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a. I». M'GÜIOAN, KiUtor.
Ueuvyetuwn, ifclmoart
uiboriiuû, $0 4Ü
Ovjs Syu A he, ( lu 4 ai on of fes»)
Ohr Sy it a uk twie« inserted or two suuares
uwcu, - "TTBf '*■ •'*' -
Two ä«yAKK4 , .i
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« 13 uo
26 WO
iz months, -
Larger Hdvertisuieut* tilling one-fourth,
three-iuurttiu «»r a whole column will be taken at
lower lutes, and must oe mode the subject oi special
g «.ment
Elu I'oft'jS iCoiucr.
For tho Union.
ar cousis wilo.ii.
Carry ma back from tho wide world-, allurement.,
back tu the inline a
My heart is aohing.
Landing to greet thu la
W i.y Uiu A rouui lor ali I . to my
Noihiug A pictured tue
A A-cLigau tolriior "ftuniBlu*.« tho C nciniintti
Jiwea tiiv LlWiug roui», 1 able itanzua, la e y
{tuuu.i uuit-ng tiio literary ouLoi« i it « i ib«d un
4«' 'e- a tv .t 5lue Springs, East Tennessee :
u»y cmluiiuud
wy seul is
anti the uieat ;
oyr, ;
i the gay
B ounieii fur » whue, nut o.e yet the
liadbruu^htitiiia.ntcheeii, taey had withuied away.
Now all alone and tussod on the ocean,
Moving alone wiih the wmu and the tale,
And Ijyr Heart beats to its Ccaamcs^eu
L-ngiug an » adl jig lor ami eiau bJRdu
Where afe the loved v
l Bade mg ** Uod speed,"
W hat would ye think if now ye
* .Hoping yet, sighing and ready
Who clufiiened around
m « tender g it
>u ludsid
Garry ma back to the homo of my childhood.
There let
Letworldiagspuruuo in tiuio.j-t i &t.u b iedwi dwwve,
I'll bo ouutonted with tiota.-u impio eta ,rua.
Let 11
ul. tau.lta,,
reôt away lr.
back from the cold th. huid
uot stay in the priauu
e kind angel to tkoso whom 1 parted,
weep tears of bitterness there.
Fortbkss Monroe, August 12tu. jieöf.
Fer The Union.
On the Death of Scrgt. David M. Simpler..
IIo Bleepost, Oh ! so peacefully,
'.Neath southern Sun.tu s
homo in • fctra to 0 io land,"
Ouoe of u loyal patriot bun t,
Who mu.c.iv i at duty a stern oomiuand^
While buttle bl.udoo \\ e.o 6 .eamiug.
He slocpelb, 'mid tho sacrificed
Upv.u nu UüUUtfy's ultur ;
Nubie und brave wus he i
Faltern ng not
l iotniug to< his country * ht'e,
too hruve to tuitur.
id tho strife,
He sleepeth whore the melody
.Ui summer birds is r.n 0 iug;
Tho bound ol wur tho trump of feot
c€*u never reach his still retreat.
.B*t ungern notes lua -o.il dut|i greet,
.Aud wituAhem he .a singing.
He s'ei pe'h. hut in yondor heaven
Ris patriotic soul la dwelling ;
V ct r ut luet ever y loo
Le uwtii a »»hero huuveuly flowers grow,
Aim hears the mu -
ni tuen s ÜoWc
Milton, 1>kl.
sufk 11 Ril lotv,
A lady
tho portal Htood,
Thu ** ätur» and Stripe« " about hor;
A putol waving iu e .oti band—
'Twos l'ar*. n Biownlow's daughter.
'Two rebels m&rohed towards thc hofise
With heurts full bent on slaugii er:
They oalled ul ud •* Pull duwu ih.»t flag,"
To Purs >n Bruwulow a ».»tighter.
But 6he was n- tn oa«y scared.
Nor timid a 'hey tu »ugut
Your skull« I 1
ty ot you. bra uj,"
ow n daugtuue*
ba»U i'ui-OU
I «wear, ' said one, I hke hir grit.
Shu is t peneu. -uorUr,
An we had hotter * git up and git/
üW's duugliter."
The fin" still waves abovo the house
A* chos e as sUrs in wu er :
ft Ion u .a uavod, And lung may wave
n x.rowuluw's uai.^utor.
"My dearest husband, it is now three mon
ths since you have left your home. Lvory
morning and every even.ng yoifS- child lias
asked Aor her father. What va i A reply
to her? Do not think I am going to re
proaoh you orrfopjÿach. Ah! Jadourd,
do uot throw aside my letter; yet it si.ail
not be a lougone; explana.iin is necessary
between us ; let us have it, now you nave
ceased to ove me, Kdouid. VVo have
beeilte., years married; perhaps that ia
sumo.eut to ucom.nt for your iuuificrence.
Y ot j am uu.y tw a y-seven, and it is nurd
that li.e should en > at twtnty-seven, for
tea woui.n'p.iro; nd tuehearteu, lier Hus..
baud S lovo .o h.o, or, a- least, aii that muse
li.e p.e oas. *
"luu nave given fbo love that should be
ui no to unoiher. Agu.u, 1 say, oo ijoi
throw aside my letter, A am i.o going tu
speak to yea i.s an .njured vi.e, hut as a
lr.euu deeply iut.res.eo in yo^r ha,.pine ».
Tliereiore, as a lr.end A say to , ou. wny
diu you not at least eoueuai irom ti.e wor. J
the love ihutiias uriieame iromyour neart?
l'or the sake oi the mime you ouur, for u.e
sake of your child you should havo none
this—your child, your daughter A, 'A he day
will couio when she will be told ull the
errors oi lier father ! tlnnk, theu, what she
win ieui when she lias to mush of one wlimu
1 snail Have taugut tier to respeot. Ouco
tor ..or sake you Wire uu,bi..uus; no»you
are satisfied with "a mo o* uioee lOieuogs
and pleasure. 'A'lnak, too, ut»r Jsoward, ,
that the world junge» uiueruutiy of the
same actions at uinerent j e.io.s of hie.
Wiiat in youth is ottleu tony, a. your age, I
th.riyAive, is called vice. Aga u, A say'
this is no reproaoh, ao attempt to' rega.u
your love. AAu, you in all me woriu°ui#
me uoiug in wuoui I am mo«t luïeiesieJ,
thoi-eiuro a nave writ. eu to you. A implore
year return to your uuiue, ,u the eyes oi
t.ie world, in me eyes or your ^eivauug
resume yoyr position as tue uenu o. u ,aui
ily. -L.e. me ce .he only oue who Knows
tne trutu, me only one to suuer. 'Anqjm,
au 1 *,k ot you, A promise; but no, you ^
P*'8ou B.
O'.-r M
njliido to bo
A matriiuo.ual .-quatter,
I'll gü tü K
If «
ville Team
And marry £»rt>on Hruwrulow's daughter.

NO. 49.
ought to know uic bj.ter than to Huppo.se
that I would make one elFort to regain a
heart which scorns me, a heart fi.'ed by
another image. Ilusbund, father of my
child, Count do Ve^ac, come back to the
home that at least deserves your respect.
Your wife,
Aline de Verac."
A» Madame de Verne folded this letter,
and had the pen in her hand to direct it,
the door of her boudoir was pushed open
pent'y, an t a gent'em:'» tn < r'ng walked
stea.uiily up ti the table and stood be ore
h r. ihe ha low he east on the pa' er
made her look u >. aud with an exclamation
o. joy she exc hi.ned—
"Henri, my cousin !"
"Al ne,, my dear It (le Aline—but T for
got, I may not even now speak so familiarly;
your husband will be jektous, as he was
once before, long years ago, when you were
a bride."
"N i foa®Bf that now, my dear cousin,
but fell mo of yourself. How long have
you been in 1'aris 1 since when have you
r u ned from yonr wandering life?"
' Hut a few hours have 1 been in Paris,
cous.u; th t vou might havo imagined
I should l.a e been here sooner; but where
is de Verac r"
-Viie tu rued her hoad away, her fin
gers playing norvously with the letter
she i ad taken up, hut she did not reply.
" Ken I left you six years ago, Aliue,
yoif were so happy; your husband so pass
i »ately fond of you, as even to he jealous
ot the cousin who could also console him
self dr losing you because of the happy
die in stole for you; now—"
".\ w a 1 is i hau e I. Hut why should I
conceal mytli.ng lr. m you, my'nearest
re i "ii n. my best fr nd—almost my broth r
i»ad th s letter, it will show you the con
d ton iu which you find me better than I
can expia. n it to you."
Henri de S n Lui t . k the letter Aline
hud just been writing and sitting down
1 esido lu r rea 1 it, occasionally, as he pro
che cd, le k ng up at her, n w with com
mise.' ition, n uv w th ni gn it u
he had'finished, and fold ng the let.er he
threw it down on the table. *
"Who is this woman. Aline, who is your
rival ?" "A woman against whom, till now.
the breath of scandal has never breathed;
in appearance nxi'leHt. anil re'ire ti" never
t hurst mg hcrs.il firw r : am ngth se who
have ipure vaniiy than Virtue.
t ,
a,,CeH ,rc 8 ' prc.-Qrvcd that tfie WOlld has
no ri», ht to talk."
. ''I« she r ck?" ,
** No hhe'hrs no acknowledged means of
living; but having the tact to avoid extrav
a^ u c a id ■ stcota inus d splay, the world
has no rii»ht to ask questions. I alone
kin w th t my hustend is tho only
a income she liaR." - t ;
"A dai g r -us tv man ; beautiful and at
tractive o, course
"Yes ; but do not tVnk I care for myself
—>t is for my luiskmd that 1 grieve.
For if tl e h cie y that purrrunds her
ip 0
a! last
She is a
res. or j rc o ids to ipn* re thc tie that
* «r to my husband if it deems
'deems it natural that having a house in
the Faubourg Germain, he should have
an up itmeut in h r hou^e; our fr onds,
his liiends, are n t to be deceived; if I
could only bring him back so far as to keep
Up appearance'*." À ,
Henri de S mianc took bis cousin's
hand in his and gazed up into her face
j "Aline," said he, "it should h ive been
o herwi.se ; we should never inteifi re with
©ur fa e. You were destined to bo mine
r 70 ® thoso 4 Edouard ** Verac i had
lovoi you irom your infancy, I should
I h ive loved you to the cjqd of lile ; he for
svkos y u ; but, my poor cousin I have
o mo La k to you with at least a brother's
love; an A 1 will strive qli a brother can
to Lr ng you back the happiness you
have lost,"
w "At any rate," exclaimed Aline, "I can
never be so unhappy as A havo been, for
1 have now a niend." .
Miailmie Monsieur de Verac received
Ws Wife's letter. He was not a one, though
be was in his private apartment, which by
a strange coincidence was situuled just
uiiderneath*Lh..t of Madame 1 auline llu
l>u ; ami th* lady taking advantage of a
sniall private staircase recently construct
«<!) ha- just des ended lrom herowu rourn
* utu -hat of the Count. He tossed-the
letter towar-s her as soon as he had fiu
ished readii g it,
"Well, M ,uM»ur f'e Vera-,'»-said she,
"I adfie you to Innen to this eloquent
*,'1® » : the i -oa of a mau's reputation._
k ou are to I e pitied ; pray do uot
"here auortier hour."
"Laul ne, what do you mean—you do
not mean to uhandeu mol' .
"I "nr not'afraid of the world, for I love
J ou - A am not one of those women that
can he bought ; such women, perhaps, are
better luved thun we are. A have given
tt P 10 J -ou my 'bn uhied reputation. Try
tnilorcn s good name, my conscience—
hue this is too much lor mo."
Here Mine. L'auliiie Arulin cssaÿW a
L° w tul vriag steps to reich the n orot
, 8 a 'rcase, oat her stre ngth la.led her and
s hc ieli, uf.cr ^,vuin s.ra^glo to support
herself, into the arms of ihe Count.
I "famine," hu .exclaimed, as he pluceiT
her gently on a sofa. "I will never leuve
J' ou i nrver will I re uru to the woman
who has made you weep."
"Oh ! Jtduuar sighed Pauline; "I
love you for yourseAi «loue ; 1 never speak
ol the world ur of a thousand du
''i® 8 ihat preas on uiy eouscieuee ; hut lor
k-oir sake A can siidure even reiuor.e."
't was^bout three mouths utter thisin
terview that Mme. -l aal.uo Hul.n a >-!iiu
^ reclined in * u urn, ehair, her cheek "wet
with tears, her eyes cast, down,'whilst at
her feet was a lover pressing her hands to
Ins lips;~but it was not tue Count de
Vente, but his cousin, the Count Henri
de Siuiiane.
"Yes," murmured ITenri between his
ardent kisses ; "yes, my i.euutiiul Pauline,
1 feel, 1 appreciate all the sacrifices you
have rnauc lor me. 1 know how pure uud
immaculate was your life till I knew you.
I know how you must loved me to forget
the stern priuciples that frivc hitherto
ruled your life."
"Henri," said Pauline, blushing or
seeming to do so by means of the pink
curtains that shaded her, "sometimes 1
start in my sleep sad wonder whether all
can be true ; but I love you ; I gave my
self to you that you might not uouiit me."
* At this momeut a footstep was heard
approaching, Mme. liuliii started up, and
pushed Henri away ; but lie elapsed her
closely to him, and at the same momeut
the door opened, and the Count de Verac
stood before them.
Mme. Huhn screamed and hid her face
in her hands, but Henri did not relinquish
his hold ; on thu contrary he ciaspeo her
Monsieur do Verac rushed furiously up
to them, hut Henri, theu, placing her be
hind him kept the Count back.
"Monsieur de' Verac !" he exclaimed,
"what do you want here ?"
"What right have you with your arm
round that lady ?"
"What right have you to ask ? you took
uwiiy from me the woman who was to have
been my wile, snrelfbt is but fair retalia
tion that I should taxe your mistress."
" W hat do you mean t ' ' exclaimed Pau
line, indignantly.
"1 mean that i have known all the time
that you were the mistress of M. de
"How dare you say this."
"Simply because 1 am the cousin of a
woman wnose name should not be mu. -
tioued hers j but as her husband is here
to defend it, I do net rn.ud saying that
the Countess do Verac, my cvusiu, told
me the great sorrow of her life."
"lou shall atone for this !" exclaimed
de Verac.
"Any way you like, dear cousin, only I
will not give up my clamnug Pauline ;
we are going to Italy together,
not ?"
"Pauliue, is this man speaking
truth ?"
"Mousieurde Verac," said Mme. Hulin,
seeing that she must love one or thu ether
now turned boldly to Verac, "seme time
ago you showed me a letter lrom your
wile ; that letter made a deep impressieu,
it made me reflect on the guilt ot our af
fection ; new Monsieur Henri is not mar
are wu
"Not in the least I" exclaimed Henri,
"Monsieur Henri is rich, inuepenueut,
generous, it is better to chug to him, my
beautiful Pauline."
Here de Verac came up to Henri, and
lay»npr his hand on his shoulder, looked at
h.ui with flashing eye*.
"Luough, enougu !" said he, "but M.
de Simiano, I suppose you understand that
tu. s cannot end JMfco."
'■v-e.t^nly not, and I am prepared for
any ei» ng mat j6u may euiiuescond to
The Cqjrnt turned with a glance of con
tempt at A util.ue, and strode from tho
. Henri could not getawaysoeas : ly
ly for bo had to encouuter a series of hys
teroi, reproaches, und protestations, ana
to uo a great deal of comforting before he
could get away.
"Alii.e,"said Henri tliatevcning, wh oh,
1 ko every other evening tor the last three
months he hud spout with her, "if A should
die before 1 see you again ?"
"Henri, what do you mean ?"
"No, I w.U uot put it so. Suppose I
WSre on my deathbed, would you torg'.vo
a contessiqu 1 wou.tl uot dare make if I
th.ught.A Were goiug to live?"
"A eonfessiou."
"Yes. tüÿ 1 love you—not as a sister,
but i » the wi mm to whom A was once be
trothed—love you, worship you, adore
you, as my first lovo, the love of my youJt. '
"Henri, do you wish never to see me
again, that you speak thu»?"
"I pray iJud v monaiii, that I may see you
qgaiu, uud that when we meet you may
orn-e again be happy, aye, though it thou d
t ma uiy life, i wumd see you happy.'
So Hchri departed. 'Ihe uext mom ng
he received the Count's fire, but did uot
return it, though he rnjght h.iv* done to,
for the Count's ball penetrated his right
side, but left his right
bqx Henri fired iu the air.
The duel made a great sensation iu
Par.8, though Henri, as soon as he wus
able, left it.
As loa M. de Verac within a few hours
of the duel he was ou ins rotSl to tho lr.
tier, by a ru.lroad which, in a few hours,
couveyed him to Brussels.
It was lrom this city of exiles and refit
gees that two mouths after his duel Muu
» eur do %r ac wrote to Ins wiÄ.
"Àlinfe. 6 ome months since you bid mo
come buck to my home and my child._
Then 1 was bhud aud mad. now i have
recdPh-ed my senses and know the value
of all I have lost,
y», u receive me ?
"»or your child's sake I rejoice in the
eh nge^you speak of. Yes, come Lack to
you. h urn ana your cl.yo, Lu, uot tiuw
A will , w
arm uninjured ;
Aline, uiy wife, will
tuuim .a you hy telegraph, tuau
coiiiij iiis.un.ly. Au.»n ''
Wcurily the Count waited, waned for
ot r two in, nthtlien at lust the summons
name uud tho euuuc iiasteuea to Dar.s.
llis house was closed—ait within hush
ed and silent—even his little child oluu^
to him without a word.
"The Countess," said he, almost breath
less with alarm.
"She awaits you." \
The Count hastenod on to her
room ;
the attendant opeuol the dour. There lay
the Countess ou her bed, pule, her eyeo
the oniy leaiure that reminded him ot her
former soif; at tho tb-t of the bed stooa
a priest, and behind him burned the high
candles ot a temporary altar.
'ihe Count siOju transfixed with horror.
"Hu not siurt," said tho Countess, "1
am dy.ng; the priests arg waiting to give
mo the last rights of the ihvu'oh ; but be
töre 1 confess to Cod 1 ues.red to cuufess
t- eoniess to you; pei*J£ape -: what A am
. bo It to say will take away all pangs oi
remorse that yuu might have tor your
cuiiuuct to UIC.
"Oh! Ai ne, I hud hofied tl/iat you had
forg.veu me."
"J. have, Count de Ver
I now woo euireat your t
"You, Aime ? ' !
"les, Count—;hatl have cbpsed to love
you is uo crime, but that is not ally A
tl ing, Count, tiy.Hg ot iqve_fur uiy cou i.i
Aienri—o jin g oi sorrow that w
ualiy separaten — üymg without uuy
grot 1 er tile that ca.iiiut be g.v.eu to him."
"Aline—is slie m_bur scu es. - "
"Hid you uot ior--uke me ? Lid you not
love anoiiier ?" —
"Yes," murmured the Count.
"Mow leave me, ana never think of
Since trom
ts will be
fc-il l^ive—'tis
are eter
again, for A have east y. u long
my heart, and my last t«uu 0 h
1 er Heiir.."
The Count turned awajr This was the
husband's punishment.
Whereas, the president < f the Uni rd
States by his proclamation of 4ply 18, 1804,
under tho authority vested in him by an act
of Congre \ approved July 4, 1864, entitled
"Ac fu ther to reguia o and provide for the
Onr li ig and enliii g out of tho national
forces ami tor othe.* purposes," has oalled for
five hundred tin maud volunteers, nnd hae
ordered " that immed atoly nfier the fifth dny
of Septemher, 1864, a draft for troops t »
•erve ^oi one year sh^ll bo had in every tqwn.
towmh p, ward of a city, p^inct,or elcc^m
district, or c unty not so subdued y«.fill, tiie
qu ca which shall be assigned to it under th.s
call, or any part thereof wli'ch may be un
filled by volunteers on the said fifth day of
September, 1864." And whereas, the draft
ordered as aforesaid would bring ruin nnd
suffering upon ninny persons in this State
liable to its operation nnd th*»e dependent
upon them f r support and protection. And
whereas, this General Assembly desires to
avert from tho | eople of this Stato the calam
itous consequence* o' the pro?»osel draft, s/*
far as they can d > so within ilii scope ortiheir
legislative functi> n ; T icreforc, without com
mict'ng themselves or the pe »pie of this State
t > tho purposos or objects of the present w.\r,
and sorely from necessity, en l to avoid
greater suffei 'n^ to the people of this State,
whose involun ary servi» o : s demanded:
Section 1. Be it enact? d by the Senate and
House of Representatives of the State of Del
aware in General Assembly met , That every
white person, who shall afor the passage of
this act. and before the fifth day of September,
: n tho y« a - of ou - L rd, one fi msand eight
hundred nnd six y-fi ur, v »luntai ily enlist .n
the military service of the United States, for
a y pet i «1 not less than mo year, and who
shall be duly cn.d ed to this »State, in any
dittft for a deficiency in the quota of this
State, under tho call of tho l'residcnt recited
in the preamble to this act, shall upon saiis
ibciory proof to the Commissioners mimed in
Section 4 of this act, or a majority of them,
that he has voluntarily enlisted in tho m 1L
tury ser. ee oi tho United fctates fi r any per
iod not less thun
year, aud has been duty
cied.te'1 to the State as aiurtsaiJ, be outiticd
to and shall rece.ve thu sum ol two hundred
dollars a- a bounty tiuui this State, to be paid
as hereinafter provided.
Section 2. And be il further enacted by the
uuiliocity UjOresjstd, i'u.u every vv.itce pers .u
hubio io tue Uruii uraered by .no Preo.uo.it,
as recited in tue preamoiO to this uc<, w r.o '
shall af.er t..e passage ol this aci, uuU prior
tw »he (trait orueicu as al.e-u.d, luin.bu an
acceptable suusiiiute wiio snail be musieied
ress tuau oue your, a..u b «
nuu tue m.mary service ol me United bi*.les,
for any period
credited io in.s ö.
»u any urait mr
a ucdc.enoy .u the quü»a ol tms öluko, uuuer
the Call ot mo P.ooiaeut uiorcsa.d, snuii
e uuiöa t aud su. 1. reco.ve trom tms anue
t *e sum o. d»e uUudiBd »uliUTo, to aid
in tne procurât. on oi sueU suoatuuie, to no
paid as ue.e naf.er pruVideu.
ÖEGTiON 3. And be it jurther enacted by the
authority uloresuid, Taut iu
th.s ôta e under
Oiioe tue qdü.a of
aiü.oou a ot tue
pr ooiueai of tue Um Led öuuos, shuii not fie
Ulied uy voiuuicers aud oy suuabUutes tur
ni*hed prior to auy drufi tu Un
d qu-ta,
d a diuit or uruus upou tue Cit.zeuSot lu.s
uie, shmi he made to lui sauf qu^t.i, uuy
wu.to person »u this »Sittie drutted into tue
m.l.tary service ol the United fchutos, who
•u*!..» tu.ii.su au uece t ,.uijie suhsLi.n.e
s .alt tae iuurt.etu,l ,
i d sen or uuU
ucoopteu iu i,eu ur
S ais sUuStitute »liait, "
sat rece.ve lr
i-Uutied .io und
oi u\o
ihu p. ocunuuiu
aud pay meut oi sucu buosutute, w oe paid
as Uer*fuulier prov.dud.
this ibiii.o ihe
d0d dollars to aid n.
Section 4. And be it further enacted by the
authority aforesaid, That John Farsons of
New Castle County, William Townsend of
Kent Gounty, and (Jlmrles Wright of Sussex
County, bo and they are hereby appointed
Commissioners under this act to perform the
duties hereinafter required. Each of the
said Commissioners shall have full power and
authority to act. and to perform all the dune,
of a Commissioner as heroinalter specified
and shall receive for euch days service in tho
performance of his duties as Commissioner,
of five dollars, besides the expenses
neces.'Anly incut red in the porlormauoe oi
said duties, and may draw bn tho »State
Treasurer upon h»s own order for tho same.
»Section 5. And be itJurthtr enacted Oythe
authority ajoresaid , Tuet upon satisfactory
proof that uuy white person has voluntarily
enlisted in the military service of lho*Cuiied
State for any pewod not less than omo year
alter tho passage ot this act and prior to thu
fifth day ot Septeinbor, A. D., 1804, and has
been accepted and musced into said serv.ee
and been duly credited to the quota of this
Slate, under the call of tho- Près. de nt afore
said, the Commissioners named and appointed
in Section 4 of this aut, or a majority of them
are hereby authorized, empowered aud re
quired to diuw a warrant upon the Stalo
T.easurer in luvor of such white persons so
voiuuteriug and credited to tho quota of tins
State as aforesaid, for tho sum of two hund
red dollqrs for tho bounty provided in Section
1 of this act.
Section G. And be it further enacted by the
authority ajoresaid, Tnat upon MUistiiot..;y
proof thaï any white person iu this Sia;o l ab e
to be d.atied into the miliLury servi. e
U» »ted Slates un der the drait ordored by the
Fi t stdcni of the Uu ted dimes as atorcbaid,
bus, aller tue passage of this act and beiuio
bucu (liait snail lake pluco, furirtfehed an ac
eeplubitt buuslituie, wuo bus been mustered
into ihe military service of the United Slates,
ana boon accupicd m lieu of the person so
iumiauiug sucti substitute, uud been du.y
orod.ied to the quo.a of th<s Siute, under ti.e
call aUu-esaid, it shall be the duty of thu
ILnimtbsiuuers named and appointed in btc
• i.»u 4 of this act, aud tney or a majority of
tnem a.C hereby authorized, ein power eu und
rod to draw a warrant in favor of such
white persun so furnishing such substitute,
upoi^tae Slate Treasurer, for five huudied
dollars, as provided in Sectiou 2 of this act,
tu a»d him iu the procuration and payment of
sucii substitute.
Section 7. And be it further enacted by the
a thur ty aforesaid, That upon satisfactory
pruot that any white persun in this Slate wlio
shall havo beau drafted into tho militury ser
vice of the United States under any draft
made tu fill tho quota of this Stato, under the
cull of the President aforesaid, has furuished
au acceptable eubstitute, who has been mus
tered into the sa.d service aud accepted in
lieu of such drafted white persun, it snail be
1 10 duty uf the Commiseiouero named aud
appointed in Section 4 of this act, aud they
ur a majority ut them are hereby authorized,
empowered and required to draw a warruat
iu luvor uf such drafted wuuc pe.suu eo fur
n suing such snustuute, upon me State Treu
surer, tor five hundred dollars, aspruviUed iu
Section 3 ot this act, to a.d h.m iu the prucu
ration uud payment of sucu substitute.
, , ,
Section 8. And be U further enacted by the
authors ajoresaid, luat. the provisions ot
»eutiou I ami 2 ot this act, eliiul nut cxteml
to or be applicable to ant p n-son Vuluutce. in K
in the military service ot me Ua.tedS.me»,
or turmslung a ßuostituto alter the quota «1
® , ...
tlus State, under tho call aloiosaiu ol tho
„ , .... . !
Presidentot the United btates shall have been
, , ,, . .
tilled, nor shall the Luiumissiuuors nameu m
, , ,
this act have authority to draw' warrants upon
, _ z
the State Ireasurer m lavor ol any pern n -
, ... , * 1
v luuteeiing or lurmslnng a substuuiu alter
. ® 0 ... .
the quota ot this biate shall have been tilled
1 ,
as uloresuid.
I reasurer be and lie is hereby auiuor.zeU,
' empowered, directed aud ret^uired to cause to
be made the bonds of lins State to an amouut
not exceeding oue million of dollars; the
said bunds to bo made ol the deuiuinnatiou ol
oue thousand dollars eueü, and to he payable
« n or helbie the first day ot January iu the
your of our L .rd oue tuuusaud eight uund.id
and eighty-hve, aud to bear interest at tue
rate ol six per centum per annum, payable
biiui-aunuuily on the fint day ut Juiy, uu a
the first day oi Jauuury in caen auu every
year, at tue Farmer's Bank of the Suite oi
Delaware ut Dover, and snail be iu the Bil
lowing order to wit:
*• United States or America."
Section 9. And be it further enated by the
am hont y ajoresaid, That for the purpose ol
providing muds to meet tho warrauts author
ized to be drawn by the Commissioners afore
said, f r ti.e purpo&eB aloresa»d, me btaie
" These presents cort.ty and make known
* that tho blute of Delaware is he.d u. d
'firmly hound unto tho Leurer iu the sum ot
'Lue thumand dollars lawful money of the
" United States of America, which sue binds
or betöre the
"Le sali to pay to tha bearer
"first day oi January A. D. 1886, with thein
•■terest ut the rate oi six per cent urn payable
"ut the Farmer. Bank ol the State of JDela
e, st Dover, un the first fiay el Ju„oa.y
"auil July until ihe priuc pal Ijenaid.*l),itil
at Dover tho first fiuy of. January A.D.
■lfififi." ",
" Witnees the Great Seal uf tho said State,
"amt ige liai.ts wf ihe Guverner, Seerelary
"of State and State Treasurer."
-Secrotiiry of State.
-State Treasurer.

The said bonds shall each be dated the
same day, shall be signed by the Governor,
Secretary of State and State Treasurer on
behalf of the Stato, aud shall have the Great
Seal affixed and may ho post-dated so as to
bear interest fioai the first day of January
A. D. 1865.
Section 10. And be it further enacted by
the authority aforesaid, That the State Trea
surer boaml lie is hereby authorised, empow
ered and requited to sell and deliver such
number of said bonds as may bo necetfeary
to provMo tho funds required to pay the war
rants authorised to bo diawn upon him by
tac Commissioners named uud appointed in
Sectiou 4 of this act. The Balo of said bonds
shall he made publ.cly in the city of W.lmiug
tun to the highest bidder, duo notico of said
sule, fixing the day, hour aud pluce, having
fir tt been giveu by advertisemdht for teu days
in all the pape» a of this Stat aud in the ' Pub
lic Ledger" and "The Age," newspapers
publLbel in tho City of Piulad olphia, aud
in tho "Journal of Coimuerfco'' a newspaper
published in tho City of New York. Prov.d.d
that the bunds sold at any one time shall nut
exceed in amount tho sum of two hundred
and fifty thousand dollars.
Section 11. And be it further enacted by
thaauthorily aforesaid , That it shall bo thu
duty of tho State Treasurer, after the said
i onds shall have 'been signed by the Gover
nor and Secretary ol Stute, with tho Great
Seal affixed, to deposit said bonds in the Far
mers' Ba.ik it the Siato of Delaware, ui
Dover, without his own name affixed therein,
ai.d the sa d bouds shall not bo taken theve
fr m except for tho purpose ofsellipg, as pro
vided in Section 10 of this act, nor sluill tho
Staio Treasurer sign his own name to sajd
b »nds until the day in which he ahull oiler
ihe same for sale as aforesaid.
Section 12. And be it further enacted by
Ike authority aforesaid , That the faith of this
Stato is hereby firmly aud faithfully pledged
for the payment of the principal aud interest
ol su»d b mils.
Section 13. And be it further enacted by
the authority aforesaid, That for the purpose
ol meeting any demands upon the Treasurer
created in consequence of this act, until the
bonds authorized by this act can be sold, the
State JL'roasurer bo and ho is hereby autho
rized, empowered and required to borrow
from time to time, and on such time as lie
may deem necessary, uot exceeding sixty
or sums nut exceeding une
Section 14. And be it further enacted by
Ut authority aforesaid. That tho proceeds ul
I» 10 fl alcs ot the bunds authorised by this act
are Uereb y appropriated to the payment ut
tlie »«rant« autbomed by Ibis act to bo
drftw " U P 0U th ° Stttte Treasurer, aud to the
«P ense8 necessarily iucurred by that officer
in tllü performance of tue dutios imposed upon
hiw a ' iB " ot . a "d to tho payment of any
nHlU0 * Crowed under the provisions ot Sec
t ' on **'' s lwt "
S£cr,uN 15 ' he U f urlhcr enaetcd h 'J
lUt uullu > r \ t l/ «Jorcaid, 'Ahat the State lieu
surer ehall rece.ve his ee. vices uuJur tuis act,
uue ., u , tU ufonc u811lum ou tho ttlUuU1 , t
rec . e , viid lrcm the #lllo ol Btt id bonds and shall
. i, «.»i • • jj** ,» „ . Ä Q
he ulluW'öu in ada.tion thereto all expenses
ntßeB . aril illCurled in the perlbrniauce ot
thc dutia8 r6qui , e d of hint by this sot: Pro
... n , ' , . . ..
vidod, Tnat ti.o whole amount ol comnouea
. . w . ,,, .
turn to said Stato Iieasuror abuvo toe cx
. . . ...... . ,
pne mour.ed a* alorcaa.d shall uot exceed
.. . , ,. . , . n . i u
the sum oi uvo hundred dollars. He shall
. t .. ,
kiejuuitCwU ate account ot such expensoe
, , . , . , .
aim exu: kit the sumo to tho Auditor ot Ac
. ... . .
i ou. .ts w.th his vouchers lor aottiement. lie
. . . >, , , . . . ,
shall report to tho General Assembly ot the
Q . . ... , m , , *
state, on the third lue.-»day iu January next,
the number and denomination of tho bunds
Bold aud the amouut realized therefrom, with
the names of the purchasers of said bonds
and tho amouut applied by him to the pay
ment of the warrauis authorized to bu drawn
upon him by this act. lie shall bo liublo
upon his official bund for the laithful per
formance of tho duties imposed by tho act.
Section 16. And be it further enacted by
the authority ajoresaid, Tnat if either of tlio
Commissioners name! in this act shall d.e
o.- refuse or neglect to serve, the other Oom
iu ssinners or Commissioner shall have power
aud are hereby authorized to till the vacancy,
from the county iu which the vacancy shall
Section 17. And be it further enacted by
the authority aforesaid. That the State Trea
surer shall not sell tho bonds aforesaid to a
greater amount thau may bo necossury to
pay the demands upou tho Treasury created
by this act, and it shall be tho duty of sa*d
S ate Treasurer immediately alter full pr»/
v s'.on has been made by the sale of a suffi
cient number of said bonds to pay euch de
mands, to cancel in the presence of the Presi
dent and Cashier of tho Farmer's Bank of the
State of Delaware, at Dover all bonds of the
State remaining unsold aud on diposit in
said Bank.
days, auy
hundred thousand dollars which may >
quired for tha t purpose, to bo paid out ol
the proceeds of the sales of the bonds of this
Stato aforesaid.
Passed at Duver, Augusts,
Speaker of the House of Representatives.
Spiaker uf the Senate.
A true o.ipy,
i hAMUEL M. llARIUNGTftN, Jr.,
l , K Secretary of State,
Vtu Wêmjf lîttion.
J. I*. M'GÜIGAK, Editor.
ïtsLiBnED xTznr ritmir uoR*ifra at
QitrgetaWM' D^lemmr
>»* Copt, one y bah, (payment invariablj
in advance,) . •
$1 50
Tan copy paypacnt at the olo«e of the rear,
Fob a c£cb or ten copies to
2 00
address, payment in
13 GO
Twenty copies to
as above,
The above rates will be carried out fbr larger
.du*«a, and in additionne will send a copy ef the
paper gratis for one year to the getter up of p club
of firtv.
25 00
m\, Wisdom, and ïtiuiw-.
A Rich Story.—D o any of you know old
Bill L -wry ? He moved from Springfield to
some point in Minuçrota. Bill is tough,
smart as a whip, keen as a brier, hut then,
like all of us leller.-v Bill lovtH to sco tho bot
tom of the turn biers at all times. Well, once
there was a Methodist revival in town. Bill
was thero, aud a little too full of hia kind of
spirit to hold much of the other kind. But
he sat still. At last the sermon wus ended,
and utter the minister came down from his
proclamation staud and said :
" Now l want all who lovo the Lord to come
forward and be prayed for/' No one moved.
In a minute ho repeated: "Biethren and
siuners, I waut all who love tho Lord, or
who wish to love lnui, to come forward on
tne bencii." No one moved.
Iliad und spuae qutca:
ui ui.s house wuo
Then he lixikuii
" If there is a mau
a friend ot tue Lad, 1
Ov- n» o loi wuul ;
lie Ian» no
liaO.ida we will qu*t." Just tlieu li.11 arobe,
fmcUeu up his truuseiH, and in a peculiar,
i-buIha* voico bang out*. " II.»id uu tliarel
l ne uil of the Lord or any oth
. • man who hain't m more friends tnan ho 9
pears to have in this section.
Tight Boots.—AV o heard a good story ihe
other day of a noted wag, concerning tight
bunts, which we cousider too good to be lost.
Our hero had been indulging quite lreei J
with a party of frivuds*, and, forgetting ho
had to call for his w»fe on lus wry home, ho
drank rather too much, so as actually to feel
the sidew-alk move up and down a '* lectio
too often," but at last tho thought struck him
about his wife. He knew her temper—good,
I'm, I'm I'm
easv soul, and he did uot wish to rulîlo it by
lotting her know of his little " accident," so
ho called for her, putting on a very " sober
face. Ou tbolr way.hoaio however, be stag
giied; he cursed ki3 tight boots, making hia
innocent wife believe, ull the while, that his
boots were the cause of his suil'uriug.
they arrived "at home, told her devote«^.
Husband to take tho hoots oft*, that tu vtould
feel bettor. Our wag cou*d n-Astuud it any
lunger ; he roared uut langhing at tue idea of
»ug.tiieir wliolo
iiaViug kept her ignorant,
walk, ul lumsell neiug tigttt uisruud ul his
Wo know ot otiier perso
iV*io wear
tue same kind of b-iuts ouoe iu
Dicum.—A bashful youth
gay Ions ot tno
Tue Result of
wus paying u
coUuuj, w*au t»ai lo.ig- desp
iu»Lg9 io u on
ui n i
. 01-111*', 11^
,cu uuu tiuy .mu
Alter sctU.tig >,io
»Unk»..,, s*y
merits ui
y»;U lust
"D*d you? Why, now 1" yes,* I
w "Why,
1 (imuiicd
iy tuiu ms late,
Ui earned that you kissed n
wliat dal you Uream your mother
" Uu ! I Uieariiud
ruou't at home," A
light dawned on tiio y »uth's intellect ; und
directly s<>mukhiug was beard to cluck—por
hupb ms wmp, and perhaps uui, but in abuut
mar r .ed.
a ui.mili ihov wei
t'uock Füll of Gingerbread.—A recruit*
iug oliiuer wliispvred lou sweet, Tony cueeked
Uuiusei, ua sue w.to paitiu^l oa bel buiiaet ut
lütt cluse ot a quiitiug pau> : " \\ ill >ou al
low me, Mies to uecoUipau^ you H-auiu^"
"No, sir, I'm engagea,' sua
loue, su as to give uutonoty to tiio trausuc
.as it prodigiously
military wag, ** lor I have Outli pockets
»I ol £iu£ei orcud.
" 1.
ltd UlO
Tue President's Latest.—T he Now York
says luat a gentleman, iu conversation
wan Mr. Lincoln,
uot hing could defeat h»s rc-electiou but
Giuui's capture ot ii.chmoud, to be tollowed
L»y Ins iiuuuiiaiioii at Guicugo uud uccoplauce.
" \\ oil," taid tno Prciduut, "i
much like tuu uiau w
ay, remarked tnat
said he didu i w u.it
to d.e p
itcuni.iy , but n uu
to die, i». itt
was picc.BCiy tueu.scuae he would like to die
Black Talk. —" Crow, 1 want to ask you
a conumderUum."
"Well, Julius, succeed ; Isc open Lr tho
••Cun you tell me why tho art of self-do*
fonce tun like the riber ut low tide V*
•* No, Julius, I duutit see no similarity iu
the two su ejects, so darfor I guvs urn up
" Well, ucu, 1 tell you—it is siuipiy bekuso
it dovolopes de muscles.
" Yar, yur! 1 kuowed all do time what
dat was, only I dulu't waut to say nuffin—
jiss ax me agin aud see if 1 can't told you."
Tub Wat to Keep a Secret.—"H ow do
you do, Ml-s, Diggs?" said Mrs. Gad.
" Have you ueurd tnat story about Mrs. Lud
iey?" "Why, no!" replied Mrs. Diggs;
" what is it? Do tell lue. * "Uli, Hoi I
promLed nut to tell lor all the
1 a never open my uiuuiu aouutU;
" W ell, if y uu'il believe it, Mrs. b uddy told
me last uigfik ifiat Mrs. Trot told her llrut
her sister's husband wus told by a person
that Aire. Trouble's oldest duugfitcr luid Mrs.
Niehens that her graudmother heard by a.
letter whioh she got trom her sister's second
husband'Teldost brother's step daughter out
in Australia, that it was reported by a skip- -
per just arrived from the Fejee Islande, tfiuz
the uienpaids wore ormol.ue made ol shark
On examining into the utiairs of a L indon ;
hu.ixrupt recently, n.a creditors d.a^uve^d
that ma who hua over n.iy-iwo ya.aom c-.lk i
»u one dress. As tho jouruuintis *
meat is uuneoesqary.
world." "Oh,
>, never."

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