car
roll Tuesday of this week.
Mrs. Henry Alberding was a caller
at Went Side Monday of this .week.
Mrs. C. Saunders and nloee, Ada Con
rad, departed Tuesday of thia week
for a visit with reltttlves and friends
at Dakota.
Dr. E. E. Carl and family and Rev.
Provan spent a few hours up at the
Lake Sunday afternoon.
E. Jenkins, of Denison, was a West
Side caller Wednesday.
Mrs. John Kruse visited with her
mother, Mrs. D. Olive, at Scranton the
past week.
C. W. Payne, of 8}t»uxX3ity.. trans
acted business arid called on friends
here Thursday and Friday.
Mr.i. Alice Geottsch, Mrs. Isaac Pat
terson and Less Lumm were Carroll
visitors Tuesday.
The Ladies Aid society of the Evan
gelical church will meet with Mrs. Hy.
Kruetzfeldtll Wednesday, July 7.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Patterson drove
to Denison Monday.
ment In the way of tractors, motor
trucks and the like to the value of $2,
500,000. In order to store and prop
erly care for this material it was nec
essary for the state to provide large
storage facilities. A tract of land west
of the Des Moines branch of the North
Western Railway lying along the Lin
coln highway in the south edge of
Ames was leased for a period of seven
years with the privilege' of purchase
In two vears. Upon this was erected
four buildings, 52x142. These buildings
are to be used as storage warehouses.
The people of Mount Vernon, Linn
county, claim the world's record for
school attendance in that it has a,
higher percentage of young people in
school beyond the eighth grade than
any other like community in the
world. A recent investigation made in
connection with a father and son ban
quet shows that there are only five
young men in this town of 1,700 popu
lation 21 years old or younger who
arc not in school or college somewhere.
Cornell College is located in the town
and claims the bulk of those who con
tinue in higher education, but the
town sends also its contingent of stu
dents to the state agricultural college,
stato university, state normal school,
The comparative study of state
school systems made by the Ttussel
Sage foundation has reveaed that Iowa
stands seventh In efficiency of the
schools in the list of states. The re
sults of the study have recently been
announced. The west Is advancing
and the east Is losing ground in school
effldiency and in education, this report
shows. Iowa is far ahead of Illinois,
which ranks 24th in the list.
A gigantic move to raise the entire
forty-two miles of levee In Des Moines
and Louisa counties was instigated
when the joint levee boards contracted
with Engineer Harmon of Peoria. HI..
to undertake the task of drawing up
plans and supervising the work. The
job calls for an Investment of approxi
mately $500,000, and would plaoe the
levee not only three feet higher, but
three feet above the high water mark
If recommendations to the Mississippi
river commission are carried out.
The future of Camp Dodge is still
unsettled. The war department states
that plans have not been made, as to
the permanency of the camp. Ono ru
mor Is that it will he turned over to
the state. Officials of the department
said that none of these questions could
be settled until the whole method of
procedure under army reorganization
had been working out. This will re
quire many weeks. It Is almost cer
tain that some camps will be aban
doned but it is too early, officials say,
to tell where the ax will fall.
H. H. Williamson, head of the ag
ricultural extension work in Texas, was
In Des Moines June 23d to arrange for
the stop which a party of Texas boy
club member will make in Des Moines
First Meeting of the O. M. C. With
Mrs. Mary rGahatn An Affair
of Some lin|Nrtiinre
Christine and Charlotte Anderson en
tertained the Reading clrcle and also
several gentleman frieWls of their fath
er, C. D. Anderson, wno was celebrat
ing his eighty-tlfth birthday at a six
o'clock dinner which was served on the I
beautiful lawn Thursday evening. Thel
hedge of roses surrounding the lawn President Mrs. Graham Gmve Address
of Welcome—Airs. Myrtle Slewart
(ives Acsponse
MANILLA, July 6—Special—
The first meeting of the crowd known
as the O. M. C. inet at the home oi'
the president, Mrs. Mary Graham on
Tuesday afternoon, June 22, 1920.
At this meeting, the mothers are
supposed to be the guests of the com
pany but only six were privileged to
attend. These were Mrs. J. L. McLeod,
Airs. O. C. Oleson, Mrs. Brokaw, Mrs
Conner, Mrs. J. 1'. Barber and Mrs.
The members from a distance wore:
Mrs. Ollie McLeod, of Clalt, la.. Mrs. A.
S. Avery, of Omaha, Miss Sayde Neely,
of Council Bluffs, Mrs. Myrtle Cutler,
Shuart, of Council Bluffs. Mrs. Nellie
Miller of Sioux City, and Mrs. Mary
Alexander of Coldwater, Kansas.
The president gave the address of
welcome and Mrs. Myrtle Shuart gave
the first response which was enlarged
upon by each of the visiting members.
Letters! were read from Mrs. Dottle
Saunders, of Avery. Idaho, and Airs.
Maye Smith Bagge, of Fonda, Iowa.
All hearts were saddened by the
empty chair oC one of the members
yet all recalled the many pleasant
gatherings that "Abbie" had enjoyed
with them and the kind words and
"deeds of the one who had gone on.
An hour or two of social intercourse
reminiscences, fun and laughter filled
up the time until refreshments were
served. This caused a slight lull in the
commotion but the enjoyment seemed
just as sincere and there was left no
doubt of the appreciation When the
cleared dishes were returned to the
kitchen. After this, all repaired to
the lawn where the photographer
caused a likeness to be Imprinted upon
a film which will go down In all history
as the first gathering of the O. M. C.
Wednesday afternoon the festivities
were transferred to the lovely homo
of Mrs. Ida McCracken at which sev
eral invited guests were present. Aluch
of the time was spent in visiting and
ihe recalling of incidents of days gone
During the program we listened to
an account of the llrat meeting held,
which Instigated the idea of the present
O. M. C. club. This was read by Mrs.
Maud Dyson and was taken fropi 'The
Manilla Times" of 1904. The plcturc
taken at that time bears mute testi
many of those who were present at
that meeting. Another paper of ho
year 1905 read by .Mrs. Mary Jahn told
of the meeting held in the K. of P.
hall and al,s. there was the picture
to recall the faces as we looked In
younger days. A new bible story of the
parables in the New Testament given
and other parts of the state. One hun
dred and fifty boys will arive in Iowa
from Texas in a special train the early
part of August and study agricultural
interests in Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin,
and Michigan, while on the Journey.
Horace Boies, who served for two
terms as governor of Iowa, from 1890
to 1S94, arrived at Waterloo from Long
Beach. Cal.. for a visit with his son.
Judge II. B. IJoies, recently. The ven
erable ex-governor now is in his 93rd
year and is almost blind and scarcely
able to hear, but his mind is clear
and his general health is still good.
This is the llrst visit he has made to
Iowa In three years and probably will
he Ills last, as he is no longer able
to stand a cross-continent trip. There
are now living seven former governors
of Iowa with Gov. Boies as the Nestor.
Of the former governors, Jackson,
Cummins. Garst, Carroll and Clarke
live in Des Moines and Shaw divides
his residence between Washington and
Xew York.
W. W. Gethmann of Reinbeck, and
El wood S. Brown, formerly of Chero
kee are numbered among the twenty
four Y. M. C. A. secretaries just decor
ated with the degree of "Ollicier do
1'Academlc" by the French govern
ment. The decorations were awarded
for notable services performed durinpr
the war. Gethmann was formerly "Y"
secretary at Northwestern university.
He is a graduate of Mortiingside col
lege, Sioux City. He served in France
as a divisional and regional secretary.
He is now chief secretary of the Y.
M. C. A. in Czecho slovakia. Brown
won fame as organizer of the Far East
games in which the athletes of China,
Japan, the Philippines and the Malay
peninsula compete annually.
Wfith capital and surplus amounting
to $l,r00,000, live corporations were
merged into the Grimes Canning Com
panv of Grimes, Polk county. The
eomWnies that were parties to the
combination were the Grimes Canning
and Preserving company, the Altoona
Canning company, the Pella Canning
com pa nv, the Grimes-Perry Canning
company, and the Rockwell City Pack
ing company. W. J. Stewart was elec
ted president and general manager of
the new concern J. W. Hill, of Des
Moines, chairman of the hoard and
treasurer 11. M. Pattee, of Perry, vice
president and Earl Stewart, of Grimes
secretary. The company is understood
to he tlie largest concern in the world
engaged in the corn canning industry.
The various plants will produce a total
of 12.00li.000 to 15.000,000 cans of corn
W. P. Hall, of Lancaster, Mo.. Is
planning to put a big circus and men
agerie on the road by another season.
A number of years ago Mr. Hall start
ed out a big show but did not keep it
but one season, selling off the property
the next year. Since that time In ad
dition to "buying horses, he has been
dealing In wild animals of all kinds
and furnishing them to the big shows
v.:,- ,•'••.. ,.. :,,,.„ ... i''.^-®L^,:v,, Ji„ .-
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by Mrs. Arary Alexander, was greeted
with much laughter and applause.
After the close of the program, we
were served to a most delicious lunch
eon, such as is only given to O. AI. C.
girls (we suspect), after which we de
parted to our several homes, healing
only happy memories of the day.
The third., meeting was held on
Thursday afternoon at the spacious
home ol" Airs. Alary llird. who was as
sisted by Airs. Carrie Brown.
Aluch pleasure was derived from
looking over photos and firoup pic
tures taken during the past years of
the O. AI. C. Tile business meeting
was held at this time and the following
officers were elected for the ensuing
i'lesident—Airs. Jennie Woodward.
Secretary-Treasurer—Mrs. Clara Calvin
At the close of the business meeting
a letter from Nelle 1J. Anderson was
read, also a letter of regret, written
in rhyme by one of our talented mem
bers, Airs. Alary Alexander, some thir
teen years ago .and which our presi
dent, at that time secretary, thought
worthy of rereading.
A delight fill feature of the afternoon
w..s a miscellaneous shower for one of
the former spinster members and whom
we now address as Mrs. Jessie I'ease
Thompson, The three remaining spin
ster members eagerlyt?) assisted the
bride in opening the gifts.
A delicious two-course luncheon was
then enjoyed to the fuiest extent. Aft
er this, all adjourned to the yard, for
some snapshots. Airs. Alexander again
favored us with a couple of her always
appropriate stories rendered in such
clever manner. Soon after this, the
guests departed, declaring they had
spent a most enjoyable afternoon.
The O. AI. C., having been enter
tained for three days, and some of the
visiting members at morning, noon,
and night functions during the four
days, were beginning to think that
"enough was plenty" or so it seemed
to the two who were guests of Airs.
John llutchinson.
Friday evening, after a very stren
uous day. these two lay down to peace
full slumbers, resolved to drive dull
care away and sleep till late the com
ing day. Even the severe storm, with
the rise of thunder and beating rain
caused no break in the sweet dreams
and sounds which issued from the
sleeping apartments long after daylight
Suddenly, with muffled footsteps, many
forms darkened the doorway and
sounds—sounds too many and hideous
to issue from mortal lips—caused the
Sleepers frantic paroxyisms of fright.
.What followed cannot be described,
suffice it is to say that the wholo af
fair liaijl been secretly planned and
successfully carried out by Mrs. John
Hutchinson and Airs. Dwight Hutchin
son, with accomplices, much to the
consternation and enjoyment of Mrs.
Nell Alillor and Airs. Arary Alexander.
About forty guests wended their way
through mud and rain to help along
the fun and to enjoy the refreshing
breakfast wh|ch .was served about
eight o'clock.
Long live the hostesses of tiie O. Af. C!
Alethinks no year will happier be,
\Ve separate .with fun a plenty,
.Aiid- lo'ng romomber 1920.
It is not sufficient ground to jail,
a newspaper man for criminal libel,
merely because he failed to mention
some detail In the bride's gown.
Formerly people used to boast of
how much work they did. and now
they brag of how little they do.
nil over the country. He began his
wild animal career by capturing alive
wolves, foxes, raccoons, and various lo
eat wild animals and these he caged
and domesticated. Mr. Hall was a res
ident of Iowa in his boyhood days, re
siding in Decatur county. Orton
Brothers, the Dallas county showmen,
bought all of their wild animals from
him when they added a menagerie to
their old time circus.
Since the various strikes among
railway employees in Chicago railway
managers are looking to the small
towns in Iowa for additional men. F.
L. Howard, representing J. T. Gillick,
general, manager of the Chicago, Mil
waukee and St. Paul railway came to
Spencer. Clay county, the other_ day
and tooik back! to, Chicago with him a
crew of men to learn the railroading
business in the Chicago yards. Among
these Who went are: A. Gibson. II. N
Peterson, II. J. Lawrence, A. F. Broth
ers. N. O. Thompson. A B. Nollsch. V.
Govette F,lbi«rt Miller. E. E. Cox, Joe
Foy and George Miller, all of Spencer.
These men are inexperienced, but they
will be given a school /f instruction
and during the time they are learning
the busings of railroading will be giv
en their iioard ami room and $150 a
month with an eight-hour day. Their
work will be on the trains and in the
Farmers with a cider barrel in the
•*11:ir have not so far offered any com
plaint of shortage of help.
1 Good Printing!
"The non-advertiser does
not hare as much trou
ble figuring out his in
come tax as he has pay
ing it."
No. 27
C. S. Johnson, Kiron Ranker, Sustains
Broken Ann While in Act of Hand
ling Ills Automobile *.
Husband and Cltiidren of Mrs. Clauson
Now at Her Side—Favorable
Reports Received
KIRON, July 6—Special—
C. S. Johnson, of the Home Savings
bank, suffered a broken arm while in
the act of handling his car near old
Kiron. Dr. Garner immediately set
the broken bone and Mr. Johnson
though not resting very easy is on
the mend, and will soon be able to
assume his many duties.
E. Clauson left for Rochester, Minn.,
Friday where Mrs. Clauson underwent
a serious operation on Saturday. Tho
children left on Saturday to pay the
mother a visit. At this writing the
best of news iH at. hand and the com
munity Is hoping she may be restored
with complete recovery to her family.
Mrs. Diem returned from a visit in
Indiana Wednesday.
Roy Anderson, of South Stockholm
township, was a business calller on
Mrs. John nEgberg, of Morningside,
accompanied by her children visited
at the Engberg home and departed
from here to eastern points to visit.
John and Joe Plthan, of Boyer, were
business callers hero on Thursday.
Mr. Ahrenklel, of Denison, the Reo
man, was in Kiron looking over the
auto possibilities.
llugo Ivronke, of Schleswig, was a
Kiron caller Wednesday.
Mr. ahd Mrs. Sacquaty, of Ida Grove,
were business visitors on Thursday.
Ben Petersen and family visited at
the P. A. Peterson homo on Friday
Elder Larson transacted busiriea at
the county seat on Friday.
S. R. Dolk accompanied by Brother
Marion wore Schleswig business cal
lers Saturday.
Our genial merchant, Gust Saunders,
is driving a new car of the Chevrolet
The Implement dealers are busy be
yond union hours sending out binders
and mowers and other hay tools.
Our stock buyer, Swanson, is more
than busy. The past week he mar
keted four loads of hogs, "and had he
been able to gof cars, more than that
would have been sent out.
_Mr. .spent several
days In this vicinity tuning pianOs.
Mr. and Mrs. Ahrens, of Sioux City,
arrived on Saturday to become^ ac
quainted with their grandchildren, the
twins at Alfred Larson's home in .old
E. E. Clauson attended the county
convention at Denison on Saturday
as did also candidate Sdndstrom, of
Stockholm township.
Mrs. Gust Anderson is on the sick.
list, suffering a great deal. We trust
that she will soon recover and her
pleasant face may again help in the
illumination of this c9mmunlty.
Dr. and Mrs. Morton accompanied
by G. A. Norelius started on Sunday
morning for Waterloo, McGregor, and
points in Minnesota. They will be
gone for some time. We know they
will have a pleasant journey and trust
nothing will mar the Joy of the trip.
Rev. I. A. D. Johnson arrived from
Holderge, Neb., to spend a few days
nt the parental home in Stockholm
township, as well as with relatives and
friends at Kiron.
The picnic of the Baptist Sunday
school at the beautiful home ot Albln
Turins was a success and a good time
was reported.
Edna Lundell, of Omaha arrived on
Saturday to spend the vacation at the
parental home In this city.
Oscar Johnson motored to Sioux City
on Saturday to meet his mother, who
bus visited there for some time. They
arrived home on Monday.
Mr. anil Mrs. Gust Hammerstrom,
of Odeholt attended the Nygren ser
vices on Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl berg, of Galva,
were visitors at the Lindberg home
The Fourth of July celebration is,
over and so is the fun if there was
any attached to the doings. Three
days and yet no pleasure.
The reduced prices are said to be
only temporary. Also the willingness
of "the people to pay any old price is
also temporary.
If large quantities of oil should noW
be struck in Armenia, a lot of people
would be convinced that it was the
duty of this country to Intervene and
protect these poor sufferers.
—Real sculpture, real paintings, real music, creat
real enjoyment in the befholder—and a handsome
PRINTED PAGE Joes the same thing.
—It affords, a definite pleasure to pick up a bit of
printed matter of better than ordinary quality.
'—Printing needn't be FANCY in order to be rated
artistic.. The embodiment of SIMPLICITY IT
SELF often has the strongest appeal. The GOOD
printer knows!
We turn out printing which pleases
the hard-to-PLEASE. We can please
The Review Publishing Co.
Phone 23 Denison, Iowa.
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