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Denison Local
Send us yoilr news.
ss Wilken friends in
ss Mltinie Jones visited with rola
at Dunlup Sunday.
Conner spent Thursday and Fri
dayfet Ames in attendance ut an .edi
torial meeting.
Yoder was a guest of Mr. and
Mrs.\'Barborka at the Nicholson cottage
at Denison Beach on Sunday last.
Master Paul Welch, Of Buck Grieve,
is spending the week in Denison visit
ing at the home of his cousin, Francis
MIbs McCord departed Sun
day ffor, Ft. Dodge, where she has r»c
ceptod a position tor the remainder 'of
the ajiramer in a serum plant.
Hflrivard: Lingle and C. A. Sijimtnin
sperijf Sunday at Denison Beach, the
gueafB of-the Bnrborka and Carlson
'famiBes at the Nicholson cottage.
Fiiknk Jtackson, of Omaha, visited at
the Jwrs. C. F. Cassaday homo in Deni
son Ivor ijfunday. He is still connected
witHione of the l£\rge packing housesr in
V.^E. Anderson and family spent Sun
day nt Wpll Lake and Denison Beach.
From there they expected to drive in
to Hiinnejota, and will be absent for
ten Jays.
MiJ, and. Mrs. S. O. Wright and E. F.
Tuclspr and family spent a part of Sun
day jit Ida Grove and in the afternoon
drove to Wall Lake by way of Arthur
Mir. and'Mrs. John Curry, of Sowrird,
Neb«i and-Mf. and Mrs. V. C. Peck?"
pausth, of [Logan, visited in penison ov
er SMndtty tft the home of Mr, afpl Mrs,
A. T. Curry. /Y'vYY''
E E or an ii re
turrwe'd Sunday to their home at Sherl
flanjWyte, after a three Weeks'' visit
in lieniaon with her parents, Mr. and
Mrsi'Oitg Heiden.
TSe Misses Albert and Ruby Kelly
VisitJSfl flt Denison Beach Sunday last
and |W£re entertained by the Carl.son
and "Barborka families, who are occu
pyink the Nicholson cottage.
Reid the ads in this week's paper.
Thejf.are new ones and ther£ is:valu
able»|nformation to be
found therein.
Eacfr ad- contains news of money value
and Jinfprmation you should not over
Prjpfessqr Ilobchnlt, 'of Oak Park
Academy located near Chicago, and Pro
fessor Anderson, of Union college, at
Lincoln, spent Inst Thursday in Deni
son §h the interests of their respective
Mp. and Mrs. J. Frank Meade, of
OnuOia, stopped off In Denison Saturday
for afcbrief, visit with friends. 'Hiey had
mad* a. motor trip to Storm Lake and
wereion. their way, home. Mrs. Meade
wlll,je remembered as Miss,, Verne
Stocking. ),
Mr. and'Mrs. Chris Ivellar, of Ashton,
S. D., arrived in Denison last Wednes
day and have been visiting at the home
of thfelr daughter, Mrs. Bruce Rogers,
'during the week. The Kellars are for
mer residents t»f Denison and-Crawford
county and their many old time friends
are pleased to see them.
\-v .r j. ,&<
WW' "i
If You Have Friends
Ji- •-•, ..? *, ,f
They should have
r^f*JTO •^iky jrv wfcswci
p: -.'.w"- -s«gi,
Your Photograph
Be photographed today at
Mr. and, Mrs. Gcq. McHenry were
visitors in Omaha Friday.'
Judge Conner was in Ojnaha Satur
day transacting business.'
Miss Rosalia Scott was a shopjjer in
the city Monday from Dow City.
Will Rath,- who- is 'managing a shoe
store in South Omaha, spent last week
here visiting his patents, Mr. and Mrs.
Wm. Rath.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Dudley and son,
Allen Dudley, motored up from Council
liluffn Friday for a week end visit at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Conner.
Ameng those-from Dow City who vis
ited in' Denison Saturday were Mr. and
Mrs. Elmer Riddle, Mrs. J. A. Brill, Ed
ward^ Riddle and Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Mrs. IV T. Brogan, Mrs. Jvilph Quirk,
Miss Nell Harrington, Mrs. James
Duffy, Mrs. "Harry Allender, Mr. and
Mrs. P. J. Walsh, Miss Blanche Loren
s^en and Miss Agnes Holland were,
pleasant callers here. Saturday front
Vflil.' ..
The Review' is in receipt of a card
from A. (1. Martyne, dated at Luverne,
Iowa, requesting the change of his ad
dress from Ponca, Neb., to Luverne.
The cfird does not state that the new
address is to be i*rmanent and wo
have riot learned whether Mr. Martyn
has changed pastorates or not.
Louie Witt,, out on route 1,. Denison,
was in town early Tuesday morning
ind favored the Review with a call. Fpr
t(ie eighteenth time ho paid for his Re
view, aiid the paper will continue to
make, weekly visits to his home in or
der'that the entire family may keep
posted on the local happenings and the
affairs over the county.
Word received from the Denison par
ty made up of the W. W. Ferguson, O.
A. Patterson, C. L. Pucander and Carl
flichardson families says that they have
been enjoying good fishing .and sight
seeing in nor}.hern:'-i Minriesiota.. The.
j(ircf,i,,ew -mi*
after gotting ,|nto ppny
oneoilntercd oonnider^ble rain'and mud,
but they were getting, oti \an4 ^tr«i' no
doubt in Canada by this tftne. 'A
Mrs. J. V. P.nrborka anll Mra. Gus
Carlson and children have been spend
ing the, past week at Denisbn Beach,
Wall Lake. Mr. Carlson went up Sat
urday evening and remained^ver Sun
day and Mr. Barborka and son, Clifford,
and wife went up Sunday morning and
remained during tho day. The two fam
ilies are nicely located in Mrs. B. Y.
Nidhdlson's cottage,, and the ladies, ex
pect to rqmiun until Thursday next.
The failure of the light plan to give
sufficient light on Saturday -evening
was a source of pinch inconvenience
to Denison merchants, particularly
those-stores-that were conducting spe
cial sales. Merchants at Vail experi
enced the same inconvenience, and the
picture show at that place was unable
to start on time. It is to be hoped the
plant will soon be placed in condition
and tho annoyances experienced the
past couple of weeks av6idod.
The Review is in roceint of a letter
from L. O. Myers, of Deloit, stating
that they have sold tlieir stock of i'"»
eral merchandise at Herring, which
they successfully operated for Jive-years
and are now nicely located nt. Deloit.
Mf. and Mrs. L. O. Myers, accompanied
by Mr. and Mrs. H. !. Newcom, depart
ed last Wednesday fo rthe Yellowstone
national park by auto. They took the
Yellowstone trail and after taking in
the park will motor south into Colora
do, visiting points of interest there and
returning home September 10th.
Interest Works. While You Sleep!
V' V.O--V... ...
If Rip Van Winkle could Have had a savings account
at this bank, his money would have doubled during his
twenty years' sleep in the Carskills.
At four per cent interest, compounded semi-annually,
savings double in le3s than twenty years.
Interest works for you day and night.
"Teach your dollars to have morecents"
jR I
5 I E
This bank protects your funds against theft or loss and
pays you for the use of your money.
"*th *. .-sr.
A. D. Winey, of Deloit, was a brief
business caller here Friday.
Jas. Hickey, of Vail, was a county
seat business caller Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Bollen and daugh
ter, Virgina, motored to Fremont, Neb..
Sunday for a visit with relatives.
Otto Reyer, of .the'" Balle-Bi odersen
store, departed Sunday, fof Detroit,
where he is spendfftg this-Ayoek in at
tendance at the artfiual convention of
window decorators.
1 *v, #n
It is somewfy
electric service in
Adolph Harnann and family were
plftasant callers here Friday from
F. L. Van Slyke and Wm. Oessman
were businesg visitors here Thursday
from Manilla.
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lafrentz were
down from Schleswig Thursday for a
was down from
ransacting business
jtgJ and calling on
visit with frijin
E. B. Spottsw
West Side Frida
nt the couiity.ij
Mr. and Mca.. (Hy 9?cal, of Sac City,
spent Sunday^lWl)«nfe®n visiting at
the hotne of her parents. Mr. and Mrs,
R. W. Bamford. Miss Grace Bamford
accompanied thent^ySac City that eve
ning for a weed's visit.
Mr. anil Mr^U/ilalis Rasmussen and
children apd miHft.fi'lftru, Rasmussen, of
West Side' were plteasant callers in the
city Monday While in' the city Air.
Rasmussen called at the Review office
and extended- bin subscription to the
paper for another year.
Dr. and Mrs. R. O. McConnaughey
and sons departed the first of the week
on a motor trip -to .Livingston, Mont.,
where they will, Vlftl&e a' visit with her
sister, Mrp. "Wllsorf Rlftp, and brother,
Luman So well, whoal'c operating a big
ranch near thcre^ V-fhey. expect to tour
the Yellowstone r)?rls- jbefore returning
Don't fall ~to, read/ the advertisement
of the Kraft-Keil & 'Company, that is
to be found on page Ave of the first
section. This firm of clothing mer
chants succeeded tho Gnam-Lamberty
concern, and they are live-wire mer
chants. The prices they are offering
are much lower than formerly, and the
merchandise is1:of the same high class.
As will bo noticed'-!)» reading -th?, ad.
the sale wllL be continued another .week
in order that friendi of: the qtorts-may
have more time in ayhieh to come in
and make their purchases.
-fgr ~ny-
•i, 00
to.have Mrs. L. M. Shaw, who hatf beeti xhak-
jenison these days, ing a visit here with her sister, Mrs.
E. Gulick, departed Thursday evening
for Chicago, where she will spend a
month with Mr. Shaw who is engaged
in some republican campaign work
there. She may return to Denison for
a more extended visit before returning
to her home in Washington, D. C.
The Boys' department store of Deni
son carried four pages of advertising
in last week's Review and have a page
again this wejk. They adv&£fred'their
annual July clearing sa|e,
opening day lapt Sat unlay
gest July day-in the hist
store. The volume of. bus:
have been larger had it not betn for
tho unfortunate shutting down of the
light plant at a time when the store
was packed on every floor. Patrons at
tended the opening day from a distance
of more than fifty miles and on Mon
day morning, notwithstanding the
heavy rain of early morning customers
were in tho store from a distance of
eighteen miles. The stores of Denistfn
by the judicious use of newspaper
space are drawing more trade from a
distance each month. Good roads and
the automobile, of course, permit people
to come long distances and not lose
much time.
'ess? would
"Alnt That the Truth?"
Francis was having a heart to heart
talk with his grandmother. She was
trying to Impress upon him tbe Im
portance of learning something every
day. His reply was: "Take It from
me, grandma, little boys knows tots of
things grandmas don't know anything
What Next?
Clgarmakers In Tampa. Fla., have
refused tp 'work uniess man {S ap
pointed to rend to them. The Ayork,
they say, Is too monotonous.
-i, iV
Boys' Suits
Associated Stores
Literally Stumbled on ^Riches.'
Aboift a quarter of a century »go
two prospectors In the bushland of
Western Australia had put up their
tent for the night and determined to
trek back to Perth next morning, as
their quest had proved fruitless. One
of them was aroused from sleep by the
restlessness of his horse, picketed Just
outside the tent and, going out to see
what was the matter, he tripped In the
darkness over a boulder, which proved
On examination to be almost pure
gold. That was the beginning of Cool
Oalmatia's Many Beauty Spot*.
Dalmatia'8 beauties have been re
counted by many travelers. Among
tbe scores of islands off Its coast are
many rich in history, such as Brazza
and Lesslna, where Roman and Greek
relics are to be found ttusl, with Its
ten caverns, the most beautiful of
which Is the Blue Grotto, entered by
boat, and Lncronm, off Ilagusa, where
Richard Cocur de Lion Is said to have
found a haven during storiu on his
return from the crusades, and lo hate
built a church there In compliance
with a vow so to honor his itace of
refuge.—Excha nge.
Lived With Needles In Heart.
A woman physician under treat
ment In a lunatic asylum in England
told her nurse year ago that she
had stuck a needle into her heart. The
nurse found what seemed to be two
simple pin pricks over the heart. The
woman died In August, and an au
topsy revealed two needles sticking
Into the heart
Of Men's and Boys' Suits and Straw Hats
To .demonstrate the buying power of Kraft Stores
$65 and $75 Suits Now
In order to give everyone in Crawford county a
chance to get acquainted with the
Kraft Store Sys
we will continue the sale one more week.
your choice of any suit in the store
$22.50 Suits $18 $17.50 Suits $14
$15.00 Suits $12 $12.50 Suits $10
Straw Hats
1-3 off
others at
Hot Weather," Palm Beach and Kool-Kloth Suits1
20% off
$30.00 Sots for 24.00 $27.50 Suits for 22.00 $25.00 Suits for 20.00
Friday, July 16 to Saturday, July 24
rf'"''*' **4
V'v «vl«".V').^^-'
Take a Tablespoonfiit of Salts If Back
Hurts or Bladder Bothers—Meat
Forms l-rlc Acid. :h
We are a nation of meat eaters ailcl
"our blood is filled With uric acid, says :a
well-known authority, who warns us
to be constantly'6n guard against kid
ney trouble.
The kidneys -.do their utmost to free
the blood of this irritating acid, but
become weak from :he overwork they
get Sluggish the elimlnative tissues
clog and thus the waste is retained, in
the blood to poison the entire system.
When your kidneys ache and feel
like lumps of lead, and you have sting
ing pains in the back or the urine Is
cloudy, full of sediment, or tile bladder
is irritable, obliging you to seek re
lief during the night when you have
severe headachcs, nervous and dizzy
spells', sleeplessness, acid stomach 'or
rheumatism in bad weather, get from
your pharmacist about four ounces of
Jad Salts take a tablespoonful 'tn a
glass of water before breakfast each
morning and in a few days your kid
neys will act fine. This famous salts
is made from the acid of grapes anil
lemon juice,- combined with lithia aifd
has beep used for1 generations to flush
and stimulate clogged kidneys, to neu
tralize the acids in' urine so it is nol
longer a source of irritation, thus end
ing urinary bladder disorders.
Jad Salts is inexpensive and cannot
injure makes a delightful effervescent
lithia-water drink, and nobody can
make a mistake by taking a little oc
casionally to keep the kidneys clean
and active.
It is hard to persuade the boys to ac
quire skill with ttieir air guns out in
the back lot when the neighbor's shea
windows furnish sueh an admirable
-fi -j-.-
it M:
•V: ^.1.-44

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